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Money - May 31, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi & Wikipedia

Cold Fusion: Ecat Test Generates a lot of Attention

Cold Fusion: Pre-loaded hydrogen fuel an engineering answer for efficiency, ease and safety

Cold Fusion: New Q & A Between and Andrea Rossi

Cold Fusion: Forbes’ Gibbs on E-Cat Fraud Claims

Cold Fusion: Marketing & Manufacturing The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Physics Today on Media Reaction to the 3rd Party Test

Cold Fusion: More Meta Data On HotCat Test

Dave Gonigam: An Irrelevant Truth

Chris Mayer: Banking Profits in a Beaten Down Market

Bill Bonner: Complex Economic Machinery

Peter Coyne: Of Financial Bubbles and Stumbling Blocks

Josh Grasmick: The Hustlers of the U.S. Health Care System

Jason Farrell: Physical Gold Demand Remains High

Matt Insley: Don’t Be Tardy To The Fed’s Party

Bill Bonner: The Great Stagnation

Dan Denning: China’s City in the Sky

Alex Daley: Why Yahoo! Should Buy Roku, Not Hulu; The Trillion-Dollar Screen Shift

Jeff Clark: Rick Rule’s Reasons to Buy Gold and Select Gold Stocks

Porter Stansberry: This is the most valuable secret in the investment world

McKinsey report: 12 disruptive technologies that will transform life, business, and the global economy

Mish: Speculative Gold Bets at 5-Year Low; Metal Will Get “Crushed” Says Credit Suisse

Chris Kimble: Leading indicator is limit down today, losing 25% of its value in 70 days!

Michael Snyder: Why Is The Smart Money Suddenly Getting Out Of Stocks And Real Estate?

Keith Barron: Why This Summer May See Huge Upside For Gold & Silver

Michael Pento - This Entire House Of Cards Will Collapse

Stephen Leeb: West Desperate As Gold Heads East & Silver Set To Soar

The Social Cost Of Capitalism — Paul Craig Roberts

Jim Rogers: 'Nobody gets out of this situation until there’s a crisis'

Charles Hugh-Smith: How Cheap Credit Fuels Income/Wealth Inequality

Bob Moriarty: The Acorn Falls Close to the Tall Oak Tree

5 Signs Of An Imminent Gold & Silver Price Rally

Zero Hedge: US Worker Wages: "Not Off The Lows"

Zero Hedge: David Stockman: "The Error Of Central Banking Has Become Universal"

Zero Hedge: Would It Make Sense For The Fed To Not Manipulate The Gold Price?

Zero Hedge: Things That Make You Go Hhmm... Like Our Current Bizarro World

Money - May 30, 2013

Cold Fusion: Physics Today on Media Reaction to the 3rd Party Test

Dave Gonigam: The Race to Weightlessness

Bill Bonner: Complex Economic Machinery

Addison Wiggin: The Tarnished American Golden Years

Patrick Cox: When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact

Douglas French: The Not-So-Golden Years

Frank Holmes: The Love Trade for Gold is Still On!

Dan Denning: House Prices First, Stocks Second

Nick Giambruno: Challenging Assumptions on the Fed’s Money Printing

Nick Giambruno: The Real Reason Governments Are Killing Financial Privacy

Michael Snyder: The Student Loan Delinquency Rate In The United States Has Hit A Brand New Record High

John Embry - Physical Gold & Silver Now In Shocking Short Supply

Rick Rule - There Is A War Going On Between Paper & Physical Gold

Dominic Frisby: Is the gold crash over? Or is there further to fall?

Merryn Somerset Webb: Don’t be afraid of cash

Frank Holmes: The Love Trade for Gold is Still On!

Larry LaBorde: What If?

Brady Willett: Funny Money Turns Serious

Bob Moriarty: Coeur on the Prowl

Stewart Thomson: Gold And The Black Swan

Has the Gold Bull Market Hit a Snag? Tobias Tretter Says No

Which Oil Companies Could Benefit from Price Differentials?

Dennis Miller: Is Real Estate Ever a Wise Investment for Retirees?

Nations Want Bank Info on Nationals Anywhere in the World. What For? Will it Include Gold?

Newsmax Wires: Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

US Housing Bubble II: Euphoria And Other Shenanigans

Matt Taibbi: The Mad Science of the National Debt

Jesse's Cafe Americain: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Coiling, Coiling...

Steve St. Angelo: Gold & Silver Maple Leaf Sales Increase in a Big Way

Zero Hedge: Meanwhile, Big Investors Quietly Slip Out The Back Door On Housing As "Stupid Money" Jumps In

Zero Hedge: 10 Under-Reported Realities In The US Labor Market

Zero Hedge: What Happens After a 70% Stock Market Rally In 6 Months?

Zero Hedge: Understanding Gold Market Dynamics

Zero Hedge: Copper Withdrawal Orders From LME Soar To Record

Zero Hedge: Volcker On Bernanke's Grand Monetary Experiment: "Good Luck In That"

Money - May 29, 2013

University of Cambridge: Andrea Rossi's 'E-cat' nuclear reactor 5 Reasons LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) is Not Hot Fusion

Cold Fusion: HotCat To Star In 6 Month Live Feed

Cold Fusion: Discovery News misinforms on cold fusion again

Cold Fusion: Essen Corrects: “We Can Definitely Exclude DC Current”

Cold Fusion: Discovery Article Pours Doubt on Rossi’s ‘Cold Fusion’

Cold Fusion: Criticism From Peter Ekström

Cold Fusion: Torbjörn Hartman Expands On eCat Test

Cold Fusion: Rossi No Longer Controls E-Cat Business

Cold Fusion: Hanno Essen on 3rd Party Tests

Dave Gonigam: When All Else Fails…

Dennis Miller: How to Avoid Part-Time Retirement

Ray Blanco: The Next Big Mobile Computing Money Makers

Ben Traynor: What Didn’t Change When Nixon Cut the Gold Link

Byron King: Taking the Pulse of Tough Times

Dan Denning: The Japan’s Nikkei is Starting to Crack

Dan Denning: Why Natural Gas Could be the Next Crucial Industry for Australia

Sam Volkering: Why 2013 Might Be the Last Year You Drive a Car

Sam Volkering: Why Multinationals Run a Better Ship than Government

Bill Bonner: A Smart Money Bet Against the Central Banks

Marin Katusa: African Instability Threatens French Energy

Michael Snyder: Basel III: How The Bank For International Settlements Is Going To Help Bring Down The Global Economy

Michael Snyder: The Japanese Financial System Is Beginning To Spin Wildly Out Of Control

Michael Snyder: 40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Toby Connor: Stock Bubble: Wait for it to Pop

John Mauldin: Are We There Yet?

Robert Fitzwilson: Gold, Silver & The Fallout Of Continued Chaos In Key Markets

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

Jeffrey Saut: This Is Stunning, I Haven’t Seen Anything Like This In 50 Years

Richard Russell - Just One Example Of Massive Gold Demand

Charles Hugh-Smith: A Capitalist Manifesto for the Productive Class

James H. Kunstler: History warns we're sleepwalking towards collapse

Flake Graphite Prices Have Bottomed: Simon Moores

Inflation – Closer Than You Think: Understanding the Lag Factor

Zero Hedge: Crushed US Consumer + All Time High New Home Prices = Record Housing Bubble

Zero Hedge: Got Wood? A Housing Recovery Built On Faith

Zero Hedge: Which Asset Would You Rather Hold As Collateral?

Money - May 26, 2013

Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion gets red hot and aims for EU

Cold Fusion: The E-Cat Testing Team, Real or Ringers?

Cold Fusion: In Support of the Open E-Cat Project

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- May 23, 2013

Cold Fusion: The Experimental Investigation of the E-Cat HT, and Heuristics

Cold Fusion: Response to Ethan Siegel’s Science Blog Critique of E-Cat Test

Cold Fusion: Rossi Death Threats?

Cold Fusion: Levi in Int Business Times

Cold Fusion: Draft Proposal from the MFMP includes Funding 1 MW E-Cat Plant Purchase

Cold Fusion: ArXiv Publiccation of the 3rd Party Report

Cold Fusion: Initial Reactions to E-Cat Study Paper

Jim Stone: The Seat Toledo is a 62-MPG (US) Cadillac-sized family sedan not discussed by US Media

Dave Gonigam: Trojan Horse in the Pentagon?

Addison Wiggin: Cooking the Gold Books

Addison Wiggin: Bubbles for Bubbles’ Sake

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Markets Provide Us The Best Information

Taki Tsaklanos: Gold In 2013 – Too Many Mysteries Remain Inexplicable

Steve Todoruk: Lessons Learned from High-risk Speculations

The Dire State of the Platinum-Palladium Miners

Greg Guenthner: Stealing the Spotlight

Byron King: Energy Pulse: Three Companies Worth A Look!

Dave Gonigam: Investing in the New Captains of Industry, Part III

Bill Bonner: The Siege of Vicksburg

Nick Hubble: Just a Cargo Cult

Greg Canavan: Could this be the Market Mini Meltdown Before ‘The Big One’ Hits?

Chris Mayer: Crowds, Mencken and Wisdom from Two Great Investors

Marin Katusa & Rick Rule: Why a Uranium Renaissance Looks Inevitable

Vedran Vuk: Reading Tea Leaves and the Fed Minutes

John Mauldin: The Mother of All Painted-In Corners

Jim Grant - Gold & The Fed’s Ungraceful Attempt To Exit QE

Gerald Celente: $17 Trillion & The Two World’s of Gold & Silver

Eric King: Here Is What Jim Grant Really Thinks

Egon von Greyerz: Suppliers & Bank Clients Denied Gold As Shortage Intensifies

Eric King: Jim Grant Says Monetary System Won’t Last & Gold Bullish

Martin Sibileau: The Microeconomics of Inflation (or how I know this ends in tears)

Lance Roberts: The Fed's Real Worry - A Pick Up In Deflation

Adam Taggart & Bill Black: Our System is So Flawed That Fraud is Mathematically Guaranteed

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Gold Corrected on Weeks of Misconception

Paul B. Farrell: Bernanke out by August, QE ends, rates up: Crash

Morris Hubbartt: Dow Swoons And Gold Consolidates

How to Be an (Educated) Optimist: Ivan Lo on the Enduring Value of Gold and Silver

Citi's Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold and the US Debt Limit Correlation

Peter Cooper: Silver cheapest in comparison to gold for two-and-a-half years and prices rose faster than gold last week

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Gold Silver Ratio Redux

Zero Hedge: First, Gold; Second, Japanese Equities; Who's Next For The 8-Sigma Risk Flare?

Zero Hedge: Gold And The Fiat End-Game

Money - May 24, 2013

Cold Fusion: Third Party Did Not Have Access To IP

Cold Fusion: Italian offers cold fusion promise

Cold Fusion: Swedish Company Endorses HotCat Report

Cold Fusion: ‘Very Remarkable’ — Swedish R&D Organization ELFORSK on E-Cat Report it Funded

Cold Fusion: Swedish Electrical Utilities’ R & D Company, Elforsk, release news about the ECAT test

Cold Fusion: Rossi E-Cat HTs 3rd Party Test Report

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi – What’s Next?

Dave Gonigam: Turning Cells into Legs

Vern Gowdie: Profitable Markets for Patient Investors

Addison Wiggin: Waiting For The Zugzwang

Addison Wiggin: Why You Should Take Your “Health” Into Your Own Hand

Greg Guenthner: After Japan’s Crash

Greg Canavan: How Australia is Sliding Down the Other Side of the Mining Boom

Vern Gowdie: Your Forefathers’ Pain Can Be Your Gain

Bill Bonner: Adventures in the New South of the USA

Doug Hornig: Is the Patent Cliff a Lethal Blow to Big Pharma?

Michael Snyder: The Colorado River, The High Plains Aquifer And The Entire Western Half Of The U.S. Are Rapidly Drying Up

Andrew Moran: Federal Reserve not slowing down QE measures, Ron Paul responds to Ben Bernanke

Rick Rule - How Investors Can Make A Fortune In These Markets

James Turk - We Are Witnessing Extraordinary Events In Gold & Silver

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Many Key Markets

Tom Bulford: Are we in a golden age of medicine?

Why Disinformation Works — Paul Craig Roberts

Ferdinand E. Banks: Energy and Macroeconomics

Matt Badiali: Why Bill Powers Is Dead Wrong

Investing in Cancer Research Is Worth the Risk: Echo He

Peter Schiff: The Biggest Loser Wins

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Last Investable Moment for Silver

Ranting Andy: The Final Currency War

Frank Holmes: 3 Reasons To Buy Gold Mining Stocks

Silver Looks Set To Revisit Previous Support At $18.00

Brian Hicks: The Pareto Principle and The Wealth Advisory

Zero Hedge: Spot The Bubble: Average New Home Price Soars By Most Ever In One Month To All Time High

Zero Hedge: Delinquent Student Loans Hit Record, 30% Of 20-24 Year Olds Are Unemployed And Not In School

Zero Hedge: "Dead Cat Bounce" Or "Pause That Refreshes"

Money - May 23, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi E-Cat HT energy density “off-the-chart”

Cold Fusion: Reflections on the Past, Directions for the Future Ecological Restoration LENR

Cold Fusion: HotCat Report – Thoughts And Criticism

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Test Coverage Roundup

Cold Fusion: Help Wanted With Summary of the E-Cat Test

Cold Fusion: Third Party Tests Prove Rossi’s E-Cat HT2 Works

Dave Gonigam: Three Cheers for the Depression!

Neil George: A Better Kind of Bank

Greg Guenthner: Flight to Junk, Part 2

Byron King: It’s Back: The Same Force That Helped Win WWII

Dave Gonigam: Investing in the New Captains of Industry, Part II

Greg Canavan: Fed Up with The Federal Reserve

Bill Bonner: The Fatal Flaw at the Heart of Modern Economics

International Man: Doug Casey’s Primer on Internationalization

Dan Steinhart: Where’d All the Fear Go?

Michael Snyder: Will It Be Inflation Or Deflation? The Answer May Surprise You

Andrew Moran: One-third of Canadian households report living paycheck to paycheck

Michael Pento: Fed Lies & Propaganda Won’t Stop Gold & Silver Rise

Robert Fitzwilson: The Fed Destruction & A Cascading Panic Among Investors

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold To Advance A Stunning $2,000+ From Current Levels

John Stepek: There is no bubble in stocks – the real threat lies elsewhere

Charles Hugh-Smith: Present Shock and the Loss of History and Context

Chris Martenson: Four Signs That We're Back in Dangerous Bubble Territory

Lance Roberts: Economic And Employment Composites Indicate Further Weakness

F.F.Wiley: 3 Charts That Reveal Deleveraging, Releveraging and the Facehugger Alien

Bob Moriarty: Inventing the Jalisco Gold Belt

Jeb Handwerger: Gold, Silver and Miners: Powerful Reversal Off Multiyear Support

Bob Kirtley: A Dead Cat Bounce for Gold Prices

Sprott Is Bullish on Silver—and Gold—Equities

Sovereign Man: Try this experiment yourself…

Nick Beams: Systemic Breakdown? Financial Bubbles Creating Conditions for New Crash

Dave Hodges: The Government Theft of Retirement Accounts Has Begun

Dan Kadlec: Mandatory Savings Accounts Are Coming Your Way

Zero Hedge: Five Decades Of Asset Bubbles: Which One Is Next?

Zero Hedge: Mortgage Applications Have Biggest May Collapse Since Financial Crisis

Zero Hedge: Stunned Stocks Slide On Soaring Volume; Worst Swing Day In 5 Weeks

Money - May 22, 2013

Cold Fusion: Members of The 3rd Party Report Commission

Professors, Cornell University Publish Report Vindicating Rossi and “Hot Ecat”

Cold Fusion: Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder-PDF

Cold Fusion: Third-Party E-Cat Test Results Published

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Validation Creates More Questions

Cold Fusion: Why Exclusive Territory Licenses are Often Illegal

Dave Gonigam: Battle of the Gold Stars

Greg Canavan: The Warning Signs for Australia’s Economy

Greg Canavan: Breaking the Gold Bulls

Greg Canavan: A Simple Interpretation on Gold for Times of Monetary Madness

Bill Bonner: Could Japanese Stocks be the ‘Trade of the Decade’?

Bill Bonner: New Life for the New Trade of the Decade

Dave Gonigam: Investing in the New Captains of Industry

Byron King: America’s Game-Changing Energy Weapon

Marin Katusa: The Hidden Bargain – Uranium

Michael Snyder: America’s Bubble Economy Is Going To Become An Economic Black Hole

Andrew Moran: Is big business-government collusion trying to kill Lyft’s free market ride-sharing program?

John Mauldin: Can Two Senators End “Too Big To Fail’?

Ron Rosen: Silver To Soar A Stunning 400% & Gold $1,500 In 10 Months

Stephen Leeb: Gold, Silver & 100-Year Inflection Point To Crush The West

Richard Russell - I Haven’t Seen This In 60 Years Of Writing

Egon von Greyerz: Clients Denied Gold At Major Banks As Shortage Intensifies

Charles Hugh-Smith: Centralization and Sociopathology

Stewart Thomson: Buy Gold On QE Exit News

Steve Saville: Falling Prices Are Natural

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: 6 Reasons why Gold Stocks will Begin a Big Rally

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: BIS and IMF attacks on quantitative easing deeply misguided warn monetarists

Keith Schaefer: 3 Natural Gas Stocks in an Uptrend

How George Topping Is Profiting from Copper Price Volatility

Investors versus Traders: A Battle for Oil & Gas Profits

Rick Ackerman: Why Even Talk of Tightening Could Be Fatal

Theodore Butler: Blockbuster in Gold

Zero Hedge: And The New US Debt Ceiling Is...

Zero Hedge: Goldman Confirms 'Recovery' Hopes Have Gone As 'Slowdown' Deepens

Zero Hedge: The Housing Unrecovery Is Here: Lumber Enters Bear Market

Money - May 21, 2013

Cold Fusion: 3rd party report shows anomalous heat production – The Rossi Effect

Cold Fusion: Professors, Cornell University Publish Report Vindicating Rossi and “Hot Ecat”

Cold Fusion: ECAT HT Validated by Top Physicists

Cold Fusion: The E-Cat has now been tested!

Cold Fusion: Third Party Report Is Public

Cold Fusion: HotCat Independent Report

Cold Fusion: New Poll: Your Estimation of the E-Cat Following the 3rd Party Report

Cold Fusion: Third Party Report on E-Cat Released

Michael Noonan: Gold and Silver – The True Story Is All About Time. Be Prepared.

Dave Gonigam: The Pentagon’s Most Powerful New Weapon

Greg Canavan: A Simple Interpretation on Gold for Times of Monetary Madness

Bill Bonner: Dr. Bernankenstein Created a Monster, Not a Normal Economy

Chris Mayer: The American Story… Abroa

Matt Insley: A New Spin on the Old Oil War

Greg Guenthner: Silver’s Next Leg Lower Starts Now

Chris Mayer: One Of The Best Bull Markets In The World — Mongolia Is A “Buy”

Patrick Cox: The Market That’s Ready to Go “Viral”

Jeff Clark: Platinum and Palladium: A Fundamental Shift

Michael Snyder: 7 Things About The Mainstream Media That They Do Not Want You To Know

Stephen Otto: The financial experts who warned us about the impending economic collapse

John Mauldin: Can Two Senators End “Too Big To Fail’?

William Kaye: Gold & Silver Smash & What Soros & Major Players Are Doing

Egon von Greyerz: The Big Upside Move In Gold & Silver Is Now In Front Of Us

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

John Stepek: How long can stock markets continue to boom?

No Bear Market In Gold — Paul Craig Roberts

Alasdair Macleod: Bank balances and gold

David Banister: Gold Mining Stocks: It’s Time To Be Brave

Tony Daltorio: Why Platinum Could Be One of The Best Investments of 2013

Brent Cook's Primer on Reading Drill Result Press Releases

GE Christenson: Motive, Means, & Opportunity in the Gold Market

Lance Roberts: Economic And Employment Composites Indicate Further Weakness

Zero Hedge: Artificial Growth Exhibit A: China's Inventory Stockpiling Hits All Time High

Zero Hedge: Bernanke "Wealth Effect" Completely Wasted On Trillions In Pension Funds

Zero Hedge: Caterpillar North America Sales Collapse Suggests US Economy Back To 2010 Levels

Money - May 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: Eliminating Hot Spots

Cold Fusion: Global Warming Real and Worse than Ever Need for LENR Research Greater than Ever

Cold Fusion: University of Missouri hosts top scientists for ICCF-18

Cold Fusion: Roger Green on E-Cat Licensing

Cold Fusion: What’s the Most Compelling Evidence for the E-Cat?

Dave Gonigam: Ponzi, Soros, and Hoarded Toilet Paper

Nick Hubble: The Germans Dominate in Spain…and Look to Invade England

Dan Denning: Stocks Terrorise the Gold Market

Jeffrey Tucker: A Battle the Government Cannot Win

Matt Insley: A New Spin on the Old Oil War

Bill Bonner: A Grotesque Economic Experiment

Greg Guenthner: Closing the Dow Gap

Peter Coyne: U.S. Shale Gale vs. the Debt Leviathan

Deepak Lal: Shale Gas and Pax Americana

Bill Bonner: H.L. Mencken and Thinking Independently

Matt Insley: It’s Not The End Of OPEC…But Might As Well Be

Patrick Cox: Don’t Believe the Gloom-and-Doom Hype

Greg Guenthner: How to (Safely) Buy a Rising Market

Byron King: This “Left For Dead” Industry Is Roaring Back

Addison Wiggin: Investing in the spirit of Sextus Empiricus

David Galland: The Other Side of the Wall

Dr. David Eifrig: Before You Sell a Single Share of Stock, Read This

Andrew Moran: 25 ways to increase your savings to prepare should the economy totally collapse

John Mauldin: All Japan, All the Time

Andrew Maguire - Physical Demand Shows Gold In Massive Bull Market

Robert Fitzwilson: Gold, Silver, Massive Leverage & Super Wealthy Panicking

Andrew Maguire - This Key Level To Trigger Huge Central Bank Buying

Art Cashin - Money Supply Going Parabolic, Gold & Inflation

Andrew Maguire - Bullion Banks Are About To Exploit Gold & Silver

Art Cashin - Shorts Being Squeezed & Market May Go Parabolic

Egon von Greyerz: Coming Collapse, Massive Global Debt & The Bernanke Fed

Zero Hedge: Jeff Gundlach: "We Are Drowning In Central Banking"

Zero Hedge: Silver Plunges As Yen Stop Surge Triggers Margin Liquidation

Zero Hedge: Adding Insult To Injury, South African Gold Mining Union Demands Up To 60% Wage Hikes

Zero Hedge: Crushed By Soaring Energy Costs, Japan Prepares To Reactivate Its Nuclear Power Plants

Money - May 17, 2013

Cold Fusion: Advanced-to-Revolutionary Space Technology Options The Responsibly Imaginable

Cold Fusion: Is this the Tiger?

Cold Fusion: Updates Website (New Hot Cat Info and Pictures)

Cold Fusion: EU to Host Meeting on Fleischmann Pons Effect

Dave Gonigam: Return-Free Risk

Satyajit Das: Currency Wars and Economic Battles

Dan Denning: Stocks Terrorise the Gold Market

Dan Denning: Down the Warped Path of Regular Deficits

Sam Volkering: Multinationals vs. the Nation State

Bill Bonner: Free Money for Some in the Zombie Economy

Bill Bonner: The Federal Reserve Will Panic and Climb Even Higher

Adam J. Crawford: The Resurgence of the Nuclear Reactor

Marin Katusa: Uranium Is About to Take a Moon Shot

Jeff Thomas: Could Cuba’s Past Be Your Future?

The Hottest North American Shale Plays: Josh Young

Two Biotech Ideas You May Have Missed: William Gregozeski

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Why the Stock Market Boom Will Last Until 2015

Michael Snyder: 10 Amazing Charts That Demonstrate The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker

Andrew Moran: Nearly one-quarter of Americans to cut savings, increase debt due to payroll tax hike

Jeff Clark: Three Divergences Worth Watching

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Many Key Markets

Tom Fitzpatrick: Five Incredibly Important Gold & US Dollar Charts

Keith Barron: Premiums Soaring As Massive Run On Gold & Silver Continues

Rick Rule - This Is What I Am Doing With My Own Money Right Now

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Trick to Suppressing Revolution: Keeping Debt/Tax Serfdom Bearable

Addison Wiggin: The Empire’s Next Effort to Extract Your Wealth

Bob Moriarty: The Next Silver Takeout

Hubert Moolman: Silver Price Forecast: Silver and the Dow

Matt Taibbi: Everything Is Rigged, Continued: European Commission Raids Oil Companies in Price-Fixing Probe

Zero Hedge: Multifamily Starts Suffer Biggest Monthly Plunge Since 2006: Is The REO-To-Rent "Recovery" Dead?

Zero Hedge: Gold Demand In One Chart: Physical vs ETF

Zero Hedge: From Petrodollar To Petrogold: The US Is Now Trying To Cut Off Iran's Access To Gold

Zero Hedge: Morgan Stanley: "Most Of The Buying Has Come From Shorts Covered Rather Than Longs Bought"

Zero Hedge: Bill Gross: "We See Bubbles Everywhere"

Zero Hedge: Tragic Trifecta: Initial Claims Soar, Housing Starts Plunge, CPI Below Expectations

Money - May 16, 2013

Cold Fusion: On the Purpose of the Mouse

Cold Fusion: A Correction Makes A Difference in Cat and Mouse Discussion

Cold Fusion: Rossi Shares Details About Robotized Assembly Lines

Dave Gonigam: U.S. Energy: The Untold Story

Dan Denning: Survival of the Most Capital Efficient

Vern Gowdie: How to Preserve ‘Family Wealth’ in a Secular Bear Market

Bill Bonner: Stay Out of the Stock Market, We’re all Doomed!

Dan Steinhart: How to Spot a Market Top

Marin Katusa: Time to Invest in Uranium

Casey Research: Putin’s Power Play – How It Will Change the Uranium Sector

Michael Snyder: An Even Bigger Scandal: Why Are IRS Audits Being Used To Punish Obama’s Political Enemies?

Michael Snyder: An Interview With Barack Obama About The IRS Scandal, AP Phone Records And Benghazi

John Mauldin: Geopolitical Journey: Europe, the Glorious and the Banal

William Kaye: How A Criminal Syndicate Of Banks Is Raping The Gold Market

John Embry: This Catastrophic Situation Is Entering The Terminal Phase

William Kaye: Gold To Soar As West Enters A Frightening Economic Ice Age

John Stepek: The currency wars are heating up – here’s how to profit

Dominic Frisby: What’s next for the silver price?

F.F. Wiley: Fed Policy Risks, Hedge Funds and Brad DeLong’s Whale of a Tale

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Brewing Generational Conflict

Gary Dorsch: How High can the US$ Fly versus Japan’s Yen?

Frank Holmes: Three Reasons to Buy Gold Equities Today

Gold and Bitcoin: Currencies of the Future—James Turk

Controlling the Beginning Stages of Hyperinflation by Manipulating the Precious Metals

Tekoa Da Silva: Don Coxe: Buying Gold May Have Downside Risk, “But The Upside Is Going To Be Enormous”

Tekoa Da Silva: Mining CEO John Smith: “This Is A Time That People Want To Acquire…To Both Buy and Build”

Miguel Perez-Santalla: Gold’s Large Market Size & Liquidity Keep It Less Volatile Than Silver, But Maybe Not For Long

Kip Keen: Junior gold quarterlies: Staying out of crush depth

Zero Hedge: Gold Drops Below $1400

Zero Hedge: The Unintended Consequence Of The Soaring Dollar

Zero Hedge: Will Fed "Taper" Talk Crush Chinese Property Prices?

Zero Hedge: David Stockman: "The American Empire And The End Of Sound Money"

Zero Hedge: France Double-Dips As European Recession Is Now Longest On Record

Money - May 15, 2013

Cold Fusion: A Correction Makes A Difference in Cat and Mouse Discussion

Dave Gonigam: Returning Your Tax Dollars to Your Pocket

Bill Bonner: The K Street Scandal

Addison Wiggin: Grappling With The Federal Reserve Logic

John Mauldin: When Debt Becomes a Problem

Dan Amoss: Corporate Disappointment

Byron King: What High-Tech Cannot Function Without

Greg Guenthner: Soft Earnings, Strong Market

Frank Holmes: Four Important Facts to Remember About Gold

Marin Katusa: The United States Has a Nuclear Problem

Michael Snyder: An Interview With Barack Obama About The IRS Scandal, AP Phone Records And Benghazi

Jeff Clark: Get Ready for More Volatility

John Mauldin: Geopolitical Journey: Europe, the Glorious and the Banal

William Kaye: Global Banks Massive Criminal Conspiracy In The Gold Market

Richard Russell - We Are Witnessing Unprecedented Events

Egon von Greyerz: The Move To Global Hyperinflation Is Now Accelerating

John Stepek: The currency wars are heating up – here’s how to profit

Charles Hugh-Smith: A Brief History of Cycles and Time, Part 2

Stewart Thomson: Gold's Long Term Chart

Tips for Diversifying Beyond Gold from Brent Cook

Daren Oddenino: How to Spot Oil and Gas Takeout Targets

Dilasha Seth and Sutanuka Ghosal: Gold buying becomes frantic in India, strongest since 2008

JS Kim: Indisputable Proof Paper Gold Markets are Massively Manipulated

Yves Smith: Russia’s Plan For The BRICS To Dismantle The Dollar System

Valentin Katasonov: The Central Banks’ Gold: A Story of Silent Expropriation

Lance Roberts: Clues To Watch For The End Of QE "Infinity"

GE Christenson: Silver Lows: A Discernible Pattern

Miguel Perez-Santalla: A Different View of Silver

Charlotte McLeod: Silver Struggles to Stay Above $24 Despite Thriving Physical Demand

Christian DeHaemer: Where Gold Goes from Here

Zero Hedge: David Tepper Blesses The Market And Awaits "Manufacturing Renaissance"

Zero Hedge: Is Lumber The New Baltic Dry?

Zero Hedge: Households Cut Another $110 Billion In Debt Even With $577 Billion In Q1 Mortgages Originated: Most Since 2007

Zero Hedge: The Market Isn't Prepared For This

Money - May 14, 2013

Cold Fusion: Another Patent for Rossi?

Cold Fusion: Activating The E-Cats

Cold Fusion: LENR-Invest and LENR Cities Announce Partnership

Cold Fusion: How Does the E-Cat Pay For Itself?

Dave Gonigam: “Profound Distrust” in Government? Say It Ain’t So!

Dan Denning: What Happens When Everyone in the World has Zero Interest Rates?

Bill Bonner: A Different Reading of Stock Market History

Dan Amoss: Corporate Disappointment

Greg Guenthner: A Phantom Correction

Byron King: A Total Overhaul Of The Global Oil Patch

Rick Rule: This Is Fun

Casey Research: America’s Addiction to Foreign Uranium

Michael Snyder: 10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet

Michael Snyder: Shut Them Down! – Payday Loan Companies Are Making Billions Preying On The Misery Of The Poor

Amber Lee Mason and Brian Hunt: This Little-Known "E-Z Credit" Trade Just Hit a New High

William Kaye: Disappearing Gold Inventories, Financial Collapse & The Fed

Ron Rosen: This Key Chart Tells You All You Need To Know About Gold

Robert Fitzwilson: Continued Fed Interference As We Edge Closer To Disaster

Gangster State America — Paul Craig Roberts

Alexander Gloy: “And the award for the most creative excuse for joining currency wars goes to…… the Bank of Israel!”

Charles Hugh-Smith: A Brief History of Cycles and Time, Part 1

Adrian Ash: Gold only acts as inflation hedge when necessary

Bob Moriarty: Sell in May and Go Away or Buy in May and Go Away?

Jeb Handwerger: Why Buy Platinum, Palladium and Rare Earth Miners

Mark Mead Baillie: Blown Save Puts Gold Into Extra Innings

Why Peter Grandich Is Still Telling His Wife Gold Will Hit $2,000/oz

Steve St. Angelo: THE BIG FALLACY: Silver Trading More Like A Base Met

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: When Will Gold Bull Resume?

CaptainHook: Battlefield Earth

P. Zihlmann: Junior Gold Miners – The Time is Now

Zero Hedge: Chinese Power Consumption Collapses: Economic Growth Slowest Since Early 2009

Zero Hedge: S&P Hits New All-Time High As Credit Plunges

Zero Hedge: Is A Fed 'Taper' Positive For Treasuries?

Zero Hedge: Speculator Gold Gross Shorts At All Time Highs

Zero Hedge: The Race For The Door

Money - May 12, 2013

Cold Fusion: Enter the Tiger

Cold Fusion: Pravda Covers Rossi

Cold Fusion: What’s Happened to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat?

Cold Fusion: A COP of Not Quite Infinity

Cold Fusion: Recent Interview With Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi On The (E-)Cat & Mouse

Shale Gas is not the Saviour you Think – Bill Powers

Shale Bust: North America Natural Gas Production set to Seriously Decline

Dave Gonigam: Imperial Hubris

Nick Hubble: Moonwalking the Monetary Tightrope, Inflation or Deflation

Greg Canavan: Currency War Casualities

Bill Bonner: Buffett to Bernanke: It’s Easier to Buy Stocks Than to Sell

Sam Volkering: How to Go From Zero to a Million Overnight with Crowdfunding

Vern Gowdie: The Higher the Market, the Harder the Fall

Greg Guenthner: Bracing for Another Gold Drop

Doug Casey: Get Your Assets Out of Dodge, Part I

Doug Casey: Get Your Assets Out of Dodge, Part II

Bill Bonner: The Return of The Worldwide Crack Up Boom

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – It Could Get Uglier And Take Longer

Dennis Miller: Leveraging Research to Overcome Risk

S&A Research: How to track huge, hidden changes in your savings account

John Mauldin: Skills, Education, and Employment

Andrew Maguire - Stunning 40+ Tons Of Gold Bought On Price Dip

Michael Pento - Expect Unprecedented Economic Chaos

Andrew Maguire - Perfect Storm In Gold As LBMA & COMEX Collapsing

James Turk - Incredible Chart, Look For $12,000 Gold & $600 Silver

Chris Martenson: The Obama Administration's Natural Gas Policy Is Tragically Misguided

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Further Declines in Gold

Tekoa Da Silva: Upside Volatility In Gold Cometh; With $100-$1,000 Daily Moves Being “Statistically Normal”

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: When Will Gold Bull Resume?

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Hurts But Dow Is Toppy

Precious Metal Royalties: The New Landscape

Placing Bets on Colombia: Paul Harris

Position Yourself for Big Returns in the Stem Cell Space: Jason Kolbert

ubert Moolman: Silver Bull Market Is Following The Structure Of The 70s Bull Market

Silver hangs on to investor appeal, but outlook dims

What are Solar Panels Made From?

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber: "Something Will Break Very Badly"

Zero Hedge: Did "They" Ever Tell You To 'Buy Gold' Or 'Sell Stocks'?

Zero Hedge: "The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is The Lack Of Fear Itself"

Zero Hedge: John Hussman On Profit Margins And Un-"Reasonable Valuations"

Money - May 10, 2013

Cold Fusion: Interview with Andrea Rossi About 1 MW E-Cat Plant Delivery

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Interview

Cold Fusion: Rossi Reveals Details of New Factory, Team and Hot eCat

Cold Fusion: Recent Interview With Andrea Rossi

Dave Gonigam: Tollbooth to a $20 Billion Market

Billions Wasted, Countless Deaths: You Call This Medicine?Chris Wood:

Jeff Thomas: If Cyprus Is the Bellwether, then Canada Is the Red Flag

Patrick Cox: A Miracle Nutraceutical

Greg Guenthner: The Makings of a Golden Snapback Rally

Matt Insley: Gold Buying Goes Vertical

Greg Canavan: Currency War Casualities

Sam Volkering: How to Go From Zero to a Million Overnight with Crowdfunding

Vern GowdieL The Higher the Market, the Harder the Fall

Dave Gonigam: A Number Literally Off the Charts for Gold Imports

Stephen Otto: Dollar devaluation or default: Which will the U.S. government choose?

John Hathaway - The Physical Gold Market Is On Fire Right Now

Rick Rule: Key Trades In The Gold & Silver Markets & What It All Means

Doug Pollitt: The Single Most Important Chart For All Of 2013

Tom Bulford: The dawn of regenerative medicine

Matthew Partridge: Shareholders in gold miners are revolting – it’s time to buy

Lance Roberts: The "Labor Hoarding" Effect

Peter Schiff: The Great Gold Redemption

The Monetary Cycle and Gold

John Townsend: Gold and Silver Bearish Sentiment Is At Extreme Levels

Keith Schaefer Names the Last-Standing Shale Plays

Six Superstars for Your Biotech Portfolio: John McCamant

Hubert Moolman: Silver Bull Market Is Following The Structure Of The 70s Bull Market

Is Mr. Buffett Right about not Holding Gold?

Dennis Miller: Why Are So Many Seniors Still Working?

Jim Sinclair: Ethically And Legally Exit The System While You Still Can

Zero Hedge: Deutsche Bank: "We Fully Understand Why The Authorities Wouldn't Want Free Markets To Operate Today"

Zero Hedge: Wholesales Sales Drop By Most Since March 2009; Relentless Inventory Accumulation Continues

Zero Hedge: Fewer And Fewer Stocks Are Driving This Rally

Zero Hedge: Demand For 30 Year Stronger Than Expected, Leading To Even More Stock Buying

Zero Hedge: Jim Grant On Gold's Recent Drop: "Confidence In Bernanke Is Utterly Misplaced"

Money - May 9, 2013

Cold Fusion: Scientists must Study the Nuclear Weak Force to Better Understand LENR

Cold Fusion: What’s Happened to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat?

Cold Fusion: An Update on Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: What Do They Know at [Updated]

Dave Gonigam: Contradictions and Cross Currents

Bill Bonner: Secret Agents Will Destroy Us All

Greg Guenthner: Dow 15,000: Just for Risk Takers

Chris Mayer: How You Could’ve Made 140%… From “Armchair Farming”

Dave Gonigam: A Gold Number Literally Off the Charts

Jeff Thomas: A Blueprint for Internationalizing Yourself

Patrick Cox: A New Germ-Killing Technology

Chris Martenson: Official Gold Numbers Don’t Add Up

Michael Snyder: Are We On The Verge Of Witnessing The Death Of The Paper Gold Scam?

Stephen Otto: Is retirement for Americans a thing of the past?

Stephen Otto: Taxes: The price we pay for an impoverished society

Toby Connor: Euphoria Phase Turns into the Parabolic Phase

John Mauldin: Is Abenomics Going to Put Japan Back on the Map?

Stephen Leeb: China Moving To Dominate The World With Gold Purchases

Jeffrey Saut: ECB To Stun The World With Surprise QE & Gold’s Next Move

Jeffrey Saut: This Is Stunning, I Haven’t Seen Anything Like This In 43 Years

Dominic Frisby: Platinum is a buy – but what's the best way to invest?

Gergor Macdonald: Marking the 4-Year Reflationary Rally: How Much Better Off Are We Really?

Robert Schoon: Gold: Who's Selling Who's Buying Who's Lying

Gold Mining Companies in British Columbia: Major Producers

The Real Reason Gold Fell—and Why It Has Already Stabilized: Lawrence Roulston

Chris Martenson: Why There May Be a Lot Less Gold than We Realize

Lawrence Williams: Mr Spock would definitely find current gold price levels illogical

Jeremy Hsu: Smart Paper Makes Traceable Money Possible

Jim Sinclair: Emancipation Of Physical Gold From Paper Gold Is At Hand.

The Truth About The Gold Being Drained From GLD

John Carney: A Big Red Panic Button for Stock Exchanges

David Levenstein: Our Current Financial System Is So Toxic, A Collapse Is Imminent

Charlotte McLeod: How to Avoid and Identify Fake Silver Products

Mike Burnick: Sell in May and Go Away? Not So Fast

Briton Ryle: Why Natural Gas Prices Will Head MUCH Higher

John Rubino: One More Drop, Then Silver Back Above $25

Mike Shedlock: Hugely Negative Real Interest Rates Fuel Yet Another Housing Bubble; A Word About "Inflation" and Treasury Yields

Zero Hedge: The US vs China Currency War For Dummies

Zero Hedge: Stanley Druckenmiller: "Bernanke Running The Most Inappropriate Monetary Policy In History"

Zero Hedge: Guess Who Is A Shocking Fan Of Austrian Economics

Zero Hedge: Fed's Fisher To Santelli: "This Can't Go On Forever"

Zero Hedge: This Is What Happens As America Converts Into A Nation Of Renters

Money - May 8, 2013

Cold Fusion: Interview with Andrea Rossi About 1 MW E-Cat Plant Delivery

Cold Fusion: Domestic E-Cats In The Conversation Again

Cold Fusion: Recording of Rossi Smart Scarecrow Interview

Why the Gold Turkeys Will Fly: Bob Moriarty Podcast

Taki Tsaklanos: Gold – You Better Hold It

Dave Gonigam: OPEC: How the Mighty Fell

Chris Mayer: Smoking TNT and Drinking Dynamite, or Business as Usual

Greg Guenthner: Stomping the Negatives at New Highs

Chris Mayer: A Tale Of Two Tomatoes

Addison Wiggin: On Breaking Inequality

Dan Denning: How the Dow is Just Wall Street’s Marketing Tool

Greg Canavan: The Great Game of Interest Rates and Inflation

Greg Canavan: Gold is the Investment for the Individual

Bill Bonner: The US Goes Suicidal: How to Save Money and Lives

Joel Bowman: Argentina Sings the Dollar Blues

Marin Katusa: Porter Stansberry vs. Marin Katusa: I Win, You Lose!

Michael Snyder: The Price Of Copper And 11 Other Recession Indicators That Are Flashing Red

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry: The Jobs Of The Future Don't Require A College Degree

Matt Badiali: A Major Source of Energy Demand Is Set to Hit the Market

James Turk - Extraordinary Delays For Physical Gold & Silver

Dan Norcini: God Help Us All Because This Sure As Hell Will Not End Well

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold & Silver Setting Up For Spectacular & Massive Surges

F.F.Wiley: Debunking the Keynesian Policy Framework: The Myth of the Magic Pendulum

Charles Hugh-Smith: Bernanke's Neofeudal Rentier Economy

Tekoa Da Silva: World Bank Whistle-blower: “Precious Metals To Serve As An Underpinning For Paper Currencies”

Richard Karn: New Mining Technology Could Increase Profits

Bill Powers: Pickens and Stansberry Wrong, Shale Gas Production to Fall

Gary Tanashian: Young FrankenMarket Lives

Graham Summers: Could We Be Heading For Another 2008 Type Collapse

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Further Declines in Gold

Zero Hedge: JOLTS Jolts Jobs Report Cheerleaders, Implies Worst Job Growth Since September 2010

Zero Hedge: FOMO Is The New POMO

Zero Hedge: March Consumer Credit Increase Driven Entirely (And Then Some) By Student And Car Loans

Zero Hedge: Generation J(obless): A Quarter Of The Planet's Youth Is Neither Working Nor Studying

Zero Hedge: Americans Convinced Gun Homicides Soar Despite Actual Plunge In Gun Crimes

Zero Hedge: Visualizing The Collapse Of Fiat Currencies

Zero Hedge: Jeremy Grantham: "We Have Been Conned"

Money - May 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi’s Next Project

Cold Fusion: Gerald Celente on “the biggest element that could change the world in a positive way”

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi to be Interviewed on Smart Scarecrow Show

Cold Fusion: The Boy who Became a Genius

Dave Gonigam: Truer Words Seldom Spoken

Joel Bowman: Argentina Sings the Dollar Blues

Greg Guenthner: How to Beat Your Bias

Patrick Cox: 3-D Bioprinting: Hype vs. Reality

Matt Insley: Warning: Oil Due For A Major Pullback

Jeff Clark: Buy Gold Stocks – When???

Paul Brodsky: Handicapping the Potential Successors to Ben Bernanke

David Galland: Chains of Convention

Michael Snyder: What Would War Between Israel And Syria Do To The Already Fragile Global Economy?

Michael Snyder: 11 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Should Be Abolished

Brian Hunt: The Greatest Bull Market You're Hearing Nothing About

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Gold, Silver, The Fed & Bank Runs

Richard Russell - Big Money, Fed, Gold, God & General Patton

John Embry - This Is How Close We Are To Total Collapse

Robert Fitzwilson: The Global Run On Silver & What It Means Going Forward

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Gold, The Police State & More War

John Waggoner: Deflation, not inflation, could bedevil markets

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Financial Press–A Disinformation Machine

Aladair Macleod: The Case Against Deflation

Michael Noonan: Gold And Silver – Are You A Lion Or A Gazelle? You Had Better Know!

Bob Moriarty: Out of the Ashes

Gold and Silver: Sentiment Reversal is Inevitable

John Browne: Gold Recovers Amidst Uncertainty

Special Report from the SME Conference: How to Find Money in Any Market

Mark Mead Baillie: Gold Poised to Pierce Parabolics and Keep Rising

Zero Hedge: Flat In May, No Dismay

Zero Hedge: On The 3-Week Anniversary Of The Precious Metals Bear Raid

Zero Hedge: This Is The S&P With And Without QE

Zero Hedge: What Is A Gold Standard?

Zero Hedge: Bright Lights, Big City, Bigger Prices - Where Inflation Hides

Zero Hedge: The Story Of Inequality In The US: Past, Present And Future

Money - May 4, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi Shares About The Importance Of LENR In His Life

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Shipping Pictures Posted on the JONP

Cold Fusion: Rumors About E-Cat 3rd Party Report

Cold Fusion: Live Interview with Andrea Rossi Coming May 7; 3 pm Eastern (GMT-5)

A Nation of Part-Timers

Dan Denning: Until the Currency Crisis…

Bill Bonner: The US Federal Reserve: What a Humiliating Failure!

Frank Holmes: A Case for Owning Commodities When No One Else Is

Louis Basenese: The Most Mind-Blowing Technology in the World Today (Part 2)

Bill Bonner: A Currency for the Criminal Element

Greg Guenthner: How to Defeat a Sinking Market

David Galland: Chains of Convention

Kevin Brekke: International Money Flow Is Tightening

Michael Snyder: Where Is The Recovery? A Higher Percentage Of Americans Had Jobs Three Years Ago

Toby Connor: Stretching, Stretching, Stretching

John Mauldin: The QE Sandpile

John Hathaway - I Haven’t Seen This In Gold In 15 Years

Bill Haynes: Largest Wholesaler In U.S. Sold Out Of 100 Ounce Silver Bars

Egon von Greyerz: Swiss Refiners Unable To Keep Up With Massive Gold Demand

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Today’s Jobs Report A Total Farce

Matthew Partridge: Cash in on the second great American oil rush

Lance Roberts: Jeff Gundlach - Why Own Bonds At All

James Dines Follows His Prediction of a Commodity Crash with Another One the Mainstream Media Is Ignoring

Ryan Walker: Tweet Retreat Hasn't Changed Gold's Story

Biotech Watchlist 2013 Update: Exciting Ideas Have Explosive Potential

Dorothy Kosich: Silver price may test $50/oz in 2013—Phillip Klapwijk, Thomson Reuters GFMS

Myra P. Saefong: What bullion dealers are saying about gold demand

Kip Keen: Colorado Resources shares up 600% following copper-gold discovery

Geoff Candy: Gold’s shift from weak to strong hands a good sign

Christian DeHaemer: Stronger than Steel, Thinner than Hair

Zero Hedge: The Economics Of Decline

Zero Hedge: Average Weekly Hours, The Law Of Large Numbers, And An April 618,000 Payroll... Decline?

Zero Hedge: Global Slowdown - 70% Of China's Export Partners Saw Orders Plunge

Zero Hedge: Seth Klarman: "If The Economy Is So Fragile That Government Can't Allow Failure Then We Are Indeed Close To Collapse"

Zero Hedge: Are Stocks Still Cheap?

Money - May 3, 2013

Cold Fusion: Hopes High, Expectations Low

Dave Gonigam: The Metals Mob

Dan Denning: China’s Excess Capacity Problem

Addison Wiggin: May Day, May Day…What Happened?

Bill Bonner: The End of the Road

Matt Insley: A Look At The Energy Of The Future: Natural Gas

Douglas French: Debunking the Myth of “Good Debt”

Greg Guenthner: How to Defeat a Sinking Market

Alex Daley: What Is Tesla Motors Worth?

Michael Snyder: They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low

Stephen Otto: 7 ways the government is killing small business in America

Stephen Otto: 9 new Obamacare tax hikes that will cripple the U.S. economy

Jeff Clark: Three Market Trends to Watch This Month

Louise Yamada - 3 Absolutely Incredible Gold Charts & Commentary

John Hathaway - This Is The Truth About Where The Gold Market Is

Jean-Marie Eveillard: The Man Who Oversees $65 Billion Discusses Action In Gold

Rick Rule - What investors Should Do With Their Money Right Now

Matthew Partridge: How to profit from the death of cash

Charles Hugh-Smith: The Mobile Gold Rush

Roger Baettig: Is this a Dead Cat Bounce for the Gold Miners?

Erik Swarts: Hi Ho Silver

Bob Moriarty: Novo on Sale

Darcy Keith: Junior mining stocks see record insider buying

Tekoa Da Silva: Sentry Investments: We’ve Seen This Before, It’s Quite Common For A Sector To Look Broken At The Bottom

Peter Schiff: The Great Gold Redemption

James McIlree: Three Companies Could Transform Power Production

Al Lewis: Middle class resigned to stagnation

Sumit Roy: Gold’s Dead-Cat Bounce Running Out Of Steam, Plunge To $1,300 Looms

Ole Hansen: Silver bear-flag could signal new low

Zero Hedges: Housing Bubble 2.0 Edition: "25 Markets Where Flipping Homes Is Most Profitable"

Zero Hedges: The Next Escalation: Gold Goes 100% Initial Margin

Zero Hedges: Why The US' Economic "Shirt" Can't Stay Clean For Long?

Zero Hedges: Ron Paul & Jim Rogers: "There's More Chaos To Come"

Money - May 2, 2013

Cold Fusion: Trends Journal taps new energy again

Dave Gonigam: A “Special Atomic Arrangement”

Dan Denning: Why Apple’s Advantage is Gone

Bill Bonner: Encounters at the End of the World

Greg Guenthner: Why Price is King

Dan Steinhart: Bye-Bye, Bernanke… Hello Timmy?

Sheldon Richman: The Seen and the Unseen in Gun Control

Chris Mayer: The Real Reason You Should Care About Japan

Dave Gonigam: Oil… and U.S. Support for Al-Qaida

Dr. Alex Cowie: Why the Commodity ‘Supercycle’ Might Only be Halfway Done

Michael Snyder: 22 Facts That Prove That The Bottom 90 Percent Of America Is Systematically Getting Poorer

Stephen Otto: Why the price of gold won’t collapse

Andrew Moran: Economic collapse continues as Federal Reserve unlikely to end aggressive stimulus

Stephen Otto: How the economic collapse is creating more unemployment for college grads

Matt Badiali: How to Profit on the Strongest Uptrend in Natural Resources

You Are The Hope — Paul Craig Roberts

Stephen Leeb - Investors Should Be Buying Silver Aggressively Here

Richard Russell: This Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen In History

Omid Malekan: What Causes The Growing Wealth Gap In America?

Darcy Keith: Junior mining stocks see record insider buying

Tekoa Da Silva: Sentry Investments: We’ve Seen This Before, It’s Quite Common For A Sector To Look Broken At The Bottom

Gold Silver Worlds: Paper Money Has A Long History But Short Existence

How to Stress Test Gold Equities: Joe Mazumdar

Ryan Vlastelica: Wall Street drops on data, earnings; Facebook up late

Adrian Ash: Chocolate for Cocoa, Or What's Gold Really Worth?

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Gold Stocks to Rebound in May

Jeff Cox: Fed Keeps Interest Rates Low, Continues Bond Buying Program

WealthCycles: Free Market Limited Rothschild Reach

Gary Christenson: The Unofficial Inflation Rate

Zero Hedge: Silver At Just $1.79 Over Spot? There Is One Minor Catch...

Zero Hedge: The Fed's QE Exit Will More Than Quadruple Interest Costs For The US

Zero Hedge: Feedback Loops And The Unsustainability Of China's 'Moderate' Growth

Zero Hedge: Hank Paulson Burned As Another Electric Car Maker Goes Up In Flames

Zero Hedge: And For Its Next Trick, JPMorgan Takes Over The SEC

Zero Hedge: Desperately Seeking $11.2 Trillion In Collateral, Or How "Modern Money" Really Works

Money - May 1, 2013

Cold Fusion: Three Ecat Units on the Way to America

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Monthly -- April 29, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Oil… and U.S. Support for Al-Qaida

Frank Holmes: How a Dangerous Landslide Could Spike the Copper Price

Greg Guenthner: Running the Gauntlet

Byron King: The Great Gold Train Robbery of 2013

Dan Denning: The Kamikaze Rally That Could Drive Stocks Higher

Europe’s Biggest Problem Is Oil, Not Banks

Michael Snyder: Will The New Housing Bubble That Bernanke Is Creating End As Badly As The Last One Did?

Stephen Otto: You can stop the government from stealing your money – Here’s how

Stephen Otto: Gold dealers being shut down in Connecticut?

Toby Connor: Dollar Collapse Has Begun

John Mauldin: Debt, Growth, and the Austerity Debate

Robert Fitzwilson: World Changing Events & The Global Run On Gold And Silver

John Embry - This May Create A Massive Upside Breakout In Gold

Bill Fleckenstein - Massive Shorts May Create Squeeze In Gold

CME President on Gold: “They Don’t Want Certificates, They Want the Real Product”

Charles Hugh-Smith: Bubble Symmetry and Housing

Pater Tenebrarum: How To Make Austerity Work

Axel Merk: Rising Dollar Myth

Neil Macdonald: The illusion of growth

Richard Evans: 'There will be more wealth confiscation, without a doubt'

Stewart Thomson: Gold Fights For $1500

Luisa Moreno: Brace Yourself for Three More Years of Heavy Rare Earth Shortages

Bob Moriarty: US Energy Self-Sufficiency Nothing But 'Feel-Good BS'

Rosie Murray-West: Gold buyers forced to go on waiting list

Dwindling U.S. gold stocks signal surge in physical demand

Axel G. Merk: Rising Dollar Myth

Bill Rice, Jr.: Should we all buy silver on May 1st? Twelve reasons I say, “dang straight!”

Ranting Andy: Physical Silver Counterattack

Bill Rice, Jr.: What I’m saying on Facebook to get new people to consider silver...

Hubert Moolman: Silver’s Bullish Cup Formation

Zero Hedge: US Homeownership Rate Drops To 1995 Levels

Zero Hedge: Symantec Flash-Crash Destroys Over $1.5 Billion In Less Than A Second

Zero Hedge: Welcome Back Recession: Chicago PMI Implodes To 49, First Sub-50 Print Since September 2009

Zero Hedge: This Is What A Stop Hunt Looks Like

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
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