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Money - June 28, 2013

Cold Fusion: Washington Post blog cites Cold Fusion Now in LENR win

Cold Fusion: Book on exotic energy features LENR

Cold Fusion: Wonkblog readers are really excited about cold fusion

Cold Fusion: Rossi on E-Cat Electricity Generation

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 27, 2013

Rick Rule: Can the Fed Ever Afford to End QE?

Nick Giambruno: Why Foreign Real Estate is an Internationalization Grand Slam

Dennis Miller: How to Survive When Prices Double Every Day and a Half

Attractive Opportunities in Agriculture: Steve Yuzpe

Taki Tsaklanos: In Gold We Trust 2013 – Long Term Gold Price Target $2,230

Dave Gonigam: Winners in a Rising Rate Reality

Chris Anderson: Disruptive by Design

Addison Wiggin: The Tug-o-War Between Government Meddlers and Entrepreneurs

Patrick Cox: Orphan Drugs Find Home in Transformational Biotech

Greg Guenthner: Calling an End to the Correction

Byron King: Coming Soon: America’s Largest Blackout

Jason Farrell: The “Cyprus Model” Is Gaining Traction

Kris Sayce: The Best Way to Invest in a Volatile Market

Bill Bonner: Get Out of the Bear Market in Bonds

Addison Wiggin: How Entrepreneurs Can (Still) Conquer the US Debt Crisis

Martin Hutchinson: How Europe Will Help Gold Shine Again

Alex Daley: The Cure for Gray Hair and Heart Disease

Michael Snyder: Soaring Mortgage Rates Are Going To Make It Far More Difficult To Buy Or Sell A House

Michael Snyder: New EU Plan Will Make Every Bank Account In Europe Vulnerable To Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation

Pierre Lassonde: A Legend Speaks Out About The Gold & Silver Takedown

Keith Barron: Available Gold Supply Disappearing As Gold Price Plunges

John Williams - Gold Panic & The Accelerating Great Collapse

Charles Hugh-Smith: Why the Status Quo Is Doomed

Tekoa Da Silva: Rick Rule On Gold & Resources: “We’re Now Seeing Capitulation By Institutional Investors”

Frank Holmes: What’s an Investor to do in Markets like These?

How Exporting US Gas Will Transform Global Energy Markets: Sam Wahab

Five 'Red Hot' Biotechs: Chen Lin

Kip Keen: Growing cluster of gold-copper deposits for Bellhaven in Colombia

Shivom Seth: Rare earth prices on the rise

Zero Hedge: The Wall Street Pleasure And Main Street Pain Of Liquidity

Zero Hedge: Student Loan Interest Rates On Verge Of Doubling

Zero Hedge: Albert Edwards: "Marc Faber Is Right. QE99 Here We Come"

Zero Hedge: Citi: Are Gold And Silver Finding A Bottom?

Zero Hedge: Day 5 Of The China-Open-Precious-Metals-Smackdown

Money - June 27, 2013

Cold Fusion: Obama Unveils New Climate Change Policy — LENR Not Included

Cold Fusion: Evidence that LENR is real

Dave Gonigam: Plugging the source

Addison Wiggin: How Risk Takers Can (Still) Conquer the Debt Crisis

Peter Coyne: Return to Paradox: Another “Flight to Treasuries” Scenario…

Greg Guenthner: Anatomy of a Record Slump

Frank Holmes: A Sweet Find in Sierra Leone

Jason Farrell: 5 Ways To Protect Your Wealth

Callum Newman: Is Technology the Most Exciting Industry in the World?

Martin Hutchinson: "Secret" Double-Digit Income Stocks

Dan Steinhart: Crisis and Opportunity in the Junior Miners

Michael Snyder: Silver At Less Than 19 Dollars An Ounce? Are You Kidding Me???

Andrew Moran: Americans disengaged with their work costing U.S. $450 billion a year: report

John Hathaway: Physical Gold Market In Disconnect As Premiums Hit Record

William Kaye: “The Price Damage Is Almost Beyond Belief At This Point”

Peter Schiff: Sock Puppet Kabuki; Nikkei Today Parallels Dot-Com Bust

Toby Connor: If the Fed can push stocks back above 1654

F.F.Wiley: Confession Time: Money Printing Enthusiasts Should Admit the Obvious

Tekoa Da Silva: Jim Rogers: “This Is Too Insane–And I’m Afraid We’re All Going To Suffer For The Rest Of This Decade”

Steve Saville: The true meaning of "International Reserves"

Peter Koven: Gold and silver producers shaken by price plunge

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Final Capitulation Coming in Precious Metals

Ian Gordon: Who Killed the Gold Price?

Morgan Korn: Bull Case For Gold Has Not Changed: Jim Rickards

Siddesh Mayenkar: Gold premiums jump as physical demand outstrips supply

Ted Butler: Silver – An Opportunity Reset

Miguel Perez-Santalla: Changes In The Silver Market: Part 1

Kip Keen: Canaccord likens the late 90s downturn to ongoing junior dump

Dorothy Kosich: Dip below $1,000/oz could see gold miners cut dividends - Fitch

Zero Hedge: From Extend-And-Pretend To Lie-And-Deny

Zero Hedge: Hugh Hendry: "The Invisible Regime... Has Become Unhinged"

Zero Hedge: Stocks Up, Bonds Up, USD Up, Precious Metals Monkey-Hammered

Zero Hedge: The Wealth Effect Half-Life

Zero Hedge: Gold Drops Below Its Average Cash Cost

Money - June 26, 2013

Taper? When (Wild) Pigs Fly!

Dan Amoss: China’s Growth Story Ends With a Whimper

Greg Guenthner: Trading in No Man’s Land

Peter Coyne: Big Changes in Troubled China

Byron King: That Ben Bernanke Is One Lucky Guy!

Jason Farrell: The Housing Bubble Is Inflating Again

Marin Katusa: Energy Efficiency: The Key to Energy Profits

Justin Bennett: Commodity Trading: Bernanke Yanks The Rug From Underneath The Markets

Michael Snyder: The Trigger Has Been Pulled And The Slaughter Of The Bonds Has Begun

Andrew Moran: Hike in interest rates to become major burden on national debt, budget deficit

Jeff Clark: How to Profit Off a Pullback in Stocks

John Mauldin: A Message from Lord Vader

John Embry: Global Chaos Signals World Currency System Will Be Recast

Tom Fitzpatrick: As Gold & Silver Plunge Here Are Two Remarkable Charts

Richard Russell - A New Monetary System & End Of The Fed

Monty Pelerin: The Federal Reserve — A Study In Fraud

Steen Jakobsen: Why are markets confused?

Michael Krieger: Nothing says economic recovery like Mass Layoffs

Charles Hugh-Smith: Financialization = Inequality

Peter Koven: Gold and silver producers shaken by price plunge

Steve Saville: The true meaning of "International Reserves"

FS: Western Mining Industry in Serious Crisis

Stewart Thomson: The Gold COPS Have Arrived

Erica Rannestad: After Labor Strikes, What's Next for Platinum?

Are You Protected from Oil Price Downside? Chen Lin Shares His Strategy

John Galt: Gold and Silver Taking another Asian Beating

Taki Tsaklanos and Gary Christenson: 2013 – Start of Seismic Shifts in Money, Metals, Markets

Peter Cooper: Why the Fed can’t possibly end QE and gold’s not dead

Ingrid Melander: Markets upended because Fed has 'no clue' how it will end bond buying: IMF

Zero Hedge: China Is Now More Capitalist Than The US: Main Communist Mouthpiece Says Bailouts Are Bad

Zero Hedge: If H2 2013 Is So Full Of Growth Expectations, Then Why Is This Chart Dropping?

Zero Hedge: Chinese Sovereign Risk Spikes Most Since Lehman

Zero Hedge: What Happened The Last 2 Times Mortgage Rates Spiked Like This?

Zero Hedge: Fact Or Fiction: Money Devalued As Price Of Money Skyrockets

Zero Hedge: Volumeless Rally In Stocks; Bonds Still Tapering

Money - June 25, 2013

Cold Fusion: Sergio Focardi — Top Witness of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Sergio Focardi Has Died

Dave Gonigam: The Summer of Ugly

Kris Sayce: Think and Invest Like a Venture Capitalist

Sam Volkering: When it Comes to Future and Technology, Which Camp Are You in?

Bill Bonner: Tony Soprano’s Got Nothing on The Federal Reserve

Peter Coyne: The People’s Bank of China: Like a Pregnant Panda Ready to Explode

Bill Bonner: ‘Deflation is Taking Over’

Matt Insley: The Unstoppable $74B Shale Stimulus Plan

Neil George: Better Than Fracking

Greg Guenthner: Nowhere to Hide

Jason Farrell: Add China to the List of Fed-Dependent Countries

Peter Krauth: Now is the Time to Buy the "New Gold"

Andrey Dashkov: Nuclear Winter? Not Yet!

Michael Snyder: The 441 TRILLION Dollar Interest Rate Derivatives Time Bomb

Michael Snyder: Not Prepared: 17 Signs That Most Americans Will Be Wiped Out By The Coming Economic Collapse

Andrew Moran: Poll finds economic collapse causing 76% of Americans to live paycheck-to-paycheck

Toby Connor: Crash Impending?

Robert Fitzwilson: The World Has Never Seen Anything Like This In History

Michael Pento - The World Is Now Headed Into A Depression

Stephen Leeb - There Is Outright Panic & Liquidation Now Taking Place

Egon von Greyerz: The World Is Now On The Edge Of Total Collapse

Sasha Cekerevac: New Global Economic Reality Will Help This Stock Rise

George Leong: Why the Fed’s New Plans Won’t Change a Thing This Year

James Howard Kunstler: Mid Year Digest

Stephan Bogner: Gold & Silver – The Best Protection Against Modern Alchemy - PDF

Bob Moriarty: Think Zinc

Jack Chan: This past week in gold

Charles Hugh-Smith: Every Asset That Depends On Cheap, Abundant Credit (Housing, Bonds, Stocks) Is Doomed

Roger Wiegand Predicts a Brand New World

Ben Bernanke's Real Message for Gold Investors, Translated by John Williams

Maria Kolesnikova: Schroders’ Wyke Sees Gold Bull Market Intact in Bond Selloff

Lance Roberts: Earnings Season Set To Disappoint

Jens Gluesing: The End of Brazil's Boom: Inflation and Corruption Fuel Revolt

Jeremy Warner: Banks’ money-printing has leased us all out, but where’s the alternative?

Visual Capitalist: What’s Next For Gold? Bear Vs. Bull Debate

Zero Hedge: Uncle Sam Wants You To Invest In "The Patriot Fund"

Zero Hedge: Fed Shocked To Find Student Loans Used For Anything But To Learn

Zero Hedge: Collapsing European Imports Crush Current Account Recovery Cravings

Zero Hedge: Is This The Recovery In Housing They Wanted?

Zero Hedge: China Crash Continues; Shanghai Composite Enters Bear Market; PBOC Rumors Emerge

Money - June 24, 2013

Michael Noonan: S & P – Charts Speak Loudest, Clearest, And Most Accurately

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – The End Is Near; Just Not In Sight

Andrew Moran: 5 (libertarian) candidates who could replace Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: National Science Foundation – Cold Fusion & LENR – Search Engine Censorship

Cold Fusion: Swedish District Heat Is A Perfect Fit For Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Take Back Your Power — Revolution Against Smart Meters

Dave Gonigam: Look What Came Out of the Shadows

Dan Amoss: A Double-Barreled Precious Metal Approach

Greg Canavan: The Gold Bull is Dead. Buy and Hold Physical Gold.

Greg Canavan: QE is Dead, Long Live QE

Vern Gowdie: The 12 Most Important Rules Every Investor Must Know

Nick Hubble: How to Play ‘Spot the Stock Market Bubble’

Bill Bonner: Welcome to Orwell’s Hell

Chris Mayer: Cheap Stocks by the Bucketful

Bill Bonner: Inside Ben Bernanke’s Doomsday Device

Addison Wiggin: Working Well… Until it Doesn’t: The Ballad of Easy Money

Greg Guenthner: How to Ride Out a Correction

Dan Amoss: A Double-Barreled Precious Metal Approach

Jason Farrell: Watch Your Dividends: The Feds Are Coming

Vedran Vuk: Welcome to the Real World

Jeff Clark: What Are Reasonable Gold Market Expectations?

Martin Hutchinson: Finding a Sea of Calm in the Rising Market Mania

Michael Snyder: Mass Carnage: Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver, Europe And Japan All Get Pummeled

Michael Snyder: “If The Yield Goes Significantly Higher The Market Is Going To Freak Out”

Peter Schiff: Tapering the Taper Talk

S&A Research: Billionaire fund manager: 'The market is rigged'

Jeff Clark: The Fed Is Losing Control

John Mauldin: Austerity is a Four-Letter French Word

Keith Barron: “Criminal” Paper Derivative Selling Used To Crush Gold Market

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Fed Orchestrated Gold Plunge

Andrew Maguire - World Just Witnessed Massive Shift In Physical Gold

Nigel Farage - The Government Is Going To Steal Your Money

Charles Hugh-Smith: This Is an Extraordinary Time

Detlev Schlichter: End of QE? – I don’t buy it.

Chris Martenson: Everything Is Being Sold; Market crash warning

Tekoa Da Silva: History Shows Gold May Drop To As Low As $900 An Oz.—And Still Remain In A Bull Market

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Loses A Battle, But War Continues

Bob Kirtley: Junior Gold Mining Sector: From Distress To Misery For Investors

Five Miners Chen Lin Expects to Buck the Trend

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber: "Believing In Bernanke Is Like Believing In Santa Claus"

Zero Hedge: David Stockman's Non-Recovery Part 4: The Bernanke Bubble

Zero Hedge: The Pandering And Politics Of The Fed's Punch-Bowl

Zero Hedge: China's Mea Culpa: "It Is Not That There Is No Money, But The Money Has Been Put In The Wrong Place"

Zero Hedge: The Bank Of International Settlements Warns The Monetary Kool-Aid Party Is Over

Money - June 21, 2013

Cold Fusion: Speculations About The Upcoming 6 Months E-Cat Test

Cold Fusion: US Dept of Energy Provides $150 million in Funding for Small Nuclear Reactors

Cold Fusion: LENR Aircraft gets NASA research grant

Cold Fusion: “Dirt Plays” Reach Fever Pitch

Silver Shield: 11 Things You Need To Know About Silver Right Now

Dave Gonigam: Transparent as Mud

James Rickards: Prelude to Currency Wars

Addison Wiggin: Financial Assets and Other Central Bank Playthings

Greg Guenthner: The Great Gold Crash, Pt. 2

Patrick Cox: Supreme Court Gene Ruling Has Silver Linin

Matt Insley: The Future Of Oil: The Middle East Effect Round 2!

Greg Canavan: QE is Dead, Long Live QE

Jeffrey Tucker: Cryptography and the Message for Liberty

Keith Fitz-Gerald: Are You Keeping Yourself From Getting Rich?

Adam J. Crawford: The Next Big Thing in Cardiology

Michael Snyder: Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver, Europe And Japan All Get Pummeled

Andrew Moran: Federal Reserve says QE3 will come to an end next year

Jeff Clark: The Fed Is Losing Control

Nigel Farage - The Massive Plunge In Gold & Silver Markets

William Kaye: Stunning Volume On Gold & Silver Smash In Suspect Trading

The Rational Market Myth — Paul Craig Roberts

Charles Hugh-Smith: Artificial Abundance, Moral Hazard and the Federal Reserve's Doomsday Machine

John Rubino: The Wealth Effect Shifts Into Reverse

Lance Roberts: Fed's Economic Projections - Myth Vs. Reality (Jun 2013)

Jim Rogers: I Bought More Gold Today; Bull Market Far From Over

Acting Man: Gold and Gold Stocks, Post FOMC Update

US Silver coin sales to hit new record this year

Adrian Ash: Chaturmas, the Fed & Gold's Summer Lull

Sasha Cekerevac: An Investment Opportunity Not Seen in Eight Decades

John Whitefoot: Portfolio Protection Against the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar

George Leong: Detroit the Start of the U.S. Death Spiral of Debt?

GoldSeek: Will the U.S. be able to Dominate the Gold Price Both Ways?

Andy Sutton: The Dark Side of the QE Circus

Graham Summers: The Bond Implosion Has Officially Begun

Precious Metals Stocks…A Cold Hard Look at the Unfolding Carnage

Clif Droke: Will rising rates ruin the recovery?

Dean Popplewell: Dollar Dictates In Bernanke's Twilight Zone

Monty Pelerin: Has Bernanke Blown The Scam?

Lawrence Williams: Gold plunges again: unleashes perfect storm for the bears

Zero Hedge: Liquidation Wave Sweeps Globe In Bernanke Aftermath

Zero Hedge: When Did Bernanke Lose Control?

Zero Hedge: What The Recent Surge In Rates Means For Your Home Purchasing Power

Money - June 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi Anticipating New Attack

Cold Fusion: Rossi Says US Partner Could Take Over

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 20, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Certainty, Optimism and Realism

Greg Canavan: The Holden Moment

Greg Canavan: Will The Federal Reserve Hose Down any Tightening Talk?

Peter Coyne: The Problem with a Staged Federal Reserve Retreat

Bill Bonner: A Journey Through the ‘Old Country’

Bill Bonner: The Grand Generational Delusion

Greg Guenthner: Wild Fed Guesses vs. Market Strength

Shayne McGuire: 13 Reasons To Like Silver

Jason Farrell: Marc Faber: People With Assets Are All Doomed

Michael A. Robinson: Why This Tech Blue Chip is Poised to Double

Jayant Bhandari: Why India Doesn't Deserve Your Investment Dollars

Dorothy Kosich: Silver: an important weapon against ‘superbugs’—Silver Institute

Michael Snyder: The Financial Markets Freak Out When The Fed Hints That It May Slow Down The Injections

Andrew Moran: Experts say Federal Reserve won’t begin to taper QE3 until December

John Embry: Banks Poised For Gold & Silver Turn As Central Planners Panic

James Turk - Financial System Now Headed Into A Massive Hurricane

Michael Pento: Fed In Complete Disarray & Investors Must Brace Themselves

Robert Fitzwilson: Fed To Dump Its Balance Sheet Onto Unsuspecting Public

Charles Hugh-Smith: Hey Mr. Market, That QE Monkey on Your Back Has You By the Throat

Erik Swarts: Silver Building Out a Foundation

James Hall: Goldman Sachs Completes Economic Takeover of Europe

Will Bancroft: Two ways to actually cure the financial crisis

Get Ready for Stupid Cheap Silver Prices: David H. Smith

Jeff Clark: What Lies Ahead for Gold?

Lawrence Williams: Points to ponder on gold: Asian demand and QE tapering

David Levenstein: Own Physical Gold as Governments Destroy Wealth and Squander Tax Payers’ Money

Jeb Handwerger: Looking for the best juniors at the worst of times - Handwerger

Financial Sector Thinks It’s About Ready To Ruin World Again

Kip Keen: Permanent brain drain and other perils of the junior downturn

Frank Tang and Jan Harvey: Gold falls to 1 month low after Fed meeting

Dr. Alex Cowie: Beware The Federal Reserve’s Deadly Game of Poker

Shayne McGuire: Thirteen Drivers of Silver in Today’s Financial World

Dr. Alex Cowie: Why Thursday Could Be a Key Day for Silver

Ivan Y.: Record Hedge Fund Short Position In Silver

Gold and Silver Blog: Barclays Sees Gold At $1,500 By Year End

Melissa Pistilli: Silver Coin Sales on Track for Another Record Year

Zero Hedge: Is This The "Recovery" That Bernanke Believes In?

Zero Hedge: From Demographic Boom To Dependency Bust

Zero Hedge: Bernanke On Soaring Interest Rates: "We Were A Little Puzzled By That"

Zero Hedge: The US Is No Longer The King Of Shale Oil & Gas

Zero Hedge: This Is Bernanke's Minimum-Wage "Recovery" In Facts And Figures

Zero Hedge: David Stockman's Non-Recovery Part 3: Borrowed Recovery On Borrowed Time

Zero Hedge: Why Housing Is The Economy's Last Best Hope

Money - June 19, 2013

Cold Fusion: Launches — Open Source LENR Project

Dave Gonigam: What Traders Want, and What They Get

Greg Canavan: The Pressure is Building in China’s Economy

Bill Bonner: Inside Ben Bernanke’s Doomsday Device

Paul Volcker: “How to Cure a Poisoned Economy"

Peter Coyne: The Problem with a Staged Fed Retreat

Jeffrey Tucker: Cryptography and the Money We Use

Greg Guenthner: How to Beat the Fed’s Taper

Byron King: A 4-Step Method To Finding “Junior” Bargain

Jason Farrell: A Summer Gold Rally Is Setting up Nicely

Tim Conneally: The Problem: A Startup’s Most Important Asset

Shah Gilani: Obama Sells Us Down the River Again

Marin Katusa: The Global Race for Shale Development Is On

Michael Snyder: 10 Disturbing Tales From The Side Streets And Dark Alleys Of America

Michael Snyder: Farewell Bernanke – Thanks For Inflating The Biggest Bond Bubble The World Has Ever Seen

Andrew Moran: Ron Paul: Gold will ‘go to infinity’ because dollar will collapse

John Mauldin: Whither China?

Rob Arnott: Man Who Oversees $150 Billion Warns Of Hyperinflation

James Turk - Global Markets & Banking System Face Major Collapse

F.F. Wiley: Why We Shouldn’t Trust the Fed’s Inflation Target

Deviant Investor: All the Gold in Fort What’s-Its-Name

Charles Hugh Smith: The Real Story of the Cyprus Debt Crisis (Part 1)

P. Zihlmann: Silver: Will it drop to $ 10/ounce? Up-date N° 26 / June 18, 2013

Hugo Salinas Price: Copernicus, Galileo and Gold. Part II

Stewart Thomson: Gold Bull Mkt vs Gold Bull Era

Seven Australian Companies to Survive a Metals Market Correction

Fadel Gheit: Avoid the Middle East, Invest in US Refineries

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Price to Rise as Top Miner's High Grade Production Evaporates

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Long Silver Ranger

Debarati Roy: U.S. Mint Sales of Silver Coins Reach Record in First Half

David Dayen: Bank of America Whistle-blower Bombshell: “We Were Told to Lie” to Rip Off Borrowers

Hard Assets Alliance: Three Current Themes Precious Metals Investors Need to Consider

Harlan Kessler: Time To Consider Investing In Silver

Zero Hedge: Is The Credit Cycle Over?

Zero Hedge: David Stockman's Non-Recovery Part 2: The Crash Of Breadwinners And The 'Born-Again' Jobs Scam

Zero Hedge: Kyle Bass: "The Next 18 Months Will Redefine Economic Orthodoxy For The West"

Money - June 18, 2013

Cold Fusion: Hydrofusion to Demonstrate E-Cats for Clients

Cold Fusion: Forbes Covers Hydro Fusion’s Offer of Free E-Cat Plant

Dave Gonigam: Behind a “Global Economic Revolution”

Keith Fitz-Gerald: Is PIMCO's Bill Gross Wrong Again?

Don Miller: Three Solid Tech Picks for Under $5 a Share

David Mamos: After the 44% Sell Off, Is Coeur Mining a Solid Buy Now?

Addison Wiggin: “Sound Money” Falls on Deaf Ears

Ray Blanco: Killing the Pain in Your Portfolio

Greg Guenthner: Shearing the Market’s Many Sheep

Matt Insley: Metals Prices Are Down? Tell That To These Guys

Jason Farrell: Japan As Proof QEternity Will Fail

Greg Canavan: All Eyes on The US Federal Reserve

Bill Bonner: Mr Market Fools Us All

Andrey Dashkov: Death by Optimism

Michael Snyder: Whenever Margin Debt Goes Over 2.25% Of GDP The Stock Market Always Crashes

Michael Snyder: Rotting, Decaying And Bankrupt – If You Want To See The Future Of America Just Look At Detroit

Andrew Moran: Youth living without credit cards doubles, overall debt down since economic collapse

Stephen Leeb - Massive Demand To Send Price Of Silver Skyrocketing

Richard Russell: The Great Gold Rip-Off, China, Russia & Silver

Rick Rule - Gold, Silver & Institutional Investors Who Are Terrified

Alasdair Macleod: Gold is being supplied by western governments

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Real Story of the Cyprus Debt Crisis (Part 1)

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Fitch says China credit bubble unprecedented in modern world history

David Franklin: India Declares War on Gold

Tom McClellan: Gold COT Data Show Bottoming Condition

John Rubino: Developing Crisis in the Developing World

Xi Jinping: Silver can only collapse along China

Jay Taylor: In Precious Metals, Cash Flow Is King

George Soros Joins Michael Ballanger on the Goldbug Side of the Market

Three Rules of Thumb for Watching Insider Trading: Ted Dixon

Tom McClellan: Gold COT Data Show Bottoming Condition

Jeff Sommer: Suddenly, Retiree Nest Eggs Look More Fragile

Didier Sornette: How we can Predict the Next Financial Crisis

Zero Hedge: What The Fed Is Looking At

Zero Hedge: David Stockman's Non-Recovery Part 1: Post-2009 Faux Prosperity

Money - June 17, 2013

Cold Fusion: Aether the Theory of Relativity and LENR Energy

Cold Fusion: Update from Around the World of Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Not Slowed Down Despite ‘Dirt Plays’ from ‘Army of Snakes’ [Update -- AR Explains More]

Cold Fusion: Italian TV Programme: “Cold Fusion E-CAT is the Energy of the Future?”

Cold Fusion: On the Economics of the Domestic E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Washington Post Gives Visibility for LENR at WonkBlog

Cold Fusion: Water Filtration & the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Ask Alex Jones to Amp up the Solutions Rhetoric

Michael Noonan: S & P – Longer Trend Weakening, Daily Trend Turning

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Greater Certainty Is Found In Charts

Toby Connor: The media has it backwards: It's not the gold bull that's coming to an end, it's the stock bull

Dave Gonigam: The Contact Lens Computer

Arthur Laffer: “On the Importance of Sound Money”

Peter Coyne: An Unimaginable Figure

Greg Guenthner: How to Ignore Wall Street’s Worries

Louis Basenese: The Technology That Immunizes Your Phone Against Water Damage

Jason Farrell: Taxes Won’t Put a Dent in Indian Gold Demand

Byron King: 3,000 Year Old Logic: Don’t Sell Your Gold

Bill Bonner: How the Fed Screws the Middle Class

Dan Denning: It’s One Big Property Boom Debate

Chris Mayer: An Oil ‘Revelation’

Vern Gowdie: Truth or Dare Time for the Investment Industry

David Galland: Strategic planning scenarios

Linette LopezElite Traders Are Getting Access To Data Before Everyone Else

Andrew Moran: 3 events that will worsen the economic collapse in the next 12 months

Brian Hunt: America's silent war on taxpayers

John Mauldin: Economists Are (Still) Clueless

Gerald Celente - QE, Gold, Silver & The Coming Financial Collapse

Robert Fitzwilson: Fed & Other Central Planners To Enact Frightening Solutions

Michael Pento: Expect Panic & Devastation As Control Of Markets Is Lost

Egon von Greyerz: Financial Chaos, Disappearing Freedom & Hyperinflation

Tom Fitzpatrick: Stocks To Plunge As World Enters Massive Bank Panic

Egon von Greyerz - Silver Is Coiling For Major Upside Explosion In Price

John Rubino: Developing Crisis in the Developing World

Bob Moriarty: Another Colorado Resources?

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Hits the Pits for a Wing Adjustment

Morris Hubbartt: Global Markets Crash Warning

Zero Hedge: 222 Years Of Gold, Wars, Inflation, Economies, And Presidents

Zero Hedge: These Retail Companies Are Most Exposed To China's Economic Slowdown

Zero Hedge: Prisoner's Dilemma: Will Investors And The Fed Collaborate?

Money - June 14, 2013

Cold Fusion: Executive Summary

Dave Gonigam: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Gary Gibson: Why You Shouldn’t Read About Paul Krugman While Drinking

Addison Wiggin: I.O.U.S.A.’s Leadership Deficit 5 Years On (Yawn… stretch… ho, hum)

Patrick Cox: The Soundtrack to America’s Fracking Break

Addison Wiggin: Why You’re Reading the Oracle of Omaha

Chris Mayer: An Oil “Revelation”

Greg Guenthner: The End of “Easy Lifting”

Jason Farrell: Congress to Fed: Push That String!

Nick Hubble: Are You One of the Market Elites?

Kris Sayce: The Launch of Revolutionary Tech Investor

Bill Bonner: What Crime Lies Behind Booz Allen Hamilton

Doug Hornig: How Will You Talk to Your Computer?

Jeff Clark: Are the Gold Bugs Wrong?

Federal Reserve loses $155 billion in paper value, Greenspan calls for stimulus tapering

Jeff Clark: Take Profits on This Trade

John Hathaway - Gold To Shock World With Rapid $1,000 Advance

Keith Barron: Coming Chaos, Phony Global Markets & The War On Gold

John Cheese: 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor

Adam Taggart: Is Gold at a Turning Point?

Rick Rule: How he'd invest $100,000 in Gold Right Now

Pater Tenebrarum: The Limits of Resource Nationalism

GE Christenson: Will Silver Plunge Below $15 or Rally Back Over $50?

Andrew Topf: Leonard Melman on Gold and Inflation

Andrew Topf: Kinross Scraps Fruta del Norte as Ecuador Votes on Mining Reforms

Andrew Topf: Brighter US Economic Picture Freights Gold

Transformative Energy Technologies: Michael and Chris Berry

For Love and Money: Three Growth Stocks from Casey's Alex Daley

New Biotech Names with Excellent Prospects: Michael Aitkenhead

Kip Keen: Alacer talking to buyers for last Australian gold mines

Geoff Candy: A tapering threat: Where to from here for gold

Adam Taggart: Is Gold at a Turning Point?

Zero Hedge: Liquidity Can Overcome Common Sense For Only So Long

Zero Hedge: US Bonds In "Panic" Mode

Zero Hedge: 10 Nagging Concerns

Zero Hedge: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others (Yet)

Zero Hedge: The One Problem With Wal-Mart's Recent Hiring Spree

Money - June 13, 2013

Cold Fusion: The Future of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: AGW and LENR on ECW

Cold Fusion: E-Cat World Store Opens

Dave Gonigam: Pandemic Pandemonium

Jason Farrell: Pimco, Faber Forecast New Global Recession

Paul O'Neill: “Deficits Do Matter”

Greg Guenthner: When Pessimism Reigns Supreme

Josh Grasmick: Writing the Next Chapter of Mil-Tech History

Chris Mayer: Africa’s Opportunity: Betting on the Inevitable

Dan Denning: In Japan: How the Authorities Are Gaming the Stock Market

Bill Bonner: Say a Little Prayer For The Rich

Jeff Clark: Time to Stress Test Your Resolve in the Gold Markets

Dan Steinhart: Inflation: Robbing You Since the 10th Century

Andrew Moran: Seniors facing severe financial collapse in U.S.: Census analysis

Andrew Moran: Report: Overdraft fees costing Americans $225 on average each year

Toby Connor: Stocks in Dangerous Territory

John Mauldin: The Risk of Government Policies and the Rationing of Retirement

Robert Fitzwilson: The Most Dangerous & Scary Crisis In World Financial History

James Turk - A Massive Black Swan Is Going To Rock World Markets

Jeffrey Saut: What We Are Witnessing Right Now Is Historic & Unprecedented

James Turk: A Summer Gold & Silver Explosion That Will Shock The World

John Stepek: Emerging markets are crashing – what does it mean for your money?

William Patalon III: This Single Statistic Scares Me to Death

Monty Pelerin: Why Things Will Get Worse — Much Worse

Greg Hunter: We’re a Long Way from the 1970’s

Eric Sprott and David Franklin: The Dijssel-Bomb

Tim W. Wood: Bull Market, Really?

Michael Pento: Here’s Your Inflation

Physical Gold and Paper Gold Battling for Supremacy: Brien Lundin

Sumit Roy: Gold Price Pressure Grows As Silver Breaks Down, Central Banks May Buy Less As Bond Yields Rise To 14-Month Highs

Jim Sinclair: Outright War Called “Finance”

Alexis Leondis: Pimco Sees 60% Chance of Global Recession in Five Years

Zero Hedge: Depite Bearish Rhetoric, Bill Gross Retains Treasurys As Most-Held Asset

Zero Hedge: "Tapering" From Currency-Wars To Interest-Rate-Wars

Zero Hedge: Bank Of England's Haldane: "We've Intentionally Blown The Biggest Bond Bubble In History"

Zero Hedge: Buy (Bonds) In June, After The Swoon?

Money - June 12, 2013

Cold Fusion: Al Gore mentions Cold Fusion – Published Today (6/11)

Cold Fusion: Al Gore Intrigued by Cold Fusion/LENR

Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion Passes Al Gore’s Lips

Cold Fusion: Al Gore Intrigued by Cold Fusion/LENR

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Report Update – No Evidence of Hidden Power

John Daly: China to Build Panama Canal Bypass Through Nicaragua

Daniel J. Graeber: Damn the Sanctions and Bring on the Gas, says Pakistan

Dave Gonigam: Smoked and Busted

Warren Buffett: “The Road to Squanderville”

Josh Grasmick: The Best Way to Play a Desperate NSA

Greg Guenthner: Coming Soon: Gold’s Next Breakdown

Chris Mayer: Frontier Markets: Now’s Your Chance To Bank A Fortune

Jeffrey Tucker: “If They Want to Get You, They Will Get You in Time”

Jason Farrell: Volcker: Credibility Must Not Be Frittered Away

Bill Bonner: The US Economies Flesh Eating Pen Pushers

Louis Basenese: The Six Most Fascinating Technology Statistics Today

Kris Sayce: Life Gets Better With Tech

Sam Volkering: What Turns a Great Technology into a Great Technology Business?

Marin Katusa: Do You Know What You Need to Know About LNG?

Jeff Clark: The Stock Market's Next Move

Eric Pomboy: Stunning Gold & Silver Charts Reveal Shocking Global Demand

Richard Russell - Gold, Stocks, Rigged Markets & The Wealthy

Stephen Leeb: Here Comes The Next Major Leg Of Gold Demand In China

Matthew Partridge: The shale gas revolution: the winners to buy and the losers to avoid

Clive Maund: June 10, 2013 Silver Market Update

Axel Merk: Dollar At Risk? Case for Managing Currency Risk

Stewart Thomson: Golden Economics & Silver Surprise

Alan Micik: Scare 'Em Out and Wear 'Em Out

Deviant Investor: Silver Cycles: What Next?

Some Like It Hot: Lisa Morrison on the Outlook for Industrial Metals

Byron King: Forget OPEC. North American Energy Plays Bring Profits Home

Bloomberg News: China Approves Gold-Backed ETPs as Domestic Buyers Chase Bullion

Zero Hedge: 3 Charts The China Bulls Do Not Want You To See

Zero Hedge: WM/Reuters Busted In Latest Market Rigging And Collusion Scandal: Foreign Exchange

Zero Hedge: Land Of The Rising Bail In: Deposit Confiscation Coming To Japan Next

Money - June 11, 2013

Cold Fusion: Swedish Customer Sought for First Commercial LENR Heating Plant

Cold Fusion: Following Developments in the LENR Marketplace

Cold Fusion: Free to a Good Home — 1 MW E-Cat Plant

Cold Fusion: Psst! Wanna Buy Some eCat Juice?

Cold Fusion: HotCat Test Report Updated

Dave Gonigam: The Next Domain of Warfare

Greg Guenthner: Investing in the Eye of the Storm

Byron King: The Old Gold Rush

Addison Wiggin: How to Lose Friends With Defense Spending

Patrick Cox: For Better Health, Look to the Sun

Alan Greenspan: “The Gap Between Disaster and Prosperity”

Jason Farrell: S&P Says U.S. Debt Is “Stable”, Really.

Kris Sayce: This is a Sign a Stock Market Boom is on the Way

Jeff Clark: Gold Investor’s Stress Test

James Turk: Financial Chaos, Currency Destruction & Cracks In The System

William Kaye: The Ongoing War In Gold & A Coming Currency Collapse

Another Phony Jobs Report From A Government That Lies About Everything –Paul Craig Roberts

Deviant Investor: Silver Cycles: What Next?

Tekoa Da Silva: US Bank Gold Positions Explode By Highest Rate On Record; Short Positions Collapse

David Franklin and David Baker: Platinum: ETF Demand Points to a Price Increase

Bob Kirtley: Possible Devaluation Of The Euro Casts A Shadow Over Gold’s Future

Keeping Stakes Small: How Some Companies Are Navigating the Gold M&A Market: Keith Phillips

Seven Biotech Options that Buck Tradition: Christian Glennie

How to Play the Invest-for-Tomorrow Game in Medtech: Alan Brochstein

John Browne: Crushing the Middle Class

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Investment Demand: The Ticking Time Bomb

Captain Hook: Banking On A Recovery

Xi Jinping: Silver can only collapse along China

Lance Roberts: Is The Eurozone Crisis Set To Flare Up?

Tom Vulcan: Indium At Your Fingertips; The Go-To Minor Metal For Flat-Panel Displays

Zero Hedge: Charles Gave Warns: "Should The Fed Lose Control, The Downside Move In Markets May Be Terrifying"

Zero Hedge: The Death Of Humanities Majors

Zero Hedge: The New Normal America: A Country Where Eating And Drinking Is The New Manufacturing

Zero Hedge: The 4 Charts Your Friendly Equity Hedge Fund Manager Does Not Want You To See

Zero Hedge: For Anyone Who Still Thinks Earnings Matter

Money - June 9, 2013

Sebastian Anthony: Cold fusion reactor independently verified, has 10,000 times the energy density of gas

Cold Fusion: Peter Gluck and Yeong E. Kim on LENR research

Lisa Zyga: Tests find Rossi's E-Cat has an energy density at least 10 times higher than any conventional energy source

Cold Fusion: Who Could be Against LENR?

Cold Fusion: Professor Yeong Kim Reports Witnessing Positive Defkalion Test

Jeremy Wakeford: Interest in LENR device resurges as independent report is released

Cold Fusion: LENR, LANR or CANR

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Reality Does Not Matter. Potemkin COMEX Does.

Dave Gonigam: Get Your Doom On!

Bill Bonner: Downside: After the Returns Stop Diminishing

Wendy McElroy: Coca-Capitulation

Greg Guenthner: Fooled By Another Buzzword Correction

Jason Farrell: Greenspan: Taper Away!

Louis Basenese: The Six Most Fascinating Technology Statistics Today

Jason Farrell: The Bears Devour Abenomics

Nick Giambruno: Has Switzerland Really Caved to US Pressure?

Nick Hubble: Because Investing In a Bubble Worked Well Last Time

Vedran Vuk: When Are High-Fee Mutual Funds Justified?

John Mauldin: Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: Former White House Official Discusses Gold Manipulation

Michael Pento - Expect Massive Inflation & Pain For Ordinary Citizens

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: Expect More Government Theft

Dr. Philippa Malmgren: Coming Chaos, Inflation & Gold

Keith Barron: There Is A Tremendous Shortage Of Physical Gold Out There

Kyle Smith: Is The End Near, And Will It Be Awesome?

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Major Summer Rebound in the Gold Stocks

Morris Hubbartt: China Teeters & Gold Pushes Higher

Peter Schiff: The Great Reflation

The Three Ways Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks Play the Junior Resource Space

Zero Hedge: Blackstone Denies It Is the Cause Of Housing Bubble 2.0

Zero Hedge: Why Are Americans Driving Straight Into The Non-Recovery (And 800 On The S&P)?

Zero Hedge: Gas Prices, Consumption, And Why The Average American Is Being Left Behind

Money - June 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: Birthday Surprise From Andrea Rossi?

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 6, 2013

Cold Fusion: Sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for the great news that the world's been told

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi’s “E-cat” Cold Fusion Device Really Works, Says Science Panel

Cold Fusion: the E-cat really works? Interview with Andrea Rossi

Dave Gonigam: We’re All Suspects Now

Addison Wiggin: Love, War and Politics: Abe Channels The Gipper

Greg Guenthner: Plotting the Pain

Greg Guenthner: Summer Blockbuster: An Energizing Rotation

Dave Gonigam: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Technology

Bill Bonner: Why a Real US Recovery Would Mean Disaster for the Economy

Greg Canavan: The Debate on Gold Infiltrates the Mainstream

Greg Canavan: A Genuine Economic Recovery Requires a Genuine Bust

Bill Bonner: A Disguised Depression in the US Economy

Addison Wiggin: Love, War and Politics in Japan

Vern Gowdie: Planning to Avoid the Secular Bear Market Trap

Chris Wood: Lipidomics: The Most Important Branch of Science You’ve Never Heard Of

Jeff Thomas: Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Gold Confiscation

Michael Snyder: Meet Your New Boss: Buying Large Employers Will Enable China To Dominate 1000s Of U.S. Communities

Toby Connor: Major breakdown in the dollar

Egon von Greyerz: Swiss Refiner Delays Hit 5 Weeks On Massive Gold Demand

Louise Yamada - 3 Fantastic Charts + Commentary On Gold & Stocks

Stephen Leeb: Fund Managers Are Now Buying Gold With Their Own Money

Charles Hugh Smith: Why Serial Asset Bubbles Are Now The New Normal

Larry Edelson: The Forces That Will Drive The Next Bull Market In Gold and Silver

Seven Biotech Options that Buck Tradition: Christian Glennie

The Comex Warehouse Stock Report Fraud Clarified

James Altucher: Nine Things You Need to Know to Survive the New Economy

Sumit Roy: NatGas Prices Plunge 4%, At Risk Of Breakdown After Huge Inventory Build

Alex Williams: Perth-based Juniors Look to Capitalise on Pro-Mining Greenland

Steve St. Angelo: Shanghai Silver Stocks Decline Substantially After Price Take-down

Neil Lockhart: Housing Prices Are Being Dangerously Distorted by Big Institutional Money

Zero Hedge: Previewing Tomorrow's Non-farm Payroll Number

Zero Hedge: Albert Edwards: "Has The US Recession Already Begun?"

Zero Hedge: The United Bases Of America And The Paradox Of Imperialism

Money - June 6, 2013

Cold Fusion: Wikipedia Beyond Cold Fusion – part two Subatomic Particles

Cold Fusion: European Parliament ITRE committee meets over Fleischmann-Pons Effect

Dave Gonigam: Uh-Oh: Gold Supply Squeeze

Jeff Clark: Gold on the Sales Rack

Addison Wiggin: Phony Growth From Higher Debt

Dave Gonigam: Epicenter of a Bursting Bubble

Greg Guenthner: The Day the Streak Died

Matt Insley: How To Play Nevada’s Gold Rush

Jason Farrell: Pippa Malmgren’s “Insider” Guidance: Buy Gold Now

Michael Snyder: 12 Clear Signals That The U.S. Economy Is About To Really Slow Down

Michael Snyder: 20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered At U.S. Universities

Andrew Moran: Audit finds IRS spent $49 million on conferences, GSA spent $29 billion in credit card charges

Bill Fleckenstein - We Are Staring At Economic Collapse

Bill Fleckenstein - Gold Will Be Damn Explosive To The Upside

John Hathaway - Gold To Surge As Fed Pursues Radical New Policy

Matt Badiali: This Critical Metal Is in Short Supply... You Can Get it on Sale

Canadian Oil Slammed on Inflated U.S. Oil Hopes: Eric Nuttall

Silver Equities too cheap: Maria Smirnova

John Stepek: Why China could be heading for an epic banking crisis

Daniel Graeber: Will Rail Run Out of Steam Post-Keystone?

Lance Roberts: The Truth About Wall Street Analysts & Why You Need Independence

The Roubini - Faber Debate

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: BIS records startling collapse of eurozone interbank loans

Steve Saville: Explaining the gold bull market

Detlev Schlichter: Are central bankers losing control?

Sumit Roy: Short-Term Gold Bull Case Gains Strength Amid ETF Stabilization, Reaction To Jobs Data Will Be Telling

Sprott's Michael Kosowan Asks: Are You Swayed or Afraid?

Ricardo Lopez: UCLA Anderson Forecast paints dismal picture of economic recovery

Jeremy Warner: You thought central bank money printing was at an end? Don’t bet on it

Jim Sinclair: How The New Billionaires and Trillionaires Will Preserve Their Capital

JessesCafe: Comex Gold Registered Ounces Available Nearing All Time Low - The Risk of Rehypothecation

Zero Hedge: A Gentle Reminder Of The 'Other' Reality

Zero Hedge: US Mint Head: Bullion Demand Still "Unprecedented"

Zero Hedge: Feeling Confident? Just Two Charts

Zero Hedge: Slamming The Money Market “Gates” – Capital Controls Coming To $2.6 Trillion Industry

Money - June 5, 2013

Cold Fusion: On Spreading Awareness (ECW Video Project)

Cold Fusion: Rossi Teases about ‘Big Surprises’

Cold Fusion: A Language Upgrade Needed for LENR?

Dave Gonigam: Epicenter of a Bursting Bubble

Addison Wiggin: The “Zero Hour” Scenario

Patrick Cox: Writing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Your Genome, Continued

Greg Guenthner: How to Play a Front Page Rally

Matt Insley: My Trip To The World’s Second Largest Gold Field

Jeffrey Tucker: Ground Zero in Crypto-Commerce

Greg Canavan: Why it’s Going to Get Ugly When Interest Rates Rise Again

Greg Canavan: The New World Of Iron Ore

Bill Bonner: The Creeping Zombieism in the Health-care Business

Bill Bonner: An Inconvenient Irony: QE Favors the Rich

Bill Bonner: Health Warning: QE KILLS

Marin Katusa: “Pandora’s Promise”: Changing Environmentalist Minds on Nuclear Energy?

Michael Snyder: Does China Plan To Back The Yuan With Gold And Make It The Primary Global Reserve Currency?

Andrew Moran: Federal Reserve initiates investigation into PayPal, Bitcoin for security risks

John Mauldin: Following the Fed to 50% Flops

Richard Russell - Silver, Gold & A Coming Stock Market Crash

Jean-Marie Eveillard: There Is Now A Huge Risk Of A Collapse In Major Countries

Rick Rule: A Second Way Investors Can Make A Fortune In These Markets

John Stepek: The British shale gas revolution – will it boom or fizzle?

Scott Minerd: The Canary in the Coal Mine

Alasdair Macleod: Why gold is money

Jim Stafford: Will Saudi Arabia Allow the U.S. Oil Boom?

Stewart Thomson: Gold Bear Train Wreck?

Peter Schiff: The Gold Bull vs The Paper Tiger

Ferdinand E. Banks: A Non-Mathematical Prelude to a Mathematical Note on 'The Shale Revolution'

The Conflict over Conflict Metals: Lisa Reisman

Marc Faber: The World Is a Mess, But Junior Mining Stocks Could Double

Potential Oil Glut! Raymond James Analyst's Contrarian Forecast

Zero Hedge: The Housing Bubble Goes Mainstream

Zero Hedge: Multiple Breadwinners: An American Household Imperative

Zero Hedge: How Big Institutional Money Distorts Housing Prices

Zero Hedge: Housing Bubble Pop Alert: Colony Pulls IPO On "Market Conditions", Blue Mountain Rushes To Cash Out Of Own-To-Rent

Money - June 4, 2013

Andrea Rossi’s “E-cat” Cold Fusion Device Really Works, Says Science Panel

Cold Fusion: Rossi Confirms E-Cat Factory

Cold Fusion: A letter to local legislators

Cold Fusion: Jeanne Manning on live demo of Defkalion’s Hyperion

Cold Fusion: The divine road ahead

Cold Fusion: Rossi Sues Wikipedia?

Cold Fusion: A Murderous Fraud

Cold Fusion: Rossi Teases about ‘Big Surprises’

Cold Fusion: Rossi: LENR Acceptable Term for E-Cat, Others Problematic

Cold Fusion: Both E-Cats Are Entering Production?

Cold Fusion: What is LENR? [Final Draft Posted]

Cold Fusion: Changing Power Reports of Visit to Defkalion Lab

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- May 30, 2013

Dave Gonigam: No Politics, No Religion… and No Profit

Byron King: Ingots or Apples?

Patrick Cox: Writing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Your Genome

Byron King: Julius Caesar’s Gold…

Jason Farrell: Why Student Loan Debt Will Crush the Recovery

Dan Denning: Why Growth Stocks Could be the New Target of the Big Money Hunt

Dan Denning: The Important Issue for Resource Investors

Bill Bonner: How The Federal Reserve is Suppressing a Recovery

Jeff Clark: Seller’s Remorse

Michael Snyder: 18 Signs That Massive Economic Problems Are Erupting All Over The Planet

Michael Snyder: Obama’s Super Secret Treaty Which Will Push The Deindustrialization Of America Into Overdrive

Toby Connor: Why Stocks and Gold are About to Reverse Course

Eric Sprott - Gold Raid Has “Unleashed A Torrent Of Buying”

Eric Pomboy: This Amazing Chart Shows Gold Set For Massive $1,000 Spike

James Turk - The Next Major Banking Crisis As Gold & Silver Surge

John Embry: Gold & Silver Soaring As Embry Hits 50 Years In The Business

Robert Fitzwilson: The Global Casino, Gold, Silver, Energy & Flash Crashes

America’s Greatest Affliction: The Presstitute Media — Paul Craig Roberts

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Fleeting Beauty of Bubbles and Bonds

Bob Moriarty: Cashing in on the Carlin Trend

Mark Mead Baillie: “Gold Beyond Sisyphus”

Tekoa Da Silva: Gold Trader: “Stock Market May Crash 10-20% In Next 5-10 Days, Will Create Setup For Bubble Phase In Gold”

Zero Hedge: Thought Experiment: Why Do We Bother Paying Personal Taxes?

Zero Hedge: How Many Cars Must Tesla Sell: This Interactive Calculator Has The Scary Answer

Zero Hedge: Detroit Bankruptcy Imminent

Money - June 1, 2013

Michael Noonan: Gold and Silver – Monthly, Weekly, Daily Closes. The Story.

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- May 30, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi on the Need for a Partner [Updated Again]

Cold Fusion: Beyond LENR (aka ‘Cold Fusion’) to Useful Energy - Defkalion

Cold Fusion: Rossi Sues Wikipedia?

Cold Fusion: More Meta Data On HotCat Test

Dave Gonigam: Earth dodges an asteroid called “QE2?

Jason Farrell: Nowhere to Hide

Dan Amoss: The Brittle Bones of Ben Bernanke

Chris Mayer: Banking Profits in a Beaten Down Market

Matt Insley: A Saudi Oil Sheik And A Texan Walk Into A Bar

Dave Gonigam: The Rise of the Recreational Venture Capitalist

Nick Hubble: Reckoning on the Perils and Potential of Property

Dan Denning: Better Off With Berkshire B Shares or Gold?

Vern Gowdie: Why You Should Keep Your Portfolio Grounded in Cash

David Galland: Three Reasons the Case for Gold Remains Intact

Michael Snyder: Top 1% Own 39% Of All Global Wealth: Hoarding Soars As We Hurtle Toward Economic Oblivion

S&A Research: This is one of the greatest investments in the world today

Eric Sprott - This Is Why There Is Such A Massive Shortage Of Gold

Eric Sprott - A Mega-Panic Is Coming & Here Is The Reason Why

Egon von Greyerz: The Current Level Of Physical Gold Being Traded Is Shocking

John Stepek: How to survive the age of instability

Pater Tenebrarum: Gold Update, Part One – A Plague of Experts

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Stocks Surge & Utilities Crash

Jan Skoyles: 5 steps to being a happy goldbug

SilverStrategies' Sean Rakhimov Advises Diversity

Diversification Is Key to Energy Value: Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks of U.S. Global Investors

Richard (Rick) Mills: Civil Nuclear Energy Renaissance Restart

Graham Summers: Is it time to buy Gold miners?

Joseph Cafariello: What Controls Gold Prices?

Dr. Jeff Lewis: Silver and Gold - The Imploding Bubble

Dr. Jeff Lewis: Silver Short Squeeze Scenario 420

Zero Hedge: Consumers Most Confident Since 2007, Celebrate By Biggest Spending Drop In One Year

Zero Hedge: Conspicuous Contrarians, Higher Highs, And Complete Complacency

Zero Hedge: On Crushing Student Loans, Worthless College Degrees And The Millennials

Zero Hedge: The Kids Are (Not) Alright

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
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