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Health - March 26, 2013

Block: Galantamine Cuts Mortality

Pearson & Shaw: GABA in the SleepScape

LEF: Researchers at College Street Target Antioxidants

Faloon: CBS News enables FDA to Deceive Public

LEF: Patent Issued for (-)-Hydroxycitric Acid for Controlling Inflammation

Wright: Prescription drugs causing thousands of birth defects a year

Wright: Studies show salt triggers painful autoimmune diseases

Wright: Natural combo puts brakes on frequent nighttime urination

Wright: Iron-rich foods may be secret weapon against PMS

Singer: Can We Exercise Too Much?

Sisson: Smoked Bacon Oysters

Sisson: Do Fear and Anxiety Define Your Health Journey?

Sisson: 10 Full Body Workouts You Can Do in 10 Minutes Flat

How to Make Turkey Jerky (That’s Super Easy and Tastes Like Thanksgiving)

Sisson: Brain Caloric Expenditure, Muscle Preservation, Potassium, and Iron Supplements

Mercola: It’s Time to Change American Disease-Management into a Health-Fostering System

Mercola: 27 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last as Long as Possible

Mercola: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Healthcare

Mercola: Shocking Report Identifies Massive Seafood Fraud Across the US

Mercola: Trashed

Mercola: Do the Brain Benefits of Exercise Last?

Mercola: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Mercola: Are Nightmare Bacteria Coming to a Hospital Near You?

Mercola: TV Ads for Statins Drive Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment According to Study

Mercola: Exposing Yourself to Light at Night Shuts Down Your Melatonin and Raises Your Cancer Risk

Mercola: Nutritional Adjuncts to the Fat-Soluble Vitamins A, D, and K

Benson: Widespread resistance from parents to HPV jab for daughters shows truth is spreading far and wide

Heyes: Sedgwick, Maine is first town to declare total food sovereignty, opposing state and federal laws

Benson: 10 amazing 'superfoods' that can help fight asthma naturally

BrindAmour: Direct-to-consumer advertising increases statin use and high cholesterol diagnosis

Merrill: Does cutting out body parts really prevent a disease?

Gutierrez: Prostate cancer risks are reduced almost 50 percent by grapeseed extract

Bardot: The eight best home remedies and holistic treatments to relieve tinnitus and ringing in the ears

Gutierrez: Scientists reprogram body's own cells to kill cancer, HIV

BrindAmour: Ginseng improves quality of life and fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients

Gutierrez: Eating more nuts and fiber in adolescence helps young women avoid breast cancer later in life

Towse: Take care of your liver in order to take care of your whole body

Benson: One-month-old baby girl dies after receiving first round of childhood vaccinations

Gutierrez: Study finds that turmeric prevents diabetes

Baker: Vitamin D supplements influence genes in healthy individuals, could stop cancer, heart disease

Rappoport: The hoax at the bottom of Autism and Alzheimer's

Godiyal: 10 reasons you should drink beer

Johnson: "Got Milk" campaign a fraud - 10 better sources of calcium

Tierney: Are your children overweight or obese? They may be vitamin D deficient

Norek: Why hydroquinone, the skin bleaching chemical, is highly toxic

Louis: Eight ways eating sugar is sending you to your grave

Bundrant: Startling new research suggests humans are losing ability to process emotions

Health - March 17, 2013

Pearson & Shaw: Deleting AGEs to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome

Pearson & Shaw: Delayed Aging and Aging-Associated Decline of Protein Function by Inhibiting Tryptophan Degradation

Pearson & Shaw: Killing Prostate Cancer Cells

Best: The Wireless Connectivity in Medical Devices Conference

Hawkins: Nutritional Strategies to Combat Alzheimer's

Sisson: Chicken in Buttery Caper Sauce

Sisson: It Will Pass and I Will Be Stronger

Sisson: Why Humans Like Taking the Easy Way Out

Sisson: Is It Primal? – Pork Rinds, Cottage Cheese, Monk Fruit Sweetener, and Other Foods Scrutinized

Mercola: Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products

Mercola: How Cells from an Aborted Fetus are Used to Create Novel Flavor Enhancers

Mercola: FLOW Documentary Exposes the Worldwide Water Crisis Few are Aware of

Mercola: Why are Americans Getting So Little in Return for the Highest Medical Bills on the Planet?

Mercola: Static Stretching: How This Common Type of Stretching Can Damage Your Muscles and Tendons

Mercola: How Strength Training Can Help You Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Mercola: Will You Continue Allowing the FDA to Dictate What Foods You’re Allowed to Eat?

Mercola: Blue Light and Sunshine May be the Next Gen Weapons Against Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Mercola: 'Clear Association' That Xanax, Valium, and Other Benzodiazepines Can Cause Dementia: Study

Wright: Washington State Medical Board continues to harass natural health doc

Wright: Toxic BPA Still Used to Treat Premature Babies

Wright: Hot flash drugs show questionable effectiveness

Wright: Flu vaccine was dismal 9% effective for seniors

Chance: Not so sweet? Sucralose is polluting North Carolina waterways

Wright: Radioactive recliner chairs, apartment buildings and household goods are not as unusual as you may think - and it's about to get worse

Benson: More evidence suggests that desk jobs and excessive sitting are deadly

Gutierrez: Excessive texting now causing chronic neck pain

McKiernan: CLA in grass-fed beef is a powerful anti-carcinogen that also promotes fat loss

Gutierrez: C-section babies have abnormal immune function

Bedar: What your emotions and morals have to do with your politics on natural health and constitutional liberty

Gutierrez: Parents don't recognize when their kids are obese

Gutierrez: Antioxidant doubles liver transplant success rate

Gutierrez: Lack of sleep causes unhealthy eating

Louis: Top-selling antidepressants double your bone fracture risk

Louis: Seven powerful therapeutic uses of apple cider vinegar

Huff: How Big Food uses junk science, deceptive marketing to manipulate the masses into craving bad foods

Heyes: Students fear for privacy as universities apply for drone-flying permits

Gutierrez: Autistic children have more toxic metals in their blood

Adams: What's missing in your preparedness plan? A way to grow self-replicating food using non-hybrid heirloom seeds

Phillip: Green tea catechins block the formation of plaques to help prevent Alzheimer's disease

Health - March 12, 2013

Pearson & Shaw: Medium Chain Triglycerides Wash ’Em Down With Niacin

Pearson & Shaw: Why We Recommend Supplementation with L-Arginine (and Also Histidine)

Aaron E. Katz, MD: Do I Need Testosterone Replacement?

Sisson: Is Meat Going to Kill Me (Again)?

Sisson: Coconut Lime Mussels

Sisson: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards, or What Really Motivates You to Be Healthy

Sisson: 9 More Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Sisson: Floor Living: Do You Spend Enough Time on the Ground?

Wright: Painkiller diclofenac could be as deadly as Vioxx

Wright: Diabetes drugs linked to life-threatening pancreas swelling

Wright: Poor sleep damages immune system

Wright: Diabetes ups your risk of dying from a heart attack

Ungar: The Price of Living a Healthy College Life

Cummins: Should Factory-Farmed Foods Be Labeled?

Mercola: Strong Flu Season Boosts Vaccine Profits, Despite Flu Vaccine having Shockingly Low Effectiveness Rate in US and Europe

Mercola: The ‘Bees and Flowers Mutual Admiration Society’ Under Threat

Mercola: Low-Fat Diet and Avoidance of Vitamin D - Two Health Recommendations You’re Best Off Rejecting

Mercola: Ketogenic Diet May Be Key to Cancer Recovery

Mercola: Lowering Your Blood Pressure Using Drugs May Increase Your Risk of Death, Study Shows

Mercola: Common Household Chemicals Linked to Human Disease in Landmark UN Study

Mercola: BOSU Ball Total Body Workout: Challenge Your Balance, Core Strength, and Stability

Mercola: The Push-Up that Blasts Your Core

Mercola: How Inflammation Affects Every Aspect of Your Health

Mercola: Study Shows Daylight Saving Time Change Increases Your Risk for Heart Attack

Mercola: The What, Why, and How of Baby-Led Weaning

Mercola: How Medical Ripoffs Threaten Your Health and Financial Security

Huff: Vaccine industry in panic over global effort to remove all mercury from vaccines

Louis: Young girl scout petitions for GMO-free cookies, setting example for children

Gutierrez: Are women actually less likely to buy products marketed using thin models?

Baker: Folate and vitamin B12 treat schizophrenia symptoms

Benson: 11-year-old girl spontaneously combusts in hospital bed due to hand sanitizer, olive oil

Louis: Six health-boosting, life-saving practices to start today

Antonia: How schools are getting kids to eat healthier foods

Gutierrez: Dance Dance Revolution is an effective multiple sclerosis treatment

Rappoport: What's behind Whole Foods' decision to label GMOs in their stores?

Phillip: Risk of early death directly increases with amount of processed meat consumed

Benson: How to naturally boost your libido without drugs

Benson: Over 38,000 pounds of sausage contaminated with plastic gloves recalled by Virginia packing company

Merrill: Kids, eat your vegetables or you could turn into a bunch of celery

Huff: Pediatricians scolded for over-prescribing antibiotics for children's ear infections

Health - March 5, 2013

Pearson & Shaw: Glycine Improves Sleep Quality

Pearson & Shaw: Anthocyanins to Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

Pearson & Shaw: Chronic Inflammation and Superoxide Radicals Main Determinants of Physical Frailty in Older Adults

Pearson & Shaw: Hydrogen and Radiation Protection

Faloon: The Looming Doctor Shortage

Bronwell: Carnitine Restores Cellular Function

Hawkins: Nutritional Strategies to Combat Alzheimer's

Hawkins: Leeza Gibbons: All In Against Alzheimer's

Ungar: The Case For Grass Fed Beef- Part 1: Human Health

Ungar: The Case For Grass Fed Beef Part 2: Animal Health

Mixon: High Intensity Exercise vs Aerobic Exercise

Mixon: Diabetes: Cure or Remission?

Mixon: Estrogen is a Class of Hormones

Mixon: Alcohol Prevents Fat Burning

Mixon: Green Tea and Fat

Mixon: Do You Want to Make Fat or Burn Fat?

Mixon: Green Coffee Extract and Weight Loss

Mixon: The Size of Your Belly is the Best Predictor of Erectile Function

Sisson: Obesogens, Tots Who Hate Veggies, and Pregnancy Recovery

Sisson: Meat and Vegetable Skewers in Basil Marinade

Sisson: How Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact

Wright: Common household chemical ups joint damage risk

Wright: Off-label Chemotherapy may harm cancer patients

Wright: Joint comfort miracle goes to work in as little as 7 days

Wright: Vitamin D reduces diabetes risk 60%

Mercola: The Rising Food Movement Continues the Fight for ‘Right to Know’ GMO Labeling

Mercola: Why Wellness in the Workplace Matters

Mercola: 15-Year-Old Invents New Test for Early, Reliable Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Mercola: MSM Health Benefits May Be Related to Its Sulfur Content

Mercola: Can You Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk by Skipping Mammograms?

Mercola: Challenge the Establishment -- Dispelling Five Common Health and Fitness Misconceptions

Mercola: How Intermittent Fasting Stacks Up Among Obesity-Related Myths, Assumptions, and Evidence-Backed Facts

Mercola: The Brighton Method - Helping You Conceive an Extraordinary Child in a Toxic World

Benson: Seven spices, food medicines and home remedies that could save your life

Heyes: Natural strategies for beating seasonal allergies

Wright: This is your brain on NutraSweet - and it isn't pretty

Louis: Maximize your happiness with these five tips

Saffy: Identify and eliminate food sensitivities for a healthier life

Heyes: Coffee drinking causes low birth weight in babies and prolonged birth

Godiyal: What you need to know about food borne illnesses

Benson: Top foods for great-looking skin

Godiyal: Benefits of lettuce for digestion

Baker: Expectant mom alert: C-sections may cause babies to develop allergies

Bundrant: 'Junkitarian' birth: Babies born addicted to junk food

Huff: Beware: Universal flu jab just around the corner

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