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Purchase Silver With Goldmoney
Thought for the Day: I'm not worried about the price of gold and silver dropping; if they do, I'll just buy more!

Money - February 28, 2013

Cold Fusion: Electric Vehicles in US & UK

Dave Gonigam: “Innovation” to Infinity, Baby!

Greg Canavan: Ben Bernanke… What a Fraud… What a Phoney

Bill Bonner: History: The Truth of the Facts

Bill Bonner: Sequester or No Sequester: US Federal Finances Are Doomed

Joel Bowman: Bitcoin: Get Rich or Die Mining

Frank Holmes: A Test of Strength for Gold

MoneyMorning: The Arckaringa Basin Could Be the Largest Shale Oil Find of All Time

Matt Insley: The Race For California’s Shale Is On!

Doug Casey on G20 Economic Suicide

Michael Snyder: All Of This Whining And Crying About The Sequester Shows Why America Is Doomed

Matt Badiali: Desperate Resource Traders Are Selling at 80 Cents on the Dollar

John Mauldin: The Healthcare Blues

Jim Sinclair - Gold Will Now Be Released To The Upside

Kevin Wides: Key Charts Which Predict A Violent Move Higher In The Metals

Rick Rule: This Is How You Can Make A Fortune In Gold Right Now

J.J. Zhang: Gold’s death cross is no reason to feel grim

Cecilia Jamasmie: The end of paper money? Europe hit by gold rush as crisis worsens

Michael J. Kosares: Gold chart staging areas

Mike Berry's New Secret for Finding Winners—Optionality

Value Market in Gold Will Work for Patient Investors: Jocelyn August

Michelle Smith: Warnings of Gold’s Death Cross Growing Louder

Fed To Prompt Currency Crash and Return to Gold Standard

Jim Willie: Gritty Questions on the Historic Collapse

Dennis Miller: Cash Alternatives: Making Money Work for You

Ben Traynor: Fundamentals "Still Supporting Gold" as Bernanke Testimony "Shows QE Has Long Way to Go"

Michael Zielinski: US Mint Increases Gold, Silver, and Platinum Product Prices as Precious Metals Fall

Peter Zihlmann: Silver: Buy Now! Update #25

Olly Ludwig: Schiff: Run From The Dollar Before It Implodes & Fuels Huge Gold Demand

Zero Hedge: The Long And Short Of Risk-On, Risk-Off

Zero Hedge: Founded By Geniuses And Run By Idiots

Zero Hedge: Bernanke's 'Inflation' Record

Zero Hedge: Main Street Sours As Wall Street Soars

Zero Hedge: Bureaucratic Blunder Helps Over 100 Oil Companies Avoid Paying Royaltie

Zero Hedge: Wal-Mart Situation "Getting Worse" New Leaks Reveal

Money - February 27, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Safety Certification Already Obtained for Industrial Plants

Dave Gonigam: The Super Scientific Accident

Chris Mayer: Post-Coup Investing

Severine Kirchner: RNA Interference’s Hot Partnership With Stem Cells

Why the Casey Research Brain Trust Is Convinced That Precious Metals Will Rise Again

Marin Katusa: Is China's Energy-Company Buying Spree Over in Canada?

Michael Snyder: Will Italy Be The Spark That Sets Off Financial Armageddon In Europe?

Stephen Leeb: Why Gold Is Going To $20,000 & Silver Into The Stratosphere

Ben Davies: 4 Extroardinary Charts & The Piece Every Investor Must Read

Tim Iacono: 1 Step Closer To The End Of The Correction In Precious Metals

Armstrong Economics: Gold – Silver – Hyperinflation

Axel Merk: Buyer’s Remorse at the Fed: Investor Implications

Detlev Schlichter: Bubble trouble: Is there an end to endless quantitative easing?

Eric Sprott: Is the West Dishoarding Its Sovereign Treasure?

Why Smart Money Is Buying Junior Strategic Metal Miners

James West: Oil and Gas Beats Mining Hands Down (as long as the infrastructure is in place)

Adrian Ash: Rusty Old Tin Can of Gold

Renewed Contagion Concern After Italian Election - Stocks Fall, FX Volatility And Gold Rises

David Russell: Traders Bet Silver Will Shine

Sovereign Man: Trust me, this time is different…

Rajesh J. Shah: Gold & Silver seem Poised for a Price Rally

Charles Hugh Smith: The Unsafe Foundation of Our Housing 'Recovery'

Gold Silver Worlds: This One Chart Shows Gold Is Bullish

Nick G, International Man: More Taxes To Feed The Beast

Dean Steinbeck: Uruguay Or Chile: Which Is Right For You?

Jeff Thomas: The Shearing of the Sheeple

Alec Gimurtu: Why Smart Money Is Buying Junior Strategic Metal Miners

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.: The REAL Fiscal Cliff

Brian Walker: GRPH – Pump And Dump Alert – February 22, 2013

Brian Hicks: A 150% Increase in This Silver Company's Dividend

Christian DeHaemer: Four Reasons to Hedge Your Bets

Zero Hedge: The Huge Shift In Market Structure That Occurred Yesterday

Zero Hedge: "Central Banks Cannot Create Wealth, Only Liquidity"

Zero Hedge: As Goes China, So Goes The World And Definitely Australia

Zero Hedge: Merkel Advisor Feld: "Euro Crisis Will Return Shortly And With A Vengeance"

Zero Hedge: The Unsafe Foundation of Our Housing 'Recovery'

Money - February 26, 2013

Cold Fusion: In 50 Years, Where Do You Think Will the Majority of our Power Come From?

Cold Fusion: Climeon Claims Superior Low Temperature Heat to Electricity Process, Applies for Patent

Cold Fusion: The Graphene Supercapacitor

Cold Fusion: U.S. Politics & Green Technology

Addison Wiggin: Cyber Witch Hunt

Greg Canavan: Why Italy’s Gold Hoard Tells You the Precious Metal is Ridiculously Cheap

Greg Canavan: Stock Prices Are Not What You Think They Are

Greg Canavan: China’s Great Old Credit Boom

Tim Price: Why the Credit Rating Downgrades are No-Brainers

Matt Insley: An Old Issue of Playboy, and a Ton of Silver

Bill Bonner: The Curse of Leadership

Matt Insley: The Middle East Effect on Oil Prices Explained!

Chris Mayer: A Quiz For Gold Lovers

Greg Guenthner: 3 Reasons You Can’t Trade the News

Greg Guenthner: A Dropping Dollar? Not So Fast…

Porter Stansberry: The secret behind Warren Buffett's newest investment lesson

Spotting the Miners That Can Survive the Long Capital Drought: Eric Coffin

PeterLBrandt: What is happening to the metals? — a chart update

Michael Snyder: 50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam That Is About To Collapse

Jeff Clark: An Early Warning Sign for a Pullback in Stock Prices

Michael Pento: What Will Cause Markets To Crash & Will It Happen?

Robert Fitzwilson: Why Investors Around The World Must Move Into Gold & Silver

James Turk Warns The Federal Reserve Is Already Insolvent

Ben Davies - We May Be Seeing A V-Shaped Bottom In Gold

Stewart Thomson: Chairman Bernanke: Thumbs Up For Gold?

Frank Holmes: A Test of Strength for Gold

Bill Fleckenstein: Believing the Fed, doubting gold

Tekoa Da Silva: London Fund Manager: We’re Really Overdone Here—This Selling In Gold & Silver Is Unsustainable

Charles Savoie: Correcting Antal Fekete’s Historical Silver Errors

Dorothy Kosich: Hecla reports highest silver reserves, resources in its history

Bud Conrad: A Solid Big-Picture Understanding Is Essential to Successful Sector Investing

Doug Hornig and Alex Daley: The Coming Water Wars

Louis James: Seriously, Casey Research, What's Happening to the Gold Market?

Wealth Wire: Gold in Backwardation Again

Zero Hedge: How The End Of Empire Comes, Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper

Money - February 24, 2013

Cold Fusion: Swedish Hydrogen-Nickel Powder Experiments Produce Null Results

Cold Fusion: Swedish Defence

Dave Gonigam: “Not Possible”, Says the Pentagon

Matt Insley: The Middle East Effect: Explained!

Douglas French: Trade Like a 16-Year Old

Vedran Vuk: Gold Overreacts to the Fed Minutes

Bloomberg: Insider selling has quietly soared to two-year highs

Mark J. Perry: Shale oil could revolutionize global energy markets and transform the world economy

Todd R. Tresidder: The Great Bond Bubble Is Now! What’s Next…

TSI Trader: Gold Futures and Managed Money

John Mauldin: The Keynesian Depression

Egon von Greyerz: Coming Soon: $10 Trillion Of Yearly QE & Fantastic Gold Chart

Richard Russell - 3 Key Charts & Some Things To Think About

Andrew Maguire - Stunning $24 Premiums For Gold In Shanghai

Andrew Maguire: Whistleblower - Gold & Silver Smash Orchestrated By The BIS

Andrew Maguire - Stunning 225 Tons of Physical Gold Bought By CBs

Merryn Somerset Webb: Is hyperinflation heading our way?

Bob Moriarty: Look for a violent rise in gold and silver

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT : Time to Buy Precious Metals Now

Jeb Handwerger: Keep Your Head When Investing In Precious Metals

Peter Schiff: “Once We Hit The Bottom In Gold, We’re Headed Dramatically Higher; To Levels Few Can Even Consider”

Bob Moriarty: Calling Tops and Bottoms

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Bear Trap Is Sprung

BMO Advisor Coxe: "This Is the Worst Trading Situation I Have Ever Seen"

Discover 35 Mining Stocks with Potential: Henk Krasenberg

Mark Raguz: Technical Best of Breeds Still a Value

Where to Buy Gold in Difficult Times: Jay Taylor

Colin Healey: Will Mining Stocks Follow Iron Ore's Price Climb?

David Baker's Three Must-Haves for the New Generation of Gold Companies: Accountability, Accountability and Accountability

John Kaiser: Can the TSX Venture Be Saved?

Buy Gold Stocks Like a ROTH Capital Price Taker

Rob McEwen: The Economy Gets “Better” When You Add In A Few Trillion—But It’s Illusory And People Will Return To Gold

John Rubino: “Just Be Your Own Central Bank”

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Future Price of Silver - A Review of Economic and Behavioral Principles

Kip Keen: Nautilus CEO opens up on PNG dispute

Zero Hedge: Dr. Copper Sends A Deja Vu Warning Signal

Zero Hedge: Gold And The Potential Dollar Endgame Part 3: Backwardation And Gold

Money - February 22, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi to Josephson — Report Publication ‘Probably’ Around End of March

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- February 21, 2013

Cold Fusion: The nuclear reactor in your basement

Dave Gonigam: Resetting the Aging Clock

Dave Gonigam: The Attack from Unit 61398

Dan Denning: The Fed’s Funny Money is Losing its Mojo

Frank Holmes: When It Comes to Gold, Probabilities Point This Way

Bill Bonner: High Tide on Main Street?

Bill Bonner: Why Would You Ever Want to Own Gold?

Matt Insley: If Obama Spends, You Win

Greg Guenthner: Riding Strength to New Highs

Chris Mayer: The Coffee Can Portfolio

Greg Guenthner: How to Play the Gold Drop

Greg Guenthner: How to Play Tech’s Retail Dilemma

Patrick Cox: A Natural Elixir…Good for What Ails Ya!

Louis James: The Herd: Wrong About Alaska, Wrong About Gold

Adam J. Crawford: Wireless Technology Is Ushering In a New Era of Computing

Michael Snyder: The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous

Michael Snyder: 20 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Heading For Big Trouble In The Months Ahead

Toby Connor: Major Top In Stocks & Major Bottom In Gold

Jeff Clark: We Are on the Cusp of a Major Rally in This Sector

John Mauldin: Whatever It Takes

Kevin Wides: Despite The Smash, Big Picture For Gold Points To New Highs

Marc Faber: This Is How The Great Money Printing Experiment Will End

Stephen Leeb: China Will Have World’s Largest Gold Reserves In 2 To 3 Years

Marc Faber: It’s A Disgrace To Think Money Printing Solves Problems

Marc Faber - Major Bottom Forming In Gold But Stocks Shaky

Ron Rosen: The Chart That Tells You All You Need To Know About Gold

Gold & Silver Prices Drop Into Severely Oversold Area

Huge Buying Opportunity Setting Up In Gold

Bob Moriarty: Capitulation

Axel Merk: U.S. to “Win” Currency Wars?

Zero Hedge: The Global Risk Landscape For 2013

Zero Hedge: Gold Versus Gold Miners: Has The Time Come To Flip The Switch?

Zero Hedge: The Men Who Built America: Remembering The Gilded Age Part 1

Money - February 20, 2013

Cold Fusion: Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works Shooting for 100 MW Fusion Prototype by 2017

Cold Fusion: Waterborne Diseases And The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: DOE May Finally Fund LENR Research

Cold Fusion: The nuclear reactor in your basement

Cold Fusion: LENR Archives Illuminate Scientific Mystery of Century – Part 1

Cold Fusion: The nuclear reactor in your basement - NASA

Dave Gonigam: When “Profitable” Isn’t Good Enough

Dan Denning: The Golden Bear

Dan Denning: Should You Cut Back Your Exposure to Gold?

Dan Denning: The Fake Debate Between ‘Growth’ and ‘Austerity’

Bill Bonner: Are We Wrong About Gold?

Chris Mayer: Bond Guru Still Likes the Unthinkable: US Treasuries

Matt Insley: 35,000 Protesters, Your Chance To Cash In!

Severine Kirchner: RNA Interference’s Hot Partnership With Stem Cells

Greg Guenthner: More Headline Hysteria

Matt Insley: Global Geophysical Just Went “All In”, Should You Follow?

Jeff Clark: Embrace Silver's Volatility All the Way to the Bank

Louis James: Is Now the Time to Go All In in the Junior Precious-Metals Sector?

Jeff Clark: Bloomberg Gold Report Misses the Mark

Michael Snyder: Money Is A Form Of Social Control And Most Americans Are Debt Slaves

Stephen Otto: Financial collapse to be caused by central bankers’ “sand castle” economics

Jeff Clark: It Pays to Follow the "Smart Money" on Gold

John Mauldin: Scrambling for Returns

Robert Fitzwilson: Unlimited Fiat Under Guise Of Currency Wars Sweeping Planet

James Turk - US Treasury Enters The Gold War

James Turk: So-Called Audit Of Fed’s Gold Complete Rubbish & Propaganda

James Turk: Central Planners Are About To Completely Lose Control

Bill Fleckenstein: When Gold Turns It Will Trade Violently To The Upside

Bob Moriarty: Buy the Rumor, Smash the Stock

Steve Saville: Gold versus Industrial Metals

Detlev Schlichter: Incredible confusions Part 1: ‘Positive Money’ and the fallacy of the need for a state money producer

Detlev Schlichter: Incredible confusions, Part 2: Of interest and the dangerous habit of suppressing it

Zero Hedge: The End Of The Shale Era - Big Shift In Junior Oil Exploration

Zero Hedge: FoxConn Freezes Hiring On iPhone Production Slowdown

Zero Hedge: Rajoy Summarizes Overnight (And Recurring) Sentiment: "There Are No Green Shoots, There Is No Spring"

Money - February 18, 2013

Cold Fusion: Miley Unveils LENR Power Unit Proposal/Hot Ecat delayed

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Peer Reviewers Require More Testing

Michael Snyder: Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing?

Andrew Moran: 17 reasons Obama economic policies will accelerate the collapse of the U.S. economy

Michael Pento: The Antidote For Reckless Governments & Money Printing

Norcini & Haynes - One Huge Gold Buyer & Hedge Fund Moves

Fitzpatrick & Greyerz - Fantastic Gold Chart & Commentary

Felix Zulauf - We Have Never Seen Anything Like This In History

Felix Zulauf: We May See A Shortage Of Gold & A Massive Price Spike

John Hathaway - Give-Up Phase As Gartman Shorting Gold Is Bullish

Felix Zulauf: World Headed Toward 1987 Style Market Collapse

Bob Moriarty: Bigger than Bakken

Matt Taibbi: Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Is Gold Becoming a Risk-off Asset?

Darryl Robert Schoon: The Price of Gold in the Cold-Gold War

Gary Dorsch: No End in Sight for Global “Currency Wars”

James Turk On Why Bullion-Buying Central Banks Fight High Gold Prices

Sumit Roy: GLD Falls 1.5% On Big Soros Sale

Bullion Street: Sanctions finally caught up with Turkey-Iran Gold trade

Clive Maund: What Will Happen to the PM Sector if the Broad Market Tanks…

Michael Noonan: Gold Silver Price Decline Not Over – Monitor Markets For Turnaround

Zentrader: Gold Cycle Analysis On February 15th Gold Price Drop

Gold Silver Worlds: Gold & Silver Price Takedown February 15th: Noise vs Facts

Adam Hamilton: Gold’s Young Upleg

Myra P. Saefong: How gold will benefit from a currency war

Peter Cooper, Arabian Money: Return of Chinese buyers from New Year holiday to rally gold as central banks buy most in 50 years

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Price Targeting and the Will of Central Banks

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Untold Reality of Gold and Silver Price Controls

JessesCafe: Gold at Technical Extreme In the 'Wash/Rinse' Cycle of This Decline

Zero Hedge: The Pareto Economy

Zero Hedge: There Is A Winner In The Currency War

Zero Hedge: Mort Zuckerman: "America Remains In A Jobs Depression"

Zero Hedge: All Hope And Change Roads Lead To Greece

Money - February 16, 2013

Cold Fusion: Quality Control For E-Cat Factories

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- February 14, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Evidence That Government Is Shrinking

Dave Gonigam: Meteors Are Good For the Economy!

Bill Bonner: The Helicopter Money Sent to Blow Up the Economy

Frank Holmes: China’s Economy: Out With the Dragon, In With the Snake

Greg Canavan: The Game of Banks, Debt and Money

Greg Canavan: A Market Built on Shaky Foundations

J. Keith Johnson: Gold Is Money: Central Bank Actions Send Clear Message

Greg Canavan: Why You Shouldn’t Fall in Love With Beautiful Bank Yields

Greg Canavan: As Gold Flows Eastward, It’s No Longer Money

Nick Hubble: Time to Opt Out of Government Sponsored Investing

Byron King: Don’t Get Suckered Into The “Austerity” Argument

Byron King: The Silver Shortage Of 2013

Jonas Elmerraji: Dissecting This Recent Rally

Jonas Elmerraji: The 3 Hottest Market Trends in 2013

Eric Fry: Bond Bears Should Envy Broken Clocks

Chris Mayer: Bond Guru Still Likes Bonds

Greg Guenthner: Buying the Bourbon Bull

David Galland: Three Levels of Survival Skills

Daniel Jepson: New Genome Project Will Help in Battle to Treat Disease

Porter Stansberry: The Great Lie That Will Bankrupt America

Porter Stansberry: The Educated Socialism of Obama

Dominic Frisby: What’s next for silver?

Bengt Saelensminde: Have you ignored this important asset?

John Stepek: Ditch gilts and get out of sterling: Britain is heading for trouble

Michael Snyder: Who Tells Us What To Think? Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix?

Frank Curzio: Why a New Leg of the Natural Gas Boom Starts Now

John Mauldin: Investing in a Low-Growth World

Zero Hedge: Greenspan: Ignore The Economy, "Only The Stock Market Matters"

Zero Hedge: How The Super-Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

Zero Hedge: El-Erian On Stocks: "Prices Are Artificially High - It’s Time to Take Profits"

Zero Hedge: The New Buffett Rule: Equities Are Overvalued

Thomas Jefferson: If gold drops below $1550/oz, consider waiting to buy for an even better price in gold and silver.

Money - February 14, 2013

Cold Fusion: 60 Minutes on Robotics and the Future of Work

Cold Fusion: Potential Upgrades For The E-Cat Plants

Dave Gonigam: “Our Founders Had No Conception…”

Dave Gonigam: The Lesson Ignored

Greg Guenthner: Against the Odds, Gold Slips Again

Greg Canavan: The Game of Banks, Debt and Money

Satyajit Das: The Setting Sun – Japan’s Forgotten Debt Problems

Bill Bonner: Why Paper Money Was the End of Honest Money

Bill Bonner: The Phony Boom in Stocks

Chris Mayer: A Rising Superpower, The Next Cold War?

J. Keith Johnson: Gold Is Money: Central Bank Actions Send Investors a Clear Message

Jonas Elmerraji: Dissecting This Recent Rally

Greg Guenthner: 3 “Great Rotation” Requirements

Casey's Energy Guru on What's Hot and What's Not in 2013

Alliance of Elite Investors Hits Rare Milestone

Marin Katusa: Napoleon IV – The Rebirth of the French Colonial Empire?

Corey Williams: Covered Calls: Catch More Upside With A Buy-Write Strategy

Michael Snyder: Is It Fair For People On Food Stamps To Buy Prime Rib And Lobster While Working Families Barely Survive?

Jeff Clark: One More Reason to Be Cautious

James Turk - Last Piece Now In Place To Trigger Hyperinflation

Robert Fitzwilson: Russia & China Know Final Currency Devaluation Is Coming

Stephen Leeb: Gold To Explode As A Percentage Of Global Currency Reserves

Gerald Celente - The Frightening Trends For 2013 & 2014

Richard Russell: History About To Repeat - Hang On To Gold

Michael Pento: Gold Bears Out Of Time & About To Pay The Ultimate Price

William R. Thomson: Currency wars in the Year of the Snake - Will investors be bitten in 2013?

Tekoa Da Silva: Exploration Geologist, “Here’s How We Acquired Over 250 Million Oz’s Of Silver—For The Cost Of Filing Fees”

Axel Merk: Currency Wars Are Evil

Stewart Thomson: Metal Surfers & Fed Tidal Wave

Zero Hedge: 23% Of America Is Illiterate

Money - February 12, 2013

Dave Gonigam: The Global Gold Grab: Keeping Count

Greg Canavan: How Shadow Banking Turns Sewage Water into a Double Malt Whiskey

Greg Canavan: First Home Buyers Not Interested in the 30 Year Debt Trap

Bill Bonner: The Housing Recovery Producing A Nation of Serfs

Eric J. Fry: Lessons to Learn from Stock Trading Celebrities

Alena Mikhan and Jeff Clark: Bipolar Silver: How to Profit

Andrew Moran: 30 shocking economic collapse statistics the mainstream media will not report

Andrew Moran: Dollar collapse moves closer as Federal Reserve bails out European banks

John Embry - 1,000 Ton Swing In Gold, Russians & Chinese Buying

Egon von Greyerz: Nothing Is Real In Markets Any More, This Will End Badly

Eric Sprott - Default Coming As 850 Tons Of Gold Supply Vanished

Art Cashin - Key Indicator That Just Spiked Is Huge Warning

Gordon G. Chang: Asian Currencies Tumble. Yes, This Is A Global Currency War.

Tekoa Da Silva: LBMA Trader: “This Is Just Smart Money Pushing Gold To The Extremes”

Deviant Investor: Gold – Weekly Buy Signal

Why You Can Trust Your Analyst Again: Ingrid Rico

Eight Biotech Growth Names: Greg Wade

Rick Ackerman: Economy Haunted by ‘Ghost of Inflation Past’

Ben Traynor: Recent Optimism "Making Gold's Safe Haven Properties Redundant" as Market "Driven by Currency Moves"

Jim Sinclair: There Is No Way…

'American leaders do believe in the invulnerability of the dollar system, but they are misguided' - James Rickards

Geoff Candy: Supercycle shifting to new, more subtle stage

Michelle Smith: Silver Starts February Lacking Direction

Ian Gordon: Economic winter could thaw gold equities

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Coin Dealers and the New Premium Paradigm

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Coin Clipping in the Digital Era

Wolf Richter: What Do They Know That We Don’t?

Zero Hedge: China Surpasses U.S. As Number One Global Trading Power

Zero Hedge: It's Not The Economy, It's Inflation & The Fed Stupid

Zero Hedge: "Like Lambs To Slaughter," Observations On The Real Lessons Of Keynes

Zero Hedge: Abe Vs Bernanke: Why Japan's Yen Target Means The S&P Will Suffer

Zero Hedge: Occam's Gold vs Rube Goldberg's Fiat

Zero Hedge: The Immovable Object In The Path Of Abe's Unstoppable Reflationary Force

Money - February 11, 2013

Cold Fusion: Projected Hot Cat Delivery Date Slips

Cold Fusion: Paul and Ryan Hunt Featured on Minnesota Public Television

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Only 1MW Plants Available At This Time

Cold Fusion: More tests In Store For the E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: Bank Run!

Greg Canavan: Money, the Discredited Credit

Dan Denning: Betting on Stocks

Bill Bonner: How Money Buys Freedom

Chris Mayer: How You Could Discover the Best-Performing Markets in 2013

Rick Rule: Uranium: Opportunities In The Unloved Metal

Michael Snyder: Show This To Anyone That Believes That “Things Are Getting Better” In America

Toby Connor: The Rest of the Story

Brian Hunt: A Timeless Lesson on Investing With the Government

John Mauldin: 2013 Investment Themes

Eric Sprott - Expect $200 Silver As Financial System Implodes

Robert Fitzwilson: Calls For Printing $30 - $100 Trillion Now, It Is Out Of Control

SHTFplan: South America Goes Critical: Now Chavez Devalues Currency: “This May Well Be the Lighting of the Proverbial Fuse… Everywhere.”

SHTFplan: The Number One Reason to Invest in Gold…

Peter Schiff: Messing with the Bull

Rev. R.J. Rushdoony: Confiscation: The Theft and Control by the Socialist State

Bob Moriarty: More Pretty Sure Bets

Dan Norcini: Fed Has Bought More U.S. Gov’t Debt This Year Than Treasury Has Issued

Phillip Inman: Unpunished and unreformed, the bankers have got away with it

John Williams: How to Survive the Illusion of Recovery

Dollar Vigilante: Some questions about deflation

'Money Stimulus Marathon' Good for Gold Price: Eric Winmill

Zero Hedge: Russia Flips Petrodollar On Its Head By Exporting Crude, Buying Record Gold

Zero Hedge: Note To Fed: Giving The Banks Free Money Won't Make Us Hire More Workers

Zero Hedge: Argentina's Financial Collapse - Past Is Prologue

Zero Hedge: Gold, Silver Plunge In Sympathy With Popexit

Zero Hedge: The Impossibility Of Economic Calculation In A Fiat World

Money - February 9, 2013

Cold Fusion: Black Swan Creator’s Latest Work has Intriguing Implications for LENR

Cold Fusion: “LENR Distributed Power Units” from George H. Miley

Cold Fusion: Publication of E-Cat Third Party Report Moved to March

Cold Fusion: Rossi Sells Only Plants From 1 MW E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Is Rossi E-cat The Next Big Thing?

Cold Fusion: George Miley’s LENR Project Needs Votes

Cold Fusion: MFMP Hold Drawing for Nickel Powder Reactor

Cold Fusion: Hot Improvements Have Been Remarkable

Cold Fusion: Rossi Confirms The Idea Of An E-cat Follower Is Right

Cold Fusion: An Interesting Post On Rossi’s E-cat Blog

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- February 7, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Lifeboats In Case of Sinking Dollar

Bill Bonner: Dishonest Leaders and Delusional Voters

Bill Bonner: Lies, Lies and Inflation Statistics

Satyajit Das: Money in the Time of Financial Cholera

Nick Hubble: It’s All Fake

Dan Denning: Betting on Stocks

Matt Insley: How Much Gold Does China Really Have?

Jonas Elmerraji: Preview Stock Prices Using Futures

Addison Wiggin: New Front in the War on Weed

Eric Fry: Lessons to Learn from Stock Trading Celebrities

Chris Mayer: From Worst to First

Greg Guenthner: Are Insiders Predicting a Crash?

Vedran Vuk: When Beating Inflation Isn't Enough

Doug Hornig and Alex Daley: Water: The Next Great Technological Frontier

Michael Snyder: Watch The Financial Markets In Europe

Bill Frezza: Atlas Shrugged Producer Shares Insights And A Surprise That Awaits In Atlas III

Brian Hunt: Wait for the post-May dip to buy

Robert Fitzwilson: Calls For Printing $30 - $100 Trillion Now, It Is Out Of Control

Michael Pento: Gold To Spike As Fears Of Fed Exiting QE Are Preposterous

Kevin Wides: Exit From Massive Silver Base Projects Staggering 1,020% Move

Adam Taggart: A fundamentals-driven breakout seems imminent. But which direction?

John Aziz: Britain’s Greatest Depression

Adrian Ash: Nothing At All, Then All at Once

Bob Moriarty: Argentina's Abject Stupidity

Morris Hubbartt: Dow Horror & GDXJ Green Light

Charles Hugh Smith: Is This the Terminal Phase of Global Capitalism 1.0?

Zero Hedge: Subliminal Message Hidden In Global Central Bank Reflation Effort Exposed

Zero Hedge: USD Surges By Most In 7 Months As Stocks Stumble And Bonds Bid

Zero Hedge: Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%

Thought for the Day: The "rich" from whom Robin Hood stole were not merchants but members of the corrupt ruling class.

Money - February 7, 2013

Cold Fusion: Electricity – Main Focus For The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Manufacturing Plants

Cold Fusion: Evidences that LENR is real, beyond any reasonable doubt.

Cold Fusion: More Information About Ni-H Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Sentiments Of E-cat Followers On Rossi’s Secrets

Dave Gonigam: When “No Asset Is Safe”

Dan Denning: How Australia-China Relations Are Caught in the Monetary Battle Space

Dan Denning: The Cloud Behind the Silver Lining in the Trade Deficit Data

Dan Denning: Market Migrations: The Hunt for Capital Gains

Byron King: Big Gains Ahead With Platinum’s Neglected Cousin

Greg Guenthner: How (Not to) Short a Market Melt-up

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Money - February 6, 2013

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Money - February 5, 2013

Cold Fusion: The Data Points Are Starting to Converge

Cold Fusion: MIT’s Cold Fusion 101 Course

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Thought for the Day: What if the prices of gold and silver spike and then plummet? Consider selling half your position when the prices reach a point where you can cover your initial investment and make a profit. That way, if the bottom drops out you've still made money.

Money - February 2, 2013

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Money - February 1, 2013

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Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- January 31, 2013

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