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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 25, 2017

Cold Fusion: Nano-gap Hydroton Reaction Proposed by Ed Storms in New Video (Cold Fusion Now)

Cold Fusion: Lava Flow LENR in Nature?

Cold Fusion: LENR Initiation in the E-Cat QX

Cold Fusion: E-Cat QX Has ‘Zero’ Resistance

Cold Fusion: The 2 COPs of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Steven Greer: Rossi’s Going about Things All Wrong

Roger Shawyer Posts Third Generation EmDrive Outline for Thrusters, Personal Air Vehicles

Frik Els: Copper price rallies after Grasberg violence

Frik Els: Iron ore price jumps again – up 47% in two months

Charles Hugh Smith: What the Mainstream Doesn't Get about Bitcoin

Gary Savage: The Bitcoin Bubble

Gary Savage: The Stock Bubble

Bob Moriarty: Bet on the Jockey, not the Horse

Bob Moriarty: Nexus Advances Two Gold Projects in Burkina Faso

Gary Savage: S&P Buy Signal

Martin Armstrong: European Banks – The Next Crisis – The Unseen Cause in Plain View

Dave Gonigam: The Goldbugs Keen on Bitcoin

Dave Gonigam: War on Bitcoin

Greg Guenthner: These 2 Charts Spell Trouble for the Rally

David Stockman: Don't Forget About The Red Swan

Louis Basenese: Cryptocurrencies Can Make You Rich Beyond Your Dreams

Jamie Redman: Bitcoin Cash Now Commands Over 20% of BTC’s Total Hashrate

Sterlin Lujan: Coinbase Receives Patent for New Bitcoin Security Measure

Sterlin Lujan: Government Agencies Adopting Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Alyssa Hertig: Bitcoin's Battle Over Segwit2x Has Begun

Nick Giambruno: This $5 Trillion Time Bomb Will Devastate Americans

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Speculators Are Borrowing More Than Ever... Here's What It Means

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Think Stocks Are the Best Long-Term Investment? Think Again

Jeff Brown: A New Type of Crime Will Cause This Industry to Soar

Charles Hugh Smith: What the Mainstream Doesn't Get about Bitcoin

Vladimir Basov: World’s top 10 silver mines

Andreas de Vries & Salman Ghouri : The Next Oil Price Spike May Cripple The Industry

Nick Cunningham: The Latest Red Flag For U.S. Shale

Tsvetana Paraskova: Russia Claims To Have Invented Alternative To Fracking

Gary Savage: Intermediate Cycle Low

Zero Hedge: There's A New Subprime Crisis, But It's Not What You Think

Zero Hedge: For First Time Ever, Mutual Funds Slash Uber Valuation By Up To 15%

Zero Hedge: Would You Pay $1,000 For Each Equity Research Piece You Read? Autonomous Research Thinks You Will

Zero Hedge: Stocks Slide After Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Wall Funding, Killing NAFTA

Zero Hedge: World's Largest Ad Company Crashes After Dismal Earnings, "Terrible" Guidance

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 13, 2017

Cold Fusion: The 2 COPs of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: October E-Cat Presentation to be a ‘Technological Demo’ of ‘1-2’ Hours

Cold Fusion: How Cold Fusion will cause Oil Prices to Rise

Cold Fusion: Testing Multiple QuarkX Reactors for Presentation

Cold Fusion: Summary of Research Results of Experiments on Anomalous Heat Generation in Nickel-Hydrogen Systems

Zainab Calcuttawala: Russian Oil Output Down 307,600 Bpd

Tom Kool: Bulls Crushed As Oil Crashes Again

Dave Gonigam: Growth At Any Cost

Dave Gonigam: The Biggest Pile of Cash

Jonathan Garber: Bitcoin is sinking as bitcoin cash goes live

Gary Savage: Another Channel Breakout

Zach Scheidt: Wheaton Is A Buy

Craig Wilson: Four Things We Learned from the Fed in July

Brian Maher: Currency Wars, Trade Wars... and Shooting Wars

Ray Blanco: This (Former) Coca-Cola Product Can Get You High

David Hambling: Nano aluminium offers fuel cells on demand – just add water

Dave Gonigam: It’s No Longer Hypothetical

Greg Guenthner: Here’s Why You’re a Terrible Market Timer

Ray Blanco: The REAL Way to Profit From the Cryptocurrency Craze

Charles Hugh Smith: Is Another Oil Head-Fake Brewing?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: I Can't Believe Smart People Can Be This Stupid

Justin Brill: Wall Street Is Catching on to the 'Melt Up'

Martin Armstrong: US Share Market Broad Overvaluation Index – One of the Best Leading Indicators We Have Ever Created

Michael Snyder: Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan Ominously Warns That The Biggest Bond Bubble In History Is About To Burst

Mish: Central Banks Puzzled as Global Inflation Hits Lowest Level Since 2009: Solving the Puzzle

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Value Remains Irrelevant To Price

Irina Slav: Did Google Just Tackle The Biggest Problem In Energy?

Jonathan Newman: Why Robots Won't Cause Mass Unemployment

Stock Board Asset: Visualizing The Fiery Death Of American Manufacturing

Gary Savage: Focus on the Easy Money

Bob Moriarty: Smartcool is Really Cool

Ceo Technician: Bob Moriarty isn’t Selling His Novo Shares

Zero Hedge: Streaming Killed The Cable Bundle: Record 941,000 Pay-TV Customers Ditch Cable In Q2

Zero Hedge: Tom Lee: "Bitcoin Will Be The Best Performing Asset Through Year End"

Zero Hedge: This One Chart Perfectly Explains Why The Auto Market Is Doomed

Zero Hedge: Winners And Losers When Trade War Breaks Out Between The US And China

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 1, 2017

Cold Fusion: Interview with Andrea Rossi on Current and Future Developments of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: What to Expect at the E-Cat QX Presentation

Cold Fusion: Analysis of E-Cat QX Setup Based on Available Information (Chapman)

John Hayward: Trump Leading Fight Against FGM; Should Be Number One Issue for Feminists

National Post: Woman who used fake penis, male alter ego to sexually assault her friend going back to jail

Ashe Schow: As Policy Shift Looms, Left Smears Campus Due Process Advocates As Rape Apologists

Nova Safo: In Chicago, women worried about violence join gun club

Rachel Blevins: Man Facing Jail for Not Paying Child Support For A Child DNA Proves is NOT His

David Rockne Corrigan: Why an Ontario woman is fighting for her right to swim topless

Scott Shackford: Transgender Bathroom Panic Overtakes Texas Legislature's Emergency Session

Mish: Growing Number of Companies Complain About Inability to Find Workers: So Why is Wage Growth So Low?

Nick Cunningham: 4 Reasons Oil Will Rally Back To $50

Mark St. Cyr: Whole Foods Could Be Amazon’s Waterloo

Bob Moriarty: Auryn Begins World-Class Exploration on Seven Properties

Melissa Farley: Steady Progress Pushes Canadian Explorer to Dig Deeper and Expand in Mexico

Gary Savage: Nasdaq Not Parabolic Yet

Arthur Berman: Permian Oil Reserves Are Grossly Exaggerated

Bob Moriarty: Molori Energy Ready to Explode Higher

Gary Cohn: The New “Supply-Side Economics” Fueling Asset Bubbles

Bob Moriarty: Gold in Japan, a Nation Unexplored for Many Years

Dave Gonigam: Bitcoin Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Teeka Tiwari: Three Things to Look for When Investing in Cryptocurrencies

David Stockman: Peak Bull: Fake Economy, and Fake News

Vitaliy Katsenelson: Good Companies Don’t Always Make Good Stocks

Louis Basenese: The Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint

Zach Scheidt: New Social Security Benefits

Bob Moriarty: Don't Go Swimming with the Sharks

Scott Belinksi: Was Trump Right About Coal?

Greg Guenthner: I've Never Seen Any Trading System This Accurate

Teeka Tiwari: Three Things Every Pension Plan Member Should Do

Teeka Tiwari: If You Know These Three Things, You’ll Make a Killing in Cryptos

Charles Hugh Smith: What's the Safest Investment in Troubled Times?

Charles Hugh Smith: Earth's Economy Glorifies Waste, Exploitation, Debt, Expediency and Magical Thinking

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Are You Scared? Stocks Hit Their Highest Valuations in 17 Years

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Platinum Just Fell Below $900... And Nobody Cares

Justin Brill: The Closest Thing to a 'No Lose' Proposition in Today's Market

Michael Snyder: Our Disneyland Economy

Michael Snyder: Is This The Generation That Is Going To Financially Destroy America?

Zero Hedge: Rare Earth Mania And China/US Trade Spat 2.0?

Zero Hedge: Auto Defaults Soar On The Back Of "Hasty Loans And, At Times, Outright Fraud"

Zero Hedge: There Has Been Just One Buyer Of Stocks Since The Financial Crisis

Zero Hedge: OPEC Deal Splinters: Ecuador Will No Longer Comply With Production Quota Due To "Difficult Economic Situation"

Bix Weir: Cryptos for the Future
Bix Weir: Cryptos for the Future
Bob Moriarty - Novo Resouces Samples 2 Ounces of Gold Per Ton!
Bob Moriarty: Novo 2 Oz of Gold Per Ton
John Kaiser on Novo Resources
John Kaiser on Novo Resources
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
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Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
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New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
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Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
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