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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 31, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Provides More Details About First Commercial E-Cat Plant: Must Produce Steam 24h/day, 350 Days/year

Dave Gonigam: The Real Reason for War in Gaza

Bill Bonner: The New Subprime…

Chris Hunter: The “Dead Weight” of Debt

James Rickards: 6 Major Flaws in the Fed’s Economic Model

Anthony Wile: US Falls Apart as Stock Market Booms

Daily Bell: The Misleading Technocratic Meme of Modern Portfolio Theory

Matthew Milner: The Best Way to Play the Surge in Equity Crowdfunding

Greg Guenthner: The Surging Market Sector You’re Probably Ignoring

Bud Conrad: Why the Fed’s Taper Hasn’t Hurt the Stock Market… Yet

Peter Schiff and Doug Casey on the REAL State of the Economy

Dennis Miller: Three Ways to Be An Oddball and Make it Pay

Charles Hugh Smith: Substituting Debt for Income Is Not Success--It's Failure on an Epic Scale

Jeffrey P. Snider: 7 Yrs. Of Massive Monetary “Stimulus” Since Initial August/07 Rate Cut: Anemic 0.9% Real GDP Growth Rate Since

Wolf Richter: Central Bank Distortions At Work: Cheap Debt And The Fraking Binge

Toby Connor: Sowing the Seeds of the Next Depression

Nicolás Cachanosky: Understanding Argentina’s Coming Default

Gary Savage: Future Depression

Paul Singer: Major Social Unrest In U.S.

Andrew Huszar: Man Who Executed QE1 For Fed Warns Major Turmoil Is Coming

Victor Sperandeo: Unknown Event May Trigger Avalanche Of Selling

Robert Friedland is buying PGM

KER: Sub Prime Implosion?

Gary Savage: Reaction to the Fed minutes

Mary Anne & Pamela Aden: Still Looking Good

Ralph Aldis: Don't Get Married to Your Stocks—It's a Performance-Based Relationship

Market Anthropology: The Miners Lead a Rising Tide

Vanessa Collette: Remarkable Value in Junior Miners & Oil Stocks - Frank Holmes Interview

Steve Saville: Currency devaluation: The most destructive policy of all

Henry Bonner: Why We Miss the Sprott Event Already Gold Dips, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 26 Million

RT: World faces 'insurmountable' water crisis by 2040 – report

Patrick Barron: Six Current Economic Myths and Realities

Zero Hedge: "US Will Feel Tangible Losses," Russia Prepares To Unleash Retaliatory Trade Wars

Zero Hedge: French Housing "In Total Meltdown", "Current Figures Are Disastrous"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 30, 2014

Cold Fusion: Dr. Brian Ahern Connects Nanomagnetism & LENR — Interview

Cold Fusion: Peter Gluck on the Differences Between LENR and LENR+

Dave Gonigam: Hangover from America’s Latest Credit Binge

Bill Bonner: This Recovery Has Been a MASSIVE Fraud

Chris Hunter: The End of the “Dash for Trash”?

Josh Grasmick: Your Chance to Cash In on a Massive Infrastructure Overhaul

Greg Guenthner: Get Ready for Coal’s Big Comeback

Marin Katusa: Arctic Oil Spill Kills Santa Claus

GATA: Financial Times deleted gold manipulation story because it was too 'sensitive'

Charles Hugh Smith: The Fed's Failure Complicates Its Endgame

Bill Bonner: Here's Exactly How the Government Manipulates Inflation Rates

Mark Hanson: Housing Being Pummeled By 3rd Stimulus Hangover: Here’s Why The Wall Street Bulls Have it Wrong

Lee Adler: When “Up” Is Still Heading Down: Why Bubblevision Is Clueless About Consumer Confidence Surveys

Jeffrey P. Snider: Fear And Loathing At The PBOC: China’s Fragile Financial System Rules Policy

Michael Snyder: 21 Ways To End The Phrase ‘Americans Are So Broke…

Gary Savage: Gold Support $1287

Axel Merk: Fed Exit a Blue Pill?

IMF warns of adverse effects of anti-Russia bans

Jeff Clark: The Big Breakout in Chinese stocks You're Not Hearing About

Grant Williams: Black Swan To Engulf The World In Catastrophe

Rick Rule: Silver Is The Wild Card As Metals To Surge Higher

Stephen Leeb: This Will End In Tears For The West As Gold & Silver Soar

Trader MC: Gold Elliott Wave Projection Since 1970

Paul Renken: Bottom-Fishing for the Best Junior Resource Equities

John Chu: Investors Can Feast on Fertilizer Yields

From Argentina to the Athabasca: Etienne Moshevich on Hot Prospects

IMF: Sharp interest rate hikes could trigger global growth shock

Steve Liesman: Wall Street worries Fed's easing will 'end badly'

Hugo Salinas Price: Welcome to the New Dark Age

Zero Hedge: Consumer Confidence Explodes Higher To October 2007 Highs

Zero Hedge: Why China Couldn't Care Less About Its Stock Market

Zero Hedge: Is Hong Kong-US Dollar Link About To End? HKMA Buys $715 Million To Support Peg

Zero Hedge: A Shocking 77 Million Americans Face Debt Collectors

Zero Hedge: The One Rate That Is Not Only Not Going Down, But Is At A 13-Year High

Zero Hedge: Japanese Industrial Production Collapses At Fastest Rate Since 2011 Tsunami

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 29, 2014

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Heat for Desalination is ‘Not Competitive’ — Electricity, Maybe

Cold Fusion: George Miley to Present on LENR at American Nuclear Society Conference

Cold Fusion: Brian Ahern Interview with John Maguire about LENR

Cold Fusion: The People of the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: Everyone Growing Poorer

Bill Bonner: How to Avoid the Coming Bear Market in US Stocks

Chris Hunter: Don’t Buy Into the Fed’s Lofty Valuations

Bill Bonner: Prepare for Hormegeddon

Bill Bonner: An Easy Way to Avoid Pig-Headed Mistakes

Byron King: Attack on America’s Most Important Pipeline

Greg Guenthner: 3 Critical Correction Warnings

Laurynas Vegys: Seeing Rallies and Corrections for What They Are—And Profiting Either Way

Charles Hugh Smith: The Case for a Bull or Bear Market in Two Charts

David Stockman: Here’s What Wall Street Bulls Were Saying In December 2007: Read And Take Cover!

Michael Pento: About “Recovery Summer”: Its Deja Vu All Over Again

Wolf Richter: How The Market Will Break: Vanishing Bids For The Junk In Its Trunk

John Rubino: And That's a Good Thing?

Michael Noonan: Use “Magic” Of Gold/Silver Ratio To Greatly Increase Your Physical Holdings

Michael Snyder: 85 Super Wealthy People Have More Money Than The Poorest 3.5 Billion Combined

Toby Connor: Inflationary Phase Starting?

Avi Gilburt: A B-wave Bottom May Be In Place for Silver and Gold

Gary Savage: New take on silver cycles

Lee Mason: As Expected, "Big Cheap Tech" Soars

Andrew Maguire: “Criminal” CME Colluded To Save Banks Short Gold

Richard Russell: I’m Afraid We Will See Blood In The Streets

James Turk: Expect A Wild Trading Week In The Gold & Silver Markets

John Embry: The Shocking Reason Why Gold May Quickly Hit $2,000

Robert Fitzwilson: Investors Must Prepare Now For Chaos & Wealth Destruction

Michael Pento: Forget The Propaganda, This Is What’s Really Happening

Andrew Maguire: Hundreds Of Tons Of Gold Bought By East In 14 Days

Art Cashin Warns Of Terrifying Black Swan & The Banking Crisis

onald-Peter Stoferle: 4 Astonishing Charts Show Gold May Finally Be Set To Soar

Zero Hedge: Libya Warns Oil-Fire Is "Out Of Control" - What 1.5 Million Gallons Of Burning Gasoline Looks Like

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber Responds To CNBC Mockery, Asks "How Has CNBC's Portfolio Done Since 1999?"

Zero Hedge: NYSE Margin Debt Storms Back To All Time Highs

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 25, 2014

Cold Fusion: Green Power Lacks the Energy Density to run our Civilization, LENR might provide it

Cold Fusion: Seminar at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Russia

Cold Fusion: Forbes on the Difficulties of Energy Forecasting in the Age of Disruptive Technology

Dave Gonigam: Do You Belong to “the 47%”?

Chris Hunter: The Disaster-Bound Public Policy of MORE

Bill Bonner: Credit Cycle RIP

Addison Wiggin: 3 Ways to Identify Your Own Private American Oasis

Douglas French: Winners and Losers in the Battle of Economic Stupidity

Greg Guenthner: Smart Investments in the Mobile Revolution

Adam J. Crawford: The PC Is Not Dead Yet

Ann Pringle: The Cure for Money Stress?

Charles Hugh Smith: Are We Addicted to Failure?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: 46% Upside in U.S. Stocks by 2015

David Stockman: C’mon Alan! Bubbles Are Caused By Central Bankers, Not “Human Nature”

Pater Tenebrarum: Keynesian Ditch Diggers At Work: China’s Construction Orgy Has Planted Malinvestments Everywhere

Jeffrey P. Snider: Pity The Japanese: They’ve Been Turned Into Keynesian Lab Rats

Lee Adler: What Will Fed Do When The Overheated Sectors Carrying US Economy Start Cooling?

Toby Connor: S&P Consolidation

Deviant Investor: Clear and Present Danger Zone

Gary Savage: A lower low for gold is not making the rest of summer look promising

Hugo Salinas Price: Elites Plan to Control Humanity

Marc Faber: Gold, Silver & The Horrific Endgame For Markets

Egon von Greyerz: Shocking Charts Show That Gold Is Set To Skyrocket

Brent Cook: Insights into the Discovery Process

Emerging Growth: 21st Century Energy Centers Could Take the Bakken by Storm

MA: There's Gold in Them Hills

Steve Palmer Buys the Summer Sleepers

ROTH Capital's Debjit Chattopadhyay: Marriage of Diagnostics to New Therapies Breeds Biotech Winners

Byron King: Outstanding Investments

Jeff Berwick: Rumors of Mexico Backing Peso With Silver False... You Might Not Believe What They Might Do Though

Martin Armstrong: World Central Bank Secret Agreements?

Zero Hedge: Forget Shiller's CAPE, Warren Buffett's "Best Indicator" Is Flashing Bubble Red

Zero Hedge: CEO Of Russia's 2nd Largest Gold Producer Is "Horrified" At Market Manipulation

Zero Hedge: Food Inflation Watch: California Farmers' Water Costs Surge 700% After Government Cuts Supply

Zero Hedge: Where China Goes To Outsource Its Own Soaring Labor Costs

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 24, 2014

Felix Imonti: The Coming Storm In The Middle East

Dave Gonigam: Retirement Dreams Derailed

Chris Hunter: What to Do Before the “Music Stops”

Chris Mayer: The US Debt Crisis that Will Never Happen

Matthew Milner: 3 Tips to Finding Small Companies With Huge Potential

Greg Beato: Disruptive Innovation Will Change How You View Obamacare

Greg Guenthner: Why Old-School Tech Stocks Are Beating Social Media

Nick Giambruno: The Biggest Opportunity for Americans to Reduce Their Taxes

Charles Hugh Smith: Inflation Is Not "Growth"

Dr. David Eifrig: A Big Investment Mistake You Don't Know You're Making

David Stockman: Why The Market Is Heading For A Fall

Jeffrey P. Snider: That Scorching Spring Rebound Is Shaped Like A Molehill

John Rubino: Happy Markets in an Unhappy World

Toby Connor: Oil Heading Up?

Toby Connor: Gold Heading Down?

James Anderson: update on NuLegacy from the Sprott Conference

Gary Savage: Oil Higher, Gold Lower

Michael Pento: This Is The Timeline For The Terrifying Endgame Of Destruction

KWN: Here Is The Chart That Has The Central Planners Worried

Frank K.: Switzerland Has Exported A Shocking Amount Of Gold To Asia

Matt Badiali: The government is about to help U.S. oil stocks soar higher

Mitchell Clark: How to Profit from the Surge in Domestic Oil Production

Michael Lombardi: Setting Up for the Slaughter

Wolf Richter: Sign of Startup-Bubble Top? Banana Republic Trots out ‘Startup Guy’ Look

Steve Saville: Setting the stage for the next collapse

Dan Popescu: Above-ground Gold Stock - How Much Is There and Why Does it Matter?

Stewart Thomson: Gold: If The Worst Is Over, What's Next?

Doug Loud and Jeff Mosseri: Three Reasons Why Gold and Gold Stocks Will Rise

Lawrence Williams: Black Mountain slow on restart of high grade silver mines

Nina Glinski: IMF Says Fed May Have Scope for Zero Rate Past Mid-2015 Institutional Investor Home Sales On The Decline

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Stalled recovery leaves Europe defenceless against economic shock from Russia

Zero Hedge: IRA Contributions Hit Record High As Unpatriotic Americans "Save More, Pay Off Debt, Spend Less"

Zero Hedge: Chart Of The Day: For Caterpillar The "Great Recovery" Is Just As Bad As The Great Financial Crisis

Zero Hedge: Goldman Goes Schizo On Gold: Boosts Price Target To $1200 Even As It Is "Selling It With Conviction"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 23, 2014

Cold Fusion: Mills Comments on July 21st Blacklight Power Demonstration

Cold Fusion: John Maguire Interviews Edmund Storms about Recently Published Book on LENR

Dave Gonigam: Low Skill, High Wage

Chris Hunter: “Potential Trouble” as Emerging Markets Gorge on Debt

Chris Mayer: Advance Notice of the Next Market Crash

Richard Duncan: Creditism and the Threat of a New Depression

Liam Halligan: A New Bank that Challenges the US Dollar’s Reserve Status

Greg Guenthner: Diverse Opportunities in the Boomer-Controlled Market

Marin Katusa: True or False? Seven Common Beliefs About Investing in Junior Resources

Brett Eversole: An Incredible Opportunity... in Europe

Jeffrey P. Snider: Recovery Summer—-It’s Not Coming, Again!

Wolf Richter: San Francisco’s Storm Surge Of Hot Money: Median Home Price Hits $1 Million

Jeff Clark: It's Time to Profit From the Junk-Bond Market Insanity

Stephen Leeb: Gold & Silver To Skyrocket As We Move To A New World Order

Rick Rule: A 2008-Style Event, Propaganda & The $64 Billion Question

KWN: Gold & Silver Set To Make History, Art Cashin & 3 Great Charts

Don Quijones: How The Corporatocracy Is Driving the US-EU Trade Agenda

Gary Savage: Frustrated with Gold!

Avi Gilburt: Significantly lower targets for gold

Korelin: Theralase has a lot of news upcoming this year

Sumit Roy: Gold’s Fair Value: Bear Says $800, Bull Says $5,000

CEO Technician: 3 Reasons Gold Miners are Ready to Rip

Jocelyn August: Upcoming Catalysts for Precious and Base Metals, Uranium and Oil and Gas Plays

Jeff Clark: The Truth about China’s Massive Gold Hoard

Alhambra Partners: Speculating On The Gold Supply

Jim Bach: Silver Price Today Moves on New Inflation Numbers and Overseas Tensions

Jeremy Grantham: Yellen Collapse 'Will Be Unlike Any Other'

Bill Rice, Jr.: Calling Rush Limbaugh

Brian Hicks: Bet on This Tech Obsession

Ramsey Su: Bubblenomics and the Future of Real Estate

Lance Roberts: How Effective Have The Fed's QE Programs Been?

Zero Hedge: Rising Wages Where? Real Wages Post First Annual Decline Since 2012

Zero Hedge: 1 In 25 New Yorkers Is A Millionaire

Zero Hedge: Actually Apple's Net Cash Hasn't Grown In Two Years

Zero Hedge: Despite Warmest May/June On Record, Misses Blamed On "Unseasonably Cool" Weather

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 21, 2014

Cold Fusion: German Ex-E-Cat Licensee Speaks

Cold Fusion: No Info about the Plant until Report Published

Cold Fusion: Naturally Occurring Mineral Could Provide Efficient Thermoelectric Conversion

Cold Fusion: Rossi on 1MW E-Cat Plant: ‘We are Making a Masterpiece’

Michael Noonan: BRICS And Germany Will Pave The Way

Eric Sprott: The Ongoing Rot in the Economy

Avi Gilburt: Short term gold is headed down

Richard Postma & Gary Savage: Trending lower?

Black Knight: Amazon Forcing Out Antiquated Publishing Giants

Lee Adler: Industrial Production Surge Looks Like 2007 Just Before Economy Collapsed

David Stockman: The Fed’s Paint-By-The-Numbers Insanity: Why Humphrey-Hawkins Should Be Repealed Now

David Stockman: How Big Blue Was Turned Into A Wall Street Slush Fund

David Stockman: Signs Of The Bubble’s Last Days

Jeffrey P. Snider: No Warm Weather Rebound In Housing Construction— Recovery Trend Still Deflating

David Stockman: Money Printing Is Not Bringing Prosperity To Main Street

Lee Adler: Ominous Portents in Consumer Sentiment

Rick Rule: This Gold Sell-off is a Normal Event in this Market

Dave Gonigam: A Good Time for “Crash Insurance”

Chris Hunter: A Bubble in Faith in Central Banks

Braden Copeland: The Accelerators of Change

Bill Bonner: There Is No Security in Bonds Right Now

Addison Wiggin: Cash-In on the Long-Term Trend in Farmland

Wayne Mulligan: The IPO that Will Change Your Approach to Investing

Richard Ebeling: A Bastardized Capitalism that’s Threatening Your Wealth

Greg Guenthner: How a Priest Could Wrestle Profits from the WWE

Dan Steinhart: How to Get Paid $28/Hour for Delivering Pizzas

Bob Moriarty: Tragedy of the Malaysian commercial jet

Tom Fitzpatrick & Art Cashin: Gold, Euro, Dollar & Where The Chinese Are Buying Real Estate

Robert Fitzwilson: Historic Default Looms, Gold And Silver Surge & 3 Key Charts

Michael Pento: This Collapse Will Be Infinitely Worse Than The 2008 Crisis

John Ing: Legend Says China Will Buy 100 Tons Of Gold Each Month

Gerald Celente: The World Is Now Headed To A Major War

Nigel Farage: Terrifying Banking Crisis Is About To Accelerate

Zero Hedge: What Recovery? US Macro Suffers Longest Streak Of Weakness Since Lehman

Zero Hedge: The Subprime Auto Loan Bubble Bursts

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 18, 2014

Cold Fusion: Testers Should Take Every Advantage of Access to E-Cat

Ankit Panda: BRICS Announce New Development Bank

Dave Gonigam: A Very Boring Episode of The 5

Chris Hunter: Why Janet Yellen Is Wrong on Her Valuation Call

Greg Guenthner: The Market Crash No One’s Talking About

Chris Mayer: The 5 Greatest Investment Books You’ve Never Heard Of

Dominic Frisby: A Magic Wallet that Saves Consumers $43 Billion Per Year

Toby Connor: From Here to October

Jeff Clark: Turn Your Stocks into Cash-Gushing Machines

Keith Barron: Gold, Silver & How People Are Getting Creative Just To Survive

Egon von Greyerz: Exchange Controls And Perfect Fake Gold & Silver Coins

Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler: Insider Trading and Financial Terrorism on Comex

Wolf Richter: Chinese Construction Company Threatens To Default, Debt Dominoes Are Lined Up

Frank Tang: U.S. gold dealer launches first digital currency backed by bullion

Gary Dorsch: Which way is Inflation Blowing? Watch Commodities

Ellen Brown: Did the Other Shoe Just Drop? Big Banks Hit with Monster $250 Billion Lawsuit in Housing Crisis

Catalyst Check: Updating the Progress of Energy Stocks on the Natural Resources Watchlist

Tempering Insane Optimism with Due Diligence: Alan Leong on Niche Biotech Prospects

Jurisdiction – So you think your gold is safe outside the country?

Andrey Dashkov: Beware of Flashy Stock Repurchases When The Market Is on The Rise

IRD: We Now Know Janet Yellen Is Not Very Bright

Ellen Dannin: Water Wars and Creeping Privatization

Walter Hamilton: Big jump in number of millennials living with parents reported

I don't see a sound economy at all - David Stockman

John Bollinger: No Stock Top Yet, Gold Trying To Make Uptrend Pivot

Julian Phillips: Why a bear raid of 2013 proportions is Mission Pretty Impossible

Theodore Butler: The Silver Conspiracy

Chris Martenson: Reducing Your Risk To A Grid-Down Event

Daily Bell: Trillion Dollar Google: The Myth of Capitalist Enterprise

Don Lucek: Don’t Get Emotional: Stick to Ratings, Fundamentals

Jesse's Café Américain: The Recovery™ In One Chart

Jesse's Café Américain: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - The Fog of Currency War

Briton Ryle: Why Stocks are Headed Higher

Carl Delfeld: Why Every Mongolian is a Millionaire

Brian Hicks: This Will Replace the Remote Control

Simon Black: Delusional IMF “delighted” to be marginalized by BRICS

John Mauldin: Poverty Matters for Capitalists

Zero Hedge: Housing Starts Tumble, Miss Most Since January 2007; Permits Have Biggest Two-Month Plunge Since Lehman

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 17, 2014

Cold Fusion: 1 Megawatt eCat Plant in North Carolina

Cold Fusion: New Technologies Boost Indoor Farming

Cold Fusion: The Peak Oil Crisis: Better Than Fire

Dave Gonigam: The Shale Energy Bubble?

Chris Hunter: Buy These Three High-Yielding Markets Now

Thompson Clark: Huge Payday from the Mobile Banking Revolution

Richard Osborne: A Debate that Could Destroy Your Dream of Homeownership

Greg Guenthner: Janet Yellen Reveals Her Favorite Momentum Trades

Byron King: The Most Compelling Reason Fracking is Not a Fad

Martin Fluck: The Stress Tests That Could Stress Markets

Nick Giambruno: Corporations Join Droves Renouncing US Citizenship

Charles Hugh Smith: Finding Shelter from the Storm Part 2

Dr. David Eifrig: What the Facts Say About Inflation (It Will Probably Surprise You)

John Rubino: They’re Lying To Us, Part 4: Fake Pensions

Michael Snyder: If This Keeps Up, They Will Have To Start Putting Armed Guards On Food Trucks

Toby Connor: Oil in Panic

Mark Kolebala: In depth discussion on the Adamera drill results

Gary Savage: Big money players in gold and did oil hit its daily cycle low yesterday?

Matt Badiali: The One Oil Trade You Need to Be in Today

KWN: Chart Of The Day Signals Major Move That Will Shock The World

Tom C.: “Golden Crosses” Poised To Create Explosions In Gold & Silver

Rick Rule: A Full-Blown Crisis Is Coming & There Will Be Hell To Pay

Michael Lombardi: How Many Warnings Can You Give?

Mitchell Clark: The Stocks That Will Be the Highlight of 2Q14

Wolf Richter: Microsoft Layoffs: Insane M&A Frenzy Leads To Next Jobs Crisis

Fabius Maximus: Has America’s Economy Entered the “Coffin Corner”?

Sukhdip Basra: Habits of the Wealthiest People

Ron Rosen: Mother Nature

Sean Rakhimov: Upward Trend a Silver Investor's Friend

Jim Willie: Germany Pivoting East

Simon Black: When you see this happen, you’ll know it’s game over for the dollar. I give it 2-3 years.

Zero Hedge: Analyzing The Impact Of Fed Rate Hikes On Markets & Economy

Zero Hedge: Druckenmiller Warns Fed's "Market Obsession" Creates "Long-Term Risks To The Economy"

Zero Hedge: Q1 Productivity Collapsed Most In Over 60 Years; Goldman Fears Consequences

Zero Hedge: Carl Icahn "Very Nervous" About Stocks Due To Fed's "Excessive Money Printing"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 16, 2014

Cold Fusion: Should There be Public Funding of LENR Research? [Update: Rossi Says No]

Cold Fusion: The Art of Objectivity With the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: Make Money Like a Banker

Chris Hunter: “Bubble Watch” Continues

Bill Bonner: Feds Go “Full Retard,” Part II

Imran Patel: Congo Doing OK on Mining, 12 Years after Reform

Anthony Wile: Gold Abides … A Profitable Long-term Outlook?

Richard Ebeling: Free Market Capitalism vs. Crony Capitalism

Jonas Elmerraji: The One Number Every Penny Stock Investor Overlooks

Greg Guenthner: A “Do-or-Die” Moment for the US Housing Market

Selina Wang: Home Depot Starts Selling 3-D Printers in Stores

Marin Katusa: The Uranium Sector: A Look into Our Crystal Ball

Lawrence Williams: Are we due for another massive gold and silver price smash?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Get 'One Up' on Everyone Else in the Markets With This Knowledge

David Stockman: Red Capitalism’s Porous Veins: Why Beijing’s Rulers Struggle With The Deluge Of Flight Capital

Jeffrey P. Snider: Retail Sales Flatlining—-Except Autos Running On Subprime Fuel

Wolf Richter: Canada’s Giant Housing Bubble Cracking

Michael Snyder: 20 Signs The Epic Drought In The Western United States Is Starting To Become Apocalyptic

Toby Connor: Gold to $1280?

Gary Savage – Tue 15 Jul, 2014

Eric Sprott: The Bank Of England Gold Vaults Are Empty

Stephen Leeb: Now Germany Will Never Get Its Gold Back From The U.S. Fed

Eric Sprott: Here Is The Roadmap To $10,000 Gold

Jeff Clark: What the Market's 'Crystal Ball' Says About Stocks Today

Greg Cayea: Rideshare Companies Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar Are Not What You Think They Are, and I’ll Tell You Why

Stewart Thomson: Nuances Of The Gold Jewellery Era

Mac Slavo: Individual Investors Piling Into Stocks, Market Leverage Hits All Time Highs

Tom Hayes' Trio of Rare Earth Project Contenders

GE Christenson: Silver, Gold and Living by the Sword

Charles Hugh Smith & Gordon T Long: Sub-Prime Economy

Jeff Nielson: The End of the Paper-Gold Market?

Brena Swanson: Fed’s Misbegotten Effort To Pump-Up Housing Prices Has Backfired: Affordability Now Plummeting

Zero Hedge: Stock Buybacks Slowing Down In Q2? Don't Make Intel Laugh

Zero Hedge: Are Share Buybacks About To Hit A Brick Wall?

Zero Hedge: BRICS Announce $100 Billion Reserve To Bypass Fed, Developed World Central Banks

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 15, 2014

Cold Fusion: When COP Really is Greater Than 1

Dave Gonigam: The Dollar-Ditching Party in Brazil

Bill Bonner: Feds Go “Full Retard”

Chris Hunter: More Signs of a Bubble in Tech

Jonas Elmerraji: 10 Commandments for Common Sense Penny Stock Investing

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver Trend Change Developing, Just Not Confirmed

Henry Bonner: Why Invest in “Prospect Generators?” – Mishka Vom Dorp

Stephen Petranek: New Technology Will Make You Love Going to the Dentist

Simon Black: What the US Dollar of the Future Will Look Like

Simon Black: $1 BILLION CYNK Technology Corp has zero revenue

Greg Guenthner: A Huge Sell Signal for One Major Market Sector

Simon Black: Iraq's Economic Boom

Simon Black: IMF pronounces Bulgaria’s banks safe just two weeks before bank run

Simon Black: While Argentina celebrates, government quietly slides towards default

Dan Denning: How Bank Depositors Have Become Unsecured Creditors

Louis James: Are You Ready for War?

Paul Szczesny: “Bitcoin Can Boot Back Up”

Andy Tully: BP’s Latest Estimate Says World’s Oil Will Last 53.3 Years

Charles Hugh Smith: Why We're Doomed: Interest and Debt

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Best Opportunity of Your Life in Silver

David Stockman: The Implosion Is Near: Signs Of The Bubble’s Last Days

Lance Roberts: The Pyschology Of Bubbles And The Economics Of Hopium

Joseph Y. Calhoun: The Law Of Normalcy Will Out—Even The Supply Of Greater Fools Is Limited

Michael Snyder: The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming

Gary Savage – Mon 14 Jul, 2014

Robert Fitzwilson: Central Planners Now “All In” As Endgame Draws To A Close

Richard Russell: People Are Going Broke & It Will Get Ugly

James Turk: Bank Shorts Orchestrating Gold & Silver Smash

John Embry: Gold & Silver Smash & The Derivatives Time Bomb

Mark Mead Baillie: The Route To 1400 Gold

Mitchell Clark: Simple Wealth-Creating Strategy for Long-Term Investors

Thomas Schuster's Five Stocks to Buy and Hold

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Perfect Crime and the Plight of the Modern Silverite

Zero Hedge: China's "Secret Money Laundering" Story Goes Mainstream; Is Promptly Censored

Zero Hedge: Most Americans "Wouldn't Call This A Recovery"

Zero Hedge: Feeling Poorer Through The Power Of Inflation

Zero Hedge: Retail Piles In To Stocks As Pros Pile Out

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 14, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Competition

Cold Fusion: Norwegian Company Norront Seeks Partners for Eurostars Funding for LENR Research

Cold Fusion: MFMP Progress on New Powder Cell

Cold Fusion: Blacklight Power’s Randell Mills Interview

Rick Rule: The Resource “Super-Cycle” Is Still Intact

Bill Bonner: Confessions of a Former Child Laborer

Chris Hunter: How to Invest in “Toppy” Markets

Greg Guenthner: 3 Stocks You Should Avoid Like the Plague

Dan Amoss: The Only Prescription for a Real Economic Recovery

Byron King: Your Best Defense Against a Rising Oil Price

Wayne Mulligan: A Rare Opportunity to Invest in 500 Startups

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Buy in July

Doug French: The Airlines Work for Uncle Sam

Doug Casey on Opting Out

Dennis Miller: In a World Where 26 Equals 18, Make “Home” Unwelcoming

Charles Hugh Smith: You Want a Solution? Try Not to Get Hurt When It Collapses, Then Start Over

Porter Stansberry: The Only Investments I Hope My Kids Ever Make

Wolf Richter: Consumers Are Struggling With Rising Daily Essentials

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Weather Got Warmer But Retailers Didn’t

Jeffrey P. Snider: Escape Velocity Not Happening

Wolf Richter: Housing Bubble 2.0

Toby Connor: Brief Corrective Move in Gold?

Gary Savage – Fri 11 Jul, 2014

Sean Goldsmith: Here's what happened the last time the dollar almost died...

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Gold’s Rise & A Stunning Decision To Reverse Policy On QE

Michael Pento: Wall Street’s Fantasy Is About To Morph Into A Nightmare

Bill Fleckenstein: Stocks Will Crash & Possible Wipeout In Bonds

David Stockman: The Terrifying U.S. Police State & Total Collapse

Puru Saxena: The most hated bull!

Adam Hamilton: Massive PM-Futures Buying

David Chapman: Rising Banking Problems!

Pater Tenebrarum: When Perfect "There Can't Be A Recession" Indicators Fail

Zero Hedge: Goldman Admits Market 40% Overvalued, Economy Slowing, So... Time To Boost The S&P Target To 2050 From 1900

Zero Hedge: Daughter Of Mortgage Bankers Association CEO Has Lost Faith In American Homeownership Dream

Zero Hedge: What Is Power Consumption Telling Us About The US Economy?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 11, 2014

Cold Fusion: Free Energy Could Destroy the Planet — The Most Powerful Argument Against LENR?

Cold Fusion: Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people don't even know exists

Dave Gonigam: Eek! The Market’s Down!

Mike Mish Shedlock: China’s Bubble Metastasizes: Fraud, Corruption And Reckless Speculation Cropping Up Everywhere

David Stockman: Time For Regime Change At The Eccles Building: Interest Rate Pegging Is Destroying Capitalism

Mike Mish Shedlock: Zero Bound Bubbles: From Here To Eternity In The Age Of ZIRP

Morning With Gary Savage – Thu 10 Jul, 2014

Closing With Gary Savage – Thu 10 Jul, 2014

Jeff Clark: My Strategy for Trading the Gold Sector Right Now

Frank K.: Shocking Charts Show Massive Gold Flow From West To East

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold, Silver, Platinum & Copper Now Set For Stunning Advances

Egon von Greyerz: The World Is On Fire & We Will Soon See A 2008-Style Collapse

Mark Wallace: A Tale of Two “Bull” Markets

Barry Ritholtz: Has the Market Correction Started?

Jeb Handwerger: Are You Ready for Doubles and Triples in Uranium Mining Stocks?

Michael Kilbach: Asset Boom & Inflation Ahead?

GSW: Precious Metals and Miners About To Start New Bull Market?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Financial Storm Nobody Is Expecting

Lee Adler: Escape Velocity? As Good As It Gets? Or A Dangerous Economic Extreme?

Lars Schall: Are the 12 Regional Banks of the Fed Private Entities?

Wolf Richter: Mortgage Bankers: ‘Unsustainable Housing Bubble Is Inflating’

Julian Phillips: Steady demand driving gold, not exuberance - Phillips

Szu Ping Chan: Mortgage deals leave thousands vulnerable if house prices fall

Peter Cooper: How will higher inflation impact currency exchange rates?

Gene Arensberg: Swap Dealers ‘Goal Line Stand’ for COMEX Silver Futures in Jeopardy, Squeeze Very Possible Now

Michael Krieger: Introducing Ghost Skyscrapers – NYC Real Estate Goes Full Retard

Michael Krieger: Chinese Purchases of U.S. Real Estate Jump 72% as The Bank of China Facilitates Money Laundering

Mark St.Cyr: It’s Always Been About Getting Out – Not In

Brian Hicks: Investing in Bomb Miniaturization

Carl Delfeld: Time to Buy Mexico (NYSE: EWW)?

Geoffrey Pike: Investing in Silver Manipulation

Zero Hedge: Q2 GDP Hopes Fade As Wholesale Inventories Miss By Most In 2014

Zero Hedge: Second Company Admits "It's Not The Weather" - It's The Economy, Stupid

Zero Hedge: Pure Madness: Revenueless, Assetless CYNK Soars Over $5Bn; Bigger Than GameStop, Cablevision, Jabil Circuit

Zero Hedge: Bank Of America Finally Stopped Out Of Its Treasury Short

Zero Hedge: What "Rosy" Job Numbers? Wal-Mart CEO Slams Recovery Mirage

Zero Hedge: Did China Just Crush The US Housing Market?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 10, 2014

Cold Fusion: “Andrea Rossi: Revolution” Film Trailer

Dave Gonigam: When Wall Street Joins Hands With the NSA

Bill Bonner: Zombie Attack!

Chris Hunter: Zombies Are in Control of Financial Markets, Too

Byron King: The Real Winners of the Iraqi Conflict are Here in the US

Byron King: Profit from the Metal that Fights Chinese Smog

Phil DeMuth: Don’t Give Your Fortune to Your Children

Greg Guenthner: Your Best Shot at “Buy-the-Dips” Gains

Doug French: Junior Resource Shares: Ready for Liftoff

Nick Giambruno: Real Estate in Nicaragua—A Low-Cost Bolt-Hole, Part II

Brian Hunt: One of the All-Time Great Investment Secrets

David Stockman: The Complete Idiocy Of Professor John Taylor: Statist Economics In Conservative Garb

Mike Mish Shedlock: China’s Bubble Metastasizes: Fraud, Corruption And Reckless Speculation Cropping Up Everywhere

Jeffrey P. Snider: Financial Stress Alert: Repo Market Anomolies, Fails And Collateral Strains

Toby Connor: Oil in correction

Toby Connor: One more short term pop in gold

Hugo Salinas Price: Elites Plan to Control the World

Stephen Leeb: Germany & China Strengthen Alliance Along With Russia

Rick Rule: Gold, Silver & China’s Biggest Challenge That Will Shock You

KWN: Fed’s Nightmare Of Bullish Sentiment Moves Into Danger Zone

Wolf Richter: Senior Bankers Warn: ‘It’s Crazy, It’s a Boom, It’s a Gold Rush’

Steve St. Angelo: What Was The Primary Miners Break-Even Silver Price Q1 2014?

Chris Mancini's Keys to Successful Gold Stock Picking

Rambus: Precious Metals Miners The Beginning of the End

Rick Ackerman: September Silver Looks Poised to Break Out

Trader MC: Metals and Miners Bull Market Point of Recognition

GSW: Structural Over-Indebtedness Argues For Further Upward Revaluation Of Gold

Sumit Roy: Gold Hits $1,330 As Dollar Falls After Fed Minutes; Oil At 2-Month Low; Corn Falls Below $4

Peter Cooper: Buying gold to insure against the global bond bubble

Martin Armstrong: French Industry Calls for Massive Devaluation of the Euro

John Rubino: They’re Lying to Us, Part 3: The Fake Stock Market

Gary Savage – Wed 9 Jul, 2014

Zero Hedge: The Difference Between Bubbles And Panic: Mario Draghi Explains

Zero Hedge: Gold Near 4-Month Highs As FOMC Warning Sparks Buying Scramble In Stocks

Zero Hedge: Undisputable Bubble Insanity: No Revenue, No Assets Company Up Over $1 Billion (+110%) Today On 57K Shares Traded

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 9, 2014

Cold Fusion: New LENR Organization Working with US University

Cold Fusion: Defkalion Update

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #12 — Rossi Guesses ‘Several Months’ Until Publication)

Cold Fusion: BlackLight gives second public demonstration

Bill Bonner: A Scary Admission by a Top Central Banker

Resource Market Is in “Good Shape” -- Rick Rule

Chris Hunter: Steer Clear of Overvalued US Stocks

Addison Wiggin: Another Brick in the “Virtual Berlin Wall”

Stephen Petranek: 7 Important Market Trends You Simply Cannot Miss

Matt Insley: Look Who’s Taking Credit for the U.S. Shale Boom

Greg Guenthner: How to Fake Your Way to Comeback Gains

Marin Katusa: President Obama’s Personal Investment Portfolio

Charles Hugh Smith: Why Housing Will Crash Again--But For Different Reasons Than Last Time

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What the U.S. Dollar Will Do Next Will Surprise You

Andrew Syrios: Debunking Tyler Cowen and Paul Krugman on War Being Good for the Economy

Wolf Richter: Tale Of Two Americas: This Chart Shows What’s Wrong With The So-Called “Recovery”

Michael Snyder: Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Gary Savage – Tue 8 Jul, 2014

Jeff Clark: Why Bond Investors May Soon Head for the Exits

KWN: Historic Breakout & Gold Skyrocketing $700 In Just 90 Days

Stephen Leeb: China Is Going To Push Gold, Silver & Oil Dramatically Higher

Art Cashin: Three Incredibly Important Guest Commentaries

Mitchell Clark: Why These Stocks Are a Leading Indicator of the Market and What They Foresee Now

Michael Lombardi: This Is Odd…

Sean Brodrick: The Platinum Supply Squeeze Is Just Getting Started

Stewart Thomson: Gold Price Rubber Meets Indian Budget Road?

Luisa Moreno: Graphite, Lithium and REEs Essential to Hot Technologies

Charles Savoie: 24 Silver Points: Facts, Conspiracies & Manipulations

GSW: Silver Particles Carry Drugs to Tumors

Marc Faber: The asset bubble has begun to burst

Peter Cooper: Will ending the London gold fix be the start of a price surge?

Dan Collins: BRICS bank about to change everything..China set to extend financial muscle across the globe

Gail Tverberg: Eight Reasons This Time is Different

Zero Hedge: Consumer Credit Card Debt Tumbles, Non-Revolving Credit Soars Most In 15 Months

Zero Hedge: Stock Buyback Shocker: Companies Using Secured Bank Loans To Repurchase Stock

Zero Hedge: The Difference Between A Good And A Bad Trader: What Brain Imaging Reveals

Zero Hedge: Is The Fed Going To Attempt A Controlled Collapse?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 8, 2014

Cold Fusion: Edmund Storms’ “The Explanation of LENR” provides “physical science based model”

Cold Fusion: Phonon Energy Working With Seattle University on Cold Fusion [Update: Defkalion Connection]

Cold Fusion: Rossi on ‘Taking Advantage’ of and ‘Learning’ from Skepticism

Dave Gonigam: 2,000 New Millionaires Every Year

Bill Bonner: How to Die Poor

Chris Hunter: Interest Rate “Gravity” Could Bring Stocks Back Down to Earth

Byron King: Preserve Your Wealth While the Economy Shrinks

Greg Guenthner: 3 Big-Money Sectors You Need to Trade Right Now

Jeff Clark: Q&A with the Casey Metals Team

Doug Casey: “America Has Ceased to Exist”

Jeff Thomas: The Retention of Wealth

Charles Hugh Smith: What's Lurking Beneath the Glossy Veneer of the Jobs Report?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Last Time the Dollar Almost Died (It Wasn't Long Ago)

Gary Savage – Mon 7 Jul, 2014

John Mauldin: Central Bank Smackdown

Richard Russell: This Rolling Crisis Is About To Get Very Ugly

John Embry: Unprecedented Lies Are Being Told To The Public

KWN: Historic Breakout Has The Price Of Silver Set To Skyrocket

Paul Craig Roberts: Virtual Economy’s Phantom Job Gains Are Based on Statistical Fraud

Wolf Richter: Whatever You Do With A Tesla, Don’t Wrap It Around a Lamppost

Wolf Richter: No Politician Is Allowed to Oppose Banks For Long, Not Even the French President

David H. Smith: PGMs Will Lead the Charge of the Bulls

Lawrence Williams: Australian nickel projects on sale

Adrian Ash: Silver Prices: Is 14% Enough For 1 Month?

Sumit Roy: Bursting Money Bubble Could Inflate Gold To $12,000

James Titcomb: Banks could lose monopoly on gold fix

Jeff Berwick: France, Brazil, India & South Korea Join Russia & China In Post-Dollar World Order

Michael Snyder: The Almighty Dollar Is In Peril As The Global ‘De-Dollarization’ Trend Accelerates

Martin Armstrong: The 6th Wave – Shift Pubic to Private

Nathalie Thomas: Global economic recovery could be 'less robust than expected' - Christine Lagarde

Ben Marlow: Banks under the thumb of America, the global cop

Nick Cunningham: New Research Strengthens Link Between Shale Drilling And Earthquakes

Zero Hedge: "This Could Be The Last Straw" 90% Of China Loan Guarantors Bankrupt

Zero Hedge: Minimum Wage Consequences? iPhone 6 Will Be Made By "FoxBots"

Zero Hedge: Why You Feel Poorer

Zero Hedge: Do You REALLY Think The Official Inflation Numbers Are Even CLOSE To Accurate?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 7, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Comments on Humanitarian Commitment

Cold Fusion: Swedish Company Bobcat Gives MFMP Financial Support

Cold Fusion: Report or Plant Demo Most Important?

Cold Fusion: How Close Might we be?

Cold Fusion: Dean Kamen Sees Stirling Engines Replacing Grid as Power Source Within a Decade

Robert Blumen: Investors and Austrian Economics

Matt Insley: The Dollar Will Be King Longer Than You Think

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – For Now, Charts Proving More Reliable Than Fundamentals

Daily Bell: Shock: Markets to the Moon ... As Yellen Prepares for the Biggest Stock Crash Ever

David Stockman: The Yellen “Resilience” Doctrine Is Dangerous Keynesian Blather

Mike Mish Shedlock: Full-Time Jobs Peaked 80-Months Ago At 122 Million; June Still 3.7M Or 3% Lower

Bill Bonner: What’s Cheap in the World Today?

Stephen Petranek: 5 Good Reasons to Invest in the New Space Race

Steve Todoruk: A Resource Comeback that’s Flying Under the Radar

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What to Own as the Dollar Dies

Toby Conner: Monday Morning Gold Action

Toby Conner: Parabolic Moves Ahead

Tom Fitzpatrick: Silver Set For Stunning 33% Surge As Gold Market Breaks Out

Robert Fitzwilson: Hard Assets & Central Banks’ $29 Trillion Purchase Of Equities

Stephen Leeb: A Price Move Into The Stratosphere For Silver, Gold & Oil

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Two Shocking Charts Show Serious Fireworks Are On The Way

John Hathaway: Financial Leverage Now $100 Trillion & 9 Stunning Gold Charts

William Kaye: Greatest Short Squeeze In History To Collapse Financial System

Egon von Greyerz: Global Debt A Shocking $280 Trillion, $200 Oil & Total Collapse

Don Quijones: Mexico’s New Age of Hope, Or a Repeat of Past Tragedies?

Bob Moriarty: Monster Gold on a Shoestring

AFP: London’s scandal-hit gold price fixing under spotlight

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Charts Analysis

Scott Wright: Top Junior Gold Producer

Zero Hedge: The Great Rotation Is Over

Zero Hedge: For All The Bond Bears Banking On Inflation

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber Asks: Is "Big Government" Thwarting Economic Growth?

Zero Hedge: Yellen Is Flat-Out Wrong: Financial Bubbles Are Caused By The Fed, Not The Market

Zero Hedge: Current 'Wealth' Is Transitory: "The Risks Of Failing To Act Should Not Be Underestimated"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 3, 2014

Cold Fusion: More on the 1MW E-Cat Plant from Rossi

Dave Gonigam: How the Feds Shut You Out of “the Next Microsoft”

Chris Hunter: An Even Better Trade of the Decade

Bill Bonner: And the Winner in the Race to Financial Catastrophe Is…

Peter Coyne: One Country Shockingly Absent from the US Immigration Debate

Jimmy Mengel: Silver Blows Away Other Commodities in June

Byron King: A 10-Year Heads Up On the Next $3.3 Trillion Market

Greg Guenthner: Why a Car is the Best Investment You Can Make Today

Dan Steinhart: Using Supply and Demand to Beat the Market: An Interview with Fund Manager Charles Biderman

Charles Hugh Smith: The Inevitable Stock Market Reversal

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Coming Death of the Dollar

David Stockman: Corporate Bonds Are The IEDs Of Monetary Central Planning: They Will Be Exploding Along Wall Street Soon

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Rotten Logic Of Monetary Central Planning: Putting Grandma On Cat Food Was Not Bernanke’s Prerogative

Brian Weepie: One of the Best Gold Stocks to Own Today

Richard Russell: Meltdown In The U.S. Dollar & Oil To Hit $150

Grant Williams: Expect Serious Fireworks In The Gold Market

Louise Yamada: Gold & Silver May Finally Be Turning Around

Grant Williams: If We Get A Short Squeeze Gold Could Go Ballistic

Mitchell Clark: Growth, Income, and Quality: This Top Stock Offers It All

Michael Lombardi: Stock Market Pricing-in a Recession?

Myles Udland: Wall Street Has Fallen Asleep

Wolf Richter: How Wall Street Manipulates The Buy-to-Rent Housing Racket

Wolf Richter: New York's Highest Court Allows Fracking Bans, Industry Reels

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.: The Delusion of Perpetual Motion

Richard Russell: What kind of bottom? That is still the question

Inflate Your Way to Gold Profits with Edward Karr

GSW: Gold Is The Only Asset Class That Has Held Its Value Over The Millennium

GSW: Similarities Between 1914 And 2014

Peter Cooper: Silver prices rose twice as much as gold in June will this continue?

Steve St. Angelo: The Coming Two-Stage Rally In Silver

Chris Temple – Wed 2 Jul, 2014

Zero Hedge: Stocks Are Officially More Overvalued Than During The Last Bubble Peak

Zero Hedge: Slamming The Door Shut On The "Plunging Labor Force Participation Rate" Debate Once And For All

Zero Hedge: China In The Golden Age Of Central Bankers - "Whatever It Takes"

Zero Hedge: The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 2, 2014

Cold Fusion: More on the 1MW E-Cat Plant from Rossi

Cold Fusion: Sophisticated Hacking in Energy Industry Compromises Industrial Secrets

Dave Gonigam: Before (or After) You Watch the World Cup…

Chris Hunter: Bonds Are Dangerous Right Now

Bill Bonner: The Government’s Inflation Figures Are a Lie

Interview with Rick Rule: Prepare for When the Dam Breaks

David Stockman: The Great Deformation Of Central Banking: Debt Burdens Have Never Been Higher; 500 Years Of Dutch Interest Rates Have Never Been Lower

David Stockman: California Housing And The Bubble At Hand

Justin Raimondo: Why the War Party Loves the Export-Import Bank

Wolf Richter: Financial Bubbles And The Willful Blindness Of Central Banks

Jeffrey Tucker: The Closest Thing to Paradise This World Has to Offer

Byron King: The Greatest National Security Challenge of the 21st Century

Vern Gowdie: Mad Scientists Are Experimenting With Your Money

Greg Guenthner: Profit from the Hunt for “Blue Gold”

Marin Katusa: My Air Is More Expensive Than Your Air

Charles Hugh Smith: The Next Global Meltdown Is Baked In: Connecting the Dots Between Oil, Debt, Interest Rates and Risk

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The World's Most Important Financial Battle Is Coming to a Head

John Rubino: Debt Makes You Dumb, Part 2: Borrowing Just To Get By

Michael Snyder: 18 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Accelerating As We Enter The Last Half Of 2014

Gary Savage – Tue 1 Jul, 2014

Rick Ackerman and Technicals – Tue 1 Jul, 2014

Tom C.: Historic “Golden Crosses” To Create Explosions In Gold & Silver

Stephen Leeb: Get Ready Because China Is Going To Push Silver Over $100

John Embry: We See Increasing Shortages Of Physical Gold & Silver

C Fleck: The Elliot Wave Trader’s weekly metal report

Gary Christenson: Gold Prices Benefit From Economic Sins

Larry Edelson: Opportunity Of A Lifetime With Gold Miners

Stewart Thomson: Junior Gold Stocks: Half Year Report Card

Rick Mills' Econ 101—Rising Demand and Falling Supply Equals Higher Metals Prices

Mary Anne & Pamela Aden: It’s gold’s time to shine

Zero Hedge: US Auto Sales Reach Highest In 8 Years

Zero Hedge: Starting Today Interest On New Student Loans Rises By 20%

Zero Hedge: The 5 Labor Market Data Points That Will Drive Asset Markets

Zero Hedge: Wondering "Why You’re Still Poor As Dow Flirts With 17,000" - Marketwatch Explains

Zero Hedge: Global Markets Just Reached Record "Death Cross"-iness

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
July 1, 2014

Cold Fusion: Japanese Cold Fusion Research Society meeting papers released

Cold Fusion: Relation between short-range forces and the concept of neutrality

Cold Fusion: Steorn Preparing for Hephaheat Release?

Energy: Ultraconductors Resurfacing--Polymer Equivalents of Room Temperature Superconductors

Dave Gonigam: You Might Be a Conspiracy Theorist

Chris Hunter: How the Fed Has Helped the 1%

Bill Bonner: Don’t Mistake This Phony “Recovery” for the Real Thing

Bill Bonner: A Dead Weight Dragging Down the US Economy

Douglas French: The World’s Most Powerful and Influential Business

Greg Guenthner: Instant Gains from a $1 Trillion Market

Louis James: Now What?

Jeff Thomas: Watch Out for that Banana Peel

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What's Cheap in the World Today?

David Stockman: California Housing And The Bubble At Hand

Toby Connor: Gold Profit Taking?

Toby Connor: The Artificial Gold Bear

Amber Lee Mason: How to Get a Big Discount on Gold

John Ing: Legend Says We Just Got A Long Term Buy Signal On Gold

James Turk: Monster Gold & Silver Short Squeeze Developing

Wolf Richter: The Secret Reason The Fed Is ‘Tolerating’ Bubbles

IRD: Time To Sell Housing Investments And Move Into Mining Stocks

Michael J. Kosares: Three developing gold market situations to monitor for the rest of 2014

Adam Taggart: Introducing The New (Full-Length) Crash Course

Kal Kotecha: I Smell Smoke But Where’s the Fire? Buy Junior Mining Stocks When People Hate Them

Greg McCoach: Dodge Economic Bullets with Greg McCoach's Golden Strategy

Jeff Nielson: Silver: The Irresistible Force

Martin Armstrong: Fed’s Exit Tax – IMF Proposal Extend Debt Maturity Unilaterally

Tim Price: A time of universal deceit

Myra P. Saefong: Why silver’s outperforming gold and isn’t done yet

Yahoo: China signs yuan accords with France, Luxembourg

Mark St.Cyr: Forget Shrugged Atlas Just May Throw Up His Hands

Zero Hedge: Shorts Squeezed Most In 11 Months As Russell Surges But Outperformed By Gold In H1

Zero Hedge: The Stock Market's Seven-Year Itch

Zero Hedge: The Riskiest Housing Markets In America

Zero Hedge: Las Vegas Is "Screwed"; The Water Situation "Is As Bad As You Can Imagine"

Robert P. Murphy: Contrasting Views of the Great Depression
Robert P. Murphy: The Great Depression
CrushTheStreet: The Coming  Silver Shortage
CrushTheStreet: The Coming Silver Shortage
Silver: The Opportunity Is Now
Silver: The Opportunity Is Now
Jim Willie: New Gold Backed Currency
Jim Willie: New Gold Backed Currency
Richard Duncan: Threat of a New  Depression
Richard Duncan: Threat of a New Depression
Jim Willie: Recession of-6% or -7% Now
Jim Willie: Recession of-6% or -7% Now
Silver Bullion Vs Silver Mining Stocks: Mike Maloney & Ed Steer
Mike Maloney & Ed Steer: Bullion Vs Stocks
Alasdair Macleod: The New Silver Fix
Alasdair Macleod: The New Silver Fix
Jim Bruce & George Magnus: BIS & Monetary Policy
Jim Bruce & George Magnus: BIS & Monetary Policy
Egon von Greyerz: Dollar Going to Collapse
Egon von Greyerz: Dollar Going to Collapse
Federal Reserve Admits There Is NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY
Gregory Mannarino: Fed Admits NO RECOVERY
Jim Rickards: BRICS Development Bank A Significant Step Away From The  Dollar
Jim Rickards: BRICS Development Bank
John Williams: Terrible Currency  Crisis
John Williams: Terrible Currency Crisis
Brent Cook: Very Long Odds
Brent Cook: Find the Fatal Flaws
Brent Cook: Miners will get worse
Brent Cook: Miners will get worse
Mike Maloney: Could USA Default On Its Debt?
Mike Maloney: Could USA Default On Its Debt?
Mike Maloney: The Dollar As We Know It Will Be Gone Within 6 Years
Mike Maloney: Dollar Gone Within 6 Years
John Williams: Worst dollar fundamentals
John Williams: Worst dollar fundamentals
U.S. economy shrank in first qtr worst outside of a recession since 1960 - Forbes  on Fox (06.28.14)
Forbes: U.S. economy shrank in first
Chris Martenson-People Will Be  Wiped Out In Coming Crash
Chris Martenson: People Will Be Wiped Out
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
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New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
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