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Purchase Silver With Goldmoney

Money - January 30, 2013

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Work in E-Cat Factories ‘Never Been So Intense’

Rossi on Being Called ‘The Man Who Saved the World’

Cold Fusion: Let's Inform Barack Obama

Dave Gonigam: Tangible Sustainable Wealth

Bill Bonner: The Middle Class Trap of America

Bill Bonner: The US Middle Class Gets Scalped

Joel Bowman: The Evolutionary Path of Boobus-Politicus

Greg Canavan: The Unbalancing Act Happening in China’s Economy

Greg Canavan: Why the China Bulls Should Watch Their Chairs

Greg Guenthner: The Energy Sector Is Breaking Out

Ray Blanco: New Technology May Bring Moore’s Law to Electrical Storage

Patrick Cox: Virtual Immortality

Dan Denning: Financial Drones

Marin Katusa: The Flying Frenchman

Doug Casey's Current View of the World

Porter Stansberry: The Only Chance You've Got to Be a Successful Investor

Corey Williams : The Spread Trader: Bull Call Spread On TIBCO Software (TIBX)

Michael Snyder: Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings

Andrew Moran: U.S. still headed toward economic collapse as debt to grow 200% of GDP

Frank Curzio: A Record Amount of Money Is Heading for These Oil Stocks

John Mauldin: War Games

Michael Pento: Fed To Create Gold Rally & Bond Plunge Next Week

William Kaye - Expect A Massive Silver Short Squeeze

William Kaye - We Will See A Global Financial Meltdown

William Kaye: Coming Short Squeeze In Gold To Shock The World

SHTFplan: Americans Buy Nearly Half a Billion Dollars Of Gold and Silver In January

Larry LaBorde: Where am I Supposed to Store All This Gold & Silver

John Hall: 'France is totally bankrupt'

Gijsbert Groenewegen: What if the Fed is short Germany’s gold?

Benoit Gascon: An Insider's Take on the Complicated Graphite Market

What the Narrowing WTI/Brent Price Gap Means for Investors: Elliott Gue

Zero Hedge: US Economy Declined By -0.1% In Q4

Zero Hedge: Why Economists Get Things Wrong

Zero Hedge: America's Four Socioeconomic Classes

Money - January 29, 2013

Cold Fusion: A new theory may explain the notorious cold fusion experiment from two decades ago, reigniting hopes of a clean-energy breakthrough

Dave Gonigam: What’s Taxes Got to Do With It?

Byron King: How To Profit From China’s Air Pollution

Matt Insley: How To Profit From The Emerging Energy World

Greg Guenthner: The Next Tradable Sector

Greg Guenthner: Your Trading Success Relies on Rules

Jeff Clark: Two Chess Moves Away from Capital Controls

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Best Investor of the Last 30 Years Explains the "Grand Disconnect"

Michael Snyder: Federal Reserve Money Printing Is The Real Reason Why The Stock Market Is Soaring

Brian Hunt: A Major New Development for One of Our Favorite Stocks

James Turk: Historic Move By The US Has Just Guaranteed Hyperinflation

John Embry - Powerful Entity Now Battling The Silver Manipulators

James Howard Kunstler: The Master Meme

Erik Swarts: The Value Trap

Deviant Investor: Past & Future Speculative Bubbles – What They Indicate for Gold and Silver!

Bill_Fleckenstein: The Fed knows nothing: Who knew?

Karen Roche: The World According to Doug Casey

CaptainHook: Here We Go Again

Sumit Roy and Drew Voros Podcast: Why Palladium & Platinum Are Outperforming Gold & Silver This Year

Haverty: Forget Tech Bubble, We're in a Bond Bubble

Charles Hugh Smith: Why Employment in the U.S. Isn't Coming Back

Jurriaan Maessen: House Of Rothschild Hoarding Gold In Face Of Coming Collapse?

International Man: The Disappearing Gold

Olga Dzyubenko: Kyrgyzstan threatens to cancel Centerra's Kumtor gold deal

Dorothy Kosich: ‘…Impossible to conceive of a more bullish long-term backdrop for gold'—Coxe

SBWire: Experts: Anticipate Silver Prices at $54 in 2013, Silver Dollar Values Prices Climbing

Briton Ryle: Why You Should Celebrate Apple's Sell-Off; Apple's Sell-Off is Good News

Zero Hedge: Hope Has Changed - It Died

Zero Hedge: BoE's Haldane: "Too Big To Fail Is Far From Gone"

Zero Hedge: Soaring Debt Precedes Financial Crises...

Zero Hedge: Labor Minister Says France Is "Totally Bankrupt"

Money - January 28, 2013

Cold Fusion: LENR Researchers Making Slow but Steady Progress

Cold Fusion: Piantelli Granted EU Patent for Nickel Hydrogen LENR Process

Cold Fusion: Research Suggests Proton Smaller Than Previously Believed

Cold Fusion: Robotics and LENR

Cold Fusion: Markets For Renewable Energies Expanding

Cold Fusion: MIT Cold Fusion 101 Videos Available

Dave Gonigam: Food Fraud… or Fiat Fraud?

Nick Hubble: Investment is an Internal Struggle

Matt Insley: The “Dumbest” Energy Investment You Could Make

Ray Blanco: Tech Companies Showcase Innovations at CES

Jonas Elmerraji: 3 Buy Signals for Trend Followers

Jeff Clark: Confessions of a Gold Analyst: "It's All My Fault"

Michael Snyder: The U.S. Has An Even Larger Gap Between The Rich And The Poor Than Downton Abbey Does

Michael Snyder: Social Decay + Illegal Immigration + Poverty = Open War On The Streets Of America

Toby Connor: Has the First Currency Crisis Begun?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Down 33% in Four Months... Is it Time to Buy Apple? (No!)

John Mauldin: Prisoner of the Bureaucracy

Where Porter Stansberry hides his gold

Jean-Marie Eveillard: Wall Street Is A Den Of Thieves, I’m Not Selling Gold

Ron Rosen - 2 Key Charts & The Big Picture For Gold & Silver

Rick Rule: What To Expect After This Week’s Gold & Silver Smash

Egon von Greyerz: 3 Incredibly Key Charts For Battered Gold & Silver Bulls

Eric Sprott & Etienne Bordeleau: Ignoring The Obvious

The Complete Coverage Report: The Time Is Now For All Gold Investors

Tekoa Da Silva: Peter Grandich: When Gold Breaks From This Base, It Will Trigger A Stampede Of Momentum Buyers

Gold Carpet Treatment Promised for Miners in the Dominican Republic: Alexander Medina

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Equites, Miners and Commodities are Nearing Major Turning Points

Jim Sinclair: The ‘Why" Of Gold At And Above $3500

Jim Sinclair: Defend Yourself By Not Giving In – Day 2

RT: US banks shaken by biggest fund withdrawals since 9/11

ZeroHedge: The End Of An Era

Zero Hedge: This Time Is Different

Zero Hedge: Daniel Hannan Destroys The 3 Unquestionable Myths Of Our Crisis

Money - January 25, 2013

Cold Fusion: Christos Stremmenos Challenges Piantelli’s Patent

Energy: How Scientists Are Using Silicon to Produce Hydrogen On Demand

Dave Gonigam: Immortality, Default, Addiction

Dan Denning: Shale the Conquering Hero!

Byron King: Palladium: Platinum’s Neglected Cousin

Bill Bonner: Caution: Central Bankers at Work!

Dan Denning: US Oil Shale Reserves: Stinky Water, Sweet Oil

Greg Guenthner: How to Climb the Wall of Worry

Jonas Elmerraji: When Less Is More for Your Portfolio

Joel Bowman: Bitcoin Bytes Back

Bud Conrad: The Fiscal Cliff Was A Wasted Opportunity

Doug Casey Bearish on China, Bullish on Uranium

Chris Wood: Organovo: A Good Company or a Lesson in Hype?

Jeff Clark: Take Profits in This Sector Now

Richard Russell - Will Germany Shock The World?

Tom Fitzpatrick: Oil Set To Super-Spike 63%, Crushing Global Stock Markets

Robert Fitzwilson: This Is Why Big Money Keeps Buying Gold & Silver Smashes

Tekoa Da Silva: Mining Executive Bruce Bragagnolo: “Gold Will Be The Best Business On The Planet; It’s The Only Thing That Works”

Stansberry's Badiali: $100+/Pound Uranium Needed to Satisfy Stealth Demand

Stephen Brozak: Changing the Way Money Is Made and Diseases Are Cured

Jim Sinclair: Defend Yourself By Not Giving In

Barry Grey: Worldwide Recession: Forecast for Global Economic Growth. The Failures of Monetary Policy

Keith Weiner: Trading the Gold / Silver Ratio to Produce a Gold Yield

Chris Powell: Royal Canadian Mint starts rationing silver coins

China to become major consumer of Iraqi oil

Christian DeHaemer: This Little-Known Aussie Stock Could Launch

John Rubino: Has The Debt Jubilee Already Started?

Dave in Denver: Realities Of The Physical Silver Market And The Economy

Mish: Yen Set for 11th Weekly Drop; Japan Records Largest Trade Deficit in History

ZeroHedge: Gallup Poll: Americans Most Negative On the Nation And Economy In 30 Years

Money - January 24, 2013

Cold Fusion: New energy technology in our FuturProbable

Cold Fusion: Tar Sands & The E-Cat

Dave Gonigam: Shoot the Messenger

Dan Denning: Apple’s Half-and-Half Glass

Bill Bonner: The Nobel Prize for Quack Economists Like Stiglitz

Byron King: Gold, Making Money And Living Well

Dr. David Eifrig: One of These Ideas Will Change Your Life, Part 2

Michael Snyder: Goldman Sachs Made $400 Million Betting On Food Prices In 2012 While Hundreds Of Millions Starved

Jeff Clark: Take Profits in The Transportation Sector Now

Stephen Leeb: China May Now Have World’s 2nd Largest Gold Reserves

Investors Intelligence: Global Stocks May Be Setting Up For A Huge Selloff

Kevin Wides: Final Pulse May Be A Stunning $8,000 For Gold & $500 Silver

Nilus Mattive: The truth about the payroll tax cut …

Frank Holmes: 4 Sensational Facts About Gold Investing That You Might Not Know

Gold Silver Worlds: Gold Price Forecasts Become Bearish, Stoeferle Bullish Explaining Key Drivers

Separating the Gold Mining Haves from the Have-Nots: Paolo Lostritto

Lawrence Williams: Now Royal Canadian Mint rationing silver coin sales

Dorothy Kosich: Asteroid-mining race heats up as Deep Space Industries joins the fray

Gary Dorsch: Australia’s Metal Miners hitch a Ride to China’s Economy

GE Christenson: What Could Go Wrong? And How Gold Will Benefit!

Clif Droke: Misinterpreting the Dow Theory

Amanda Holpuch: Food fraud report reveals rise in manufacturers' cost-cutting measures

Anthony Reuben: Is it time to start talking about a depression?

Jeff Nielson: Thinking Silver? Talk To The Gold-Bugs

Jeb Handwerger: Get Your Hands On Precious Metals and Natural Resources Before The Masses

Do I Have To Report My Offshore Gold...?

ZeroHedge: Faber To Shiller: “You Keep Your U.S. Dollars And I’ll Keep My Gold”

ZeroHedge: Initial Jobless Claims Drop To Lowest Since January 2008 As 366K People Fall Off Extended Claims

ZeroHedge: It's Official: Worst. Recovery. EVER

ZeroHedge: The High Price Of Understated Inflation

Money - January 23, 2013

Cold Fusion: Reports from Cold Fusion Colloquium in Eindhoven

Cold Fusion: Rossi Responds To Furor Over Patents

Cold Fusion: Automated Android Electrolysis System: Nitinol Demonstration

Dave Gonigam: “Hurry Up and Die”

Greg Canavan: The Bank of Japan Fires a Pop-Gun

Matt Insley: How To Profit From The Emerging Energy World

Lawrence Williams: Worried about gold confiscation? Why not buy silver instead?

Matt Badiali: Russia's Quiet Plan to Front Run a Major Bull Market

Nick Barisheff: How Gold's 13-Year Bull Train Could Continue

StreetAuthority: Revealed: An Inside Look at Ron Paul's Portfolio

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: The Next Great Bubble about to Collapse

Anthony Wile: To Survive the Coming Financial Hurricane, Physical Holdings of Gold and Silver Are a Must. This Solution Provider Can Help YouNow Without Leverage or High Pressure Tactics

Pierre Lassonde: This Gold Mania Will Compare To 1980 Run In Silver

Keith Barron: Massive Squeeze Coming As WGC Confirms Gold-Backed Yuan

John Embry: Gold Super-Spike To Be Dwarfed By The Mania In Silver

Nick Hodge: On The Constitution, Gun Rights, Criminal Bankers, and Silver

Brittany Stepniak: Legislatures Attacking Your Gold and Silver Rights!

John Browne: German Gold Claw Back Causes Concern

Mike Whitney: The Fed’s Plan B

Stewart Thomson: Gold's Tactical Assault On $1800

Keys to Rare Earth Companies’ Success: Innovation, Cost Efficiency

Uranium: Energy Solution and Risk-On Opportunity

Julie Hirschfeld Davis: United States of Crisis Seen Costing Jobs, Wasting Money

Nicholas Larkin: Standard Bank Says Physical Gold Purchases Unusually High

John Rubino: Are Higher Interest Rates the End of the World?

Lance Roberts: The Real Housing Recovery Story

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: How Far Up Could Silver Go?

Lauren Lyster: Central Banks Repatriate Gold: How Will This Affect Investors?

ZeroHedge: This Is What 1,230 Days (And Counting) Of Explicit Market Support By The Federal Reserve Looks Like

ZeroHedge: Silver Bars Being Secured By HSBC – Buys $876 Million Worth From Poland

ZeroHedge: Oldest Bank In The World Plunges, Halted As Chairman Resigns In Aftermath Of Latest Derivatives Fiasco

ZeroHedge: A Visual History Of Gold

Money - January 22, 2013

Cold Fusion: More on the Testing, Rossi is ‘Very Worried’

Cold Fusion: Christos Stremmenos on Piantelli Patent

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Peer Review by ‘High Level’ Magazine to take all of February

Cold Fusion: Centralized Controls For The E-Cats

Cold Fusion: Are Bigger E-Cats Still Possible?

Dan Denning: At the Mercy of Financial Repressionists

Dan Denning: Currency Battle Lines

Kris Sayce: Walter Russell Hall: From Rebellion to Bullion

Nick Hubble: Range Bound Profits in a World of Information Anti-Symmetry

Byron King: The Real Story Behind Germany’s Gold Recall

Doug Casey: Why Central Banks Should Be Nervous About Paper Money

Marin Katusa: What's Ahead for the Energy Sector in 2013

Jeff Clark: "Wrong Way Corrigan" Analysts

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: This Company Has Done the "Dirty Work" for You in U.S. Real Estate

Michael Snyder: 37 Statistics Which Show How Four Years Of Obama Have Wrecked The U.S. Economy

Jeff Clark: An Upside Target for Stock Prices

Bill Haynes: As Silver Shortage Intensifies, More Retail Products Disappear

Tom Fitzpatrick: Silver Is Setting Up For A Stunning 56% Surge

Michael Pento: This Exploding Grenade Will Create A Gold & Silver Surge

Robert Fitzwilson: The Incredible Roadmap To $25,000 Gold

Dan Norcini: Something Substantial Has Just Changed In The Silver Market

Bengt Saelensminde: This is how money dies

John Stepek: How to survive and thrive during the currency wars

John Stepek: Investors are feeling cheerful – time to batten down the hatches

SHTFplan: Market Update: “Logic Has Been Replaced by Fear, By Panic”

Gold in 2013: Fund Managers Reveal Reasons for Optimism

Peter Cooper: Last time the US Mint ran out of American eagles the silver price jumped from $34 to $49 an ounce

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Buying Silver at $100 and the Rebirth of Counterfeiting

Stewart Thomson: Gold's Tactical Assault On $1800

JS Kim: The One Chart That Explains the Massive Risk of Investing in Gold & Gold Stocks

Holly Ellyatt: Why the Euro Zone Crisis is Over…Until September

Martin Hesse, Thomas Schulz, Christoph Scheuermann and Anne Seith: Investment Banking on the Brink

Money - January 19, 2013

Cold Fusion: Third Party Tests Are Not Paid

Cold Fusion: European Patent Granted for Francesco Piantelli’s LENR Process

Cold Fusion: Defkalion enters New Joint Venture Plans Italian R&D Center

Dave Gonigam: Fake Statistics, Freaky Silver

Dan Denning: Initiating Binary Outcome Protocol

Nick Hubble: To Be Better at Investing, Invest Like an Entrepreneur

Nick Hubble: Range Bound Profits in a World of Information Anti-Symmetry

Frank Holmes: The Move Costing Investors Big-Time

Jonas Elmerraji: When Less Is More for Your Portfolio

Greg Guenthner: 3 Key Breakouts

Joel Bowman: Buba’s Gold

Lauren Lyster: America Should Declare Bankruptcy: Doug Casey

Doug Casey: "We are living in the middle of the biggest bubble in history"

David Galland: Lessons from the Argentine

Toby Connor: The Character of the Mining Sector is Changing

Dan Ferris: How buying "safe" blue-chip stocks could lose you 90%

Justin Bennett: Platinum Bulls Are Stampeding!

Egon von Greyerz: We Are Now Seeing Massive Shortages Of Silver

Gerald Celente: The 2013 Financial Collapse Will Be One For The Ages

Ron Rosen - Expect Stunning $233 For Silver As It Begins To Soar

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold May Now Be Poised For A Staggering $600+ Surge

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Rally & T-Bond Tap Out

Adam Hamilton: Contrarian Gold Stocks

MarketWatch: Bank of America and Citi reports are junk

Gold Mania Phase Approaching for Junior Miners: Michael Ballanger

Lawrence Williams: Over 6 million Silver Eagle bullion coins sold already this year

Phoenix Capital Research: The Ticking Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb

Mint News Blog: The Return of Silver Eagle Rationing

ZeroHedge: The "Bloated" Bond Bubble

ZeroHedge: "Detonating The Japanese Debt Time Bomb" With Kyle Bass

ZeroHedge: The World Is In Trouble

Money - January 18, 2013

Cold Fusion: The end of the E-Cat story? Andrea Rossi loses supporters for his "cold fusion" device

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- January 17, 2013

Cold Fusion: LENR – 2013 Projections

'Aftershock Investor' Says Go with GoldRobert Wiedemer: 'Aftershock Investor' Says Go with Gold

Wiedemer to Moneynews: More Fed Easing Is ‘Insurance Policy’ Against Market Collapse

Robert Wiedemer: Awaiting the Aftershock

Dave Gonigam: “No One Saw This Coming!”

Murray Dawes: Gold’s Point of Control

Murray Dawes: The Future is on Shaky Ground

Dan Amoss: Leveraging Gold Stocks on the Path to $20,000 Gold

Byron King: How To Profit From America’s Arctic Riches

Jeff Clark: Gold…Buy the Dips!

Jeffrey Tucker: What the Labor Pool Collapse Means

Andrey Dashkov: How Green Are Gold's Blue-Chip Mining Stocks?

Adam J. Crawford: LinkedIn: A Good Company, Not a Good Stock

Simon Kennedy & Scott Rose: Russia Says World Is Nearing Currency War as Europe Joins

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Germany Is Bringing Gold Back Home... You Should, Too

Michael Snyder: 50 Shocking Questions

Andrew Moran: Studies find higher debt loads among younger generation, indication of economic collapse

Jeff Clark: Silver: The One Precious Metal I'm Buying Today

Iacono Research: The iShares Silver Trust Just Added 571 Tonnes Of Silver

James Turk - Germany’s Gold Is Being Held Hostage

Robert Fitzwilson: Masses Close To Realizing Their Money Is Being Destroyed

Geoff Candy: Gold to average $1,847 in 2013 on institutional, investor buying – GFMS

Graphite Stock Strategies for a Second Bubble: David Skarica

Are Junior Gold Investors Living the Movie 'Groundhog Day'?: David Skarica

Chen Lin: How My Portfolio Gained 63% in 2012

Anything for a Buck: Jim Letourneau Looks to Canadian Biotech for Opportunity

ZeroHedge: Backed Into A Corner Of Our Own Making

ZeroHedge: Housing Starts Adjusted vs Unadjusted

ZeroHedge: Initial Claims Drop To 5-Year 'Old Normal' Lows On Seasonal Shenanigans

Money - January 17, 2013

Cold Fusion: Defkalion GT and MOSE s.r.l. Forming Joint Venture

Cold Fusion: Limitations on Manufacturing E-Cats

Cold Fusion: A new workforce will be needed for LENR

Cold Fusion: Economics of Cold Fusion LENR Power part three US Nuclear Regulatory… end of U238

Dave Gonigam: An Instant Balanced Budget

Dave Gonigam: Withdrawals from the Gold Bank

Chris Mayer: The Greatest Resource Shortage You’ve Never Heard of

Byron King: How To Play The Resource Technology Boom

Dan Denning: The Age of Superficial Stocks

Dan Denning: Germans Want Their Gold

Dan Denning: Attention Hoaxters: Ideas Have Consequences and so do Actions

Greg Guenthner: Fighting a Bear Market Mindset

Jonas Elmerraji: 3 Tricks for Harnessing Market Momentum

Patrick Cox: Get Rich, Slowly

Robert Murphy: What the Stock Market Is and Does

Greg Guenthner: Gold’s 15-Month Waiting Game

Chris Mayer: A Surprising Refuge in a Dangerous Market

Casey Retirement Income Guru: Fear vs. Fearmongering

Jeff Clark: What Will Gold Do This Year?

Marin Katusa: Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

John Aziz: Of Wages and Robots

Porter Stansberry: The Best Investment Advice You'll Never Take

Michael Snyder: 35 Statistics About The Working Poor In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Andrew Moran: Student loan delinquency rate now higher than all other consumer loans

Stephen Leeb: Why It’s Taking 7 Years For Gold To Be Returned To Germany

Keith Barron: Germany’s Entire Gold Hoard At The Fed May Already Be Gone

Peter Lee: Top UBS Analyst Predicts Carnage For The US Dollar & Equities

Bill Fleckenstein - Gold & Silver Set Up For An Explosive 2013

James Turk - German Repatriation Of Gold & What To Expect Next

Richard Russell - Gold & Silver On The Verge Of Accelerating

Jim Iuorio: If Trust in Currencies Erodes, Gold Will Skyrocket

ZeroHedge: Un-Recovery Continues As Beige Book Lives Up To Its Name

ZeroHedge: Another V-Shaped Stock Recovery - But Rates And Credit Ain't Buying It

ZeroHedge: It Will Take The Fed Seven Years To Deliver 300 Tons Of German Gold

Thought for the Day: Playing it safe today is like trying to flee a tsunami at a deliberate pace. If you're not running, then you're not going to make it.

Money - January 15, 2013

Cold Fusion: Mass Production of the E-Cat Comin

Cold Fusion: Home Experiments show Independent Inventors are the future of Cold Fusion and Energy

Cold Fusion: The E-Cat & Transportation

Dave Gonigam: Laughingstock Later

Dan Denning: The Bond Market Trembles

Dan Denning: Why Cheap Energy Could Be the Key for BlueScope Steel

Douglas French: India’s Gold Mania

Alena Mikhan and Andrey Dashkov: Yellow Metal's Blue Chips Are Greener Than You Think

Phil Oakley: How to prepare for the bond bubble bursting

Robert Morris: Big Gains Expected For Biotech Stocks In 2013

Michael Snyder: Goldman Sachs And The Big Hedge Funds Are Pushing Leverage To Ridiculous Extremes

Michael Snyder: The Federal Reserve Shows Barack Obama Who The Real Boss Is

John Mauldin: Forecast 2013: Unsustainability and Transition

Nick Laird: KWN Monday Silver Chart Special

John Hathaway - The Case For Gold To Trade Substantially Higher

John Embry - Silver Will Soar Hundreds Of Dollars Higher

Jeb Handwerger: Inflationary Rally May Spark Breakout In Gold and The Undervalued Junior Miners

Bob Moriarty: Revolution in Pipeline Sensing

Scaling the Heights with Peruvian Miners: Ricardo Carrión

Why Should Gold & Silver Correlations Be Constantly Monitored?

Steve Saville: The root cause of gold’s bull market

Alasdair Macleod: Austrian economics in 2013

GE Christenson: Non-Predictions for 2013 & 2014

Peter Cooper: What is a hyperinflationary depression and could it happen?

Chris Powell: Quaintance and Brodsky: Enough of the favoritism -- get on with the devaluation

John Butler: OMFIF Report Advocates the Official Remonetization of Gold

Silver Strategies: The Value of Silver

John Mylant: I Wouldn't Expect Much From Gold Early This Year

ZeroHedge: Bundesbank To Commence Repatriating Gold From New York Fed

ZeroHedge: Putting The Near-Record Equity Inflow In Context

Money - January 13, 2013

Cold Fusion: Production Assignments For The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: E-Cat / Green Turbine Connection?

Cold Fusion: MFMP Starts New Live Test

Cold Fusion: John Varney: Small-scale fusion power is “a matter of absolute urgency”

Dave Gonigam: Bleeding Billions

Matt Insley: America’s Crude Awakening: 8 Picks…

Greg Canavan: Will These ‘False Signs’ Lead You to Invest Badly?

Nick Hubble: Overexposed to the Curse of Once-Off Economic Growth

Jonas Elmerraji: The Secret to Avoiding High-Risk Trades

Ray Blanco: You Say You Want A Revolution…

Bud Conrad: The Fiscal Cliff: An Opportunity Avoided

Pete Kofod: Insights into Cultural Shifts from a Visit to a Hardware Store

Doug Casey: “There’s Going To Be A Bubble In Gold And Silver, And A Super-Bubble In The Miners; So Buy Them Now”

Jeff Clark: Why Gold Stocks Are the Best Income Opportunity of 2013

Toby Connor: January 12 Weekend report

Porter Stansberry: My best advice for 2013

John Mauldin: The Crisis of the Middle Class and American Power

Michael Pento: This Is The Frightening Reality We All Face Going Forward

Stephen Leeb: Chinese To Increase Gold & Silver Storage A Staggering 180%

Ben Davies: Gold Is Now Set Up For A Vertical Price Explosion

Tom Fitzpatrick: Expect Higher Gold & Unemployment As Stocks Set To Plunge

John Hathaway - 11 More Key Gold Charts & The Big Picture

SHTFplan: Get Gold Now: “I Remember 1980… They Were Lined Up Around the Block”

Detlev Schlichter: The true significance of the $1 trillion coin

Bob Moriarty: Learning from Failure

Adam Hamilton: Real Silver Highs 4

How to Invest Like a Merchant Bank in High-Risk Resources: Rick Winters

ZeroHedge: So You Want To Retire? Five Disturbing Statistics About Retirement: An Infographic

ZeroHedge: "Sell The World" And Soon, The US

ZeroHedge: 2013: The Year The Resplendent Masks Are Removed

Money - January 11, 2013

Cold Fusion: Jean-Paul Biberian Presentation at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- January 10, 2013

Dave Gonigam: Monopoly of a Lifetime

Dan Denning: The Bullish Assault from China’s Economy Continues

Murray Dawes: Lessons in Contrarian Investing: Don’t Buy Because You Have To

Addison Wiggin: 6 Provocative Financial Predictions for 2013 and Beyond

Dan Denning: Let the Iron Ore Wars Begin!

Matt Insley: Get Ready For This Year’s Massive Oil Opportunity

Jonas Elmerraji: 5 Reasons to Buy Stocks in 2013

Alex Daley and Doug Hornig: The New Age of Laser Cosmetics

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: What France's 75% Income Tax Rate Will Pay For

Jeff Clark: How to Legally "Print" Money

Egon von Greyerz: Swiss Gold Refiners Overwhelmed, Major Delays In Deliveries

Kevin Bambrough: Gold To Dwarf 1970s Move By Smashing Through $6,000

John Hathaway - 2 Key Charts, Gold, Fed & The Big Picture

Peter Schiff: Inflation Propaganda Exposed

Darryl Robert Schoon: Economic Collapse: A Leading Indicator of Better Times to Come

Watchlist 2013: Experts Pick Potential Biotech Winners

Which Six Companies Are in Michael King's Oncology Wheelhouse?

Christian DeHaemer: 2 Data Points and 3 Trends for Q1

Adam English: Coal's New Life Overseas

Brian Hicks: Billionaire Says 2013 Will Be Good

Sumit Roy: Gold Headed For First Decline In 13 Years In 2013, But Long-Term Bullish Thesis Remain

David Morgan: Global Debt Will Push Silver Prices To $50 In 2013; Bull Market Not Over

USCF’s Hyland: SEC Correct That Metal ETFs Don’t Impact Prices, But Wrong About Hoarding

Lawrence Williams: $1 trillion platinum coin hogwash – if it should happen, buy gold and silver

Enoch Yiu: Silver expected to outshine gold

ZeroHedge: Jim Grant Exposes "The Bureau Of Money Materialization" And A Submerging America

ZeroHedge: A Record $220 Billion "Deposit" Injection To Kick Start To The 2013 Market

ZeroHedge: To "The Precious Metal Purchasing Act" From Executive Order 6102 - Santelli's Take

Money - January 10, 2013

Cold Fusion: Making a Dent

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi, Partners & Domestic E-Cats

Cold Fusion: The Hot Cat’s Place in Russia

Cold Fusion: Is it finally happening?? A big market shift in the energy sector is claimed!!

Addison Wiggin: God, Guns and Gold!

Addison Wiggin: The Case For Immortality

Dan Denning: Expensive Brains: The Stock Market’s Killer Drone Technology

Murray Dawes: Downside in the Yen: Shinzo Abe and the Three Bears

Byron King: Dr. Copper’s Red Metal Elixir

Dan Amoss: The Path to $20,000 Gold

Greg Guenthner: Fighting a Bear Market Mindset

Chris Mayer: Feed the World, Make Money

Patrick Cox: Progress is Inevitable

David Galland: Is American Justice Dead?

Doug Casey on Orwell's Nightmare – the Darker Side of Modern Technology

Marin Katusa: Matt Damon: Broken Promises

Michael Snyder: 20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe That Everyone Should Know

Matt Badiali: This Chart of China Copper Imports Will Probably Shock You

Jeff Clark: Here's How to Profit Off Last Month's Fed Minutes

John Mauldin: Taboo-hoo

Michael Pento: This Will Cause Oceans Of Paper Money To Panic Into Gold

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Gold as a Weapon in the Currency War: Chris Mancini

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ZeroHedge: It's A Broken Market And "Hundreds Of Thousands" of Orders Affected

ZeroHedge: America Meet Your New Slumlord: Wall Street

Money - January 8, 2013

Cold Fusion: Cold Fusion 101 at MIT

Cold Fusion: Rossi’s Fascinating EMF Discovery

Cold Fusion: Revolution or Evolution?

Cold Fusion: U.S. Schools with Cold Fusion-Friendly Faculty

Cold Fusion: MIT Plans New Cold Fusion Course, Rossi Makes Interesting Claim

Dave Gonigam: Platinum-Plated Hooey

Bill Bonner: Zombie Nation

Dan Denning: The Symposium of Death

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Wait for the Parade to Buy

Ray Blanco: SpaceX Successfully Launches (and Lands!) Reusable Rocket

Jeff Clark: Dear 2013, What Will Gold Do This Year?

Eric Sprott - We Are In The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Of All-Time

Richard Russell - The 60-Year Shocker, Silver Shorts & Gold

Tom Fitzpatrick: Special US Dollar Gold Chart Series

Eric Sprott: Demand For Gold Is Now Overwhelming Central Banks

SHTFplan: Outrage: Bank Of America Freezes Funds of Licensed Online Gun Dealer: “We Believe You Should Not Be Selling Guns On The Internet”

Mark Lackey Homes in on Golden Mining Opportunities in West Africa

GoldAlert: Gold, Silver Shares Drop

Clif Droke: The death knell of the economic recovery

Gary Tanashian: A Look at Sentiment

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Will Gold and Silver Stocks Follow the General Stock Market?

Paul Tustain: The Pound's Little-Known Crisis of 2015

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ZeroHedge: Here Is How The US Financial System Really Works

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Money - January 5, 2013

Cold Fusion: Domestic E-Cats Still Planned, Certification Problematic

Cold Fusion: Slate Article Slams Fusion, Hot and Cold

Cold Fusion: The Hot Cat will also produce an electromagnetic field

Cold Fusion: 2013 2013 starts right with Cold Fusion 101 at MIT for second year

Dave Gonigam: Urgent… But Not Important

Addison Wiggin: Unstoppable Opportunity

Greg Canavan: Why the Fed Won’t Return to ‘Normal’ Monetary Policy

Greg Canavan: Goodbye to Global Economy Fear, Hello to Global Market Greed

Dan Denning: A Fed Divided

Chris Mayer: A Gold Miner With Tremendous Upside…

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Jonas Elmerraji: How Strong Is the Market Right Now?

Jonas Elmerraji: 5 Reasons to Buy Stocks in 2013

Eric Fry: The Curious Relationship of Food and Money

Bud Conrad: Future Inflation Baked In the Cake - Hyperinflation Possible

David Galland: Welcome to the Company Store

Doug Hornig: How to Improve Your Golf Score – and Do a Little Random Killing

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Justin Bennett: This Report Is Shaking Up The Energy Industry…

Frank Curzio: It's Time to Buy This Depressed Energy Sector

John Mauldin: Ending the Era of Ponzi Finance

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Art Cashin: 2013 Predictions, Warnings & Outlook

Eric Sprott - Fed Has No Exit Plan & There Is No Exit

Louise Yamada: Incredibly Important Chart & Commentary On Gold

James Turk: A Black Swan Event, Global Monetary Reset & Chaos

SHTFplan: Swiss Firm Introduces Divisible Gold Card For “A Scary New World”

SHTFplan: North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013

Morris Hubbartt: Gold May Surprise The Bears

Adam Hamilton: US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales 3

Michael Snyder: Economic Trouble Ahead For 2013?

Brent Cook: How to Turn Rock into Money

ZeroHedge: Friday Night Dump: CBO Admits Error, Now Expects Another $600 Billion In Deficits From Obama Tax Cuts

ZeroHedge: How Fiat Currency Leads To 'Collective Corruption'

ZeroHedge: Did Markets Or Manipulations "Save The World" In 2012?

Money - January 3, 2013

Cold Fusion: New WIPO Nickel-Hydrogen Patent Application Published

Cold Fusion: Rossi: Electromotive Force Produced Directly from the Hot Cat

Cold Fusion: Future Farming

Cold Fusion: Happy New Cold Fusion Year?

Cold Fusion: Will 2013 be the Year of the New Fire or Not?

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Cold Fusion: Electricity From Water Pipes

Cold Fusion: Swedish Documentary on Rossi Stirs Controversy makes some Revelations

Addison Wiggin: Damage Assessment

Dan Denning: Could these Assets Save You from the Approaching Financial Crisis?

Eric J. Fry: The ‘Corzine-Dimon Syndrome’

Frank Holmes: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Gold

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Fear a Fundamental Filter

Chris Mayer: The Great Comeback No One Will Believe

Greg Kadajski: Deliver Us from Bipartisanship

Douglas French: Inflationary Illusions in Real Estate

Doug Casey on 2013

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Stocks to soar as world money catches fire, Calvinst Europe left behind

Jeff Clark: Another "Once in a Decade" Buying Opportunity

John Mauldin: Janus, Cassandra & Pollyanna

Richard Russell - 2013 & The Greatest Bubble In World History

Robert Fitzwilson: Gold & The Frightening Picture Of Our Financial Abyss

Keith Barron: Gold To Break $2,000 & Global Rush Into Silver Will Continue

Stephen Leeb: This Is The Year The Chinese Let Gold & Silver Prices Fly

SHTFplan: Illinois Moves to Outlaw Modern Firearms and Criminalize Owners

Dorothy Kosich: Dec 2012 American Eagle silver coins sales 3rd highest in history

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Higher Low in Place for Gold Stocks as 2013 Beckons

Jan Skoyles: When to invest in gold

Martin Hutchinson: Will The Crash Come In 2013 Or 2014?

James Tolard: The Case for Dow 20,000 and $2500 Gold

Sumit Roy and Drew Voros: Copper Will Shine Brightly In 2013 While Gold & Silver Will Struggle For Gains

Despite ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal, Gold & Silver Downtrends Remain Intact, Palladium At 9-Month High

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