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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 30, 2014

Cold Fusion: Tom Darden Attends Launch of Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China

Dave Forest: Is This Issue About to Explode for Big Oil?

Dave Gonigam: When Shareholders Revolt, You Win

Bill Bonner: Is Capitalism Doomed?

Paul Mampilly: The Key to Becoming a World-Class Biotech Investor

Ray Blanco: Untapped Potential in a $124 Billion Market

Greg Guenthner: One Pharma Comeback Play that Screams “Buy” Right Now

Douglas French: Against the Crowd: Buy Treasurys?

Jim Mosquera: More Financial Lessons from the Head of the Fed

Marin Katusa: Obama’s Secret Pipeline

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The One Chart That Shows Why Housing Prices Will Go Up

David Stockman: The Texas Gas Bubble Massacre (TXU) Was Bankrupt From Day One

Michael Snyder: 17 Facts To Show To Anyone That Believes That The U.S. Economy Is Just Fine

The Money Bubble Whether it ends up being called a "crack-up boom" or "the End of Paper Money" or "the Second Great Depression," it will change everything; protect your savings from the threats posed by this transition from "unsound" paper currencies to "sound" money like gold and silver. | Read More
Gary Savage – Tue 29 Apr, 2014

Robert Fitzwilson: One Of The Biggest Problems Facing The World Today

Richard Russell: Here’s What I’ve Learned In 90 Years

Mitchell Clark: The Unavoidable Risk in Resource Investing

Michael Lombardi: What the Collapse in Homebuilder Stocks Forewarns

Wolf Richter: Who Is Getting Crushed in This Bull Market?

Stewart Thomson: Gold Dividends Focus

Przemyslaw Radomski: Miners Break Out but Gold Fails to Follow so Far

Ed Sterck: Russian Sanctions May Have Utilities Squeezing Less Juice from Uranium Supply

New Melanoma Therapies Are Ready for Primetime: Sanjiv Agarwala

Gary Christenson: Precious Metals Complex Flashing Buy Signal

GSW: The Gold Tug Of War

Sumit Roy: Gold & Silver Poised For Summer Rally If They Can Withstand Fed & Jobs

Miguel Perez-Santalla: When Silver Was $50/oz: Three Years Later

Richard Russell: World On The Edge Of A Catastrophic War

Stephen Leeb: Some Shocking Events Taking Place Around The World

Jason Simpkins: Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Silver

Jason Simpkins: The Only Real Estate Invesment Worth Making

Annie Lowrey: Recovery Has Created Far More Low-Wage Jobs Than Better-Paid Ones

Steven Church: Biggest LBO Ends in Bankruptcy as Energy Future Files; Ranks With Enron's Collapse

Clif Droke: The death of deflation

Charles Hugh-Smith: America's Nine Classes: The New Class Hierarchy

Zero Hedge: Case-Shiller Has Longest Home Price Decline Stretch Since 2012; 13 Of 20 Cities See Price Drops

Zero Hedge: Consumer Confidence Misses; Present Situation Tumbles Most In 15 Months

Zero Hedge: Elliott's Paul Singer On How It All Will End: "Badly, We Guess"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 29, 2014

Cold Fusion: Some Reasons why We Should Believe Andrea Rossi

Cold Fusion: LENR on Reddit, Facebook

Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion Lecture in Melfa, Virginia

Dave Gonigam: Cash in from Big Panic in Big Pharma

Bill Bonner: A Monstrous Aberration

Bill Bonner: Why Popping the Credit Bubble Would Destroy the US Empire

Paul Mampilly: A Strategy to Cash In on the Golden Age of Biotech

Jim Mosquera: Financial Lessons from the Head of the Fed

Greg Guenthner: A Profitable Way to Play the Summer Lull

Jeff Clark: Listen, Silver: We Need to Talk

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: It's FINALLY Time to Buy Commodities

Michael Snyder: The Pope Is Completely Wrong About Capitalism And Inequality

Andrew Moran: Personal Financial Collapse Continues: Millions have zero cash savings

Amber Lee Mason: Can You Really Get Rich Using Options?

Richard Russell: World On The Edge Of A Catastrophic War

John Embry: Putin Is About To Unleash Terror On The West

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold & Silver May Be Setting Up To Crush The Shorts

Michael Lombardi: U.S. Economy to Enter Recession in Next 12 Months or Less

Mitchell Clark: Left, Right, and Center, This Rail Stock’s Making Money for Shareholders

Mark Melin: Paul Singer Warns Of Financial Collapse, Says Lobbyists Writing Law

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Firm Through April

Thibaut Lepouttre's Commodity Plays in a Sideways Market

GSW: Why The Silver Bear Market Is About To End

Gary Christenson: Precious Metals Complex Flashing Buy Signal

Theodore Butler: The World's Most Undervalued Asset

Steven Pearlstein: Warning signs of a credit market that could go pop soon

Gretchen Morgenson: From outside or in, the deck looks stacked

John Rubino: Why Housing Has Stalled — And Why Everything Else Will Follow

Harry Wilson: Banks to be tested on property market crash

Pam Martens and Russ Martens: Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator

Zero Hedge: Saxo Warns "Markets Are Drifting Into Dangerous Territory"

Zero Hedge: The Second Biggest Delusion In US Culture

Zero Hedge: Average Retirement Age In America Hits Record High

Zero Hedge: The Elephant In The Room: Deutsche Bank's $75 Trillion In Derivatives Is 20 Times Greater Than German GDP

Zero Hedge: These Are The Top Financial Concerns Of Ordinary Americans

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 28, 2014

Cold Fusion: LENR NASA Google Cafe Foundation and Asphalt

Cold Fusion: Piantelli Patent Filing Published for Improving LENR Process

Cold Fusion: Lithium: The Case for an E-Cat Catalyst [Updated: Piantelli Patent mentions Lithium]

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Prospects For Both From A Russian POV

Alex Green: Why Are Corporate Profits at All-time Highs?

Michael Keller: Advanced Concrete Means Little Maintenance For A Century

Henry Bonner: Success in Junior Miners – The Malartic and Eleonore Deposits

Eric Angeli: Most economists ignoring cracks in the system

Mark Hanson: $5k Suits Riding John Deere Lawnmowers Back To Wall Street: Phoenix Housing Demand Collapses

Frederick Sheehan: When Even The New York Times Understood Speculative Bubbles

David Stockman: How The Fed Ravaged The Main Street Housing Market, Again

Dave Gonigam: The Ultimate Win-Win

Bill Bonner: A New Manifesto for Building Wealth

Bill Bonner: Eating Brains in Argentina

Paul Mampilly: Don’t Miss The Biggest Biotech Market EVER!

Greg Guenthner: How Discount Brokers Can Boost Your Portfolio

Frank Holmes: Beat The Market Average… Six Times Over

Bud Conrad: The Dollar Under Siege

John Paulson: Puerto Rico is where the next major boom could start

Toby Connor: Stocks bubble phase: Gold capitulation follow up

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: World Monetary System On The Way To A New Gold Standard

Egon von Greyerz: Military Wars, Economic Wars, Currency Wars & $10,000 Gold

Rick Rule: Brand New “Smart Money” Now Betting On Gold & Silver Sector

John Ing: Global Financial War & Gold Headed To New All-Time Highs

Felix Zulauf - Financial System Trapped & Capital Controls Coming

Michael Pento: Man Censored On CNBC Says Gold Worth At Least $6,000 Today

Felix Zulauf: The World Monetary System Is Going To Collapse

James Anderson: Safe Deposit Boxes Are Not Safe for Silver & Gold Buyers

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Stock Bull Channel Analysis

GSW: Which Drivers Made Of China The World’s Largest Gold Market?

Eric Lam and Callie Bost: Traders Bet Silver Streak to End With Gold on Inflation

Peter Schiff: Reckless Fed may push gold to $5,000

Zero Hedge: 2,500 Years Of Financial Crises

Zero Hedge: Buy-And-Hold (And Lose For 10 Years?)

Zero Hedge: Someone Is Betting That The Chinese Currency Collapses By The End Of 2014?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 25, 2014

Cold Fusion: Nikkei Reports Mitsubishi to Use LENRs To Clean Nuclear Waste

Dave Gonigam: Beware the Summer Swoon

Matt Insley: The Price Floor That’s Key to Gold Mining Profits

Paul Mampilly: Why You Should Tune-Out the Talk of a Tech Bubble

David Eifrig: The Scariest Thing You Don’t Know About Generic Drugs

Greg Guenthner: An Unlikely Source of Dirt-Cheap Energy

Chris Wood: Made-to-Order Life Forms Delivered to Your Door?

Casey Research: Putin’s Secret Weapon – How Russia Could Take Down America Without Firing a Single Shot

Mitchell Demeter: Bitcoin Is Like the Internet

Dennis Miller: How to Manage a Money Crisis, Marine Corps Style

Dr. David Eifrig: My No. 1 Way to Reduce Interest-Rate Risk

Lee Adler: Some Recovery! Real Core Durable Goods Trend Still 12% Below Prior Peak

Andrew Moran: Americans facing a retirement crisis

Jeff Clark: Two Sectors to Short in This Bounce

Michael Pento: Fed Strategy To End In Disaster & Turmoil

Richard Russell: Outrageous Lies Being Told To Americans

Keith Barron: This Will Cause A Massive & Historic Spike In Gold & Silver

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold & silver stocks begin oversold bounce

Marin Katusa: the Putinization of resources

Mitchell Clark: HOG Making Strong Comeback

Michael Lombardi: Why the Stock Market Just Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

Wolf Richter: This Chart Is A True Picture of The Bank Credit Bubble In America, Now Bigger Than The Last One (Which Blew Up)

Wolf Richter: Biggest Credit Bubble in History Runs Out Of Time

Przemyslaw Radomski: Gold & Silver Trading Alert: Miners Outperform Once Again

Malcolm Shaw: Nevada Sunrise Wakes Up To The Smell Of Big Gold At Kinsley Mountain

Gold Miner Oscillator: GIMBO Signaling BUY

Andrew Coleman Wants to Know if You Are Ready for the Global Oil Surplus

Charles Duncan: 2014 Is for Careful Stock Pickers, Not Dart Throwers

The Burning Platform: Don’t Cry For Me, America

Lance Roberts: Economists Stunned By Housing Fade, But I Told You So

Safeway Will Raise Prices to Cover Higher Meat, Produce Costs

Gerold's Blog: Demography + Debt = Doom

Steve St. Angelo: U.S. Exports A Record Amount Of Gold To Hong Kong In January

Zero Hedge: Bank Of England Chief Economist-To-Be Warns: "It's Time To Rethink Everything"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 24, 2014

Cold Fusion: CHP and its Future With CF/LENR

Cold Fusion: LENR Patent Filed by Former Motorola Researcher, Others

Dave Gonigam: Poison Pills and Baby Bubbles

Bill Bonner: Take This Away and the US Stock Market Crashes

Addison Wiggin: One ETF to Play Asymmetric Warfare

Henry Bonner: The Battle for Osisko Mining: A Good Sign for the Gold Mining Sector?

David Stockman: This Is Crazy! Current Leveraged Recap Binge Is Clone Of 2007 Mania

John Mauldin: Hoisington Investment Management – Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2014

Jeffrey P. Snider: Fed Money Printers At Work: March Y/Y New Home Sales Down 12%

Daily Bell: Focus on the Inflation, Not the Keynesian Argumentation

Greg Guenthner: What Small-Caps are Saying About the Current “Bubble”

Nick Giambruno: Penning the Sheep for a Shearing—Capital Controls, Part 2

Doug French: Forgotten Sadomonetarists

Dr. David Eifrig: What You NEED to Know About Rising Interest Rates

Michael Snyder: Exactly Like 7 Years Ago? 2014 Is Turning Out To Be Eerily Similar To 2007

Grant Williams: West Hemorrhaging Gold But Here’s Its True Achilles’ Heel

James Turk: Western Central Banks To Run Out Of Gold This Year

Art Cashin: Fed’s Plan To Use Stocks To Boost U.S. Economy Has Failed

Grant Williams: Collapse Of Western Ponzi Scheme To Send Gold Skyrocketing

Michael Lombardi: Dead-Cat Bounce Over for the Housing Market?

Mitchell Clark: Business Conditions Soft? Not for These Two Companies

JB McMunn, M.D.: Perils and Pitfalls of Corporatized Medicine

Bhanu Shandilya: That Atrocious Deflation Monster

Wolf Richter: Fed’s Wealth Effect

Prepared for the Attack of the Short Sellers: Joe Reagor

Kip Keen: Platinum strike: No agreement yet, but talks continue

Shivom Seth: Chorus to lower gold curbs grow louder in India

GSW: Gold Sentiment Reaching Key Level

Jeff Nielson: The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part I

Christian Veit: World finally waking up to reality that lowering interest rates doesn’t fight deflation, it causes deflation

Matt Levine: Lawyers Sue Stock Market for Being Rigged

Christian Reiermann and Anne Seith: ECB Considers Possible Deflation Measures

Charles Hugh-Smith: This Is How Empires Collapse

Gail Tverberg: Eight Energy Myths Explained

Zero Hedge: Biogen Stock Rallies After Admitting Feds Probing "Sales & Promotional Practices"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 23, 2014

Cold Fusion: Electricity from Graphene and Water

Dave Gonigam: Shareholders Kick Down the Gates

Bill Bonner: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Alive and Well

Byron King: A Simple Strategy for Investing in the US Energy Boom

Jamie Hopkins: New and Unexpected Ways to Fund Long-Term Care Expenses

Greg Guenthner: Beware the Barrage of New Tech IPOs

Marin Katusa: America’s Pipe Dreams: Hollywood vs. Buffett

Nick Giambruno: Puerto Rico Is the Only Way to Escape US Taxes

Outrageous new law could be terrible news for air travelers

Michael Snyder: The Middle Class In Canada Is Now Doing Better Than The Middle Class In America

Andrew Moran: Americans enjoy saving instead of spending – but are they putting money aside?

Gary Savage – Tue 22 Apr, 2014

Jeff Clark: Watch Out for This "Sell" Signal

Richard Russell: The Dollar Will Crash In A Matter Of Months

Stephen Leeb: “Axis Of Power” As Countries Move To Link Currencies To Gold

Jeffrey Saut: Massive Volcanic Eruptions Wreaking Havoc On The World

KWN: Presenting The Massive Tech Bubble In One Astounding Chart

Mitchell Clark: Market Dynamics Changing; Where’s the Upside for Investors?

Michael Lombardi: The Economy: What Will Break the Camel’s Back This Year

Wolf Richter: America And Oil: This Chart Shows Why OPEC’s Knees Are Trembling

Michael J. Kosares: Press’ anti-gold scare tactics largely ineffective

Bob Moriarty: Now Drilling for Oil in Texas

Night of the Living Dead Miners: Rare Earth 'Zombies' Attack the ASX and TSX

Do the Math: Ram Selvaraju on the Appeal of Biotechs in Orphan Diseases

Gregor Macdonald: When Every Country Wants to Sell, Who Buys?

David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy: The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

Martin Armstrong: UK Hunting the Rich

Andrew Henderson: US dollars down 72% vs. the price of bananas

David Stockman: America’s Housing Fiasco Is On You, Alan Greenspan

Michael Krieger: Mortgage Standards Are Plunging – It’s Muppet Fleecing Time All Over Again

Gary Christenson: Silver About To Move Higher and S&P Lower

Zero Hedge: Here Comes The Next Great Rotation: Out Of Stocks And Into Bonds

Zero Hedge: The Fat Crisis

Zero Hedge: Existing Home Sales Drop To Lowest Since July 2012; All-Cash Buyers, Investors Are 50% Of March Transactions

Zero Hedge: "We Are Witnessing Our Second Tech Bubble In 15 Years"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 22, 2014

Cold Fusion: The Industrial Heat Web of Connections includes GE, Others

Dave Gonigam: Flash Trades and Trash Indicators

Bill Bonner: Send Our Troops to Ukraine?

Greg Guenthner: The Return of Cheap Energy

Joseph Cafariello: Investing in the Original Amazon

Henry Bonner: Why Rick Rule Says ‘Anti-gold Investors Will be Destroyed’

Simon Black: Fed is distorting markets

Chris Mayer: How to Grow Your Wealth by 60% Overnight

Wayne Mulligan: A $10 Billion Company that’s Actually Undervalued

Laurynas Vegys: A Crisis vs. THE Crisis: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Jeff Thomas: When in Rome

Chuck Butler: John Williams Says U.S. Economy Is Headed Down

David Stockman: Rudolf Havenstein Draghi Speaks: Debt Default Is Our Aim; Hidden Wage Depreciation Is Our Means

Michael Krieger: Boom—-So Its Now 3% Down And Muppet Fleecing Time All Over Again

Andrew Moran: Government wants your money – Property tax collections on the rise

Gary Savage – Mon 21 Apr, 2014

Egon von Greyerz: A Bankrupt World, $26,000 Gold & The Destruction Of Wealth

James Turk: Gold Market Now Seeing Deepest Backwardation In 8 Months!

Jan Skoyles: What’s going on with silver?

Bob Moriarty: Leverage to Gold in Mexico

Denaliguide: Gold Miner Oscillator: By What Measure?

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Passes The Test ... Barely

Willem Middelkoop and Terence van der Hout: Turnaround Stories Revolve Around Proven Management

GSW: Silver Miners Have Been Exploited For Generations By The Pilgrims Society

Rudy J. Fritsch: Only A Widespread Understanding Of Money And Credit Will Change Our System

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Continues To Drain From The Shanghai Futures Exchange

PressTV: US dollar dying as tensions over Ukraine heat up: Analyst

Arabian Money: Why China is a positive and not a negative for the gold price going forward

Susan Jones: 14% of Americans Couldn't Last a Week Financially If They Lost Job

Charles Hugh Smith: Technology Is Deflationary

Lance Roberts: The Earnings Season: "House Of Cards"

Zero Hedge: China Goes Dark: PBOC To Keep Goldbugs Clueless About Its Gold Buying Spree

Zero Hedge: It's Impossible To Work Your Way Through College Nowadays

Zero Hedge: How China's Commodity-Financing Bubble Becomes Globally Contagious

Zero Hedge: Retail Store Closures Soar In 2014: At Highest Pace Since Lehman Collapse

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 21, 2014

Cold Fusion: First Book about Andrea Rossi and Ecat Published

Cold Fusion: Tom Darden of Cherokee/Industrial Heat Files Patent for Microgrid System

Cold Fusion: Private LENR R&D requires permit in Germany?

Chris Campbell: Beating the Flash Boys

Bill Bonner: What to Do When the “Empire of Debt” Crumbles

Mac Slavo: This Chart Shows Us How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Flashing Red Warning”

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Gann, Cardnial Grand Cross, A Mousetrap, And Wrong Expectations

Matthew Milner: 6 Reasons You’ll Love Being a Late-Stage Investor

Kate Incontrera: How to Predict an Economic Collapse

Mike Leahy: Why Heartbleed Will Change the Internet as You Know It

Matt Insley: Big Opportunity in the “Baby Bakken” Oil Field

Dan Steinhart: How to Invest in China’s Middle-Class Boom… on the Nasdaq

Adam J. Crawford: How to Invest in the Great Upgrade

Jayant Bhandari: Getting the Best Rates on Currency Conversions

Chris Mayer: A Triumph of Lethargy and Sloth

America’s Wal-Mart Economy: Checks Clear At Midnight; Savings Wiped-Out By One Emergency

Mark Hanson: Its Back Again—Housing Stimulus Hangover!

Michael Snyder: Are You Ready For The Price Of Food To More Than Double By The End Of This Decade?

Michael Snyder: Two More Victims Of The Retail Apocalypse: Family Dollar And Coldwater Creek

Gary Savage – Fri 18 Apr, 2014

Porter Stansberry: A major stock correction is headed our way

Robert Fitzwilson: Shocking Events Rapidly Unfolding Around The World

Ronald Stoferle: Two Of The Most Remarkable Charts We’ve Seen This Year

Victor Sperandeo: The Catastrophic End Game & Skyrocketing Gold Prices

Victor Sperandeo: Legend Who Predicted 1987 Crash Warns “This Will End Badly”

Dennis Miller: 10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement

Peter Vogel: Gold & Silver Triggers

John Browne: Investors Should Not Ignore Frightful Geopolitics

Daniel R. Amerman, CFA: Bail-Ins & Real Assets vs Liability-Based Assets

Steve St. Angelo: The Dark Side Of The Silver Mining Industry

Tim Price: Monetarist Madness!

Zero Hedge: Everything We Are Told About Deflation Is A Lie

Zero Hedge: The Secret World Of Gold

Zero Hedge: Barclays Latest To Exit Commodity Trading, Layoff Several Thousand Staff

Zero Hedge: US Gas Will Never Replace Russian Gas For Europe

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 18, 2014

Cold Fusion: LENR — ‘A Dragon With Many Tails’

Chris Campbell: Beating the Flash Boys

Bill Bonner: What Do Janet Yellen and Yuri Geller Have in Common?

Kate Incontrera: How a Toy Robot Upended the Aerospace Industry

Loren Heal: The Only Solution for the Obamacare Problem

Greg Guenthner: Huge Gains From Smart Money With No Sex Appeal

Bill Bonner: Investing the Family Money on Planet Debt

Alex Daley: Value Investing Is Dead; Long Live Compelling Values

Dennis Miller: Is It Time to Hide Your Money in a Mattress?

Michael Snyder: Two More Victims Of The Retail Apocalypse: Family Dollar And Coldwater Creek

John Browne: Investors Ignore Frightful Geopolitics

Jeff Clark: Our Silver Indicator Is Flashing "Buy"

KWN: One Of The Greatest Opportunities In More Than A Decade

Richard Russell: Silver & The Greatest Mistake My Father Made

Keith Barron: The Elites Fear What Will Crash The Global Financial System

Art Cashin: Unprecedented $5 Trillion Liquidity Monster To Be Unleashed?

Mitchell Clark: My Top Company for Income and Capital Gains

Michael Lombardi: One in Five Companies Warning on Earnings?

Bob Moriarty: Coup in Nevada

Do You Practice Quality of Life Investing? Michael Berry Does

Four Hidden Australian Life Sciences Growth Stocks Revealed: Scott Power

Build Biotech Wealth on Solid Platforms: Grant Zeng

James G. Rickards – Death of Money: Coming to a Central Bank Near You

David Morgan Interview on Silver Market, Silver Price Manipulation and the Coming Global Monetary Reset

IRD: Several Factors Suggest A Big Move Is Coming For Gold

Brittany Stepniak: Gold's Going to Go Ballistic, Silver Too

Michael Snyder: 18 Stats That Prove That Government Dependence Has Reached Epidemic Levels

Dan Weil: Living Standards Will Suffer as Food Prices Surge

Charles Hugh-Smith: It's Time to Ditch the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

David Stockman: Stock Buyback Machine On Steroids

Emma Thomson: How Silver is Making a Slow Recovery in 2014

Ayanda Mdluli: Platinum producers capitulate on union pay demand

Brian Hicks: Atmospheric Satellite Technology

Paul Benson: Investing in Sustainable Agriculture

Zero Hedge: The Great Stock Buyback Craze Is Finally Ending

Zero Hedge: If The Smart Money Is Selling, Who's Buying?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 17, 2014

Cold Fusion: If LENR Works What Happens to Solar Power?

Cold Fusion: The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion Update

David Stockman: How a Central Bank Really Shapes the Economy

John Rubino: High Frequency Trading: An Aid to Economic Collapse

Kate Incontrera: The Art of Central Banking

Simon Black: The richest man in Asia is selling everything in China

Will We Have Enough New Mines? -- Richard Schodde

Frederick Sheehan: The Biotech Bloodbath

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Q1 Home Mortgage Crash

David Stockman: Why Crony Capitalist Brats Make Me ILL

Dave Gonigam: Whatever Happens, Don’t Call it Fraud

Matthew Milner: 3 Reasons Money is Leaving the Market… and Where it’s Headed

Greg Guenthner: How to Avoid an IPO Nightmare

Dan Amoss: Let Chinese Taxpayers Pad Your Wallet

Doug Casey’s Coming Super-Bubble

Dan Steinhart: Margins, Multiples, and the Iron Law of Valuation

Jeff Deist: “The Entire Banking and Money System Is Broken”

Dr. David Eifrig: Use This Simple Idea Today for Safe, Steady Income

Peter Schiff vs. Paul Krake: A battle over gold, inflation and QE

John Mauldin: Dare to Be Great II

Gerald Celente - The Vampire Squid, Gold & The Global Ponzi Scheme

Rick Rule: Crisis, Gold & An Incredible Opportunity No One Is Looking At

Grant Williams - Remarkable Roadmap From $5,000 To $20,000 Gold

Paul Craig Roberts - Is Belgium Part Of A U.S. Scheme?

Mitchell Clark: Why Economic Growth Doesn’t Guarantee Rising Share Prices

Michael Lombardi: Why My Coffee Is Costing So Much More This Year

Salman Partners' Raymond Goldie: Copper Is Pathological and Suffers from SAD, but It Has Value

Four Hidden Australian Life Sciences Growth Stocks Revealed: Scott Power

Oil Glut Shifts From Midwest To Gulf Coast, Inventories Highest Since 2001

Jim Willie: Glaring Q.E. Failure Spotted

Zero Hedge: Housing Starts, Permits Miss As Rental Euphoria Fizzles

Zero Hedge: The "Housing Recovery" Is Complete: Major US Banks' Mortgage Originations Tumble To Record Low

Zero Hedge: Is The Fed Fabricating Loan Creation Data?

Zero Hedge: About That "Strong" March Retail Sales "Bounce": Good Thing Summer's Coming!

Zero Hedge: GM Seeks Immunity From Lawsuits Due To Bankruptcy

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 16, 2014

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Watch Thread

Cold Fusion: Samsung Announces Breakthrough in Graphene Production

Dave Gonigam: One-Day Wonders

Bill Bonner: [Warning] How NOT to Run Your Business

Chris Mayer: A Simple Way to Sidestep High-Frequency Traders

David Stockman: Thanks For The $3.5 Trillion of QE! Q1 Mortgage Volumes Drop To 17-Year Low

Wendy McElroy: Why the Feds Want to Cripple Home Businesses

Greg Guenthner: 14 Firms to Watch Based on Friday’s Jobs Report

Marin Katusa: The Most-Bought Stock by Insiders on the TSX-V?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Sector Due for a Crash

Andrew Moran: Former Obama adviser wants to make retirement savings mandatory

Gary Savage – Tue 15 Apr, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts Warns U.S. Now Close To Total Collapse

Stephen Leeb: Gold & Silver Smashed As Incredible Events Unfold In Europe

Art Cashin: The Reason Gold, Silver & Commodities Are Getting Smashed

CEO.CA: Potential copper fortunes under cover next to Arizona’s largest open pits

Jeff Clark: Why I'm Buying Stocks This Week

Mitchell Clark: My Top Energy Pick with Market-Defying Momentum

Michael Lombardi: Why the Chances of a Total Collapse in Stock Prices Are Increasing

Charles Hugh Smith: The Alienation of Work

Yogi Patel: Flowing salt water over graphene generates electricity

Bob Moriarty: Arizona Copper Alternatives

Stewart Thomson: Gold Crash Anniversary Day

Brian Sylvester: Three Key Metrics to Identify a Superstar Investment

GE Christenson: Silver, Gold, and What Could Go Wrong

Darryl Robert Schoon: The Real Purpose of QE Is Not Employment

Steve Saville: US Monetary Inflation Slowdown

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Silver and Miners Still Disappoint

GSW: Is Silver In A Bull Or Bear Market?

Antal E. Fekete: Thank Heaven For Gold Manipulators

Jesse's Café Américain: Why Gold? 85% of Pension Funds Will Go Bust in 30 Years

Julie McCarthy: A Gold Obsession Pays Dividends For Indian Women

Zero Hedge: Soaring Food Inflation Full Frontal: Beef, Pork And Shrimp Prices Soar To Record Highs

Zero Hedge: The US Economy In Pictures

Zero Hedge: Japan To Downgrade Economic Assessment In April, So More BOJ QE Right? (Spoiler Alert: No)

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 15, 2014

Cold Fusion: Lithium: The Case for an E-Cat Catalyst (Guest Post)

Dave Gonigam: The Porsche Profit Catalyst

Bill Bonner: US Stocks Are 50% Overvalued… It’s Time to Get Out

Robert Laura: The 2 Most Important Words for any Retirement Business

Greg Guenthner: This is Not a Stock Market Correction

Louis James: How I Intend to Survive the Meltdown of America

Jeff Thomas: The Future of Countries

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Selling Biotech: How We're Locking in Big Gains

David Stockman: When The Fed’s Refi Madness Ended—Bank Mortgage Profits Evaporated

Marc Faber: 1987-style stock market crash will occur next year

Amber Lee Mason: Shocking Advice from a Newsletter Publisher

John Embry: The End Game Will Be Disastrous For The U.S. & The West

Richard Russell - The Cheapest Thing On The Planet Is Silver

James Turk: Comex Casino Lies & Silver Skyrocketing To New All-Time High

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Drives The World To War

Joshua Brown: On the road to riches and diamond rings…

Wolf Richter: What Happens When ‘All Assets Have Become Too Expensive?’

When the Major Equity Market Bubble Crashes, Michael Berry Will Take Refuge in These Gold Stocks

Chris Mullen: Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Gain With Stocks and Dollar

Chris Powell: New York Fed contradicts its former vice president about gold accounts

Hubert Moolman: Silver's Ultimate Rally: When Paper Assets Collapse

GSW: Palladium Price Set To Go Higher On Supply Shortage

Jim Rickards: Money Printing Will Destroy Confidence At Some Point

Steve St. Angelo: Top Silver Supply Figures & Forecasts Are Incorrect

Charles Hugh Smith: How To Get a Job Despite the Economy

Christopher Whalen: The death of mortgage lending

Dumping the Dollar: Russian oil firm Gazprom Neft says Asian buyers willing to use euros

Sumit Roy: Tight Supplies & Surging Demand Fuel Stealth Rally In Palladium

Martin Armstrong: It’s Not the Rich – It’s The Total Cost of Gov’t That is Killing the Economy

Zero Hedge: Commodity-Backed Currencies? China Buys Huge Copper Mine; Russia Onshores Largest Gold Miner

Zero Hedge: Flashing Red Warning: Q1 Earnings Growth Plunges To Lowest Since 2012

Zero Hedge: Do You Belong In The Stock Market?

Zero Hedge: Copper Is On The Edge, Says BofA

Zero Hedge: "Death Spiral" - Harvard Professor Predicts Up To Half Of US Universities May Fail In 15 Years

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 14, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi: ‘Same’ Independent Party Making Very ‘Conservative’ Work

Cold Fusion: “A Never Die Battery” from Steorn?

Cold Fusion: Update from Alan Smith on ECW HHO Experiment

Cold Fusion: E-Cat ‘Reliability has been Reached’

Cold Fusion: Third Party E-Cat Test Taking Place in Neutral Venue — Not in Italy or USA

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – 2014 Coud Be A Yawner; Be Prepared For A Weekend Surprise

Dave Gonigam: The News and the Noise

Bill Bonner: The Fed’s Childishly Naïve Theory of Credit

Bill Bonner: The Surest Way to Build Lasting Wealth I Know

Richard Daughty: Investment Solutions in an Age of Monetary Madness

Wayne Mulligan: Public Entrance into the Private Equity Market

Greg Guenthner: An Investment Plan for the Growth Stock Fallout

Frank Holmes: The Gold Market’s Big First Quarter Surprise

Dan Steinhart: Debt: Destroyer of Lives, Businesses, and Countries

Terry Coxon: Listening to the Canary

Kevin Brekke: Taxation and Trading on Foreign Markets

David Stockman: The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles Is Beginning To Crack

John Mauldin: Every Central Bank for Itself

William Kaye: The Secret That Has U.S. & Western Leaders Truly Terrified

Robert Fitzwilson: Alarming Secrets US & Saudi Arabia Are Hiding From The World

John Ing: China’s Massive Gold Hoard & Global Flight From The Dollar

Michael Pento: The End Game For The United States Will Be Catastrophic

Paul Craig Roberts - Why This Collapse Will Be So Horrific

John Hathaway: Remarkable Events Taking Place As The War In Gold Heats Up

Paul Craig Roberts - 2014 Will Be Year Of Reckoning For U.S.

Egon von Greyerz: Global Implosion & Why The IMF Just Lied To The Entire World

Michael Lombardi: Auto Sales: Example of How U.S. Growth Is a Mirage

Wolf Richter: “It’s not a bubble,” Retail Investors Are Told As The Smart Money Bails Out

Terry Coxon: Meltdown America: Consequences of Economic Mismanagement

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: More Weakness Ahead for Precious Metals

Bob Moriarty: Striking Gold in the Bakken

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold's First Big Test In 2014

Jason Hamlin: Gold Preparing to Launch as U.S. Dollar Drops to Key Support

GSW: Contrarian Value Investors Are Taking Large Positions In Gold And Miners

Andrew Hoffman: Battlefield $20 Silver

Dorothy Kosich: U.S. mined silver output continues to fall - USGS

Lawrence Williams: Silver being left behind in latest gold price surge – but don’t despair!

Jeff Nielson: The West’s Slow-Motion Collapse

Jason Simpkins: The Fed's Bailout Balloon Is About to Pop

Zero Hedge: Beta Earthquake

Zero Hedge: "The Next America" - Two Dramas In Slow Motion

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 11, 2014

Cold Fusion: Michio Kaku informed on new developments in cold fusion

Cold Fusion: “An Impossible Invention” review by Brian Josephson

Cold Fusion: Baby With the Bathwater: The Wrongful Rejection of Cold Fusion — Part I

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Third Party E-Cat Test Taking Place in Neutral Venue — Not in Italy or USA

Cold Fusion: Update from Alan Smith on ECW HHO Experiment

Cold Fusion: Waiting for the Cat to Roar

‘Liquids-Rich’ North American Natural Gas Will Attract Capital: Alan Tambosso

Daily Bell: The Marketplace: Emotion Versus Education

Wendy McElroy: The Economic Abomination of Accredited Investors

Dave Gonigam: Bust, Bailout… and Boom

Bill Bonner: How to Survive at 9,000 Feet Above Sea Level

Rick Pearson: A Contrarian Play on One of the World’s “Safest” Stocks

Wayne Mulligan: A Shocking Startup Strategy No One Knows About

Joseph Ratliff: One Big Problem with the Rapid Growth of Technology

Greg Guenthner: Crude to the Rescue: How $100 Oil Helps the Market

Greg Canavan: The Path Of Real Money and Wealth

Vern Gowdie: Warren Buffett On Passive Index Investing

Adam J. Crawford: The Internet’s Next Frontier

Dennis Miller: Financial Freedom Starts Here

John Browne: Chinese Checkers with Gold Prices

Jeff Clark: This is How to Short a Canary

Art Cashin: Critical Metric Is Now Over 1,000 Times Higher Than Normal!

Jean-Marie Eveillard: U.S. Gold Gone & What 52 Years In This Business Taught Me

William Kaye: Gold Delivery Strains Reappear & What Might Destroy COMEX

Michael Lombardi: Movie Tickets and New Homes: Why They Are Both in Trouble

Chris Martenson: The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold

Keith Weiner: Gold and Silver Speculation

Russia Invaded Crimea and These US Energy Companies Made a Killing: Stansberry Research's Matt Badiali Shares O&G Investing Strategies

Don't Miss the Boat on Big Biotech Catalysts: Keith Markey

Hang On, Folks—It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride: 2014 Biotech Watchlist Update

Jeremy Warner: The world economy may well be stuck in neutral for years

Zero Hedge: No, It's Not A "Stock Picker's Market", Whatever That Means

Zero Hedge: Massive Volume Just Slammed Stocks To The Downside As Biotechs Hit Bear Market

Zero Hedge: The US Consumer Is So Strong, Family Dollar Is Closing 370 Stores

Zero Hedge: Santelli Slams "Don't Ignore The Long-End... Recessionary Pressures Are Building"

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber Warns "The Market Is Waking Up To How Clueless The Fed Is"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 10, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Extent of Testing and Review

Cold Fusion: Brian Ahern Joins the MFMP Team

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Digest -- April 9, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Bleeding Hearts Club

Bill Bonner: Why Our “Elastic” Money System Is Doomed to Fail

Byron King: Big Winners from the Russia-Crimea Fallout

Rick Pearson: One Market to Avoid Like the Plague in April

Kate Incontrera: There’s Only One Way Out of a Financial Hole

Wayne Mulligan: How to Make 900% Returns in Less than 12 Months

Greg Guenthner: Get Your Hands on Some Dirty, Sexy Money

Douglas French: An Economic Theory that Leads to Smart Investing

Doug French: Invest in What’s Really Important

Peter Schiff Goes to Puerto Rico

Chris Martenson: “Oil’s not cheap anymore, and it will never be cheap again”

Dr. David Eifrig: Stocks Are Down... And This Great Income Stream Keeps Flowing

Jeffrey P. Snider: The ECB Boiler Room At Work: Today’s Pump & Dump Special Comes With Greek Mythology Attached

Michael Snyder: 16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse

Peter Schiff: Warmer weather still sending chills in jobs numbers

Gary Savage – Wed 9 Apr, 2014

John Mauldin: Risk On, Regardless

Agnico CEO: Stunning Reasons Gold To Smash Through $2,000

KWN: Shocking Charts Show Silver Set For A Staggering $70 Surge

Rick Rule: Silver & A Golden Opportunity For Investors

Gerald Celente - This Disastrous Event Is Going To Shock The World

Brian Weepie: How to Profit from the "Shift" in U.S. Oil Production

Michael Lombardi, MBA: One-Third of S&P 500 Companies Report No Revenue Growth

NBT: Gold and the Ideal Buy Point

Frank Holmes: What’s Abuzz About Gold?

Tim W. Wood: Dow Theory Update

Kevin Michael Grace: Are You Prepared for a Bull Market that Will Shock Even the Most Ardent Goldbugs?

Bob Moriarty – Wed 9 Apr, 2014

Zero Hedge: Fed Cat Bounce

Zero Hedge: US Households To Withdraw $430 Billion From Stocks In 2014 - Most Since Last Bubble

Zero Hedge: Dare To Look Wrong, It's Not Supposed To Be Easy

Zero Hedge: The Richest Rich Have Never Been Richer Than The Rest Of Us

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 9, 2014

Cold Fusion: U.S. Navy Announces Achievement of Converting Seawater to Fuel

Dave Gonigam: Laughing at the New Cold War

Bill Bonner: How to Prepare for the End of the Credit Bubble

David Stockman: A Way to Survive the World’s Next Debt Bubble

Greg Guenthner: Bullish Indicators from a Forgotten Market Sector

Greg Canavan: How to Protect Your Money from the Whims of Central Bankers

Bengt Saelensminde: Apple Will Lose the Smartphone Wars

Marin Katusa: Putin’s Wrath Can Be Your Gain

Lawrence Williams: Gold manipulation – ex US Treasury top gun tells us how and why

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Viagra Cycle in Florida

Michael Snyder: 16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse

Jeff Clark: Where to Find the Best Trades in the Oil Sector Today

John Mauldin: The Lions in the Grass, Revisited

Stephen Leeb: Collapse Of The United States & A New Economic World Order

Richard Russell - Silver & The Nastiest Stock Market In History

Michael Lombardi: Will the U.S. Escape the Rapid Inflation That Usually Follows Massive Money Printing?

John Daly: DOJ Extracts $5.15 Billion Settlement from Anadarko

Stewart Thomson: Gold Surges & Dow Swoons

Gold Miner Oscillator: Get Ready for a MOVE!

Some Kind of Financial Calamity Is Inevitable: Jim Rickards, Author, The Death Of Money

CEO Technician: The Market is Sending Ominous Signals

Zachary Schumacher's 'State of the Rare Earths' Address

Clif Droke: How will gold respond to global deflation?

Hubert Moolman: Monetary Collapse and Silver's Not So Orderly Rise

Dennis Miller: Learn to Trust Your Own Financial Judgment

Monetary Insurance: Protect With Physical Silver Against The Financial Winter

Steve St. Angelo: Real U.S. Silver Money Would Consume Nearly Half Of Total Mine Supply

Nick Beams: IMF Report: No End to Economic Breakdown

Zero Hedge: Investing In A Pretend Recovery

Zero Hedge: Retiring SEC Lawyer Crucifies His Employer: "It's A Cancer" Working On Behalf Of The "Bankster Turnpike"

Zero Hedge: Profit Margins And Stock Market Reversions

Zero Hedge: Baseball, Hot Dogs And Income Inequality

Zero Hedge: More Americans Go Hungry Than All But 2 European Nations

Zero Hedge: 40 Central Banks Are Betting This Will Be The Next Reserve Currency

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 8, 2014

Cold Fusion: New LENR Process Unveiled

Cold Fusion: Commercial Developments presented at 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Conference

Cold Fusion: New Jersey’s Blacklight Power Goes for Gold

Dave Gonigam: A Correction? What’s That?!

Bill Bonner: Can the “Thin Air” Economy Keep Going?

Dan Amoss: The Industry that China is Quietly Killing

Stephen Petranek: 7 Profit Opportunities that Will Change the Future

Greg Guenthner: Key Ingredients for a Market Correction

Greg Canavan: Family Wealth Management is More Than Making Money

Louis James & Jeff Clark: Profiting from History: These Pioneers Turn Crisis into Opportunity

Jeff Thomas: The Next Best Thing

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What I Told My Paid Subscribers to Buy This Month

Michael Snyder: What In The World Is Happening To The Nasdaq?

Andrew Moran: Inflation rate exceeding 50% in Venezuela

Toby Connor: Final Bubble phase for the Stock Market - Final Capitulation for Gold

Robert Fitzwilson: Totally Corrupt West & A Possible Kill Shot On The Dollar

James Turk: Record-Breaking Gold Backwardation Shocking Banks & Shorts

John Embry: This Is Horrifying For The West & Will Bring The US To Its Knees

Mitchell Clark: Why These Four Rail Picks Are on My Radar

Michael Lombardi, MBA: The Truth Behind Friday’s Jobs Market Report

Wolf Richter: Hot Air Hisses Out Of Housing Bubble 2.0: Even Two Middle-Class Incomes Aren’t Enough Anymore To Buy A Median Home

Charles Hugh Smith: And the Next Big Thing Is ... Degrowth?

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold: What A Difference A Year Makes

Tommy Humphreys: Could IR save Calgary’s junior oil patch?

Ted Dixon: What Gold Stock Insider Trading Tells Us

GSW: The Real Reason Why Platinum And Palladium Prices Will Rise

RT: Lawmakers call on oil and gas producers to ditch ‘dirty, bloody dollar’

Matthias Chang: The Global Financial Tsunami End Game: The Petro-Dollar Regime is Finished?

Jim Quinn: Welcome To Terminus

James H. Kunstler: Forward Guidance

Zero Hedge: Stock Selling Continues as Biotechs Near Bear-Market (Negative Year-To-Date)

Zero Hedge: Mortgage Originations Plunge To Lowest On Record

Zero Hedge: 98% Of All Consumer Credit In Past Year Was Student And Car Loans

Zero Hedge: Chinese Trust Products Sound Great (Just Don't Ask Questions)

Zero Hedge: The Father Of High Speed Trading Speaks: "The Market We Created Is A Casino; A Complete Mess; A Rigged Game"

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 7, 2014

Cold Fusion: Miniaturized E-Cat Reactors

Cold Fusion: Wild Speculation

Cold Fusion: Interview With Mats Lewan

Cold Fusion: Blacklight announces sustained production of enormous electrical power from water

Rick Rule: Platinum, Palladium Supply Squeeze Will Turn Ugly

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Power Of Elites More Important Than China’s Gold

John Mauldin: The Lions in the Grass, Revisited

Frederick Sheehan: The Fed’s Liquidity Plumbing System: How Bubbles Inflate

Anthony Wile: Meme of Market Moves Is Powerful Directed History

Mike Mish Shedlock: The Fed’s Serial Bubble Machine At Work: How Millennials Are Being Buried Financially

Doug Casey: The Continuing Debasement of Money, Language and Banking in the Modern Age

Dave Gonigam: How to Fight Enemies Everywhere

Bill Bonner: Debunking the Fed’s Credit Propaganda

Chris Mayer: Why Central Bankers Struggle to Stimulate Growth

Matt Insley: It’s Not Too Late to Profit from the US Shale Gale

Nick Hubble: Why there is at least One More Stock Market Crash Coming

Callum Newman: How to Find Out Where We Are in the Property Cycle

Ernie Tremblay: Finding the Blockbuster That Will Make You Rich

Dan Steinhart: What’s Your Bank Doing with Your Money?

Chris Martenson: The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold

Michael Snyder: This Is What Employment In America Really Looks Like…

Marc Faber: Fed is source of all bubbles, will burst in three years

Korelin Economics Report: Gary Savage – Fri 4 Apr, 2014

KWN: Despite Pullback, Gold May Be Set For Remarkable 177% Surge

Egon von Greyerz: Terrifying Worldwide Meltdown To Devastate The Entire Globe

Michael Pento: Coming Mega-Chaos To Dwarf The Terror Of 2008 Collapse

KWN: The Shocking Moves Marc Faber Is Making With His Money

Egon von Greyerz: $12,000 Gold, $50,000 Gold & The Trade Of The Decade

Marc Faber: The Horrific Plan Of The Elites & The Crooked IMF

Michael Lombardi, MBA: Why the Fed Will Have to Get Back into the Paper Money Printing Business Soon

Mitchell Clark: The Only Company That Will Have a Really Good Year in 2014

Adam HamiltonL Contrarian Gold Stocks 4

Peter Schiff: Meet "Lowflation": Deflation's Scary Pal

CEO Technician: The ECB is on the Cusp

David Stringer: Drones Join Robots in High-Tech Future for Risky Mines

Zero Hedge: 1 In 3 Homes Are Unaffordable, But Vacation-Home Sales Are Soaring

Zero Hedge: As The Hedge Fund Slaughter Continues, Here Is Who Is Unwinding And What Stocks To Watch

Zero Hedge: The Ongoing Inflation Of The Higher Education Bubble

Zero Hedge: High Frequency Trading: All You Need To Know

Zero Hedge: The Day That BTFD Failed

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 4, 2014

Cold Fusion: Shhh! New Energy Breakthrough Is Quietly Powering Up

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Test Completed, Results ‘Remarkable’

Cold Fusion: Video of Tom Wind’s Univ. of Northen Iowa Lecture on LEN Posted

Dave Gonigam: A Lucrative Play from 1998 — Available Once Again

Bill Bonner: Civilization Will Not Survive

David Stockman: Yellen’s Dog Is Eating Homework Congress Didn’t Even Assign

Greg Guenthner: Profit Potential from the Robot Invasion

Richard Duncan: Excess Liquidity Keeps the Global Economy Afloat

Dave Gonigam: Energy Stocks Reach Bargain Basement Prices

Stephen Petranek: The “Black Sheep” of the Medical-Tech Revolution

Callum Newman: If US Power Doesn’t Truly Dominate the World Today, Who Does?

Chris Wood: Microfluidics: The Most Important Advancement in Biology You May Have Never Heard Of

Alex Daley: Pocket Enormous Tax Savings in Puerto Rico…

Dennis Miller: Finding Junk Bonds That Don’t Stink

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Stocks Just Hit All-Time Highs...Time to Sell?

Michael Snyder: Shocking Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Everyone Should Know

Jeff Clark: How to Spot a Stock Market Reversal

Rick Rule - One Of The Greatest Opportunities In Decades

Keith Barron: China To Cause Massive Collapse Of Second London Gold Pool

Gerald Celente - West Just Pushed The World One Step Closer To War

Art Cashin - Fed Frustrated, ECB & The Great Struggle In Japan

John Hathaway: Despite Pullback This Is A Game-Changer For Gold

Michael Lombardi, MBA: Even Iraq’s Central Bank Buying Gold Now?

Mitchell Clark: Blue Chip Stocks Expensive at This Point

Darrell Martin: 5 Common Fears Traders Have Regarding Binary Options

Charles Hugh Smith: t's Not Just the Stock Market That's Rigged: the Entire Status Quo Is Rigged

Peter Schiff: The Stealth Rally: Gold Under The Radar

Raymond James' Pavel Molchanov Sees Stars in the Expanding Cleantech Universe

Venture Capitalist Ran Nussbaum Brings Big Finance to Little Biotechs

Steve St. Angelo: The Grand Deception In the Precious Metals Industry

Korelin Economics Report: Gary Savage – Thu 3 Apr, 2014

Bob Stokes: Could This Be the Ultimate Bubble Barometer?

Zero Hedge: Bill Gross On Dead Cats And "Flattering" Bull Markets

Zero Hedge: Presenting America's 20 Best And Worst Paying Jobs

Zero Hedge: Infographic: Unearthing The World's Gold Supply

Zero Hedge: Payrolls Preview: If Lavorgna Is Right, Citi Fears Asset Markets Will React Badly

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 3, 2014

Cold Fusion: Mats Lewan Publishes ‘An Impossible Invention’ — Book about Rossi and the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: NDA Restricts Rossi’s Comments on the Tests [Updated]

Dave Gonigam: From Ignorance Comes Certainty

Bill Bonner: Are You Prepared for the Coming Stock Market Crash?

Bill Bonner: America’s Credit Supercycle: The End is Near

Callum Denness: 4 Experts on the Collapse of the Global Economy

Dave Gonigam: Harvard Business School: Higher Learning for B.S. Artists

John Rubino: Debt Makes You Dumb, Japanese Edition

Greg Canavan: FX Markets: The Key to Predicting Moves in the Gold Price

Doug French: Cheap Printing vs. Expensive Drilling

Nick Giambruno: Why Turkey Was Planning a False Flag Operation in Syria

Michael Zielinski: American Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Jump in March, Platinum Eagles Debut

Michael Krieger: Reverse Mortgages Spike 20% in 2013 as Baby Boomers Scramble for Cash

Michael Snyder: 9 Of The Top 10 Occupations In America Pay An Average Wage Of Less Than $35,000 A Year

Andrew Moran: No, Eric Cantor, American families aren’t living within their means

Korelin Economics Report: Gary Savage – Wed 2 Apr, 2014

John Mauldin: Hollow Men, Hollow Markets, Hollow World

Rick Rule - Anti-Gold Investors Will Be Destroyed Before This Is Over

John Hathaway - This Will Cause A Historic Short Squeeze In Gold

Louise Yamada - 3 Incredibly Important Gold, Silver & Mining Charts

KWN: Here Is A Fascinating Chart Big Money Is Looking At Right Now

Dominic Frisby: How to profit from the plunging copper price

David Thornton: Don’t fall for the IPO hype

Michael Lombardi, MBA: Significant Divergence Between Copper Prices and Stock Market Not to Be Ignored

Mitchell Clark: What These Two Companies Suggest About the Trend in Employment Payrolls

Asset Prices Can Collapse at Any Time-Axel Merk

Gold Contrary Indicators

Looking for 1,000% Gains? Resource Investor Oliver Gross Has Some Junior Mining Names for You

Daily Bell: Forecasting and Climate Change – Both Overhyped

How Did High Flyers Turn into Soul Searchers? Maxim Analyst Jason Kolbert on the Recent Highs and Lows of Biotech Valuations

Charles Hugh-Smith: Have We Reached Peak Wall Street?

Wolf Richter: Turns Out, Even The Price of Beer Is Rigged

Zero Hedge: Double Whammy Shocker From Goldman Which Is Also Waving Goodbye To The NYSE

Zero Hedge: ECB Preview: Expect More Talk And No Action

Zero Hedge: What About The Dollar: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal

Zero Hedge: Lewis Explains The Casino: "Why Are You Even Arguing" That This Is Not Rigged?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 2, 2014

Cold Fusion: An Open Letter to the IPCC — Cold Fusion is Fossil Fuel Alternative

Cold Fusion: Will there be an Industrial Heat Press Conference?

Dave Gonigam: Fixing Faulty Genes for Fun and Profit

Bill Bonner: Janet Yellen’s Crackpot Russian “Guru”

Callum Denness: In Support of Even More US Debt

Dave Gonigam: Gene Editing: The Key to Curing HIV

Wayne Mulligan: How to Create Your Own Mini Hedge Fund

Nathan Lewis: How to Transition to a Gold-Based Currency

Greg Guenthner: A Healthcare Trade That’s Better Than Biotech

Nick Hubble: How the US Economy Changed the Nature of Money

Bernd Struben: The Dark at the End of the Investing for Retirement Tunnel

Marin Katusa: Is Uranium a Fool’s Investment?

Dr Marc Faber: The Terminal Phase of a Credit and Asset Bubble

Fed's Yellen: Job Market Needs Low Rates 'for Some Time'

CBS: US Retirement System Is Falling Apart

David Stockman Interview By Tom Woods: “The Fed Has Ruined The Heart Of Capitalism”

Andrew Moran: Is a flat tax the answer to America’s financial crisis?

Korelin Economics Report: April 1, 2014

Jeff Clark: Get Ready for a Spike in U.S. Interest Rates

Richard Russell - Silver, Heroin & Another Great Depression

Stephen Leeb: We Are Nearing The Dawn Of A New Economic World Order

Art Cashin: This Disaster Signal Has Only Been Triggered 3 Times In History

George Leong: Microsoft’s Deal with Apple a Lucrative Move?

Mitchell Clark: Old Economy Strikes Again: Why Investors Need to Keep a Close Eye on This Rail Stock

Frik Els: ETF investors selling gold like it's 2013 all over again

Liberty Staff: Geopolitical and Labor Crises Set to Push Palladium

Léonard Sartoni: Gold and Commodities Supercycle

Stewart Thomson: Rotation Into Gold Stocks

Steve Saville: Gold versus Silver

Stephan Bogner and the Rise of a Euro-Sino-Russian Superpower

Stephan Bogner and the Rise of a Euro-Sino-Russian Superpower

Gary Christenson: Gold, National Debt, And Debt Limit Correlated For Over Six Decades

GSW: Palladium Prices Pushed Higher By Geopolitical And Labor Crises

Zero Hedge: 12 Largest Banks Sued By Public Retirement Funds For "Conspiring To Rig Global FX Markets"

Zero Hedge: Here's At Least 260,000 Reasons Why College Isn't Worth It

Zero Hedge: The Housing Bubble Is Still Raging In These 20 "Buy-To-Rent" Cities, And Burst In These 20 Others

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 1, 2014

Dave Gonigam: Is Buffett Short the Dollar?

Bill Bonner: Americans Have Become a “Slave Race”

Greg Guenthner: One Sector that Has Taken Over the Market

Callum Newman: A Violent End for the Global Financial System

Ron Paul: The Most Important Thing Holding Up the US Dollar

Matthew Milner: 3 Ways to Be Your Own Venture Capitalist

Callum Newman: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

Claudio Grass: The Fiat Money System Is Completely Nuts

Louis James: Inflation Is Coming, What to Do—Now

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Do You Feel Like You Missed Out on Stocks, Too?

David Stockman: Why We Are Plagued With Drivel Masquerading As Financial Reporting

Michael Snyder: The Odds Are Never In Our Favor

Andrew Moran: Janet Yellen admits U.S. labor market is worse now than in recession

Michael Lewis: ‘United States stock market is rigged’

Amber Lee Mason: Two Trading "Rules" You Should Consider Breaking

John Mauldin: When Inequality Isn’t

John Embry: Central Planners Have Taken The World To The Brink

James Turk: Shocking Chart Shows Gold Will Rise Over 100% In One Year

Mitchell Clark: This Energy Stock to Be Major Beneficiary of LNG Build-Out?

Joshua M Brown: “Buy me anything but America”

Bob Moriarty: Charlie Manson’s Gold Mine

Robert Cohen's Three Drivers for the Gold Price in 2014

Andrew Syrios: A Closer Look at Income Inequality

Jeff Nielson: Is There Any Gold Left For Central Banks To Buy?

Michael Snyder: The Chinese Are Acquiring Large Chunks Of Land In Communities All Over America

Wolf Richter: Dollar Hegemony Under Attack By Export-Superpowers Germany and China

Sumit Roy: Brent-WTI Price Gap Closing As Cushing Inventories Fall Back To Earth After 6 Years

John Hussman: IPO Madness

Dr Marc Faber: The Terminal Phase of a Credit and Asset Bubble

Zero Hedge: London Real Estate Prices Soar 68% In Five Years: Here's Why In 1 Chart

Zero Hedge: $242 Billion Is How Much Record "Window Dressing" Banks Got Today Thanks To The Fed

Zero Hedge: "The Market Is Rigged" - Michael Lewis Explains How HFTs "Screw" Investors Every Day

Zero Hedge: As If 194 Hedge Fund Suddenly Cried Out In Terror, And Were Suddenly Silenced

Zero Hedge: Here Come The Feds: FBI Probing HFT

Zero Hedge: High Frequency Trading: Why Now And What Happens Next

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
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Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

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