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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 28, 2016

Cold Fusion: On the Cooling of the QuarkX

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Effect ‘Absolutely’ Fits Within Standard Model of Physics

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Resolved QuarkX Problems

Dave Gonigam: How a Guy Who Wrote an Econ Textbook Might Destroy Your Retirement

James Rickards: Elements For Financial Lockdown Are In Place

Craig Wilson: 7 Indicators Oil Might Continue to Drop

Gary Savage: Gold Oil Ratio

Gary Savage: Money Flows

Brendan Brown: Will Trumponomics Save Us From A Bust?

Bob Moriarty: Torchlight in the Middle of 20 Billion Barrel Oil Field

Bob Moriarty: BCGold in a Sweet Spot in Peru

Evan Kelly: OPEC Technical Talks Falter As Key Members Reject Cut

James Stafford: Why Mexico’s Oil Reform Is A Huge Opportunity For Investors

Dave Gonigam: Why “Trumpflation” Might Not Happen

James Rickards: Two Billion-Dollar Buzz Saws

Byron King: Trump and Gold: The Look Ahead

Gerald Celente: A Monster Tech Investing Trend Making Huge Progress

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: New Highs, Time to Sell?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Profiting From What Will Replace Cash and Credit Cards

Porter Stansberry: The Biggest Farce in the History of Retail

Jeff Clark: A Trade With 10 Times More Upside Than Downside Today

Jeff Clark: Get Ready for the Next 'Buy' Signal in Gold Stocks

Stephen Leeb: China’s Plan For A World Of Skyrocketing Commodity Prices And $20,000 Gold

James Turk: This Is The Real Reason Why The Public Is Broke And The Middle Class Is Being Destroyed

Egon von Greyerz: This Is Going To Rock The World And Bring Countries To Their Knees

Martin Armstrong: Fractal Nature of Trading

Wolf Richter: Black-Friday Woes: The Death of the Department Store

Wolf Richter: How Big Pharma’s Money Affects Our Health and Wallets

John Crudele: Retail sales numbers are fake but the harm is real

Zero Hedge: GDP Hopes Slashed As Trade Deficit, Inventories Tumble In October

Zero Hedge: Forget The Fed, Short-Term Funding Costs For American Business Are The Highest In 8 Years

Zero Hedge: Oil Erases The Week's Gains After Reports Monday OPEC/NOPEC Meeting Cancelled

Zero Hedge: It's Time To Take Off The Dollar Goggles

Zero Hedge: Gold Options Traders Most Bearish Since July 2015

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 19, 2016

Cold Fusion: High Current Densities

Cold Fusion: Progress Reports on Exothermic Reaction in NdFe Amorphous Structure Under Hydrogenation

Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony: This Is What a Mania Looks Like

Frik Els: Iron ore price stabilizes after sharp drop

IRD: The Housing Market Is Unraveling

Bob Moriarty: Torchlight Delivers Again and Again

Bob Moriarty: There is More Opportunity Today Than There Has Ever Been in History

Nick Cunningham: Are The Saudis About To Reveal The Best Kept Secret In Oil?

Mike Barrett: Six Simple Rules to Spotting Stocks Headed for Zero

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A Massive Change in Precious Metals You Need to See

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Exactly What the Election Will Do to The Stock Market

Porter Stansberry: There Is 100% Chance of a Recession Next Year

Chris Martenson: Change Is Upon Us

Zainab Calcuttawala: Glut Fears Spike As Europe Runs Out Of On-Land Oil Storage

Dave Gonigam: Is It Really Time To Dump Gold?

James Rickards: Trump and the Coming of Helicopter Money

Porter Stansberry: Get Ready for the Greatest Financial Mania the World Has Ever Seen - Part 1

Gary Savage: The Gold Bull

Porter Stansberry: Get Ready for the Greatest Financial Mania the World Has Ever Seen - Part 2

Crush The Market: Surging Bond Yields Signalling Pain Not Growth Ahead For US Economy

Wolf Richter: Why this Oil-Price Bust will Drag Out a Lot Longer than the US Oil Industry Claims

Dave Gonigam: Gold and Inflation, Here We Go Again

Greg Guenthner: Get Ready for a Monster Small Stock Rally

Justin Spittler: Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Gold

Porter Stansberry: Four Reasons Oil Prices Are About to Head Lower

Daniel Major: Uranium collapse signals 2020 positive supply shock: GoviEx CEO

Nick Cunningham: Can Trump Derail The EV Revolution?

James Burgess: All Eyes On Argentina As Lithium Boom Takes Shape

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Price and The Winds of Complacency

Sol Palha: Stock Market is destined to soar higher: Masses are not bullish, and $50 trillion is sitting on the sidelines

Stewart Thomson: Gold: The Cost Of Production Is Near

Zero Hedge: Gold Crashes To 5 Month Lows As 'Someone' Dumps Over $10 Billion (On A Bond Market Holiday)

Zero Hedge: Commodity Carnage: Copper Turns Red, Oil Plunges Near $42 Handle

Zero Hedge: US Crude Production Surged As Oil Rig Count Rose To 9-Month Highs

Zero Hedge: Will Trump Send The Price Of Oil Soaring?

Zero Hedge: Markets Are Grasping At Trump's Answer To The New Normal

Dave Gonigam: If Something Doesn’t Feel Quite Right

Greg Guenthner: Hop on Warren Buffett's "Deathtrap" and Die Rich

Michael Snyder: Why Donald Trump Must Shut Down The Federal Reserve And Start Issuing Debt-Free Money

Brett Eversole: Copper Has 40%-Plus Upside... Starting Now

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 14, 2016

Cold Fusion: Brilliant Light Power Announces ‘First Sustaining Plasma’ in History

Cold Fusion: American Chemical Society News Release on Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: New QuarkX Dimensions Show Decreased Power Density

Cold Fusion: US DOE Researchers Announce Discovery of ‘Loophole’ in Second Law of Thermodynamics

Cold Fusion: Race For New Energy Technology Covered in Chemical and Engineering News

Gary Savage: Just Waiting on the Dollar

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Trifecta Causes Stocks to Soar

Frank Acland: NASA Paper Measuring Thrust from EmDrive Replication Has Leaked

Jeff Clark: This Metal Is Vulnerable to a Sudden Decline

Matt Badiali: The Next Commodity Bull Market Just Kicked Off

Frank Acland: Tesla Taking the Lead in Democratizing Energy Production

Tom Whipple: Transitioning to the Future

Dave Gonigam: You Can Collect Income From the Stupidity of Others

Michael Covel: Your 401(k) Is About to Implode

Greg Guenthner: Gold on Steroids: The Perfect Election Trade

David Stockman: This is Mutant Capitalism

Ray Blanco: How to Pull Double-Digit Gains in a Terrible Market

Greg Guenthner: What You Need to Know About Crude

Gary Savage: Don't Over Trade Gold

Martin Armstrong: Crude Oil – The Hidden Order Exposed

Guy Manno: US Economy Continues to Weaken As Warning Signs Flash Recession Ahead

Nick Cunningham: Is This The Most Bearish Oil Report Of All Time?

Salman Ghouri: OPEC Is Now Irrelevant – This Oil Price Plunge Is Different

Martin Armstrong: Gold Bugs

Bob Moriarty: The Lithium Boom has a New Player in Argentina

Gary Savage: Dollar Weakness

Nick Cunningham: OPEC Just Knocked $20 Off Its Oil Price Outlook

Erwin Cifuentes: Post-Election Oil Prices: Can We Expect A Plunge?

Bob Moriarty: California Gold Resource Released

Bob Moriarty: Redstar Waits for Drill Results

Greg Guenthner: How "Toaster Tech" is Blazing the Trail to Profits

Greg Guenthner: Before You Trade Trump, Read This

Ray Blanco: President-Elect Trump Rallies Biotech

Craig Wilson: The Market is in Shambles, What's Next Could be Worse

Michael McDonald: Death By A Thousand Cuts: Can Trump Save U.S. Pipelines?

Wall Street Pit: Say So Long to Your Job, Robots Will Make It Extinct

Gary Savage: Bond Bear?

Bob Moriarty: Explor Explores the Abitibi

Wolf Richter: Will the “Rout” in Government Bonds Turn into Carnage?

Wolf Richter: What the Heck’s going on with Foreclosures?

Zero Hedge: New York ISM Contracts For 3rd Month, Worst Streak In 7 Years

Zero Hedge: Oil Tanks After Biggest Inventory Build In 34-Year History

Zero Hedge: 'Dead Cat Bounce' Dies - Dow Loses 18,000 (Again), S&P Drops Below 2,100

Zero Hedge: US Dollar Dumps'n'Pumps As December Rate Hike Odds Spike To 80%

Zero Hedge: Fed Fails To Save Stocks From Worst Losing Streak In 5 Years

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 1, 2016

Jeffrey Snider: The Story Of Durable Goods Is The Story Of The (Global) Economy

Charles Hugh Smith: The Disaster of Inflation--For the Bottom 95%

Jonathan Newman: Inferno and the Overpopulation Myth

Lance Roberts: Market Trapped As Recession Risk Rises

Pepe Escobar: American Dream, Revisited

Gary Savage: Second Best Chance

Ahmed Ben Mussa: Will Libya Turn Its Back On The OPEC Deal?

Alan Chamberlain: Is Nevada Sitting On One Of The Biggest Undiscovered Oil Fields?

Irina Slav: Bankruptcies In Oilfield Services Are Accelerating

Nick Cunningham: Full Scale Oil Price Recovery Unlikely As 5000 DUC’s May Come Online

Martin Armstrong: Trading Presidents

Dave Gonigam: Countdown To the Bud Bonanza

Greg Guenthner: How to Trade a Fractured Market

Ray Blanco: The Troubled Technology Getting the Hollywood Treatment

Brian Maher: We Are Moving Into a New World

Jody Chudley: $50 Oil Is Back — Here Is What You Should Know

Greg Guenthner: This is the Biggest Election Game-Changer Yet

Justin Spittler: Five Weeks From Now the Oil Market Will Face a Huge Test

Justin Spittler: Why You Should Still Be Skeptical About Corporate Earnings

Doug Casey: How to Profit from the Latest Central Bank Gimmick

Charles Hugh Smith: Our Landfill Economy

Jeff Clark: Even After a 30% Rally, This Commodity Looks Bullish Today

Matt Badiali: This Bull Market Could Be a Full-Blown Frenzy in a Year

Gary Savage: Platinum Resurgence?

Jared Dillian: The Fed Is More Hawkish Than You Think

Matthew Keevil: This is what Canada's only Carlin-style gold discovery looks like

Cecilia Jamasmie: Data contained in diamonds could stay there forever too

Cecilia Jamasmie: Canyon uranium mine may hold vast amounts of copper — report

Nick Cunningham: The Beginning Of The End For Europe’s Natural Gas War

Tsvetana Paraskova: Will U.S. Oil Exports Help Restore Its Waning Geopolitical Influence?

IRD: Silver And Gresham’s Law

IRD: What Do AAPL And The DNC Have In Common?

IRD: Tesla Reports Another Fraudulent Quarter

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: One Giant Cluster Ponzi

Wolf Richter: Business Investment Drops to Lowest September since 2010

Wolf Richter: Google Fiber Lays Off 9%, “Pauses” Expansion, as Alphabet Cracks Down on Costs, Division CEOs Quit

Morris Hubbartt: T-Bond Meltdown: Gold Holds Steady

Sprott U.S. Media: Corrections, Patterns, and Positioning

Tracy Salcedo: Alkane Signs MOU with Siemens to Advance Dubbo Zirconium Project

Ben Kramer-Miller: Santacruz Silver Mining: The Market Still Doesn't Get It!

Zero Hedge: Prices Are Skyrocketing, But Only For Things You Actually Need

Zero Hedge: High Yield Bond Flows Cliff-Dive As Rate-Hike Odds Soar

Zero Hedge: Oil Tumbles To 1-Month Lows As OPEC Deadlock Shatters Deal Hopes

Zero Hedge: Gulf Stocks' "Death Cross" Suggests Crude Slide Has Legs

Zero Hedge: Global Stocks Mixed, Futures Rise As Oil Stumbles After OPEC Fails To Agree On Supply Cuts

Catherine Austin Fitts: 2017 Destruction of the Old & Creation of the New
Catherine Austin Fitts: 2017 Destruction
Gary Savage: Metals trade
Gary Savage: Metals trade
Mike Adams: The Coming Pension Collapse
Mike Adams: The Coming Pension Collapse
Mish: Trade War Disaster
Mish: Trade War Disaster
Gregory Mannarino: Stock Pickers Market
Gregory Mannarino: Stock Pickers Market
Catherine Austin Fitts: Chances of Slow Burn Continuing Radically Diminished
Catherine Austin Fitts: Slow Burn
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
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