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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 29, 2015

Gregory Mannarino: DOW Down 500 Points Since I Called This Market Top, But A Bounce May Be Coming

Gary Savage: Profit from Euro Decline

Gary Savage: Interest rates; precious metals; and, the conventional markets

Marin Katusa: The Future of Uranium

Dave Gonigam: Whiskey and Silver

Gary North: Keynes, the Great Depression, and the Coming Great Default

Daniel Drew: Collapsing CDS Market Will Lead To Global Bond Market Margin Call

Robert Wenzel: Euro Down at the Start of Trading in Asia

Keith Fitz-Gerald: What You Really Need to Know to Play Rising Rates (and Win)

Bill Bonner: France Is Dead

Stephen Petranek: Next – Your Jeans Are Your Computer

Peter Coyne: The Way Out of Depression

Mark O'Byrne: Marc Faber on Precious Metal and Asset Allocation

Ray Blanco: Moore’s Law Is (Not) Dead

Steve Forbes: The Real Reason the Global Economy is Such a Mess – and How to Fix It

Addison Wiggin: To Die and Let Live

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Turn in Bons Is Upon Us

Charles Hugh Smith: The Chinese Stock Bubble Bursts: Any Questions?

Dr Frank Shostak: Money supply and velocity

Porter Stansberry: Avoid the "Herd" Like the Plague

David Stockman: Message To Merkel: Shut-Up!

IRD: An Inadvertent Warning From BlackRock——Get Out Of Mutual Funds ASAP

Nathan Lewis: How Greek Banks Can Write-Off Their Losses, Protect Small Depositors, Restructure And Reopen Without Any Help From The Troika

John Rubino: On Monday, It’s China Versus Greece

Michael Snyder: Greek Banks Get Shut Down For A Week And A ‘Grexit’ Is Now Probable

Justin Brill: How to Be Cautious and Profit at the Same Time

Frank Holmes: $8 trillion alternative energy boom is a win for copper

Henry Hewitt: Why Buffett bet a billion on solar

Gaurav Agnihotri: Nature Provides Novel Solution To Energy Storage Problem

Ron Patterson: Are We Headed For Global Warming Collapse?

Robert Hunziker: Fukushima Not Even Close To Being Under Control

Zero Hedge: The Test Of Central Bank Omnipotence May Be Upon Us

Zero Hedge: Ahead Of The Open: Deer In Headlight "Traders" Pray For The Plunge Protection Team To Arrive

Zero Hedge: Dow Futures Open Down 300 Points, 10Y Yield Tumbles 20bps As EURUSD Plunges Over 200 Pips

Zero Hedge: Why We're Headed Toward A "Cashless Society"

Zero Hedge: Pension Funds Are "Compromising Their Solvency" OECD Warns

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 26, 2015

Cold Fusion: Sources Swedish Professor could have Replicated Ecat

Charles Hugh Smith: The Nine Dynamics of Decay

Gregory Mannarino: We’re Past the Tipping Point All We Can Do is Prepare

Gary Savage: Dollar Consolidation

Bob Moriarty: Arianne Phosphate Recovers

Tom Lewis: The Crash of 2015: On Track, Behind Schedule

Tom Randall: The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever

Dave Gonigam: Riding the Market's Ups and Downs in Style

Bill Bonner: When Bonds Go Kaboom!

Chuck Butler: Agreement on Greek Crisis Could Be a Done Deal

Greg Guenthner: How to Squeeze Double-digit Gains Out of the Market Today

Callum Newman: The Greatest Era of Wealth Creation is Coming

Nick Giambruno: This Unknown Market Could Explode on June 30… Possible Triple-Digit Gains Await

Charles Hugh Smith: No Institutional Path to Contraction

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Gold & Silver Headed for Breakdown

Porter Stansberry: Stocks That Work... Even When You're Dead Wrong

Michael Krieger: Jeff Immelt, The Jobs Czar From Hell, Threatens To Off-Shore Jobs Unless Ex-Im Bank Is Extended

David Stockman: The Money Printers’ M&A Ball——Where The Debt Zombies Go To Mate

Jeffrey P. Snider: There’s Something Wrong With Growth All Around The Planet—It’s The Serial Bubble Age Since 1995

John Rubino: Another Week, Another Chinese Gold Mine

Michael Snyder: The Liquidity Crisis Intensifies: ‘Prepare For A Bear Market In Bonds’

Gregory Mannarino: Stocks May Be Setting Up For A "Greek Can Kick" Rally, But Get Ready To Sell

Jeff Clark: The Stock Market's 'Crystal Ball' Has Turned Bearish Again

Simon Moores: Battery grade graphite set for record year

Stefan Gleason: The forgotten history (and potential future) of silver as money

Nick Cunningham: Could $12 Trillion Trigger A Renewables Revolution?

Michael McDonald: Investing In Nuclear Power Just Got More Interesting

Henry Hewitt: Investors Should Prepare For The Long Infrastructure Boom

Michael McDonald: What Oil Export Ban Means for Investors

Rick Rule and Porter Stansberry's Guide to Protecting Your Portfolio from the Ravages of the Currency Wars

Opportunities in Cancer Immunotherapy Throttle Up: George Zavoico of JonesTrading

Jing Pan: Australian Dollar to Stay Low

Wolf Richter: Wall Street Frets about its Nightmare Generation

Wolf Richter: The Crucial Thing to Know About This Economy

Zero Hedge: Stocks Jump, Oil Dumps After DOE Reports Bigger Than Expected Inventory Draw, Production Rises (Again)

Zero Hedge: Stunned Investors See NFLX Stock Split Gains Eviscerated As Icahn Exits

Zero Hedge: Lying CEOs Crash Their Stocks (So Will The Fed)

Zero Hedge: When The Unwind Comes, It Comes Sharply As The Exit Door Is Tiny

Zero Hedge: The Mystery Of The "Missing" Inflation Solved: Record Number Of US Renters Can't Afford Housing

Zero Hedge: Economically Key Industrial Metals Complex Is Breaking Down

Zero Hedge: Durable Goods Order Bounce Dead; Biggest Drop Since 2009

Zero Hedge: US Manufacturing PMI Slumps To Weakest Since Oct 2013

Zero Hedge: New Home Sales Surges To Highest Since Feb 2008 As Northeast Spikes 87%

Zero Hedge: Why New Home Sales Remain At Recession Levels, In One Chart

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 23, 2015

Cold Fusion: The History of Things to Come

Martin Armstrong: The Solution – the ONLY Solution

Gary Savage: All of My Macro Calls Still on Track

Jim Quinn: The Worst Time In History To Be Invested In Stocks

Martin Armstrong: Market Talk

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Showing Signs of Stirring

Dave Gonigam: The Social Security Reform Act of 2019

Bill Bonner: How Your Bank Could Steal Your Money

Greg Guenthner: Even the Pros Are Getting Nervous About a Crash. Here’s what You Need to Know

Peter Coyne: The Perils of Popular Entrepreneurship

Ron Paul: Seizure of Russian Assets Will Hasten the Dollar’s Decline

Vern Gowdie: The Most Important Inflection Point Since 1929

Bob Moriarty: Defiance Silver, a call on Silver

Porter Stansberry: The Three Most Important Concepts in Investing

David Stockman: Thanks to Obamacare, Predatory Medical Cartels Getting Even Bigger

John Rubino: Is The Fake Recovery Becoming Real? And Would That Be As Bad As It Seems?

Michael Snyder: Lindsey Williams, Martin Armstrong And Alex Jones All Warn About What Is Coming In The Fall Of 2015

Michael Snyder: Warren Buffett Still Says Derivatives Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction And ‘Are Likely To Cause Big Trouble’

Gregory Mannarino: A Second Look At Apple (AAPL) From A Trading Perspective

Jeff Clark: Why Last Week's Rally Is a Bad Sign for Stocks

Michael Pento: The Shocking Truth As Worldwide Economies Barely Survive

John Embry: The Situation In The Real World Is Terminal – Silver Is The Wild Card

Cecilia Jamasmie: Kameron Collieries closer to reopen massive coal mine in Canada's Nova Scotia

Andy Tully: 100 Million Or 100 Billion – How Large Is The Gatwick Oil Deposit?

John Whitefoot: Top 3 Penny Stocks in July 2015

Paul Renken's Gold, Graphite and REE Names Poised for Gains

Zero Hedge: Crossing The Event Horizon On 50 Years Of A Financially-Engineered Black Hole

Zero Hedge: Earnings Growth To Collapse Most Since 2009 In Q2

Zero Hedge: How Urban Homeowners Rigged The Housing Market And Killed GDP Growth

Zero Hedge: A Greek Default Is Precisely What The ECB Wants

Zero Hedge: Consensus Is Wrong On US Rate Hikes

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 22, 2015

Cold Fusion: Successful E-Cat Replication by Lugano Team

Cold Fusion: Polariton Coherent Light and Rossi’s Cat and Mouse

Cold Fusion: Is Thermal Runaway in Lithium Batteries LENR?

Gary Savage: An Overdue Crash

Gregory Mannarino: Eyes On Apple (AAPL)

Martin Armstrong: Gold – The Quick and Dirty

Dave Gonigam: The $25.9 Trillion Avalanche

Dana Lyons: Dow Divergences Reaching Historic Levels

Michael Snyder: California Has Never Experienced A Water Crisis Of This Magnitude – And The Worst Is Yet To Come

Erico Matias Tavares: The Corporate Earnings Cycle Has Just Turned Negative in the US

Paul Rosenberg: There Will Never Be Enough Good Jobs Again

Martin Armstrong: Putin’s Speech – Tax Free Corporates for 4 Years

Dave Gonigam: The $25.9 Trillion Avalanche

Chris Mayer: How Inflation Affects Stocks

Louis James: June 2015 Casey Country Score

Charles Hugh Smith: Future Shock and the Greening of America

Dr. David Eifrig: The Simplest Way to View the Bond Market

David Stockman: The Demographic Hump Which Will Break The Budget

Harry Dent: Rising Long Term Rates

Matt Badiali: What Most Folks Don't Know About Today's Oil Market

Bill Fleckenstein: The Aftermath Of This Mania Is Going To Be Extremely Brutal – Gold, Silver, The Great Depression

Leonard Brecken: Expect A Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry

Geordie Mark Focuses on Miners Making Money at $1,200/oz Gold

Capitalize on Comeback Stories in Micro-Cap Biotech: Joe Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners

Peter Thiel: Asperger’s can be a big advantage in Silicon Valley

David Chapman: Is the End Game In Play?

Hugo Salinas Price: The Coming Liquidation

Zero Hedge: IMF Previews The Market's Final Days: Central Banks "May Have To Become Market Makers"

Zero Hedge: Middle Class Incomes Yet To Recover From Crisis As Wealth Gap Widens

Zero Hedge: Sweden's Largest Fund Manager Is Quietly Dumping Stocks Before The "Herd" Is Caught In A Selling Vortex

Zero Hedge: UBS Had Libor-Rigging Instruction Manual, Former Trader Claims

Zero Hedge: Stock Buybacks To Grind To A Halt Following Massive Credit Fund Outflows, "Bond Carnage"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 18, 2015

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Gives ‘Electrostatic’ Charge

Cold Fusion: 1 MW Hot Cat Plant to follow Current 1 MW Plant

Cold Fusion: LENR Posed as Carbon-Free Solution in National Post

Martin Armstrong: Is There a Shortage of Gold in Europe? Will It Be Confiscated?

Gregory Mannarino: US Dollar Resumes Downtrend, With No End In Sight

Charles Hugh Smith: What's The Real Unemployment Rate In The US?

Dave Gonigam: The Next Financial Crisis

Bill Bonner: The Most Important “Known Unknown” in All of Finance

James Rickards: The Market’s Euro Head Fake

Dave Gonigam: The Next Financial Crisis

Greg Guenthner: Your Secret Obsession Can Make You Fast, Double-digit Gains

Gary Savage: Stock Sell Signal

Nick Giambruno: The Police State and Property Taxes… What You Can Do About It

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: One of My Most Unusual Buy Recommendations Ever

Lance Roberts: About That ‘Surge’ In Building Permits—–It Was More Seasonally Maladjusted Noise

Korelin: Market Wrap

Jeff Clark: How to Know When Stocks Have Bottomed - Part 1

Jeff Clark: How to Know When Stocks Have Bottomed - Part 2

Stewart Thomson: Gold: World Reflation Is Here

KWN: An Extraordinary View Of The War In The Gold, Silver, Stock And Commodity Markets

KWN: This Is How The Economic Collapse Is Destroying People’s Lives

Milad Marvasti: U.S. Crude Oil Inventories Declined for the Seventh Straight Week

Michael Lombardi: Recession Ahead for U.S. Economy; These Two Indicators Say Yes

Wolf Richter: Manufacturing in Canada Sags, Triggers Chilling References to Financial Crisis

Wolf Richter: Biggest Glut in Recorded Crude-Oil History Taking Shape

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Ain't No Sunshine When it’s Gone

Chris and Michael Berry: What the Boomers Got Wrong—and Right—About Natural Resource Investing

Henry Bonner: Watch Turkey for World’s Next Top Gold Projects –Mining Law, People, and Infrastructure Are Improving: Han Ilhan, Aldridge Minerals

Zero Hedge: Cashing In On The Death Of The "American Dream": Rental Permits Soar Most Since 1990

Zero Hedge: Housing Starts Plunge 11% As April "Bounce" Fades, Permits Soar To 8 Year High

Zero Hedge: "Major" Equity Index Breaking Down

Zero Hedge: Spot The Mindblowing Housing Permits Outlier

Zero Hedge: According To Bank of America, This Is "The Biggest Risk To Global Equities"

Zero Hedge: As Greek Bonds & Stocks Crash, Here's Who Keeps Catching The Falling Knife

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 15, 2015

Cold Fusion: A Very Simple and Inexpensive Glowstick LENR Test

Cold Fusion: Transition off Fossil Fuels

Cold Fusion: How Will LENR Reshape Nations?

Cold Fusion: Induction Coils with Titanium/Hydride tablet

Cold Fusion: New LENR Test by Brian Albiston

Dave Forest: The Best Way To Find Major Gold Deposits

Peter Cole: Is This The Next Big Wildcat Opportunity?

Dave Forest: Some Bullish News On Gold From This Key Market

Gary Savage: Gold Breaking Down

Gaurav Agnihotri: Is Elon Musk Just A Billionaire Welfare King?

Michael Krieger: Another Tale from the Oligarch Recovery – How a $1,500 Sofa Costs $4,150 When You’re Poor

Dave Gonigam: This COLA is Flat

Greg Guenthner: The Dirty Little Secret the Market’s Hiding from 95% of Investors

Peter Coyne: Financial Innovation vs. Technological Innovation

Addison Wiggin: Life, Science and Revolution

Mark Nestmann: Get Your Assets Out of the “Too Big to Fail” Banks Now

Greg Guenthner: This Solar-Powered ATM Is Getting Ready to Spit Out Cash

Greg Guenthner: Truth the Experts Aren’t Telling You About Oil Prices

Rick Rule: The Gold Market Is “Bifurcating” – Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing For You

James Rickards: Fitzgerald, Quantum Theory and the “Barbell Approach”

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Elite NWO Checkmate? US Lacks Direction.

Gregory Mannarino: Stock Market Crash Dead Ahead

David Stockman: Retail Sales (ex Autos) Turn Negative For First Time Since 2009

Jeffrey P. Snider: What Comes Next; Part 1, Useful History of the 20th Century

Jeffrey P. Snider: What Comes Next; Part 2, The Looming Transformation

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Stocks Up 12 Days in a Row... What Happens Next?

Justin Brill: The Next Leg of the Health Care Boom Is Underway

Michael Lombardi: Why I Remain Bullish on Gold When it’s Down and Out

Gerald Celente: What The Keynote Speaker Who Addressed The Federal Reserve, IMF And World Bank, Just Told Me Is Terrifying

Zero Hedge: Experts Agree - Best Option Now: Keep America As Comfortable As Possible Till End

Zero Hedge: Consumer Comfort Plunges As Buying Climate Crashes Most Since Lehman

Zero Hedge: Business Inventories Jump Most In 11 Months, Push Sales-Ratio Into Recessionary Environment

Zero Hedge: Channel Stuffing The Economy: There Has Never Been More Cars "On The Sidelines"

Zero Hedge: The Rich Have Never Been Richer: US Household Assets Hit $99 Trillion

Zero Hedge: As Goes AAPL, So Goes The Wealth Of America's 0.1%

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 10, 2015

Cold Fusion: Songsheng Jiang Discovers the Forgiving Nature of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Reactors Working in Concert for High Self-Sustain Periods

Marin Katusa: The Next Asian Flu Pandemic will be caused by this Bubble Popping

Cold Fusion: The Mystery of Andrea Rossi’s Improved E-Cat Formula

Cold Fusion: Role of Electromagneticsm in LENR Reactions

Cold Fusion: The Forgiving Nature of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Hot Cat Performance ‘Decisively Superior’ to Low Temperature E-Cats

Gary Savage: Surviving the Last Few Months of the Gold Bear Market Part 2

Martin Armstrong: The Fed & Interest Rates: The Nightmare That Will Not End Nicely

Martin Armstrong: The London Meeting to End Cash

Martin Armstrong: Why Negative Interest Rates Invite a Dark Age

Gary Savage: Surviving the Last Few Months of the Gold Bear Market

Gary Savage: Are We Heading for 1987 All Over Again?

Gary Savage: Gold in Jeopardy?

Gregory Mannarino: Record High Margin Debt With Most Traders Betting Against This Market

David Stockman: C-Suite Gamblers—–The Real ‘Dumb Money’ Inflating The Bubble

David Stockman: Stay Out Of Harm’s Way—-The Casino Is Fixing To Blow

Dave Gonigam: The Return of EZ Payments

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: $400 Billion Will Move Into Chinese Stocks Based on Today's Decision

David Stockman: The Warren Buffet Economy——Why Its Days Are Numbered (Part 1)

David Stockman: The Warren Buffet Economy——Why Its Days Are Numbered (Part 2)

Michael Snyder: The Central Banks Are Losing Control Of The Financial Markets

Gregory Mannarino: A Short Term Rebound In This Stock Market Is Likely

Jeff Clark: NOW Is the Time to Be Worried

Wolf Richter: Is This Why U.S. Treasuries Are Diving?

Wolf Richter: QE Begins to Screw Investors

Jeffrey Saut: Are We On The Verge Of A Global Panic?

James Turk: The Coming Financial Shockwave

Zero Hedge: IMF Panics - Slashes US Growth Forecasts, Demands Fed Stay On Hold For Another Year

Zero Hedge: The Rich Are Losing Faith In The Stock Market

Zero Hedge: The Real Reason Why There Is No Bond Market Liquidity Left

Zero Hedge: The "Better Than Cash Alliance" Has An Orwellian Plan

Zero Hedge: Volatility Explodes: China, Bunds Crash Then Smash; Dow, S&P500 Tumble Below Key Support Levels

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 1, 2015

Cold Fusion: MFMP Glowstick Test Provides Hope of Excess Heat Detection from LENR — What Next?

Cold Fusion: Rossi Warming to Battery Powered E-Cats

Cold Fusion: Anomalous Heat Production in Hydrogen-loaded Metals at High Temperature

Michael Snyder: A Recession Within A Recession

Dan Dicker: What Does Exxon Know That We Don’t?

Gregory Mannarino: Proof That The Bull Market In Stocks Is Over

Martin Armstrong: Why the Fed Will Have to Raise Interest Rates

Martin Armstrong: The Secret Meeting in London to End Cash

Jeff W: Low Wages and Unemployment are an Existential Crisis for Millions

Dave Gonigam: Interest Rates are at Historic HIGHS

Bill Bonner: Why I’m Looking Forward to the Next Big Crash

Addison Wiggin: When Genius Fails Again, Part III

Greg Guenthner: How to Bag Easy Gains from the “Mass Affluent”

Frank Holmes: Why this Gold Bear Market Is Different

Nick Giambruno: The Fed Steals from Retirees and Savers—Do This Before They Take Even More

Michael Noonan: What You Know for Certain: Huge Demand for Gold And Silver

Charles Hugh Smith: How Healthcare Is Dooming the U.S. Economy

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Are About to Flow Into Chinese Stocks

David Stockman: When Chasing The Tape—–Please Mind The Lemmings

Gary Savage: Gold Breaking Down?

Gary Savage: Are we entering the bankruptcy phase for gold?

Paul Mampilly: You Can Get Rich by Being Right Just 50% of the Time

Bob Moriarty: Red Eagle Moves to Production

Bob Moriarty: Copperbank: a Perpetual Call on Copper

Henry Bonner: Eurozone Is No Bargain Market, Despite Higher Gains in US: David Stevenson, Fleet Street Letter

Darrell Delamaide: Terawatt Solar Farms By 2050?

Michael McDonald: Investors Turning Away From Green Energy

Gaurav Agnihotri: Can Cigarettes Beat Tesla At The Energy Storage Game?

Paul Mampilly: These Life-Changing Trends Are Setting Us Up for Huge Profits

Michael Pento: We Are Now Living In A World Headed Toward Bursting Financial Bubbles And Disaster

Art Cashin: Ominous Warnings From The IMF And Billionaire Paul Singer Dramatically Increase Fear Levels

Zero Hedge: EURUSD Plunge Continues: "It's Not All About Greece... Not Even Close"

Zero Hedge: WTI Crude Crumbles Back To 6-Week Lows (Under $57.50)

Zero Hedge: Snapchat CEO Warns "Easy Money Policy" Has Created The Tech Bubble, "Matter Of Time Til It Bursts"

Zero Hedge: S&P Ramp Stalls At 50% Retracement (For Now)

Zero Hedge: When Stock Buybacks Go Horribly Wrong

Martin Armstrong: Major Financial Collapse in US & World Coming Soon!
Martin Armstrong: Financial Collapse Soon!
Martin Armstrong: No One In Control!
Martin Armstrong: No One In Control!
Gregory Mannarino: Greek Debt Crisis Is A Set Up To Fleece The People
Gregory Mannarino: Fleecing The People
Brien Lundin: Global Economic Boiling Point
Brien Lundin: Economic Boiling Point
Greg Hunter: G. Edward Griffin-Hyperinflation Going to Happen in US
Greg Hunter: Hyperinflation in US
Rick Rule: When Interviewing Companies Investors Should Ask What’s Your Liquidation Value?
Rick Rule: Your Liquidation Value?
Bern Chapin: Commodities
Bern Chapin: Commodities
Gregory Mannarino: Debt Bubble is Cracking, Millions Will Die
Gregory Mannarino: Debt Bubble is Cracking
Warren Pollock: Everyone Is Pregnant With US Debt
Warren Pollock: Pregnant With US Debt
Andy Hoffman: The Amtrak Economy!
Andy Hoffman: The Amtrak Economy!
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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