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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 12, 2018

Cold Fusion: What Really is ‘New Fire’ Fuel?

Cold Fusion: Photos of New LION Tubes in Preparation for Upcoming Experiment

Cold Fusion: European Patent Office Grants Airbus LENR Patent

Cold Fusion: A Breakthrough in Russian Manages Cold Nuclear Synthesis

Cold Fusion: Risks and Rewards For Businesses to Adopt The E-Cat

Gary Savage: I think the collapse is ready to begin

Gary Savage: Dumb money never learns

Gary Savage: Time to Buy Gold?

Bob Moriarty: American Pacific Hits at Tuscarora

Bob Moriarty: 43-101 is a Noose Around Novo’s Neck

Gary Savage: Just like clockwork

Alan Knuckman: BP’s 52% Gain Is Just The Beginning

Ray Blanco: The Federal Reserve Gets Behind Marijuana

James Rickards: A Recession Is Coming... And the Fed Can't Stop It

Gary Savage: Preparing for a possible undercut

Bob Moriarty: ZincX Beats Arizona Mining

Martin Armstrong: Capital Flows Not Central Banks Are Holding Up US Economy

Gregory Brew: 3 Breakthrough Technologies Changing The Energy Sector

Bob Moriarty: Black Tusk Gets to Work in BC

Tom Kool: Oil Sinks Deeper On OPEC Concerns

Nick Cunningham: OPEC’s Dilemma: Demand Destruction Or Production Boost

Irina Slav: The Nuclear Reactor That Makes Its Own Fuel

Irina Slav: New Technology Could Wipe Out Trillions In Fossil Fuel Investment

Bob Moriarty: Silver Bull Wins the Silver Lottery

Martin Armstrong: Winnipeg Grain Exchange Closing Right in Time for the Cycle

Steve Sjuggerud: The Largest Gap Between Perception and Reality on Earth

Richard Smith: Why We're Hoping for Increased 'Crypto' Regulation

Michael Kern: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is On The Horizon

Bob Moriarty: Anaconda Must Watch Video on June 20

Irina Slav: The Unlikely Solution To The Battery Bottleneck

Bob Moriarty: The COTs and DSI Suggest a Tradable Low is Near

Bob Moriarty: Goliath Hits the Ground Running near the Golden Triangle

Catherine Clifford: Automation will make UBI necessary, says Elon Musk

Bob Moriarty: Aben Looks for an Instant Replay of 2017 in the Golden Triangle

Gary Savage: Classic dumb money

Zero Hedge: Emerging Market Contagion Goes Global As Fund Outflows Spike Most In Over 4 Years

Zero Hedge: Amazon Creates 1,000 Jobs With 4th Michigan Warehouse After Receiving State Grant

Zero Hedge: "World's Biggest Public Toilet" Starbucks Tumbles After Slashing Guidance, 150 Store Closures

Zero Hedge: This Is What "Investing Without People" Looks Like

Zero Hedge: Global Markets, US Futures Rebound As Trade War Panic Fades

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Bix Weir: Clif's Jump Out Report
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Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
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Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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