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Health - March 30, 2012

Sharon Begley: Autism Rates in US Reach New Height

Block: Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

Block: Propionyl L-Carnitine Dispatches Ulcerative Colitis

Block: “You Don’t Own Your Stem Cells—They’re Drugs”

Mercola: Is This More-Dangerous-than-Aspartame Sweetener Hiding in Your Food?

Mercola: How Factory Farmers Use the Media To Distort Reality and Make Them Look Good!

Mercola: Eating This Fatty Snack Can Protect Your Heart and More

Wright: France bans Monsanto strain

Wright: Solutions for thinning hair

Wright: Signs of poor stomach function

Wright: Silver nanoparticles could be secret to beating mouth infections

Adams: Hospital workers call police to seize newborn baby, throw momma out of the building, assault child with dangerous vaccines

Adams: Ventura County on raw milk rampage: After destroying Rawesome, other raw milk operations now targeted

May: Improve memory loss by using natural alternatives

Heyes: Powerful psychiatric medications are under state investigation

Landsman: The conventional lie about Autism and other chronic diseases

Cragoe: Battle over fluoride warning intensifies in New Hampshire

Adams: If Obamacare is ruled constitutional, here are 7 more things the Obama administration may soon require everyone to purchase

Adams: Health Ranger, Daniel Vitalis launch offering discounted, reliable gear for preppers

Geib: More aspartame side effects revealed - headaches, blurred vision, neurological symptoms and more

Phillip: Curcumin found to prevent brain degenerative diseases including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

Evans: Using your thoughts to better your reality

Health - March 25, 2012

Hyman: Pharmageddon: Can a New Weight Loss Drug Really Save Us?

Nercola: Use This Japanese Trick to "Amp Up" the Antioxidant Content of Your Meals

Mercola: 17 Micrograms of This in Your Body Lowers Your IQ by 10 Points

Mercola: Why You Need More of this Crucial Vitamin if You Are Heavy

Mercola: Addictive and Toxic

Wright: Diabetics–lift weights before starting cardio routine

Wright: Beating the bloat

Wright: Coke and Pepsi changing based on cancer finding

Wright: What is oolong tea?

Adams: Whitney Houston cause of death cover-up? Coroner changes story, blames cocaine, not pharmaceuticals

Huff: Protesters successfully shut down California Monsanto office

Conventional Medicine Wants FDA to Take Away Most Dietary Supplements

A new approach to treating type I diabetes? Gut cells transformed into insulin factories

Quality protein helps fight aging

The 10 Best Ways to Add Color to Your Diet: Tasting the Rainbow Is An Easy Way to Boost Your Health

Huff: Vitamin D found to help reduce fracture risk in young people, too

Jockers: Special hormone released by bone cells plays an important role in blood sugar regulation

Benson: Study vilifying 'fat' as cause of low sperm count in men flawed

Huff: Neurosurgeon issues public challenge to vaccine zealots: Inject yourselves with all shots you say children should get!

Phillip: Vitamin D3 and curcumin synergistically clear brain tangles to help prevent Alzheimer's dementia

Benson: Exercise boosts healthy DNA expression within just a few minutes

Landsman: Free energy has arrived - interview with THRIVE creator

Bardot: The five best home remedies for colds, coughs and the flu

Health - March 20, 2012

Mercola: One of the Worst Ways to Eat Eggs

Mercola: Why are Kids Getting Pink Slime for Lunches?

Mercola: Fix These 3 Things and Most Health Problems Can Resolve Themselves

Mercola: Got a Cold? Here's a Trick to Feel Better Fast

Faloon: Synthetic Alpha Tocopherol Shown to Increase Prostate Cancer Risk; We Predicted This Outcome!

Faloon: Findings from Flawed Study Used to Discredit Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements

Faloon: Crooked Practices That Are Destroying Our Health Care System

Conventional Medicine Wants FDA to Take Away Most Dietary Supplements

Tell your Representative and Senators the FDA should not view your supplements the same way they view synthetic food preservatives!

The challenges of cancer vaccines

Cass: Vitamin D and Calcium Combat Cancer

Block: Berberine Gives Diabetes the 1–2 Punch

Block: Pu-erh Tea Offers Anti-Cancer Benefits

Hyman: Cure for Diabetes Discovered

Hyman: Time for an Oil Change

Wright: Pfizer ends kids’ Celebrex study; Dangerous drug gets free pass for kids

Wright: If you’re planning a family, get this test now

Minger: Will Eating Red Meat Kill You?

Sisson: Are Detoxes and Cleanses Safe and Effective?

Adams: Medical terrorism in Michigan? Parents forced by the state to poison their child with cancer-causing chemicals

Isaacs: Radiation treatments create cancer cells 30 times more potent than regular cancer cells

Huff: Doctors at several Canadian hospitals routinely accepted bribes from patients to expedite surgeries in publicly funded health care

Huff: Why legalizing raw milk sales will significantly boost local, rural economies

Gutierrez: 5 ways to successfully turn your home into a prime workout space

Isaacs: Naturally relieve and heal toothaches and tooth infections

Earnest Pravel: Maca enhances libido, increases sperm count, and reduces post-menopausal symptoms

Geib: How vitamin D helps prevent lung cancer

Phillip: Sweetened drinks increase risk of heart disease in men by twenty percent

Louis: Heart attacks without chest pain more common than thought, especially among women

Huff: Lobbyist who helped kill California pot legalization ballot measure is getting rich off drug war

Health - March 16, 2012

Boodman: They're not psychotic

Higher lutein and zeaxanthin levels may help protect against cataract

Block: Mastic Soothes Bellyaches

Block: Galantamine May Help You Remain a Smart Cookie

Hyman: Should You Fire Your Specialist?

Mercola: Doctors Prove This Test Can Give Healthy People Cancer

Mercola: This Vitamin Might Ease Menstrual Cramps

Wright: Take a whiff and boost your brainpower

Wright: Break the bottle habit?

Wright: Monsanto defeats organic farmers in court

Isaacs: FDA scandal: board members with drug maker ties voted to approve drug that's killing women

Bardot: Easy homemade remedies relieve arthritis and joint pain

Fassa: Prevent or reverse hardening of the arteries without deadly pharmaceuticals

Huff: Science declares war on eating meat: Pharma pills may be introduced to induce nausea when people consume beef or pork

Landsman: The ultimate crime of conventional medicine

Huff: American Academy of Pediatrics backs mandatory HPV vaccine for boys

Heyes: Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals secrets of MSG toxicity (excitotoxins) in Health Ranger interview

Benson: Know the difference: 'Natural' foods are not organic, often contain GMOs and other toxins

Fassa: Find out why you're vitiamin B12 deficient and how to correct it

Benson: Vitamin D found to shrink fibroid tumors

Health - March 11, 2012

Hyman: How to Rewire Your Brain to End Food Cravings

Mercola: Is This Fraud Too Big Even For 60 Minutes?

Mercola: The Most Unhappy of Pleasures: This Is Your Brain on Sugar

Mercola: The Prescribed 'Preventive' That Labs Use to Induce Brain Damage in Animals

Wright: Citrus could help protect you from stroke

Wright: Toothpaste solution for canker sores

Pearson and Shaw: Chronic Low Grade Inflammation in Aged Humans Associated with Reduced Tryptophan and Depressive Symptoms

Adams: 65-year-old California 'milk man' subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail

Geib: Aspartame danger - urgent warning about tumors and seizures

Bardot: 8 natural remedies to overcome erectile dysfunction and impotence

Phillip: Coenzyme Q10 can prevent and treat heart disease by attacking multiple metabolic pathways

Do Statin drugs cause type-2 diabetes?

Health - March 8, 2012

Hyman: How Malnutrition Causes Obesity

Hyman: Time for an Oil Change

Hyman: Cure for Diabetes Discovered

Booth-Hubbard: Can Your Shampoo Cause Cancer?

Mercola: This Popular Nut Slashed Breast Cancer Risk in Mice by 50%

Mercola: Why is the FDA Ignoring Its Own Scientists' Warnings About Dental Amalgam?

Mercola: The Hidden Email the White House Hopes to Keep Under Wraps

Wright: FDA moves to approve risky diet pill

Wright: Are beets good for your heart?

Wright: Determining your vitamin C dose

Adams: Boku unveils Matcha Green Tea with extraordinary nutritional profile; 500% more antioxidants than goji berries

Geib: The top 10 best foods for burning belly fat

Adams: Unvaccinated people a public health threat? Nope, people who take antibiotics are the real danger

Phillip: Broccoli delivers a one-two punch to prevent cancer development and progression

Health - March 2, 2012

Wright: Kids’ snores could be serious

Wright: Why herpes sufferers should use caution with L-arginine

Wright: Crest mouthwash temporarily leaves tastebuds ruined

Wright: Hope for women looking for more “oomph” in the bedroom

Pearson & Shaw: Vitamin D3, But Not Other Forms of Vitamin D Found to Reduce All-Cause Human Mortality

Pearson & Shaw: There is no Constitutional Basis Under the Commerce Clause for the Federal Government to Force You to Buy Broccoli* (or Obamacare*), But We Do Recommend Eating Broccoli and/or Other Cruciferous Vegetables. Here’s Why.

Faloon: Findings from Flawed Study Used to Discredit Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements

Adams: The great government hoax of public safety

Benson: Single mega-dose of vitamin D eases menstrual cramps for up to two months, study reveals

Fassa: How FDA and Big Pharma mislead millions into taking dangerous anti-depressants

Benson: FDA admits statin drugs cause diabetes, memory loss

Bardot: Thirteen sensual aphrodesiac foods to improve your sex life

Phillip: Carnosine and lifestyle changes inhibit telomere shortening to lower heart attack risk and extend lifespan

Huff: Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world's wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture

Bardot: The top 5 foods to avoid if you have gluten intolerance and wheat allergies

Three ways to prevent urinary tract infections in women (and stop the recurrence before it starts)


Autism Debate with Jenny McCarthy on The Doctors Part One

Life Extension: The Latest in Liver Detox

Vitamin D: The Miracle Supplement

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5-LOX Inhibitor with AprèsFlex™ | Life Extension: To reduce the inflammation that causes prostate cancer and to protect your joints.

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William Faloon: Yes, We Can... Think Outside the Box - A Conference on Science-Based Medicine. See his book: Pharmocracy

William Faloon: What Happens when the FDA Approves a Supplement as a Prescription Drug? See his book: Pharmocracy

William Faloon: Pharmocracy - Why can't Americans afford healthcare? The book mentioned is: Pharmocracy

William Faloon: This eye-opening video exposes the inefficient and corrupt reasons why medical prices have skyrocketed out of control. More important, it provides a blue print for what citizens can do to combat the regulatory stranglehold over healthcare that enables the medical establishment to defraud consumers out of their health and money. The book mentioned is: Pharmocracy
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Testosterone: A Man's Guide- Second Edition
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Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
Health and Nutrition Secrets
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Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients

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Recommended Reading
Case Against Fluoride
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FDA: Failure, Deception, Abuse
Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
Truth About the Drug Companies
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

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