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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 30, 2014

Cold Fusion: Energy Shortage and Open Sourced Patents Opportunities for LENR

Cold Fusion: UK Charity Nesta Hits Problems Trying to Cover LENR as a Hot Topic

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Peer Review Typically Takes 6 Months; 1 MW Plant Visit ‘Matter of Months’

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Three Replications Achieved of Competitors’ LENR Patents

Cold Fusion: ECW HHO Experiment Scheduled for Coming Week

Cold Fusion: Book: “The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” by Edmund Storms to be released July 7th

Dave Gonigam: When Skeptics Go Broke

Ronan McMahon: Where Would Bill’s Overseas Real Estate Scout Buy Now?

Bill Bonner: Corrupt Money

Chris Hunter: Inflation Is a Bigger Risk Than Recession

Bill Bonner: America’s War in Iraq Was a Fool’s Errand

Addison Wiggin: A Retirement Haven Where You’d Least Expect It

Matt Badiali: 2 New Drilling Techniques that Will Shatter US Oil Expectations

Greg Guenthner: One Major Sector You’d Be Crazy to Ignore Right Now

Dennis Miller: Why Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike Matters to Seniors

Darren Kaiser: Taking the Pulse of South America

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: This Is When Interest Rates Will Rise... Here's What to Do

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Keynesian Rebuke: No Real Wage Gains; No Escape Velocity

Andy Sirkis: Printing Press “Prosperity”: The Complete And Utter Failure Of Abenomics

Toby Connor: Another Gold Coil

Toby Connor: Fed Protecting the Dollar

Gary Savage – Fri 27 Jun, 2014

Robert Fitzwilson: John Hathaway, Gold, Silver & Government Disinformation

Egon von Greyerz: Massive Worldwide Fires & Major Global Economic Breakdown

Michael Pento: Chinese Debt Soars 25-Fold, Danger In Japan & Surging Gold

John Hathaway: Gold, Financial Market Shutdowns & Bank Holidays

Gerald Celente: West Desperate To Keep Ponzi Alive As Gold Is Gone

Paul Craig Roberts: The Entire U.S. Gold Hoard Is Now Gone

Chris Temple & Rick Ackerman: Collateral as it has recently related to gold

Michael Lombardi: The Only Sector I See with a Ten-to-One Return Potential

Howard Hill: One More Step Toward The Next Meltdown

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – No Defined Bottom

David Chapman: Rising Oil Prices – A Problem for the World Economy

Mac Slavo: The U.S. Economy Has Collapsed: “This Is A Monstrous Negative Revision”

Axel Merk: The Fed's Next Move? "If You're Not Concerned, You're Not Paying Attention"

Zero Hedge: Martin Armstrong Warns Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: "This Won't End Pretty"

Zero Hedge: Goldman Warns Political Risks Are Set To Surge

Zero Hedge: The Cost/Benefit Analysis Of A College Degree In One Chart

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 27, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Gold: When History Rhymes

Chris Hunter: “Oil Wars” Signal Opportunity in Energy

Bill Bonner: America’s War in Iraq Was a Fool’s Errand

Suzan Haskins: Why Nicaragua MUST Be Your Next Destination

Juan Enriquez: The Man Who Detonated an Entire Industry

Henry Bonner: If Gold Rises a Little, Gold Stocks Could Go Up a Lot – Steve Todoruk

David Stockman: The Message In The Q1 GDP Shock: Massive Windfalls For The 1%; Hardly 1% Growth For The Masses

Yahoo Shock: Markets Are Rigged, Yet Can Be Profitable

Greg Guenthner: Big Names That Deliver Reliable Gains

Adam J. Crawford: Thomas Edison’s Dream Smashed

Dennis Miller: Six Women Who Made Me Rich, and What They Can Teach You

Mehul Srivastava and Isobel Finkel: Bling for Minister Mastermind Greased Secret Turkey Gold Trade

Charles Hugh Smith: The Coming Global Generational Adjustment

Porter Stansberry: The 'Magic Number' for the Next Coal Rally

Toby Connor: Gold to top in late July?

Gary Savage – Thu 26 Jun, 2014

Art Cashin: China’s Shadow Banking & Loans Backed By Non-Existent Gold

Keith Barron: Iraq, Oil, China, And The Really Big Surge In Gold & Silver

Chris Powell: Missing China Gold Warns Of Catastrophic Bullion Bank Default

Wolf Richter: Google Glass Hacked, Can Record Everything You Stare At

Paul Craig Roberts: A New Recession and a New World Devoid of Washington’s Arrogance?

Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks: Are You Ready to Capitalize on Emerging World Growth and U.S. Oil Independence?

Addressing Pot Shots: Charles Duncan

Jim Goddard and David Smith: Gold and Silver versus the Petrodollar Peril

Julian Phillips: Gold gathering itself for an assault

Shivom Seth: Roaring stocks, bets for cheaper gold restrain India's gold consumers

John Morgan: The Guardian's Moore: Fed Is Whistling Past the Graveyard on Inflation

Lance Roberts: The Great American Economic Growth Myth

Michael Lombardi: Is This What America Has Come To?

RT: China plans investment bank to break World Bank dominance

David Morgan: Gold and Silver versus the Petrodollar Peril

Zero Hedge: This Has Never Happened Without The US Falling Into Recession

Zero Hedge: Gazprom Ready To Drop Dollar, Settle China Contracts In Yuan Or Rubles

Zero Hedge: When The Herd Turns

Zero Hedge: "My Credit Score Is Terrible...I'm Surprised They'd Give Me So Much [Credit]"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 26, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Look Out for that Ultralight (crude oil)!

Chris Hunter: Trillions Flow Into Stock Buybacks

Bill Bonner: The Greatest Fraud Ever

Matt Badiali: 6.1 Trillion Reasons the Shale Boom is Just Getting Started

Bill Frezza: The Painless Way to Pay Off America’s Debts

Simon Black: I hate it here. But I love it here.

Greg Guenthner: A Cheap Comeback Play on the Russian Standoff

Axel Merk: Does Gold Belong in Every Portfolio?

Doug French: Fed Still on Red Alert

Porter Stansberry: The Single Greatest Contrarian Opportunity Today

Charles Hugh Smith: The Happy Story of Boomers Retiring on Their Generational Wealth Is Wrong

Lee Adler: New Home Sales Soar To Reach 1991 Housing Depression Low

Wolf Richter: Inside The Mad Scramble For Yield: How The Tobacco Settlment Bonds Could Bust Your Fund

John Rubino: They’re Lying To Us, Part 2: GDP

Michael Snyder: Stone Cold Proof That Government Economic Numbers Are Being Highly Manipulated

Gary Savage – Wed 25 Jun, 2014

Toby Connor: Not Profit Taking

Art Cashin: Watch The Risk Trinity - Oil, Gold & The 10-Year Yield

KWN: Historic Breakout Will Launch The Price Of Silver To $100

KWN: A Look At The Big Picture For The Gold Market

Chris Powell: The Shocking Secret The U.S. Fed Is Hiding From The World

Lawrence Roulston: In a Sea of Gold, Three Juniors Stand Out

Steve Saville: US money pumping, past and present

Mark Hulbert: The best gold-market timers are bearish, a telltale sign for the yellow metal

The Gold Series: Five Reasons To Own Gold (Part 4 of 5)

Zentrader: Few Believe Gold Can Shine

Jesse's Café Américain: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Zzzzzzzzzz....

Ian Gordon: Gold versus Silver

John Nyaradi: What if Janet Yellen is wrong?

Simon Black: Singapore official discusses ‘uneasy calm’, tells banks to prepare for financial collapase

Zero Hedge: The "Never Say No" Economy

Zero Hedge: Citi Warns US Equities Are Facing A Pullback

Zero Hedge: Visualizing The Five Reasons To Own Gold

Zero Hedge: "The Gap Between Those With Money & Those With Knowledge Has Grown Catastrophic"

Zero Hedge: Turkey's "200 Tons Of Secret Gold" Trade With Iran: The Biggest, Most Bizarre Money Laundering Scheme Ever?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 25, 2014

Cold Fusion: Science Inspired by Martin Fleischmann

Cold Fusion: Blacklight Power Hosts Demonstration on June 25th

Dave Gonigam: The “Skills” That Matter in the 21st Century

Chris Hunter: Time to Add Some Inflation Hedges?

Bill Bonner: Janet Yellen Is Wrong About Inflation

Daily Bell: The Difficult Proposition of Frontier Markets

Chris Chocola: Shutdown The Bank Of Boeing: Not One Taxpayer Dime For Ex-Im Bank

David Stockman: The Junk Bomb Ticking Beneath The S&P 500

Stephen Petranek: New Life for the World’s Oldest Power Source

Juan Enriquez: Medicine’s Silent Killer

Wayne Mulligan: 3 Common Scams in Private Equity Crowdfunding

Charles Oliver: ‘Tapering’ Is Good for Gold

Josh Grasmick: Legally Build Your Own Tesla Model S

Greg Guenthner: The Stealth Homebuilder Rally Starts Now

Marin Katusa: Who Will Win the Third Iraq War?

Charles Hugh Smith: The Fed's Hobson's Choice: End QE and Zero-Interest Rates or Destabilize the Dollar and the Treasury Market

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Absolute Best Way to Buy European Stocks

Peter Schiff: The Bond Trap

Toby Connor: Energy Sector Going Parabolic?

C Fleck: Theralase Releases Peer-Reviewed Research on Anti-Cancer Memory Response and Destruction of Cancerous Cells

Gary Savage – Tue 24 Jun, 2014

Jeff Clark: Here's How to Profit from Brazil Right Now

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Debt, Gold, Crisis & Two Absolutely Astonishing Charts

Richard Russell: Gold Stampede & My Biggest Fear For The US

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Jim Grant & A Look At Some Truly Unbelievable Gold Charts

Stewart Thomson: Gold Stock ETFs: Outrageously Bullish

Keith Weiner: Monetary Metals Silver Headfake Report: 22 June, 2014

Brent Cook's Tips for Finding Juniors that Can Survive the Dust Bowl

What Is Chen Selling? One of His Tenbaggers. What is Chen Buying? Two Others with Tenbagger Potential

IRD: Get Your Money Out Of Bond Funds – NOW

Martin Armstrong: Will Society Ever Wake Up?

Martin Armstrong: Why The European Banking System is Doomed

Zero Hedge: These Fake Rallies Will End In Tears: "If People Stop Believing In Central Banks, All Hell Will Break Loose"

Zero Hedge: Are Robo-Advisors Warning Of A Late Stage Bull Market?

Zero Hedge: Copper Snaps Win-Streak As Imports Plunge 17% & Default Fears Reignite

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 24, 2014

Cold Fusion: Light on the Horizon for Cold Fusion? (CF features in Dutch Engineering Magazine)

Cold Fusion: Doctoral Thesis Concludes Pons-Fleischmann Heat Effect Artifact of Chemical Reaction

Dave Gonigam: The Return of a “Hero in Error”

Chris Hunter: Capital Spending Shrinks

Bill Bonner: Why I’m Steering Clear of US Stocks

Josh Grasmick: 3 Great Ways to Play Publicly Traded Startups

Chris Mayer: The Good and the Bad in an Ancient Emerging Market

Greg Guenthner: A Way for You to Buy a Stock Before it Goes Public

Jeff Clark: The Only PGM Stock You Should Buy

Jeff Thomas: Checkers Versus Chess

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Is This The End of the Housing Recovery? NO!

Michael Pento: The Fed’s “Noisy” Inflation Fantasy

David Stockman: Bubble Finance At Work: After 2-Year Growth Stall, Open Table Goes For 112X

David Stockman: Why San Francisco Is Flipping For The Fed: 2013 Gains Averaged $194K/Flipped House

Detlev Schlichter: Why These Fake Rallies Will End In Tears: Central Bank Create Bubbles, Not Sustainable Wealth

Gary Savage – Mon 23 Jun, 2014

Frank Holmes: the Power of Mean Reversion

Ronald Stoferle: After Tripling, Japanese Gold Demand Set For Second Surge

Michael Pento: Global Markets & The U.S. Are Being Systematically Destroyed

John Embry: Gold & Silver Shortages & A Disastrous Endgame

Michael J. Kosares: Reflections in a Golden Eye

Tesla Gigafactory Could Be Boon for Graphite, Lithium, Cobalt: Simon Moores

Gary Christenson: What Crude Oil Says about Silver

Lawrence Williams: Enemy of my enemy brings gold and silver prices a big boost

Zani Shabalala: Platinum union declares end to South Africa's longest strike

John Browne: Draghi Hits Savers To Salvage Faux Recovery

Mark Mead Baillie: Golden Gusto Galore (with a Year's New High in the Balance?)

Adam Taggart: Why The Next 20 Years Will Be Completely Unlike The Last 20

Jim Sinclair: 30 Reasons The Bear Phase In Gold Ends This Summer

Julian Phillips: Expect West to buy into gold, silver

GSW: Gold Price Not Overbought But Reverting To Its Mean

Zero Hedge: The Market Has Never Been More Fearful Of An Extreme Event

Zero Hedge: Why Standard Economic Models Don’t Work - Our Economy Is A Network

Zero Hedge: Head Of German Gold Repatriation Initiative Responds To Bloomberg Story About Repatriation Halt

Zero Hedge: Guess Who Is Propping Up The US Housing Market

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 23, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Claims that Shell and Volvo are active in LENR

Cold Fusion: 1 MW E-Cat Plant Installation Underway ‘Matter of Money, Not of Science’

Cold Fusion: Empirically incontrovertible evidence for D-D “cold” fusion seen in accelerator experiments

Dave Gonigam: Be a Budget Venture Capitalist

Bill Bonner: Fed Policies Are Dangerous Claptrap… Here’s Why…

Chris Hunter: Trillions of Dollars of Wealth Will Disappear

Matt Insley: 2 Stats That Will Change How You See the US Oil Boom

Bud Conrad: The Federal Reserve’s Secret Piggy Bank

Streber: How TIEAs and Requests for Financial Information Work

Charles Hugh Smith: The Generational Short Part 2: Who Will Boomers Sell Their Stocks To?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Up 37% in Five Months with Gold... More Gains to Come

Mike Mish Shedlock: “Real” and “Unreal” Wages; Five Decades of Middle Class Decline in Pictures

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Dead-End Of Financialization: Innovation Is Slumping For A Reason

John Rubino: Gold Bugs’ Hearts Are Beating Faster

Toby Connor: Is the dollar topping?

Toby Connor: Confirmed gold bottom?

Gary Savage – Fri 20 Jun, 2014

Porter Stansberry: Seven simple ways to beat the market... year after year

Robert Fitzwilson: It’s Over For The Shorts As Gold, Silver & Oil To Skyrocket

Grant Williams: Gold To Soar As Final Endgame Devastates Markets

Michael Pento: This Fantasy Will End In Catastrophe For Markets & Economy

Andrew Maguire: 90 Ton Delivery Triggered Short Squeeze In Gold

Grant Williams: Gold Headed To Astronomical Price Levels

Richard Russell Declares “The Bear Market In Gold Is Over”

Andrew Maguire: Massive Central Bank Buying To Crush Gold Shorts

Wolf Richter: IMF Frets About Giant Sucking Sound of Hot Money, Wants to Take Over Global Monetary Policy

Mitchell Clark: What the Big Earnings Surprise from FedEx Means for the U.S. Economy

Michael Lombardi: Why Gold Went Up $50 Yesterday

Bob Moriarty: A Lovely Zinc Story

Jeb Handwerger: June is for Junior Gold Miners: Up Close to 30% This Month

Jason Hamlin: Gold And Silver Explode Higher! Is it Finally Time to Buy?

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Western World Is Upside Down

Henry Bonner: Have Gold Miners Turned the Corner? – Steve Todoruk

Zero Hedge: What The $1+ Trillion Student Debt Bubble Is Being Spent On

Zero Hedge: LNG: The Long, Strategic Play For Europe

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 20, 2014

Cold Fusion: Tsyganov presents at Dubna conference

Energy: Thorium: Energy Savior or Red Herring?

Dave Gonigam: America’s Shale Boom “Canceled”

Bill Bonner: Why Listening to Economists Is Dangerous for Your Health

Chris Hunter: Don’t Bet on Low Interest Rates Lasting Long

Jeffrey P. Snider: ZIRP Doing Nothing For Main Street—-Real Weekly Wages Down 1.5% Since 2010

Charles Hugh Smith: After 6 Years of Unprecedented Central Planning, the Economy Is More Fragile Than Ever

Matt Insley: What the Turmoil in Iraq Means for U.S. Investors

Stephen Petranek: A Very Real Solution to the World’s Biggest Energy Problems

Mark P. Mills: 14 Ways the Feds Block Your Access to Life-Changing Innovation

Greg Guenthner: Beaten Down Stocks Return from the Dead

Dennis Miller: In a World Where Mr. Rogers Rules Wall Street

Lawrence Williams: Place of gold in a perilous world

Michael Snyder: Inflation? Only If You Look At Food, Water, Gas, Electricity And Everything Else

Gary Savage – Thu 19 Jun, 2014

Bob Moriarty – Thu 19 Jun, 2014

Jeff Clark: Interest Rates Are Setting Up for a Surprise Move

Victor Sperandeo: Legend Warns Of World Economic Crash & Oil Spike To $250

John Ing: Legend Warns To Expect $100 To $200 Up-Days In Gold

James Turk: Man Who Predicted Short Squeeze Says Silver To Skyrocket

Scott Belinksi: In Search Of Russia’s Lost Shale Boom

Daily Gains Letter: Why now is the opportune time to invest in gold

Frik Els: Gold price breakout sparks massive move into mining stocks

Randall Abramson: Juniors Clean Up Behind the Elephant Hunters

Fire Up the Immuno-Oncology Powerhouses: John McCamant

Gary Christenson: Gold, Silver, Miners Accomplishing Major Triple Bottom

GSW: The Coming Crash Of The Financial And Monetary System

GSW: Bullish Metals Ratio Charts Indicating a New Healthy Bull Market

Soaring Gold and Silver Prices Should Not Be a Surprise to Anyone

Dave Kranzler: The Action In The Metals Is Getting Interesting

Brandon Smith: Energy Markets Are On The Brink Of Crisis

Martin Tillier: 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Fracking

Zero Hedge: Is The Fed Trying To Create A "Bond Run" Panic? Yes... In Its Own Words

Zero Hedge: Forget Piketty's 700-Page Tome - Here Is The Shortest Economics Textbook Ever

Zero Hedge: Who Just Bought Half A Billion Dollars Of Gold Futures?

Zero Hedge: Gold Hits $1300, Silver Surges To 3-Month Highs As China Rehypothecation Ponzi Unwinds

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 19, 2014

LENR Simplified: Pencils, Windmills and Super Mario

Dave Gonigam: Wealth In the Eye of the Beholder

Chris Hunter: This Is the Biggest Threat You Face as an Investor

Bill Bonner: Proof the Stock Market Is Being Rigged

Matt Insley: Look Who’s Taking Credit for the U.S. Shale Boom

Dave Gonigam: Where the “Rich” Live… And How You Can Join Them

Kate Incontrera: Kill ‘Em With Caution

Dan Sanchez: The American Who Accurately Predicted Iraq’s Unraveling

Greg Guenthner: “Never Short a Boring Market”

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.: Don’t Invest Like Sisyphus

Nick Giambruno: Passport Fraud in Paraguay—What You Need to Know

Dennis Miller: In a World Where Mr. Rogers Rules Wall Street

Dr. David Eifrig: Use This Simple Tax Move for an Instant 33% Return

David Stockman: Janet Yellen Has Learned Nothing In 45 Years!

David Stockman: The Fed’s GDP Hockey Stick Goes Limp Again

Jeffrey P. Snider: It Did Not Snow In May, But Housing Construction Continued To Taper Away

Jeffrey P. Snider: ConAgra’s Cheap Money M&A Can’t Hide Plummeting Sales Volume

Michael Snyder: 25 Shocking Facts About The Earth’s Dwindling Water Resources

John Browne: Draghi Hits Savers To Salvage Faux Recovery

Toby Connor: Mining stocks bottoming?

Eric King: Here Is The Chart That Has The Central Planners Concerned

Eric King: Two Incredibly Important Charts For Gold & The Stock Market

Bill Fleckenstein: Stocks Will Crash & There Will Be Hell To Pay

Gary Savage – Wed 18 Jun, 2014

Jeffrey Richmond: TSX closes at record high on gold rise, Fed tapering

Michael Lombardi: What the Collapse in Lumber Prices Means for Stocks

Mitchell Clark: How to Create a Winning Portfolio in a Market at Its Highs

Susan Duclos: It’s About To Get Much, Much Worse! FED Preps For Collapse

Denaliguide's Summit: Bankers' Immunity

Axel Merk: Outlook on the Dollar, Currencies & Markets: Look Out Below!

Is It 2003 All Over Again? U.S. Global Investors' Frank Holmes Predicts a Resurgence of the Love Trade for Gold

Echo He: Two Cancer Stocks Take Shots on Goal

Bob Moriarty – Wed 18 Jun, 2014

Julian Phillips: Gold to drift higher

Martin Armstrong: EU Commission Destroying Everything it can Touch – The Reverse Midas Touch

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 18, 2014

Cold Fusion: Update from the MFMP on New Experiment and a Prize Awarded

Cold Fusion: ‘Discrete Breathers’ in LENR (New Paper)

Dave Gonigam: From Baghdad to the Baby Bakken

Chris Hunter: What to Do Before Interest Rates Rise

Bill Bonner: A Survivor’s Guide to the World of Funny Money

Matt Insley: What the Experts Don’t Know About America’s Oil Boom

Stephen Petranek: The Startup with “The Ultimate App”

Doug Bandow: Why Americans Are Leaving America – And How to Reverse the Trend

Jim Mosquera: Deflation The Big Risk of Big Banks’ Risk-Free Gains

Greg Guenthner: Stock Performance that Will Drive You to Drink

Marin Katusa: Where’s the Smart Money?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Right Way to Buy a Commodities Fund

David Stockman: A Horror-Show Called “Fed-Gate” May Be Coming To Your Bond Fund Soon

Michael Snyder: The Death Of The Rust Belt

Toby Connor: Dollar Low in October?

Toby Connor: What Manipulation Looks Like

Gary Savage – Tue 17 Jun, 2014

Jeff Clark: A Second Shot at the "Trade of the Year"

Marc Faber’s Chilling Warnings About The United States

David P.: Historic Breakout Will Launch The Price Of Silver To $65

Stephen Leeb: Gold & Silver Prices To Surge As U.S. Dominance Deteriorates

Art Cashin: Strange Headlines & Possible Panic In A Major Global Market

Stewart Thomson: Central Bank Gamblers Versus Gold Stocks

Frank Holmes: Gold Investors: Let This Cycle Be Your Guide

It's Not About Discovering a Mine, It's About Discovering a Technology

C Fleck: Theralase’s Cancer Technology Demonstrates Vaccine-Like Properties

RT: Total US debt soars to nearly $60 trn, foreshadows new recession

Dimitri Papadimitriou: The coming 'tsunami of debt' and financial crisis in America

Julian Phillips: Silver showing 'pent-up strength'

Zero Hedge: The Myth Of Wage Inflation Comes Crashing Down: Real Hourly Earnings Slide To Lehman Bankruptcy Levels

Zero Hedge: London's Whopping 18.7% Home Price Surge Means UK's Housing Bubble Slams China's

Zero Hedge: JPM: "It's Hard To See The Recent Growth-Inflation Mix As Anything Other Than Discouraging"

Zero Hedge: At Least A Quarter Of All M&A Deals Involve Insider Trading, Study Finds

Zero Hedge: Facing Extinction, Hedge Funds Go All In: Take Net Assets To All Time High, Cash To Record Low

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 17, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Even with a Scorecard, You Can’t Tell the Players

Chris Hunter: A Return to the 1970s?

Bill Bonner: How American Democracy Was Bought… and Sold

Byron King: U.S. Energy Boom Hinges on One Important Technology

Wayne Mulligan: A 2-Pronged Attack for Picking the World’s Best Startups

Greg Guenthner: Where You’ll Find the Market’s Most Explosive Stocks

Kyle Anderson: What Elon Musk's New, Bold Patent Move Means for Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) Stock

Peter Krauth: This Metal Problem Could Ignite China's Smoldering Crisis

Jeff Clark: Russian Bullion Dealer: Russians Aren’t Into Gold—Yet—But Wait Until They Stampede

Jeff Thomas: Why Negative Interest Rates Are Only the First Step

Jeff Thomas: Bring In the Lawn Chairs; Close Up the Shutters

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Time to Bet Against the Euro

Mark Spitznagel And Nassim Taleb Discuss Inequality, Free Markets And Central Bank Enabled Crashes

Jon Hilsenrath: Interest-Rate Puzzle Confronts Federal Reserve Officials

Joseph Y. Calhoun: Don’t Worry, Central Banks Have Your Back!

Frederick Sheehan: The Volcker Standard: Inflation Should Be Eliminated, Not Targeted

John Rubino: They’re Lying To Us, Part 1: Unemployment

Amber Lee Mason: A Preview of the Coming Commodity Boom

Jim Quinn: Fourth Turning Accelerating

John Mauldin: The Age of Transformation

John Embry: This Will Completely Collapse The World Financial System

Richard Russell: Damn The Avalanche Of US Lies & Propaganda

James Turk: Gold & Silver Short Squeeze May Bankrupt Shorts

Frik Els: Rare earth prices have turned

Jorge Nascimento Rodrigues: This Debt Is Explosive, And it Sits on the Shelf Everywhere, Waiting to go off

Mary Anne & Pamela Aden: Gold Finally Bombed Out

Bob Moriarty: Interesting Juniors

Less Correlation Among Commodities Demands More Careful Selection: Philip Richards

Doug Casey: US in Eye of ‘Gigantic Financial Hurricane’

GSW: Fed Funds Rate About To Reward Gold Investors

Jeff Berwick: The Bitter End Of The Savings Account

Zero Hedge: IMF Slashes US Growth Expectations; Pushes Higher Minimum Wage, Removing Tax Loopholes & Fiscal Stimulus

Zero Hedge: Homebuilder Confidence Beats; Remains Negative For 5th Month

Zero Hedge: "Liquidity Is Becoming A Serious Issue" As Japan's Bond Market Death Goes Global

Zero Hedge: A Reminder Of How Stocks React To Oil Prices

Zero Hedge: In 2014 GM Has Recalled More Cars Than It Sold In 2013 And 2012

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 16, 2014

IP: Musk Declares Patents Dead in Lesson for LENR Developers

Cold Fusion: Rossi Names Some Competitors: Shell, Mitsubishi, MIT, Volvo, ABB, NASA

Cold Fusion: LENR Aircraft Examined in AIAA Paper

Cold Fusion: Simeon Hein on Cold Fusion Being Real (Video)

Cold Fusion: Francis Acland of Interview

Dave Gonigam: The Millionaire Factory

Bill Bonner: Gold Is The Ultimate Safe Haven

Bill Bonner: The Japanese Will Learn to Tango

Richard Daughty: A Massive Tax Hike that Will Doom Us All

Josh Grasmick: The Next Great American Industry

Douglas French: Politicians Quietly Fight an Economic Recovery

Greg Guenthner: One Sector Takes a Huge Hit from Rising Oil Prices

Nick Hubble: China’s Empty Homes and Missing Resources

Dan Steinhart: How the Tea Party Caused a Plane Crash

David Galland: 8½ Reasons to Step Off the Beaten Path

Charles Hugh Smith: Banks, Wall Street, Housing and Luxury Retail Are Doomed

Brett Eversole: How to Win the "Loser's Game" of Investing...

John Rubino: We Are So Not Prepared For Another Oil Shock

Michael Snyder: The United States Of Debt: Total Debt In America Hits A New Record High Of Nearly 60 Trillion Dollars

Peter Schiff: Debt is No Salvation

Toby Connor: Gold Cushion

Brian Hunt: How to earn consistent 12%-plus annual yields for the next decade

Keith Barron: The United States Has Now Completely Lost Control In Iraq

Robert Fitzwilson: Gold & Silver Surge As Mainstream Media Misleads Investors

Gerald Celente: This Key Bubble Will Collapse The House Of Cards

Michael Pento: This Is When All Hell Is Going To Break Loose In Major Markets

Egon von Greyerz: Terrifying Reasons Why The U.S. Dollar Is Headed For Collapse

Jean-Marie Eveillard: Legend Warns About Enormous Dangers Facing The World

Martin Armstrong: Gold

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold in the Black, Black Gold in Play

CEO Technician: Gold and the Rule of Maximum Pain

GE Christenson: Silver to Gold Ratio as a Timing Indicator

Axel Merk: Is Your Portfolio a House of Cards?

Bob Moriarty: I told you so

Zero Hedge: "Cluster Of Central Banks" Have Secretly Invested $29 Trillion In The Market

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 13, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Prepares for 1MW Plant Visits

Dave Gonigam: Lies My Government Told Me

Bill Bonner: Uber Alles

Matt Insley: An Even Better Way to Play “Big Oil”

Matthew Milner: 3 Questions to Help You Spot a Great Startup Company

Greg Guenthner: 2 Ways to Profit as Your Life Becomes More Automated

Chris Wood: The Greatest Discovery in the History of Stem Cell Science?

Andrey Dashkov: A Guy Leans on a Lamppost… and You Make a Buck

Mark Skousen: New Official Stat Is ‘Supply-Side’ Victory

Craig Torres and Matthew Boesler: Fed Prepares to Maintain Record Balance Sheet for Years

Charles Hugh Smith: Capital Segregation and Rising Inequality

Dan Ferris: Three More Reasons Why I'm Selling Warren Buffett's Stock

David Stockman: Jobs Friday: What The Bubblevision Revelers Missed

Jeffrey P. Snider: Monetary Reflation Won’t Revive Main Street: Lessons From The 1930s

Jeffrey P. Snider: ‘Someone’ Shaved Off the Peaks! Now The Keynesian Doctors Blame The Patient

Mike Mish Shedlock: Iraq Splinters Into Pieces, Al Qaeda in Control of Several Cities, Kurds Take Oil City Kirkuk; Thank George Bush and the Neocons; Iraq Before and After

Michael Snyder: Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too

Micheline Maynard: Tesla's Elon Musk: Take Our Patents, They're Yours

Gary Savage: Buy Gold & Silver Now!

Frank Curzio: It's Time to Sell These Big Winners

Victor Sperandeo: A Legend’s Take On Mobius China Comments & A Scary Chart

Gerald Celente: The Global Ponzi Scheme Is Headed For Disaster

Ben Davies: Will Historic Financial Times Headline Lead To A Collapse?

Ronald Stoferle: The Secret Reason Why The Chinese Are Buying So Much Gold

Adamera Minerals provides us with an update on the fieldwork

Mitchell Clark: A Stock Market Break? These Indices Say No

Wolf Richter: The untimely end of San Francisco's Tech and Housing Bubbles

Przemyslaw Radomski: Miners Break Out Despite Dollar's Rally

Bill Bonner's Ten Undervalued Plays in Western Canada

The Next Billion (Barrels of Oil): T. Boone Pickens Calls for Energy Plan at Stansberry Society Event

Stunning Potential for Upside in Canadian Biotech: Brian Bloom

Brent Cook: How to better understand the science of discovery

Zero Hedge: Bank Of America: "A Slowdown In National Home Prices Is Coming"

Zero Hedge: Oil Soars, Stocks Slide On Fears Of Iraq 3.0

Zero Hedge: Why We Underestimate Change Until It Is Right On Top Of Us

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 12, 2014

Dave Gonigam: The Great Stock Shortage of 2014

Bill Bonner: Which Market Is Telling the Truth?

Brad Lemley: 4 Steps to Freedom from GMOs and a Healthy Life

Conor Friedersdorf: What to Do When the Media Declares War on Your Cash

Greg Guenthner: The Best Metals Trade of the Year

Doug French: Be a Contrarian, or Be a Victim

Nick Giambruno: Real Estate in Nicaragua—A Low-Cost Bolt-Hole, Part I

Charles Hugh Smith: One Overlooked Reason Why the Middle Class Is in Decline

Dan Ferris: Why I'm Selling Warren Buffett's Stock

Jeffrey P. Snider: The ECB’s Pointless Money Shuffle Is Not Giving “Traction” To The Real Economy

David Stockman: This $1 Trillion M&A Quarter Is “Different”: What Turnip Truck Did Bloomberg Reporter McCracken Ride To Wall Street!

Michael Snyder: 12 Numbers About The Global Financial Ponzi Scheme That Should Be Burned Into Your Brain

John Browne: Is Inequality Caused by Capitalism or Statism?

Toby Connor: Gold Bear Ready to Hibernate?

Gary Savage – Wed 11 Jun, 2014

Matt Badiali: The U.S. Shale Boom Isn't Over... Not Even Close

John Mauldin: Networks and Hierarchies

Julian D.W. Phillips: A bear raid on gold – Is that about to happen?

Michael Lombardi: If You Only Look at One Picture Today, Make it This One

Mitchell Clark: Why I Think There Is Still Upside Potential Left for Tesla

Wolf Richter: Public Pension Plans: Boom and Bubble Forever Or Bust

Gary Dorsch: The “Least Loved” Bull Market Becomes Euphoric

Tommy Humphreys: How Top Commodities Speculator Rick Rule Nails Ten Baggers

Van Eck Fund Manager Joe Foster Is Building for the Upswing

Gary Christenson: Will The Silver Price Rally Again On This Technical Signal?

Kip Keen: This time Reservoir Minerals goes it alone at Timok

Arabian Money: Silver hovers tantilizingly close to Dow Theory guru Richard Russell’s take-off price of $19.25

Reuters: Shrouding China's gold trade, more imports go under radar

Craig Torres and Matthew Boesler: Fed Prepares to Maintain Record Balance Sheet for Years

Martin Armstrong: Its Taxation & Deflation

Lance Roberts: Economic "Hope" Vs. Indicators Of Economic Reality

Daily Bell: Sell Gold, Buy Equities?

Paul Benson: The Safest Way to Play Real Estate

Briton Ryle: The Secret Behind Disruptive Technology Investing

Zero Hedge: China Has Over 52 Million Vacant Homes

Zero Hedge: Bank of America Shocker: New Commercial Loan Plunge Is Largest Since Lehman

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 11, 2014

Cold Fusion: Veteran Energy Securities Analyst Sees LENR as Disruptive Energy Source

Cold Fusion: Chief Science Editor of Swedish Radio Defends E-Cat Programme

Dave Gonigam: When Cancer is No Longer a Death Sentence

Bill Bonner: The Corrosive Effect of Free Money…

Paul Mampilly: Why Cancer Won’t Be Deadly in 15 Years

Lawson Bader: 2 Acts that Save Your Money from Harmful Regulation

Greg Guenthner: Biotechs are Back!

Marin Katusa: The Next Bakken

Charles Hugh Smith: The Stock Market Is Like a Fish Tank

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Up 109% in Tech Now...Much More to Come

David Stockman: How Japan Blew Its Savings Surplus: What A Keynesian Dystopia Looks Like

David Stockman: Fed’s Court Jester Flip-Flops Again: Low Inflation Scold Bullard Now Sees “Inflation Moving Higher”

Jeffrey P. Snider: How The Stock Bubble Was Inflated: Retail Leverage Plus Leveraged Corporate Stock Buybacks

Michael Snyder: Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar

Gary Savage – Tue 10 Jun, 2014

Toby Connor: Gold Coil Breakdown

Jeff Clark: Before You Buy Stocks Today, Read This...

Richard Russell: More US Propaganda As The Public Goes Broke

Stephen Leeb: We Are Now On The Verge Of A Shocking Global Oil Shortage

KWN: 3 Absolutely Astonishing Charts Presented Without Comment

Art Cashin: Market Participants Frustrated About Phony U.S. Data Releases

Keith Schaefer: The Bakken gets bigger – likely a lot bigger

Mitchell Clark: How to Invest in a Market Constructed by Central Banks

Fed’s Bullard: ‘The Bubble Was Developing Under Our Noses’

Alasdair Macleod: All You Need To Know About Negative Interest Rates

Mark Seddon's Catch-22: We Need More Tungsten, But Projects Can't Find Funding

Gary Christenson: Stocks And Precious Metals In Extreme Territory Silver Still At Decision Point Between Support And Downtrend

Goldreporter: U.S. Bank’s Silver Short Positions send Buy Signal

ArabianMoney: Technical chart shows that silver is about to exit a giant three-year correction

Why James Turk and John Rubino say the price of gold is set to soar to $10-12,000 an ounce

Zero Hedge: The Simple Reason Treasury Yields Are Going Lower: Half A Trillion More Demand Than Supply

Zero Hedge: Fed Warns The Plunge In "Routine" Jobs Won't Slow Down Anytime Soon

Zero Hedge: Two Thirds Of Gen X Households Have Less Wealth Than Their Parents Did At The Same Age

Zero Hedge: Carl's Jr CEO Explains Why Nobody Is Hiring Young People

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 10, 2014

Cold Fusion: Fleischmann Project Marches On

Cold Fusion: UK Ministry of Defence Global Strategic Trends Report, Winston Churchill, and Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Rossi on His Anxiety Over E-Cat Test Results

Cold Fusion: Main Purpose for the Upcoming E-Cat Report

Gail Tverberg: Converging Energy Crises – And How our Current Situation Differs from the Past

Dave Gonigam: You Snooze, You Lose

Bill Bonner: The Battle to Stop the Credit Cycle

Byron King: Obama’s West Point Disaster

James Quinn: Escape from the 14-Year Recession

Greg Guenthner: Bearish Bets are Good for Stocks

Jeff Clark: What Casey Research Staff Are Buying This Summer

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Interest Rates Really Could Stay Low for Another 10 Years

John Rubino: The Bubble is Back

Amber Lee Mason: This Asset Is Going to Double or Triple... But There's One Problem

Robert Fitzwilson: A Clash Of Powerful Forces Is Creating Enormous Chaos

James Turk: Massive Financial Earthquake & Destruction Of The U.S. Dollar

John Embry: This Will Bring The Entire Global Ponzi Scheme To Its Knees

Mitchell Clark: Eight “Super Stocks” for a Slow-Growth Market

Oil & Energy Insider: EPA Inflicts Mortal Wound on King Coal

Wolf Richter: Last Time this happened, The Financial Crisis Broke Out

Nadeem Walayat: No 'Sell in May and Go Away' this year for Either Bulls or Bears

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Signs that the Selling has Ceased

Jesse Colombo: This New Libor 'Scandal' Will Cause A Terrifying Financial Crisis

Gold Report: Leave No Rock Unturned to Find Natural Resource Stocks with Game-Changing Catalysts

Clive P. Maund: Silver Market Update

Alasdair Macleod: Market positions for gold and silver

Justin O'Connell: Why $1.25 Per Hour Is Enough For Me

Greg Robb: Fed's Bullard says inflation is now rising

Jesse Wells: Law makes gold, silver coins legal tender in Oklahoma; does away with “nonsensical” tax

Goldreporter: U.S. Bank’s Silver Short Positions send Buy Signal

Zero Hedge: Increasingly More Russian Companies Set To Drop Dollar, Switch To Chinese Yuan

Zero Hedge: McDonalds Has Longest Stretch Without Rising US Sales In History

Zero Hedge: What's The Source Of Soaring Corporate Profits? Stagnant Wages

Zero Hedge: How Much US Economic "Growth" Is Due Exclusively To The Federal Reserve

Zero Hedge: Biotech Bonanza Sends Russell 2000 Surging To Best Run In 17 Months

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 9, 2014

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #8: Rossi: Multiple Swedish Institutions Doing Analysis)

Cold Fusion: New Blacklight Power Video Shows ‘Electricity Generation Test’

Andrea Rossi: ‘Please Do Not Insult My Enemies’

Dave Gonigam: Notes from the Empire of Debt

Bill Bonner: It’s a Mad, Mad World… and Getting Madder

Dave Gonigam: Why the Fed’s July Meeting Will Be a Showdown for the US Economy

Stephen Petranek: 7 Mind-Blowing Investment Stories No One is Talking About

Greg Guenthner: Obama’s War on Coal is Just Lip Service

Michael Noonan: Let “Dollar” Collapse Or Choose War, Elites Will Opt For War

Don Coxe: If You Own the S&P 500, You’re Betting on These Three Outcomes… Whether You Know It or Not

Streber: The Real Deal About Nominees for Offshore Companies

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Negative Interest Rates Are Here!

David Stockman: Draghi’s Horrible Threat: “Are We Finished? The Answer is No”!

Wolf Richter: Selling Your European Stocks Before Everyone Sees This Chart?

Jeffrey P. Snider: Consumer Credit: End or Begin?

Peter Schiff: Snow Job

Gary Savage: The Grand Illusion

Toby Connor: End of Precious Metals Bear?

Toby Connor: Final bubble phase

Sean Goldsmith: An opportunity to invest in America's next multibillion-dollar industry...safely

Gerald Celente: Putin Accuses West Of Total Corruption

Michael Pento: Skyrocketing Chinese Late Payments & A Global Meltdown

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Rome, The United States & The Path To Destruction

Egon von Greyerz: The World Is Headed For A Massive & Terrifying Collapse

Ben Davies: Former Greek PM Admits To Talks On New Reserve Currency

Brent Cook: Exploration sector hasn't hit bottom yet

Mitchell Clark: Why It’s Not Too Late to Enter the Hot Oil Sector

David Chapman: Is there a Bear Case for Gold?

Puru Saxena: Just Right!

Peter Schiff: The Platinum Supply Shock

Lawrence Williams: Platinum prices will still take some time to peak

Peter Cooper: $500 an ounce silver when gold makes its epic run predicts new book

History Channel H2: The Gold Conspiracy

David Kranzler: Fake Payroll Report Friday – Ecador’s Gold – The Dollar Is Not In An Uptrend

Zero Hedge: What Most Americans Don't Know About Student Debt

Zero Hedge: Malinvestment And Consumers

Zero Hedge: The Carnage Beneath The Bullish Stampede

Zero Hedge: Morgan Stanley's Bear Case For The US Economy

Zero Hedge: Goldman Finds That Virtually Everyone "Sold In May"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 6, 2014

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #7: Rossi: Analysis Continues in Swedish Labs)

Cold Fusion: A View from Sweden on Response to Sveriges Radio E-Cat Program

Cold Fusion: Ny Teknik Chief Editor Defends Mats Lewan’s E-Cat Reporting

Dave Gonigam: “Collect It All,” One Year Later

John Rubino: 4 Huge Danger Signals for Any Big Stock Portfolio

Greg Guenthner: Your Front Row Seat to the Next “Big Oil”

Doug Hornig: When Your Alarm Clock Knows Your Train Is Late, and Your Car Remembers Getting Tanked

Dennis Miller: Your Key out of College Debtors’ Prison

Productivity Weakest in Six Years as Labor Costs Soar

Brian Hunt: A Better Inflation-Beater than Gold

David Stockman: Canary In The Iron Ore Pits: Prices Plunge Below $100; Massive Glut Building

John Rubino: Welcome to the Currency War, Part 16: Interest Rates Go Negative

Gary Savage – Thu 5 Jun, 2014

Toby Connor: Gold Bottom?

Jeff Clark: This Chart Shows Oil's Next Move

Bill Fleckenstein: ECB Decision & Deflation Headlines Are Just Crap

John Ing: This Will End In Disaster - It’s Just A Matter Of Time

Michael Pento: It’s Amazing How A Few Men Are Destroying The Western World

John Kaiser at Cambridge: Put up your money and pray

Bob Kirtley: Effect of Monetary Policy on Gold Prices

Peter Spina: Seabridge Gold’s Big Discovery, 2014 Drilling Kicking Off, Environmental Permit Milestones

The Platinum Supply Shock

Saudi Gazette: Saudi Arabia to excavate 500,000oz of gold

Lee Adler: First Time Unemployment Claims Remain At Record Lows – Is Implosion Next?

Brian Hicks: Anti-Munitions Technology Investments

Carl Delfeld: The Secret to Making Billions

Joseph Cafariello: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Bitcoin

Jeff Nielson: U.S. Hyperinflation Warning, Part II

Gold jumps 1 pct after ECB rate cut, easing measures

Gary Christenson: The Fantasy of Something For Nothing

GSW: Why The Bust Is Inevitable According To The Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Lawrence Williams: Despite gold’s fall fundamentals suggesting rebound – but when?

Zero Hedge: 7 In 10 Americans Believe The Crisis Is Not Over Or Worst Is Yet To Come: 52% Can't Afford Their Homes

Zero Hedge: SocGen 10-Year Outlook: 100% Chance Of Recession; S&P To 4,000 Or... 500

Zero Hedge: Fed President Defends Blowing Bubbles: It's In The Best Interest Of "Irrational Investors"

Zero Hedge: The Gold Conspiracy

Zero Hedge: The Road To Serfdom, In Cartoon

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 5, 2014

Cold Fusion: Statement from Sweden Bodes Well for Positive E-Cat Report

Cold Fusion: Swedish E-Cat Testers Issue Statement Defending their Work, Rossi

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Glitch In Inflation Expectations Targeting: Consumers Do Know Their Real Incomes Aren’t Indexed!

David Stockman: Part 1. The ZIRP Economy Unmasked: Zero Growth In Private Labor Hours Since 1998

Dave Gonigam: Five Months Down, Five Years Up?

Sprott to Expand Focus: Peter Grosskopf

Mike Shedlock: Signs Of The Top: Ratio Of Investor Equity Vs Money Funds At Record HIgh (4.1X); Exceeds 2000 (3.1X) And 2007 (3.3X)

Bill Bonner: This Should Make Every American Angry…

Chris Hunter: Don’t Ignore This Simple Investment Rule

Jim Mosquera: The Truth About America’s Real Estate Resurgence

Harry Browne: A Simple Way to Escape the Most Difficult Financial Traps

Addison Wiggin: Prepare for the Death of the Petrodollar

Jeffrey Tucker: Why the Bitcoin Fad Won’t Fade Away

Greg Guenthner: Beware: Everybody’s Bullish

Dan Amoss: One Country that MUST Buy Gold to Survive

Michael Kosowan: Private Placements: Blood Transfusions for Zombies

Nick Giambruno: The Next Shot Has Been Fired at Your IRA

Brian Hunt: The Most Important Aspect of Any Investment

Michael Snyder: Half The Country Makes Less Than $27,520 A Year And 15 Other Signs The Middle Class Is Dying

Gary Savage – Wed 4 Jun, 2014

KWN: Bull / Bear Spread Surges Into Even More Dangerous Territory

David Stockman - The Military Industrial Complex & Total Collapse

David Stockman: This Meltdown Will Be More Violent Than 2008

Louise Yamada: Key Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Charts

Dominic Frisby: Why the silver price looks like it could fall by 20%

Mac Slavo: It’s Coming: “We Are Seeing a Very Material Slow-down Across the Economy”

MA: Silver: Still Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Karen Roche: Secrets of the Strategic Investors

Patrick Barron: Why Central Bank Stimulus Cannot Bring Economic Recovery

Marc Chandler: Inflating Deflation: Confusing Symptoms with the Illness

Michael E. Lewitt: Low Rates Won’t Hide This Looming Threat Forever

Zero Hedge: 7 In 10 Americans Believe The Crisis Is Not Over Or Worst Is Yet To Come: 52% Can't Afford Their Homes

Zero Hedge: This Is Who Was Buying Stocks When Bond Yields Were Collapsing...

Zero Hedge: Do You Have A Plan B? "This Is Not A Consequence-Free Environment"

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber Would "Squeeze The System Like A Lemon" If He Were In Charge

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 4, 2014

Cold Fusion: Swedish E-Cat Testers Issue Statement Defending their Work, Rossi

Cold Fusion: Rossi: ‘Please be Patient’

Dave Gonigam: Weapons of Mass Expansion

Bill Bonner: What Do Bond Investors Know That Stock Investors Don’t?

Chris Hunter: Could Both Stock and Bond Investors Be Wrong?

Bill Bonner: Great Returns from a Thankless Chore

Addison Wiggin: The US Energy Boom Will End the Dollar’s World Reserve Status

Greg Guenthner: Emerging Markets Pile on the Gains

James Rickards: Your Personal Gold Standard

Marin Katusa: OPEC’s New Reality Is America’s Ticket to Freedom

Charles Hugh Smith: "Buying Time" Doesn't Fix Financial Crises, It Makes the Next One Worse

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: How to Earn 28% Annualized Gains, Starting Now

Jeffrey P. Snider: What’s Up With The Perturbations In Collateral, Reverse Repos, T-bills and Gold

Mike Shedlock: Mortgages Should be Paid Back in One’s Lifetime

Pater Tenebrarum: Rates “Should Not Be Used To Fight Bubbles”—But Blowing Them OK

Simon Black: Why America is in decline

Daily Bell: Is It a Crash Yet?

Gary Savage – Tue 3 Jun, 2014

Toby Connor: Impending decline?

Jeff Clark: Silver Breaks Down...Here's What to Do Now

Richard Russell: One Of The Greatest Market Calls In History

Rick Rule: Where Sprott Is Deploying Capital & A Hong Kong Surprise

Stephen Leeb: China, Gold, The United States & Horrific Consequences

John Embry: This Is Going To Be A Global Game-Changer

Michael Lombardi: The Worst Kept Secret on Wall Street

Mitchell Clark: Why Stocks Won’t Break Until This Indicator Does

Dennis Miller: The “Nuclear Solution” to Underfunded Public Pensions

Wolf Richter: Real Economy Bites Housing Bubble 2

Dajahi Wiley: The Questionable Staying Power Of The U.S. Shale Boom

Michael A. Gayed: What is holding back gold?

Stewart Thomson: Gold Summer Rally Time?

Finally, Good News for Mining in Peru: Ricardo Carrión and Alberto Arispe

Ian Parkinson's Copper and Gold Names for a Fresh Round of M&A

Zero Hedge: Gold Price Manipulation Was "Routine", FT Reports

Zero Hedge: FAA Set To Approve 'Limited' Commercial Drone Use In US Skies

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 3, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Life’s Not Fair–Get Over It

Bill Bonner: Whores, Crack and Smack – How to Make the Economy Roar

Chris Hunter: US Stocks Ignore GDP News

Bill Bonner: Real Heroes: The “Justes” and the Good

Sam Volkering: Profits at the Intersection of the Digital and Physical World

Eric Sprott: Connecting the Dots

Greg Guenthner: Time to Sell the Bombed-Out Banks

Dan Denning: Why You Should Keep Your Eye on the Price of Iron Ore

Callum Newman: Why the Wealth Coming This Decade Will Dwarf the Debts

Louis James: Mining and Environment—Facts vs. Fear

Jeff Thomas: The US and China: A Difference in Approaches

Charles Hugh Smith: The Destroyer of Fake "Recoveries": Unintended Consequences

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What I'm Buying With My Own Money

David Stockman: Pimco’s Keynesian Fool Returns—-Blithering About Minsky Moments And Free Money Forever

John Rubino: Is THIS The End?

Michael Snyder: America’s Insatiable Demand For More Expensive Cars, Larger Homes And Bigger Debts

Gary Savage – Mon 2 Jun, 2014

Amber Lee Mason: An Important Update to Our "Catastrophe-Prevention Plan"

John Mauldin: Looking at the Middle Kingdom with Fresh Eyes

James Turk: The Stunning Truth About The FCA Gold Market Investigation

James Turk: Reveals His Remarkable Response To The LBMA

Frank Holmes: From Constantinople to Istanbul, Turkey has never been better

Paul Craig Roberts: What Obama Told Us At West Point

Mitchell Clark: The Top Risk-Capital Sector for Speculators Right Now

Michael Lombardi: The Worst Kept Secret on Wall Street

Wolf Richter: The Big Losers in the California Shale-Oil Fiasco

Gary Christenson: Signs Of Fading Confidence In The Central Banking Premise

Bob Moriarty: Correction ending soon, True Gold Digs

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Departs Kansas; Heads South

Ian Parkinson's Copper and Gold Names for a Fresh Round of M&A

Zero Hedge: What's Wrong With This Seasonally Unrigged Picture?

Zero Hedge: Coasting Towards Zero

Zero Hedge: ISM Update: "We Have Recalculated And Confirmed: The Economy Is Accelerating"

Zero Hedge: Expect A 30% Stock Market Correction in 2014 - Steen Jakobsen

Zero Hedge: The Federal Reserve "Explained" In 7 Minutes

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 2, 2014

Cold Fusion: LENR gets Good and Bad Publicity in Sweden

Cold Fusion: Rossi Preparing E-Cat Plant with New Motto: In Mercato Veritas (In the Market is Truth)

Cold Fusion: Mats Lewan Responds to Swedish National Radio Reporting on Rossi, CF

Cold Fusion: ELFORSK Issues Statement on its Involvement in LENR Research

Cold Fusion: An Onion-Cat?

Dave Gonigam: Laughing – and Cringing – at Leviathan

Bill Bonner: 6 Success Secrets of a $22-Billion Family

Bill Bonner: The Housing Rebound Story Is a Fraud

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Debt Is Trouncing Precious Metals, For Now

Greg Guenthner: Ditch Your Gold for Greenbacks

Frank Holmes: 12% Annual Gains… From Five Charts!

Byron King: Terminal Phase of a Gigantic Credit Bubble

Axel Merk: Why I Invest in Currencies

Charles Hugh Smith: Still Think the Fed Isn't Fueling Inflation? Check Out This Chart

Brett Eversole: Despite its Problems, Europe Could Soar More Than 70% from Here

John Gilluly: Calm Waters—And Then Comes The Hurricane

Peter Tchir: The Keynesian Numbers Game On GDP

Michael Snyder: The Velocity Of Money In The U.S. Falls To An All-Time Record Low

Gary Savage – Fri 30 May, 2014

Toby Connor: Classic Runaway Move

Toby Connor: Gold & Silver Preparing to Spring Back?

Toby Connor: S&P About to Plunge?

Sean Goldsmith: You're making a BIG mistake...Here's how to fix it

Nigel Farage: The Entire Western Financial System Is A Mirage

Robert Fitzwilson: The Shocking Reality Of What Is Happening Around The World

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Key Metric Hits Same Level As Prior To The Great Depression

Michael Pento: We Have Not Seen This Remarkable Event For Centuries

Bill Fleckenstein: The Fantasy Will Die & Gold Will Skyrocket

Egon von Greyerz: We Will Be Looking At A Frightening World In Coming Years

Kyle Bass: The Terrifying Truth About The Nightmare In China

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: US money slump flashes warnings as economy contracts

Bob Moriarty: Cancer Cure Remembers

Morris Hubbartt: Gold: Volume Favors The Bulls

Zero Hedge: A Candid Look At New Normal Jobs

Zero Hedge: The Real American Dream - Winning The Lottery

Zero Hedge: How Inflation Helps Keep The Rich Up And The Poor Down

Zero Hedge: Spitznagel & Taleb On Inequality, Free Markets, & Inevitable Crashes

Chris Martenson: Accelerated Crash Course
Chris Martenson: Accelerated Crash Course
David Morgan: Rush To Something Real
David Morgan: Rush To Something Real
Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
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Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
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Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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