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Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
February 6, 2014

ScienceDaily: Low vitamin D levels during pregnancy may increase risk of severe preeclampsia

Multiple sclerosis 'linked to food bug'

Why the Brain Fails to Communicate with Itself

Lindsey Tanner: Sugar tied to fatal heart woes; soda's a culprit

Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism

Brownstein: Is Acetaminophen Safe? Absolutely Not!

Pearson & Shaw: Japan May Soon Be the Place to Go For Advanced Medical Therapy with Stem Cells

Pearson & Shaw: Hydroxyl Radicals Formed Indoors By Photooxidation

Vasquez: Suppress Blood Sugar Without Drugs

Downey: Targeting Appetite Hormones To Prevent Food Cravings

McGlothin and Averill: How Glucose Mediates Life And Death By Turning Genes On And Off

Stepovich: Beat Fatigue And Boost ATP Production With Powerful Herbal Duo

Downey: Bio-Enhanced TURMERIC Compounds Block Multiple Inflammatory Pathways

Faloon: Brain Tumor Treatment Breakthrough!

Wright: Decades of acetaminophen warnings ignored by the FDA

Wright: The CDC decides NOT to err on the side of caution

Wright: Vitamin D may help prevent pneumonia

Wright: FDA officials violate the rights of cancer patients

Wright: Blood thinner Warfarin linked to a deadly new danger

Wright: Stay healthy — don’t shake hands

Sisson: Is Gently Cooked Food Better for You?

Sisson: What to Look for When Choosing a High-Quality Dark Chocolate

Sisson: How to Make Flavored Salts

Sisson: Build Strength, Increase Stamina, Overcome Injury: Done, Done and Done!

Sisson: Try It for 21 Days, or Your Poor Health Back!

Sisson: 19 Tips for Avoiding Injuries During Sprint Sessions

Sisson: Stretching For Strength: 5 Flexibility Standards

Mercola: Caramel Colored Carcinogens in Soda

Mercola: Long-Term Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Other Antacids Can Cause Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Mercola: How the CDC Transformed 21 Raw Milk Illnesses Into 20,000

Mercola: New Research Fuels Roundup Weedkiller Toxicity Concerns

Mercola: 6 Gross Side Effects of Chewing Gum

Mercola: Why Therapeutic Benefits of Coffee Do NOT Apply to Pregnant Women

Mercola: Ketogenic Diet Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Numerous Aging Markers

Mercola: What Are the Health Benefits of Oregano?

Mercola: The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum

Mercola: 6 Workout Habits You Should Consider Dropping Now

Mercola: Appropriate Exercise May Be Essential for Treatment of Back Pain

Mercola: 8 Health Benefits of Kissing

Mercola: Imaging Technology Finally Reveals How Emotions Manifest in Your Body

Mercola: Ear Tubes May Not Have Long-Term Benefits for Kids with Ear Infection

Mercola: Beta-Blockers Killed 800,000 in 5 Years—“Good Medicine” or Mass Murder?

Mercola: Raw Milk on the Rise -- No Illness Seen

Mercola: Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Overtakes Monsanto as “Most Evil Corporation on the Planet”

Mercola: Sharp Rise in Gout Seen

Mercola: Avoid New Year's Resolution Failure—Make It a Lifestyle Resolution Instead

Benson: Western drought leads to smallest cattle herd in 61 years, organic food shortages

Ravensthorpe: Studies show that spirulina can help prevent cancer, boost brain function and more

Benson: More people ignoring government propaganda, choosing raw milk over pasteurized

Yanjun: How to cure pneumonia naturally with vitamin C

Devon: FDA approves of agricultural use of antibiotics that pose 'high risk' to human health

Chow: Research shows yoga benefits breast cancer sufferers physically and emotionally

Bundrant: Four reasons why people settle for unsatisfying relationships

Louis: Cigarettes are more addictive and deadly than ever before

Jockers: The benefits of an organic acid test

Gutierrez: Common chemical in laundry detergents kills coral reefs

Godiyal: Nightmare bacteria target seniors

Huff: GM Golden Rice yet another quack science fraud

Anderson: Four benefits of mustard that you may not know

Gutierrez: Looking to beat cancer? Just exercise more, scientists discover

Goldstein: Skip all cold breakfast cereals and replace with 'real food' for a healthy start to your day

Devon: Natural flavonol compound in fruits and vegetables prevents Alzheimer's disease

Jockers: Beat digestive problems with the FODMAP plan

Wilson: Organic food shortage hits U.S. stores

Huff: Sudden collapse of Harappan civilization may foreshadow superbug threat to modern humans

Phillip: Better than any prescription drug: Omega-3 fats slash the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

Gutierrez: Copper toxicity damages mitochondria of brain cells through oxidative, nitrosative stress

Yanjun: Tree nuts found to lower death rate by 20 percent

Chow: Yoga found to reduce inflammation and fatigue in breast cancer survivors

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