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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 29, 2015

Cold Fusion: The Parkhomov Effect Could Lead to Cold Fusion / LENR Breakout in 2015

Gregory Mannarino: Trading The Markets: Winning Strategies Explained

Gregory Mannarino: The Federal Reserve Rhetoric Is Now Laughable

Gregory Mannarino: US Dollar Continues To Strengthen On Speculation Of Mid-Year Rate Hike

Gary Savage: Limited Upside for Gold?

Gary Savage: Stay on the Sidelines for Now

Byron King: Cautiously Bullish on Oil

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Mark Carney warns of liquidity storm as global currency system turns upside down

Arkadiusz Sieron: What would an emerging markets crisis mean for the U.S. dollar and gold?

Eric Sprott: Entities Wiped Out Overnight As Western Central Banks Near Total Surrender

Marc Faber: The Greatest Investment For The Next 100 Years

Bill Bonner: Busted!

James Rickards: Kuroda’s Conundrum, a Contagious Desperation

Nathan Lewis: Bank Insolvency without Currency Debasement

Greg Guenthner: Buy Small-Cap Stocks to Avoid the “Rotating Blades of Death”

Jody Chudley: The Most Bullish Chart for 2015 Oil Prices

Matt Insley: My Boots Don’t Believe In This “Bubble” Talk

Ankur Shah: The Globalization of Islamic Finance

Charles Hugh Smith: The Surprising Consequences of the Global Frenzy for Positive Yield

Brian Hunt and Ben Morris: How You'll Know When a Bear Market Has Arrived

Jeffrey P. Snider: The US Economy Has Not Decoupled, The Rising Dollar Reflects Global Trouble

Wolf Richter: Global Headwinds Of Strong Dollars and Weak Commodities Bludgeon Big Cap Earnings

Michael Snyder: Why The Damage To The Economy Caused By The Oil Crash Is Going To Get Progressively Worse

John Rubino: This Is What It Means To Lose A Currency War

Matt Badiali: The Silver Rally Is Just Getting Started

Brien Lundin: The M&A Game

Amanda van Dyke: Why Companies with Female Board Members Outperform Those Without

The Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist 2015 Unwrapped: Who Are These Guys? And Why Are They Here?

Mitchell Clark: What the Earnings of Microsoft and Texas Instruments Tell Us About the Year Ahead

Arthur Berman: U.S. Shale Boom May Come To Abrupt End

Jason Mayer: The Budgets of Oil Producers Today Are Still a Little Delusional

GSW: Gold Makes Reverse H&S Breakout, Gold Miners Bouncing Off Support

Zero Hedge: How Corporations Rigged The Job Market And Killed The American Dream

Zero Hedge: The Homebuilder Hope Trade Deja Vu

Zero Hedge: The Fed Is About To Make A Big Mistake

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 28, 2015

Cold Fusion: Jack Cole Reports Excess Heat With New Experiment

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Honors Sven Kullander With Plaque on 1 MW E-Cat Plant

Cold Fusion: MFMP Refuse to Sign NDA with NicHEnergy

Gregory Mannarino: Greed Is Good, Greed Works, As Long As You Give Back!

Bob Moriarty: Miraculins Diabetes Diagnostic

Gary Savage: How the Greek vote is playing into market movements today

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Nearly Six Years In... And Plenty of Upside Remains

Heiko Ihle: Back to Precious Metals Equity Investing Basics

Dallas Fed: Texas Manufacturing Activity Stalls and Outlook Worsens

Reuters: Petrobras deadline prompts some bondholders to push for default

Michael Lombardi: Two Factors to Continue Pushing Gold Prices Higher in 2015

Mitchell Clark: Airline and Railroad Stocks Reporting Record-Highs on Weak Oil Prices

Brent Cook: Don't buy crap

Dave Gonigam: So Much for One "Safe" Investment

Bill Bonner: How Capitalism Dies

Chris Hunter: Central Bank “Mirage” Is Unraveling

Wolf Richter: The Irony of a Debt-Fueled Oil Boom

Greg Guenthner: Here’s How to Get Out of a Horrible Trade

Steve Sjuggerud on Eurozone Stimulus: “The Powers of the Market Are Much Bigger than the Powers of Politicians”

Dmitriy Balkovskiy: Gold During the Crisis in Moscow

Jeff Thomas: What is the Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity of Global Systemically Important Banks?

Mark Hanson: Home Prices Now Heading Down, Again

Gregory Mannarino: Fundamental And Technical Bullish Cases For DIA, SPY, & QQQ

Gregory Mannarino: DOW Plunges, Trend Is Still Higher

Gary Savage: Profit Taking

Greg Guenthner: How to Make 20% from the Resurrection Car Manufacturers

Brett Eversole: Why 2014's Big Winner Is Still Winning in 2015

Bob Moriarty: No Blood, No Fasting, No Waiting

Bob Moriarty: When the Dollar Crashes

Stewart Thomson: Silver Stocks Will Rule In 2015

Zero Hedge: Consumer Confidence Surges To Highest Since The Last Time Markets Crashed

Zero Hedge: Seven Consecutive Downward Reivisions To New Home Sales Data Place Serious Doubts On Report Accuracy

Zero Hedge: Cleanest Dirty Shirt? US Macro Data Worst Start To A Year In Over A Decade

Zero Hedge: Singapore Enters The Currency Wars: Weakens SGD By Most In 3 Years

Zero Hedge: "Equities Will Be Devastated" Crispin Odey Warns, Looming Recession Will Be "Remembered For 100 Years"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 26, 2015

Cold Fusion: McKubre Convinced by Lugano and Moscow Ecat Experiments

Cold Fusion: Current Science Journal Has Special Section on LENR

Cold Fusion: Report from Cold Fusion 101 at MIT

Cold Fusion: MFMP Refuse to Sign NDA with NicHEnergy

Cold Fusion: New analysis shows a way to self-propel subatomic particles

Cold Fusion: The Hypothesis of Micro Acceleration Mechanism for Nuclear Fusion E-Cat Reactor

Cold Fusion: Could Bill Gates be Hinting about LENR in Annual Letter?

Cold Fusion: Hindu Newspaper Pushes LENR as the ‘Other Nuclear’

Gregory Mannarino: SLV May Be About To Fall. Capitalize On It!

Gregory Mannarino: The Federal Reserve Is About To Turn The US Dollar Into Poison

Gregory Mannarino: Why The DOW May Reach New All Time Record Highs Very Soon

Bob Moriarty: Painting Yourself into a Corner

Michael Noonan: Timing Is Most Important Element for Gold And Silver

Gary Savage: Traders are almost all in on the US dollar

Gary Savage: Extreme Volatility

John Rubino: Not A Bad Environment For Gold Miners

Martin Armstrong: Gold Closed Between the Weekly Reversals

Martin Armstrong: The Crude Waterfall

Martin Armstrong: The Euro & The Waterfall Projection – Judgment Day

Martin Armstrong: Computing Power

Dave Gonigam: Banning Bacon for Better Air

Porter Stansberry: The One Thing I’m Going to Teach My Kids About Investing

Bill Bonner: Boom, Bust, Lies and Claptrap!

Chris Mayer: Peter Thiel Explains What Backs the U.S. Dollar

Greg Guenthner: Now’s the Time to Buy Housing Stocks – While They’re Cheap

James Rickards: The Currency Wars’ “Pearl Harbor”

Byron King: Why Oil Can’t Stay Cheap

Greg Guenthner: Buy Transportation Stocks to Take Advantage of the Oil Collapse

Paul Rosenberg: What’s New at the Bitcoin Colony

Doug Hornig: What If Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Actually Work?

Alex Daley: The State of the Technology Union

Charles Hugh Smith: Bubble Finance And Boomer Benefits: The Fed Has Declared A Winner In The Generational War

Zero Hedge: Did Goldman Just Call The Top Of The "Strong Dollar" Trade

Zero Hedge: About That "Strong Dollar" - Corporatism Speaks

Zero Hedge: Chinese Currency Plunges To Peg Limit Against USDollar, Strongest Against Euro In 14 Years

Zero Hedge: Shocking Images Of China's Dire Pollution Problem

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 22, 2015

Cold Fusion: Piantelli now Working with Fleischman Project

Cold Fusion: UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary on Government’s Current LENR Stance

Cold Fusion: Brian Ahern to Attempt Parkhomov Replication

Gregory Mannarino: Bonds May Be Telling Of A Major Stock Market Rally

Gary Savage: Manage Your Risk

Will 2015 Break this ‘Dry Spell’ for New Discoveries? -- Steve Todoruk

Michael Noonan: Swiss National Bank Rally Enough For A Gold and Silver Change?

David H. Smith: China’s Global Gold Supply "Game of Stones"

Dr. David Eifrig: Are You Guilty of Thinking This Way?

Martin Armstrong: Gold – The Week of January 19th – Here We Are

Martin Armstrong: Socrates Phase I – The World In Your Own Currency

Dave Gonigam: Suckers!

Bill Bonner: The Most Important Phenomenon in Investing

Chris Hunter: Are We About to Enter a Secular Bear Market?

Stephen Petranek: An End to the Greatest Health Care Rip-off of the Century?

Greg Guenthner: Dead Malls of America: Here’s How to Play the Trend

Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D.: Stumbling into 2015

Nick Giambruno: Financial Repression Is Financial Authoritarianism

Charles Hugh Smith: Do We Want Solutions, Or Just What's Easy?

Raúl Ilargi Meijer: We’ve Let The Clowns Come Way Too Far

Justin Raimondo: Charlie Hebdo and the ‘Blowback’ Debate

John Rubino: Can You Just Surrender In A Currency War?

Michael Snyder: 27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama

Peter Schiff: Switzerland Wins As Its Central Bank Surrenders

Jason Goepfert: Major Development In Gold And Silver – Historic Turn Taking Place

Stephen Leeb: The Great Reset Will Hammer Final Nail In West’s Coffin

Gerald Celente: The Great Panic Of 2015 Is Now On

Vanessa Collette: The Real Economy is Weaker Than People are Acknowledging

Andrew Hoffman: The Deflationary Vortex

Joe Reagor: Which Commodity Horses Will Be Up and Which Down?

Oppenheimer Analyst Rohit Vanjani's 2015 Pipeline: Pot, Pain, and Babies

Zero Hedge: Building Permits Slide For 2nd Month, Miss Expectations; Starts Near Cycle Highs

Zero Hedge: Bill Proposed To Allow Voting Without US Citizenship

Zero Hedge: It's A 1% World And You're Not In It - Christie's Sales Hit Record

Zero Hedge: The Most Economically-Correlated Commodity Is Flashing Red

Zero Hedge: Hedge Fund Manager Loses 99.8% In 9 Months, Tells Investors He Is "Sorry" For "Overzealousness"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 21, 2015

Cold Fusion: How a Technology Develops

Cold Fusion: MIT goes Live with Cold Fusion 101

Cold Fusion: Norwegian Technical and Scientific Association reports on LENR Seminar — Preparing for LENR Emergence

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Pre-ordered Domestic E-Cats

Dave Gonigam: Don't Count Out a Tax Increase

Bill Bonner: The Beginning of the End for the Credit Bubble?

Chris Hunter: How to Invest in a “Spatially Disoriented” World

Bill Bonner: The Ph.D.’s Guide to Avoiding Big Stock Market Losses

Chris Hunter: Did the Swiss Just Burst the “Central Bank Bubble”?

James Rickards: Fed Policies Set to Detonate the Entire Financial System

James Rickards: Brace Yourself for an Epic Economic Meltdown

Greg Guenthner: The House Always Wins and You Can, Too

Chris Mayer: A Mexican Oil Boom in the Making

Greg Guenthner: Time to Buy the Safety Trade – Utilities

Martin Armstrong: All Empires Die By Deflation – Not Inflation

Martin Armstrong: Coins v Bullion

Gregory Mannarino: Are You Thinking About Buying The Energy Sector?

Gary Savage: Maybe we made a good call last week

Cory Fleck: Theralase Files US Patent Application for Increased Targeting of Photo Dynamic Therapy

Bob Moriarty: A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Stewart Thomson: Gold's New Friend The Swiss Franc!

Marin Katusa: The Truth Behind the Bakken: A Mathematician’s Take

Louis James: The Tide Has Turned

Charles Hugh Smith: Asset Ownership and Our System of Deepening Debt-Serfdom

Mish Shedlock: End Game For Central Bankers—–‘Price Discovery’ Will Get Violent

Joseph Y. Calhoun: The Global Financial System Is Booby-Trapped With Leverage—–The CHF Gamblers Are The Warm-Up

Michael Snyder: 12 Signs That The Economy Is Really Starting To Bleed Oil Patch Jobs

Robert Fitzwilson: It’s All Coming To A Disastrous End And The World Faces A Very Dark Future

Michael Lombardi: Revenue Growth at S&P 500 Companies Collapses 68%

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: One Reason the Stock Market Could Soar 30% in 12 Months

Zero Hedge: For IBM The Buyback Frenzy Ends With A Bang As Q4 Revenues Plunge Most Since Lehman

Zero Hedge: The "Deflationary Vortex": Global Dollar Economy Suffers Biggest Plunge Since Lehman, Down $4 Trillion

Zero Hedge: "Whiplash" & The Death Of The Last Industrialist

Zero Hedge: Nisman Murdered? Suicide Story Crumbles After No Gunpowder Found On Argentine's Hands

Zero Hedge: This Is A Race To The Bottom Where No Fiat Currency Wins

Zero Hedge: Investors Are Losing Faith And "Markets Will Riot" Warns Albert Edwards

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 20, 2015

Cold Fusion: A Russian Experiment: High Temperature, Nickel, Natural Hydrogen

Cold Fusion: Interview with Yuri Bazhutov

Cold Fusion: New Hot Cat replication, experiment completion

Cold Fusion: Piantelli now Working with Fleischman Project

Cold Fusion: New experimental results with the analog high-temperature reactor

Cold Fusion: History of LENR

Cold Fusion: Brian Ahern to Attempt Parkhomov Replication

Cold Fusion: History of LENR Timeline on the ECW LENR Knowledge Base

Cold Fusion: Is Avoiding ‘Nuclear’ in LENR Necessary or a Semantic Trick?

Cold Fusion: Engineer Discusses Rossi Effect Without Catalyst

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Powered Vehicles

Cold Fusion: Industrial Heat Working ‘Harder Than You Can Imagine’

Michael Noonan: Very Strong Indirect Reasons To Buy PMs

John Embry: I’ve Never Seen This In My 40+ Years In The Investment Business

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Swiss National Bank Rally. Enough For A Change?

Dave Gonigam: This Year, Think Small

Dave Gonigam: The Fed is Trapped

Martin Armstrong: The Dollar Pegs are Next

Martin Armstrong: What can we do to Prepare for the Sovereign Debt Crisis?

Martin Armstrong: The Petro Dollar is Dead – Long Live the Dollar

Martin Armstrong: The One World Currency & Cryptocurrencies

Martin Armstrong: Does the Model Change Its Mind?

Gary Savage: February Stock Recovery?

Gary Savage: All Time Highs Ahead for NASDAQ?

Gary Savage: Interesting Week Ahead!

Gregory Mannarino: We Now Stand At The Precipice Of Global War And Financial Ruin

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: Another Derivatives Nightmare Is About To Shock The World

John Embry: Why Germany, Netherlands And Belgium Are Repatriating Their Gold From The U.S.

KWN: Breakthrough In Silver

Stefan Gleason: How Morgan Silver Dollars Are Used to Fleece Investors

Steve St. Angelo: U.S. Mint 2015 Silver Eagle Sales Start Off Strong

Charles Hugh Smith: Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst?

Raul Ilargi Meijer: The End Of The World Of Finance As We Know It

Zero Hedge: The Only Way To Short Central Banks Is To Be Long Gold

Zero Hedge: How The ECB's QE Is About To Send The Most Deflationary Signal Ever

Zero Hedge: Germany's Bundesbank Resumes Gold Repatriation; Transfers 120 Tonnes Of Physical Gold From Paris And NY Fed

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 10, 2015

Cold Fusion: Reactor Volume Reduced

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Reverse Engineering Too Late

Cold Fusion: Alexander Parkhomov Invites MFMP to Moscow

Cold Fusion: Best Case, E-Cat Plant Test concludes Nov 2015-Jan 2016

David Stockman: Subprime Delinquencies Rising In Autoland

Jason Russell: When Part-Time Jobs Are Not Enough

Bob Moriarty: The Billion-Dollar Sure Thing

Bob Moriarty: Panic in the Oil Patch

Jeb Handwerger: January Barometer Forecasting Strong Year for Junior Gold Miners in 2015

Gary Savage: Dollar Looking for Intermediate Top

Gary Savage: Might be a bit lonely on the sidelines, but it does seem to be safe

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Why Falling Oil Prices Is a Bad Thing

Dave Gonigam: When Shale Goes Subprime

Dave Gonigam: The Fed is Trapped

Bill Bonner: The REAL Threat to Our Liberty

Bill Bonner: This Isn’t Investing… It’s Russian Roulette

James Rickards: Ponzi Finance and $50 Oil

Gary Savage: Euro, Dollar and Gold

Ray Blanco: The Organ Nazis’ Verdict? “No Kidney for You”

Chris Mayer: Oil’s Pricing Mystery Has Been Solved

Byron King: Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Oil in 2015

Greg Guenthner: Bet Big on Housing Stocks

Greg Guenthner: How Chinese Stocks Will Mint You a Fortune

Bob Moriarty: Taking a Run at Gold Canyon

Gregory Mannarino: Parabolic US Dollar May Be About To Fall

Gregory Mannarino: What Happened To Gregory Mannarino's YouTube Channel?

Gerald Celente: What We Are Seeing Now Preceded The Great Crash Of 1987

Stephen Quayle: 2015 – The Year Life As We Have Known It Is Coming To An End

Lance Roberts: 5 Things To Ponder: What This Way Cometh

Simon Black: Forget Cuba opening up to the US, check out for Venezuela

Charles Hugh Smith: The War on Our Intuition That Something Is Fundamentally Amiss

Zero Hedge: Non-Farm Payrolls Rise By More Than Expected 252K, But Hourly Earnings Plunge Most In At Least 8 Years

Zero Hedge: Labor Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 38 Year Low; Record 92.9 Million Americans Not In Labor Force

Zero Hedge: The "Waiter And Bartender" Recovery

Zero Hedge: The Story Of America's Two Labor Markets

Zero Hedge: Do You Pay Rent To Blackstone: This Is Where Wall Street Is America's Landlord

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 7, 2015

Cold Fusion: MFMP Design New Dog Bone Core

James Burgess: Is MCW Oil Sands The Lowest Cost Unconventional Oil Play In North America?

Gary Savage: Short Gold Rally Then Dollar Higher

Gary Savage: If you desire to trade gold now might be a good time to jump on board

Dave Gonigam: When the Vaccine Fails

Rick Rule: Not ‘Rushing in’ to Buy Oil Juniors for 5 or 6 Months

Martin Armstrong: Treading Water

Martin Armstrong: The Bond Bubble – Confirmed

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Europe's bond yields fall to lowest since the Black Death

Przemyslaw Radomski: Gold and Miners Refuse to Decline Despite Soaring USD

Stewart Thomson: Dow Burns & Gold Stocks Rock

Mark Mead Baillie: New Year for Gold but a Long Road to Recovery

Bill Bonner: The Final Act of this Economic Tragicomedy

Byron King: What in the World is Going on in Oil Markets?

Chris Mayer: How The Mainstream Is Wrong About The Oil Market

Greg Guenthner: The Year’s Most Powerful Trend, Part 1

James Howard Kunstler: Wobbly Three-Card-Monte Scams

James Howard Kunstler: 11 Forecasts from Greece to Gold

James Howard Kunstler: The USA Homefront

Marin Katusa: Edge of Chaos

Charles Hugh Smith: Asymmetric Oil Warfare

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Why You Can't Buy Oil Stocks – Yet

Ramsey Su: The Residential Housing Market Will Remain Moribund in 2015

Jeffrey P. Snider: No Escape Velocity On The Factory Floor——Orders Flatlining At Pre-Crisis Levels

Anthony B. Sanders: Margin Debt/GDP Ratio Highest Since 1929!

Lance Roberts: Today’s Economics Don’t Pass Muster

John Rubino: Citi No Longer the Dumbest Bank — Now the Most Evil

Jason Goepfert: Public Has One Of The Highest Exposures To Stocks In 30 Years!

James Turk: Are Central Planners Finally Losing Control Of Gold, Silver & Other Major Markets?

Michael Snyder: 10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial Crisis That Are Happening Again

Zero Hedge: Stock Slump Erases All Post-FOMC Gains

Zero Hedge: Russian Default Risk Surges To New 6-Year Highs As Ruble Rubble Returns

Zero Hedge: Seven Reasons To Be Fearful

Zero Hedge: Where Is The S&P Bubble Now In The Context Of The Last Two Market Bubbles

Zero Hedge: The Last Bubble

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 6, 2015

Cold Fusion: Announcing the E-Cat World LENR Knowledge Base

Martin Armstrong: Goodbye Inflation – Hello Deflation

Martin Armstrong: Commodity Contagion

Martin Armstrong: 2017 – 72 Year Market for the end of World War II – Here We Go Again?

Gary Savage: Rocky January

Gary Savage: Blood Bath Phase

Dave Gonigam: The Road Back to $100 Oil

Chris Mayer: Don’t Chase Returns in 2015!

James Rickards: Why Velocity is Inflation’s Most Dangerous Ingredient

Ray Blanco: An End to Cancer in 2015?

Greg Guenthner: The Year You Become a Stock Market Mercenary

Jeff Clark: 2014’s Most Despised Investment Was Up 73%

Jeff Thomas: And the World Was Split in Twain

Charles Hugh Smith: Now That the Fed Drove Everyone Into Ruinously Risky Bets

Kim Iskyan: Why I'm Still NOT Buying the World's Cheapest Market

David Stockman: Europe’s Monetary Madhouse

David Stockman: The Shopping Malls Are Dying

Raúl Ilargi Meijer: The Oil Plunge Is The Real Deal

James Howard Kunstler: Life in the Breakdown Lane

John Rubino: Wow, They Really Are Tapering

Michael Snyder: Oil Falls Below 50 As Global Financial Markets Begin To Unravel

Peter Schiff: When Exactly Are Falling Prices Bad?

Joann Muller: How Badly Does Toyota Want To Push Hydrogen Cars? It's Giving Away Its Patents For Free

Matt Badiali: Silver Soared 420% the Last Time This Happened

Richard Russell: Peace Of Mind, Gold & The Erratic Stock Market

Art Cashin: Stock Rout Will Turn Into Full-Blown Panic If Contagion Spreads

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: Terrifying Cyprus-Style Global Endgame

Bill Fleckenstein: The Magnificent Rise & Fall Of Bitcoin And What To Expect In 2015

Robert Fitzwilson: Very Few Places To Hide In The Coming Global Collapse

Jim Quinn: Sayonara Global Economy

Brent Cook: Investing During the Era of Peak Gold Discoveries

Henry Bonner: ‘Lehman Brothers’ of Oil Could be Major Oil Producers, not US Frackers

Zero Hedge: Obama Is Watching: White House Monitoring If Crude Crash Is Affecting Stocks

Zero Hedge: The Death Of America's Malls

Zero Hedge: The Crunch Continues: WTI Tumbles Under $49, 10Y Dips Below 2%

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 5, 2015

Cold Fusion: 2014: The Year in Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Explains Why IH Won’t Help MFMP

Cold Fusion: Rossi on the E-Cat’s Power Density

Cold Fusion: John Hadjichristos no longer at Defkalion

James Stafford: The Real Cause Of Low Oil Prices

Marc Faber: Diversify With Physical Precious Metals Stored Outside The U.S.

Daisy Luther: How to Survive While the Dollar Dies

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – 2013, 2014, 2015…Expect More Of The Same

Gary Savage: Possible T1 Pattern in Dollar

Gary Savage: Fleecing Funds

Bob Moriarty: The Next Big Thing in Silver

Rick Rule: We Need To Cut G&A Fat From The Industry So There Are Fewer, But More Solvent Players

Mickey Fulp: Dollars and gold revisited

Adam Hamilton: Fed Abandons Stock Markets

Dave Gonigam: The Wildest Card of 2015

Chris Hunter: Will Investors Buy the Dips in 2015?

Bill Bonner: What Happens When Your Credit Card Stops Working?

Bill Bonner: America’s Coming 25-Year Recession

Ray Blanco: The Miracle That Would Have Saved Christopher Reeve

Jeff Clark: Why Singapore Has Become a Top Destination for Offshore Gold Storage

Brian Hunt: This Powerful, Hidden Force Could Make You a Millionaire

John Rubino: How The Gold Bugs Were Flummoxed

Jeffrey P. Snider: Only Stocks Are Left Minding The ‘Recovery’

Lee Adler: Bernanke Knew He Was Wrong About QE, ZIRP, and Trickle Down

Michael Snyder: 11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015 From Top Experts All Over The Globe

Brian Hunt: How to Earn 12%-Plus Annual Yields for the Next Decade

Robert Fitzwilson: Very Few Places To Hide In The Coming Global Collapse

Michael Pento: World To See A Shocking Crash In 2015

Gerald Celente: This Will Trigger Panic On Wall Street & Around The World In 2015

Bill Fleckenstein: 2015 Is The Year The Fantasy Dies

Mark St.Cyr: Knowing It Will End Badly And Turning A Blind Eye

Zero Hedge: Gundlach Sees 10Y Treasury Testing 1.38% In 2015, Warns Of "Trouble Ahead"

Zero Hedge: The Death Of The Young American Entrepreneur

Zero Hedge: Over 3 Million Obamacare Subsidy Recipients Will Owe IRS

Zero Hedge: Russia's "Startling" Proposal To Europe: Dump The US, Join The Eurasian Economic Union

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
January 2, 2015

Cold Fusion: Report of First MFMP Live Dog Bone Test

Cold Fusion: Your 2015 LENR Predictions

Dave Gonigam: 2015: The Year the Innovators are Unshackled

Chris Hunter: 10 Market Surprises for 2015

Bill Bonner: Most Investors Fail… Try This Instead

Martin Armstrong: China Passes USA in Purchasing Power

James Rickards: Why You Should Be Prepared for Both Inflation and Deflation

James Rickards: Beware the Money Illusion Coming to Destroy Your Wealth

Gary Savage: Slow January?

Gary Savage: Gary’s final take on gold for 2014

Pepe Escobar: 2015 Will Be All About Iran, China and Russia

Rick Ackerman: My Stock Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

Guy Christopher: Sound Money and the Ring of Truth

Tim Worstall: Why Crude Oil And Iron Ore Will Continue To Fall In Price In 2015

Clive P. Maund: It could not look better for the PM sector going into 2015

Charles Hugh Smith: 2015 Housing Trends: Will the Echo Bubble Continue Expanding?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: This Bull Market Is NOT Over Yet

Andrew Critchlow: 33% Of North Sea Oil & Gas Drillers Face Bankruptcy

Jeffrey P. Snider: Oil Is Falling Hard Because World Demand Is Falling Hard

Michael Snyder: How Low Will The Price Of Crude Go In 2015?

Matt Badiali: Why You Should Avoid These Mining Companies Today

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: The World Is Dangerously Close To Collapse

Investors Intelligence: Are There Reasons To Worry As We Head Into 2015?

Robert Gore: A Mania of Manias

Simon Black: Go figure, the poorest place in Europe is run by Communists

The Four Exploration Companies Bottomfisher John Kaiser Thinks Could Get Gold Investors Excited Again

GoldSeek: Gold Beat All Other World Currencies in 2014

Wolf Richter: Oil-Bust Contagion Hits Hedge Funds, Supplier Layoffs Begin

Wolf Richter: Last Time Inflated Home Prices Strangled Sales Like This, the Housing Market Crashed

Zero Hedge: Chicago PMI MIsses, Drops To 5-Month Lows

Zero Hedge: The Rigging Triangle Exposed: The JPMorgan-British Petroleum-Bank Of England Cartel Full Frontal

Zero Hedge: Existing Home Sales Revised Lower (Again), Midwest Slumps For 6th Month In A Row

Zero Hedge: S&P 500 Closes 2014 Weak, Up 6th Year In A Row; Treasuries Triple Dow's Gains

Zero Hedge: US Ally, Saudi Arabia Beheads 87 In 2014, Up Over 10% From 2013

Zero Hedge: For CNBC, 2014 Was The Worst. Year. Ever.

Rick Rule: Gold is in a war with the US $
Rick Rule: Gold is in a war with the US $
Gregory Mannarino: Set Up to Blame World War For Coming Economic Collapse
Gregory Mannarino: Coming Economic Collapse
Brent Cook: Don't Buy Crap
Brent Cook: Don't Buy Crap
Rob Kirby: Sprott Money News January 2015
Rob Kirby: Sprott Money News January 2015
Gregory Mannarino: Central Banks Are Telling Us to Dump Their Currency
Gregory Mannarino: Central Bank Alert!
Gregory Mannarino: Scheme To Destroy The Middle Class Worldwide Is Occurring Now
Gregory Mannarino: Scheme To Destroy Middle Class
Gregory Mannarino: ECB Begins Full On Money Printing And Debt Expansion
Gregory Mannarino: ECB Debt Expansion
Aaron Clarey: What Everybody Needs to Know About Investing
Aaron Clarey: About Investing
Greg Hunter:  Michael Pento-Flocking Back into Hard Money-Gold
Michael Pento-Flocking Back into Hard Money
Gregory Mannarino: Cracking Debt Bubble: Why QE4 in 2015 Now A Guarantee
Gregory Mannarino: Cracking Debt Bubble
Charles Nenner: Deflation & War
Charles Nenner: Deflation & War
Gregory Mannarino: Bad Economic News, Backdoor QE, More QE, US Dollar Bubble
Gregory Mannarino: Backdoor QE, More QE, $ Bubble
Gregory Mannarino: Central Banks Creating Stock Market Hyper-Bubble
Gregory Mannarino: Stock Market Hyper-Bubble
Gregory Mannarino: Today Stocks Higher On Speculation Of ECB Easing, It Wont Last
Gregory Mannarino: Stocks Higher On Speculation
Ellen Brown: The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt
Ellen Brown: Bank Deposits & Derivative Debt
Mike Maloney: More Evidence For Coming Market Crash
Mike Maloney: Coming Market Crash
Gregory Mannarino: Plunging Crude Price Spikes Stock Market Volatility. Here's What's Next!
Gregory Mannarino: Here's What's Next!
Rick Rule: We Need To Cut G&A Fat From The Industry So There Are Fewer, But More Solvent Players
Rick Rule: More Solvent Players
Mike Maloney: Margin Debt/GDP Off The Charts = Stock Market Crash Coming?
Mike Maloney: Stock Market Crash Coming?
Gerald Celente: Very Serious Economic & Geopolitical Game Changer Coming in 2015
Gerald Celente: Game Changer in 2015
Gregory Mannarino: Market Will Normalize
Gregory Mannarino: Market Will Normalize
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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Age of Deleveraging
Bailout Nation
Big Thirst
Building Wealth with Silver
Civilization: The West and the Rest
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Demise of the Dollar
Dice Have No Memory
Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics
Family Fortunes: How to Build Family Wealth
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout
Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
This Time Is Different
Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
Winner-Take-All Politics

Gold and Silver
One Troy ounce American Gold Eagle
One-Half Troy ounce American Gold Eagle
One Troy ounce American Silver Eagle
One Troy ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
One Troy Ounce 2012 Canadian Silver Cougar
1922-1925 Peace Silver Dollars (90% Silver)
Silver Coins (90% Silver)
$5 Face Value Roosevelt Dimes (90% Silver)
One Dime (90% Silver)


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