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Money - August 31, 2013

Cold Fusion: The LINUX of LENR, an Open Sourced Energy Solution from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

Cold Fusion: Best Model for LENR Proliferation

Dave Gonigam: A Whiff of 2008

Bill Bonner: When Gold Will Really Start to Glitter

Matt Insley: A Huge Gold Prediction… From Reality TV

Patrick Copeland: Start Trek Tech and the Reality of Teleportation

Distressed volatility: Huge Divergence Between the Velocity of Money and S&P Shows What Has Really Recovered During This Cycle (Part 1)

GoldSilver: How To Hide Your Gold And Silver

William Meade: How George Soros Trades Stocks

Michael Snyder: Who Benefits From A War Between The United States And Syria?

Greg Canavan: Is a 50% Market Decline Possible?

Peter Schiff: The Unfriendly Skies

Jeffrey Saut: Gold Market Now Very Close To Issuing A Major “Buy” Signal

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - U.S. To Experience Total Collapse

Egon von Greyerz: A Terrifying Collapse Will Plunge The World Into Total Chaos

America Totally Discredited — Paul Craig Roberts

World Resource & Scarcity: Significant Price Inflation Ahead?

Morris Hubbartt: Gold's Battle For $1425

Mary Anne Aden and Pamela Aden: A Bombed Out Market Is Bottoming

Scott Wright: Gold Production Decline Imminent

Deepcaster: Opportunity Knocks via Market Realities

Carlos Andres: The Ascendency of Real Gold Demand – Gold Miners Weekly

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: India pushes 'shock and awe’ currency plan to save BRICS

The War Cycle is turning up - Martin Armstrong

Richard (Rick) Mills: China Loves West’s 99 Fine

Denise Roland: ECB set for clashes over rate cut after inflation falls

GSW: It’s Official – Goldman Sachs Was Buying GLD While Advicing To Sell

Henry Bonner: Junior Explorers’ Fortunes Follow those of Senior Miners

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Of Precious Metals and Unsuccessful Parasites

Steve St. Angelo: Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Beat All Records

John Rubino: Back to the Future, Part 1: Prediction Fatigue

Wolf Richter: "Drastic Correlation Between Printing and Pumping" -- A

Miranda Marquit: The Shocking Truth About Donald Trump's Rise To Success

Zero Hedge: Two Months And Counting To The Real Debt Ceiling D-Day

Zero Hedge: Personal Income, Spending Miss; Employee Compensation Plunges

Money - August 30, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Open Source, Again

Dave Gonigam: A Wartime First

Chris Mayer:

Greg Guenthner: Is a 90% Down Day the Dawn of a New Day?

Chris Mayer: The Dead-Head Fed And “The Only Road to Riches”

Greg Canavan: Emerging Markets Are In Trouble

Michael A. Robinson: Some People Will Get Stinking Rich on These Devices

Alex Daley: How to Make More Money than a Venture Capitalist

Marc Faber: Gold Will Hit New Record High Even Though Markets Manipulated By Fed

Barry Ritholtz: Proof the Bond Bull is Over: PIMCO Selling Hedge Funds

Mark Hulbert on Stocks in September

Michael Snyder: 25 Quotes About The Coming War With Syria That Every American Should See

Toby Connor: Possible Stock Market Bottom

Jeff Clark: A New Price Target for Oil

John Mauldin: Exit, Schmexit

Keith Barron: Massive Flight Of Physical Gold & Silver Out Of West Continues

Tom Fitzpatrick: The Frightening “Stairway To Hell” Gold & Silver Are Climbing

John Hathaway: Unprecedented Run On Physical Gold Now Set To Accelerate

Jim Quinn: If These Are The Fastest-Growing Jobs In America - We're Doomed

Charles Hugh-Smith: Economic Darwinism And The Next Financial Crisis

Charles Hugh-Smith: America's Social Recession: Five Years and Counting

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Another Chance Coming to Buy Mining Stocks

Micro-Cap Oil Stocks that Hit the Jackpot: Phil Juskowicz

Biotech Investor Realism with Andrew Fein

Michael Lombardi: U.S. Dollar: “Reserve” To “Laughing Stock” Currency In Less Than One Century

Steve St. Angelo: : Precious Metals Will Rise As the Economic Recovery Disintegrates

Hubert Moolman: Silver Price Forecast: Massive Debt Levels Will Push Silver To $150 And Beyond

GSW: Should I Invest in Gold at Current Levels

GSW: Is Silver Overbought?

Gold market in for a wonderful Fall – Embry

Zero Hedge: Gold Confisaction Imminent? Or Does India Simply Have An Offer For Its Citizens They Can't Refuse...

Zero Hedge: "This" Has Never Happened Outside Of A Recession

Zero Hedge: Citi Asks "How High Can Gold Ultimately Go?"

Zero Hedge: It's The Consumer, Stupid!

Zero Hedge: Two Months And Counting To The Real Debt Ceiling D-Day

Money - August 29, 2013

Cold Fusion: Search Continues For Steam Engines

Cold Fusion: RealClearScience: Cold Fusion Not Real?

Cold Fusion: US Partner Determines The Release Of Information On The E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: The Syrian War Already Underway

Bill Bonner: Have Bricks and Mortar Sprouted Wings?

Thompson Clark: Don’t Fear the Taper

Greg Guenthner: Forget Syria: Use Your Stock Market “Tunnel Vision”

Byron King: Egypt Crumbling: “The Most Important Event so Far of the 21st Century”

Ray Blanco: Welcome to The Technology Revolution

Greg Canavan: Dodgy Market and Dodgy Federal Reserve Chairman Candidate!

Greg Canavan: The Federal Reserve’s Crucial Next Step

Robert Hsu: These Stocks Will Crush You (Strong Sell)

Dan Steinhart: Bitcoin Is the New Napster… and That’s a Good Thing

Michael Snyder: Will War With Syria Cause The Price Of Oil To Explode Higher?

J. Mike Oliver: The Clock is Old - This could be The Fed’s Final Game

Amber Lee Mason and Brian Hunt: How to Hedge Your Portfolio Against A Global Economic Crisis

James Turk: What We Are Witnessing In The Gold Market Is Truly Historic

Grant Williams: If Gold Shorts Miscalculate “There Is Going To Be Hell To Pay”

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold Poised To Super-Surge 150% & Silver A Staggering 300%

Lance Roberts: A History Of Real GDP & Population Growth

Mark O’Byrne: Syria War And "Market Panic" To Send Gold "Much, Much Higher" - Jim Rogers

Deviant Investor: Gold, Silver, and the Status Quo

Clive Maund: Syria and the Markets

BullionStreet: Silver rallies on Syria fears, buy, sell stops for Comex Silver

Follow the Beta Plays with Junior Silver Miners: PureFunds' Andrew Chanin

JessesCafe: Deliverable Gold Falls To a New Low Of 725,000 Ounces

WealthCycles: Print Forever If Borrowing Fed Assets Allowed

Gary Christenson: Gold & Silver – Antidote Against The Status Quo Of The Establishment

Briton Ryle: Is America Defending Saudi Interests in Syria?

JC Parets: Interests Rates are at Critical Levels

Sumit Roy: Gold Miners ETF Could Double If Gold/GDX Ratio Continues To Decline

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: How to Invest with Zero Downside and Unlimited Upside

Zero Hedge: NAR Finally Admits Rising Rates Crippling Housing

Zero Hedge: Financial Times: "World Is Doomed To An Endless Cycle Of Bubble, Financial Crisis And Currency Collapse"

Zero Hedge: Volumeless 'Dead-Cat-Bounce' In Stocks Fades Into Close On "I Believe" Day

Zero Hedge: August US Equity Trading Volume Plunges To Lowest In 16 Years

Zero Hedge: The "War" Effect

Money - August 28, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Gimme Shelter! Or Not

Neil George: How To Cash Checks From America’s Water Needs

Addison Wiggin: The Empire’s Next Effort to Extract Your Wealth

Addison Wiggin: The Pentagon: Angry Birds Hold the Key to Our Security

Greg Guenthner: 3 Fallout Predictions from the Syrian Civil War

Keith Fitz-Gerald: Stock-Market "Antifreeze" Can Boost Your Return, Too

Marin Katusa: The US-Syrian Quandary: A Case of Déjà-Vu

Michael Snyder: 22 Reasons Why Starting World War 3 In The Middle East Is A Really Bad Idea

Jeff Clark: How to Profit When Good Charts Go Bad

Stephen Leeb: This Major Catalyst To Launch Historic Moves In Gold & Silver

John Ing: This Triggered The Short Squeeze That Is Crushing Gold Bears

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making — Paul Craig Roberts

CEO CA: Gold In No Man's Land

Stewart Thomson: Gold & Silver Profit Booking Strategies

Gold Silver Worlds: Gold’s Protective Power In Action: India’s Ongoing Currency Destruction

Dan Norcini: Syria News Sends Gold and Safe Haven Treasuries Higher

Anthony Mariano: Calling Next-Generation REE Investors

The Low-Cost, High-Yield Strategy Making Oil Investors Money: Josh Young

Andy Hoffman: Exportation of Inflation

Hubert Moolman: Gold/Silver Ratio Signals Much Higher Silver Prices

Liam Vaughan & Gavin Finch: Currency Spikes at 4 P.M. in London Provide Rigging Clues

Chris Martenson: The next big economic dislocation might be only weeks away

Ellen Brown: The Leveraged Buyout of America

Moran Zhang: Italy's Economy: Rising Bankruptcies And Suicide Rates As Recession Drags On

Christian DeHaemer: To Taper or Not to Taper: Buy Gold and Silver

JessesCafe: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Gimme Shelter

Testosterone Pit: What It Means When The Printing Ends

Philippe Casey: The Shale By Rail Revolution: A Lasting Phenomenon

Testosterone Pit: The Undead Corporate Welfare Programs For Automakers

Testosterone Pit: Deluded Optimism In Corporate Earnings Growth (Now Shriveling)

Lee Adler: Real Durable Goods Orders: US Manufacturing Remains In A Slow Motion Collapse

Zero Hedge: Stocks Plunge Breaks Below 'FOMC Minutes' Lows

Zero Hedge: S&P 500 Futures Lose Critical Technical Level

Zero Hedge: Barclays Warns About The Oil Price "Spillover Effects" From Syria

Zero Hedge: The Creeping Fear Of The "Great Normalization" Of US Monetary Policy

Zero Hedge: SocGen's Shocking Oil Forecast: $150 Upside; $125 Base Case Following Syrian Attack "Within A Week"

Money - August 27, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi as Teacher

Cold Fusion: MFMP Presentation from ICCF-18

Cold Fusion: “No New Physics”, Says Rossi

Cold Fusion: Christopher Strevens Nuclear Reactor

Dave Gonigam: New Alliance Taking America’s Place

Bill Bonner: These Three Major Markets Have Turned

Neil George: Local Television Beats the Internet

Greg Guenthner: How to Spark a Fear Rally

Matt Insley: U.S. Oil Boom “Bonanza” — Pioneer Hits Pay Dirt In The Spraberry

Josh Grasmick: 4-D Printing: The Solution to a $350 Billion Problem?

Greg Canavan: Superannuation Overtakes Bank Deposits

Shah Gilani: The "Halting" Truth of a Frozen Nasdaq

Jeff Clark: Write-Downs: Death Sentence or Opportunity?

Alex J. Pollock: The Federal Financial Triangle

John Browne: Greece Highlights Germany's EU Dilemma

Grant Williams: Never The Twain

John Embry: West Is Now Desperately Trying To Avoid Full-Blown Collapse

Richard Russell - Gold Set To “Catapult” $220, But Buy Silver

Rick Rule: Gold & Silver War, Worry At Fukushima & Middle-East Conflict

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Recession That Never Ended: 2008 -2013 (and Counting)

Steve Saville: Gold

Small (Capex) Is Beautiful in Silver and Gold, Says Salman's Ash Guglani

Clif Droke: War on the horizon

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Brazil's real defence falters as Fed leaves emerging markets to their fate

Lance Roberts: The Long View On Interest Rates

Steve St. Angelo: Future Silver Supply in Question as Mexico Oil Production Declines

Gold Silver Worlds: Is Gold’s Rise Also Signaling A Syrian Attack?

Gold Silver Worlds: Is Leverage In Gold And Repo Markets Reaching Its Limits?

Eric Sprott – 5 Great Questions About The Debt Crisis And Metals

Henry Bonner: Did Central Banks Collude to Suppress the Gold Market? – Eric Sprott

Sumit Roy: Adrian Day Says Gold Poised To Hit $1,600 In Sept. As Shorts Scramble To Cover

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Nanofiber and Silver Production

Emmet Kodesh: Gold And Silver For Rough Weather: Buying Time

Christopher F. Davis: Why I'm Buying Silver Again

Zero Hedge: Soybean, Corn, And Wheat Prices Are Surging

Zero Hedge: Will 8th Time Be The Charm For $1,400 Gold?

Zero Hedge: The New 'Cloud' Normal - "Glitch" Brings Down Vine, Instagram, And Netflix

Zero Hedge: Driving On Portugal's Ghost Roads: Traffic Crashes By 68% In First Quarter

Zero Hedge: Nope, No Inflation Here!

Money - August 26, 2013

Cold Fusion: Old Reactors’ Bits & Pieces

Cold Fusion: E-cat South Asia Technology Update

Cold Fusion: Overcoming the E-Cat Stall

Cold Fusion: Interview with Ed Storms on the Importance of Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Validation of his Theory

Michael Noonan: S & P – Time To Be Defensively Pro-Active

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Those Heeding Market Activity Are Being Rewarded

Dave Gonigam: Market Glitch or Hacker Attack?

Bill Bonner: Another “Patriotic” Step on the Road to Tyranny

Byron King: A Peek Behind the Federal Spending Curtain

y Josh Grasmick: USCYBERCOM and the Fifth Domain of War

Peter Coyne: Latest War is a Defense Bureaucrat’s Wet Dream

Greg Guenthner: The Hidden Story Behind the NASDAQ Glitch

Matt Insley: The Spraberry Formation: Cash In From This 1951 Time Magazine Article

Greg Canavan: Moving Through the US Dollar

Nick Hubble: Richard Fisher’s ‘Super Easy’ Fed

David Galland: I’m from the Government, I’m Here to Bend You Over

Porter Stansberry: The most important trend in the world today

Martin Pring: Commodity Prices Are About to Explode

Gary Savage: Liquidity heading for gold and silver

Toby Connor: Starting with $300, goal is to make $100,000 with short term option strategies

Dan Ferris: The single best way to get rich in the stock market

John Mauldin: France: On the Edge of the Periphery

Eric Sprott - How Investors Can Make 3,000% In 1 Year!

Robert Fitzwilson: What Now Lies Ahead Is A Terrifying Panic & Collapse

Eric Sprott: This Will Shock Investors & Send Gold Skyrocketing

Michael Pento: We Will Now See Massive Panic Across World Markets

Eric Sprott: World To Witness A Frightening Collapse

Egon von Greyerz - Here Is The Roadmap To $10,000 Gold & $500 Silver

Martin Hutchinson: How to Make 46% on My "Australian Independence"

Charles Hugh Smith: Up Against Hard Limits: Food and Finance

Adam Hamilton: Stock Bear Looms

Jan Skoyles: What’s on the cards for silver?

Jack Chan: This past week in gold

Ansuya Harjani: Gold’s rebound seems believable this time

Hubert Moolman: Silver Price Forecast: Using Gold to Forecast Silver’s Final Blow-Off Rally

Tekoa Da Silva: Indian Gold Dealer: “Gold Is Now Trading At $1800oz.—Small Factories And Workshops Are Shutting Down”

Lawrence Williams: Physical gold price will tend to infinity, paper gold to zero!

David Franklin: All Eyes on South Africa

Michael Noonan:

Zero Hedge: "There’s No Free Market In Money Today" And Other Observations By Howard Marks

Zero Hedge: Welcome To The Housing Recovery: Rents Are Rising, Incomes Are Falling

Zero Hedge: Why The Post-Lehman Reflation Is Reaching Its Limits

Zero Hedge: Three Years After Warning Of "Currency War", Brazil Goes All In

Zero Hedge: Africa: The Next Major Boom-Bust Cycle?

Money - August 23, 2013

Cold Fusion: At peak efficiency “no other source of power will be necessary”

Cold Fusion: Nuclear Power Best Fit to Combat Climate Change

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- August 22, 2013

Dave Gonigam: The Day Hackers Turned off the Water

Bill Bonner: Crash Alert!

Byron King: A Sweet Spot Off the Budget Butcher Block

Josh Grasmick: Can You 3-D Print An Airplane?

Greg Guenthner: The Dow is a Dog

Frank Holmes: What Happens When You Tell Indians to Stop Buying Gold

Nick Hubble: Richard Fisher’s ‘Super Easy’ Fed

Keith Fitz-Gerald: This is Now Your No. 1 Choice for Big Gains

Adam J. Crawford: What Will Software Eat Next?

Brian Hunt: A Worry-Free Way to Supplement Your Income in the Stock Market

Michael Snyder: They Actually Expect Us To Have Faith In These Financial Markets After This Week?

Andrew Moran: Don’t pay your taxes? Prepare to lose your driver’s license

Grant Williams: This Will Crush Gold Bears & Create A “Disorderly” Rise In Gold

Grant Williams: Singapore Source - West Is Now Running Out Of Physical Gold

Ron Rosen: Stock Market Collapse To Accelerate As Gold & Silver Skyrocket

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Grand Experiment: Offloading Risk onto the State

Jeb Handwerger: Time To Focus On Economically Viable Junior Gold Miners in Nevada

Don Coxe: We Have Seen The Bottom in Gold

Hugo Salinas Price: Bitcoins for the Kiddies

Sreekumar Raghavan: How's the performance of Gartman's top mining stocks

Andrew Topf: Gold Jewelry Demand Highest Since 2007

Two Ways to Capitalize on Accelerating Lithium Demand: Luisa Moreno

Three New Picks from the Hot Biotech IPO Market: Ran Nussbaum

Spot Tenbagger Discovery Potential in Biotech: Michael Berry

Jim Willie CB: 13 Reasons Why Gold Will Hit $5000/oz

Mike Shedlock: Gold’s Outlook In The Coming Era Of Bank Bail-ins

Gold Mining Equities: A Play Against the Tide

James Rickards on Gold and the U.S. Dollar

Marcelina Hardy: Silver Prices Will Rally

Brian Hicks: Government Engineered Class Warfare

Jeff Siegel: A New Way to Invest in Coal

Zero Hedge: BLS, We Have A Problem: Polled Unemployment Soars To March 2012 Levels

Zero Hedge: "Tepco Has Lost Control" - What Is Really Happening At Fukushima In Four Charts

Zero Hedge: How Soaring Yields Are About To Make A 5 Year Bond Auction Into A 7 Year Reopening

Zero Hedge: The Primary Dealers Have Spoken: Taper Begins September With $15 Billion Trim; QE Ends June 2014

Zero Hedge: The Line Every Gold Trader Is Watching

Money - August 22, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Nothing Wrong With Current Physics

Dave Gonigam: Amidst the Budget Carnage

Bill Bonner: Are Dividend Investors Foolish?

Bill Bonner: What the Bond Sell-Off Means for Stocks

Chris Mayer: The Timeless Wisdom of Izzy Stone

Addison Wiggin: Baby Boomers Put Retirement on the Back Burner

Greg Guenthner: 3 Reasons to Ditch Your Bear Suit

Greg Guenthner: Two Gold ETFs Ripe For A Buy: GDX, GDXJ

Nick Hubble: Following the Money

Dr. Kent Moors: These Fracking Trucks Reveal Energy's Most Underreported Boom

Dan Steinhart: Are Dividends Overrated?

Michael Snyder: If You Could Make More Money By Going On Welfare Instead Of Working, Would You Do It?

Richard Russell - America In Trouble As Gold War Rages

Keith Barron: West Nears Edge Of A Cliff As Central Planners Ensure Collapse

Michael Pento: This Will Create Panic, Crush The Fed & Send Gold Soaring

Eric Pomboy: Here’s Why There Is A War In Gold Near The Key $1,370 Level

William Kaye: A 2008-Type Of Event Will Plunge The World Into A Panic

William Kaye: Secret Central Bank Activity In The Gold Market Exposed

John Embry: We Are Now On The Verge Of A Historic Meltdown & Collapse

Gangster State US/UK — Paul Craig Roberts

Brandon Smith: Get Ready For The Death Of The Petrodollar

Pater Tenebrarum: India Heading Toward Crisis Point?

Daniel R. Amerman, CFA: How Financial Reality Is Hidden By Commonly Used Theory & Jargon

Why Is Anti-Goldbug Dennis Gartman Getting into Gold?

Florian Siegfried: Gold Mining Equities: A Play Against the Tide

GE Christenson: Silver vs The $100 Bill – How Paper Money Becomes Worthless Over Time

Rob McEwen: Exploration Miners With A Hot Discovery Deliver Remarkable Returns

Lawrence Lewitinn: The biggest gold story no one is talking about

Szu Ping Chan: Thorium put to the test as policymakers rethink nuclear

SILVER EAGLES SALES: Signaling Much Higher Price Gains Ahead

Adam English: An Endless Supply of Paper Gold

Jason Hommel: Six myths regarding infaltion and hyperinflation in the USA!

Zero Hedge: What Do British Bankers Know That The Rest Of Us Don't?

Zero Hedge: The "Unwinding Of Unsustainable Speculative Positions", Or How The Fed Welcomes The Popping Of Its Own Bubble

Zero Hedge: Is A Foundering India About To Flood The Gold Market With 200 Tons Of "Leased" Gold

Money - August 21, 2013

Cold Fusion: Frank Znidarsic and A Paradigm for Classical Physics (Guest Post)

Cold Fusion: Rotating Fuel Canisters

Dave Gonigam: Coups, Carriers and Tankers

Addison Wiggin: Demography is Destiny, Hold On To Your Wallet

Ray Blanco: Big Gains to Come From The Biotech Bull

Greg Guenthner: Avoid the Emerging Markets Storm

Matt Insley: Gold’s New Buy Signal

Nick Hubble: A Bond Market Tantrum

Michael A. Robinson: The Fastest Road to Wealth in America (Right Under Your Nose)

Marin Katusa: The World’s Next Monster Energy Play

Michael Snyder: 33 Shocking Facts Which Show How Badly The Economy Has Tanked Since Obama Became President

Michael Snyder: 18 Signs That Global Financial Markets Are Entering A Horrifying Death Spiral

Peter Schiff: The GDP Distractor

John Mauldin: What Has QE Actually Accomplished?

Matt Taibbi: Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal

Mike Krieger: Gold is Flooding Out of London to Switzerland at an Alarming Rate

Charles Hugh-Smith: Charting Insolvency: Social Security and Wages

Doug Casey: “We’re Still In The Midst Of The Biggest Bubble In World History”

Gold Silver Worlds: The Lesson Of India’s Gold Saga

Stewart Thomson: Gold Overbought & Demand A Concern

Ronald R Cooke: Get Ready for the Next Financial Crisis

Frank Talk: What Happens When You Tell Indians to Stop Buying Gold

Adrian Ash: Silver's 13% jump "confirms" recovery in gold

Gary Tanashian: Silver Institute video wins 2013 Bronze Telly Award

The Silver Price vs. the Economic Contraction

Carlos Slim: Secrets of the World Richest Man

Steve Sjuggerud: Last Time This Happened, Gold Prices Rose 70%

Mark Seddon: Why You Should Look Twice at an Ugly Duckling Metal

Steve St. Angelo: World's Largest Silver Producing Company Reports Big Decline in Production

Clif Droke: Tight money has already started

Rob McEwen: Exploration Miners With A Hot Discovery Deliver Remarkable Returns

Zero Hedge: 2006 Deja Vu? Mortgage Lenders Shuttered Amid Market "In A Drought"

Zero Hedge: When It Rains, It Pours Radiation: Fukushima Plant Springs Worst Leak In History

Zero Hedge: WTI Plunge Slams Brent Spread Up 100%

Zero Hedge: Fundamentals Better Get Better (Fast)

Zero Hedge: 150 Years Of Inflation (And Counting)

Money - August 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: Why is Media Paying More Attention to Musk’s Hyperloop than LENR?

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Domestic Units (and Defkalion)

Cold Fusion: Rossi Effect ‘Too Slow’ to be Weaponized

Cold Fusion: This Year’s Nobel Week Topic — Exploring the Future of Energy

Cold Fusion: Nickel Stores Available For the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: Sand in the Market’s Gears

Frank Holmes: Europe Puts on Its Rally Cap

Greg Guenthner: How to Defeat the Hindenburg Omen

Byron King: An “Investable” Turnaround In Oil!

Louis Basenese: The Verdict on The World’s Fastest “Train”

Jason Farrell: “Government Laboratory” for “Unlimited Taxpayer Risk” Now Slated for Demolition

Nick Hubble: Australia’s Economy: Complex, Fragile or Centralised?

Nick Hubble: Gold or Stocks?

Jeffrey Tucker: How Medical Innovation and Technology Redefines Our World

Keith Fitz-Gerald: The Most Important Number to Watch This Week

Andrey Dashkov: Peak Gold

Dan Ferris: How to Make a Huge Amount of Money – Safely – in Stocks

TheDividendTheory: Five Golden Rules for Dividend Investors

John Townsend: Now that Gold's Bull is Charging, Where is the Easy Money?

Michael Snyder: Those That Are Not Preparing For The Coming Economic Depression Are Going To Bitterly Regret It

Andrew Moran: Marc Faber indicates stocks are in bubble territory, urges play for gold

Grant Williams: The Hypocritic Oath

Robert Fitzwilson: Central Planners Commit Worst Mistake In Monetary History

Jean-Marie Eveillard: There Are Absolutely Terrifying Risks Facing Global Markets

Stephen Lee: Putin - The Russian, German, Chinese Connection & Gold

Growing Up In America — Paul Craig Roberts

Chris Martenson: Why We All Lose If the Fed Wins

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Trends Few Dare Discuss: Social Security and the Decline in Full-Time Employment

Tim W. Wood: Selective Thinking

Chris Mancini: The Good, the Not-So-Bad and the Maybe Ugly of Gold Equities

Hard Assets Alliance: Total Public Debt Now Eclipses GDP In The US

Hubert Moolman: Gold and Silver Rally Relative to the Dow

JessesCafe: Goldman Was Buying Gold While They Were Saying 'Sell?'

James Turk: Silver’s Very Bullish 3-Decade Chart Pattern

Hubert Moolman: Silver and Gold Price Forecast

Zero Hedge: BlackRock Admits The Fed Is Causing "Tremendous Distortions"

Zero Hedge: The Bubble Watcher-In-Chief Speaks: "No More Bubbles"

Zero Hedge: Is Obama About To Crash The Gold Market Again?

Zero Hedge: Fannie, Freddie Masking Billions In Losses, Watchdog Finds

Money - August 19, 2013

Cold Fusion: The Debutante at the Ball

Cold Fusion: James Martinez on Buzzsaw

Cold Fusion: This Year’s Nobel Week Topic — Exploring the Future of Energy

Your Neighborhood Manufacturer

Bill Bonner: Stay Away From This Gambler’s Market

Pater Tenebrarum: US Stock Market – the Party is on Hold

Chris Anderson: The Long Tail, Revisited

Greg Guenthner: Gold’s New Rally Begins Now

Byron King: The Day The Drilling Industry Fell Off A Cliff

Paulson’s out… But JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs Are in: Go Long Gold!

Bill Bonner: Gold is The Only Money You Can Trust

Nick Hubble: Good News is Bad News for the Stock Market

Greg Canavan: Foreigners Turning on the US

Callum Newman: A Billion Gold Bugs Get Squeezed

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Fundamentals Never Say “When.” Charts Do, And It Pays To “Listen.”

Keith Fitz-Gerald: The Only "Crash Talk" Worth Trading

Darcy Keith: Eric Sprott on gold and why it’s heading to $2,400 in a year

Gordon Gekko: "Let them eat credit"

Michael Snyder: What Is Going To Happen If Interest Rates Continue To Rise Rapidly?

Andrew Moran: Gold demand surges 53% in second quarter

Tekoa Da Silva: “Big Money Is Now Trying To Get In—On A Violent Regression To The Mean”

John Mauldin: Signs of the Top

John Hathaway: Escalating Fear Accelerating Massive Run On Physical Gold

Bill Haynes: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

James Dines - Gold, Silver & A New Super-Major Bull Market

Michael Pento: Watershed Event To Change History & The Course Of Markets

Egon von Greyerz: Bankrupt World Now Headed Into Frightening Chaos

Bill_Fleckenstein: More signs suggest that gold has reached a turning point

Myra P. Saefong and Victor Reklaitis: Gold ends higher; silver scores 14% weekly jump

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: When Silver Shortages Reach the Mainstream

Scott Pluschau: Silver puts in a Major Bullish Reversal Pattern on the Daily chart

Zero Hedge: Radioactive Water Leaking From Fukushima: Why Millions Of Lives Are At Stake

Zero Hedge: Gold Or Tungsten? Here's How To Know

Zero Hedge: What Corporations Spend Their Cash On

Zero Hedge: The Destruction Of America's Middle Class (In Under Seven Minutes)

Zero Hedge: JPMorgan Is Selling The Building That Houses Its Gold Vault

Zero Hedge: JPMorgan Advises To... Buy Gold?

Money - August 16, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Big Dreams and Empty Promises

Ray Blanco: A Better Way to Fight the Flu

Vern Gowdie: Detroit, Demographics and Detonation

Greg Guenthner: How to Beat the Market by Thinking Small

Jason Farrell: Chris Anderson: New Revolution “Bigger Than The Web”

Matt Insley: Here We Go Again: Prepare For A Pullback In Crude Prices!

Greg Canavan: Silver, The Devil’s Metal

Robert Hsu: These Income Stocks are High Growth in Disguise

Dr. David Eifrig: Three Simple Charts to Show the "Doom and Gloomers"

Al Korelin: Interview with Gary Savage

Sean Goldsmith: The Most Ridiculous Lie They Teach in Business School

Robert Fitzwilson: We’re Seeing History Being Made In The Gold & Silver Markets

Keith Barron: Asia Shocks West By Demanding Their Gold Be Sent Home

William Kaye: We Are Very Late In The End Game - “It’s Close To Game Over”

Still Time to Catch Big Growth in Biotech: George Zavoico

Physical Gold Demand Surges 53% In Q2, Total Supply Down 6% - Price Falls 35%

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: What the Silver to Gold Ratio Tells Us About Silver’s Future Moves?

Peter Vogel: Flash in Pan or Pot of Gold?

Dennis Miller: You Don’t Plan on Being Retired Very Long, Do You?

Gold Silver Worlds: It’s Official – Gold & Silver Break Out

Gold Silver Worlds: Demand For Gold Bars/Coins Make Up For ETF Outflows In Q2 2013

Gold Silver Worlds: Gold In Swiss Vaults – The Ultimate Form Of Wealth Protection

Sumit Roy: Gold Bounces As Bulls & Bears Take A Stand At Battle-Ground Price Of $1,350

Sumit Roy: World Gold Council Deconstructs Gold’s Worst Plunge In 100 Years

Lance Roberts: Inflation Composite Not Suggesting Stronger Economy Ahead

John Morgan: George Soros Takes a Giant Put Position Against the S&P 500

The Great Transfer of Wealth in Gold & Silver is Coming

Julian Phillips: Could China really consider confiscating its citizen’s gold?

Kip Keen: Quick treble for Calibre shares on Nicaragua gold trenching

Zero Hedge: Gold - You Are Here

Zero Hedge: Stocks, Dollar Plunge While Precious Metals Surge

Zero Hedge: A Stunning 60% Of All Home Purchases Are "Cash Only" - A 200% Jump In Five Years

Zero Hedge: The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

Zero Hedge: 100 Years Of Tax Rates For The 0.01%

Zero Hedge: Gold Soars Above $1350 As Silver Crosses 100 DMA

Money - August 15, 2013

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi & Schroedinger’s Cat

Cold Fusion: The Use of Nickel In The E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: “FDM” and Other Alphabetized Profits

Greg Guenthner: Why You’re a Terrible Market Timer

Matt Insley: Gold Is Rebounding, Time to Look at Franco Nevada

Greg Canavan: When the Paper Gold Market Blows Up

Greg Canavan: The US Bond Market Expects an End to QE

Bill Bonner: What Vampire Bats Can Tell You About Bond Yields

Peter Krauth: Today's "Gold Convergence" is Your Best Buy Signal Yet

David Franklin: The Beginnings of a Chinese Banking Crisis?

Michael Snyder: This Is The Biggest Cluster Of Hindenburg Omens Since The Last Stock Market Crash

Jeff Clark: Almost Everyone Who Owns Stocks Is a Fool

Grant Williams: Default Fears Escalate As Run On Physical Gold Intensifies

Grant Williams: Singapore Fund Manager - Perfect Storm Now In Gold & Silver

Ron Rosen: Gold & Silver To Skyrocket As Stocks Begin Historic Collapse

Charles Hugh-Smith: How Bad Can Things Get?

Gary Christenson: Silver – Technical Indicators Point To A Bottom

Bob Moriarty responds to a comment from our friend, James the Lesser

CEO CA: Mining & Resource Stocks Are Just Getting Warmed Up

David Dayen: Your mortgage documents are fake!

James Stafford: No More Spills? New Technology Could Transform the Pipeline Sector

Casey's Louis James Warns: 'Don't Try to Time the Market'

Barclays: Worldwide O&G Capex Growth Good News for 'Big Four' Services Companies

Sumit Roy: Gold Bounces As Bulls & Bears Take A Stand At Battle-Ground Price Of $1,350

Sumit Roy: Market Wrap: Gold Rises As Fed President Says Inflation Risks Are High; Brent Hits Best Level In 4 1/2 Months

Dan Norcini: Gold Sets Back Again From $1340

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: The Recent Price Action in Silver: Breakout or Fakeout?

David Franklin: Shanghai Surprise

Briton Ryle: Bakken Oil Stock Breakout

Briton Ryle: It's Time to BUY REITs

Brian Hicks: 3D Printing Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry

Zero Hedge: Is This Why Gold Is Spiking

Zero Hedge: Janet Yellen On The Financial Crisis: "I Didn’t See Any Of That Coming Until It Happened"

Zero Hedge: Record Student Loan Debt Crushes American Enterpreneurial Spirit

Zero Hedge: Santelli Slams Liesman: "There's A Difference Between Real-Life Inflation And The Government's"

Zero Hedge: US Consumer Bankruptcies Jump By Most In Three Years; Third-Party Collections At All Time High

Money - August 14, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Obamacare Busts a Cap

Addison Wiggin: Why You Should Take Your “Health” Into Your Own Hands

Louis Basenese: Stormy Weather in U.S. Cloud Computing

Greg Guenthner: It’s Not 1987 Anymore…

Matt Insley: The Three Best Stocks To Play Platinum’s Turnaround

Jeffrey Tucker: How Medical Innovation Redefines Our World

Jason Farrell: 10 Ways Obamacare Will Affect Your Medical Care

Greg Canavan: Why Gold Has an Interesting Tale to Tell

Marin Katusa: México: An Open Door or a Trapdoor?

Marin Katusa: Marin Katusa on Uranium and Its Place in the Current Energy Market

John Mauldin: The New Normal—Some Expensive Consequences

Jeff Thomas: Is the Gold Market Manipulated?

Tom Fitzpatrick: Here Is The Roadmap To $3,000 Gold & $100 Silver

Dennis Miller: Shield Your Nest Egg from Its Two Biggest Threats

Richard Russell - Gold & Some Incredible Surprises Ahead

Stephen Leeb: China’s Insatiable Demand For Physical Silver To Accelerate

Joao Peixe: British Prime Minister Calls on Communities to Support Fracking

Charles Hugh-Smith: That Which Is Incapable of Reforming Itself Disappears

Lance Roberts: Are We Re-Tracing A Market Peak?

Stewart Thomson: Gold Technicals Improve And Silver Leads

Michael Pento: Second Half Recovery Predictions Fail Again

Electric Transportation Could Jump-Start Rare Earth Markets: Patrick Wong

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Gold Stocks are Leaving the Station

Dennis Miller: The Illusion of Safe Investing

Chris Powell: Gold is no deader than John Barleycorn

GoldSeek: Silver Surges 12% In 5 Trading Days - Record Silver Coin And High ETF Demand

Bloomberg News: Ned Goodman ditches bank stocks for gold

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: The Recent Price Action in Silver: Breakout or Fakeout?

Stewart Thomson: Gold Technicals Improve And Silver Leads

Zero Hedge: While Others Sell, Landlord Blackstone Doubles Down On Rentals With Biggest Purchase In Two Years

Zero Hedge: Market Soars In Anticipation Of Lockhart's 'Sept-Taper'-Off Chatter

Zero Hedge: Ignore These Six 'Events' At Your Own Risk

Zero Hedge: A Golden Opportunity Perhaps

Zero Hedge: US Treasury Finally Admits The Truth: It's All POMO

Money - August 13, 2013

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi on the 3rd World War

Dave Gonigam: The Boom in “Northern Lights”

Bill Bonner: A Strong Contrarian Signal That This Market Is Toast

Avik Roy: Debunking the Myth of Free-Market American Health Care

Douglas French: So Where’s the Hyperinflation Already?

Greg Guenthner: 3 Gold Facts You Can’t Ignore

Byron King: Old Assets Revitalized by the Energy Boom

Greg Canavan: China’s Economy… Stabilising, Bottoming, Rebounding

Cold Fusion:

Cold Fusion: Rossi e-cat undergoing tests in the United States

Cold Fusion: Commercial LENR = More or Less Employment?

Cold Fusion: Not Much Nickel Needed

Nick Allen: Inside the Hyperloop: the pneumatic travel system faster than the speed of sound

Rick Ackerman: The Decline and Fall of America’s Middle Class

Michael Snyder: Why Are So Many People Choosing To Leave The United States Permanently?

Amber Lee Mason and Brian Hunt: A Low-Risk, High-Reward Precious-Metals Trade

John Mauldin: We Can’t Take the Chance

Robert Fitzwilson: How Investors Can Navigate The Chaos Of Today’s Markets

Gijsbert Groenewegen: The 13y cycle is telling us we are close to a top, in 2013!

Michael Pento: Second Half Recovery Predictions Fail Again

Tekoa Da Silva: “GLD Is Collapsing Its Shares And That Gold Is Being Shipped Directly To Asia”

Mike Shedlock: How Fast Can China Grow? Not as Fast as Most Analysts Think

Lawrence Williams: Gold’s rise: “Not if but when” - Nichols

Louis James: A Treasure Hunt Within a Treasure Hunt

Toby Connor: Gold: The Hidden Agenda Behind the Bear Raid

John Embry: World To Witness A Frightening & Historic Financial Holocaust

James Turk: We’re Seeing Unprecedented & Historic Events In Gold & Silver

Matt Taibbi: New Bank Investigations: Real Action, or More of the Same?

Joe (Silverheels) Paulson: The Price Has Crashed; it’s Time To Buy Silver

Miners with the Grade to Survive the Silver Downturn: Chris Lichtenheldt

Nicole Hong: Doubts Arise Over U.S. Dollar’s Strength

Cody Willard: Currency wars driving new gold rush

Daniel Bernzweig: Tips for Shallow Water Metal Detecting for Gold and Silver

Zero Hedge: Gold Shorts Cover At Fastest Pace In 13 Years

Zero Hedge: Bridgewater's Ray Dalio Warns Eurocrisis Is Not Over

Zero Hedge: Gold Shorts Cover At Fastest Pace In 13 Years

Money - August 10, 2013

Cold Fusion: Stirling Engine Stirring E-Cat Discussions

Cold Fusion: Is Cold Fusion Entering the Final Stages? (From

Cold Fusion: Defkalion CEO: Entering the Toronto Stock Exchange This Year

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Only Votes Cast In Elections Count, Same For Markets

Dave Gonigam: NSA and IRS are BFF

Ray Blanco: Goodbye Cable TV, Hello Google

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Ignore this Market Warning

Byron King: The Rail Revival

Nick Hubble: A World Tour of the Global Economy

Keith Fitz-Gerald: The "Part Time-ification" of America: How We've Been Conned Again

Doug Hornig: The Technological Evolution of Nonlethal Weaponry

Michael Snyder: During The Best Period Of Economic Growth In U.S. History There Was No Income Tax And No Federal Reserve

Michael Snyder: The Rise Of The Bear: 18 Signs That Russia Is Rapidly Catching Up To The United States

Louise Yamada - Gold, Art, Hard Assets, Euro & U.S. Dollar

Grant Williams: Default Feared - Gold & Silver Paper Claims Hit All-Time Highs

Keith Barron: Entities Prepare For COMEX Failure That Will Shock The World

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Mining Industry: Unsustainable at Present Market Conditions

Dave Gonigam: Notes from a Revolution

Chris Mayer: A Recovery Where You’d Least Expect It

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Bet Against an Electric Market

Chris Mayer: A Quiet Day For Fertilizer, But Then…The Shocking Urukali Gambit

Patrick Copeland: Railroad To Space: A Low(er) Cost Leap Into The Stars

Michael Snyder: A Quadrillion Yen And Counting – The Japanese Debt Bomb Could Set Off Global Panic At Any Moment

Bill Haynes: Proof Bullion Banks Are Buying All The Physical Gold They Can

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

Michael Pento: This Will Create Panic & Ignite Unprecedented Money Printing

Gerald Celente - Exclusive Sneak Peek At New Trends Journal & Gold

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Arrest The Gold Manipulators

Egon von Greyerz: The World Is Now On The Edge Of A Massive Collapse

Adam Hamilton: Silver Short Squeeze

JessesCafe: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Slouching Through August Delivery

Peter Schiff: The Half Full Economy

Dennis Miller: The Magic of Monetary Figures

Terry Coxon: A Monetary Master Explains Inflation

Emily Gosden: Precious metals sparkle again on cheer from China

Zero Hedge: Radioactive Water Spills Over Fukushima Barrier, Flooding Surroundings

Zero Hedge: The Ghost Of Inflation Future

Zero Hedge: Gold Collateral Situation: "It's Very Complicated"

Zero Hedge: "The Rich Get Richer" Million-Dollar McMansion Sales Rise 37% YoY

Money - August 9, 2013

Kristin Tate: Politicians Given “Invisible” License Plates That Make Them Immune To Traffic Laws

Michael Lotfi: Google Update Turns Phone Into Possible Tool For Others To Spy On You

Joshua Cook: Meet Our 51st State: North Colorado

Michael Lotfi: Journalist Fired for Negative Obama Editorial

Douglas French: A Reliable Account of the Great Depression

Bill Bonner: The Claptrap Behind the Minimum Wage Debate

Andrew Moran: Rep. Ellison thinks Americans’ money belongs to the government

F.F.Wiley: America’s Urban Distress: How Much of the Problem Can We Blame on Liberal Politics?

Pierre Lemieux: How to Use Public Health to Control Everything

Washington’s Drive For Hegemony Is A Drive To War — Paul Craig Roberts

Brandon Smith: Gold Markets Get Strange – Is Economic Danger Near?

Charles Hugh-Smith: Why the Shrinking Trade Deficit Will Choke U.S. Corporate Profits

Henry Bonner: Risks to Global Food Supply and Impacts to Investors – Steve Yuzpe

Gold could fall to $1250 levels: Wing Fung

Brent Cook to Kitco: “Fantastic Run” for Juniors in One or Two Years

Andrew Topf: Gold Breaks Above $1,300 on Weak Dollar

Wedbush Expert Declares Money for Biotech Is Still Out There

Smart Fracking: Jim Letourneau on Enhanced Oil Recovery with Competitive Costs

Eric Sprott and Etienne Bordeleau: The Detroit Template

Dennis Miller: A Lousy Investment that May Be a Good Source of Income

Silver Mining Industry: Unsustainable at Present Market Conditions

Hugo Salinas Price: Some thoughts on 'international reserves'

Lawrence Williams: Randgold still one of best gold performers despite big profit fall

Zero Hedge: 40 Years Of 'The Unbearable Heaviness Of Being' An American Taxpayer

Zero Hedge: Home Sudden Dollar Weakness Tapers Early Euphoria, Sends Market Sliding And Spikes Gold

David Stockman: Hedge Funds, Prime Brokers, And The Whirligig of Wall Street Finance

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber On Today's 1987 Redux "Market May Drop 20% Or More"

Zero Hedge: IceCap Asset Management On The Popping Of The 'Super Duper' America Paradigm

Zero Hedge: US-Supported Free Syrian Army Downs Iranian Cargo Plane At Damascus Airport

Money - August 8, 2013

Cold Fusion: BBC on Fusion

Beyond “Obamacare”

Greg Guenthner: Why You Should Avoid Asia

Matt Insley: How “Buying Local” In The Oil Biz Is Paying Off

Louis Basenese: The Future of Transportation

Nick Hubble: Interest Rate Troubles and a House Price Bubble

Nick Hubble: Has Australia’s Mining Boom Become Your Personal Disaster?

Vern Gowdie: How to Escape the Costs of Investing

Keith Fitz-Gerald: I Just Uncovered Some Shocking Numbers About China

Dan Steinhart: How to Invest to Avoid a Chinese Slowdown

Toby Connor: The Next Crisis Has Begun And This One is Going to be in the Currency Markets

The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America: David Stockman's searing look at Washington DC’s craven behavior. This is hands down the best book I've read on politics and the economy. | Read More
John Mauldin: Mind the (Expectations) Gap: Demographic Trends and GDP

Robin Griffiths - “These Are Not Normal Times”

Stephen Leeb: China On Pace To Import A Remarkable 1,200 Tons Of Gold

James Stafford: No More Spills? New Technology Could Transform the Pipeline Sector

Charles Hugh-Smith: Real Personal Income Points to Recession

Brahma Chellaney: The Battle for Water

Pater Tenebrarum: What Do Declining COMEX Inventories Signify?

Dan Rubock: Hidden Secrets – What Did We Learn?

JessesCafe: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - It's Been A Long Time Coming

GE Christenson: Silver: The Noise is Deafening!

Market Oracle: Why I Can’t Help But Be Bullish on Gold Bullion Prices

Dorothy Kosich: 2013 American Eagle Silver Bullion sales continue to shatter records

Chris Martenson: Doing the Next Thing

Dan Hrushewsky: Low-Cost, High-Margin Mining in West Africa

Zero Hedge: On Economic Illiteracy, And Bulls' "Stopped-Clock" Fallacies

Zero Hedge: June Consumer Credit Rises Less Than Expected; Entire Increase Driven By Car And Studen Loans

Zero Hedge: Markets In Turmoil; 3rd Red Day In A Row For Stocks

Zero Hedge: Employers Show "Strong Distaste" For The 3 Million Long-Term Unemployed

Zero Hedge: NY Fed Admits Net Wealth Not Changed By Stimulus Spending

Money - August 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: Is Andrea Rossi mentally ill, a fraud or a lone genius riding a tiger?

Cold Fusion: August Quiet

Dave Gonigam: When Debt Becomes an Emergency

Bill Bonner: A “More Excellent” Choice for the Next Fed Chairman

Louis Basenese: The Future of Transportation

Greg Guenthner: Housing’s Stealth Recovery is Finished

Neil George: Rail Fails, Pipelines Prevail

Jason Farrell: Marc Faber: The Fed Will Increase QE

William Patalon III: The Fastest-Growing Companies in America

Nick Hubble: Australia’s Shadow Banking Sector is Collapsing

Marin Katusa: The Coming Shale Write-Downs

Michael Snyder: 11 Examples Of The Escalating Crime And Violence That Are Plaguing Communities Across America

Michael Snyder: Billionaire Issues Chilling Warning About Interest Rate Derivatives

Andrew Moran: How the economic collapse is turning America into a part-time jobs economy

John Browne: What's in the Vault?

Richard Russell - I Haven’t Seen Anything LIke This In 60 Years

Robert Fitzwilson: “Shock” That Will Crush The Economy & A Lost Generation

Michael Pento - Expect Economic Chaos & Financial Collapse

John Embry - We Have Never Seen Anything Like This In History

Mark Spitznagel: Austrian Detroit?

Lance Roberts: July Records Biggest Inflows...Into Cash?

Record 36 percent of young Americans (18 to 31) living at home with parents

Stewart Thomson: Junior Gold Stocks Key

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Gold Stocks Correcting in Typical Post-Bottom Fashion

Eight Catalysts That Can Move Your Mining Stocks: Jocelyn August

Gold Seek: Are Gold & Silver Really Protecting Value?

Peter Schiff: What Doesn't Kill Gold Makes It Stronger

David Levenstein: Gold falls below $1300 on the Back of a Slew of Economic Data

Jack Adamo: What's Moving The Price Of Gold?

SRSroco Report: Largest Silver Producer Facing Losses at Current Prices

Zero Hedge: The US Manufacturing Renaissance In (Perplexing) Context

Zero Hedge: Spot The Next Credit Crisis

Zero Hedge: Obama Tells The Middle Class Where Home Prices Are Headed

Zero Hedge: Crossing The Rhine...To Escape 10% Unemployment

Zero Hedge: The $600Bn US Bank Deleveraging No One Is Talking About

Zero Hedge: Only 40% Of Federal Student Loan Borrowers Are Currently Making A Payment

Money - August 6, 2013

Cold Fusion: ICCF Doesn’t Lead to any Big Surprises

Cold Fusion: Deformation of electron outer shells important for Hyperion too, says Tsyganov

Cold Fusion: Defkalion Europe Freezes Work With Business Contacts Over Measurement Issues

Cold Fusion: Evidence that LENR is real

Dave Gonigam: When Debt Becomes an Emergency

Ralph Benko: A Helping Hand for Bernanke and Co

Greg Guenthner: Why You’re Wrong About Summer Trading

Matt Insley: How Fortunes Are Made In Frontier Markets: Interview With Harris Kupperman Part II

Jason Farrell: “We Are Coming for the Money”

Wayne Mulligan: The Best Way to Profit From Private-Equity Crowdfunding

Robert Hsu: These Companies Must Pay Out 90% of Their Earnings

Jeff Clark: Poor Economy = Low Gold Price?

Michael Snyder: 40 Percent Of U.S. Workers Make Less Than What A Full-Time Minimum Wage Worker Made In 1968

Michael Snyder: America: Where Hard Working, Productive Members Of Society Pay For The Health Care Of Everyone Else

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

Eric Pomboy: Here’s Why There Is A War In Gold Near The Key $1,300 Level

James Turk - LBMA Fractional Reserve Gold System Is Disintegrating

Egon von Greyerz: Here Is The Frightening Reality The West Faces Going Forward

The “New Economy” Is The No Jobs Economy — Paul Craig Roberts

Daniel Graeber: How Much is Oil Supporting U.S. Employment Gains?

Charles Hugh-Smith: Which Cities will Survive/Thrive?

Market Anthropology: 10 Year Yields & Gold

Jan Skoyles: The full guide to Nazi gold and currency war

Dan Norcini: Watch Copper Prices For Silver’s Short Term Outlook

Claudio Grass: Has Gold Exited The Bull Market?

Gold Silver Worlds: China’s Central Bank Official Calls For New Monetary System

Michael Noonan: Be Very Afraid Of The Stock Market, Among Other Things

Finding Bargains Down Under with Rick Rule

Geoff Candy: In decline: the changing face of the world's highest grade gold mines

Dorothy Kosich: New mineral, Qingsongite, only inferior to diamonds in hardness

Gains, Pains & Capital: If the Economy is Recovering… Why Is Nominal GDP in a Recession?

Richard Evans: 43pc bought more gold after price plunge

SRSroco Report: Mexico Silver Production Down a Stunning 10%

Zero Hedge: Julian Assange Warns Of The Global Awakening Against The Mainstream Media-ocrac

Zero Hedge: Did China Just Fire The First Salvo Towards A New Gold Standard?

Zero Hedge: From Less Repo, To Less Collateral Transformation, To Less Quantiative Easing In One Shadowy Step

Zero Hedge: Japan Finally Admits The Truth: "Right Now, We Have An Emergency At Fukushima"

Zero Hedge: Beware The Rise In International Monetary Policy Tensions

Money - August 3, 2013

Cold Fusion: Heating Still Coveted From The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Successful Defkalion demo has scientists wanting more

Cold Fusion: Dennis Cravens’ Demo for NIWeek

Cold Fusion: On Stirling Engines And E-Cat

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Contrary To Popular Belief, Paper Is The Bellwether For Near-Term Precious Metals

Dave Gonigam: Their Dreams, Your Gains

Bill Bonner: Life in a Modern Debtor Nation

Matt Insley: Copper And Gold Flowing From Turquoise Hill Part I

Marcia Goodrich: Save Thousands With 3-D Printing Technology

Greg Guenthner: How to Win with “Buy and Hold”

Jason Farrell: We Are Becoming a Nation of Burger Flippers

Greg Canavan: The Global Banking System, On the Road to Fragility

Shah Gilani: This Could Shake Muni Bonds to the Core

Piyush Mishra: July silver imports highest in 5 years

David Galland: Answers from a Monetary Master

Michael Snyder: If You Think The Employment Numbers Are Good, Then You Really Need To Read This Article

Andrew Moran: Is a tax holiday coming to your state this year?

Tom Fitzpatrick: A Spectacular Snapshot Of What The Global Economy Faces

Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price - Elites Plan to Control the World

Chris Powell: More “Holy Grail” Gold Evidence Panics Western Central Banks

Henry Bonner: The Cost of Political Blitzes on Miners: Steve Todoruk

Scott Wright: Junior-Gold Confidence Crisis

Charles Hugh Smith: The Fed Doesn't Control as Much as You Think It Does

Eric Sprott: “All The Paperwork Has Been Laid Out—For Bail-Ins As The Solution In The West”

Morris Hubbartt: Bond Market Horrors & Metals Siesta Time

Peter Cooper: If US manufacturing really is recovering then inflation comes next

Deepcaster: Golden Sunrise Coming

How Falsified U.S. GDP Data will Lead to Much Higher Precious Metal Prices

Bill Rice, Jr.: When it comes to silver investing, in Ron Paul I trust

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Uneconomic Return of Scrap Precious Metals and Hyperinflation

Eric Sprott: The Sun Shines on Silver

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Best Case for Silver is the Other White Metal

WealthCycles: Change Dead Ahead Cycles Show

JessesCafe: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Ship of Fools

Lance Roberts: Why The Unemployment Rate Is Irrelevant

Zero Hedge: The Smartest Money Has Two Words Of Advice: "Sell Now" (And Is Doing Just That)

Zero Hedge: Obamacare Full Frontal: Of 953,000 Jobs Created In 2013, 77%, Or 731,000 Are Part-Time

Zero Hedge: Where The Jobs Are (Retail) And Aren't (Construction)

Zero Hedge: Biderman Blasts Bernanke's "Biggest Bubble Of All-Time"

Zero Hedge: Record Jobs For Old Workers; For Others - Not So Much

Zero Hedge: Eric Sprott On The Detroit Template

Money - August 2, 2013

Cold Fusion: No Defkalion Involvement at NIWeek — ICCF Slides Available

Cold Fusion: A New Division For Leonardo Corp.

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- August 1, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Rust Belt Revival

Thompson Clark: How to Profit From Stealth Inflation

Matt Insley: Instead Of Bonds, Buy This…

Josh Grasmick: Three Telling Stories, One Disruptive Company

Greg Guenthner: Play This Sharp Summer Rebound

Jason Farrell: China is Banking on a Detroit Comeback

Greg Canavan: The Global Trend Towards Wealth Protection

Bill Bonner: Old Man Rothschild Was Right

Mary Anne and Pamela Aden: Experts Predict 30-Day Window for Gold

Alex Daley: Creates 5,000 Jobs, Destroys 25,000 in the Process?

U.S. Willing To Invest In A New Nicaragua Canal To Rival The Panama Canal

Michael Snyder: Why Another Great Real Estate Crash Is Coming

Andrew Moran: Federal Reserve ends two-day meeting with no clue as to end of QE

Peter Schiff: Detroit Broke City

John Hathaway - Plunging COMEX Metal Stocks & BoE Gold Sales

Paul Brodsky: The Fractional Reserve Gold System Is Closer To Collapse

Triple-Feature: “America Discredited,” “Bradley Manning Verdict Convicts Washington,” and “Hiding Economic Depression With Spin” — Paul Craig Roberts

Charles Hugh-Smith: Why Oil Could Move Higher--Much Higher

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Fed Matters Much Less Than You Think

Charles Hugh-Smith: How You Can Limit Your Exposure to the Fed's Financial Interference

John Daly: Canada Threatens U.S. with Oil Trains if Keystone XL Not Built

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Commodity supercycle in rude health despite shale

Axel Merk: Concerned about the Dollar? How to Manage Dollar Risk

Tekoa Da Silva: Don Coxe Market Comment On Potash: (Bad) Pot Luck – Russian Bearishness

Ryan Fletcher: Uranium in the Spotlight

James Stafford: Fort McMurray Evicts Oil Sands Companies that Helped it Grow

Charlotte McLeod: Directionless Silver Pushed Around by Fed News, Concerns

Graham_Summers: Ignore the Next Fed Chairman Debate… Asia is in Collapse

Adrian_Ash: Summer Fun for Gold and Silver Investors

Jan Harvey: Gold falls as central bank comment, US data lift dollar

Off to the Races with Seven Extraordinary Biotech and Medtech Companies: Jason Napodano

Six Oncology-Focused Biotech Growth Engines: Mara Goldstein

SRSrocco: How Falsified U.S. GDP Data will Lead to Much Higher Precious Metal Prices

Zero Hedge: Scramble To Exit Housing Market Peaks With "American Homes 4 Rent" IPO Pricing At 44% Discount

Zero Hedge: Manufacturing ISM Smashes Expectations, Surging To 2011 Levels As Construction Spending Plunges

Zero Hedge: Domestic Car Sales Miss, Biggest Drop In 9 Months

Money - August 1, 2013

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Statement About His Silence

Cold Fusion: Rossi Can’t Find Stirling Engine Fit for Purpose

Dave Gonigam: Virtual Inevitabilities

Frank Trotter: You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Byron King: Developing Big Tech: Our Saving Grace?

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Matt Insley: The “I Thought Bonds Were Safe” Fallacy…

Vern Gowdie: Here’s Why You Should Beware the Financial Planning Mantra

Bill Bonner: Chinese Workers Get a Pay Rise, US Workers Get Stiffed

Greg Canavan: A Mining Boom, an Investment Boom and an Elephant in the Room

Dan Steinhart: The Blindness of Modern Economists

The Golden Truth: Our Government Is Now Orwell On Steroids

Michael Snyder: The Most Important Number In The Entire U.S. Economy

Matt Badiali: Gold Miners Destroy Billions of Dollars... and Share Prices Rise

Bill Fleckenstein: Gold & A U.S. Collapse That Will Rival Greece

Michael Pento: The Fed’s Disaster & How This Will Impact Gold

Keith Barron: Fed Moves To Create Frightening Hyperinflation In The U.S.

Stephen Leeb: The Price Of Silver Is Setting Up For A Historic Run

Ben Tanosborn: Count Yourself among The Poor!

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Financial System Doesn't Just Enable Theft, It Is Theft

Expert Interview with Bob Moriarty of 321Gold and

Rick Rule On Gold & Resources: “The Stage Is Set For An Absolutely Dramatic Recovery”

Deviant Investor: Gold, Silver, and the Sins of the Past

Mark Ford: “Here's Why I'll Never Use a Discount Broker” – Mark Ford

Michael J. Kosares: Bernanke’s gift (or tempering the taper tantrum)

Steve Saville: Interpreting the gold sector’s long-term performance

GE Christenson: Gold and Silver Are the Only Safe Assets In a Dangerously Unstable Financial System

Chris Berry's Strategies for Profiting from a Distorted Reality: Investing After QE

Adrian Ash: Summer Fun for Precious Metals Investors

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: What Do Other Commodities Tell Us About Gold’s Future Moves?

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: New Monetary Systems for a Sustainable Democracy and "The Great Turning"

Aziz: Will Gold Be a Medium of Exchange Again?

Gold Investing – Are The 7 Fundamental Drivers And Negative Real Rates Still Intact?

Zero Hedge: Dear Americans: We Are Happy To Inform You That You Are All Richer!

Zero Hedge: Mortgage Applications Plunging At Fastest Rate In 4 Years; Refis Down 57%

Zero Hedge: The Intrinsic Value Of Gold, And How Not To Be A Turkey

Zero Hedge: Elliott Management: "The Entire Developed World Is On A Slippery Slope"

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1922-1925 Peace Silver Dollars (90% Silver)
Silver Coins (90% Silver)
$5 Face Value Roosevelt Dimes (90% Silver)
One Dime (90% Silver)


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