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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 17, 2015

Cold Fusion: E-Cat X Still ‘Very Promising’, New Materials Still Resisting

Cold Fusion: Latest Problem Fixed

Cold Fusion: Industrial Heat Slides Comparing Coal and E-Cat as Fuel (English Translation)

Cold Fusion: Condensed Matter Nuclear Reactions

Cold Fusion: Following the Automotive Industry Model

Cold Fusion: The Rossi Effect Explained From

Lance Roberts: Volatility Traders Aren't Buying The Rally

Charles Hugh Smith: When Collapse Is Cheaper and More Effective Than Reform

Gary Savage: Why I Don't Trade Currencies

Martin Armstrong: Quantitative Easing & the Illogical Conclusion

Dave Gonigam: When Time Is Of the Essence

Dave Gonigam: In a World of Economic Ice

Bill Bonner: America’s Factories Are in Recession

Chris Mayer: Horror Show Not Over In Oil Stocks

Greg Guenthner: How to Survive a "Split Personality" Stock Market

Greg Guenthner: A Real Bright Spot in Biotech

Charles Hugh Smith: Automation Doesn't Just Destroy Jobs--It Destroys Profits, Too

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Robots may shatter the global economic order within a decade

Porter Stansberry: This Will Be the Greatest Legal Transfer of Wealth in History

Porter Stansberry: The Next Debt-Clearing 'Super Cycle' Starts Now

John Rubino: Portugal Is Potentially A Very Big Deal

Michael Snyder: We Have Never Seen Global Trade Collapse This Dramatically Outside Of A Major Recession

Michael Snyder: 21 Facts About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Peter Schiff: QE’s Creeping Communism

Jeff Clark: A Breakdown Is Coming... Raise Cash Now

Mark O'Byrne: Bitcoin surges 55% in month – Chinese moving capital into bitcoin and gold

Cecilia Jamasmie: Oil sands industry to remain under siege until 2020 on low crude prices

Gary Savage: Don't Short the Market

Charles Hugh Smith: No Serious Financial Repercussions from the Paris Attacks? Don't Be Too Sure

Anthony B. Sanders: Empire State Manufacturing Index Drops Again—-November Far Worse Than Expected

Sonja Elmquist: U.S. Steel Yield Surges as Metal Rout Imperils Turnaround

Michael Snyder: The Bitter, Crushing Poverty Of Appalachia Is A Preview Of What Is Coming To The Rest Of The Country

Michael Snyder: 4 Harbingers Of Stock Market Doom That Foreshadowed The 2008 Crash Are Flashing Red Again

Daniel Ameduri: Gotta Love the Phony Jobs Numbers

Eivind Berge: Secular stagnation or deflationary collapse?

David Stockman: The October Jobs Report——Not Awesome, Just More Of The Same BLS Con

Martin Armstrong: The Dow

Zero Hedge: What Rate Hike: US Economic Output Worst Since Q1 2014 With Jobs Now Rolling Over

Zero Hedge: Biotech Bubble Burst? Kura Crashes 56% From Opening Highs, Back Below IPO Price

Zero Hedge: Americans' "Comfort" Plunges Most Since February Despite Surging Stocks

Zero Hedge: Dear Striking Fast-Food Workers: Meet The Machine That Just Put You Out Of A Job

Zero Hedge: Saudis Bring Oil War To Europe With Largest Price Discount Since 2009

Zero Hedge: Global Trade In Freefall: China Container Freight At Record Low; Rail Traffic Tumbles, Trucking Slows Down

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
November 3, 2015

Cold Fusion: Rossi Explains ‘Positive or Negative’

Cold Fusion: Rossi’s R&D Chief Fulvio Fabiani “100% Convinced” E-Cat Works as Promised

Cold Fusion: What if the 1 year E-Cat Test Succeeds...and No One Believes it?

Cold Fusion: E-Cat X: Go, Go, GO!

Cold Fusion: E-Cat World O-Cube Testing Proposal

Cold Fusion: ‘Well-Known Companies’ Have Placed Orders for E-Cat Plants: Q&A With Andrea Rossi

Cold Fusion: Industrial Heat Mentioned in Time Magazine

Cold Fusion: The Myth of Basic Science

Cold Fusion: In Search of the E-Cat’s Secret

Cold Fusion: Beyond the E-Cat Test: The Next Phase

Frank Shostak: Today's War Against Deflation Will Make Us Poorer

Michael Snyder: The Calm Before The Storm

Jim Quinn: The Worse Things Get For You, The Better They Get For Wall Street

Gary Savage: Dollar Failed Breakout

Gary Savage: Dollar Drop?

Justin Spittler: The Fed’s Easy Money Has Created a Takeover Mania

Jason Stevens: Will Streaming Deals Work for Farmers? One Company Is Showing it Can

Greg Guenthner: Forget Value. Forget Growth. Here’s the Real Key to Investing

James Rickards: Recession Time

Bill Bonner: Deflation, Inflation, or Hyperinflation?

Marc Faber: Ignorance is Far less Dangerous than False Knowledge

Gordon Docherty: BAE Invests in Space Engine Firm Reaction Engines

Marin Katusa: Follow the good guys in mining

Steve Saville: Gold is not money: the final word

Four Reasons Investment Strategist Joe McAlinden Likes Hard Assets, Especially Gold

Kevin Michael Grace: Sierra Metals Sees Organic Growth Leading to a Billion-Dollar Valuation

Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks: The One Essential to Transform Your Resources Portfolio? Patience

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Prices Have Bottomed According To This Commodities Indicator

Zero Hedge: US Automakers' Worst Nightmare

Zero Hedge: IBM Tumbles After Disclosing SEC Investigation Into Its Revenue Recognition

Zero Hedge: Why Are Half Of All 25-Year-Olds Living With Their Parents? The Federal Reserve Answers

Zero Hedge: Pending Home Sales Tumble Most Since 2013 Amid "Signs Of A Slowing US Economy"

Zero Hedge: Goldman Finds Buybacks No Longer Work To Boost Stock Prices: Two Reasons Why

Zero Hedge: 7 Year Auction: Record Low Dealers, Jump In Bid To Cover Kills Bitter Taste From Yesterday's Poor 5-Year

Zero Hedge: NatGas Nosedives To New Cycle Lows

Zero Hedge: The Housing Bubble Is Biggest In These Cities

Gregory Mannarino: Post Paris Stocks Higher?
Gregory Mannarino: Post Paris Stocks Higher?
Doug Casey: Greater Depression Already Started
Doug Casey: Greater Depression Already Started
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
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Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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