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Health - August 29, 2013

Block: Wave Riding Resveratrol’s Abundant New Research

Block: Galantamine as Antioxidant

Block: Two Types of Warnings

Pearson & Shaw: It’s a NAD+, NAD+, NAD+, NAD+ World

LEF: Earthing movement promotes benefits of direct contact with the earth

LEF: Thyroid cancer may be overdiagnosed, researchers say

LEF: Stanford, UCSF flexing muscles against arthritis

LEF: Fish and Prostate Cancer Risk: Fact or Fiction

LEF: Response to New York Times Opinion Piece "Don't Take Your Vitamins"

LEF: Cruciferous vegetable compound could slow osteoarthritis progression

LEF: How to Avoid Acetaminophen Toxicity

LEF: Increased fruit and vegetable intake linked with lower bladder cancer risk in women

LEF: Can Curcumin Spice Up Your Mood?

Sisson: Cable Machine Weights, Plaque Regression, Lab Grown Meat, and Swiss Ball Chairs

Sisson: How I Recover from My Workouts

Sisson: 10 Rules for Becoming an Ancestral Athlete

Sisson: Sauerbraten: A Classic German Pot Roast

Sisson: Missing the Primal Power of Nature

Sisson: Does Life Purpose Enhance Longevity?

Wright: Cinnamon reduces high blood pressure for diabetics

Wright: Meditation curbs smoking cravings up to 60%

Wright: Proper tooth care slashes colon cancer risk

Wright: Hot cocoa may boost brain power 31%

Wright: Leucine and omega-3s may help fight type 1 diabetes

Wright: The herb berberine may help reduce blood sugar spikes

Wright: Blood pressure drug may drastically raise cancer

Wright: Kiwi tackles depression quickly

Wright: Superfruit lingonberry may be the key to beating hypertension

Wright: Zinc acetate could help you beat a summer cold

Mixon: Fat is Expensive

Mixon: Is it Prevention or is it Early Diagnosis?

Mixon: Secondhand Smoke May Damage a Child’s Brain

Mixon: Secondhand Smoke May Be Related to Hearing Damage

Cordain: The Paleo Diet Premise

Cordain: What to Eat on the Paleo Diet

Cordain: Getting Started With the Paleo Diet

Mercola: How Sugar Can Become Toxic

Mercola: Why Coke is a Joke—New Ad Campaign Defends Aspartame

Mercola: Will Second Trial End in Jail for Peaceful Farmer?

Mercola: New 3D Mammograms May Triple Your Radiation Exposure

Mercola: Vitamin Intervention Could Save a Million Lives Annually

Mercola: Did You Know That Viruses Are Saving Your Life Right Now?

Mercola: Gokhale Method: Banish Pain by Relearning Proper Posture

Mercola: Fast Food Baby

Mercola: Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America

Mercola: 10 Top Ways to Stay Active as a Family

Mercola: Extreme Endurance Exercise: If You Do This Type of Exercise, You Could Be Damaging Your Heart

Mercola: Migraines—What Causes Them, and How You Can Best Address Them

Mercola: The 7 Deadly Sins of Happiness

Mercola: The Test Tube Burger?

Mercola: Report Finds “Probably Carcinogenic” Chemicals in All Municipal Water Samples Tested

Mercola: The Definition of “Cancer” May Be Narrowed to Prevent Overtreatment of Harmless Tumors

Mercola: Why Is a Major Clothing Retailer Selling Fake Organic Cotton?

Mercola: DHA Linked to Intelligence in Children

Mercola: The Unhealthiest of “Health Foods”

Mercola: The Fourth Phase of Water - What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really Should

Mercola: Acetaminophen Linked to Fatal Skin Reactions

Mercola: Rise of the Superbugs

Adams: Fast food workers demand 'living wage' to keep serving food that's killing everybody

Adams: Radiation Response Superfood Combo on sale now at the Natural News Store

Huff: Big Pharma has monopoly lock on China, extracting nearly half of the nation's health care expenditures

Wright: Transform your life in 10 minutes with ancient 'youthing' practice

Adams: Fukushima in freefall: radioactive water filters taken offline, Tepco in desperation as leaks just won't stop

Henry: Heal your candida infection with these five powerful foods

Louis: Ward off cancer with super-nutrient lycopene: Here's the research

Yanjun: Three reasons to drink less alcohol

Ravensthorpe: Vitamin C lowers the harmful effects of air pollution, study finds

Huff: Michigan Right to Farm Act: A shining example of a law that supports small-scale farmers, local and sustainable food systems

Zielinski: Breaking research: Inducing childbirth causes autism

Devon: Anti-GMO activists hoax mainstream media with mock Monsanto press release

Huff: Virus traces in Fluvax blamed for increase in convulsions, other adverse reactions in children

Fassa: PSA prostate cancer screening test is a dangerous hoax, warns discoverer of prostate specific antigen

Ravensthorpe: The many health benefits of sauna bathing

Huff: Airborne transmission: Why the superbug epidemic may be more serious that we previously thought

Louis: Rose hips protects your heart: Research

Henry: Five things you need to do to sleep like a baby

Louis: Four research-proven reasons to eat dark chocolate for your health

Heyes: Parents charged with murder of baby that was actually killed by vaccines

Antonia: Lutein and Zeaxanthin: How to keep your eyes healthy

Louis: Probiotics are a MUST for type-2 diabetics: Research

Benson: Antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections continue to rise: Just how inept is the conventional medical industry?

Health - August 16, 2013

No Free Speech Without a License!

What If I Do Get a Foodborne Illness?

Is the FDA Trying to Destroy the Pastured Egg Industry?

Block: Acetyl L-Carnitine Protects Memory and Intellectual Functions

Michael Shedlock: 300 Tons of Fukushima Nuclear Waste Pouring Into Ocean Every Day

Jeffrey Tucker: How Medical Innovation Redefines Our World

Block: Avoiding Diabetes Can Help You Avoid Alzheimer’s

Block: If Only Galantamine Could Talk

LEF: Homocysteine linked with diminished cognitive function in older men and women

Heather Callaghan: Top 5 GMO Myths Debunked

LEF: Yet another analysis associates higher vitamin D levels with reduced all-cause mortality

Mixon: Know Your Vitamin D Number

Mixon: Fast Food & Allergies

Mixon: Hope for Hair Loss

Mixon: Omega-3 for ADHD

Mixon: Link Between Soft Drink & Incidence of Depression

Sisson: 7 Things You May Be Doing That Impair Workout Recovery

Primal Peak Performance: Breaking Through to the Next Level

Sisson: Soy-Fed Eggs, and Liver-Polluting, Body-Acifiying, Meditative State-Preventing Meat

Sisson: Everyday Chicken Curry

Sisson: Shift Your Body Fat to Reframe Your Life

Sisson: Change Your Mind. Change Your Body. Get Creative in the Kitchen!

Sisson: How to Turn Your Nature Deficit Into a Nature Surplus

Sisson: Beer, and Liquid Coconut Oil

Wright: Zinc, Boron and vitamin A boost testosterone naturally

Wright: Your “cancer” diagnosis may not be cancer at all

Wright: One simple change could stop strep forever

Wright: Beat dementia with a T-bone steak?

Wright: Soothe dry, irritated eyes the natural way

Wright: Mediterranean flower banishes PMS symptoms in just 8 weeks

Wright: Fast-acting fruit could conquer post-workout woes

Wright: Common cold medicine could boost birth defects

Wright: How breakfast could help you avoid a heart attack

Wright: Cranberry catheters may halt urinary tract infections for good

Wright: Ginseng proves powerful against cancer fatigue

Huff: Lead Gardasil developer clears conscience, admits vaccine is useless and deadly

Benson: Blood pressure meds more than double breast cancer risk

Benson: Sacred herb turmeric may make at least 14 pharmaceutical drugs utterly obsolete

Huff: Thousands of teenage girls given birth control jabs at school, family planning clinics without parental consent or knowledge

Godiyal: Popular ways to detoxify your body for better organ function

Simard: Ginseng is much more than simply an aphrodisiac herb

Heyes: U.S. military veteran describes how vaccines made service members sick

Louis: Eliminate allergy symptoms fast with these three natural remedies

Wright: Discover how to fortify yourself against cancer, inflammation, depression and more with this one aromatic flower

Devon: Babies that eat fresh foods instead of processed foods have fewer allergies

Ravensthorpe: Study finds that dehydration lowers mood and mental abilities

Adams: Mortality rate doubles for females eating refined white sugar - lab mice study rocks soda industry

Devon: Hepatitis B vaccine halted after 3 newborns die from system shock

Devon: Neonicotinoids are the new DDT, and they're destroying our world

Benson: Nine pharmaceutical drugs that can cause chronic fatigue

Zagst: How the alkaline diet (does not) affect your pH

Tierney: How government agents covered up Roundup's birth defects

Godiyal: Natural methods and recipes for cleansing liver and blood

Ravensthorpe: Frequent exposure to sunshine lowers rheumatoid arthritis risk

Curtiss: New research on anti-cancer, blood pressure-lowering plant

Godiyal: The history and health benefits of spirulina

Heyes: Seven power foods that lower your stroke risk

Mercola: The Witch Hunt of Jenny McCarthy for Talking About Vaccines

Mercola: 10 Warm Weather Workout Tips

Mercola: Many Back Pain Treatments Are Ineffective and Unnecessary, and Here’s Why...

Mercola: 5 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain

Mercola: Tips for Resetting Your Internal Clock and Sleeping Better

Mercola: Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in U.S.

Mercola: The Unsavory Aspects of Farmed Shrimp

Mercola: Scientists Discover Fungicide and Pesticide are Killing Bees?and It's Worse Than You Thought

Mercola: Surprising Source of Arsenic in Your Drinking Water—Will EPA Take Steps to Protect Your Health?

Mercola: How to Survive a Plane Crash: 10 Tips That Could Save Your Life

Mercola: What’s in Your Condiments?

Mercola: Is This the Real Reason You're Exhausted All the Time?

Mercola: Dry, Flaky Legs: What's the Solution?

Mercola: Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi

Mercola: Why You Need More Than Cardio

Mercola: Would You Opt for an Exercise Pill?

Mercola: Coffee May Reduce Your Suicide Risk, Study Finds

Mercola: Cardiology Goes Better with Coke?

Mercola: America’s 50 Worst Charities Exposed

Mercola: Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe

Health - August 5, 2013

Pearson & Shaw: The Role of COMT in Impatience

Pearson & Shaw: For Those Using Metformin, Good News

Pearson & Shaw: Glycine Protects Brain Tissues UnderHypoxic (Oxygen Deficient) Conditions

Pearson & Shaw: Chronic Inflammation Impairs Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis

Pearson & Shaw: Alpha Lipoic Acid Protects Against Gastric Mucosa Damage Caused by Non-Steroidal-Antiinflammatory Drugs

Summer Sanders: The Olympic Champion Carries the Torch for Varicose Vein Awareness

Faloon: When “Rules” Are Broken

Downey: Three-Step Strategy to Reverse Mitochondrial Aging

Bronwell: The Overlooked Importance of Vitamin D Receptors

Pace: New Findings on Coffee’s Cardiovascular Benefits

Faloon, Joyal, Huber, Gossard, and Stein: Rebuttal to Attack Against Carnitine

Mixon: A New Flu Vaccine

Mixon: When the Passion is Gone, There’s Hope

Tips: Senator Dick Durban Once Again Attacks Supplements!

Group: 15 Must-Know Facts About Iodine

Mixon: Skincare From the Inside Out Through ALA Supplementation

Mixon: Testosterone Levels Are Related to Heart Attacks

Mixon: Spend Your Money on Something Other Than Your Annual Checkup

Sisson: Pickled Shrimp

Sisson: How To Overcome the Naysayers in Your Life

Sisson: 25 Safer Alternatives to Common Cosmetics

Sisson: Why Eating Insects Makes Sense

Wright: PFCs in household goods linked to permanent thyroid damage

Wright: Vitamin D deficiency can hasten disabilities, cause loss of independence

Wright: Exercise, vegetables and ginger offer natural asthma relief

Wright: Online tests not good predictor of Alzheimer’s disease

Mercola: Absurd Study Claims Omega-3 Fats Raise Prostate Cancer Risk

Mercola: Roundup and Glyphosate Toxicity Have Been Grossly Underestimated

Mercola: Do Antibiotics in Animal Feed Pose a Serious Risk to Human Health?

Mercola: 7 Important Reasons to Properly Chew Your Food

Mercola: Gardening Can Help Beat Depression

Mercola: Good Oils Gone Bad: Recognizing Rancidity and Other Defects

Mercola: Estrogen Could Have Prevented Almost 50,000 Deaths

Mercola: Grounding Helps Thin Dangerously Thick Blood and Fights Inflammation and Disease

Mercola: The Latest About Cabbage

Mercola: Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured

Mercola: Participants Motivated to Sit Less, Move More, by Pedometer Program

Mercola: Using Acceleration Training to Perform the Ultimate Squats

Mercola: Brain Exercise Provides Benefits at Any Age

Godiyal: Experts endorse nutrient-packed pine nuts for weight loss, healthy heart

Bundrant: Seven dirty secrets that counselors and mental health pros will never reveal

Landsman: Why you should not ignore bladder pain

Louis: Six reasons garlic is an amazing healing superfood

Huff: Thousands of New Yorkers on food stamps sending welfare-funded groceries to Jamaica, Dominican Republic

Heimer: Factors behind the growing infertility epidemic affecting millions of Americans

Louis: Kale can help you beat the blues

Cooney: Are diet foods making you fat?

Wright: Gelatin: A protein rich superfood that conquers food allergies, insomnia, arthritis - plus much more

Devon: Glyphosate toxicity to humans: An overview

Godiyal: Low-calorie delicious summer foods

Godiyal: Top 5 healthy foods that fight sugar cravings

Huff: Expensive medications rendered useless by gut bacteria

Phillip: Mother's junk food diet predisposes children to a high fat, high sugar diet for life

Bundrant: APA President urges cooperation with big pharma regardless of unethical advertising, bribery and suppression of scientific data

Huff: Big Pharma digs its claws deeper into academia under guise of research

Benson: Seven natural solutions to overcome morning fatigue and kick the coffee addiction

Wright: Yet another reason to go organic - Research verifies it really is more nutritious

Devon: Doctors ignore back pain self-care guidelines and prescribe useless surgeries and meds instead

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Dr. Mercola's books
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Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
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Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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