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Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 31, 2014

Cold Fusion: US Examiner Addresses Andrea Rossi US Patent Application

Cold Fusion: Drought Caused Electricity Shortages Show the Need for LENR

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Patent Still Unapproved in US — Examiner States Process is ‘Inoperable’

Cold Fusion: Slideshow of Mizuno-Yoshino Presentation at MIT Conference Published

Cold Fusion: H-Cat Resonance Puzzle

Toby Connor: Another leg up/gold set up for a final takedown

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – They Are Money!

Jacob Hornberger: The Government Inflation Scam

Lance Roberts: 5 Things To Ponder: Words Of Caution

Dan Steinhart: Is Putin Quietly Dumping Russia’s US Treasuries?

Michael Pento: Man Censored On CBNC Says Faith In Governments To Collapse

Rob Arnott: Man Who Oversees $170 Billion Issues Warning To Investors

Michael Pento: Shocking - What Pento Said To Get Him Erased From CNBC

Egon von Greyerz: People Have No Idea A Terrifying Global Meltdown Is Coming

Ben Davies: Man Who Made Legendary Call In Silver Tells KWN What’s Next

Dave Gonigam: Six Figures Every Month

Bill Bonner: The Disturbing Truth Behind Your Next Income Tax Return

Matt Insley: 3 Pieces to China’s Gold Puzzle

Chris Mayer: The Real Reason the U.S. Dollar Has Value

Patrick Copeland: New Investments in Cheaper Space Travel

Bruce Schneier: How to Choose the Most Secure Password Possible

Greg Guenthner: A Boring Way to Profit as Momentum Stocks Decline

KWN: The Most Astonishing News In The Gold & Silver Markets

Robert Fitzwilson: How To Prepare As The Elites Push Humanity Toward War

Hugo Salinas Price: The Dollar Cannot Be Devalued and Suicidal Bankers

Frank Holmes: What Makes a Slam-Dunk Portfolio?

Axel Merk: The Case for Gold

James Gruber: Are Emerging Markets Too Toxic To Touch?

Henry Bonner: South Africa: Platinum, Gold Miners and Workers Are Stuck - Nick Holland, Gold Fields

Morris Hubbartt: Silver: Perfect Pullback

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: A Golden Opportunity Coming in Silver

Zero Hedge: What Happens When An Idiot Market Finally Gets The Post-Euphoria Hangover

Zero Hedge: Small Caps Plunge To Worst Week In 22 Months

Zero Hedge: Rick Santelli Exposes The Real Enemy (And It's Not Deflation)

Zero Hedge: How QE Boosted Inequality To Levels Surpassing The Great Depression

Zero Hedge: The Real Price Of Gold Since 1791

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 28, 2014

Greg Beato: Forget guns, what happens when everyone prints their own shoes?

Dave Gonigam: Cyberwar, Then and Now

Bill Bonner: How the Bank of Yellen Really Operates

Satyajit Das: A Strong US Economy isn’t Always Good for the World

Douglas French: The Unsung Benefits of Reading Literary Fiction

Greg Guenthner: Financial Opportunities from the Biotech Bloodbath

Michael A. Robinson: The Secret Behind This Controversial Industry's Leader

Alex Daley: Two Sons Murder Father in Cold Blood, High Five Afterward

Jeff Clark: Will the East or West Be Right About Precious Metals?

Dennis Miller: Kitchen-Table Economics

‘Too big to fail’ status gives US banks ‘free pass’ – Fed study

World heading for bust 'unlike any other', says Jeremy Grantham

Dr. David Eifrig: Three More Charts to Show the "Doom-and-Gloomers"

Andrew Moran: 81% of Americans view economy as fair or poor

Gary Savage: A dramatic short term prediction

Richard Russell - I Am Buying Physical Silver Right Now

Gerald Celente: Banker Suicides, Cover-Ups & A Criminal Syndicate Of Banks

Gold - 7 Astonishing Charts Exposing The Big Picture For Gold

Robert Fitzwilson: This Is What Is Going To Destroy The World’s Financial System

Michael Lombardi, MBA: Why Is the U.S. Dollar Collapsing in Value All of a Sudden?

Charles Hugh Smith: Keynesians Sad Devotion to Failed Religion

Trader MC: Gold Projection by the Golden Ratio

Cody Willard: The truth about gold in the long run

Jason Hamlin: Gold and Silver Testing Critical Technical Support Levels

Bob Moriarty: Novo Seeks Witwatersrand West

Conjuring Profits from Uranium's Resurgence: David Sadowski

Charles Savoie: Are You Buying From Silver Users?

London Gold Vaults Are Empty - Koos Jansen

Julian Phillips: Watch out for Chinese gold buying below $1,300

Jeff Berwick: "Accidental Americans" In The Age Of Fatca

Rick Ackerman: May Silver Has Slipped Off Another Ledge

Bill Rice, Jr.: Should I bet the house on silver?

Zero Hedge: Russia Set To Sanction US Businesses

Zero Hedge: The Fallacy of Homeownership – Why Do People Believe The Myth?

Zero Hedge: Home Sales Plunge Most In 3 Years, Drop 8th Months In A Row

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 27, 2014

Cold Fusion: Co-Generation and Tri-Generation ‘More Immediate’ Priority for Rossi, Industrial Heat

Dave Gonigam: “Patrimonial Capitalism” and Your Life Savings

Bill Bonner: Why a New Depression Would Be Good For Us

Marc Faber: Depressing News for High-End “Happiness Stocks”

Stephen Petranek: A Chinese Export No One Wants

Jacob Hornberger: How the Feds Spin Price Inflation

Greg Guenthner: Obama’s Secret Russian “Buy” Signal

Frank Holmes: One Match that Reliably Sparks a Rising Gold Price

David A. Hunter, CFA: Extrapolation Fever & 2014 Outlook

Frik Els: China’s monthly gold imports jump 30%

Frik Els: Get ready for rare earth price war

Jeb Handwerger: Why nickel may be just beginning a major breakout move

Michael Snyder: Is College A Waste Of Time And Money?

Matt Badiali: A Warning for Natural Gas Stock Investors

Paul Craig Roberts - The Greatest Crisis In Mankind’s History

Art Cashin - Comments By Bank Of England “Bizarre” & Concerning

KWN: One Of The Greatest Market Calls In History Happened In Silver

James Turk: The West’s War On Gold Is Raging & There Are New Casualties

Michael Lombardi, MBA: What the Breakout in the Gold-to-Copper Ratio Is Telling Us Email

Joshua M Brown: Stability is Destabilising: A Minsky Primer

John Whitefoot: Should You Be Prepared for a Bullish Run in Gold Bullion?

Moe Zulfiqar: Depressed Copper Prices Presenting Perfect Buy-Low, Sell-High Opportunity?

Wolf Richter: The Risk of Stock-Market Vertigo

James Rickards: Fed Insolvent, Dollar Will Collapse 90% or More

Rabbit Hole: Gold’s Macro Fundamentals

David Nichols: The 64-Month Bubble Pattern

Peter Schiff: Debt and Taxes

Jeff Killeen: A Picky Player's Guide to a Cautiously Optimistic Mining Market

Conjuring Profits from Uranium's Resurgence: David Sadowski

From Lab Bench to Bedside: David Lowe Brings Common Sense to Neuroscience Investing

Zero Hedge: A Dark Cloud Of Disillusionment

Zero Hedge: Will The Backlash Against Facebook Be The Doom Of Its Acquisition Spree?

Zero Hedge: Two Years Later, Larry Fink Confirms Zero Hedge Was Right

Zero Hedge: High-Growth Hope Stocks Hammered

Zero Hedge: China's Credit Pipeline Slams Shut: Companies Scramble For The Last Drops Of Liquidity

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 26, 2014

Cold Fusion: 2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT audio files

Cold Fusion: Clean Planet CEO Yoshino Makes Impact at MIT Conference Presenting Mizuno’s LENR Research

Cold Fusion: Strong presentation by Peter Hagelstein

Cold Fusion: H-Cat Calorimetry

Dave Gonigam: “No Great Tragedy”

Rick Rule: 12 Pressing Questions on Precious Metals and Natural Resources

David Stockman: 14-Years Of Data Debunk Fed’s Inflation Shortfall Canard

Jeffrey P. Snider: Rates Up; Speculators Leaving; Home Sales Rolling-Over

Bill Bonner: Take Your Money Out of US Stocks (Before It Disappears)

Greg Canavan: A Reversal in Global Financial Markets

Greg Guenthner: Ironic Opportunities from the Latest Tech Crash

Bill Bonner: How QE Simulates a Real Economic Recovery

Dave Gonigam: Why US Gas Exports Won’t Do a Thing to Harm Russia

Mike Patton: The 2 Most Controversial “Benefits” of Obamacare

Marin Katusa: A Safe Way to Play the Vaca Muerta

Michael Snyder: What Happens When Teachers, Delivery People And Fast Food Workers Don’t Care Anymore…

Andrew Moran: Higher food price inflation coming to U.S. this year: USDA

Art Cashin - Jeremy Grantham’s Major Prediction

Rick Rule - We’re Going To See 300% To 400% Gains From Here

Stephen Leeb - There Is A Conspiracy In The Silver Market

Charles Hugh Smith: Why 2014 Is Beginning to Look A Lot Like 2008

Steve St. Angelo: PEAK GOLD

Burning Platform: The Fourteen Year Recession

David Nichols: The 64-Month Bubble Pattern

Dennis Miller: The Three Stooges Debunk myRA

Trader MC: Gold Projection by the Golden Ratio

Fed's Plosser: worried about risks of exit-CNBC

James Rickards: Gold Can Reach $7,000-$9,000 Within Five Years

Jim Rickards: China is Importing Gold Secretly Using Military Channels

Julian Phillips: Gold uptrend to resume, silver 'to rise faster' - Phillips

Koos Jansen: Dutch Youth Buying Goldbars

Michael Krieger: The IRS Rules on Bitcoin – Taxed as Property Not Currency

Jeff Berwick: US Citizen? No Foreign Bank Account For You!

Zero Hedge: Case Shiller Home Price Index Declines For Third Month A Row: Longest Negative Stretch Since March 2012

Zero Hedge: Stocks Are Dumping As Biotechs and Momos Resume Drop

Zero Hedge: Goodbye Polar Vortex; Hello Solar Vortex - El Nino Is Coming

Zero Hedge: Greek Government, And Bailout Deal, On Verge Of Collapse Due To Definition Of "Fresh Milk"

Zero Hedge: BofA Warns A Complete Bear Flattening In Treasuries Would Be Devastating

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 25, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Provides a Few Details of Industrial Heat’s Departments

Dave Gonigam: The Secrets of Huawei

Bill Bonner: How This Central Bank Bubble Ends

Richard Daughty: The Obvious Way to Fight Food Inflation

Byron King: How Sanctions on Russia Could Hurt the US Economy

Henry Bonner: Some Gold Miners Getting Back on Track

Jeff Thomas: A Series of Hurdles, Followed by a Cliff

Nick Giambruno: An Easy Way for You to Hold Your IRA Gold Offshore

Christopher P. Casey: What Really Creates Economic Growth

Greg Guenthner: More Clues to Support a Market Correction

Laurynas Vegys: Junior Mining Stocks to Beat Previous Highs

Amber Lee Mason: Essential advice to prepare for a financial crash

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Lessons from the "Indiana Jones of Real Estate"

Joseph Y. Calhoun: Wall Street’s Calling The Sheep To Slaughter: Smart Money Getting Out of Dodge

Peter Schiff: Janet Yellen is not hawkish, Fed won’t end QE

Jeff Clark: Three Stock Picks You Won't Hear About Anywhere Else

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Financial Repression To Accelerate With Increased Desperation

Richard Russell - This Is What Americans Are Doing To Survive

Robert Fitzwilson: Monetary Base Skyrocketing & Bail-Ins Already Well Under Way

John Embry: As U.S. Lies & Suppresses Gold, Its People Are Getting Crushed

Michael Lombardi: Are We Really Headed for Deflation?

George Leong: Time for Investors to Create an Exit Strategy?

Gary Savage: Could be a rough week. Is it perhaps time to take a small vacation from the metals?

Bob Moriarty: Into the Price Acceleration Phase

Stewart Thomson: Gold Price Volatility

Bob Moriarty: Is the U.S. responsible for an upcoming recession in Russia?

Bob Kirtley: The Golden Cross for Gold Is Not Always a Positive Indicator

Dick Sterling: 8 Reasons Agriculture Stocks Are Headed Much, Much Higher

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold's Welcome Pullback Arrives

Mark Lackey: What Happens to a Mine Deferred?

Zero Hedge: What Happens To America's Long-Term Unemployed (Spoiler Alert: Nothing Good)

Zero Hedge: Who Is And Isn't Saving For Retirement

Zero Hedge: Iraq Buys Massive 36 Tonnes Of Gold In March

Zero Hedge: Albert Edwards Destroys The "Solid Earnings Growth" Myth

Zero Hedge: The 8:30 AM Gold Dump, Carry Pump Is Right On Time

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 24, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Third Independent Ecat Test Underway

Cold Fusion: 25th Anniversary of Cold Fusion at MIT Sees Major Progress Toward Real Energy Solutions

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Testing with Industry Specializing in Jet Engines

Cold Fusion: Report of Day Two at the Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT

Cold Fusion: Cherokee Challenge Postponed Until 2015

Cold Fusion: Who Will Tell the Great Secret

Ken Millstone: Does China have a Secret Plot that Could Send Gold to $4,000 per Ounce?

Terry Coxon: International Trusts: Graduating from Training Wheels

Peter Schiff: Debt and Taxes

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – For Strong Upside Movement, Experts Continue To Be Wrong

Dave Gonigam: A Paradox of Riches

Bill Bonner: Can the Weather Explain the Fall of Empires?

Josh Grasmick: The Future of Energy, Revisited

Greg Guenthner: The Idiots Are Coming — You Can Take Their Money

Matt Insley: Multiply Shale Profits with the New Rail Boom

Bud Conrad: Political Brinksmanship, Energy, and Financial War: How to Navigate the Geopolitical Chessboard

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What I Learned Losing 50% – It's Happening Again Now

James Turk: What China Is Doing In The Gold Market Will Shock The World

John Ing: Coming Default In Gold To Create Disorderly Price Spike

Andrew Maguire - Goldman & Media Full Of Sh*t When It Comes To Gold

Michael Pento: Global Experiment Is Becoming A Frightening Nightmare

Art Cashin: Historic Short Squeeze Will Create Massive Panic & Contagion

James Dines - Gold & The Next “Super-Major Bull Market”

Egon von Greyerz: People Would Be Terrified If They Knew What Was Happening

Andrew Maguire - An LBMA Default Was Delayed, But It’s Coming

Art Cashin: This Key Event Has Only Occurred 24 Times Since 1940

Alasdair Macleod: Implications of the Ukrainian situation for gold

Hugo Salinas Price: We Cannot Get Away from Gold or Silver

Jeff Berwick: The Paradigm Shift In Financial Planning The Government Won't Tell You About

Morris Hubbartt: US Dollar Pirate Walks The Plank

Zero Hedge: Goldman Doubles Down Its Hate On The Best Performing Asset Of 2014: Gold

Zero Hedge: "The Market Is Overvalued By 50%-70%" And "Nothing At All" Is Attractively Valued

Zero Hedge: All Aboard The Bus To Home Ownership

Zero Hedge: "QE Was A Massive Gift Intended To Boost Wealth", Fed President Admits

Zero Hedge: How China Imported A Record $70 Billion In Physical Gold Without Sending The Price Of Gold Soaring

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 21, 2014

Cold Fusion: Who Will Tell the Great Secret (Guest Post)

Cold Fusion: US Utility CEO: ‘How Do We Get Rid of the Grid?’

Cold Fusion: A Note About Futuring World

Dave Gonigam: Failure to Communicate

Bill Bonner: The Facts about the Fed’s Dangerous Credit Bubble

Callum Newman: The Power Play to Eliminate the Petrodollar

Wayne Mulligan: How to Make 900% Gains, Tax Free

Greg Guenthner: Tech IPOs Still Haunted By the Dot-Com Bubble

Doug Hornig: The Next Industry the Internet Is Changing Forever

Michael Lombardi, MBA: Why Two-Thousand-Dollar-Ounce Gold Becomes Plausible Scenario

Daily Bell: The US Is Recovering but Britain Isn't? Don't Believe It

Akmal Aminov: Latin American Mining Market Update

Jeff Clark: Should We Really Put Gold in an IRA?

David Graeber: The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it

Maria Kolesnikova: Nickel Enters Bull Market as Supply Concerns Mount After Crimea

John Whitefoot: Geopolitical Events Boosting These American Stocks

John Whitefoot: Sin Stocks Posting Impressive Gains in Struggling U.S. Economy

David Stockman: The Epochal Error of Modern Central Banking

Simon Black: NASA-funded study: Over 32 advanced civilizations have collapsed before us, and we’re next in line.

Michael Snyder: Do Not Make Fun Of Those That Have Fallen Out Of The Middle Class – You Could Be Next

Views from Gary Savage – Thu 20 Mar, 2014

Jeffrey Saut: Gold & The Last Financial Advice John Templeton Gave Me

Gerald Celente - The World’s Most Terrifying Nightmare

Charles Hugh Smith: The Federal Reserve: Masters of the Universe or Trapped Incompetents?

Cali Money Man: Bubbles Are A Consensual Hallucination

Axel Merk: Fishing for Gold?

Frank Holmes: Follow the Money to Asia’s Tech Hub

Strong Commodities + Weak Dollar = Canadian Energy Investing Bonanza: Chad Ellison

Apply Market Savvy to Bear Market Debris; Uncover Biotech Treasures: Cleland and Ireland

Nick Hodge: Game Is Rigged, Trust Is Waning, Gold Is Gaining

Dennis Miller: Juniors for Seniors: An Interview with Louis James

Brian Hicks: How to Profit from Obamacare Failures

Zero Hedge: Caterpillar Global Retail Sales Continue Sliding, Drop For 15th Month In A Row; LatAm Tumbles

Zero Hedge: Stick A Fork In The "Housing Recovery" (Spoiler Alert: Blame Record Student Debt)

Zero Hedge: The Honeymoon Is Over: Ukraine To Stun Citizens With 40% Gas Price Hike

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 20, 2014

Cold Fusion: US Utility CEO: ‘How Do We Get Rid of the Grid?’

Bill Bonner: Democracy? Forget about It…

Chris Mayer: Economics Without the Money

Dave Gonigam: US Oil Boom Gets Global Shoutout

Kris Sayce: The Anti-Buffett Investment Strategy

Dave Gonigam: Make It Your Moment

Josh Archambault: Obamacare Tax Credit

Greg Guenthner: U.S. Homebuilders Brush Off the Snow

Nick Hubble: Retirement in a Police State

Nick Hubble: Yellen of Troy

Henry Bonner: The ‘Shale Game’ Is the Future for Oil and Gas: Joe Durante

Nick Giambruno: The Old Rules of the Game No Longer Apply

Doug French: Why Gold Is Unstoppable

Sarah Portlock: Beef Prices Post Biggest Surge in a Decade

Amber Lee Mason: How to earn double-digit income from Apple

Amanda Zappacosta: Crisis in Crimea creates an explosive opportunity for this stock

Matt Badiali: Your grocery bills are about to soar and this is why

Mark Ford: How to Become Financially Independent in 7 Years or Less

Detlev Schlichter: The Cult of Monetary Central Planning and the Cul-De-Sac Ahead

Dominic Frisby: What’s next for gold? This key mining deal could be the decider

Michael Snyder: The Federal Reserve Seems Quite Serious About Tapering – So What Comes Next?

Views from Gary Savage – Wed 19 Mar, 2014

Brian Weepie: Get Ready for Falling Oil Prices

John Max: New hydrogen fuel cell project to take root in Hawaii

Richard Russell - Silver Is The Greatest Buy In The World Today

Gerald Celente: Man Who Predicted Every Tapering Now Forecasts QE-Infinity

Bill Fleckenstein - The Fantasy Is Alive & Well But The End Is Near

Michael Pento: Despite Taper, The Fed Is Setting Up To Shock The World

Sumit Roy: No War-Fear Premium In Gold, Fed Interest Rate Outlook Key

Mary Anne & Pamela Aden: In need of financial safety

Frank Holmes: We’re Headed for a Golden Cross

Sumit Roy: Rick Rule Part II: More Gold Miner Takeovers Coming; Some Juniors Could Spike 15-Fold

Michael Gray: Is Goldcorp's Bid for Osisko a Harbinger of a Gold Renaissance?

Zero Hedge: How Gold Performs During FOMC Weeks (Spoiler Alert: Not Good)

Zero Hedge: Beef Prices Surge Most In A Decade As Food Inflation Soars

Zero Hedge: The Music Just Ended: "Wealthy" Chinese Are Liquidating Offshore Luxury Homes In Scramble For Cash

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 19, 2014

Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion and Nanotechnology Workshop at SF Nanotek 2014 Conference

Cold Fusion: Solar Hydrogen Trends CEO Konstantin Balakiryan Comments on Hydrogen Production Process

Dave Gonigam: Boomtown USA, Continued

Bill Bonner: Planet Debt

Matt Insley: America’s “Secret” Export Boom

Ray Blanco: 2014 Year Gene Editing Shocks the World

Bill Bonner: The Federal Reserve’s Financial Big Bang Theory

Bill Bonner: A Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget

Greg Guenthner: A Stock Market Crash is Not Inevitable

Marin Katusa: Do You Know How to Spot a Superstar?

David Stockman: Hogtie the Fed, Tax Consumption, Balance the Budget, Recoup Windfalls to the Rich and Outlaw Bailouts

Paul B. Farrell: 99.9% risk of 2014 crash

Koos Jansen: New York Federal Reserve Lying About Gold Storage

Dorothy Kosich: 2013 U.S. gold production down 128,602 oz - USGS

Jeff Clark: One of the Best-Looking Trade Setups in the World Right Now

Eric Sprott: Deconstructing the U.S. Economy: The Non-Recovery

Richard Russell - Fed To Stun The World With QE5

Rick Rule - The Greatest Opportunity For Investors In 14 Years

Gerald Celente - Internet World War To Create Terrifying Global Panic

Stephen Leeb: We Are Now Living In A Corrupt JP Morgan World

Catherine Austin Fitts: We Are Victims of A Financial Coup D'Etat

Alasdair Macleod: The bursting of China’s Credit bubble

Pater Tenebrarum: US Stock Market – More Bubble Evidence

Stewart Thomson: Gold Market Fear Is Unnecessary

Clive Maund: Monster Silver Rally Brewing

Greg Canavan: China's Copper Credit Bubble

Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up (Resources, that Is)

Promising Biotechs Target New Ways to Kill Bad Bugs: Venture Capitalist Dennis Purcell

Gary Christenson: Are You Mainstream Or Deviant?

GSW: US Silver Jewelry Sales Exceptionally Strong in 2013

Zero Hedge: Yamarone Warns Weather A Red-Herring Amid Deeper Signs Of Slump

Zero Hedge: Just Another "Fat Finger" Sends The Entire UK Stock Market Up And Down 1.3% In 1 Second

Zero Hedge: Inflation Does Not Produce Economic Growth

Zero Hedge: What Is The Common Theme: Iron Ore, Soybeans, Palm Oil, Rubber, Zinc, Aluminum, Gold, Copper, And Nickel?

Zero Hedge: Meet The Brand New, And Shocking, Third Largest Foreign Holder Of US Treasurys

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 18, 2014

Cold Fusion: Getting Professional About H-Cat Testing

Cold Fusion: Rossi: E-Cat Testing not yet complete

Cold Fusion: Professor Yeong Kim predicts sulfur in the H-Cat process

Dave Gonigam: The 49-Year Round Trip

Bill Bonner: A Simple Trade Almost Sure to Pay Off

Rick Rule: Coming Natural Resource Market Will ‘Elate or Terrify You’

Byron King: No Way to Kill the Copper Price

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Buy the Emerging Market Hype

Louis James: Doug Casey’s 9 Secrets for Successful Speculation

Matt Badiali: This hidden oil reserve could turn you into the next Jed Clampett

James Alutcher: There is a "gap" between where you are and where you want to be. This is how to close it.

Matt Badiali: This Secret 'Code' Will Create Huge Energy-Stock Returns in 2014

David Stockman: The Truman Show of Bubble Finance, 1987-2014, RIP

Andrew Moran: Minimum wage, rough economy hurting teen employment

Gary Savage: Commentary for Mar. 17, 2014

Amber Lee Mason: This Big Trading Mistake Could Cost You a Small Fortune

James Turk: This Is Why The World Is Headed For A Frightening Implosion

John Hathaway: This Event Is Going To Shock People Around The World

John Embry: West Controlling Markets To Keep Confidence From Collapsing

Grant Williams: Crimea River

CEO: Three Reasons Why Gold Might be Due for a Pullback

Rick Rule: Which Companies Will Bring in the Green?

AngloGold Ashanti’s New Technology: A Game Changer?

David Morgan: Gold and Silver Free Markets Will Take Over At Some Point

Lance Roberts: Did John Williams Just Predict The Next Recession?

Clive Maund: Monster Silver Rally Brewing

Ruth Mantell: Workers are losing confidence in the economy

Chriss W. Street: Food Price Inflation Scares The Fed

Catherine Austin Fitts: Employment Statistics with John Williams

Monty Pelerin: Precious Metals — Are They Back?

Zero Hedge: These Six Euroarea Countries Are In Outright Deflation As Eurozone Inflation Slides To Four Year Lows

Zero Hedge: Goldman Explains What Must Happen For The "5 Year Bull Market" To Continue

Zero Hedge: GM Recalls Another 1.5 Million Cars; Halts Sales Until "Solution" Completed

Zero Hedge: SEC Freezes Bugatti-Driving 26-Year-Old "AwesomePennyStocks" Owner's Assets

Zero Hedge: Corporate Insiders Most Bearish In 24 Years

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 17, 2014

Cold Fusion: Electric Grid facing new Challenges

Cold Fusion: Shipping Information found for E-Cat Plant

Cold Fusion: Jed Rothwell Submits Essay on Cold Fusion for Contest

Cold Fusion: Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. Claims Breakthrough Hydrogen Production System (COP 400 Claimed)

Cold Fusion: Sterling Allan's H-Cat Heater Design

David Stockman: Housing Bubble 2.0: Here’s Why

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Start Watching Fed’s Fiat “Dollar” More Closely For Clues

Andy Hoffman on the Golden Bull, Failing Fiat and the Foundering of the Central Bank Economy

Dave Gonigam: Gold: Reversal of Fortune

Bill Bonner: The Coming US Power Blackout (and What to Do When It Happens)

Byron King: Attack on America’s Most Important Pipeline

Byron King: Position Yourself for a Payday

Douglas French: The Only Way to Save a Housing Market

Greg Guenthner: Gold Gains Prepared for Takeoff

Ernie Tremblay: One Stock, 18 Ways to Make Big Money

Marc Faber: Don’t Keep Your Gold and Silver in the US

Dan Steinhart: Cold War Redux?

Mark Hulbert: In-the-know insiders are dumping stocks

James Rickards: The new balance of financial terror

Phillip Inman: China's Li Keqiang warns investors to prepare for wave of bankruptcies

Ian Gordon: The Death Of Paper Money

Leonid Bershidsky: Move over Apple...This Russian start-up could create the next "breakthrough" device

Michael Snyder: Big Brother Surveillance – It Is Not Just For Governments Anymore

Michael Snyder: Newly Found Megalithic Ruins In Russia Contain The Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered

Egon von Greyerz: The Death Of The Dollar & Gold’s Rise

Robert Fitzwilson: Could Ukraine Be The Tipping Point For The Entire World?

Chris Powell: The Shocking Secret U.S. Is Hiding From Ukraine & The World

Egon von Greyerz: Swiss Bank Refuses To Give Client His Physical Gold

Michael Pento: Have Governments & Central Banks Bankrupted The West?

Eric Sprott - The Single Greatest Danger Facing The World Today

Eric Sprott - Gold To See Powerful “Golden Cross” Within Days

Obama Declares Self-Determination To Be A Threat To US National Security — Paul Craig Roberts

95.7% of Crimeans Give The Finger To The White House Tyrant — Paul Craig Roberts

Dick Sterling: California’s water crisis reveals a major investment opportunity

Steve St. Angelo: Precious Metals Prices To Rise As The U.S. Economy Disintegrates

David Chapman: That Sinking Feeling.... Part Two

Morris Hubbartt: Junior Gold Stocks Lead: Cup & Handle Breakout

Hugo Salinas Price: We Cannot Get Away from Gold or Silver

Charlotte McLeod: Is a Silver Supply Shortage on the Horizon?

Diane Alter: Silver Prices Today Show Long-Term Profit Potential

Adam Hamilton: Big Gold-Futures Buying

Michael Krieger: Blackstone’s Home Buying Binge Drops 70% from its Peak Last Year

Zero Hedge: The Russians Have Already Quietly Pulled Their Money From The West

Zero Hedge: If You Are Considering Buying A House, Read This First

Zero Hedge: Every Chart You Should Be Tracking But Were Too Afraid To Find

Zero Hedge: How To Create A Manufacturing Renaissance - Change The Definition

Zero Hedge: 'Cash-On-The-Sidelines' Fallacies And Restoring The "Virtuous Cycle" Of Economic Growth

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 14, 2014

Cold Fusion: Revolutionary Potential

Cold Fusion: $50 Billion Buyout of US Coal Industry Proposed

Cold Fusion: Rossi Answers Questions on Independent Test

Cold Fusion: H-Cat calorimetry proposals

John Daly: Earth’s Infrared Radiation New Renewable Energy Frontier?

Daniel J. Graeber: Shell's American Woes Highlight Difficulty of Cracking Shale

Dave Gonigam: The 18-Month Nationwide Blackout

Bill Bonner: The Massive Problem Threatening the Global Recovery

Byron King: Russia Has Already “Won” in Ukraine

Matthew Milner: 3 Ways to Profit From the Mobile Mega-Trend

Wayne Mulligan: The One Thing Every Successful Startup Investor Knows

Greg Guenthner: Consumer Stocks Back from the Dead

Greg Canavan: The Global Economy’s Ticking Debt Bomb is About to Explode

Michael A. Robinson: Profit Now from This Overlooked Tech Market

Chris Wood: You Are Among the 1% (Only 1% Human, That Is)

Matt Badiali: This News Will Shock the Energy World in Three Months

Michael Snyder: 19 Signs That The U.S. Consumer Is Tapped Out

Marc Faber: ‘Clowns at the Fed’ will print money in case of China crash

Jeff Clark: The One Question Investors Must Ask Themselves Right Now

Art Cashin: Is The Global Economy Seriously Beginning To Roll Over?

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold Market Set For Stunning $550 Surge & 46% Spike In Silver

Keith Barron: Latest On Russia, China, Germany, France, Gold & Ukraine

KWN: Are We Set For A Massive Panic & Waterfall Decline In Stocks?

John Ing: The Chinese Are Making Major Moves In The Gold Market

Dominic Frisby: The best ways to invest in silver

James Farro: Commodity Markets Will Be Used As A Weapon Against The Putin Regime, Starting Now

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Breakout in Gold and Gold Miners!

Darryl Robert Schoon: How it will end

Tom Varesh: If Canada Opens the Spigot on Drilling, These Oil Services Companies Could Climb

Exuberant, Yes: Michael King on How the Oncology Drug Development Machine Builds Biotech Wealth

Zero Hedge: Another Trader Commits Suicide, Brings Total Recent Banker Deaths To 10

Zero Hedge: China Crisis Deniers Believe "The Market Is Wrong, And Government Is Right"

Zero Hedge: The Vacant Dead: One In Five Foreclosed Homes Is A Vacant Zombie

Zero Hedge: 31 Year Old Son Of Jon Corzine Reported Dead

Zero Hedge: Nope, No Bubble Here

Zero Hedge: Here's Why The Market Is Shrugging At TBE's "Promise" Not To Default In July

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 13, 2014

Dave Gonigam: A Niche Sector’s Mainstream Moment

Bill Bonner: Crimea River

Dave Gonigam: This is Not a Drill: Corporate Concerns Over Cybersecurity

Josh Grasmick: The No-Risk Bitcoin Play

Greg Guenthner: A Tale of 2 Metals: Buy One. Sell the Other.

Charles Oliver: Gold to 5,000 within a few Years

Joseph Hogue, CFA: Trouble Brewing in US Inventory Numbers

Dan Amoss: Market Ready to Meet Chinese Gold Demands

Greg Canavan: The Global Economy’s Ticking Debt Bomb is About to Explode

Greg Canavan: Cracks in the China Ponzi

William Patalon III: Buy These Shares… Before Google Does

David Zeiler: Stocks to Buy: Investing in Wearable Technology from the Inside Out

Robert R. Prechter, Jr.: Capitulation of the Bears

Peter Schiff Shares His Offshore Strategies

Amanda Zappacosta: Time to invest in "Oil Hotels". Don't know what that is? Listen to this...

Jeff Clark: What to do if you missed the big rally in silver this year

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Getting Out of Chinese Stocks Now

Michael Snyder: Is “Dr. Copper” Foreshadowing A Stock Market Crash Just Like It Did In 2008?

Andrew Moran: Is the government killing its citizens by banning, taxing e-cigarettes?

Seth Klarman: Investors Downplaying Risk “Never Turns Out Well”

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: 4 Astonishing Charts Reveal The World Is Going Exponential

David Stockman - We Will See A Massive Selling Panic In Stocks

John Ing: A Surprise That May Send The Gold Market Soaring This Week

David Stockman - Terrifying Financial & Economic Volcano & Ukraine

Tom Fitzpatrick: The Gold Market May Be Setting Up To Crush The Shorts Justin Smyth: Learning From The Devious Gold Bear

James Hall: Does a 100 Trillion Debt Total Matter?

Martin Armstrong: Europeans Enter Final Stage on How to Pay for the European Failed Banking System

Pater Tenebrarum: Ukraine/Crimea – the Map That Explains Everything

Frank Holmes: Making Green from Gold, Palladium and Pollution

Derek Macpherson: Is It a Love Affair or a Tryst?

Complete Breakdown of Financial Controls in US Government, Says Austin Fitts

Michael J. Kosares: The case for gold right now

Charles Oliver: Gold to 5,000 within a few Years

Jennifer Booton: Signs of the Times: 'We Buy Gold'

GSW: The Renaissance Of Gold In Classic Finance Will Continue

Brandon Smith: 14 Reasons the Dollar is Doomed

Charles Hugh Smith: Why 2014 Is Beginning to Look A Lot Like 2008

Jeff Nielson: Corporations Hunt For New Slave Labour

Jim Quinn: Google, China, The NSA, And The Fourth Turning

Pater Tenebrarum: Is It a Bubble Yet?

Chris Casey: Why the Wealth Effect Doesn’t Work

Charles Hugh Smith: How The Fed Has Failed America, Part 2

Zero Hedge: Wall Street Bonuses Soar 15% To Highest Since 2007

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 12, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Working on E-Cat Jet Engine

Cold Fusion: Report of UNI LENR Lecture by Tom Wind

Dave Gonigam: Clout, Copper and Crashes

Bill Bonner: Reefer Madness!

Satyajit Das: U.S. Bank Profits: A Beautiful Piece of Fiction

Jeff Clark: When Is the Best Month to Buy Gold?

Henry Bonner: Big Water Arbitrage in California, Says Rick Rule

Brad Hart: 3-D Printing: The Technology that Can’t Be Stopped

Greg Guenthner: Huge Growth Potential in the Online Grocery Market

Greg Canavan: The Australian Economy: Addicted to Cheap Money from China & Iron Ore

Tara Clarke: Here's What's Behind Plug Power's (Nasdaq: PLUG) 565% Gain in 2014

Shah Gilani: Don't Trust Your Broker

Marin Katusa: What Are the Casey 2014 NexTen?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Up 448% So Far – More Gains To Come Starting Now

David Stockman: The Folly of Free Money

Wolf Richter: What Caused The Glorious Jump In Household Wealth (In One Insanely Good Chart) And Who Will Blow It Up Again?

Andrew Moran: Inflation Signs: Bacon, cigarette prices increase

Jeff Clark: How to Trade the Silver Pullback

Richard Russell - Devastating Truth About The United States

Stephen Leeb: $10,000 Gold, Russia, China, The United States & Ukraine

Art Cashin: Things Are Now Heating Up Fast In Ukraine

James Turk: Loss Of Faith, Mismanaged Currency & A Flight To Gold

John Stepek: How to prepare your portfolio for the next big crash

Paul Craig Roberts: The Western Media Is A Lie Factory

GE Christenson: Gold: 14 Years & Three Patterns

Stewart Thomson: The Gold Demand Mystery

Frank Homes: A Comparison of Today’s Gold Rally with 2009

Keith Weiner: Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report: 9 Mar, 2014

The Bear's Lair: Gold is libertarian, cyberspace isn't

Paul Adams: Investor-Friendly Australian Projects Around the World

Mike Breard: Buy Small for Deep Profits

Daniel R. Amerman, CFA: How Social Security "Trust Funds" Will Change Private Retirement Income

Zero Hedge: The Devil Lurking In The Retail Store Closure Details

Zero Hedge: Former Heinz CEO Gets $110 Million As Firms Cuts 3,400 Jobs

Zero Hedge: Mt.Gox Hacker Demands Ransom From Exchange Users To Not Reveal Their Personal Data

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 11, 2014

Cold Fusion: NASA LENR Aircraft and Spaceplanes

Cold Fusion: Justin Church's H-Cat

Cold Fusion: LENR Lecture at the University of Northern Iowa

Dave Gonigam: Cuban Missile Crisis Redux

Bill Bonner: The Fed Is Stealing from You… and You Don’t Even Know It

Chris Mayer: Warren Buffett World Class Hypocrite

Ray Blanco: How to Stop a Global “Tidal Wave” of Disease

John Pugsley: 15 Ways to Fight Federal Intrusion

Greg Guenthner: Solar Power Shocks the Utilities Sector

Callum Newman: Will Norway Shun Oil and Gas?

Jeff Clark: Gold Is Seasonal: When Is the Best Month to Buy?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What Happens to Stocks When the Fed FINALLY Raises Rates?

Michael Snyder: We Are In FAR Worse Shape Than We Were Just Prior To The Last Great Financial Crisis

Andrew Moran: 8 relaxing tips for tax season

Jonathan Leff: For oil traders, a vexing new risk: U.S. politics

John Embry - Propaganda, Lies & A World Headed For Disaster

William Kaye: Did Ukraine Just Airlift Its Entire Gold Hoard To The U.S. Fed?

Bengt Saelensminde: What comes after fracking?

Matthew Partridge: Latin America looks cheap – here’s how to take advantage

Phil Flynn: The Energy Report

David Chapman: That Sinking Feeling….

More than 25,000 Investors and Mining Types Walked into PDAC. The Result Was. . .Realistic

Lance Roberts: 10 Warnings Signs Of Stock Market Exuberance

Pam Martens and Russ Martens: Fed Chair Bernanke Held 84 Secret Meetings in the Lead Up to the Wall Street Collapse

Global Research: Political Destabilization and Shadow Banking: Speculative Investors claim at least 1,7 Billion Euros from Crisis-hit Countries

Russ Winter: The Coming Wage and Debt Slave War

Geoff Candy: Mining unlikely to be a fun place to be in 2014 - Wrathall

Rambus: Micro to Macro Chartology: In Support of Silver

Joseph Cafariello: Lithium: A Long-Term Investment

Geoffrey Pike: Should You Worry About Hyperinflation?

Brian Hicks: Investing in Wireless Charging

James Stafford: Shale, the Last Oil and Gas Train

Zero Hedge: Hussman Warns S&P 500 Over-Valuation Now Higher Than Housing In 2006

Zero Hedge: The Holy Grail Of Trading Has Been Found: HFT Firm Reveals 1 Losing Trading Day In 1238 Days Of Trading

Zero Hedge: America's Most Overvalued Companies Are...

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 10, 2014

Cold Fusion: Is the Cold Fusion Revolution Here?

Cold Fusion: GE Invests Big in Distributed Energy, Combined Heat and Power

Cold Fusion: Italian LENR Open Power Association Claims Direct Electrical Production from Plasma

Cold Fusion: LENR Lecture at the University of Northern Iowa

Cold Fusion: The Earthquake Lightning Mystery — LENR Connection?

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Market Activity Will Always Trump News/Events/Fundamentals

Marc Faber, PhD: Why Gold Looks Better than the S&P

Dave Gonigam: Tornadoes, Zombies and Hackers, Oh My

Bill Bonner: An Important Investing Lesson from the “Junk Bond King”

Stephen Petranek: 7 Stories That Will Shape the Next 10 Years and Beyond

Greg Guenthner: Biotech Bulls May Be Near Exhaustion

Chris Mayer: Surprise! A Profitable, Low-Risk Gold Company

Dennis Miller: 10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement

Alex Daley: Bitcoin’s Uncomfortable Similarity to Some Shady Episodes in Financial History

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What Happens to Stocks When the Fed FINALLY Raises Rates?

Michael Snyder: 20 Facts About The Great U.S. Retail Apocalypse That Will Blow Your Mind

Paul Craig Roberts: Greatest Threat The World Has Ever Known

Robert Fitzwilson: Investors Need To Stay Focused With Ukraine Crisis Unfolding

Paul Craig Roberts - The World Is On The Edge Of Nuclear War

Michael Pento: The Rate Of This Worldwide Depression Will Only Get Worse

Egon von Greyerz: The Ukraine Crisis & A Terrifying Global Economic Meltdown

Gerald Celente - The United States Is Attempting To Destroy Russia

Toby Connor: Next Week in the Gold Market

Bob Moriarty: Cheap Silver

Demeadville: Gold in 60 Seconds

Axel Merk: The Dollar's Long Term Decline

Jan Skoyles: Five years of daylight robbery

Zimtu Capital Analyst Says All Roads Lead to the Athabasca Basin

GSW: Should Bitcoin Take The Place Of Gold In Your Retirement Portfolio?

John Glover: Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge

Steve St. Angelo: Physical Silver Buying Dynamics

Zero Hedge: Does Russia Need To Sell Gas More Than The EU Needs To Buy It?

Zero Hedge: Prem Watsa's 9 Observations Why There Is A "Monstrous Real Estate Bubble In China Which Could Burst Anytime"

Zero Hedge: Fukushima Radiation To Reach West Coast Next Month

Zero Hedge: The 99 Cent Non-Recovery: McDonalds US Sales Post Longest Negative Streak In Over A Decade

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 7, 2014

Cold Fusion: How Academia and Academic Publishing are Hindering Scientific Innovation

Cold Fusion: MIT Scientists Discover Secret to Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Warm home with € 20 per year. "With e-cat is now possible"

Cold Fusion: Increased energy density for the Hot Cat

Cold Fusion: BlackLight achieves semi-continuous plasma power production

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- March 6, 2014

Zillow report: Twenty percent of Seattle owners 'underwater'

Staples to shutter 225 stores as sales move online

Dave Gonigam: Yeah, Yats the Ticket

Bill Bonner: Mr. Market, Meet Mr. Trouble

Harry Browne: The Rights Trap: Constricted By a Sense of Entitlement

Dave Gonigam: A “Win-Win” Scenario for Ukraine’s Energy Sector

Lawrence Reed: A Tax Is Not a User Fee

Alex Daley: Bitcoin’s Uncomfortable Similarity to Some Shady Episodes in Financial History

Porter Stansberry: I'm shorting this "Wall Street darling" NOW

Matt Badiali: These stocks are BOOMING... But you probably have no idea

Amber Lee Mason: How to Get Rich in Five Years or Less, Part II

Michael Snyder: Obama And Putin Are Trapped In A Macho Game Of “Chicken” And The Whole World Could Pay The Price

Jeff Clark: A Year's Worth of Returns in Just Two Months

Keith Barron: This Is Going To Be A Huge Surprise For Investors In 2014

Louise Yamada - 3 Incredibly Important Gold & Silver Charts

Richard Russell - Damn The U.S. Lies, Bullshit & Propaganda

Bill Fleckenstein: This Is What’s Going To Crater The Stock Market

Tom Fitzpatrick: Look For Staggering $570 Surge In Gold & 44% Spike In Silver

Art Cashin: Tensions In Ukraine & The Biggest Problem Washington Faces

John Stepek: How to benefit from the tech boom without buying the craziest stocks

Bob Moriarty: Oil Triple Threat

Trader MC: 2014 – The Year of Commodities

Jeff Berwick: 8 Real World Events That Prove Your Money Isn't Safe In Europe (Or Anywhere)

Bob Moriarty: Rethinking David vs. Goliath

Hugo Salinas Price: Of Paper Money, Digital Money And Gold

Lance Roberts: 2 Charts Explain Slowest Economy In History

Mark Spitznagel Crushes The "But, Balance Sheets Are So Strong" Fallacy

Zero Hedge: In Venezuela, This Is How You Convert $1 Into $175,000

Zero Hedge: Bacon, Inflation, And "What Gets Measured Gets Managed"

Zero Hedge: An In Depth Look At The US Labor Markets

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 6, 2014

Cold Fusion: Rossi Defends Hot Fusion Research

Dave Gonigam: The Bill Comes Due

Bill Bonner: An Ominous Warning Sign…

Harry Browne: Timeless Tax Tips: There is Always a Loophole

Stephen Petranek: An Energy Trend Everyone Can Agree On

Nick Giambruno: The Time of Maximum Pessimism Is the Best Time to Buy

Bob Moriarty: Novo: Ten Times Good

Greg Guenthner: The Return of the “Nuclear Renaissance”

Chris Mayer: EROEI: Economics Without the Money

Sid Riggs: Keep More of Your Huge Gains with This Quick Trade

Dan Steinhart: The Perfect Investment for When Everything Is Expensive

George Yeager: The Bitcoin "death spiral" begins

Kim Iskyan: If you're thinking of investing in Russia, watch this first

Amber Lee Mason: How to Get Rich in Five Years or Less, Part I

Michael Snyder: The Top 12 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Heading Toward Another Recession

Andrew Moran: Report finds EPA’s global warming efforts will cost U.S. $2.23 trillion

Toby Connor: Another Big Move Up Coming in Mining Shares

Matt Badiali: The Major Resource Rally You're Not Hearing About

Paul Craig Roberts - They Will Get The Whole World Blown Up

Stephen Leeb: Germany, Russia, China & A New Golden Global Currency

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: US Dollar Collapse, Beijing, Moscow & The Ascendancy Of Gold

Dominic Frisby: What does the Ukrainian crisis really mean for gold?

Peter Atwater: An 'Oligopoly in Confidence' Puts Global Markets at Risk

Wolf Richter: Obama’s Growth Forecast Bullish, Wall Street Exuberant, Corporate Insiders Freak-Out Bearish

Bryan Taylor, Ph.D.: The 22,000 Point Mistake In The Dow

Rebecca Curtin: Gold production hits 10-year high in Australia

Frank Holmes: Gold Gains for Second Month in a Row

Ron Struthers: The Juniors Are Forging the Path Forward

Better, Faster, Cheaper—You Can Have All Three in Medtech: Ben Haynor

Burning Platform: Meet the Military Industrial Complex

Patrick L Young: Ukrainian people will bear brunt of IMF deal with tough austerity

David Stockman: Bruce Berkowitz’s Bogus Bombast

Zero Hedge: Mark Spitznagel Warns "Fed's Frankenstein Markets Are Totally An Illusion"

Zero Hedge: The Herd Mentality – The Left Tail Will Follow The Right Tail

Zero Hedge: What Happens When This Chart Hits Zero?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 5, 2014

Cold Fusion: Transmutation Revolution? Mitsubishi Granted Patent for ‘Nuclide Transmutation’ Process

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Cold Fusion Criticism: ‘Victimism is Syndrome of Impotence’

Cold Fusion: The Power Grid Might Become The ‘Alternative’ — Off-Grid The Norm

Dave Gonigam: From Honorius to Obama

Bill Bonner: One of the Greatest Bargains in Stocks Today

Neil George: Detailed Strategies to Combat the Tax Man

Geoff Anandappa: A Stamp of Approval for Alternative Investments

Greg Guenthner: Make Way for the Mobile Payment Revolution

Michael A. Robinson: Double Your Money with Our "High-Tech GPS"

Marin Katusa: A Quarter of Europe’s Natural-Gas Supply Is About to Disappear

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What to Do When Your Stock Is Crashing

Jeff Clark: A master trader's update on gold stocks

Michael Snyder: Russia Threatens To Abandon The U.S. Dollar And Start Dumping U.S. Debt

Andrew Moran: Why doesn’t Warren Buffett pay his minimum wage workers $15 per hour?

Gary Savage: The second half of the year could be huge for commodities

Jeff Clark: This Overlooked Precious Metal Is About to Break Out

John Embry: Ukraine, Russia, Putin, A World On The Edge, 1914 & Gold

Paul Craig Roberts - The Entire World Is Now In Great Danger

James Turk: A Historic Event Has Taken Place In The Gold Market

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: PCR - Ukraine “More Dangerous Than Cuban Missile Crisis”

William Kaye: This Is What Is Happening In Ukraine & The War On Gold

Ed Bowsher: What the crisis in Ukraine means for your money

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Muted Sentiment towards Gold Stocks

Kiril Mugerman: Graphite Investors Should Look for Large Flakes, Small Resources

Tony Locantro: Stupid Cheap or Just Plain Stupid?

Brent Harmes: The Three Phases of a Bull Market

Putin Adviser Urges Dumping US Bonds In Reaction to Sanctions

Greg McCoach: Central Bankers are Our Enemies

Ben Moshinsky: BOE Seeks Derivatives Pact to Prevent a Repeat of Lehman Cascade

Matthew Boesler: The 'Hidden Debts' Of Russia And Ukraine That Could Make Them More Exposed Than Any Other Country In The World

Marc Faber: Gold Is One Of The Few Cheap Assets

Mike Krieger: The Debt Bubble Expands As Auto Loan Amounts Hit A New Record

Zero Hedge: Facebook Gets Into The Drone Business

Zero Hedge: 50% Profit Growth And Historical Realities

Zero Hedge: Bernanke Finally Reveals, In One Word, Why The Financial System Crashed

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 4, 2014

Cold Fusion: Blacklight Power Demos ‘Semi-continuous’ Plasma Generation (Video)

Dave Gonigam: Five Years After Obama’s Buy Signal

Bill Bonner: Don’t Bet on the US Shale Oil Boom

Dan Steinhart: An Investor’s Take on the Marijuana Market

Don Paarlberg: Money: A Concept No One Understands

Sprott's Thoughts: ‘Frothy’ Gold, Natural Resources Rally Will Pull Back, Says Rick Rule

Dave Gonigam: No Time to Buy Cheap Stocks

Greg Guenthner: Trade Your Way Through World War 3

Nick Hubble: How West Germany failed

Peter Krauth: The Plan to Raid Your Savings (And What to Do About It)

Jeff Clark: What 10-Baggers (and 100-Baggers) Look Like

Brett Eversole: What to Do When Stocks Are at New Highs

Michael Snyder: Russia And China Stand In Agreement On Ukraine – And That Is Very Bad News For The United States

Art Cashin: Ukraine Disaster May Create Worldwide Panic & Contagion

James Turk: The U.S. May Be Preparing To Declare Economic War On Russia

Gerald Celente - Ukraine May Ignite World War & The End Of All Life

Bob Moriarty: Cancer Cure at the Speed of Light

Michael Ballanger: Junior Miners Rise from the Ashes

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Will Be The King Precious Metal Performer

Paulo Casaca: Bail in Replacing Bail Out

Charles Hugh Smith: Who Gets Thrown Under the Bus in the Next Financial Crisis?

Jeff Nielson: Are There Any Chumps Still Holding GLD?

Marc Chandler: Seven Event Risks in the Week Ahead

Martin Armstrong: The Cycles of War Model – WHY

Geoffrey Pike: Will Robots Steal Your Job?

Joseph Cafariello: You Can Legally Profit From Identity Theft

Joseph Cafariello: The Controversy of Unmanned Cargo Ships

Baktybek Beshimov and Ryskeldi Satke: Kyrgyzstan: The Next Ukraine?

Simon Black: This city should definitely be on your radar

Zero Hedge: GM Channel Stuffing Rises To All Time High

Zero Hedge: The Biggest Component Of CPI - Rent - Is Now The Highest Since 2008: What Does This Mean For Broad Inflation?

Zero Hedge: It Turns Out That The "Harsh Weather" Is Actually Boosting The Economy

Zero Hedge: "The Market Is Not The Economy" And The Winner-Takes-All Society

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
March 3, 2014

Cold Fusion: NASA LENR Aircraft Presentation

Dave Gonigam: Redrawing the World Map, Again

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – From Now On All that Matters Is That You Own Both

Bill Bonner: The Coming Bull Market in Gold Stocks Is Going to Be BIG

Matt Insley: Bye Bye Bitcoin, Hello Hard Assets

Susan P. Joyce: What 80% Of Employers Do Before Inviting You For An Interview

Dave Gonigam: Cybersecurity Upgrade Amid the Chaos in Ukraine

Greg Guenthner: Gold’s Next Big Challenge in 2014

Ernie Tremblay: Three Bioscience Breakthroughs You Can't Afford to Miss

Dan Steinhart: Should You Invest in the Marijuana Boom?

Alex Daley: The Healthcare Crisis of the Century

Janet Yellen: Fed can’t regulate bitcoin but ‘we’re looking at this’

Gary Savage: Watch for the parabolic moves

Chris Powell: U.S. Secrets, Criminal Banking Syndicates & Empty Gold Vaults

Robert Fitzwilson: War In Ukraine & A Global Financial System Meltdown

Egon von Greyerz: The World Is Now Standing On The Edge Of A Precipice

Paul Craig Roberts - World Is Now On The Edge Of Nuclear War

Michael Pento: Expect A Historic Stock Market Collapse & Global Chaos

Art Cashin: Is This Time Bomb Going To Implode The Economy?

Paul Craig Roberts - Shocking Piece Of U.S. History Revealed

Egon von Greyerz: World To Witness Frightening & Historic Wealth Destruction

Keith Barron: Which Stocks Will Make A Fortune For Investors This Year?

Morris Hubbartt: Gold & Silver Intermediate Trend Tactics

Scott Wright: New Silver Major Is Born

James Gruber: Emerging Market Banking Crises Are Next

Mark Mead Baillie: Golden Measures & Economic Mayhem

Gordon G. Chang: Call Sherlock Holmes: 500 Tons Of Gold Goes Missing In China

Erik Swarts: Back to the Bull Market Highway for Silver & Gold

Zentrader: Uncertainty In Gold’s Next Directional Move

AFP/London: Prices mixed on US strains, Brazil drought; gold hits 4-month high

Luzi Ann Javier: Hedge Funds Most Bullish on Gold Rally in 14 Months: Commodities

David Stockman: Memo to Obama: This Was Their Red Line!

Zero Hedge: US Official Claims 6,000 Russian Troops In Complete Control Of Crimea - Crisis Map Update

Zero Hedge: US Equity Futures Open Down 1% - Erase Friday's Melt-Up Close

Zero Hedge: The Good, Bad, & Ugly Market Implications Of A "Crimean" War

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