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Health - September 30, 2012

Pearson & Shaw: How to Fool the Public Now Explained Openly in a Scientific Journal Rather Than Covertly in E-Mails

Pearson & Shaw: Natural Products to Clear Amyloid Beta From the Brain

Pearson & Shaw: The Microbiota Influence Beyond the Gut

LEF: Oral bacteria may signal pancreatic cancer risk

LEF: Resveratrol increases lifespan in bees

LEF: University of Rochester Medical Center geneticists verify cholesterol-cancer link

Hyman: Is Coffee Bad Or Good For Your Health? Two Experts Debate

Wright: BPA in food packaged linked to childhood obesity

Wright: Link found between restless leg and heart disease

Mercola: Could Oral Facial Therapy Be the Answer for Sleep Apnea?

Mercola: Alzheimer’s May be Caused by Poor Diet

Mercola: Mounting Evidence Pegs Broccoli as One of Nature's Most Health-Promoting Foods

Mercola: The Fluoride Debate Heats Up and Finally Gets Some Media Attention

Mercola: Do Tanning Beds Really Cause Melanoma?

Mercola: Floors that Make You and Your Children Sick

Mercola: Aspartame Damages the Brain

Mercola: 50 Countries Label Genetically Engineered Foods – When Will Americans have the Right to Know and Choose?

Mercola: Testosterone Surge after Exercise May Help Remodel the Mind

Mercola: Little Sunshine Mistakes that Can Give You Cancer Instead of Vitamin D

Adams: Modern corn was created through thousands of generations of selective breeding by indigenous Mesoamericans

Benson: Mainstream media called out for complete blackout on GMO health risks

Heyes: Governments fail to act on pesticide threat to honeybee pollinators

Heyes: Drug companies pushing to replace nutrition with pharmaceuticals; take your meds even if you have no symptoms

Cole: Natural remedies smooth blood sugar and cut cravings

Domenico: Curcumin, boswellia and natural remedies better than pain meds

Wells: Big Government conspiracy theories become reality: Fluoride, cancer, chemicals and more

Louis: Lower your blood pressure naturally with these four fast-acting remedies

Baker: The racket that is Big Pharma

Phillip: Suboptimal vitamin D levels significantly increase cardiovascular disease risk

Heyes: Russia completely suspends use of Monsanto's GM corn

Benson: Big Pharma's profiteering has reached the breaking point: 45 percent of Americans can no longer afford prescriptions

Benson: Russia's small-scale organic agriculture model may hold the key to feeding the world

Chase: Eat a diet rich in fermented foods to help achieve optimal health

Louis: Yet another study shows cranberry juice beats bladder infections - this time in children

Health - September 23, 2012

Block: Studies about the resin of Chios continue to show that…Mastic Heals

Block: A Completely New Set of Skin

Pearson & Shaw: Remarkable New Finding on Weight Gain and WHEN You Eat

LEF: 'Skinny' on Obesity

LEF: Higher vitamin B6 levels associated with lower risk of invasive breast cancer

LEF: The eyes have it

LEF: Ways to Enhance Memory And Lead a Brain Wellness Lifestyle

LEF: Healthy food makes people better looking

LEF: Reduced vitamin D levels linked to critical childhood illness

LEF: Work, mahjong and tea: Hong Kong's secrets to longevity

Hyman: 9 Steps to Reverse Dementia and Memory Loss as You Age

Hyman: Money, Politics, and Health Care: A Disease-Creation Economy – Part I

Hyman: Money, Politics, and Health Care: A Disease-Creation Economy – Part II

Mercola: First-Ever Lifetime Feeding Study Finds Genetically Engineered Corn Causes Massive Tumors, Organ Damage, and Early Death

Mercola: Why Exercise Should Be Part of Standard Cancer Care

Mercola: Why Walking Barefoot Might Be an Essential Element of Good Health

Mercola: 10 More Amazing Things About Our Bodies

Mercola: Confirmed! Flu Vaccine INCREASES Risk of Serious Pandemic Flu Illness

Mercola: The Latest Sneak Attacks in a Coordinated Effort to Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions

Wright: Pan fried meats and prostate cancer risks

Wright: Fish oil could help you improve muscle strength

Wright: Relieve shingles pain naturally

Wright: Riboflavin may be key to improving Parkinson’s symptoms

Sisson: Shop, Cook, and Dine Primally

Sisson: Make the Healthiest Choices Across the Spectrum

Sisson: Exercise Primally – Move, Lift, and Sprint!

Sisson: Slow Life Down

Adams: The evil of Monsanto and GMOs explained: Bad technology, endless greed and the destruction of humanity

Benson: Renewed boycott announced against GMO pushing mega-corporations

Huff: Sign the petition to retract the junk science attack on organics

Benson: Pink slime beef producer sues ABC News for $1.2 billion over report exposing sickening beef industry practices

Huff: Vitamin D, calcium found to save lives among elderly

Bardot: The DIY detox bath - Have a home spa day and soak away aches, pains, harmful toxins, pesticides and heavy metals

Phillip: A daily dose of chocolate is shown to help prevent stroke in men

Zielinski: New autism risks for school-aged children: Playing at recess and eating fruits and veggies during snack time

Huff: Monsanto, pesticide companies have now spent more than $19 million to kill Prop. 37

Wright: "Genetic Roulette" documentary shatters the myth of GMO safety -- for a few days only, watch it for free

Heyes: Portland citizens vow to fight back against water fluoridation

Huff: GMO rice illegally tested on Chinese children as part of US-backed research project?

Evers: Fluoride toxicity - Protect yourself with selenium

Phillip: Vitamin C and beta-carotene help protect against Alzheimer's dementia

Miller: Do the five Tibetans for a long life

Huff: Children born to parents who eat GM wheat may DIE before age five, warn scientists

Health - September 17, 2012

Pearson & Shaw: The Story of Hydrogen

Pearson & Shaw: Hydrogen Therapy Update

LE: Food-Drug Interactions, Nutritional Deficiencies and Side Effects Common While Dieting

LE: Don’t forget to drink your green tea

LE: Diabetes patients can improve their condition through exercise

Hyman: Money, Politics, and Health Care: A Disease-Creation Economy – Part I

Hyman: Money, Politics, and Health Care: A Disease-Creation Economy – Part II

LE: How a virus might make you diabetic later in life

LE: Healthy lifestyle behaviors in old age add half a decade to life span

Sisson: Quick and Easy Mushroom Sauce

Sisson: Action Item #1: Eliminate SAD Foods

Sisson: The Primal Blueprint 8 Key Concepts

Mercola: Astaxanthin for Heart Health and Chronic Pain

Mercola: Mounting Evidence Suggests Coffee May Actually Have Therapeutic Health Benefits

Mercola: How Can the Wealthiest Industrialized Nation be the Sickest?

Mercola: The Ecology of Disease – How Environmental Sustainability Can Make or Break Animal and Human Health

Mercola: The Most Epic Drug Failure. Ever.

Hofmekler: The Intermittent Fasting Dilemma: How Many Meals Per Day Should You Eat?

Wright: You could be the victim of hypertension overtreatment

Wright: Testosterone supplementation does not cause prostate cancer

Wright: The benefits of exercise for cancer patients are many

Wright: Try natural therapies for fibromyalgia

Baker: Big Pharma pushes doctors to overprescribe drugs, study finds

Hupston: The top places where germs lurk: cell phones, ATMs and more

Wells: Ancient Egyptian scrolls document natural herbs and holistic medicine that saved lives and cured disease

Louis: Six of the best foods for diabetics

Ben: Proven to kill cancer cells without destroying your immune system

Hirshberg: Should butter be banned?

Morefield: The environmental benefits of grass-fed, pasture-rotated cattle

Rappoport: The government's demonic strategy against parents of autistic children

Goldstein: An Apple A Day

Huff: Man saved by vitamin C to lead protest at corrupt Auckland Hospital

Huff: Society now criminalizing parents that allow children to play in the yard - What is the world coming to?

Benson: Agricultural giant Cargill and others behind anti-organic 'Stanford Study'

Baker: What the anti-fish oil study REALLY says (they 'they' don't want you to know)

Louis: Banish chronic inflammation to rejuvenate your health - Top tips for detoxification and diet overhaul

Health - September 11, 2012

Huff: Unraveling food industry lies - Your chicken is full of liquid fillers and chemicals

Tohi: 30 stunning facts they don't want you to know about Gardasil and HPV vaccines

Hyman: Money, Politics, and Health Care: A Disease-Creation Economy – Part I

LE: Lowering High CRP levels with Vitamin C

LEF: Groundbreaking Study Reveals New Mechanism Behind Fish Oil's Health Benefits

LEF: Quercetin: Broad-Spectrum Protection

LEF: Topical Lycopene Improves Skin Cellular Function

Sisson: Shortcut BBQ Ribs

Sisson: A Primal Primer: Candida

Sisson: How Common is Gluten Sensitivity?

Is It Primal? – Chia Seeds, Black Rice, Refined Avocado Oil, and Other Foods Scrutinized

Mercola: The Amazing Similarities Between this Toxic Sugar and Alcohol

Mercola: CDC Preparing for New Swine Flu – Should You?

Mercola: New and Improved –Your Nutrition Plan to Take Control of Your Health

Mercola: The Wide-Ranging Influence of Gut Microbes on Your Mental and Physical Health

Mercola: New Charges of Fraud on Heels of Abbott’s $1.5 Billion Plea Agreement

Mercola: Not All Tech Advances Are Good for You

Mercola: Why Did the FDA Approve a Generic Version of this Dangerous Drug?

Mercola: Acceleration Training – The Russian Space-Age Technology That Can Take Your Fitness Regimen to the Next Level

Mercola: BPA and Narrowed Arteries: New Study Links Plastics Chemical with Coronary Artery Stenosis

Wright: Natural hair loss remedies

Wright: Repel insects naturally and avoid dangerous chemicals

Wright: DEET may be more dangerous than you imagained

Wright: Why your e-reader could be causing your sleep problems

Huff: Nearly all conventional food crops grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride

Mercola: 33 Ways to Eat Environmentally Friendly

Pravel: Oregon grape root excites dermatologists for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases

Phillip: Daily fasting and timing of meals can prevent diabetes and obesity

Louis: Five steps to boosting your thyroid function almost immediately

Benson: Why chemotherapy doesn't work - Cancer tumors confirmed to have stem cells that regenerate tumors

Baker: Vitamin B3 kills 'superbugs' naturally

Chase: Three benefits of olive oil compel its continued use

Tohi: Universities and cancer clinics are all on the take from Big Pharma payoffs

Wells: True history: The AMA (American Medical Association) was built on racketeering and the pocketing of 'non-profit' profits

Health - September 2, 2012

Pearson & Shaw: Transportation Security Administration Lies About Risks to Passengers from X-Ray Machines

Block: Life Enhancement Moves

Pearson & Shaw: Housekeeping for a Longer Life: Clearing Unwanted or Toxic Cellular Debris by Inducing Autophagy With the Sugar Trehalose

Pearson & Shaw: New Data Helps Explain Why Large Vitamin E Human Clinical Trials Have Not Consistently Provided Cardioprotection

Hyman: How to Raise Healthier, Smarter, Fitter Children

Stokel: National Institutes Of Health Discovers Protective Effects Of Coffee

Bronwell: Groundbreaking Study Reveals New Mechanism Behind Fish Oil's Health Benefits

Buckley: Quercetin: Broad-Spectrum Protection

Attia: The Straight Dope on Cholesterol: 10 Things You Need to Know – Part 1

Attia: The Straight Dope on Cholesterol: 10 Things You Need to Know – Part 2

Mercola: The ‘Selfish’ Reason to Donate Your Blood

Mercola: Documentary Investigates Our Current Food System and the Solutions to World Hunger

Mercola: U.S. Kids Drowning In Diet Drinks

Mercola: Your Workout Plan

Mercola: Why have Antipsychotic Prescriptions in Children Skyrocketed?

Mercola: Where’s the Evidence Proving TSA’s Backscatter Scanners are Safe?

Mercola: The Soap You Should Never Use -- But 75% of Households Do

Mercola: Confirmed: India’s Polio Eradication Campaign in 2011 Caused 47,500 Cases of Vaccine-Induced Polio Paralysis

Mercola: Is it True that Eggs are as Bad for Your Arteries as Smoking?

Mercola: Use This to Remove Splinters -- and to Address Many Other Health Needs

Wright: Cocoa flavonols help ward off mild cognitive impairment

Wright: Managing mental health with neurotransmitters

Wright: Diet and supplements can help with Alzheimer’s prevention

Wright: Are calcium and vitamin D bad for you?

Wells: The top foods that cause depression

Adams: Health Ranger releases new video on the criminalization of rainwater collection by misguided government

Huff: CDC caught in West Nile virus fear mongering campaign; mass chemical spraying WORSE than mosquitoes

Louis: Beware of hidden toxin sources in new clothes - Always wash them before wearing

Wells: What exactly is a raw food diet?

Bardot: Pineapples aren't just for Pina Coladas! Reap the health benefits and relieve gout, arthritis, osteoporosis, acid reflux, and much more

Louis: Eliminate gas, bloating, and heartburn for good with these simple steps

Louis: Just how beneficial is a gluten-free diet for those without celiac disease?

Jockers: The destructive nature of leaky gut syndrome

Heyes: Bionic eyes about to become reality: Installation of high-tech eyeball to cost $115,000

Wright: Declare economic independence with revolutionary micro-currency

Cousens: Your biological terrain is deranged by grains

Zagst: The abs you're forgetting in your workout - Transverse abdominis

Anatabloc- 200 Lozenges in 1 Bottle: Anatabine, the active ingredient, is a revolutionary new anti-inflammatory nutritional supplement. Amazon customer reviews hail it as "curing" everything from arthritis and allergies to foggy thinking. I don't know about that, so I ordered it to see for myself. Wow! Eventually you are going to start using this product. Why not start right now? Click the link above to read more about it. You'll be glad you did!
Testosterone Is Good books
Testosterone Syndrome: Reversing the Male Menopause
Testosterone for Life: Recharge Your Vitality, Sex Drive
Natural Testosterone Plan: For Sexual Health and Energy
Testosterone: A Man's Guide- Second Edition
DHEA Breakthrough
Dr. Blaylock's books
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
Health and Nutrition Secrets
How to Prevent & Reverse Neurodegenerative Disorders
Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients

Dr. Perricone's books
Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics
Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity
Perricone Weight-Loss Diet: A Simple 3-Part Plan

Bill Sardi's books
How the Industrial Food Complex Breeds Fat Americans
How to Live 100 Years Without Growing Old
New Truth About Vitamins & Minerals

Angelo Druda's book
The Tao of Rejuvenation

Dr. Wright's books
Natural Medicine, Optimal Wellness
Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

William Faloon's book

Dr. Hyman's books
UltraMind Solution
UltraSimple Diet

Dr. Mercola's books
Total Health Cookbook & Program
Unlock Your Muscle Gene

Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
Death by Medicine
Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

Life Extension Products
CR Mimetic Longevity Formula
Neuro-Mag™ Magnesium L-Threonate (for memory)
Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ
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Vitamins D and K with Sea-Iodine
Rhodiola Extract
Tocotrienols (Vitamin E) with Sesame Lignans

Life Enhancement Products
Acetyl L-Carnitine, 500 mg, 90 Capsules (for brain)
Bye-Lori Plus (for your stomach)
Galantamind Plus (for memory)
Inner Shampoo (for hair)
Glycemic Control LifeByChocolate Pudding
Potassium Basics
PropeL (for libido)
ThyroPlex for Men, 120 Capsules
ThyroPlex for Women 30 Caps

Other Health Products
Astaxanthin (for eyes, weight loss and more)
Chia Seed Powder 16-Ounce Pouch
Spirulina Powder

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