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Money - November 27, 2013

Cold Fusion: Elforsk Takes Lead in Preparing for LENR

Cold Fusion: On the 1 MW Plant Page at

Cold Fusion: Elforsk Publishes New Report on LENR

Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion Featured on Radio SETI

Dave Gonigam: Where Crude Goes Next… and How to Play It

Dave Gonigam: Blowing a Burst Bubble

Bill Bonner: Stag-Nation?

Ron Paul: The Mythical Merits of Paper Money

Greg Guenthner: A Sad and Disappointing Tech Bubble

Byron King: A 50-Year Lesson on Hard Money

Bill Bonner: The Misery of the Rich

Satyajit Das: Europe’s Outlook: ‘The Recession is Over, The Crisis Continues!’

Peter Krauth: After 20 Years, the Uranium Race Is Set to Resume – Price Surge Could Begin as Early as December

Marin Katusa: The Iranian Deal: What the Big Six Really Have to Gain

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Shocking View from Inside a Chinese Factory

Michael Snyder: China Is On A Debt Binge And A Buying Spree Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen Before

Toby Connor: The Next Crisis

Toby Connor: Gold Brief Pause or Final Bottom?

Toby Connor: Buy, Buy, Buy!

Richard Russell: Harsh Changes Are Coming For Global Markets & Mankind

William Kaye: Stunning Bullion Bank Moves As LBMA & Comex Implode

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Here’s The Truth Governments Don’t Want The Public To See

William Kaye: Absolutely Astonishing Developments In The War On Gold

Xavier Grunauer: Small Oil and Gas Companies Are Rising Stars in Latin America

Eight Catalyst-Driven Biotechs Ready to Advance: Michael Hay and Jocelyn August

Dennis Miller: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

The Empire Strikes Back: How Wall Street Has Turned Housing Into a Dangerous Get-Rich-Quick Scheme - Again

Liam Vaughan, Nicholas Larkin & Suzi Ring: London Gold Fix Calls Draw Scrutiny Amid Heavy Trading

David Levenstein: Don’t Be Beguiled Into Thinking Owning Gold Is A Waste Of Time

Dorothy Kosich: Best gold issues may start to melt up rather than down - Rule

Michael Noonan: Americans Are Cash Cows for Telecom Companies

Zero Hedge: Housing Permits Print At Highest Since June 2008 Entirely On Surge In Rental Units

Zero Hedge: Consumer Confidence Misses (Again), Tumbles To Lowest In 7 Months

Zero Hedge: What Currency Is Even More Hated Than Gold?

Zero Hedge: Margin Debt Soars To New Record; Investor Net Worth Hits Record Low

Zero Hedge: Kevin Warsh Exposes The Fed's Market-Based Dilemma In Under 90 Seconds

Zero Hedge: 53% Of Bankers Say Ethics Inhibit Career Progression - Here's Why

Money - November 26, 2013

Cold Fusion: Elforsk Publishes New Report on LENR

Cold Fusion: German Spiegel Online Features Rossi & E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Rossi: ‘Looking for Strong Industrialization’

Bill Bonner: America’s New Growth Sector: Poverty

Philipp Bagus: Wealth Destruction in Disguise

Joel Bowman: Bitcoin Bytes Back

Greg Guenthner: Yellow Metal Fever

Byron King: When Gold Demand Awakes a Sleeping Dragon

Louis James & Jeff Clark: Hitch a Ride on This Supply Crunch

Michael Snyder: “I Fear For What’s Coming” – 68 Percent Of Americans Believe The Country Is On The Wrong Track

Andrew Moran: Infographic: Is there a retirement crisis?

John Ing: Historic Run On Comex Gold To Create $200 Daily Moves

John Embry: Another Terrifying Black Swan Is Headed Our Way

James Turk: Historic Moves In Major Markets Are Shocking The World

The Dying Dollar — Paul Craig Roberts

Peter Schiff: Ben's Rocket to Nowhere

Many Americans find they are completely unprepared for retirement

Justin Spittler: Higher Interest Rates: No Longer A Death Sentence For Gold

Kristen McTighe: The world's food supply depends on Morocco. Here's why

CEO CA: Gold Set For 5% Thanksgiving Bounce

Bob Moriarty: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Jay Taylor: Cashing In on Deflationary Forces

Don Coxe: “The Inflationary Potential Is There And It Will Assert Itself”

Al Doyle: SILVER 101: Add Silver to your Gift List this Year

Charles Vollum: US Dollar

GSW: Fifty Shades Of Gold

Jim Sinclair Dedicated To Realize “Free Gold”

GE Christenson: QE Is Hazardous To Your Retirement

JR Nyquist: The Lost Context of the Economic Crisis

James Howard Kunstler: All Bulled Up With No Place To Go

Zero Hedge: What Bubble? NASDAQ Rises Above 4,000, Back To Year 2000, Dot-Com Bubble Levels

Zero Hedge: Pending Home Sales Collapse At Fastest Pace Since April 2011, Drop To December 2012 Levels

Zero Hedge: 70% Of Brooklyn Home Sales Are To Hedge Funds, Investors And International Buyers

Zero Hedge: Have We Reached 'Peak Gold'?

Zero Hedge: How China's Stunning $15 Trillion In New Liquidity Blew Bernanke's QE Out Of The Water

Zero Hedge: How Gold Price Is Manipulated During The "London Fix"

Zero Hedge: "We've Been Conditioned Over The Years To Trust Paper Money"

Money - November 25, 2013

Cold Fusion: The Promise and Burden of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Surprise Google Ranking for LENR

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Charts Tell The Story. Decline Not Over

Dave Gonigam: Distracted and Tyrannized

Bill Bonner: The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Wayne Mulligan: When Losses are Good for Your Portfolio

Brian Patrick Eha: Dispelling 3 Big Myths About Bitcoin

Greg Guenthner: The New Law of Averages: Don’t Try to Beat Them

Alasdair Macleod: Alasdair Macleod’s Weekly Market Roundup

Matt Insley: 3 Companies Banking on 2 Simple Equations

Nick Hubble: The ‘Fix’ for the Chinese Economy

Michael Robinson: This "Defense" Stock Is Seriously Outgunning the Market

Jim Rogers on China, Central Banks, and the Next Decade for the Markets

This could be the only chart that really matters for stocks right now

CAPITULATION?: This could be the first sign of a significant bottom in gold

Andrew Moran: Ron Paul speculates Janet Yellen’s Fed appointment may be behind Senate rule change

Toby Connor: A Major Turning Point May Have Occurred

John Mauldin: Game of Thrones – European Style

Andrew Maguire - Gold War Heats Up As Shocking Events Taking Place

Robert Fitzwilson: China’s Frightening Plan To Dominate The World

Michael Pento: One Of The Most Terrifying Predictions For The Year 2014

Andrew Maguire: Physical Markets For Gold & Silver On Fire

Andrew Maguire: Fed, BIS & Criminal Banks Continue Attack On Gold

Egon von Greyerz: Man Who Predicted No Tapering Now Says 50% Increase In QE

Michael Pento of Pento: Money Supply Skyrocketing As China Abandons US Dollar

Paul Craig Roberts: The Dying Dollar

Eric Dutram: Platinum Demand Is Soaring

Mark Mead Baillie: In The Year Of The Gold Fool

Daniel R. Amerman, CFA: Did An Obscure IMF Document Start A Global Bail-In Revolution?

Bob Kirtley: Silver Prices on Track to Re-Test June Lows

Zero Hedge: The Cost Of An Ultrawealthy Uberclass: $1500 Per Worker

Zero Hedge: A Look Inside The "New Normal" McMansion

Zero Hedge: The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You Buy

Zero Hedge: Why The Fed Can't See A Bubble In Equity Valuations

Zero Hedge: Banks Warn Fed They May Have To Start Charging Depositors

Money - November 22, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rob Duncan Discusses New Appointment at Texas Tech — and LENR

Dave Gonigam: The Silly Season Is Here

Bill Bonner: How I Explained Bitcoin to My 94-Year-Old Mother

Michael Lombardi: What the Ice Cream Scooper Told Me in Venice

Wayne Mulligan: The Product that Will Send 3D Printing Into High Gear

Gregory Bresiger: The Pariah of Modern Economics

Greg Guenthner: Crashing Giants: Bad News for the Market’s Big Winners

Matt Insley: Waking the Beast in the U.S. Northeast

Bill Bonner: Bitcoin Could Destroy the Dollar

Bill Bonner: ‘Buggish’ on Bitcoin

Greg Canavan: Did the Federal Reserve Just Admit That QE Doesn’t work?

Robert Hsu: Your "Uncle" Is the World's Smartest Trader

Alex Daley: The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming a Bitcoin Billionaire

Lawrence Williams: Why low gold prices first lead to production rises before falling

Michael Snyder: One Lawmaker Is Literally Smashing The Belongings Of The Homeless With A Sledgehammer

Michael Snyder: China Announces That It Is Going To Stop Stockpiling U.S. Dollars

Andrew Moran: Senate Banking Committee approves Janet Yellen as Fed Chair; 14 to 8

Art Cashin: Ray Dalio & Larry Summers - Fed Faced With A Difficult Choice

William Kaye: People To Lose Confidence In Dark Forces Ruling West & Japan

Rick Rule: The End Game, Gold & What I’m Doing With My Own Money

Tom Fitzpatrick: 4 Fantastic Charts Showing Gold Is Nearing A Major Turn

William Kaye: War In Gold Intensifies As Massive Battle Rages In London

Brandon Smith: Sheeple: Why You Should Feel Sorry For Them

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Takes a Histogram Test

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Final Decline in Precious Metals is Underway

Gold Stocks: The Greatest Opportunity In 30 Years

Bob Moriarty: Pilot Hits Home Run

50 to 100 million insurance cancellations coming

Plenty of Opportunities Still Left in International Junior E&Ps: Amin Haque

Zero Hedge: 5 (+3) Themes For The Next 5 Years

Zero Hedge: This Is Really A Symbol Of What’s Going On In This Whole Country. We’re Losing Middle-Class Jobs

Zero Hedge: Only 20% Of Economic Expansions In History Have Lasted Longer

Zero Hedge: Goldman's Global Leading Indicator Collapses Into Slowdown

Zero Hedge: What Happened The Last Time The Market Was This Far Ahead Of Strategists' Expectations?

Money - November 21, 2013

Cold Fusion: “Cold Nuclear Fusion” at RASA

Cold Fusion: LENR Cars’ Stirling Engine Proposal

Cold Fusion: Rob Duncan Discusses New Appointment at Texas Tech — and LENR

Dave Gonigam: Manipulating Molecules for Fun and Profit

Bill Bonner: Gold 2.0

Ray Blanco: Vanquishing An Ancient Enemy

Greg Guenthner: Better Than Average: 2 Choices in Every Bull Market

Matt Insley: “Pulling the Plug” on the U.S. Oil Boom

Greg Canavan: Did the Federal Reserve Just Admit That QE Doesn’t work?

Greg Canavan: Your Responses to Why Negative Gearing Must Go

Michael A. Robinson: Bank 200% Gains from My Recent Dinner Conversation

Vera White Crocus: Venezuela's Central Bank to Trade Gold with Goldman Sachs

Robert Ferris: Globally, 86% of companies do not plan to hire in 2014

Dan Steinhart: Government Economists: About as Useful as a Fork in a Sugar Bowl

Michael Snyder: One Lawmaker Is Literally Smashing The Belongings Of The Homeless With A Sledgehammer

Andrew Moran: OECD urges Bank of Canada to double interest rates by 2015

Andrew Moran: Federal Reserve minutes reveal QE tapering ‘in coming months’

John Mauldin: A Limited Central Bank

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Historic Chaos, Crisis & The War Between Inflation & Deflation

Stephen Leeb: Nazi Style Fed Propaganda Used To Smash Gold Market

KWN: We Haven’t Seen Stunning Numbers Like This In Years

Stefan Ioannou's Three Things to Look for in Three Base Metal Plays

Sophie Song: China's Gold Production Increases But Is Dwarfed By soaring Consumption, Which Is Driven By Central Bank Gold Buying

Michael Lombardi: Central Banks Net Buyers of Gold for Eleven Consecutive Months Now

Sasha Cekerevac: 2014: The Year for Gold Bullion Investors?

Gary Christenson: Silver Fundamentals – The Historian Perspective

Jim Rogers Expects A Buying Opportunity In Gold And Silver

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Is Silver Likely to Decline from Here?

Zero Hedge: For The First Time In Four Years Caterpillar Posts Negative Retail Sales Across The Board

Zero Hedge: Home Sales Plunge At Fastest Rate In 16 Months

Zero Hedge: "It's Going To End Ugly Unless The PBoC Changes Its Attitude To Liquidity"

Zero Hedge: An ECB Negative Deposit Rate? Don't Hold Your Breath, Says Citi

Zero Hedge: Is This The Market's Biggest Bear?

Zero Hedge: No High School Diploma? No Problem: Here Are The Best Paying Jobs For You

Money - November 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: Vote for LENR-Cars now!

Cold Fusion: LENR Cars Seeking Votes for Future Energy Contest

Daily Bell: Why We're Not Sneering at the Averages

Daily Bell: The UK Recovery that Isn't ... the Market Recovery that Is

Kevin Brekke: A Look at Real Estate in Singapore

Dave Gonigam: Bernanke’s Strange Blessing

Josh Grasmick: Bright Future for the World’s Oldest Energy Source

Nick Hubble: A Global War on Savers

Greg Guenthner: Blocking Out the Bubble Talk

Byron King: 3 Plays on America’s New Energy Age

Michael Pento: A Requiem for The Bond Market

Byron King: Big Oil’s Next Big Investment

Greg Canavan: What is Holding Up The US Dollar?

Michael Pento: A Requiem for the Bond Market

Peter Krauth: Gold's Shocking New "Pick and Shovel" Play

Marin Katusa: Catching Fire

Porter Stansberry: The U.S. Gov't Owes You $1 Million

Michael Snyder: Fake Employment Numbers – And 5 More Massive Economic Lies The Government Is Telling You

John Hathaway: Warning - NSA To Oversee Individual Bank Accounts & Wealth

Gerald Celente: Ex-Treasury Secretary Shot With JFK - Vast Criminality In US

Robin Griffiths: China, India, Gold & An Ace In The West’s Hand

Richard Russell: Historic Climax Will Take Place Over The Coming 12 Months

Ed Bowsher: China is changing for the better – now looks a good time to invest

Charles Hugh-Smith: The American Model of "Growth": Overbuilding and Poaching

Bob Moriarty: Cuprum

Stewart Thomson: Gold Fear Buy Vs Gold Ecstasy Buy

Richard Karn: Three Australian Miners Positioned for Success

Lawrence Williams: China gold consumption running at over 2,000 tonnes this year – Jansen

Dorothy Kosich: Honduras, Peru sign cooperative pact for mining development

Graham Summers: Phony Jobs, Phony Data, and a Phony Recovery

Frank Holmes: Dressed to the Nines with Gold

Chris Powell: Venezuela reported planning to pawn its gold through Goldman Sachs

David Morgan: Over The Long Run Gold & Silver Will Be The Ultimate Currency

GSW: Until 2023 Mankind Will Go Through An Historic Wealth Destruction

Bob Kirtley: Gold, Silver And The Mining Sector Have Not Bottomed Yet

Zero Hedge: Only 14% Of Global Companies Plan To Add Workers In 2014

Zero Hedge: Big Trouble In Massive China: "The Nation Might Face Credit Losses Of As Much As $3 Trillion"

Zero Hedge: Shopping With Bernanke: Where QE Cash Ends Up Tells Us Who Benefited

Zero Hedge: Jeremy Grantham On Timing Bear Markets: 25% Upside Left And Then The Bust "We All Deserve"

Zero Hedge: Jim Rogers: "Own Gold" Because "One Day, Markets Will Stop Playing This Game"

Money - November 19, 2013

Cold Fusion: Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion Question Posted at StackExchange

Dave Gonigam: What “The Pivot” Means to Your Portfolio

Bill Bonner: Paddywhacking

Alasdair Macleod: Fiat Money Quantity Hits New Record

Byron King: The Shocking New Use for Drone Technology

Greg Guenthner: Winning Trends in the One-Year-Old Rally

Matt Insley: A 2-Pronged Approach to Cashing In On Gold

Keith Fitz-Gerald: Successful Investing: Five Things to Do Before 7 A.M. Every Day

Louis James: Downturn Winner: Poised to Profit at Any Price

Michael Snyder: Collecting Donations For Wal-Mart Employees That Cannot Afford Thanksgiving Dinner?

Charles Hugh-Smith: Hey, Is It a Problem That We're All on One Side of the Boat?

Could Bad Data Be Depressing the Gold Price? Eric Sprott Says GFMS Stats Are Flawed

Henry Bonner: 19 ‘Tough’ Questions for Eric Sprott on Gold and Silver

Jeremy Warner: we cannot consume our way to balanced recovery

Marcelina Hardy: Investing in Silver Coins

Adrian Ash: Bearish Bets on Gold Hiked "Aggressively" But Prices Move "Sideways" Short Term

Clif Droke: The “melt-up” scenario for 2014

Gold Seek: The Lost World of the Barbarous Relic

Jim Rogers: “You’ll Make A Lot More In The Right Mine Than In The Commodity…[But] You Have To Be Careful”

GSW: Until 2023 Mankind Will Go Through An Historic Wealth Destruction

Bob Kirtley: Gold, Silver And The Mining Sector Have Not Bottomed Yet

GSW: Tips From Legendary Contrarians To Prosper During This Crisis

Dorothy Kosich: Europe’s ultra-conductive copper Ultrawire Project heats up

Sumit Roy: Six Regions Drive 90% Of US Oil Production Growth, 100% Of NatGas Growth

Little-Known Facts About The Importance of Silver in Technology

Zero Hedge: Homebuilder Confidence Drops To 5 Month Low

Zero Hedge: The Great Rotation: From Bullion To Bitcoin

Zero Hedge: The 5 Words Every Bull Needs To Ignore

Zero Hedge: How Wall Street Manipulates Everything: The Infographics

Zero Hedge: "Bubble" In Riskiest Credit Exceeds 2008 Peak

Money - November 18, 2013

Cold Fusion: Physics Professor Comes Out of Closet Admits LENR is For Real

Cold Fusion: Rossi Plans to 3D Print E-Cats

Cold Fusion: 25 Economic Impacts of the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: When Mayhem Went Worldwide

Bill Bonner: Are We Heading For a “Crack-Up Boom”?

Wayne Mulligan: In Defense of Following the “Crowd”

Patrick Copeland: A Sharp Suit that Could Save Your Life

Greg Guenthner: 3 Potholes in the End-of-Year Rally

Frank Holmes: A Resource Reserved for Contrarians

John Rubino: Miners Reporting Serious Progress

Keith Fitz-Gerald: Don't Fall for This New Old Trick

David Galland: God Wants an Economic Collapse

Michael Snyder: Obamacare: The Final Nail In The Coffin For The Middle Class

Andrew Moran: Janet Yellen indifferent towards savers, lacks economic insight

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – When Fundamentals Fail And Charts Prevail

Michael Noonan: S&P/Stocks – Markets Talk, Few Listen. Profit Is The Only Objective.

Michael Noonan: Wheat – A Developing Trade Potential

John Mauldin: The Unintended Consequences of ZIRP

Keith Barron: Chilling Warning Coming From China & The Elites

Robert Fitzwilson: The Largest & Most Spectacular Rise & Fall In History

David Stockman - Worldwide Turmoil To Be Far Worse Than 1981

Art Cashin: Stunning Events To Create A Historic Financial Earthquake

Michael Pento: This Is Going To End In An Unprecedented Catastrophe

Art Cashin - Enormous Danger Facing US & The World

Egon von Greyerz: The United States Is Now In A Catastrophic Default

David Stockman - Lunatic Fed Engineering Global Collapse

Steve St. Angelo: The Coming Bust of the Great Bakken Oil Field

Dani Rodrik: The Real Heroes of the Global Economy

Bob Moriarty: Deja Vu Again

Gary Tanashian: 3P’s Supporting Massive Market Speculation

Richard Duncan: Fed Targeting 20,000 on the Dow

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Claims Per Ounce at 69 to 1

Andrew Oxlade: When will interest rates rise?

Martin Armstrong: Shell Game – Is Deflation Possible?

Martin Armstrong: Expect Riots & Rise of Nationalism After 2015.75 To Pick Up Steam

Zero Hedge: Bad News For Keynesians: Data Shows The Austerians Are Right

Zero Hedge: What Is A Gold Standard?

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber Fears "The End Of The Capitalist Economic System As We Know It"

Zero Hedge: Three Post-Mortems On China's Third Plenum

Zero Hedge: The Surprising Death Of "Surprise"

Politics - November 16, 2013

Bruce Baumann: Immediate Activism Needed To Stop TPP

Michael Krieger: The United States has More People in Jail than High School Teachers and Engineers

Michael Noonan: More Lies From Obama[I Don't]Care. Almost All Are Getting Medically Screwed

John Ross: How Bureaucrats Tried to Kill Free Health Care

Andrew Moran: Infographic: A look at the $625 billion black market

Ron Paul: We should have the right to opt out of Obamacare

Jeffrey Tucker: A Currency the Fed Can’t Figure Out

John Ross: How Bureaucrats Tried to Kill Free Health Care

Michael Lotfi: Democrats Give Obama 72 Hours To Fix Healthcare Law...Or Else

Kristin Tate: Cops Strip Woman & Conduct Vaginal Cavity Search To Find Non-Existent Drugs

Douglas French: Congressman Confirms the Existence of Hobgoblins

Nick Hubble: Does QE Drive the Stock Market?

Robert Hsu: This Is My Favorite Kind of Money

Nick Giambruno: How to Avoid Second Passport Scams and Traps

Michael Snyder: Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System

Paul Craig Roberts: What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?

Hugo Salinas Price: The Siren-song of Welfare State

Ron Paul: Chained CPI Chains Taxpayers

Peter Suderman: Obamacare: The Worst Case Scenario

Timothy Sandefur: What this morning’s Obamacare announcement means

Burning Platform: End of the Line

Simon Black: No inflation to see here…

Simon Black: Kyle Reese explains Janet Yellen’s confirmation to the middle class

Doc Eifrig: The four prescription drugs you must have in a crisis... And how to get them in advance

Paul Joseph Watson: Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”

Michael Snyder: Why Obamacare Will Motivate Millions Of Americans To Make Less Money And Get Divorced

Michael Snyder: The Government Plans To Track Us And Those We Are Related To Using Our DNA

Peter Suderman: Time to Start Considering Obamacare’s Worst Case Scenarios

John C. Goodman: None Dare Call It…

John W. Whitehead: Who’s to Blame for Battlefield America? Is It Militarized Police or the Militarized Culture?

Brandon Smith: Is It Wrong To Be ‘Anti-Government’?

Zero Hedge: Federal Student Loans Surpass $1 Trillion; Delinquency Rate Soars To All Time High

Zero Hedge: Citi Warns "Fed Is Kicking The Can Over The Edge Of A Cliff"

Zero Hedge: Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare

Zero Hedge: US Airspace To Crawl With 7,500 Drones In 5 Years

Money - November 15, 2013

Cold Fusion: An LENR Lobby Needed?

Dave Gonigam: You Are a Hoarder!

Bill Bonner: When the Feds Tell You Bend Over…

Murray N. Rothbard: Grasping at Straws: The Life of a Market Cycle Guru

Josh Grasmick: The King Kong of Energy Technologies

Greg Guenthner: 6 Bullish Months for a Well-Seasoned Market

Matt Insley: Redefining “Cheap Oil” for the Next 10 Years

Jason Farrell: Watch Out for These 10 Investment Bubbles

Shah Gilani: Deflation Is Coming (and It's Not What You Think)

Adam J. Crawford: Tech Bubble 2.0?

Michael Snyder: The Federal Reserve Is Monetizing A Staggering Amount Of U.S. Government Debt

Toby Connor: Will gold drop to $1000 or was the bottom formed this summer?

Robin Griffiths: The Ingredients For A Massive “Crash” Are Now In Place

Chris Powell: Asian Central Banker’s Shocking Confession About The West

Lance Roberts: Too Much Bubble Talk

Charles Hugh-Smith: Will the Dollar Lose its Reserve Currency Status to an SDR Currency?

Tekoa Da Silva: Gold Signaling “Manufactured” Crash Over Next 30-40 Trading Days

Michael Pento: Bernanke’s Broken Record

Indian Gold Dealer: “Gold Demand Cannot Go Down; By End Of December, All Jewelers Will Need To Replenish Stock”

Karim Rahemtulla: Profit from Natural Gas Infrastructure Expansion

Seven Investments on Biotech's Cutting Edge: Joseph Pantginis

David J. Lynch & Peter Robison: Republicans Asserting Reliance on Gold as World Loses Faith

JessesCafe: Comex Registered Gold Falls To 587,235 Ounces - The Karma of Buddha's Palm

India: Gold Premiums Exceed 21%, Gold Price Near All-Time Highs

GSW: Bitcoin Is Gold 2.0: Right Or Wrong?

Jeff Nielson: Precious Metals Markets: Welcome to ‘The Matrix’

Katherine Rushton: America must wake up to the economic threat from the rest of the world

Jeff Christian Calls Gold Conspiracies ‘Garbage,’ Sees Price Boost From Mining Cutback

Briton Ryle: How Far Will Gasoline Fall?

Christian DeHaemer: The Deep Quest for Black Gold

Zero Hedge: Beware The Looming "Wave Of Disaster" From Home Equity Payment Resets

Zero Hedge: Weak Reception For Latest Batch Of $16 Billion In 30 Year Paper

Zero Hedge: "No Warning Can Save People Determined To Grow Suddenly Rich"

Zero Hedge: The Fed's 100-Year War Against Gold (And Economic Common Sense)

Zero Hedge: Scotiabank Warns "Yellen Has Ensured An Equity Market Crash Is Inevitable"

Money - November 14, 2013

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Validations and Potential for Sabotage

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Retrofitting Power Stations with E-Cats

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Monthly -- November 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: About the secret catalyzer used by Andrea Rossi in his E-cat reactor

Michael Krieger: Next Up in Housing – A Huge Home Equity Payment Reset

Dave Gonigam: A Virus That Can’t Be Contained

Bill Bonner: Capitalism and Sex Slavery

Marc Faber: Household Wealth Leans Over an Uneven Recovery

Wayne Mulligan: Crowdfunding for Computers that Can Smell

Greg Guenthner: 531 Trading Days Without an Incident

Chris Mayer: The Right Hand Man of a Cult Investing Hero

Jason Farrell: Fed Banker in Charge of QE Says QE Is Abysmal Failure

Dan Steinhart: The Best Performing Major Stock Market of 2013

Dr. David Eifrig: How to Turn a 45% Loss into a 296% Gain in Real Estate

William Kaye: Man Who Predicted Gold Smash Tells Investors What’s Next

Richard Russell: Unprecedented & Historic Events Shock The Financial World

John Ing: Historic Meeting In China To Shake The Entire World

David Franklin: Vaults are Booming! (in Asia)

F.F.Wiley: What an Ex-FOMC Governor Wants to Tell You about the Fed

Kenneth R. Harney: Home equity lines due for reset may be looming financial disaster

Dambisa Moyo: A Grand Unified Economic Theory?

Clive Maund: Too Many Dummies are Getting Rich

Andrew Huszar: Confessions of a Quantitative Easer

Axel Merk: Why I Sell the Dollar: From Dollar Strength to Dollar Weakness

Eric Muschinski: Investor Psychology Can Trump Market Fundamentals

Eric Sprott: Silver, Silver Stocks will go much higher! Exclusive Interview

Marc Bennetts: Russian lawmaker wants to outlaw U.S. dollar, calls it a Ponzi scheme

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Bears Have Been Warned

Katherine Rushton: Janet Yellen warns US economy is 'far short' of its potential

Elizabeth Warren: 'Too Big To Fail' Is Worse Than Before Financial Crisis

Kenneth R. Harney: Home equity lines due for reset may be looming financial disaster

Zero Hedge: RBS: "The Fed Is Now Responsible For Monetizing A Record 70% Of All Net Bond Supply"

Zero Hedge: Peter Schiff: "Gold Is Being Undermined By The Fantasy Of A US Recovery"

Zero Hedge: NY Fed Compares The Current Reach-For-Yield To South Sea Bubble Of 1720

Zero Hedge: Fort Drum Drone Down - New York Suspends All Reaper Flights

Zero Hedge: QE Whistleblower Warns "We Are Eerily Similar To 2008"

Money - November 13, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi admits Ecat didn’t obtain safety certification

Michael Noonan: NUGT – Is There A Reason To Buy?

Dave Gonigam: Printed To Life: The Tipping Point

Bill Bonner: Davos Without the Hookers (Part II)

Dan Amoss: The Illusion of Wealth: What QE Can and Cannot Do

Michael Shedlock: Credit Boom in China Could Trigger Bigger Crisis Than 2008

Michael Pento: Bernanke’s Broken Record

Byron King: What to Do When China Nukes the U.S.

Addison Wiggin: A 3-Level Strategy to Spend Less on Living

Greg Guenthner: Small-Caps Lose Their Sex Appeal

Nick Hubble: The Truth Behind Stock Market Gains Revealed…

Bill Bonner: The Economy’s Screwed – To The Pub!

Peter Krauth: ow to Prepare for the 17% "Supertax"

Marin Katusa: The Boys Who Cried Oil

Michael Snyder: Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing

Michael Snyder: Meet One Of The Victims Of Obama’s “Economic Recovery”

Andrew Moran: Americans not in the labor force could exceed number of people working by 2017

John Mauldin: The Language of Inflation

Richard Russell - Frightening Hyperinflation Coming To US

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - “Massive Propaganda & Coverup”

Stephen Leeb: Dawn Of A Terrifying New Financial, Monetary & World Order

Art Cashin: This Is Becoming “An Agent Of Financial Recklessness”

Ronald-Peter Stoferle: The World Is Now Entering A Period Of Historic Chaos & Crisis

Rick Rule: What You Should Be Doing As We Head Into The End Game

Jeff Christian Calls Gold Conspiracies ‘Garbage,’ Sees Price Boost From Mining Cutback

Stewart Thomson: The Dow Faces Hurricane Winds

Peter Schiff: Gold: Hold it or fold it?

TCE: Inflation - What Can We Expect?

Taki Tsaklanos: Financial Repression Starts Showing Its Ugly Head

Three Reasons Why Gold's Best Days Are Ahead: Sean Brodrick

Steve Palmer: Change Up Your Portfolio's Sector Weightings to Capture Profits

David Levenstein: As The Currency War Intensifies, Gold Prices fall…but not for Long

GSW: Gold Forwards Rate Spells Short Term Pressure On The Gold Price

Zero Hedge: What Would Happen If There Was No Central Bank?

Zero Hedge: "It's Not Just Harder To Get A Job - It's Harder To Get A Good Job"

Zero Hedge: China Opens Largest Private Gold Vault With Capacity For $82 Billion Worth Of Precious Metal

Zero Hedge: About The "Gas Prices Are Low" Meme

Zero Hedge: 7 More Years Of Low Rates.. And Then War?

Money - November 12, 2013

Cold Fusion: Fleischmann Project results duplicated in one Day, Celani cell verified as LENR device

Cold Fusion: Twenty-five Wonders of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Safety

Cold Fusion: Beyond E-Cat Heat

Michael Noonan: Silver – A Technical Perspective

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Cognitive Disconnect Between Physical And Paper

Dave Gonigam: Plotting the Dollar’s Demise

Bill Bonner: Is QE Broken?

Bill Bonner: Davos Without the Hookers

Greg Guenthner: Ma and Pa Run With the Bulls

Greg Guenthner: Stocks Fall Hard. Rally On Hold.

Byron King: When The World’s Largest Gold Vault Gets Cleaned Out

Addison Wiggin: 3 Ways to Make Your Portfolio Inflation-Proof

Patrick Copeland: A Bullet Train for the Next Generation

Chris Anderson: The Alchemist’s Dream: Make Anything

Jason Farrell: Real 3-D-Printed Gun Now Available in Metal

Chris Mayer: The Mythical History of Money, Credit and Gold

David Galland: Toad Tossing

Jeff Clark: The Greatest Opportunity in 30 Years

John Mauldin: What Would Yellen Do?

Egon von Greyerz: The Next Wave Of Massive Wealth Destruction Is Imminent

John Embry: Sociopathic Western Central Planners Creating Hell On Earth

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - America’s Breathtaking “Crash”

Robert Fitzwilson: “The Sword Of Damocles Hangs Over All Of Our Heads”

KWN: The Most Remarkable News In The Gold & Silver Markets

Michael Pento: Coming Economic Chaos & Fed’s Radical Plan For QE Exposed

John Hathaway: Stunning 90 Tons Of Paper Gold Used To Smash Gold Market

Bill Fleckenstein: The Last Hurrah For Maniac Central Bankers

Bob Moriarty: Crap Shoot

Michael Snyder: 10 Facts About The Growing Unemployment Crisis In America That Will Blow Your Mind

F.F. Wiley: M.C. Escher and the Impossibility of the Establishment Economic View

Lawrence Kotlikoff: Is Hyperinflation Just Around the Corner?

Charles Hugh-Smith: Our Era’s Definitive Dynamic: Diminishing Returns

Zero Hedge: Bill Fleckenstein Blasts "The Price Of Everything Is Out Of Whack"

Zero Hedge: The Anatomy Of A Pre-Crash Bubble

Zero Hedge: As BitCoin Touches $400 The Senate Starts Seeking Answers... As Does The Fed

Zero Hedge: Big Institutions Bet "All In" On Small Caps

Zero Hedge: As Bitcoin Plunges 25% On Government Scrutiny, The First BTC "Fair Value" Reco Has A Stunning Price Target

Money - November 8, 2013

Cold Fusion: MFMP Report Detection of Unusual Gamma Rays [Updated: Biberian Replicates]

Dave Gonigam: Hitting Your Number

Bill Bonner: Aiming for Aristotle’s Head

Byron King: 2 Miner Developments in the Big Gold Sector

Ray Blanco: Slavery in the Digital Age

Wayne Mulligan: Party at the Crowdfunding Portal

Mary L. G. Theroux: NSA Spying: The New Cost of Doing Business

David Franklin: How to Be Your Own Central Bank

Greg Guenthner: 36 and Counting: Markets Ready for End-of-Year Rally

Greg Canavan: The Broken Price Signal at the Heart of Financial Markets

William Patalon III: The Best Opportunity of the Decade

Doug Hornig: The Man No One Listens To

Michael Snyder: How China Can Cause The Death Of The Dollar And The Entire U.S. Financial System

KWN: We Haven’t Seen Stunning Numbers Like This For Years

Ron Rosen: 60-Year Market Veteran - The Terrifying Big Picture

Keith Barron: End Game - “They Don’t Want People Protecting Themselves”

VC: The Venture Crisis

Anderson Antunes: Former Brazilian Billionaire Eike Batista Is Still Rich, But He's Also In A Lot Of Trouble

Four International O&G Juniors for a Globe-Sweeping Shale Revolution: Christopher Brown

Six Opportunities in the Specialty Pharmaceutical Space: Scott Henry

Global Expansion and Affordable Care Act Boost Life Science Tools and Diagnostics: Bryan Brokmeier

David Chapman: That Inflation Feeling!

Mary Bottari: Nightmare on Main Street: ALEC Policies Harm Working Americans

Michael Thomas: Global Financial And Trading Platforms On System OVERLOAD

Nicole Blackmore: Inflation link on final salary pensions faces axe

GSW: Silver – Major Advances In Industrial Applications

GSW: Financial Repression Starts Showing Its Ugly Head

3 Min. Gold News – Jim Rickards – Everything Financial – Nov. 3, 2013

Professor Kotlikoff: Government Conspiracy to Hide True Debt Burden

Zero Hedge: NASDAQ, Pink Sheets Break; US Equity Markets Dump

Zero Hedge: As Bitcoin Soars Over $300, A Question Arises: Could It Become A Global Reserve Currency?

Zero Hedge: Student And Car Loans Represent 99% Of All Loans Taken Out In Past Year

Zero Hedge: UBS Warns The Fed Is Trapped

Zero Hedge: David Stockman Blasts, Brace For "The Explosion Of The Mother Of All Bubbles"

Zero Hedge: The 35 Best US Cities For Millennials

Money - November 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: Green Energy Not So Easy For All

Dave Gonigam: Post-Constitutional America

Nick Giambruno: How the Russian Oligarchs Became Oligarchs… and How You Can Too

Bill Bonner: Repeat After Me: Economics Is NOT a Science

Marc Faber: Real US Economy Trampled by “White Elephants”

Byron King: How Drones Will Benefit the US Oil Boom

Jeffrey Tucker: Obamacare is the Epitome of Mises’ “Planned Chaos”

Greg Guenthner: Market Correction Goes Undercover

Frank Holmes: Discovering Growth Deep in the Heart of Texas

Michael A. Robinson: This Kind of Tech Can Make You Extraordinarily Wealthy

Dan Steinhart: How to Succeed by Bucking Convention

BullionVault: India's Demand to Buy Silver Doubles on Gold Ban, Price Drop

Doc Eifrig: The two things your broker doesn't know about silver

Michael Snyder: Which America Do You Live In? – 21 Hard To Believe Facts About “Wealthy America” And “Poor America”

By Ronald-Peter Stoferle: Why Is Gold Such An Emotional Topic?

Louise Yamada - 2 Fantastic Gold & Stock Market Charts

James Turk: is Is The Single Greatest Danger Facing The World Today

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Generational Injustice of Social (in)Security

Leonard Melman: Put Your Trust in Precious Metals, Not Governments

Sophie Curtis: 'Bitcoin is broken', researchers warn

Michael Lombardi, MBA: Three Key Indicators Say U.S. Economy in Trouble Email

Aki Ito, Joshua Zumbrun & Jeanna Smialek: Three Fed Policy Voters Signal Prolonged Easing to Stoke Growth

Dean Popplewell: Forex: ECB Faces Deflation Threat As Euro Soars

Steve St. Angelo: The Coming Big Change in Gold Investing

John Williams: True Inflation Rate is 23%b>

WashingtonsBlog: Japan Is Being Destroyed By Criminal Corporate Cronyism (Like the Rest of the World)

Gary Christenson: Central Bank And Government Incentives Are Gold’s Catalyst

Briton Ryle: The U.S. Government Mafia

Zero Hedge: Fitch Warns Of Housing Bubble, Says "Unsustainable" Jump Leaves Home Prices 17% Overvalued

Zero Hedge: "Very Low" Obamacare Enrollment Admitted As Young People Just Say No

Zero Hedge: Is This Why Bitcoin Is Surging?

Zero Hedge: Keynes' Ghost Continues to Haunt Economics

Zero Hedge: Silk Road 2.0 Has Been Born... New Website Mocks The Feds

Zero Hedge: Fukushima Debris "Island" The Size Of Texas Near US West Coast

Money - November 6, 2013

Cold Fusion: Publication ‘Surely Within 2014? (Maybe first half)

Cold Fusion: MFMP Tease about Gamma

Dave Gonigam: Before TWTR Goes Public

Bill Bonner: Amor Patria

Dominic Frisby: Small Is Beautiful: A Recipe for Growth

Byron King: Drones: Not Just For Killing Terrorists Anymore

Greg Guenthner: Earnings Season Not the Usual Bloodbath

Matt Insley: 24 Winners in the “Blue Sky” Market

Greg Canavan: Have Lower Interest Rates Translated into Wider Economic Wellbeing?

Bill Bonner: The ‘All America City’

Peter Krauth: The Other Forgotten Metal Could Double, Too

Michael Snyder: 14 Facts About The Absolutely Crazy Internet Stock Bubble That Could Crash And Burn In 2014

Andrew Moran: Does Singapore provide the U.S. with a healthcare alternative?

Toby Connor: Gold at a Crossroads

Art Cashin: This Can Cause The Entire Financial System To Collapse

Ron Rosen: 60-Year Market Veteran - People Missed 2 Amazing Charts

Mike Whitney: Escape From The Dollar

Mark Spitznagel: An Economy-Suffocating American Battle: Our Present Vs. Future Selves

Stewart Thomson: Gold, Tapering, & The Middle Class

Play the Market Bottom and Focus on Energy Commodities: Chris Berry

Play the Market Bottom and Focus on Energy Commodities: Chris Berry

Rick Ackerman: Remembering Why We Hold Gold

Clif Droke: Two major scenarios for the 60-year cycle bottom

Jeff Berwick: Are You Prepared For a US Bank Bail-In?

Andrew_McKillop: The ECB Ignores The Threat Of Hyperinflatio

Matt Taibbi: Chase Isn't the Only Bank in Trouble

Vronsky: Crashing US Dollar vs. Gold & Silver Prices (Part 3)

GSW: A Closer Look At Bank Bail-Ins And The Black Hole Of Our System

Greg McCoach: The Next Wall Street Collapse is Coming

GSW: US Dollar Appears To Be Fundamentally Weak

James Regan: Zinc miners bank on end to glut and hunt for new deposits

Zero Hedge: US Rents Rise To New All-Time High; Homeownership Rate Stuck At 18 Year Low

Zero Hedge: Mike Maloney's Top 10 Reasons To Buy Gold & Silver

Zero Hedge: Lakshman Achuthan Confirms "The US Is 'Still' In Recession"

Zero Hedge: Trulia Pushes The Panic Button As Young Adults Refuse To Move Out Of Parents' Basements, Get Jobs

Money - November 4, 2013

Cold Fusion: How Long will be before we have Commercial LENR?

Cold Fusion: The E-Cat as a Solution for Pro-Nuclear Environmentalists

Cold Fusion: Rossi: E-Cat Secret’s in Space

Cold Fusion: Hans Blix Pushes Thorium as Future Nuclear Fuel

Cold Fusion: Piantelli forms Protium Srl. to Sell Shares to the Public

Bill Bonner: QE From Here to Eternity?

Pierre Lemieux: Financial Weathermen and a Debt-Filled Future

Josh Grasmick: Windfall Profits from an Overlooked Energy Source

Matt Insley: The Headless Horseman of the US Energy Boom

Jason Farrell: 3D Printed Gun Inventor Embarks on New Project: Dark Wallet

Toby Connor: Dollar Surge

John Mauldin: Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Keith Barron: Staggering QE In The West & The Ultimate Collapse

Robert Fitzwilson: Financial Destruction Will Be Unleashed On Global Economies

Andrew Maguire - Gold War Heats Up As Stunning Events Taking Place

Michael Pento: The United States Is Now Set To Plunge Into Economic Chaos

Egon von Greyerz: LBMA Collapse To Expose US, Europe & BIS Gold Is Gone

Andrew Maguire: Big Banks In Trouble As Major LBMA Default Nears

William Kaye: People’s Worst Nightmares Coming - Have A Survival Strategy

Pater Tenebrarum: Yellenomics – or the Coming Tragedy of Errors

Market Oracle: Entire Fiat Money System is Bankrupt: Demise of the Global US Fiat Dollar Reserve Currency

Deviant Investor: QE + Desperation = Higher Gold Prices

2013 Biotech Watchlist Update: Companies Climb and Crumble on Catalysts

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Fundamentals Do Not Matter

Jim Willie CB: Huge Cracks in US Financial Fortress

Scott Wright: Global Gold-Mining Trends 3

Matthias Chang: The Entire Fiat Money System is Bankrupt: Demise of the Global US Fiat Dollar Reserve Currency

Kyle Caldwell: Families face new tax-grab on inheritance trusts

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Precious Metals Futures - Beyond the Madness

GSW: Easy Money Is Again Leading To Bubbles – Courtesy Of Central Banks

GSW: What Is Gold Really Worth

GSW: US Mint About To Trigger A Temporary Silver Supply Shortage?

Julian Phillips: Why gold prices don't reflect fundamentals - Phillips Part 4

Zero Hedge: Global Corporate Cash Flow Slides To 2009 Levels

Zero Hedge: Michael Woodford Warns "By Blinking [On Taper], [The Fed] Has Made A Negative Reaction More Likely"

Zero Hedge: A "Frothy", "Overbullish", "Overbought", "Overmargined" Market With "Not Enough Bears" - In Charts

Zero Hedge: Buying Time In A Brought-Forward World... And Why There Is No Plan B

Zero Hedge: Ebay Expands Accepted Digital Currencies, Says PayPal May One Day Incorporate BitCoin

Zero Hedge: Event Risk: Down But Not Out

Money - November 1, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi Stays Scientific in Predictions

Dave Gonigam: China Has the Drone

Bill Bonner: A Tsunami of Debt

Josh Grasmick: The Software Revolution That Will Kill the Oil Industry

Richard Fulmer: America’s Full Faith and Credit Card

Matt Insley: When Gas Goes Back to 60 Cents a Gallon

Eric Angeli: What Not to Do When Investing in Miners

Nick Hubble: Don’t Believe in the Stimulus of Economists

Robert Hsu: The "Painful" Truth About Diversification

David Franklin: China Needs PGM's Now

Henry Bonner: Number of existing South African gold, platinum mines likely to close

Dan Steinhart: For How Long Has Shale Delayed Peak Oil?

Chris Martenson: Peak “Cheap” Oil: Shale Oil Proves Peak Oil Is Indeed Upon Us

Chris Wood: One Simple Rule to Maximize Your Biotech Returns

Michael Snyder: All-Time High Unemployment: The Economic Depression In Europe Just Keeps Getting Deeper

Robin Griffiths: The Frightening Thing That Threatens To Crash World Markets

Grant Williams: The Fed Is Going To Shock Markets By Increasing QE

John Ing: We Are Now In The “Last Innings” Of The End Game

Grant Williams: Danger For The West As China Makes Global Chess Moves

KWN: Major Warning Signal For Markets

Is Paul Krugman a Voodoo Economist? — Paul Craig Roberts

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: The Outlook for Mining M&A

CEO Technician: Gold Has an Uncanny Attraction to This Price Level

"World is on the verge of a monumental financial crisis,” Bob Moriarty tells us

Dudley Baker: The Speculative Merits of Common Stock Warrants

Why Chen Lin Is Buying Fracking Stocks and Selling Gold Holdings

GSW: Dollar Reserve Breaking Down – Earthquake In Markets Coming

Luis Martín: After “Currency Wars” Comes “The Death of Money”

Steve St. Angelo: Fed Smashes Gold & Silver While 2,000 Gold Eagles Were Sold

Jeremy Warner: Harsh truths about the decline of Britain

Zero Hedge: Facebook Enters Bear Market In Shortest Time Ever

Zero Hedge: BofAML: "This Gold Pullback Is A Dip To Buy" And Stocks Are "Ripe For Stalling"

Zero Hedge: US Equities In World Of Their Own As Everything Else Trades Taper-On

Zero Hedge: UBS On The Importance Of 3D Printing

Zero Hedge: The employment situation in America is in a state of serious dysfunction

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