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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 31, 2014

Cold Fusion: We Do Not Have Safety Concerns

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Transmutation in the ‘Rossi Effect’

Cold Fusion: The Backfire Effect and Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Drops out of the LENR Race?

Dave Gonigam: The Banks and the Bear

Dave Gonigam: No, They’re Not Tax Dodgers

Bill Bonner: The Committee to Blow Up the World!

Bill Bonner: Here Come the Money Helicopters

Chris Hunter: Europe Gears Up for QE

Chris Campbell: A Free Way to Turn Your Unique Skill Into Real Money

Stephen Petranek: Important Facts You Need to Know the Ebola Outbreak

Greg Guenthner: The End of the “Gun Control” Bull Market

Henry Bonner: The Most Important Trait of Any Successful Resource Investor

Jeff Desjardins: The Currency that is Winning the “Race to the Bottom”

Chris Mayer: “How to Get Rich” is Not How You’d Expect

Chris Campbell: How “Travel Hacking” Can Help Improve Your Credit Score

Paul Rosenberg: Whether You Love It or Hate It, You’re Missing What Really Matters About Bitcoin

Alex Daley: Are We in a New Tech Bubble?

John Hussman: Dimes on Black and Dynamite on Red

Doug Casey on His Favorite Place in the World

Nick Giambruno: What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like

Dennis Miller: Vindicated: I Didn’t Believe the IRS Anyway

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Elite’s NWO Losing Traction. Expect [More] War

Jim Quinn: S&P Tops 2000 But Weary Consumers On Strike: The Recovery Delusion Gets Obvious

Wolf Richter: Here Comes The Demise Of Housing Bubble 2.0: Home-Flipping Collapses In SF And Other Hot Markets

Joseph Salerno: The Myth of the Unchanging Value of Gold

Jean-Marie Eveillard: More Shocking Global Chaos On The Horizon

David Stockman: Unprecedented Global Financial Wipeout Is Coming

Egon von Greyerz: $280 Trillion Debt, $1.5 Quadrillion Derivs. & A Gold Squeeze

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: This Unprecedented Monetary Experiment Will End Very Badly

Gerald Celente: Albert Einstein, World War III & A Global Collapse

Rule Rule: I Am Incredibly Bullish On Gold & Silver

KWN: The Gold Market Is A Coiled Spring That Will Soar To $2,000

Keith Barron: We Are Now Living In A World That Is Teetering On The Brink

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: Tragedy, Chaos & Human Suffering

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 27, 2014

Cold Fusion: The Backfire Effect and Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Digest -- August 22, 2014

Dave Gonigam: When Oil Is “Just Right”

Bill Bonner: Print, Dupe and Transfer

Chris Hunter: Yellen Pours Cold Water on Rate Hike Worries

Trader MC: Miners Elliott Wave Projection

Chris Mayer: What Back to School Bureaucracy Can Teach You About Markets

Henry Bonner: K-Waves: How to Predict the Next “Gold Rush”

Richard Daughty: As the Fed Prints Money, Buy Gold and Brace for Impact

Greg Guenthner: A Secret “Buy” Signal in US Housing

Marin Katusa: Canada Is Back in Black

Shane Obata: Portugal: A(nother) Central Bank Story

Lawrence Williams: Russia leading central bank gold buyer, but China - who knows?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: When It's Okay NOT to Listen

David Stockman: Why The Casino Is Dangerous: There Is Nothing Below

Wolf Richter: Housing Bubble 2.0 Ripens: Drooping Sales, Swooning Prices, Ballooning Inventories

Gary Savage: Don’t be fooled by this jump in gold today

Jeffrey Saut: People Forget One Of Jesse Livermore’s Greatest Trades Ever

Stephen Leeb: Expect Skyrocketing Gold As China & Russia Continue Buying

Korelin Economics Report: A round table from the crew down in Reno

Rob McLeod: The Perils of Investing as an Exploration Geologist

Stewart Thomson: Road Sign Says: Pot Of Gold Ahead

Frank Holmes: Part II: The Importance of Oscillators, Standard Deviation and Mean Reversion

Przemyslaw Radomski: Dollar Soars to New Highs

Canaccord's Luke Smith: Five Aussie Companies with Cash Flows, Low Costs and MOUs

Ethan Park Expects to Harvest a Bumper Crop from Potash and Phosphate Juniors

Theodore Butler: How The Coming Silver Bubble Will Develop

Brian Sanders: Commodity Outlook: Silver

David Kotok: Deflationary Fears Are Spreading Globally

Lee Adler: New Home Sales and Charts- Is The Housing Industry on the Brink?

Simon Black: This is epic: China has lost 55% of its most valuable resource

Zero Hedge: When Fighting The Fed Pays - Biotechs Hit Record Highs

Zero Hedge: Treasury Curve Collapse Signals Multiple Expansion Exuberance Is Over

Zero Hedge: Forget Geopolitical De-Escalation - Here's The Real Reason Why Oil Is Tumbling

Zero Hedge: It Begins: Council On Foreign Relations Proposes That "Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 26, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Round Numbers, War Exhaustion and Double Chins

Bill Bonner: The Fatal Flaw That Will Bankrupt Our Democracy

David Stockman: “S&P 2000? Is a Fed Manufactured Mirage

James Grant: Bubbles, Bargains and Everything in Between

Greg Guenthner: The Only Thing that Matters as the S&P Nears All-Time Highs

Will There Be a ‘New Gold Rush?’ -- Ian Gordon, Longwave Analytics

Louis James: Must-Read Book of 2014

Jeff Thomas: Shopping for a Country

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: "Non-Reportable" Gold

David Stockman: Why “S&P 2000? Is A Fed Manufactured Mirage: The “Buy The Dips” Chart That Says It All

Bruno de Landevoisin: Visualizing the Vanishing Money Velocity Vortex

Wolf Richter: What Monetary Mayhem Looks Like Up Close: Argentines Dump Peso And Dodge State Controls

Joseph Y. Calhoun: The Time Warp At Jackson Hole: A Reprise For Leisure Suits, Disco Music And The Phillips Curve

Gary Savage: We are still very early in the weekly cycle for gold and the markets

Gregory Mannarino: Options Trading 101

Amber Lee Mason: Up 100%... Now What?

John Embry: We Are Headed For A Financial System Apocalypse

Richard Russell: Current Financial System To Tear Itself Apart

Ronald Stoferle: Expect Extreme Long Term Systemic & Economic Instability

Avi Gilburt: Silver & Gold: Are We Set Up For A Collapse?

Mitchell Clark: What Sets Toro Company Above the Rest

Michael Lombardi: Two Important Economic Signals from Wal-Mart

Michael A. Gayed: Copper's warning, gold's scolding

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Dazed By Dogs of August

Keep the Faith, Says Michael Fowler: Juniors and Midtiers Poised for M&A-Fueled Breakout Once Gold Recovers

GSW: Why The Gold Price Is Trendless

John Mauldin: A Nation of Shopkeepers

Bill Rice, Jr: Why won't the miners fight back?

Andrew Hoffman: What Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi Really Said

Steve St. Angelo: Shanghai Silver Warehouse Stocks Fall 24% In One Week

Martin Armstrong: The Central Bank Marxist Festival

James Titcomb: German economy 'losing steam' as business confidence plunges again

Zero Hedge: Sanctions Costs: German Exports To Russia Collapse, "Risk 50,000 Jobs"

Zero Hedge: The Winner-Take-All Economy

Zero Hedge: Fed's Mission Accomplished

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 25, 2014

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Owner’s Connections to GE/North Carolina Company Revealed

Cold Fusion: Stanford Scientists Develop Water Splitter Powered by AAA Battery using Nickel and Iron Catalysts

Cold Fusion: To the E-Cat Testing Team

Cold Fusion: TRANSMUTATION claims US LENR company

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Low Prices Are NOT The Reason To Own Precious Metals

Dave Gonigam: Stop Letting Yourself Be Punished

Chris Hunter: Should You Do As Warren Does?

Bill Bonner: The Safest Source of High Income You Can Find Today

Bill Bonner: This Is When the US Gov’t Goes Broke

David Stockman: With Disaster Imminent, Fed Unwilling to Stop Printing Money

Wayne Mulligan: What the Top 5 Most Profitable Investments Have in Common

Alexander Tabarrok: Beware the Return of Debtor’s Prison

Jayant Bhandari: How to Get a Credit/Debit Card Not Beholden to the US Government: China UnionPay

Charles Hugh Smith: The New Misery Index

Mark Ford: The Simple Concept That Made Me $6 Million Last Year

David Stockman: Why The Fed’s Outrageous Gift To Foreign Banks—- Risk Free Aribitrage On IOER—Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Mike Mish Shedlock: 126 Million Live In Households With Mean-Tested Transfer Payments—-40% Of US Population

Wolf Richter: The Home-Flipping Bubble Implodes……Again!

Toby Connor: Manipulation is Still Alive and Well in the Gold Market

Chris Temple: Thoughts on Janet Yellen’s earlier speech

Gregory Mannarino: This Coming Week May Put Pressure On Stocks, Here's Why

Sean Goldsmith: Why you're probably underperforming the market

Dr. Philipa Malmgren: Ex-White House Official - Gold, Capital Controls & Inflation

Robert Fitzwilson: Massive Social Unrest Coming As People Struggle To Survive

Michael Pento: Deflationary Depression, Government Lies & A New Paradigm

Rick Rule: Sovereign & Strategic Money Pouring Into Gold & Silver

Mitchell Clark: One Industry That’s Holding Up the Rest

Michael Lombardi: Stock Market Fake? Economic Growth Falls to Slowest Pace Since 2009

BIIWII: Deflationary Straw Man

Lawrence Williams: Russia leading central bank gold buyer, but China - who knows?

Steve St. Angelo: Physical Silver Bar & Coin Demand

Brittany Stepniak: Silver Investments to Hedge the Looming Market Crash

Zero Hedge: How Hedge Funds Are Making Money In 2014: The Full Strategy Breakdown

Zero Hedge: Mal-Investment Mania - The Second-Lien Scramble Is Back

Zero Hedge: The Broken Links In The Fed's Chain Of Cause & Effect

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 22, 2014

Cold Fusion: LENR-Cities Reveals its Ambition

Cold Fusion: LENR-Cities Press Release

Dave Gonigam: Oil’s Make-Or-Break Moment

Chris Hunter: The End of Master Limited Partnerships?

Bill Bonner: Fear and Loathing in the Newsletter Business

Chris Mayer: Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Long-Term Market Trends

Dave Gonigam: The “Snowflakes” that Will Cause the Next Financial Crisis

Byron King: The Massive Energy Deposit that No One Can Get to… Yet

Matthew Milner: Your Chance to Profit from Amazon’s “Crazy” Prediction

Adam J. Crawford: Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback: Fantasy or Possibility?

Dennis Miller: How You Can Play to Win When Market Makers Are Calling the Shots

Charles Hugh Smith: The Crazy-Making Fed

Mark Ford: How to Become Financially Independent in Seven Years or Less

David Stockman: The Italian Job: How Borrowing And Printing Lead To An Economic Dead End

Lee Adler: Record Low Initial Unemployment Claims Correlate With Looming Stock Market Collapses

Wolf Richter: Money Manager’s Warning: “The Bull Move Has Lasted So Long Nobody Can See Its End”

Dominic Frisby: This natural resource is key to life on earth – and it’s under threat

Gary Savage: Gold is in a declining intermediate cycle

Gregory Mannarino: A Look At SPY And QQQ. Is A Breakout Coming Or A Pullback Imminent?

Rick Ackerman: Some updated targets for Gold, GDX, and GDXJ

Jeff Clark: Trading Alert: It's Time to Sell Stocks

What if China, Russia Succeed in Going off the Dollar? -- Alasdair Macleod

Doug Kass: The Final Page In An Age Of Innocence

Egon von Greyerz: We Are Just Beginning To Experience A Global Hyperinflation

Gerald Celente: Email Exposes Scary Economic Collapse In The US

Egon von Greyerz: Swiss Gold Repatriation To Send Shock Waves In Gold Market

Chris Temple: Diving into the recent Fed minutes we are starting to see a more hawkish tone

Mitchell Clark: Jumping on the Risk Bandwagon? Think Again

Michael Lombardi: Why Aren’t Gold Prices Rising?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Nobel economists say policy blunders pushing Europe into depression

Market Anthropology: Breaking the Banks & Finding Gold

Musings on the Second Great Recovery Experiment and the Promise of Natural Gas: Ron Muhlenkamp

Zero Hedge: Stocks Overvalued Anywhere Between 7% And 113% (But Cheap Compared To Dot Com Bubble)

Zero Hedge: The Illusion Of Strength

Zero Hedge: If QE Is Ending Because It Was So Successful, Then Here Are A Few Simple Questions

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 21, 2014

Cold Fusion: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #5 Rossi: On Verge of 'Important Things']]

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #17: No Pre-statements from the Testers)

Dave Gonigam: An American Success Story

Bill Bonner: “Mission Accomplished” for Yellen, Draghi and Abe?

Chris Hunter: Is the Shiller P/E Broken?

Addison Wiggin: One World, One Bank, One Currency

Wayne Mulligan: Who’s Really Profiting from Drone Tech and How to Join Them

Greg Guenthner: 2 Simple Charts that Will Help Improve Your Portfolio

Clem Chambers: Why America Needs More Tax Inversion

David Hunter: A Bear Market Has Begun

Jeff Clark: Silver: As Close To A No-Brainer Investment As It Gets

Nick Giambruno: Is Portugal Next in Line for Wealth Confiscation?

Charles Hugh Smith: The Housing Bubble's Silver Lining

Mark Ford: Don't Count on Stocks and Bonds to Make You Wealthy

Wolf Richter: Why Retail Sales Are Faltering: Bottom 60% Of Households Have No Real Income Gains Since 2008

David Stockman: The Blight Of Debt-Fueled M&A: How Central Banks Destroy Corporate Value

Frederick Sheehan: Inside The Fed Meeting Transcripts: How ZIRP Was Born Out Of Thin Air

Jeffrey P. Snider: Japan’s Trade Fiasco Deepens: The BOJ’s Yen Trashing Campaign Refutes The Keynesian J-Curve Myth

Michael Snyder: 30 stats to show to anyone that does not believe the middle class is being destroyed

Korelin Economics Report: Idaho North Resources

Gregory Mannarino: Consumer Prices Continue To Rise

Gregory Mannarino: Today Despite "Hawkish" Federal Reserve Minutes, The Stock Market Is Rising

Brian Weepie: China's Commodity Consumption Shows No Sign of a Slowdown

John Embry: Coming Crash To Create A Human Tragedy Of Epic Proportions

Grant Williams: Why The Next Mania In Gold Will Be Parabolic

Richard Russell: New, Terrifying Confiscation To Worry About

Junior Mining Companies that Will Make Beautiful M&A Music: AgaNola's Florian Siegfried

Andrew Hoffman: Deflation Fallacies

Martin Armstrong: Crisis Collapse in World Capital Flows

Lance Roberts: Alternative Measures Suggest Weaker Economy

Zero Hedge: It's Official: For Caterpillar, The "Great Recovery" Is Now Worse Than The "Great Recession"

Zero Hedge: "Worst. Recovery. Ever." Except For Bankers

Zero Hedge: Gold, Complacency, & Why Hookers And Bankers Share The Same Neighborhoods

Zero Hedge: Argentina Stuns Bondholders With Scorched-Earth "Cramdown" Plan

Zero Hedge: Car Repos Soar 70% As Auto Subprime Bubble Pops; "It's Contained" Promises Fed

Zero Hedge: Jackson Hole: 'Tremendous' Downside Risks If Yellen Doesn't Go Full-Dovish

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 20, 2014

Cold Fusion: A Day in the Life of Andrea Rossi

Dave Gonigam: The Dove of Jackson Hole

Bill Bonner: Corrupt Money Corrupts Everything

Chris Hunter: How to Protect Yourself in a World of Funny Money

Ryan McMaken: Protect and Serve Thyselves

Kate Incontrera: How Milton Friedman Triggered Today’s Currency Wars

Douglas French: Minerals vs. Marijuana

Marin Katusa: The Billionaire Pizza Maker

Charles Hugh Smith: Are Capital Inflows Propping Up U.S. Markets?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A Shocking Move in Real Estate Is About To Happen

David Stockman: Why The Casino Is Dangerous: There Is Nothing Below

Gary Savage: Setting Up for a Final Run?

Gregory Mannarino: Procter & Gamble Stock May Be About To Fall Hard

Jeff Clark: Gold Soared 80% the Last Time This Indicator Flashed "Buy"

Grant Williams: Why Gold Is Headed Into The Stratosphere

Stephen Leeb: Russia Continues To Strengthen Ties With Germany & China

Grant Williams: Shocking Truth About The Missing U.S. & German Gold Hoards

John Stepek: How do you invest when markets are clearly overvalued?

John Stepek: How to benefit from falling oil prices

Lars Henriksson: How ‘generation anxious’ will revolutionise Asia’s economy

Pierre Lassonde, Franco-Nevada: “Very Few People ‘Get’ This… But It’s Worth So Much Money”

Gary Christenson: The US Gold in Fort Knox is Secure, Gone, or Irrelevant

Stewart Thomson: Gold 2014: The Year Of Transition

Fund Adviser Björn Paffrath's Mantra: In the End, Performance Matters

Chris Mullen: Gold and Silver End Slightly Lower

Bill Holter: George knows! Do you?

Andrey Dashkov: Stop Investing in Leveraged ETFs

High Alert Reports: To the Swiftest Goes the Prize

Anthony Wile: Winning Big? The Promise of the Global Marijuana Trend for Those Who Understand

Jay Taylor on the Unwinding of Western Economies and the Next Golden Bull

Zero Hedge: Buy The Drip: Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into Ohio River Upstream Of Cincinnati

Zero Hedge: WTI Crude Plunges To New 7-Month Lows

Zero Hedge: Charting The Diminishing Effects Of QE

Zero Hedge: Fed Fueled M&A Destroys Capital

Zero Hedge: Japanese Trade Deficit Streak Hits 40 Months, Biggest Miss Since October

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 19, 2014

Dave Gonigam: High Potential, High Risk

Chris Hunter: 10 Reasons to Maintain a Well-Hedged Portfolio

Heather Gorsuch: Japanese Women Armed with Chainsaws…

Byron King: 4 Ways the Government Is Set to Take Your Money

Josh Grasmick: The Growth of Big Data is Unfathomable

Ronald Bailey: The Moral Case for Self-Driving Cars

Laurynas Vegys: How to Play the M&A Revival for Extraordinary Profits

Jeff Thomas: Occupation Forces

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Amazing Crash and Opportunity in Two "Critical Assets"

Wolf Richter: Foreigners Dump $154 Billion Of US Securities In June: The Tenuous Market For Uncle Sam’s Debt

David Stockman: Today’s Mindless Rally: Its Jackson Hole, Stupid!

Amber Lee Mason: If You Made the "Hard Trade," Congratulations...

William Kaye: Trip Down The Rabbit Hole Of US Lies & Disinformation Agents

James Turk: The Greatest Fear For Central Planners In Gold & Silver

Avi Gilburt: Silver & Gold: Bearish Pattern Still On Chart

Gary Savage: Stock Markets to Rally Into October?

CEO Technician: Big Move Brewing for Gold

Bob Moriarty: What if you found a mine and no one cared?

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Firms, Silver Warns, S&P Scares

Björn Paffrath: Mining Sector Bottom Is In and Opportunities Abound

RT: Russia seeks safe haven in gold, away from dollar and euro

Peter Spence: Central bankers gather for Jackson Hole

Chris Hamilton: How The U.S. Dollar Reserve Currency Dies… Slowly At First, Then All At Once

Gordon T. Long: Delinquency Debt & the Collections Crisis

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Monetary Versus Political Stability - When Day Turns into Night

Chad Shoop: Why You Should Buy Silver Before It’s Too Late

Mitchell Clark: Why This Is Still My Favorite Entertainment Stock

Michael Lombardi: Two Reasons Why Interest Rates Will Rise

Rick Ackerman: A Hundred Scenarios Favor This Bet

Gregory Mannarino: NASDAQ Hits 2014 High, S&P 500 And DJIA To Soon Follow

Ed Bugos: CNBC Laughs At Bullish Gold Prediction. A Sign Of An Impending Rise?

Jesse's Café Américain: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Lies, Damn Lies, and the Irresponsibility of the Status Quo

Alex Koyfman: Investing in Big Pharma Buyouts

Carl Delfeld: Investing in Monopolies

Zero Hedge: The Bottom Line To Investors From Tax Inversions: No Above Average Returns

Zero Hedge: The Fed Has Set the Stage For Another 2008-Style Disaster

Zero Hedge: Market Roulette: Dimes On Black, Dynamite On Red

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 18, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Changes Story on Third Party Report, Interest in Alternative Energy Grows

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #15: ‘It will not be for ever’)

Cold Fusion: Helion Energy Raises $1.5 Million for Fusion Reactor

Rick Ackerman: Friday Technicals

Dave Gonigam: When Fallujah Came Home

Bill Bonner: The End of Money

Heather Gorsuch: France "Is Completely F**cked Up…"

Chris Hunter: This Art Market Indicator Says Watch Out Below

James Rickards: Another Crisis of Confidence in the Dollar is Coming

James Rickards: The Strategy that Guarantees a Win for China

Wayne Mulligan: The “Sweet Spot” Between Two Converging Megatrends

Gary North: What Happens When Central Bankers Take Over

Greg Guenthner: Sell Your Sandwich Stocks

Paul Rosenberg: Selfish-Sacrifice: The Essential Virtue That’s Been Lost in the Storm

Darren Kaiser: Three Things to Know Before Investing in Chilean Real Estate

Charles Hugh Smith: Don't Think It Won't Happen Just Because It Hasn't Happened Yet: Loss of Faith in the Fed

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A New Record Is Set... And It Is Foreboding

Lee Adler: Ben Bernanke’s Bogus Bromides: Trickle-Down Failed Again

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Mortgage Market Continues To Falter: Q2 Originations Down 59%

John Rubino: Europe Is Tanking, QE Is Coming

KER: Where gold is going and what will drive the move

Toby Connor: S&P Intermediate Degree Bottom?

Jim Rickards: The two most dangerous forces in the market today

KWN: Short Squeeze Of Epic Proportions To Shock Market Participants

Robert Fitzwilson: Panic Out Of Fiat Currencies Accelerating Around The World

Michael Pento: This Is The Worst Nightmare For the United States & The West

Ronald Stoferle: This Will Trigger Major Dislocations In World Financial Markets

Gerald Celente: This Global Collapse Is Just Getting Started

Bill Fleckenstein: U.S. Stocks To Crash As No Liquidity Fuels Panic

Bob Moriarty: Correction ended, True Gold finances

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold & Gold Stocks Consolidate Before Fateful September

Steve Saville: Future “inflation” and the Fed’s madness

Brent Cook: Telling “Right” from “Wrong” in the Exploration Business

Mark St. Cyr: If Not Trusting This Market Makes Me An Idiot: Then Call Me Crazy!

Zero Hedge: Passport's John Burbank: "The Next Crisis May Look Like A 1987 Crash"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 15, 2014

Cold Fusion: Advanced technology or magic?

Cold Fusion: Solar Hydrogen Trends team visits SRI, McKubre

Cold Fusion: Safety Certification Obtained for Low and High Temperature E-Cats

Dave Gonigam: The Next Crisis: In Search of Snowflakes

Bill Bonner: Time to Invest in Marijuana?

Daily Bell: Monetary Inflation No Matter How Generous Won't Help the EU in the Long Term

Chris Hunter: Caveat Emptor When It Comes to Investing in Pot

Richard Duncan: The 3 Biggest Problems of the “Dollar Standard”

Nathan Lewis: How to Perfect the “Least Imperfect” Monetary System

Matthew Milner: Invest in Sir Richard Branson’s New “Toy”

Gary North: Why the Fed Doesn’t Care About How You View the Economy

Greg Guenthner: 2 Great Stocks to Consider as Gold Stages a Comeback

Doug Hornig: Drums of War in the Cloud

Dennis Miller: Getting the Most Value from Your “Geriatric Cruiser”

Charles Hugh Smith: Is Collapse the Only Real "Fix" to Our Healthcare and Legal Systems?

Matt Badiali: The Greatest Investment Theme of This Decade

Jeffrey P. Snider: Consumers Still Sitting On Wallets: O% July Retail Gain Isn’t “Sizzling Rebound” From Bad Weather

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Decelerating Trend In Real Retail Sales Is Unmistakable: From 3-4% in 2010-12 to 1-2% Now

Michael Snyder: NAFTA Is 20 Years Old – Here Are 20 Facts That Show How It Is Destroying The Economy

Alhambra Investment Partners: It Really Is Deflating

Gary Savage: What’s it going to take to shake up these markets?

Jeff Clark: This Could Jumpstart the Next Gold Rally

Keith Barron: It’s Amazing What People In Europe Are Doing Just To Survive

Stephen Leeb: U.S. Desperate To Halt German-Chinese-Russian Alliance

Egon von Greyerz: A Horrifying & Destructive Future For The Entire World

KWN: Chart Of The Week & Vladimir Putin & Chaos Around The World

Przemyslaw Radomski: Miners Have Already Rallied – Will Metals Follow?

Steve St. Angelo: Fracking Shale Is Destroying Oil & Gas Companies Balance Sheets

America's First Oil Sands Producer and Other Natural Resources Surprises: Peter Epstein

Bring On the Orphans: Aegis Capital's Raghuram Selvaraju Lays Out a Winning Biotech Strategy

Ross Norman: Confused by the new London silver fix? You should be!

Zero Hedge: Putin Says The Petrodollar Must Die, "The Dollar Monopoly In Energy Trade Is Damaging Russia's Economy"

Zero Hedge: Copper & Crude Are Getting Crushed

Zero Hedge: World Reserve Currencies: What Happened During Previous Periods Of Transition?

Zero Hedge: 14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy's Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 14, 2014

Dave Gonigam: The Weaponized Domestic Cat

Chris Hunter: Are You Guilty of “Zombie Investing”?

Bill Bonner: Armed Zombies

Nathan Lewis: How to Perfect the “Least Imperfect” Monetary System

Byron King: The Military Technology Everyone Will Be Talking About

Nathan Lewis: Trade in Your Dollars for Golden Bucks

Sean Brodrick: 3 Important Lessons from the Great Gold Swindle

Greg Guenthner: Obama Could Show You How to Make Huge Gains in 2014

Tim Price: It’s time to confront brutal facts

Charles Hugh Smith: We're Relying on Phantom Wealth to Fund Our Retirement

Matt Badiali: A Shocking Prediction for U.S. Oil Production

Jeffrey P. Snider: Consumers Still Sitting On Wallets: O% July Retail Gain Isn’t “Sizzling Rebound” From Bad Weather

Michael Snyder: 14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy’s Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst

Toby Connor: Gold Below $1320?

Gary Savage: Stocks to Drift Higher, Gold to Drift Sideways?

Brian Weepie: How to Invest Alongside a Billionaire Energy Mogul

Gerald Celente: The Global Ponzi Scheme Is On Its Death Bed

KWN: Newmont, Gold & You Won’t Believe What’s Happening In Iraq

Rick Ackerman: Are we in the beginning stages of reversals in precious metals and conventional markets?

Wolf Richter: Tesla, Fairest Welfare Queen of all, Cracks the Whip

Wolf Richter: The Raging “Success” of Abenomics in one Crucial Chart

Frank Holmes: Part I: The Importance of Cycles in the Investment Management Process

Chris Thompson: Gold and Silver Miners that Can Make Money Now

Bring On the Orphans: Aegis Capital's Raghuram Selvaraju Lays Out a Winning Biotech Strategy

Seabridge Gold Files Second Quarter Report to Shareholders and its Financial Statements and MD&A

Is a Rout in Junior Mining Equities Still Coming? - Rick Rule

John Butler: The Death (or Rebirth?) of Money: An Exclusive Interview With Jim Rickards

Cecilia Jamasmie: Participants in new silver fix ‘unclear’ three days before it goes live

Gary North: The IMF, the SDR, and the Dollar: One Big Happy

Bloomberg News: China Credit Gauge Plunges as Expansion in Money Supply Slows

Martin Armstrong: They’re Back – Credit Default Swaps for the Next Generation

Zero Hedge: Cisco Sums It Up: Terminates 8% Of Workforce While Buying Back $1.5 Billion In Stock

Zero Hedge: Wall Street's Shale 'Fraud' Exposed

Zero Hedge: Monetary Tectonics, Gold, And Unintended Consequences

Zero Hedge: Crony Capitalism 101: Want To Avoid The SEC? Bribe Your Friendly, Neighborhood Politician

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 13, 2014

Cold Fusion: What the Rossi Effect is Not

Dave Gonigam: When in a Hole, Keep Digging

Addison Wiggin: The Day the US Refused to Pay Its Debts

Ray Blanco: How to Tap a $19 Trillion Market

James Rickards: 6 Major Flaws in the Fed’s Economic Model

Charles Hugh Smith: We're Relying on Phantom Wealth to Fund Our Retirement

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The One Obvious Trade Right Now

David Stockman: More On Yellen’s Invisible Bubbles: Meet Goldman’s FIGSCO—or “Fixed Income Structured Covered Obligation”

Michael Snyder: Job = Just Over Broke

Gary Savage: Gold, the conventional markets, and the US dollar

Jeff Clark: How to Trade the Stock Market Right Now

William Kaye: World War III, Total Global Collapse & The Greatest Depression

Jeffrey Saut: 44-Year Market Veteran Issues Warning About Major Markets

William Kaye: The World Is Set Up For The Mother Of All Great Depressions

Wolf Richter: Small Investors Just Proved Why Fed’s ‘Wealth Effect’ Is Bogus

Gordon T. Long: Liquidity is Neither Wealth Nor Collateral

CEO Technician: 4 Fundamental Reasons Gold is Still in a Super Cycle

Steve St. Angelo: How The Global Financial System Will Collapse

Stewart Thomson: Bullion Banks: Unexpected Allies

Where Is Casey's Marin Katusa Stashing His Money When Europe Heats Up?

Stewart Thomson: Bullion Banks: Unexpected Allies

Visual Capitalist: The Dollar Bill Deconstructed

Frank Holmes: Big Dam Resources

David Levenstein: Buy Gold and Silver to Protect Your Wealth against the Policies of Global Leaders

IRD: Psycho Silver

Jesse's Café Américain: No Silver Money For Mexico, But Perhaps Gold For Eurasia

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Crisis stalks Europe again as deflation deepens, Germany stalls

Business Insider: Junk Bond Funds Just Experienced A 6-Sigma Event

Andy Xie: China's Last Chance for Survival

Michael Schuman: A Global Financial Guru Who Predicted the Crisis of 2008 Says More Turmoil May Be Coming

Martin Armstrong: The Long-Term is not Spontaneous

RT: US jobs that returned after 2008 recession pay 23 percent less

Zero Hedge: Japanese GDP Plunges 6.8% As Consumer Spending Collapses By Most On Record

Zero Hedge: Las Vegas Will Go Dry If Water Levels Drop 7% Further - Lake Mead Hits Record Lows

Zero Hedge: France's 'Recovery' In 1 Hard-To-Believe Chart

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 12, 2014

Cold Fusion: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #4 Rossi Effect 'Working Reliably']

Dave Gonigam: When Hackers Hijack Your Car

Steve Todoruk: What the Mount Polley Disaster Means for Mining Companies

Chris Hunter: One of the Few Investments That Will Survive the Coming Downturn

Bill Bonner: The Next Big Bubble to Burst Is…

Addison Wiggin: What to Do When Your Money Starts to Die

Kate Incontrera: The Event that Triggered a 43-Year Dollar Slump

Ray Blanco: How You Can Profit from the “Internet of Things”

Greg Guenthner: The Most Bullish Sector You Can Invest in Right Now

Jeff Clark: Top 7 Reasons I’m Buying Silver Now

Jeff Thomas: Hidden in Plain View

Charles Hugh Smith: Here's Why Wages Might Rise Despite Millions of Unemployed Being Available for Work

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: STILL Plenty of Upside in Housing

David Stockman: There’s A Train Wreck Coming

Jeffrey P. Snider: Seven Years After The Money Markets Fractured, The Fed Still Adheres To An Outmoded Monetarist Paradigm

Michael Snyder: Ferguson Is A Perfect Example Of How Quickly The Streets Of America Can Descend Into Chaos

Amber Lee Mason: If You're Worried About a Crash, Read This

John Embry: The Silver Market Is Now Set For A Historic Surge

Richard Russell: The Great Destroyer, War & A Silver Surprise

David P.: Crucial Chart Shows Gold & Silver Ready For Massive Breakout

Paul Craig Roberts, Dave Kranzler, and John Titus: The De-industrialization of America

Mitchell Clark: Finding Solid Capital Gains in a Slow Market

Michael Lombardi: If the Economy Is Improving, Why Are Investors Pricing in a Slowdown?

Wolf Richter: The Wall Street Hype Machine Suddenly Breaks Down

Jeb Handwerger: Position Yourself for Fall Fireworks

Lawrence Williams: Gartman reckons end-game for gold price management could be nigh

Bill Holter: Don't be surprised if silver is the target

Jeff D. Opdyke: Why Gold Will Rise When the Dollar Falls

Don Quijones: Enron-ization of Water: Wall Street’s Pending Resource Grab

Peter Cooper: Buying gold and silver now makes more sense than chasing stocks

Peter Cooper: Shanghai surprise for silver supply should boost prices higher

Tim Price: It’s time to confront brutal facts

Pater Tenebrarum: Wall Street Sharpening Its Fleecing Shears: Retail Investor Cash Drops To Lowest Level Since 1999

Zero Hedge: Prepare For Q3 GDP Collapse - Here Comes Polar Vortex 2.0

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 11, 2014

Cold Fusion: LENR- Theories or Principles?

Cold Fusion: All forms of Energy Investment Increasing

Cold Fusion: Switch from LENR to QUAR?

Dave Gonigam: Your Internet is Too Skinny

Bill Bonner: Are you a Zombie?

Michael Noonan: Precious Metals Will Rise With “Dollar” Demise, Just Not Soon

Bill Bonner: One of the All-Time Greatest Investment Myths Exposed

James Rickards: The Safest Investments in a Dangerous World Market

Stephen Petranek: 4 Tech Stories the Entire World Will Be Talking About

Bill Bonner: Fed Incompetence: Your Financial Bubble Indicator

Greg Guenthner: Your Chance to Spit in the Market Correction’s Face

Matt Insley: How to Claim Your Spoils from Shale’s Latest Victory

Paul Rosenberg: And the Credit for Defeating Slavery in America Goes to… Criminals!

David Galland: Sorry, but Your Money Is Trapped in the USA

Charles Hugh Smith: The Joys of Being Productive

Bryan Beach: The Power of Doing Nothing

Fabius Maximus: Auto loans, once a boon for America, now a bane

Jeffrey P. Snider: Canary In The Golden Arches: McDonald’s U.S. Sales Continue To Falter

Toby Connor: Are Stocks Finally Starting the Topping Process?

Gary Savage: Has a line has been drawn in the sand for gold?

Frank Curzio: Read This Before You Buy a Marijuana Stock

Robert Fitzwilson: Stage Being Set For Implosion Of The Global Financial System

Rick Rule: Supply Shortages Beginning To Hit Commodity Markets

Michael Pento: Central Planners Now Fighting A War That Will End In Tragedy

Mitchell Clark: Why a Full-Blown Market Correction Should Be Expected

Michael Lombardi: Alan’s Words of Wisdom for Stocks (He Was Right Last Time)

Don Swenson: The Great Global Stock Market Crash! When?

Dorothy Kosich: China loses WTO rare earths export appeal

The new London Silver Price heralds a new era in precious metals benchmarks

Patrick Rucker: Goldman, JPMorgan in Senate's crosshairs for commodities holdings

Zero Hedge: The Gold Market: An Analysis Of Recent Geopolitical, Economic And Banking Events

Zero Hedge: BofA Warns "Wealth Effect" Spending Muted, Consumers Cautious

Zero Hedge: This Is The Longest Streak Of High-Yield Outflows On Record (And Why It May Get Worse)

Zero Hedge: De-Dollarization Accelerates - China/Russia Complete Currency Swap Agreement

Zero Hedge: Hussman On "The Greatest Risk That Investors Face Here"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 8, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi on ‘Electrostatic’ Force from the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: The Internet-Enabled Coffeepot

Bill Bonner: When the Money Runs Out… So Does the Empire

Chris Hunter: A Big Sell Signal in Commodities

Byron King: How to Profit from the Forgotten Precious Metal

Keith Weiner: Why Did Ron Paul Say Gold Could Go To Infinity?

Gail Tverberg: Making Sense of the US Oil Story

David Stockman: The Financialization Of American Business: How Cheap Debt Fuels The Bubble, Not Growth

John Lounsbury: Big Banks Have Paid $200 Billion In Settlements Since The Crisis, But No CEOs Have Been Fired

Jeffrey P. Snider: Junk Credit Bubble Getting Long-In-The-Tooth

Stephen Petranek: 3 Incredible Innovations that Could Make You a Fortune

Greg Guenthner: The “Hidden” Export Sector Worth $138 Billion

Chris Wood: When Nature Talks, Technologists Listen

Andrey Dashkov: Stop Investing in Leveraged ETFs

Charles Hugh Smith: A Brief Note on the Difference Between Trading and Investing

Dr. David Eifrig: The Biggest Myth About the Economy That You Probably Believe

Gary Savage: Will the US dollar start to fall anytime soon?

Jeff Clark: Now Is the Time to Buy Silver

Major Buy For Silver, David Stockman Chart & Market Turmoil

Michael Belkin: Counsel To Big Money Around The World Issues Dire Warning

BullionVault: Silver Demand From 3 New Technologies To Grow 275% By 2018

Przemyslaw Radomski: Silver’s Significant Underperformance and Its Implications

Looking for the Next Big Thing? Jason Sawatzky Has a Suggestion

Taking Stock of the New Normal: Mark Landy on New Growth Ideas for Biotech Investors

Lawrence Williams: Gold: Been down so long it looks like up to me!

James Rickards: Cold War 2.0 Is a Financial War

Dr. Kent Moors: Crude Oil Prices Are Headed Higher Thanks to These Two Global Events

Peter Krauth: This Northern Metals Boom Will Give Us More Than 10 Times the Returns of the S&P 500

Wolf Richter: ‘Faith’ in Markets Collapses Among Professional Investors

John Williams of Shadowstats - Goldseek Radio

Joseph Cafariello: World War III Investments: Nickel

Zero Hedge: Europe Furious That Putin Dares To Retaliate To Sanctions, Blames Economic Slide On Kremlin

Zero Hedge: Consumer Credit Growth Tumbles, Misses By Most In 8 Months

Zero Hedge: Retiring Early Is Un-American

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 7, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Fighting Hackers for Fun and Profit

Chris Hunter: What Happens When Share Buybacks Dry Up?

Bill Bonner: Three Signs That NEVER Fail to Predict a Bear Market

Byron King: The Best Way to Profit from Gold’s Supply Crunch

A. Barton Hinkle: When Your Doctor Succumbs to the Pressures of Obamacare

Henry Bonner: Why You Should Ignore the Gold Sell Off

Greg Guenthner: You Won’t Believe Where All the US Jobs Are Now

Bill Bonner: How Too Much of a Good Thing Leads to Disaster

Nick Giambruno: 10 Reasons Why You Need an Offshore Bank Account

Charles Hugh Smith: Is This Decline the Real Deal?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A Hard Life Lesson Learned on Molokai Last Week

David Stockman: TBTF Is Alive And More Dangerous Than Ever

John Rubino: The Most-Anticipated Stock Market Crash

Peter Schiff: Inflation Trumps Growth

Lawrence Roulston: The Gap Between the Explorers Widens

Gary Savage: Gold Rally Big Positive

Matt Badiali: How Iraq Will Help Push U.S. Oil Stocks Higher

Victor Sperandeo: A 1987-Style Crash Is Coming Hold Gold

Gary Christenson: Silver Pyramid Power

Rick Ackerman: the gold market

William Kaye: Putin, Gold & A Stock Market Panic That Will Frighten Investors

John Hathaway: The Next Mega-Crisis That Will Shock The World

Louise Yamada: Gold, Silver & Other Key Metals On The Move

Wolf Richter: Italy’s Economic ‘Recovery’ from Hell in One Chart

Frank Holmes: 5 Takeaways from the Vancouver Natural Resources Conference

Jason Hamlin Says Gold Is Unstoppable, with Stocks Leading the Way

Bill Holter: Could gold and silver go "no offer"?

John Mauldin: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy

Dorothy Kosich: 15,000 Oregonians sign petition opposing nickel project

Jason Hamlin: Gold Price Forecast for Next Six Months: Buckle Up! Gold Jumps 1.8%, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 27M

John W. Schoen: What recovery? How poverty is moving to suburbs

Zero Hedge: No More Easy Money?

Zero Hedge: Gold And What The High Priests Of Funny Money Don't Want You To Know

Zero Hedge: Inflation Watch: The Incredible Shrinking Coke Can

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 6, 2014

Cold Fusion: The Death of Nuclear (Fission) Power?

Cold Fusion: Change of Name from LENR is an Urgent Necessity

Andy Tully: Tesla, Panasonic Join Forces On Huge Battery Plant

Dave Gonigam: Frack Attack!

Chris Hunter: How to Handle the Coming Bond Market Bust

Bill Bonner: Uh Oh… Look What’s Happening to Japan

Greg Guenthner: The Number You Need to Know to Play the Next Market Bounce

Marc Faber: Important Lessons from the 12 Largest US Bear Markets

Jim Mosquera: How to Prepare Yourself for the End of QE

Wayne Mulligan: How to Profit from the Internet’s Third Growth Phase

Marin Katusa: Why Coal Isn’t Going Away

Charles Hugh Smith: How Economies Collapse: Systemic Friction and Debt Are Self-Liquidating

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Why RISING Rates Are a Screaming "Buy" for Gold...

Toby Connor: S&P Setup for Intermediate Boom

Korelin Economics Report: Silver is at Doc’s $19.90 target… Now what?

Stephen Leeb: Spark To Light The World On Fire - Overweight Gold & Silver

John Embry: The Most Dangerous & Frightening Period In History

Richard Russell: This Immoral & Evil Power Will Doom Us All

Rick Ackerman: August is setting up poorly for the markets and the precious metals

Wolf Richter: Stock Hype On a Wing and a Prayer

Ben Kramer-Miller: Gold Investors Shouldn’t Fear Rising Interest Rates: Here’s Why

Peter Schiff and Jim Nelson: Inflation Trumps Growth

Gary Savage: Things are looking rough out there

David Sadowski: Are You Ready for Upward Pressure on Uranium Prices?

Perth Mint’s Gold & Silver Bullion Sales Drop to 3 Month Low

Shivom Seth: Central banks continuing to boost gold reserves

The Silver Institute Releases Report on the Outlook for New Electrical & Electronic Uses of Silver

Clive Maund: Silver Market Update

Michael A. Gayed: Gold may be entering a golden age

CEO Technician: Sweet Spot for Silver

Federal Reserve tells banks: you're not prepared and you could cause another crisis

Henry Bonner: Why West Africa is Primed for Gold Discoveries: Andy Jackson

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett: The Rise of the Petroyuan and the Slow Erosion of Dollar Hegemony

Zero Hedge: Goldman's "Early Warning Signals"

Zero Hedge: Why Student Loans Are Crushing The Housing Recovery In 1 Chart

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 5, 2014

Cold Fusion: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #2 Rossi: Plant on Schedule]

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #14 — New September Rumor, Maybe August )

Bill Bonner: The God-Like Vanity of Central Planners

Callum Newman: Cycles and Networks in Financial Markets

Greg Canavan: Markets Feel a Pain in the Neck

Simon Black: In some parts of Europe, they are literally giving away land…

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – New World [Dis]Order Continues To Slip

John Ing: Legend Says Despite Pullback, Gold To See Major Breakout

Paul Craig Roberts: The War In The Gold Market Is Raging

Daily Bell: Is the Wall Street Party Over?

Marc Faber: Commodity Cycles, Monopoly Central Banking and the Wealth Redistribution Craze

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.: A Hint of Advance Warning

Charles Hugh Smith: The Slide to Collapse Is Greased with Self-Interest

Wolf Richter: A Toxic Mix for Auto Sales in America

Wolf Richter: Bubble Finance At Work: The Job Cut Rampage In Tech

Dave Gonigam: The Pink Elephant Episode

Chris Hunter: Junk Bonds Get Nailed

Bill Bonner: The Fed’s Next Move

Peter Ferrara: The Best Way to Preserve Your Dollar’s Purchasing Power

Chris Mayer: 3 Words That Will Help You Become a Better Investor

Addison Wiggin: One ETF to Play Asymmetric Warfare

Greg Guenthner: The Real Reason the Stock Market’s Dropping… and How to Play It

Charles Hugh Smith: The Slide to Collapse Is Greased with Self-Interest

Michael Pento: World Now Set Up For A Crash For The Third Time In 14 Years

James Turk: Gold Is Now In Backwardation - What’s Next?

Andrew Huszar: Shocking $1.5 Quadrillion Of Derivatives & Financial Implosion

Robert Fitzwilson: Stage Is Now Set For A Slaughter In The Global Financial System

Wolf Richter: “It’s Going to Be Messy” In the Bond Market (And Stocks Won’t Be Spared)

Gary Savage: No Gold Uptrend

Jay Taylor: Stockman's "The Implosion is Near: Signs of the Bubble's Last Days"

John Hathaway and Doug Groh: Buy Gold Like It's 1999

Terence P. Jeffrey: Homeownership Rate for Americans Under 35 Peaked in 2004

Tim Price: Lessons in investment warfare

Dan Weil: US Middle-Class Wealth Shrinking

Zero Hedge: Drought Goes From Bad To Catastrophic

Zero Hedge: How The West Sees Africa

Zero Hedge: BofA Warns Euro Bank Stocks Are Rolling Over, "Negative For All Risk Assets"

Zero Hedge: Volatility Shocks & The Cheapest Hedge

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 2, 2014

Cold Fusion: Electricity Shortages and Fuel Cells Bode Well for LENR

Cold Fusion: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #1 Rossi: ‘Production Cost in $/Kw is Very Competitive’

Dave Gonigam: Strange Words, Big Money

Bill Bonner: This Market Is a Titanic in Search of an Iceberg

Matt Insley: How to Shield Yourself from the Next US Debt Crisis

Rick Rule: Three Reasons to Start Buying Resource Juniors

Josh Grasmick: Great News! You Can Still Cash in on the 3-D Printing Boom

Greg Guenthner: 3 Market Sectors You Should Avoid at All Costs

Paul Rosenberg: They Walk Among Us

Paul C: Asset Protection for Your Digital Assets: Offshore Cloud Storage

Charles Hugh Smith: Why Wait for the Shoe to Hit the Floor? The Case for Selling Now

Bill Bonner: The Real Story Behind the Latest GDP Number

David Stockman: Don’t Buy This Dip: The Fed Is Not Your Friend

Jeffrey P. Snider: Something Fishy About “Jobs Friday”: Since Oct. 2012—-Adult Population Up 4 Million, Labor Force Growth Only 500k

Mike Mish Shedlock: Six Graphs Which Confound The Happy Jobs Headlines: Only 25% of Decline in Fulltime Employment Attributable to Aging Workforce

Toby Connor: Profit Taking in Oil

Bob Moriarty and Doc chat conventional markets and gold

Doug Kass: Greenlight’s David Einhorn & Market Dangers

Paul Craig Roberts: This Mega-Collapse Will Terrify People

Andrew Huszar: Man Who Executed QE1 Exposes True Horror Of 2008 Collapse

Mitchell Clark: Why Exposure to Healthcare Sector Is a Must

Michael Lombardi: The Question Everyone Is Asking This Morning

Gary Savage & Chris Temple: August 1, 2014, Market Commentary

Pam Martens and Russ Martens: Wall Street Journal Reporter: “The Entire United States Market Has Become One Vast Dark Pool”

GE Christenson: Gold Prices 1971 – 2014 in 3 Waves

Morris Hubbartt: Dow Danger & Tradable Metals Rally

Scott Wright: Canadian Junior Gold Thriving

McClellan Financial: A Scary Valuation Indicator

Steve Saville: Currency devaluation: The most destructive policy of all

Marc Faber: Expect A Deflationary Bust In Asset Markets

Steve St. Angelo: Chinese Silver Inventories Nearly 90% Depleted At Shanghai Futures Exchange

Geoffrey Pike: The End of the Silver Fix Will Silver Spike?

Zero Hedge: How The Worst New Orders Number In 6 Months Became The Highest Of 2014

Zero Hedge: Old Workers Hit New Record High As Jobs For Key 25-54 Age Group Slide By 142K

Zero Hedge: High-Yield Credit Crashes To 6-Month Lows As Outflows Continue

Zero Hedge: Humanity May Face Choice By 2040: Conventional Energy Or Drinking Water

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 1, 2014

Cold Fusion: ’1 MW Plant will Close the Experimentalism Era and Open the Commercial Era

Cold Fusion: Anomalous Propulsion Drive Verified at NASA

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Shipping Container Design Still in Use for 1MW Plants

Dave Gonigam: All About “Frankenfood”

Chris Hunter: A HUGE Conflict of Interest for the Fed

Bill Bonner: Don’t Trust the Government’s GDP Claim

Chris Mayer: How the American Dream Can Make You 14-Times Your Money

Sam Volkering: Why Too Much Data Might Actually Protect Your Privacy

Peter Ferrara: Why the Fed Has Declared War on Your Money

Greg Guenthner: How to Trade the Return of Social Media Stocks

Doug Hornig: Can Measles Cure Cancer?

Dennis Miller: Three Ways to Be An Oddball and Make it Pay

Lawrence Williams: Hold some gold. Better safe than sorry

Charles Hugh Smith: Why Wait for the Shoe to Hit the Floor? The Case for Selling Now

David Stockman: No Tears For Argentina—-But A Swift Kick To The Greenspan Fed Is Warranted

Terence P. Jeffrey: Re Yellen’s “Noisy” Inflation: Electricity Prices Hit All-Time High

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Chicago PMI Plunge: Is Inventory Liquidation Lurking Just Ahead?

Toby Connor: Correction In Progress?

Jeffrey Saut: Stock Market Plunge, Gold, Crisis & Contagion

Gerald Celente: Terrifying Crash & Death Of The Global Ponzi Scheme

Egon von Greyerz: Horrifying Worldwide Financial Destruction To Shock Investors

Gary Savage: Global Sell Off

Africa: New Land of Opportunity? Ashley Kelty Points to the Positives

Christopher James Turns a Clinical Eye on Biotechs with High Reward Potential

Gary Christenson: Gold Prices From 1971 To 2014 in 3 Waves

Bill Holter: The manipulated gold and silver markets…

Cory Fleck: The most important sentence to come out of the latest Fed meeting

Albert J. Matter: Nu Legacy Gold Exploration Success Summary

Reuters: IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change

Szu Ping Chan: IMF warns China: reform or face 'hard landing'

Zero Hedge: Risk Off As Employment Costs Surge: This Is Where Wages Supposedly Rose The Most

Zero Hedge: "Three Lost Decades" – How The American Middle Class Is 20% Poorer Now Vs. 1984

Zero Hedge: "Markets In Turmoil" Russell 2000 Plunges Most In Over 2 Years, Dow Down For 2014

Zero Hedge: Tesla's Non-GAAP Quarter In Three Gigacharts (Added Free Option: GAAP Charts)

Zero Hedge: The Coming Slump

K-Waves: A Blueprint for Investors
K-Waves: A Blueprint for Investors
Gerald Celente: Financial Survival Network - August 18, 2014
Gerald Celente: FSN August 18, 2014
Lacy Hunt: The World Economy's Terminal Case of Debt Sclerosis
Lacy Hunt: World Economy's Terminal Debt
David Smith: An Underappreciated Gold/Silver Price Driver: The Mining Footprint
David Smith: Gold/Silver Price Driver
Marc Faber: It Doesn't Matter What Statistics Say, But Who Publishes Them!
Marc Faber: Who Publishes Statistics
Mike Maloney: Silver Pullback?
Mike Maloney: Silver Pullback?
Gregory Mannarino-Absolute Failure & Collapse of the Financial System
Gregory Mannarino: Financial Collapse
Tekoa Da Silva: How to become part of the 4%
Tekoa Da Silva: How to become part of the 4%
Gregory Mannarino: Stock Market Going Higher In The Short Run, But Epic Meltdown Is Coming
Gregory Mannarino: Epic Meltdown Coming
Craig Hemke: Gold and Silver Price Suppression Going to Blow Up
Craig Hemke: Gold and Silver Price Blow Up
Paul Craig Roberts: Flight from Dollar
Paul Craig Roberts: Flight from Dollar
Peter Schiff: Gold Update, US Economy-Downhill from Here, Janet Yellen-More Stimulus Coming & More
Peter Schiff: US Economy-Downhill from Here
Mike Maloney: Fake Economic Recovery Exposed With One Chart
Mike Maloney: Fake Economic Recovery Exposed
Fabian Calvo: Real Estate PONZI Scheme
Fabian Calvo: Real Estate PONZI Scheme
Brent Cook: Gold Exploration Panel with Eira Thomas, Miles Thompson, Tim Coughlin Part 1
Brent Cook: Gold Exploration Panel - Pt 1
Brent Cook: Gold Exploration Panel with Eira Thomas, Miles Thompson, Tim Coughlin Part 2
Brent Cook: Gold Exploration Panel - Pt 2
Brent Cook: Gold Exploration Panel with Eira Thomas, Miles Thompson, Tim  Coughlin Part 3
Brent Cook: Gold Exploration Panel - Pt 3
Vanessa Collette: Doug Casey Interview
Vanessa Collette: Doug Casey Interview
Mike Maloney: Deflation First, Then Inflation
Mike Maloney: Deflation First, Then Inflation
Eric Sprott Interview July 25, 2014
Marc Faber: Stock Markets Go Up Amidst Doom Because Central Bankers Don't Give A S**t!
Marc Faber: Stock Markets to Crash
Dr. Edmund Storms: Nano-Cracks, Metallic Hydrogen, & Explaining LENR
Edmund Storms: Explaining LENR (Cold Fusion)
Gregory Mannarino: Pan-Global Economic Collapse
Gregory Mannarino: Pan-Global Economic Collapse
Fabian Calvo: The US Dollar, Stocks and Bonds Will Collectively Implode
Fabian Calvo: The Economy Will Implode
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
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