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Money - March 30, 2013

Edge Trader Plus: Gold And Silver – The Stakes Just Got Higher

Cold Fusion: Cold fusion-powered car engineer has history of discovery

Dave Gonigam: Deep in the Oil Kitchen

Steve Hanke: Nothing “Hyper” About US Inflation

Nick Hubble: The Changing Definition of Safe Investments

Shah Gilani: Central Banks: The Ultimate Tool of the Rich and Powerful

Vedran Vuk: The Yield-Seeker's Dilemma

Jeff Clark: The Chess Game of Capital Controls

This Is What It Feels Like To Have Your Life Savings Confiscated By The Global Elite

Andrew Moran: Miami Mayor on Marlins Park: ‘The residents of Miami were raped’ by MLB franchise

John Mauldin: Cyprus Has Finally Killed Myth That EMU Is Benign

Investors Intelligence: What’s Happening With Bulls, Bears & Global Markets

Keith Weiner: Cyprus Forced Into Bailout Deal

Axel Merk: Gold, a Hedge Against Financial Repression?

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Chart Easter Eggs?

Scott Wright: Junior Gold Producers 3

International Gold Analyst Christos Doulis Names Four Miners that Could Make Money at the Margins—and One that Probably Won't

Dennis Miller: The Real Inflation Rate and What to Do About It

Jim Willie: USDollar: Ring-Fenced & Checkmate

Jeff Clark: The Chess Game of Capital Controls

Deepcaster: Major Market Forces’ Trajectories

Michael Kilbach: Buy Silver Now?

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Storing Silver for the Next Generation

Ellen Brown: It Can Happen Here: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

Ahead of the Herd: Silver’s Coming of Age

Ahead of the Herd: Regarding Our Current Commodity Super Cycle

Sean Brodrick: Digging for a Silver Rebound

Geoff Candy: 6 challenges facing the gold sector – Gold Fields

Dorothy Kosich: Quebec government halts uranium exploration and mining

Zero Hedge: US Savings Rate Near Record Low, Per Capita Disposable Income Almost Back To December 2006 Level

Zero Hedge: 3 Types of Contagion And What They Mean For The Global Economy

Zero Hedge: The Knowledge Economy's Two Classes of Workers

Zero Hedge: Big Cypriot Depositors Facing Complete Wipe Out

Zero Hedge: The Chess Game Of Capital Controls

Money - March 29, 2013

Cold Fusion: The People’s E-Cat Plant

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- March 28, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Gold Shortage, Silver Record, Platinum Cartel

Matt Insley: How to Cash in on 2013?s Offshore “Gold Rush”

Dr. Michael West: Innovate or Die, Part I

Chris Mayer: My Platinum Chat With Rick Rule

Sam Volkering: Why a PlayStation and Mining Technology Have More In Common Than You Think

Jeff Clark: Preparing for Inflationary Times

Doug Hornig: How Will You Power that Darn Smartphone?

Michael Snyder: Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Are Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

Toby Connor: Sustainable Trends and Unsustainable Ones

Jeff Clark: Get Out Before the Crowd

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold & Silver Will Now See Major Surges After Cyprus Disaster You May Need to Scroll Down

Jim Sinclair: The Most Dangerous & Potentially Fatal Gamble In History

John Mauldin - Investors Ask What’s Going To Happen To Me? You May Need to Scroll Down

Egon von Greyerz: What We Are Now Seeing Is Unprecedented In World History

Charles Hugh Smith: The Ten Best Employers To Work For

Richard Russell: Payback Time

Eric Coffin: Resource Sector Paradigm Shift: Part I

Three Global Threats that Keep This Stonecap Analyst Up at Night

7 Big Growth Stories in Biotech: Keith Markey

Clif Droke: Will Europe eventually sink stocks and boost gold?

Peter Cooper: Is the correction in gold and silver behind us or still to come? Is Jim Sinclair, Marc Faber or George Soros right?

Geoff Candy: The year the gold bull market died

Lawrence Williams: Post Cyprus gold price defying logic – why?

Brendan Coffey: Hunt Becomes Billionaire on Bakken Oil After Bankruptcy

Christian DeHaemer: Grab This Bottom in Uranium... and Hold on Tight

Briton Ryle: Is It Time to End Deposit Insurance? Deposit Insurance Encourages Bank Misdeeds and Investor Apathy

Christian DeHaemer: Russian Silver - They Want Your Money

Ellen Brown: Think Your Money is Safe? Think Again: The Confiscation Scheme Planned for US and UK Depositors

Money - March 28, 2013

Cold Fusion: Third Party Tests Are Complete – Looks Good

Dave Gonigam: Underemployed and Overindebted

Josh Grasmick: The Most Futuristic 3-D Printer, Based on the Original Factory

Greg Guenthner: Ready for a Spring Correction?

Matt Insley: Get “Paid To Wait” With Newmont Mining

Bill Bonner: Why All Governments Will End Up in Cyprus-like Messes

Jeff Clark: Ignore Banks' Bearish Statements on Gold

Alex Daley: An Investment that Thrives, Even in a Weak Economy

Darcy Keith: Insider buying of gold stocks surges to multi-year highs

Michael Snyder: The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts

John Mauldin: You Can’t Be Serious

Rick Rule: Cyprus & Why Investors Must Be Careful Not To Get Wiped Out

Jim Sinclair - Cyprus & Why MSM Is Being Used To Frighten People

Ramsey Su: Bernanke's Exit Plan

Too big to fail or ignore: How the US went from over 13,000 banks in 1987 to 6,000 today. $7.4 trillion in deposits backed by $32 billion dollars.

Pater Tenebrarum: Nobody Likes the Gold Stocks – Except Insiders

Precious Metals the Antidote to Fiat Currency Threat: International Resource Specialist Peter Krauth

Rick Ackerman: Real Estate Bounce Setting Up a Second Crash

Jim Sinclair: Strong Move To Scare Big Money Out Of “Too Big To Fail” Banks

David Zeiler: Gold Prices Will "Explode" When These Investors Start Buying

Dr. Alex Cowie: Silver ‘$100 Within Two Years’

Gold Silver Worlds: One Simple Secret To Pick Winning Gold & Silver Miners

Kip Keen: Goldquest finds extensive high-grade copper-gold target next to Romero

Zero Hedge: Russia And South Africa To Create OPEC ‘Platinum Cartel’

Zero Hedge: The Tailwinds Pushing The U.S. Dollar Higher

Zero Hedge: A Sane Person Ought To Consider These Important Lessons

Zero Hedge: That Physical Gold You Thought You Owned? You Didn't

Zero Hedge: Marc Faber: "I Am Sure Governments Will One Day Take Away 20-30% Of My Wealth"

Money - March 27, 2013

Cold Fusion: Thoughts on the Pending Report

Cold Fusion: Anticipation Mounts Concerning The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Android Controlled Spark Plug Driver: Universal LENR Reactor

Dave Gonigam: The System Goes Blank

Frank Holmes: In Gold, Not Cyprus, We Trust

Josh Grasmick: Twin Titans of the New Industrial Revolution

Greg Guenthner: Where’s the Fear?

Matt Insley: A Nine Month Forecast For Gold

Marin Katusa: The New Frontier of Energy – The Old World

Jeff Clark: Whom to Believe on Gold: Central Banks or Bloomberg?

Richard Russell - Cyprus, Gold, & The World’s Money Masters

Kevin Wides: Cyprus, Money Velocity & A Potential Inflationary Holocaust

Nigel Farage: Cyprus Debacle Has Turned Into A Disaster For The West

Bill Fleckenstein - Cyprus A Massive Train Wreck & Huge Catalyst

Matthew Partridge: Why 2013 will be a good year for the US dollar

Tekoa Da Silva: Major Indian Gold Dealer: Indians Are Now Targeting 25% Portfolio Allocation To Gold

Liberty Gold and Silver: It's Head for "the Matresses" Time for Savers

Stewart Thomson: Gold Stock Insiders & Patience

Alan Micik: The Genie & Gold

Don Mosher: Strangulation by Regulation—Is the Venture Exchange on Its Deathbed?

Four Billion Reasons REEs and Graphite Will Make You Money: Chris Berry

The Smart Money Buys When There's Blood in the Streets: Jeb Handwerger

Dennis Miller: What Does 8% Inflation Really Mean?

Agnieszka Flak and Marina Lopes: China, Brazil sign trade, currency deal ahead of BRICS summit

Eric Sprott’s silver lining to banking crises

Deviant Investor: 10 Lessons Cyprus Is Teaching The World About Money & Gold – Part Two

Kip Keen: And then a third of lithium supply went private

Trefis Team: Silver Wheaton's Production Bodes Well For Stock Price

Zero Hedge: Income Growth For Bottom 90% In America Since 1966 Is... $59!

Zero Hedge: For High Yield Bonds, Is "Frothy" The New "Irrational Exuberance"

Zero Hedge: Santelli Stunned: It's Better To Be On Disability Than Work Minimum Wage

Money - March 26, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi Reports Tests Concluded, Results Positive

Cold Fusion: Rossi on the Third Party Tests

Cold Fusion: Low Energy Transmutation of Carbon in a Microwave Oven?

Cold Fusion: Anticipation Mounts Concerning The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Claims Third Party Tests Completed

Cold Fusion: Researcher Biberian Has Limited Answers About Cold Fusion

Addison Wiggin: The Counterfeit Camo Caper

Toby Connor: The Dollar and the Real Inflation Story

Patrick Cox: What Can’t Go On, Won’t

Byron King: Israel’s Iron Dome, and the Ongoing Energy Revolution

Josh Grasmick: The Future of Manufacturing

Greg Guenthner: Cyprus and the Manic Media Bailout

Matt Insley: This Big Bet On The Eagle Ford Is Paying Off Now

Bill Bonner: Capital Controls Are Coming to America

Greg Guenthner: Chart Wars: AAPL vs. BBRY

Louis James: Cypriot Banking Crisis – A Turning Point for Your Portfolio?

David Baker: Silver's Investment Demand Conundrum

Michael Snyder: Words Of Warning: Get Your Money Out Of European Banks

Andrew Moran: Cyprus secures international bailout to avoid potential economic collapse

Brian Hunt: Gold Stocks Start to Rally... A Trading Idea for Apple...

Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Banks Move To Enslave Humanity

Jim Sinclair: Historic Events Are Unfolding Right Now

Nigel Farage - Major European Bank Runs Now Taking Place

John Embry: Cyprus, Massive Global Debt, Derivatives & The End Game

Jim Sinclair: Cyprus, Gold, Russia & A New Monetary System

Robert Fitzwilson: As The Wealthy Panic We Will See Tsunamis In All Key Markets

Sinclair, Farage, Roberts - Cyprus May Dwarf 2008 Collapse

Adam Taggart: Say Goodbye to the Purchasing Power of the Dollar

Gold And Silver – Do Not Buy At Your Own Peril

The bailout of the wealthy: stock market sham, income inequality, and crushed consumer sentiment. Peak debt, peak Dow, peak inequality

Don Mosher: Strangulation by Regulation—Is the Venture Exchange on Its Deathbed?

Focus On Gold's Value Rather Than Solely Its Price

Theodore Butler: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Charles Hugh Smith: Why the Government Is Desperately Trying to Inflate a New Housing Bubble

Zero Hedge: A Deposit In A Bank Is Not A Riskless Form Of Saving

Money - March 23, 2013

Cold Fusion: Aneutronic Fusion Spacecraft Architecture – LENR Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Third Party Testing To End

Dave Gonigam: Bring the Gold Home: Texas Edition

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Call it a Bubble…

Chris Mayer: The Unexpected Winner Of The U.S. War In Iraq: Turkey

Nick Hubble: The Global Property Obsession Continues

Dan Denning: Iron, China and African Gold

John Mauldin: Is there an Infinite Amount of Money Available to Fund US Debt?

John Mauldin: Is The Government Lying To Us About Inflation? Yes!

Bill Bonner: Gold: The Worst Investment of 2013?

Jonas Elmerraji: An Introduction to Options

Severine Kirchner, PhD: Cells Gone Wild!

David Galland: The Downside of Information

Stephen Otto: Should the United States default on the national debt?

Frank Curzio: This "Made in America" Fuel Is Finally Going Mainstream

Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Threats, Cyprus & Massive Crisis

Egon von Greyerz: “The Reality Is The Financial System Could Fail At Any Time”

Gerald Celente: The Financial System Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes

Chris Martenson: Investors Beware: Market Risks Today Are Higher than Ever

Morris Hubbartt: Ominous Stock Market Technicals

Adam Hamilton: Gold-Stock Spring Rally

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Next US$ Peak is Catalyst for Precious Metals & Hard Assets

Five Mining Companies that Meet Jamie Mackie's Success Criteria

Julian D. W. Phillips: Has the Gold Price Turned the Corner?

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Prices Before The Monetary Collapse

GSW: The Government Debt Situation Japan: A Catastrophe Waiting To Happen

David Baker: Silver's Investment Demand Conundrum

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Confiscation, Manipulation and the Wars Against Everyman

Dorothy Kosich: Silver Wheaton 2012 results shatter records

Zero Hedge: The Harder They Come, The Harder They'll Fall...

Zero Hedge: JPMorgan On The Inevitability Of Europe-Wide Capital Controls

Zero Hedge: The End Of The Central Bank Put: From Mugabenomics To MadMaxnomics

Zero Hedge: Paying With A Hundred Dollar Bill? Prepare To Fill Out A Form

Money - March 22, 2013

Cold Fusion: New Obama Energy Policy and Energy Secretary no help for Cold Fusion

Dave Gonigam: The Russia-China Gold Axis

Greg Guenthner: You’re Doing it Wrong

A Bold Prediction For Gold (Byron King’s Conference Call Transcribed, Part II)

Jeffrey Tucker: Blame The Federal Reserve, not the Human Heart

Bill Bonner: War Criminals Still at Large

Byron King: Getting Rich from Military Technology, Part II

Adam J. Crawford: Profiting from the Hype Cycle

Marin Katusa: Fortune Favors the Bold Energy Investor

Jeff Cox: Fed Keeps Easing, Not Worried About Stock Bubble

Retirement crisis: Impoverished seniors on horizo

Michael Snyder: Mass Panic In Cyprus: The Banks Are Collapsing And ATMs Are Running Out Of Money

Jeff Clark: A Bad Breakdown for Copper

James Turk: Cyprus Crisis Escalates - Banks May Remain Closed For Weeks

Rick Rule: Is The United States The Next Cyprus?

Jim Sinclair: Lagarde’s IMF Disaster Forces Bernanke Out Of Fed

Solving the R&D Investment Dilemma with Project Funding: Mark Kessel

Dennis Miller: Enough Money to Not Worry

Gordon Gekko: Its Time to Collapse the System

Gold Silver Worlds: 10 Lessons Cyprus Is Teaching The World About Money & Gold

Stephen Dinan: Shutdown averted: Congress passes 2013 spending bill

Zero Hedge: Silver Slams Higher As Bitcoin Hysteria Shifts To Non-Electronic Money

Zero Hedge: The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers

Zero Hedge: Where Does The "Wealth Effect" Go?

Zero Hedge: Whose Insured Deposits Will Be Plundered Next?

Zero Hedge: The Fed Has Already Imposed A "Cyprus Tax" On U.S. Savers

Zero Hedge: Global Slowdown Accelerates Driven By Confidence / New Orders Plunge

Money - March 21, 2013

Rod Van Mechelen: Inflation and Your Paycheck

Cold Fusion: The Future of Desalination: Graphene and LENR?

Cold Fusion: A Mobile Platform for the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: California’s “Dangerous Precedent”

Jeffrey Tucker: Amazing Gizmos but Depleted Capital

Greg Guenthner: Buying Stocks Sucks

Byron King: The End Of An Era, Look To Gold (Byron King’s Conference Call Transcribed, Part I)

Byron King: Getting Rich from Military Technology, Part I

Jonas Elmerraji: Never Make These 4 Trade Execution Mistakes Again

Louis James: A Conversation Around the Casey Virtual Water Cooler

Marin Katusa: Hugo Chávez Is Gone, but His Oil Legacy Lives On

Michael Snyder: Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers

Andrew Moran: Dollar collapse may be imminent as states look to use gold, silver as currency

Matt Badiali: There's a Fire Sale Right Now for Valuable Gold Reserves

John Mauldin: Will the Real Unemployed Please Raise Your Hands?

Michael Pento: Expect Stunning Global Expansion Of Government Theft

Richard Russell - Stocks, Fed & Gold Shorts To Get Squeezed

Stephen Leeb: Investors Shocked & Frightened In Aftermath Of Cyprus Scare

Dominic Frisby: I’m betting that gold will hit £1,600 an ounce by the end of next year

Eric Sprott & Shree Kargutkar: Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left??? Part II

Thomas Paterson: Why gold is the best asset for reserve diversification amongst central banks

Mexico's Guerrero Gold Belt, Home of Low-Cost Gold Production and Analyst Merrill McHenry's Favorite Miners

Tekoa Da Silva: 200 Years Of The Dow/Gold Ratio Suggest Staggering Moves Dead Ahead

Shivom Seth: Silver follows gold down in India

Dorothy Kosich: Arizona could soon approve gold, silver as legal tender

Byron King: The Silver Shortage Of 2013

Zero Hedge: The Fed's Revised Economic Projections

Zero Hedge: How I Became A Trillionaire (And Some Thoughts On Inflation)

Money - March 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Lack of Funding No Problem

Dave Gonigam: The Cyprus Gold Play

Nick Hubble: The Mining Shuffle

Douglas French: In the Mood for Cash

Bill Bonner: You Think Cyprus is Bad? Try Argentina

Bill Bonner: Family Wealth: A Lesson For Investors From the Old Money Rich

Shah Gilani: Why Global Banks are the Thieves, Cheats, and Liars of Cyprus

Bill Bonner: A Lesson From Our Grandfather

Matt Insley: Just When You Thought Central Banks Couldn’t Get Any Dumber…

Byron King: A Proven Way To Get Rich

Patrick Cox: D-Wave’s Quantum Tech Set to Disrupt Computing

Chris Mayer: Secretive Family, Solid Investment

Greg Guenthner: It’s Time to Sell Copper

Marin Katusa: Is Cyprus a New Energy Battleground?

Michael Snyder: Will The Banking Meltdown In Cyprus Be A “Lehman Brothers Moment” For All Of Europe?

Jeff Clark: A Couple Reasons to Be Cautious on Stocks Right Now

Jim Sinclair - Cyprus Disaster Is Much Bigger Than Being Reported

Jim Sinclair - The Next Danger After Putin Crushed IMF In Cyprus

Nigel Farage - Cyprus Rejection Sets Up A Crash In Markets

John Embry: Cyprus Catastrophe Has People Scared To Death

Stephanie Flanders: Cyprus MPs reject EU-IMF bailout tax on bank depositors

Stewart Thomson: Gold & The Retail Investor

Jeb Handwerger: Investors Seeking Gold And Silver On Banking Instability

20 Million—Why Is this Number Critical for Copper?

Chris Berry: Energy-Metals Juniors with Derisked Projects Are Takeout Bait

John Browne: Spending Patterns Paint Half Truth

Adrian Ash: Cyprus & the Biggest Myth of Banking Today

Steve Matthews & Aki Ito: Bernanke Tightens Hold on Fed Message Against Hawks

Video: Paul Tustain Says Gold Still Hitting Highs In Other Currencies, Foreign Gold Investors Are More Savvy

Lawrence Williams: Sprott on banks, gold and silver – mania, manipulation and meltdown

Charles Hugh-Smith: What's Supposed to Happen, and What Might Happen: 3 Baseline Scenarios

Zero Hedge: If Deposit Confiscation Happened In The US, It Wouldn't Impact 57% Of Americans

Zero Hedge: Sprott: Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left? Part II

Money - March 19, 2013

Cold Fusion: Electron capture by a proton – Where would the energy come from?

Cold Fusion: Details of Important Cold Fusion Conference Available

Cold Fusion: Important E-Cat News Coming

Cold Fusion: Hunt Utilities Group – Current Progress and History

Dave Gonigam: Stockholm Syndrome

Bill Bonner: A Lesson From Our Grandfather

Greg Guenthner: The 3-D Printing Revolution is Here

Byron King: Fill It up With… Deathanol!

Patrick Cox: D-Wave’s Quantum Tech Set to Disrupt Computing

Douglas French: I’m in the Mood for Cash

Greg Guenthner: Cyprus and Your Bear Market Brain

Alena Mikhan and Jeff Clark: Gold ETF Outflows Paint Only Half the Picture

Michael Snyder: The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery Shows That No Bank Account, No Retirement Fund And No Stock Portfolio Is Safe

Michael Snyder: After The Banksters Steal Money From Bank Accounts In Cyprus They Will Start Doing It EVERYWHERE

Andrew Moran: Cyprus debates imposing bank deposit tax to bailout banks

James Turk - Money Is No Longer Safe In Banks After Cyprus Theft

Jim Sinclair - All Hell Is Breaking Loose After Cyprus Catastrophe

John Stepek: Government theft in Cyprus – what it means for your money

GSW: Wakeup Call From Cyprus To The Rest Of The World

Bob Moriarty: When 2+2=5

Mark Mead Baillie: Intimations of Inflation…

Dynamic Funds Manager Rob Cohen Imagines a Gold-Centric World

Max Keiser: The debt bomb just got bigger

I.M. Vronsky: The Best Kept Secret In The Financial World

Binyamin Appelbaum: To Reassure Investors, Fed Stresses It Will Not End Stimulus

Sumit Roy: CPI Reaches Fed’s Target, Gold Bulls Predict Spike In Inflation

Julie Gordon & Allison Martell: Canada’s aboriginal movement poses new threat to mining

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Possession Versus Silver Trust – A Safe Alternative to Direct

Sean Brodrick: A Developing Opportunity in Gold

Zero Hedge: Mainland China's First Default Raises Specter Of China's Credit Bubble Collapse

Zero Hedge: Is The "Buy to Rent" Party Over?

Zero Hedge: Meanwhile, China Has A "Small" Inflation Problem

Money - March 16, 2013

Cold Fusion: A Big Idea for Minnesota Energy Research! A Better Comet: Post Bulletin Beats New York Times

Cold Fusion: Rossi: E-Cat Ran 8,000 Hours out of Possible 8,760 With COP 6

Cold Fusion: Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Prepares for New Test With New Calorimeter

Cold Fusion: Will We Know When The 3rd Party Tests Are Published?

Addison Wiggin: The Ides of March

Nick Hubble: Learn How to Play the Rules Game to Cancel Your Mortgage

Greg Canavan: A Weak Signal for the Iron Ore Market

Greg Canavan: Stock Market Lesson 5082

Dan Denning: Seven Situations to Watch in the Pacific Currency War

Frank Holmes: Ride Over Bump in Gas Prices with These Investment Themes

Jonas Elmerraji: 3 Tricks to Stick to Your Stops

Greg Guenthner: The Next Computing Revolution is Here

Barry Ritholtz: Is the Secular Bear Market Coming to an End?

Eric Fry: Record Highs Despite Epic Lows

Tyler Watts: How Three Neighbors Got Gas

Vedran Vuk: Fraud in the Financial Markets: Are You Vulnerable?

Neil Barofsky: An Unlikely Hero Takes a Stand Against Big Banks

Marc Faber: China’s Shadow Banking System Is a House of Cards

CPM Group: Turkey's Rules On Gold Deposits Could Mean 'Rehabilitation' Of Metal As Monetary Asset

Bloomberg: Even teenagers are making over $75,000 a year in these U.S. cities

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: How the Fed Controls the Stock Market

Andrew Moran: 11 scenarios of how an economic collapse in America could play out

Stephen Otto: The real U.S. national debt is $222 trillion, not $17 trillion

John Mauldin: Would the Real Peter and Paul Please Stand Up?

Dan Norcini: Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

Jim Sinclair - One Of The Most Important Events In History & Gold

Eric Sprott - Jim Sinclair, $11,000 Gold & Skyrocketing Silver

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - US Financial System To Collapse

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Former US Treasury Official - Fed Desperate To Avoid Collapse

Eric Sprott - The Current Financial System Will End In Ruin

Bill_Fleckenstein: Is gold ready to turn?

Eric Lemieux: There Will Be Winners in Quebec

Zero Hedge: Is Greenspan Sealing the Market’s Fate?

Zero Hedge: Howard Marks: "It Isn't Just A Windfall, It's A Warning Sign"

Money - March 15, 2013

Cold Fusion: Tiny Nuclear Reactions Inside Compact Fluorescent Bulbs?

Cold Fusion: Rossi on the Military Plant

Addison Wiggin: The Ass, the Elephant… and the People’s Money

Greg Canavan: Why Copper Doesn’t Like the S&P500

Greg Canavan: China’s Inflation: On High Alert

Bill Bonner: The Young Are Going to Get Screwed by Debt: Part Two

Byron King: Your “Cheat-Sheet” For Coming Oil Prices

Allen Sykora: Proposed Van Eck Gold, Silver ETFs Would Allow Redemptions Of Metal

Chris Wood: Health Care Goes Mobile and Gets Personal

Joel Bowman: Markets Not Meddlers

Porter Stansberry: Why We're Closer to the "End of America" Than Ever Before

Michael Snyder: 17 Signs That A Full-Blown Economic Depression Is Raging In Southern Europe – Is The U.S. Next?

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold To Surge Over $460 & Smash Through Key $2,000 Level

Egon von Greyerz: One Of Legendary Jim Sinclair’s Boldest Predictions Ever

Ron Rosen: Key Chart As Gold, Silver & HUI To Have Massive Advances

Deviant Investor: It’s Going To End Badly

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Gold Still Appears To Be the Ultimate Currency

Platinum: A 21st Century Mining Story

Edward Guinness and Ian Mortimer: Timing a Roaring Return in Alternative Energy Stocks

The Stem Cell Revolution Can Jump-Start Your Portfolio: Jason Kolbert

Clif Droke: Have cycles been killed by Bernanke?

Gary Tanashian: A Contrarian Stroll Through Recent History

Rick Ackerman: Broadband Deals Fail the Sniff Test

Martin Mittelstaedt: U.S. investment-manager guru says silver a good bet

Physical Silver – Record Industrial & Investment Demand

Dorothy Kosich: U.S. regulators investigating transparency of gold, silver price setting

The Silver Institute: Industrial Uses Forecast to Boost Demand for Silver

Fed Won't Stop Printing Money Until 2014: Roubini Analyst

Ranting Andy: Bottom Is In

Christian DeHaemer: Silver Stocks on the Buy Screen

Christian DeHaemer: Big Silver Goes Hunting

Zero Hedge: Landlord Blackstone Rushes To Capitalize On Housing Bubble By Launching First Ever REO-To-Rent Securitization

Zero Hedge: On The Progressing Extinction Of The US Middle Class

Zero Hedge: Is The U.S. Oil Boom About To Bust?

Money - March 14, 2013

Cold Fusion: Energy Miracles Wanted

Cold Fusion: The Purpose of the New E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Cooling of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Work Continues on the Hot Cat

Cold Fusion: Assembly of a simple reactor to run LENR Experiments

Energy: Introduction to the Free Energy Revolution

Dave Gonigam: If You Thought the 1040 Was Bad…

Greg Canavan: A Crazy Warning Sign for BHP and CBA Shareholders

Greg Canavan: Investment Opportunities in a World of Debt and Struggle

Bill Bonner: The Young Are Going to Get Screwed by Debt: Part One

Chris Mayer: How To Play Turkey’s Shale Boom

Greg Guenthner: What’s Your Dow 14,400 Strategy?

Murray Dawes: Stock Market Warning: Next Week Could be a Blood Bath

Frank Holmes: A New Chapter for Turkey?

Greg Guenthner: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Casey Research: How Rockefeller Parlayed Pipelines into Billions

Doug Casey: If I Were President

Porter Stansberry: The One Thing I Got Wrong About the "End of America"

Michael Snyder: Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt: 10 Hilarious Examples Of How Clueless Our Leaders Are About The Economy

John Mauldin: Argentina on Sale

Rob Arnott - We Are Now In A Very Dangerous Environment

Investors Intelligence Newsletter: Latest Sentiment Readings Wave Major Caution Flag

Rick Rule: One Of The Greatest Opportunities In History For Investors

Michael Pento: Fed’s Bubbles to Slaughter Middle Class

Gold Silver Worlds: Gold Price “Weakness” Explained By The Ongoing Currency War

JT Long: Will We See a Silver Breakout in 2013?

Graham Summers: Ignoring These Two Warnings Could Cut Your Portfolio By a Third

Debarati Roy: Central Banks Seen Buying More Gold, Yen, Renminbi to Diversify

Emily Flitter and Stella Dawson and Mark Hosenball: U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

Simon Goodley: Could gold be the next Libor scandal?

Alice Young: Silver Price Seen Outperforming Gold in 2013

Zero Hedge: Major US CEOs' Outlook On Rising Jobs, CapEx Worst Since Early 2010

Zero Hedge: QBAMCO On The Fed's Exit

Zero Hedge: 1936 Redux - It's Really Never Different This Time

Zero Hedge: Obama's Next 'Sweet' Bailout

Money - March 13, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Eye of the Energy Storm

Bill Bonner: Hugo Chavez, RIP

Satyajit Das: European End Games

Nick Hubble: ‘I fought the banks and got 75% of my mortgage cancelled’

Byron King: Investment-Grade Findings, From Toronto

Greg Guenthner: Closing the Gold Gap

Marin Katusa: Hugo Chavez' Last Laugh: OIL

Stephen Otto: Oldest Swiss bank forced to shut down because of prosecution by U.S. government

Richard Russell - Gold Action, Market Melt-Up & When To Exit

Paul Brodsky: Gold, Destructive Hyperinflation & The Final End Game

Keith Barron: “Major Catalyst” About To Send Gold & Silver Prices Surging

Dollar-Crash Proofing a Portfolio: Interview with Axel Merk

Stewart Thomson: Metals Stocks: Rally Time?

Steve Saville: Fantasyland for policy-makers

David Zeiler: How We Could Get A Bond Market Crash

JT Long: Recycling, Not Mining, Is the Future for Securing Immediate Platinum Group Metal Supply

Chris Powell: Fed's exit can be only debt and currency devaluation via gold

CaptainHook: Long-Term Supports In Sight

Gordon T. Long: An Orwellian America

Gary Gibson: The Economic Zombie Apocalypse

Ben Traynor: Gold Breaches $1590 after Weidmann Says "Eurozone Crisis Not Over", Chinese Physical Demand "Supporting Gold Right Now"

Sumit Roy: Gold Bulls Defend $1,560, But Trend Favors Bears Until Prices Top $1,650

Jim Sinclair: The Rule Of Thirds For Good Gold Shares

Stock picking skills vital in the new gold space - Berlenbach

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver prices when the traffic lights are blue today

GE Christenson: Silver – Keep It Simple!

Adam Taggart: Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can't Afford the Future

Michelle Smith: Can Silver Outperform Gold in 2013?

Zero Hedge: Bitcoin 'Glitch' Sparks 23% Flash Crash

Zero Hedge: Boeing Declares War on Privacy in Washington State

Zero Hedge: David Stockman On "The Great Deformation" And The US Treasury As "The M&A Department Of Goldman Sachs"

Money - March 12, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Behind Gold’s Next Rebound

Addison Wiggin: “Sorry, No Gold Today… We Sent It to China”

Greg Guenthner: Planning Your “New Highs” Trading Strategy

Ralph Benko: How to Go Gold

Greg Guenthner: Forget the Predictions…

Louis James: Why contrarians should be excited about the current precious metals downturn

Roben Farzad: Yes, the Financial System Is Rigged. Why Shouldn't You Profit From That Knowledge?

Michael Snyder: Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make

Michael Snyder: The Chart That Proves That The Mainstream Media Is Lying To You About Unemployment

John Mauldin: An Investor’s Guide to X-treme Monetary and Fiscal Conditions

John Embry - I Believe Global Silver Stockpiles Are Now Exhausted

Jim Sinclair - Shorts Are About To Get Mauled In The Gold Market

Nathan Lewis: Get Your Popcorn Ready for the Coming Keynesian Self-Destruction

David Zeiler: How We Could Get A Bond Market Crash

Kevin Michael Grace: A Coin In The Hand

Adam Taggart: Alasdair Macleod: Europe is in Worse Shape Than Everyone Thinks

Gold And Silver – Increased Odds For Rally. The Clock Is Ticking.

Eight Companies Swiss Money Manager Joachim Berlenbach Gives High Grades

Chris Powell: Will the gold and silver mining industry ever stand up for itself?

Rick Ackerman: It’s No Time to Blow Out Your Gold Stocks!

Ryan Jordan: Silver’s Industrial Demand: The Best Is Yet to Come

Eric De Groot: End of Bearish Operation In Gold Approaching

Staring Armageddon In The Face But Hiding It With Official Lies –Paul Craig Roberts

Denise Roland: Pound drops to new two-and-a-half year low

Michael Pollaro: Monetary Watch, Euro True Money Supply Trends Suggest Another Deflationary Scare?

Theodore Butler: A Moment of Clarity

GE Christenson: Silver – Keep It Simple!

Zero Hedge: Spot China's "Hot Money" Time-Bomb

Zero Hedge: The Erosion Of The U.S. Economy In Two Words: Jobs And Wages

Zero Hedge: Gold And Silver Traders Reduce Long Positions Again

Money - March 10, 2013

Cold Fusion: Swedish Government Reveals Cold Fusion Research

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi on Tom and Doug Show: “It is a very important moment”

Torkel Nyberg: Why Are the Big Financial Institutions Selling Oil BIG?

Cold Fusion: Ongoing E-Cat Tests For The Determination Of COP

Addison Wiggin: D.C. Shake (-Down)

Dan Denning: The Real Wealth of Civilization

Dan Denning: Ben Bernanke’s Pseudo Logic

Greg Guenthner: The Truth Behind the Dow’s All-Time Highs

Addison Wiggin: The “Zero Hour” Scenario

Matt Insley: If Buffett Were Canadian, He’d Want This Stock (Canadian National)

Jonas Elmerraji: A Better Way to Gauge Market Volatility

Jeff Clark: The Very Best Advice to Ignore

Bill Bonner: How Money Buys Freedom

Greg Guenthner: A “Cautious Bull” in Action

Bud Conrad: The Coming Crash in the Bond Market

Vedran Vuk: How to Live on a Single Paycheck

Dr. David Eifrig: Here's What Poor People Don't Know About Gold

Michael Snyder: Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First

Andrew Moran: 20 consequences of Hugo Chavez’s economic policies that led to poverty

Louise Yamada - 4 Spectacular Gold & Silver Charts

Robert Fitzwilson: The Case For Gold, Silver & Energy Has Never Been Stronger

Michael Pento: Gold & Silver Keys To Currency Depreciation & Economic Chaos

Jim Sinclair - Gold War Rages As Bulls & Bears Continue To Battle

James Turk: I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This In My 45-Year Career

Jim Sinclair - Expect $1,000 Days In Gold As West Battles East

Don Coxe: “Central Banks Are Busy At Work Creating The Next Big Bull Market In Gold”

Josh Brown: That Dow record is nice, but $3,000 gold is nicer: Rosenberg

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Gold Holding Support Despite Extreme Negative Sentiment

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Double Bottom & Dow Warning

Repositioning into Royalties for Richer Returns: Kwong-Mun Achong Low

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Prices When the Traffic Lights are Blue Today

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Deflation and Silver Price Mechanics

Zero Hedge: Sequestration And The Death Of Mainstream Journalism

Zero Hedge: We're Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence

Money - March 8, 2013

Addison Wiggin: Read This Issue at Your Own Risk

Addison Wiggin: “Battlefield America”

Dan Denning: The Real Wealth of Civilization

Dan Denning: The Australian Shale Rush Begins

Dan Denning: China’s Logical Reaction to the Global Currency War

Dan Denning: Ben Bernanke’s Pseudo Logic

Bill Bonner: China: The Biggest Bubble Ever?

Dan Amoss: Rogue Investors And Opportunity With Hess

Greg Guenthner: A 100% Gains Guarantee?

Greg Guenthner: The Dow Disconnect: How to Analyze Market Moods

Byron King: A Shortage in Our Favorite Tech Metal

Greg Guenthner: An Alternative Precious Metals Play

Cold Fusion: Updates On E-Cat Manufacturing

Cold Fusion: L.E.N.R. Experiments from Ugo Abundo

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- March 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi Organizes Quality Control System For E-cat

Jeff Clark: Hi Ho Silver: Making the Case for This Precious Metal

Alex Daley: The Dark Side of the Web

Marin Katusa: Pipeline Push is On

Louis James: Why Bond Market Bulls Are About to Get Crushed

Michael Snyder: Should You Move To Another Country To Escape The Collapse Of America? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself First

Michael Snyder: Corporatism: A System Of Control Designed By The Monopoly Men Of The Global Elite

Andrew Moran: Middle class disappearing from economic collapse, higher prices, stagnating wages

Tom Fitzpatrick: Silver & Gold To Spike As Oil To Surge A Stunning 63% - 82%

Rick Rule: Biggest Wealth On Planet Now Entering Gold & Silver Markets

Stephen Leeb: China Preparing To Impose Bretton Woods II Gold Standard

Richard Russell - I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This In History

Jim Sinclair - Paper Markets To Disappear As Gold War Rages

John Embry - Massive Silver Short Positions To Force COMEX Default

Leonard Melman: Are You Prepared for Hyperinflation?

Five Oil and Gas Companies Analyst Joel Musante Digs

Zero Hedge: Unpopped Housing Bubbles Abound

Zero Hedge: Federal Government Injects Near Record Amount In Student Loans In January As Consumer Credit Rise

Zero Hedge: "The Entire West Is In The Yo-Year Years"

Zero Hedge: The Economic Un-Recovery: A Novel Perspective

Money - March 6, 2013

Addison Wiggin: It Took HOW Long?!

Dan Denning: What the Shale Gas Revolution Could do to LNG Prices

Bill Bonner: The Dead Philosopher Society

Eric J. Fry: The Sequester: True or Not True?

Matt Insley: A Profitable “Option” On Canada’s Shale Boom!

Adrian Ash: Gold and the Direction of Travel

Julian D. W. Phillips: Where To Go as Swiss are Shutting Out U.S. Taxpayers

Greg Guenthner: China’s Housing Trouble Heats Up

Marin Katusa: Keystone XL: The Likely Outcome

Michael Snyder: The Dow Hits An All-Time High! Translation: A Bubble Is Always Biggest Right Before It Bursts

Stephen Otto: DHS purchases 2700 armored vehicles: is the government preparing for an economic collapse?

Andrew Moran: Student loan bubble collapsing as delinquency rate reaches 11.7%

Toby Connor: Dollar Top, Commodities Bottom Approaching

Jeff Clark: The Most Valuable Trading Resource I Have

John Mauldin: An Infinite Amount of Money

Approximity: The Roadmap To $4,866 Gold Within 2 Years

KWN: Gold Liquidation Now Resembles Panic & Collapse Of 2008

Ron Rosen: Look At This & You Will See We Are Very Close To A Bottom

Bob Moriarty: High Grade Argentina Silver

Matt Taibbi: Fallout from 'Untouchables' Documentary: Another Wall Street Whistleblower Gets Reamed

Michael Pollaro: Chairman Bernanke, Price Inflation is the Least of Your Problems

Darryl Robert Schoon: Goldman Targets $1200 Gold

Striking a Balance with Zinc Investments: Equal Parts Infrastructure, Financing and Compromise

Mansur Khan: Will the Electric Vehicle Tipping Point Transform Lithium Markets?

Record Silver Eagle Sales - SocGen Say Silver “Cheaper Alternative To Gold”

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: The Medium-term Outlook for the Yellow Metal

JT Long: Unusual things are happening in gold and silver - Sprott

Mike McGill: Silver Prices Defy the “Law of Supply and Demand”

Mike Unser: 2013 American Eagle Bullion Coins Log Strong February Sales

Zero Hedge: DoubleLine's Gundlach Likes Silver As "The Great Debasement" Will Continue For Years (Not Months)

Zero Hedge: Wage and price controls, trade controls, capital controls, border controls, people controls

Zero Hedge: The Hollowing Out Of Private-Sector Employment

Zero Hedge: Gold And The Next Great Monetary Easing

Zero Hedge: There Is No Asset Bubble?

Money - March 5, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi Third Party Testing to be Complete in March

Cold Fusion: Technology, Money and the Future.

Cold Fusion: No Hot Cat Progress With Thermoelectric Process Yet

Cold Fusion: Capabilities of the E-Cat

Addison Wiggin: Procedamus

Dan Denning: Is this a Secret Signal for When to Buy Gold and Sell Stocks?

Dan Denning: Why You Should Be Looking at Chinese House Prices

Joel Bowman: Boycott Bitcoin!

Bill Bonner: Viva Sequester!

Matt Insley: Canada’s Shale Boom: Unlocking Alberta’s Oil & Gas

Greg Guenthner: How to Play Tech’s Retail Dilemma

Greg Guenthner: A 100% Gains Guarantee?

MoneyMorning: What the US Sequester Means for Your Money

MoneyMorning: Do You Want to Be Right About Investing, or Do You Want to Make Money?

Chris Mayer: In Istanbul: The Rise & Fall of Society

Dan Denning: Shale, the Conquering Hero!

Jeff Clark: Gold Is Over – Just Like in 1976

Michael Snyder: 30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet

Michael Snyder: 12 Things That Just Happened That Show The Next Wave Of The Economic Collapse Is Almost Here

James Turk - The Single Most Important Chart For All Of 2013

Gerald Celente - Gold, Silver & The Frightening “Next Great Trend”

KWN: China Can Now Buy World’s Gold Reserves Twice Over

Robert Fitzwilson: Watch Gold & Silver As Central Planners Face Herculean Task

Matthew Goetzke: The 2 Gold Charts Which Crush Mainstream Media Propaganda

Michael Pento: Why, If You Think About It, We’re All Screwed

Rick Rule: Gold Fear Trade, Silver Greed Trade, Platinum Math Trade

Bob Moriarty: Begging for Attention

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Will We See Consolidation in Gold Mining Industry?

Eric Sprott: Central Bankers Are Gaming Gold

Small Companies Are Hubs of Future Profit in Regenerative Medicine: Gil Van Bokkelen

Zero Hedge: Equity 'Panic-To-Euphoria' Shift Signals Key Inflection Point

Zero Hedge: A Roadmap For American Grand Strategy Part 1 (Of 3)

Zero Hedge: The Fannie Mac Daddy: Fannie Freddie To Merge Select Operations

Zero Hedge: Did The US Government Sanction The Liquidation Of Lehman Brothers?

Zero Hedge: The Two Eras Of Financial Globalization: A Flashing Red Warning

Money - March 2, 2013

Cold Fusion: Dennis Cravens is Crowdfunding a Cold Fusion Car Project

Dave Gonigam: The End of Silicon Valley

Addison Wiggin,: Bad Press and Idiotic Snafus

Nick Hubble: When the Bernanke Bluff is Called

Greg Canavan: Why China’s Economy is Flashing Red

Chris Mayer: Post-Coup Investing in Fiji Real Estate

Bill Bonner: Nothing Beats Government When it Comes to Zombies

Detlev Schlichter: Bubble Trouble: Is There an End to Endless Quantitative Easing?

Bill Bonner: Heroes and History

Joel Bowman: Bernanke-Savant Syndrome

Jonas Elmerraji: Picking the 3 Hottest Sectors for March

Greg Guenthner: Are Newsletters Flashing Warning Signs?

Jonas Elmerraji: Be a Good Loser

Greg Guenthner: The Death of Retail, Continued

David Galland: Comments on Community

Vedran Vuk: The Recent Fed FOMC Minutes Should Anger Every Investor

Doug Hornig: What in Space Are We Doing?

Chris Powell: 'Checkmate' for gold against the dollar

Michael Snyder: Consumer Spending Drought: 16 Signs That The Middle Class Is Running Out Of Money

Ron Paul: ‘Bernanke presented more failed policies that will only worsen our economic crisis’

Andrew Moran: Economic collapse still underway as Federal Reserve’s QE programs show diminished returns

Frank Curzio: One of the Few Great Bargains Left in the Stock Market

John Mauldin: Fifty Trades of Grey

Richard Russell - Gold, Silver, Stocks & Collapsing Incomes

Jim Sinclair - Bulls & Bears To Be Wiped Out 3 Times In Gold

Jim Sinclair - We Are Witnessing A Historic Low In Gold

John Hathaway - The Most Important Gold Chart You Will Ever See

KWN - Special Friday Gold ‘Chart Mania’

Agnico CEO - This Is What Is Happening In Gold Right Now

Egon von Greyerz: Western World’s Perpetual Motion Ponzi Scheme To Collapse

Bob Moriarty: When There Are No More Sellers Left, You Only have Buyers—We Hit That Point A Week Ago

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Sentiment Twilight Zone

J.J. Zhang: Gold’s death cross is no reason to feel grim

Alka Singh: Is a False Perception of Risk Pummeling Your Profits?

Mike Berry's New Secret for Finding Winners—Optionality

Zero Hedge: Inside America's Money Vault

Zero Hedge: Visualizing All The Silver In The World

Zero Hedge: Insider Selling-To-Buying Hits Record As Biderman Welcomes "The New Recession"

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

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