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Health - October 28, 2012

Block: Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine can make you say...I’m in the mood for love

Block: In individuals with visceral obesity Arginine reduces insulin resistance

Pearson & Shaw: The Story of Hydrogen

Pearson & Shaw: Hydrogen Therapy Update

Faloon: Metformin Makes Headline News

LEF: Low-Dose Molecular Breast Imaging Marks a New Frontier in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Smith: How Sugar Calories Affect Your Weight

Rodriguez-Paez: Can Pomegranate Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Smith: How Does Inflammation Affect Heart Health?

Hyman: Should I Get the Flu Shot?

Hyman: 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

Sisson: Chopped Bok Choy and Steak Salad with Olive Dressing

Sisson: Type 1 Diabetes No Match for Primal Lifestyle!

Sisson: What About Type 1 Diabetes?

Sisson: The Deload Week: What It Is, How to Do it, and Why It Might Help You Get Stronger

Sisson: So, Is Organic a Scam?

Sisson: Beef Suet, Lowered HR, Alcohol, and Long Easy Runs

Wright: Flu vaccinations are being forced on health care workers

Wright: How to use zinc to shorten your cold

Wright: Taking a stand against the crippling cost cancer treatments

Wright: Taking the stress out of a hospital stay with B and C vitamins

Wright: Taking the stress out of a hospital stay with B and C vitamins

Wright: Omega-7 fatty acids could support healthy cholesterol

Wright: Is your MSM supplement giving you headaches?

Mercola: Could Chronic Niacin Deficiency Be a Root Cause of Increase in “Deranged” Violent Crimes?

Mercola: The Drugs Don’t Work: A Modern Medical Scandal

Mercola: Herbicide Now Detected in Human Urine

Mercola: State Cuts Philosophical Objections from Vaccine Exemptions

Mercola: How Tumors Exploit Gut Flora to Fuel Growth, and the Surprising Finding that Chemotherapy Boosts Resistant Cancer

Mercola: ADHD Drugs Prescribed to Poor Children to ‘Help’ in School

Mercola: Rice Farmers Suing Drug Company and Poultry Industry for Contaminating Their Crop with Arsenic

Mercola: What Happens to Your Body If You Don’t Let It Sleep

Mercola: Confirmed: Belly Fat is Far More Dangerous than Having a Total BMI in Obese Range

Mercola: Women Must Typically Work Harder to Lose Weight

Mercola: The Bitter Seeds of Monsanto's Legacy: Debt, Death, and Global Destruction

Benson: Could GM alfalfa take down the entire Canadian organic farming industry?

Huff: Court ruling: Mobile and cordless phones cause brain tumors

Baker: Big Pharma wants to run medical experiments on your babies

May: Vaccinating our children - Making an informed decision

Huff: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms

Miller: Cross contamination a risk for Celiacs even when ordering food from gluten-free menus

Wright: Halt infectious disease, cancer and much more with $3 remedy

Goldstein: The Common Cold: Friend or Foe?

Louis: Banana Boat sunscreen may ignite on your skin: Flammable chemicals pose health risk

Cooney: The health benefits of eating fall fruits

Norek: Baking soda: A lot more than just a baking staple

Tohi: Thyme out for cold, flu, and other organisms

Heyes: Tiger Milk mushrooms hold powerful cancer treatment secret

Jockers: Beat eczema naturally

Adams: Sovereign Silver (colloidal silver) is the ultimate preparedness first aid product; more valuable than antibiotics in a collapse emergency

Landsman: The 5 biggest threats to our health freedom

Health - October 20, 2012

Block: Vinpocetine Is Good for Brain Cells

Block: Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Block: Galantamine protects, stimulates, and improves memory

Block: Whole turmeric prevents and treats many diseases

LEF: Chewing ability linked to reduced dementia risk

LEF: Vitamin C supplementation shows potential for menopausal bone loss prevention

LEF: Dr. Susan Love launches online breast cancer study

LEF: Most unaware of diabetes, oral health link

Wright: Going off the antidepressant Cymbalta may cause withdrawal

Wright: Get rid of bursitis for good

Wright: Natural treatment for cataracts

Wright: Low vitamin D and Alzheimer’s link getting stronger

Wright: Heavy metal toxicity may lead to high blood pressure

Wright: Earwax buildup could signal a problem

Wright: Smoking cessation drug Champix linked to suicide

Sisson: Tomato-Garlic Butter

Sisson: The Problems with Modern Wheat

Sisson: Should You Worry About Genetically Modified Food?

Mercola: New Evidence Demolishes Claims of Safety and Effectiveness of HPV Vaccine

Mercola: BPA Damages Chromosomes, Disrupts Egg Development

Mercola: Will Boosting Your Vitamin D Levels Help Prevent Colds?

Mercola: Misdeeds, Not Mistakes, Behind Most Scientific Retractions

Mercola: Buttered Popcorn Flavoring Linked to Alzheimer’s

Mercola: Melatonin Helps Patients With High Blood Pressure To Sleep

Mercola: New Report Shreds Claims that GE Crops Reduce Pesticide Use

Mercola: Antibiotic Alert: The Drug the Doctor Ordered Could Cause Deadly Side Effects

Benson: Drinking milk from genetically-modified cows will make dairy allergies much more prevalent

Phillip: An apple a day prevents arterial hardening to reduce heart disease risk

Benson: Six reasons to never leave home without ginger

Stehle: Changing from highly-strung to balanced in order to accommodate healing

Jockers: Boosting your enzyme reserves

Gutierrez: Take power naps to boost your creativity

Norek: Three compelling reasons not to wear synthetic perfumes

Heyes: Cherries help prevent gout, study shows

Heyes: Potato, tomato and rice lectins may cause as much inflammation as wheat

Tierney: Monsanto tries to criminalize saving seeds, drags farmer into court

Baker: Scientists 'confident' they have effective vegetable-based treatment for breast cancer

Phillip: Vitamin D insufficiency promotes chronic disease and increases risk of early death by 50 percent

Stellpflug: Falling for the soy ploy

Gutierrez: Typhoid vaccine a useless dud, health authorities admit

Landsman: Top 4 ways to avoid getting cancer

Louis: Say goodbye to gluten: Over 200 clinically confirmed reasons to avoid wheat

Wright: Common backyard weed may curb cancer risk

Chase: Pumpkins lower blood glucose levels, shrink enlarged prostates and prevent male hair loss

Bardot: Home remedies lower blood glucose levels preventing diabetes

Rappoport: When a promising cancer treatment was destroyed

Heyes: Sitting for long periods increases your risk of death, study finds

Health - October 16, 2012

Block: Carnitines—Better Than Testosterone for Impotence

Block: Antiviral Nutrients

Stokel: Restoring Cellular Energy Metabolism

Gamonski: The True Potency Of The Pumpkin Seed

LEF: Take Your Vitamin D with Largest Meal of the Day

Wright: Skip the flu shot and build immunities instead

Wright: Steroid injections for pain lead to fungal meningitis

Wright: Skip the scrambled eggs for a healthier heart; Keep your yolks intact

Wright: Fight fluoride in your drinking water

Wright: Natural treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

Wright: The insulin resistance connection to hypertension

Hyman: Cooking Your Way Out of Disease

Sisson: Why You Shouldn’t Burn More Than 4,000 Calories a Week Through Exercise

Sisson: Why Seasonal Eating Primes the Body for Fat Burning

Sisson: Spiced Pork and Butternut Squash with Sage

Mercola: The Surprising Health Benefits of Oxidative Medicine

Mercola: Confirmed Again: Statin Drugs Accelerate Cardiovascular Disease

Mercola: Shocking Dangers of Plavix Revealed in 2nd Comparison Study

Mercola: Suicide Overtakes Car Accidents as Leading Cause of Injury-Related Death

Mercola: The Modern Food System and the Roots of Obesity

Mercola: Less Can Be More, Research Shows: Maximizing Health Benefits of Exercise By Finding Your “Goldilock’s Zone”

Mercola: How Exercise Can Help You Master New Skills

Mercola: Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease

AAdams: How 'scientific poisoners' threaten the future of life on planet Earth

Heyes: Students who refuse to be micro-chipped are punished by tyrannical Texas schools

Huff: Non-GMO Project announces October as 'Non-GMO Month' - How will you and your family celebrate?

Benson: Colorado healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse mandatory flu shots

Wright: Maqui - A rebellious little berry that tames inflammation, prevents cancer and supports a healthy heart

Jockers: Maximized Living brings natural cancer killing lifestyle to the world

Wright: Not just another pretty face - Boost immunity, soothe anxiety and calm distressed skin with cornflower herb

Meredith: Pharmacy's steroids linked to meningitis

Jones: Beta Glucans for optimum health

Heyes: Government claims Americans have 'no reasonable expectation of privacy' with cell phone usage

Pooschke: 'Green Monster' smoothie - A healthy Halloween treat even the kids will love

Adams: Health alert: Why you DON'T want ripped abs if you hope to survive the coming economic collapse

Wells: What is A.O.F.D, Agent Orange Food Disorder, and how many Americans have it right now?

Louis: Scientific fact: Nobel prize winners eat more chocolate

Health - October 9, 2012

Block: Galantamine Suppresses Brain-Cell Suicide

Block: A Completely New Set of Skin

Faloon: A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice: We Must Convince the President to Release Jay Kimball

Downey: Powerful Protection Against Cellular Aging

Faloon: Legal Murder

The FDA Exposed: An Interview With Dr. David Graham, the Vioxx® Whistleblower

Richter: Defend Against DNA Destruction

McGlothin and Averill: Glucose Control Can Be Easy

Hyman: Can a Candy Bar Save the World?

Wright: Dairy does not help you lose weight

Wright: Choline during pregnancy may protect your baby for life

Wright: NSAIDs increase death risk after a heart attack

Wright: Treating skin cancer with BEC5 cream

Wright: Reverse trigger finger with vitamin B6

Sisson: Managing a Cheat Day and “Raw” Almonds

Sisson: Lamb and Pomegranate Salad

Sisson: Is Organic a Scam? – Fetal and Child Development and Antibiotic Resistance

Mercola: Gut Bacteria Can Affect Fat Absorption, and Act in Accordance to “Social Structures”

Mercola: Psychotropic Drug Use Associated with Increased Risk for Car Crashes

Mercola: How a Root Canal Can Affect Your Health

Mercola: Are You Concerned Over Genetically Modified Vaccines?

Mercola: Influenza Deaths: The Hype vs. the Evidence

Mercola: Obesity Epidemic Not Due to High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Mercola: U.S. Gets “Big F” on Health Report Card

Mercola: Top 10 Drug Company Settlements

Mercola: How Exercise Influences Hunger and Weight Loss

Mercola: Physically Fit Boys and Girls Score Higher on Reading and Math

Adams: Whole Foods caught in GMO marketing deception, false advertising - here's the proof

Wright: Political and corporate elite shun GM food on their own plate

Huff: Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning in landmark case

Benson: Doctors now urging patients to remove body parts for cancer prevention

May: Control fall allergies with natural remedies

Louis: Detoxing your gut can help you avoid Type 2 diabetes, according to scientists

Chase: Four bitter herbs heal the liver, gall bladder, and other ailments

Bardot: Mastectomy no more! Prevent and treat breast cancer with life-affirming vitamin D

Brind''Amour: Olive oil helps prevent visible facial skin aging

Heyes: Seven ways to use honey for whatever ails you

Benson: Swedish official admits toxic 'chemtrails' are real, not a wild conspiracy theory

Heyes: Sesame and rice bran oil can treat high blood pressure and cholesterol, study shows

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William Faloon's book

Dr. Hyman's books
UltraMind Solution
UltraSimple Diet

Dr. Mercola's books
Total Health Cookbook & Program
Unlock Your Muscle Gene

Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
Death by Medicine
Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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Tocotrienols (Vitamin E) with Sesame Lignans

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