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Health - July 29, 2012

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ - Published in Federal Gov't Journal

Block: Galantamine Prevents Smoking Resumption

Kaufman: Slaughter Free Radicals

Pearson & Shaw: Attack of the Killer Broccoli*

Mediterranean Diet consumed in middle age associated with reduced risk of dying over 6.8 years of follow-up

Evans: Blueberries Boost Longevity

Goldfaden & Goldfaden: Repair Sun-Damaged Skin

Stokel: Understanding the Functional Nature of Cancer: The Value of PET

Mercola: Why Did the Wall Street Journal Bury the Merck Fraud Story?

Mercola: 9 Body Hacks to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Mercola: Proper Sprinting and Warm-Up Techniques to Optimize Your Workout and Avoid Injury

Mercola: Seeds of Freedom

Sisson: The “Aha” Moment: When Clarity Happens and Real Change Begins

Sisson: The Power of Daydreaming: Why You Should Let Your Mind Wander

Sisson: Is it Primal? – Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ, Skyr, and Other Foods Scrutinized

Wright: Pthalates in personal care products linked to diabetes

Wright: Beware of synthetic vitamins like vitamin D analogue

Wright: Adelle Davis lead the way in the nutritional medicine movement

Wright: Attack on nutritional supplements based on outdated data

“Monsanto rider” buried in Agricultural Appropriations bill

Adams: Raw milk advocate James Stewart seized by armed bounty hunters driving unmarked vehicles with no plates

Huff: GSK whistleblower says Glaxo Marketing VP 'Sir' Andrew Witty was deeply involved in massive criminal cover-up

Stellpflug: Cinnamon beats Alzheimers

Health Ranger interviews health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord about Rawesome raids

Wright: Brew up a bounty of healthful benefit with coffee

Wells: Understanding the war between nicotine and dopamine helps smokers quit

Heyes: Popular MS drugs don't prevent disability, research finds

Tohi: Vitamin D revealed to be miracle anti-cancer 'drug' with astonishing chemical properties

Benson: GMO wars - Monsanto suing DuPont to see who will dominate the world's food supply

Huff: American fast food diet unleashes disease epidemic sweeping across Asia

Health - July 22, 2012

Hyman: How Emotional Eating Can Save Your Life

Hyman: How to End Migraines

Mercola: How Big Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health

Mecola: GlaxoSmithKline: GUILTY in Largest Health Fraud Settlement in US History

Mercola: Dozens of Genetically Modified Babies Already Born - How Will They Alter Human Species?

Mercola: Pharmaceutical Drugs are 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You than Supplements

Mercola: Why a Decline in Mammography Rates is Really GOOD News

Mercola: Known to Kill Cows, Castrate Wildlife, Induce Spontaneous Abortion in Lab Rats... And it's Likely in Your Water

Mercola: How Whey Protein Can Help Build Toned Muscles

Mercola: Effective Strategies to Identify and Correct the Inflammation Caused by Mold Exposure

LE: Life Extension® supports nutritional research in chronic kidney disease

LE: Sarcomas aren't diagnosed early enough

LE: Researchers recommend increase in vitamin C dietary allowance

LE: Ways to avoid age-related eye diseases

Faloon: Potential Danger Of Calcium Supplements

Sisson: Primal vs. The Pyramid – My 20 Year Weight Loss and Body Transformation Story

Wright: Use omega 3 fatty acids to improve heart health

Wright: Makers of OxyContin seek FDA approval to test drug to kids

Wright: Vitamins can improve your mood and brainpower

Wright: Naturally beat a cold using vitamin C and colloidal silver

Wright: "Silent" gallstones don't require invasive surgery

Wright: Popular high blood pressure drug linked to stomach problems

Wright: Constipation can be resolved naturally

Adams: Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

Louis: New strategies for raising veggie-loving kids discovered via research

Heyes: Big Pharma's Oxycontin addicts being forced to heroin; war on drugs is complete failure

Victor: Interval Training offers increased fat loss with shorter workouts

McKiernan: Essential Fatty Acids and the sun

Louis: Chocolate can improve blood circulation, EFSA rules

Wright: Boycott botox and discover nature's fountain of youth

Heyes: Alcohol - not marijuana - is the gateway drug, study shows

Bundrant: How to find rock solid certainty about your personal future

Khalek: Candida overgrowth triggers your child's chronic ear infections

Heyes: Lie-telling myth busted - Eye movements have no correlation to telling lies

Adams: Why did no one fight back? Questions linger over James Holmes Batman movie theater shooting

Adams: Five easy ways to add goji berries to your diet for enhanced nutrition, trace minerals and longevity

Huff: Nutritional spies unleashed by the American Dietetic Association in fight to criminalize nutrition education

Wells: Health basics - Why you should always choose organic

Health - July 15, 2012

LEF: Low vitamin D level is linked to greater chance of risk factors for Type 2 diabetes

LEF: Iron supplementation reduces fatigue in premenopausal women

LEF: Life Extension Foundation® Sponsors Magnesium Sulfate Study at University of Miami

LEF: Roswell Park Will Study Whether a Vaccine Can Trigger An Immune System Response to Cancer, Which Could Lead to Targeted, Less Toxic Treatments - And Maybe Prevention

LEF: High dose vitamin D needed for fracture prevention

Pearson & Shaw: Scientists Develop Mitochondria-targeted Antioxidants That Protect Pancreatic Beta-cells Against Oxidative Stress and Improve Insulin Secretion

Block: N-Acetylcarnosine Can Reverse Cataracts

Mercola: The Evolution of Bird Flu and the Race to Keep Up

Mercola: Pfizer 'Cherry-Picked' Celebrex Data, Memos Say

Mercola: Surprising Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Pineapple Enzyme

Mercola: Why Your Doctor's Advice May Be Fatally Flawed

Mercola: The Serious Problem of Overhydrating in Endurance Sports

Mercola: Viruses Worldwide Battled by Gut Microbes

Mercola: When Treatment is Poison

Sisson: Raspberry Butter Sauce with Crispy Salmon and Salad Greens

Sisson: Autism: A Brain or Whole-Body Disorder?

Sisson: 12 Health and Fitness Blogs You Should Be Reading

Sisson: What Does It Mean to Be Fat-Adapted? – Part 2: Q&A

Benson: Monsanto weeds have taken root throughout academia

Pearson & Shaw: Chronic Stress Interferes With Regulation of Inflammation via Glucocorticoid Receptor Resistance

Louis: Seaweed toothpaste stops tooth decay

Phillip: Less time sitting can add two healthy years to your life

Benson: UK patient needlessly dies of dehydration due to neglect as part of 'backdoor euthanasia' program

Norek: Using passion flower for anxiety, pain relief and more

Louis: Treat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease naturally

'Nourishing our children' documentary blows away illusions about processed food vs. traditional diets

Desaulniers: Simple cancer remedies that can give you a fighting chance

Wright: Avoid costly dental bills with natural remedies

Health - July 8, 2012

Block: The Letters of Memory

Pearson & Shaw: Two Strains of Lactobacillus, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Identified As Inhibitors of Helicobacter pylori Infection

LEF: Root of fatigue can stem from many sources

LEF: Patients with fibromyalgia feel pain more intensely

LEF: Exercise may be needed for dietary restriction benefits

Treating vitamin D deficiency may improve depression

Downey: Reduce Blood Glucose and Shed Pounds Fast!

Faloon: Another Victory Against FDA Censorship

Mercola: Astaxanthin: A Rising Star in Alzheimer's Prevention

Mercola: Diet, Doctor- and Drug-Avoidance Can Help You Live Longer

Mercola: The Lies You’re Told about Genetically Engineered Foods

Mercola: Negative Impacts of Dental Mercury Surpass Those of Alternatives

Mercola: Cell Phones May Trigger ADHD and Other Behavior Problems

Mercola: Merck Accused of Lying about Vaccine Effectiveness

Mercola: What's Behind Illinois Stealing Local Hero's Bee Hives?

Mercola: Surprise! Vitamin D Can Help or Hinder Your Weight Management

Mercola: Are We Being Set Up for Another Fabricated Pandemic Like the Swine Flu?

Hyman: The Secret Ingredient to Stubborn Weight Loss

Sisson: What Does It Mean to Be Fat-Adapted?

Wright: Using supplements to beat cold cores

Wright: Diabetes drug can come with dangerous side effects

Wright: Low cholesterol levels linked to cancer, stroke, and depression

Wright: Sunshine vitamin linked to lower pancreatic cancer risk

Wright: Avoid aluminum overload by balancing calcium levels

Huff: GlaxoSmithKline pleads guilty to criminal fraud charges, pays massive $3 billion in fines

Mathis: Why is a highly sensitive HPV test used in vaccine development and not for patient care?

Bardot: Homeopathic remedies alleviate heat exhaustion and heat stroke

Louis: Addicted to coffee? You may be dopamine deficient

Burrell: Cell phone radiation - What the telecommunication companies don't want you to know

Phillip: Compound in apples fights obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease

Raw Michelle: Ecuadorian research into ancient diets unveils a new super food

Bartoszewski: Food: A direct connection to how you feel

Huff: Mystery meat in America? WTO strikes down country-of-origin labeling in U.S. grocery stores

Stellpflug: Why is cancer almost never found in mummies? A disease of modern living

High protein, low carbohydrate diet increases heart disease risk in women

Health - July 1, 2012

LEF: Metformin may lower cancer risk in people with Type 2 diabetes

LEF: Reducing refined carbohydrates may help maintain weight loss better than reducing fat

LEF: Sun damage can burn corneas, cause cancer

LEF: Reduced DHEA levels in men associated with greater risk of cardiovascular disease

Block: Nourish Your Brain with Amino Acids

Sisson: Why Did My Cholesterol Go Up After Going Primal?

Wright: Fight the fatigue and pain of post-polo syndrome naturally

Wright: Herbal bladder support helps keep you in control

Wright: Fructose is bad for your health

Wright: Vitamin D and calcium combo reduces death risk

Wright: Switch from aluminum filled deodorant to zinc oxide

Wright: The 2012 Farm Bill promotes junk good crops

Stellpflug: Junk food junkies: dying for a fix

Jockers: Improve your digestion naturally

Louis: Eight home remedies to soothe sunburn

Heyes: Whose job is it to fight the battle of the belt line?

Wright: Researchers seek to tame unruly emotions with food-based solutions

Goldstein: Healing Naturally (opinion)

Adams: Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses, and it doesn't even cover natural medicine

Huff: Mainstream media, medical journals pushing ADHD drugs for six-year-olds

Heyes: Spy drones can be hijacked by terrorists, used as weapons

Stellpflug: Common crop pesticide is a public health threat causing diabetes

Benson: Avoid the dangers of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and treat your acid reflux naturally

Wells: Are seedless fruits dangerous to your health?

Norek: Avoiding sulfates can save your skin and hair

Mercola: Italian Court Reignites MMR Vaccine Debate After Award Over Child with Autism

Connett: Major Progress at Eliminating Fluoride in Water Supplies by Fluoride Action Network

Mercola: How Your Gut Flora Influences Your Health

Mercola: Red Meat Can be Part of a Healthful Diet

Mercola: Three Key Factors for Sports Nutrition

Freytag: The Right to Bare Arms

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Testosterone Syndrome: Reversing the Male Menopause
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Angelo Druda's book
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Dr. Wright's books
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Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

William Faloon's book

Dr. Hyman's books
UltraMind Solution
UltraSimple Diet

Dr. Mercola's books
Total Health Cookbook & Program
Unlock Your Muscle Gene

Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
Curing the Incurable
Death by Medicine
Death By Modern Medicine
FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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Potassium Basics
PropeL (for libido)
ThyroPlex for Men, 120 Capsules
ThyroPlex for Women 30 Caps

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Astaxanthin (for eyes, weight loss and more)
Chia Seed Powder 16-Ounce Pouch
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