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Purchase Silver With Goldmoney
Thought for the Day: Playing it safe today is like trying to flee a tsunami at a deliberate pace. If you're not running, then you're not going to make it.

Money - December 31, 2012

Michael Snyder: The New Year Will Rip The Middle Class To Shreads

Andrew Moran: Silver expected to hit new highs in 2013 as U.S. economic collapse furthers

John Butler: Top ten reasons why fiat currency is superior to gold

Alasdair Macleod: Outlook for 2013

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: How to Make the IRS Pay You 7.4% Interest – Locked In

Michael Snyder: 16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink

Michael Snyder: A Massive Electromagnetic Pulse Could Collapse The Economy In A Single Moment

Michael Snyder: Happy New Year Middle Class: The Fiscal Cliff Is Going To Rip You To Shreds

Brian Hunt: You Still Don't Need to Work Hard or Be Smart to Make Money

John Mauldin: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Egon von Greyerz: 2013 - Financial Destruction & How Gold & Silver Will Perform

John Embry - The Price Of Silver Will Go Ballistic In 2013

John Mauldin - The Financial Crisis In 2013 Will Be A Debacle

John Mauldin - This Will Be One Of The Greatest Trades Of My Life

Bill Haynes: Public Buying “Monstrous” Amounts Of Physical Gold & Silver

Michael Pento: Man That First Spotted QE4 Now Says Gold To Break $10,000

SHTFplan: You Know How This Ends Right? This Ends Through War.

SHTFplan: DHS Insider Report: Coming This Spring: “Life for the Average American is Going to Change Significantly”

Mark Mead Baillie: From “Buy Watch” to “Buy Signal”

Gerald Celente on 2013, Gold and Silver and WW III

Les Leopold: The Ten Most Outrageous Economic Calamities of 2012

Simon Johnson: Will 2013 mark the beginning of American decline?

Thomas McMahon: Gold second-best to Silver

Brien Lundin: Pick Up Junior Gold Mining Bargains Now

Silver: Another Decade Of 500% Returns Is Possible

Jim Rickards - Gold To $7000.00 A Conservative Estimate

Cordell Eddings: Pimco’s Gross Sees Less Return, Stubborn Unemployment

Gary Tanashian: Silver To See $28 Before $60

azizonomics: The Real 2013 Cliff

Zhang Boling: Miners Going Overseas for All that Glitters

ZeroHedge: Unleash The "Henry": VIX Compression On

ZeroHedge: US To Officially Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

Thought for the Day: Playing it safe today is like trying to flee a tsunami at a deliberate pace. If you're not running, then you're not going to make it.

Money - December 28, 2012

Cold Fusion: Is the e-cat real II. The fading dream for free and abundant energy

Cold Fusion: Autos Still Hope In The Hot-Cat

Dave Gonigam: An Oily Holiday

Simon Munton: Confessions of a Charlatan

Dr. David Eifrig: How to Take Control of Your Retirement Money

Economic Collapse: Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink

Gains Pains & Capital: What Happens When the Bond Markets Turn Against the US?

Jeff Clark: Your Broker Will Pay You to Make These Trades

Nick Laird: 3 Key Charts Show Massive Money Flows Into Gold & Silver

Nick Laird: 6 Shocking Gold Charts Depicting Stunning Western Decline

Kevin Wides: Next Move May Be A Stunning $3,620 For Gold & $125 Silver

SHTFplan: Senate to Ban Hundreds of Semiautomatic Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Magazines; Includes Fingerprint Registration Requirements

John Rubino: Welcome to the Currency War, Part 6: Japan Gets Explicit

Bob Moriarty: Nicaragua Gold

Laura Gottesdiener: Payback! Hundreds of Homeowners Associations Threaten Banks with Foreclosure

Bob Moriarty: A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread...

Charles Hugh Smith: The Structural Endgame of the Fiscal Cliff

Rita Sapunor: US Energy Independence: The Next Big Thing for 2013?

Life Sciences Report: 2012: A Healthy Year for the Life Sciences

Ben Traynor: Precious Metals "Under Pressure" Ahead of Year-End, US "Due to Hit Debt Ceiling This Monday" says Geithner

Jim Willie: The Coming Isolation of USDollar

Dennis Miller: Why TIPS Won't Protect You from Inflation...and Other Government Lies

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: 1980 Top in Gold as a Reference Point for Precious Metals Investors

Peter Cooper: Recent gold price take down is like what happened before the big take-off in the late 70s recalls Jim Sinclair

Nathan Lewis: 40 Years Of Floating Money, 40 Years Of The Average Worker Getting Poorer

Nick Barrickman: Hunger and Homelessness Rising across America

ZeroHedge: Consumer Confidence Plunges, Unadjusted New Homes Sales Slide To Lowest Since February

ZeroHedge: Presenting The Decline Of The West In Two Easy Infographics

ZeroHedge: Are Stocks Catching Down To Gold?

ZeroHedge: No More Industrial Revolutions, No More Growth?

Dan Amoss: "(On the "housing recovery") A small sliver of the market, single-family home rentals have put a floor under the low end of the market. ... investors will bail out in 2013 when expectations for housing bubble 2.0 fade and earnings disappoint."

Money - December 27, 2012

Cold Fusion: ‘Strong and Very Well Organized’ Team Behind the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Why LENR will Lead to Massive Inflation

Cold Fusion: Open Sourced LENR Effort Shows Some Success

Dave Gonigam: Behind the “Housing Recovery”

Simon Munton: How Will Your Stocks React if China Goes ‘Nuclear’ in 2013?

Doug Casey: The Morality of Money

Joe Weisenthal: The Fed Is Risking An Inflation Disaster, And There Will Only Be One Place To Hide

Corey Williams: Double Your Money On A Healthcare ETF

Jeff Clark: How to Make a Good Trade Great

Nick Laird: Extremely Important Gold & Silver Charts

Richard Russell - Put 33% to 50% Into Gold & Sidestep Bubbles

SHTFplan: If You Are On This List You May Be In Grave Danger

Gordon Lewis: Why It’s A Good Idea To Invest In Small Cap Tech Companies

Frank Holmes: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Gold

Jan Skoyles: Top 5 explanations of what’s going on with gold

Stewart Thomson: Golden Christmas Presents For You

Leonard Melman Finds the Fiscal Cliff a Boon for Precious Metals

Jim Sinclair: Gold As We Approach The New Year

Sumit Roy: Strong U.S. Growth & Fading Euro Debt Crisis To Push Down Gold & Silver To $1550 and $26 In 2013

Amine Bouchentouf: Three Commodities That Will Underperform In 2013

Mark Thomas: Twenty Reasons to Buy Silver for the Long-Term!

Republica: Gold continues to become cheaper

Melissa Pistilli: Silver Slides into the Holiday Season, but Upswing Expected in New Year

Swagato Chakravorty: European Investors Favor Tiny Gold Bars; Refiner Valcambi to Bring Product to U.S.

Adam English: The government is poised to give you a hefty pay cut

Brittany Stepniak: 3 Tips for a Stress-Free New Year

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: The Worst Inflation in My Lifetime

Sean Brodrick: This ‘Rodney Dangerfield of Metals’ Deserves Your Respect

ZeroHedge: Generation Y Wakes Up From The American Dream, Faces An American Nightmare

ZeroHedge: A Canadian Summarizes America's Collapse: "Everyone Takes, Nobody Makes, Money Is Free, And Money Is Worthless"

ZeroHedge: A Record $2 Trillion In Deposits Over Loans - The Fed's Indirect Market Propping Pathway Exposed

Bob Moriarty: "The government is going to fail; the bond market is going to blow up; the banking system will blow up. Anyone who has had Economics 101 knows that. One day soon we’re going to have hyperinflation. The only question is whether the $648 trillion in derivatives blows up first, and we go into a deflationary depression, or we become Weimar Germany."

Money - December 25, 2012

Cold Fusion: Patent Trolls Could Threaten Cold Fusion Research and Development

Cold Fusion: Italy’s Role In The E-Cat

Cold Fusion: Pons Preface to Biberian Fusion Book

Cold Fusion: A Few Snippets

Dr. David Eifrig: The Most Dangerous "Everyday" Threat to Your Privacy

Graham Summers: Why Bernanke’s Terrified of 2013

Jeff Clark: How I Retired at 42

John Mauldin: Looking on the Bright Side

The Aftershock Investor: A Crash Course in Staying Afloat in a Sinking Economy: Advice on protection and profits in the short and long term future from the experts who accurately predicted the financial crisis of 2008, and who now have more detailed information about what is yet to come. | Read More
Gerald Celente: This Will Usher In A Massive Financial Collapse in 2013

Robert Fitzwilson: Investors Must Catch The Next Massive Play To The Upside

John Embry: Catastrophic Loss Of Confidence To Spike Gold & Silver

Michael Pento: Who’s Been Naughty Or Nice & What To Expect In 2013

SHTFplan: What Does It Mean to “Prepare for the Economic Collapse”?

SHTFplan: Gun Frenzy: Photos Show How Quickly Stores Across the Nation Are Selling Out: “Lines Out the Door”

Nathan Lewis: The Handy Distraction of the Fiscal Cliff

John Browne: Republican Sellout Invites Stagflation

Gold and Silver Blog: The Fed Is Confiscating The Wealth Of The Middle Class By Destroying The Value Of The Dollar

Rohit Savant Expects the Gold Bull Market to Pause in 2013

Byron King's Shocking 2013 Predictions

Four Biotech Names with Major Market Potential: Michael Higgins

A failure on Comex Silver – Alasdair Macleod

Tim Iacono: The Dichotomy Of Paper Vs. Physical Gold And Silver Markets

Gold Silver Worlds: Three Experts About The Gold & Silver Price Drops

Washington Blog: It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff” … It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness

Highly popular CombiBar gold wafers may be coming to the U.S.

ZeroHedge: Bah! Humbug And A Happy Hyperinflationary Christmas To All

ZeroHedge: Demand For Gold "CombiBars" Soaring

ZeroHedge: The Sleeper Must Awaken

ZeroHedge: Who's Smarter? Dr. Copper Or Mr. Market

ZeroHedge: Why Are Investors Buying 50 Times More Physical Silver Than Gold?

Thought for the Day: A year ago I wrote that 2012 would be a good year to buy silver and gold, but that inflation will surge in mid-2013. Now it looks like the real rate of price inflation may remain below 15% until 2014, but I'm continuing to buy silver.

Money - December 22, 2012

Cold Fusion: Rossi Third Party Report on eCat Coming in February

Dave Gonigam: Cliffpocalypse!

Bill Bonner: Health Regulations — By and For Zombies

Bill Bonner: The Zombie Takeover in Britain

Eric J. Fry: The Irreversible Plight of the Aging Welfare State

Nick Hubble: How Government Thieves Have the Monopoly on ‘Wrong’

Greg Canavan: The Earnings Multiple: How Markets ‘Put a Price’ on Earnings

Matt Insley: This Gold Strategy Is About To Payoff…

Jonas Elmerraji: How Strong Is the Market Right Now?

Louis James: How You Play the Cards Is More Important Than What You Are Dealt

Jeff Clark: 12 Gold Bugs Bring Christmas Cheer

Porter Stansberry: One of Wall Street's Worst "Dirty Secrets" - Very useful information!

Michael Snyder: 20 Signs That The U.S. Poverty Explosion Is Hitting Children And Young People The Hardest

Toby Connor: Stock Market Breather & Gold Yearly Cycle Low

Porter Stansberry: This advice will absolutely change your life as an investor

John Mauldin: US Birth Rate Hits New Low – A Nation of Singles

Roberto Giorgi: The New Terrifying World Of Modern Day Pirates

Andrew Maguire: Shocking $2.89 Premium For Physical Silver In China

Egon von Greyerz: US Debt & Liabilities Set To Increase A Staggering $70 Trillion

SHTFplan: Gun Frenzy: Photos Show How Quickly Stores Across the Nation Are Selling Out: “Lines Out the Door”

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Precious Metals Decouple from Stock Market

Morris Hubbartt: Silver Shoots For Lucky Number 7

Bob Moriarty: The CBM Asia/Exxon Deal Signed

Adam Hamilton: QE3 Silver Impact

Rohit Savant Expects the Gold Bull Market to Pause in 2013

Byron King: How to Up Your Investing IQ with Gold

ZeroHedge: The One Thing Everyone Is Forgetting About The Fiscal Cliff

ZeroHedge: On The Morality Of The Fed

ZeroHedge: It Is Five Time More Difficult To Get An Attendant Job At Delta Airlines Than Enter Harvard

ZeroHedge: Why The Manufacturing Jobs Are Not Coming Back

Money - December 21, 2012

Cold Fusion: Energy Efficiency is a No Win Game

Cold Fusion: Swedish Follower Discusses Rossi’s TV Appearance

Dave Gonigam: Big Oil’s Dangerous Game

Dan Denning: The Great Monetary Devolution Away from the Gold Standard

Bill Bonner: Central Planners are the Reason Why the US Economy is Broke

Joel Bowman: The Free Market’s Exciting and Creative Workarounds

Matt Insley: If The Market Plummets, Buy These Midstream Assets…

Greg Guenthner: Signs of a Broad Market Rally Abound

Bill Bonner: The Entitlement Cliff

Eric Fry: The Irreversible Plight of the Aging Welfare State

Doug Casey on the Fiscal Cliff

The Big Downside of Baidu

Terry Coxon: Is There a Best Way to Return to a Gold Standard?

Michael Snyder: 75 Economic Numbers From 2012 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Andrew Moran: American middle class endures economic collapse as wealth is redistributed to ruling class

Andrew Maguire: Whistleblower - $3.5 Billion Of Paper Used To Smash Gold Price

Andrew Maguire: Whistleblower: CBs Buying, Who’s Supplying & Is Paulson Selling

Andrew Maguire: Physical Silver Market Has Now Diverged To Extremes

Ron Rosen: Most Important & Informative Chart Available Anywhere

Stephen Leeb: Diplomat Admits China Is Accumulating Gold To Back The Yuan

Bob Moriarty: Novo, Good News-Bad News

Gold Seek: Silver To Gain 29% in 2013 - Analysts, Traders and Investors

Chanyaporn Chanjaroen and Nicholas Larkin: Silver Vaults Stuffed Means Price Rising 30% in ’13: Commodities

Dave Kranzler: What's Going On With Gold And Silver?

Bob Ivry: Fed’s $4 Trillion Rescue Helps Hedge Fund as Savers

Silver undervalued with respect to gold

Adrian Ash: Why the gold price MUST go higher

Brian Sylvester: Good News: gold price will keep going up. Bad News: money creation and inflation

Roy Friedman: Gold prices expected to rise in 2013; could hit $2,200

ZeroHedge: Why Reported Inflation Seems Different Than Reality

ZeroHedge: In 2013 The Fed Will Conjure Enough Paper Money To Buy 11% Of All Existing Gold

Thought for the Day: For those who think the housing industry is recovering, check out the ZeroHedge headlines below. (Bottom of the Money column.)

Money - December 19, 2012

Cold Fusion: Evidence Mounts In Favor of the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: English Transcript of Swedish TV Cold Fusion Program

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Featured in Swedish TV Show

Addison Wiggin: The New Cold War

Dr. Alex Cowie: Why Uranium Stocks Could be Worth Another Look

Callum Newman: The Next Shot in the Currency War

Joel Bowman: The Free Market’s Exciting and Creative Workarounds

Bill Bonner: Big Brains and Bad Ideas

Chris Mayer: Investing In The U.S. — Still The Best Of The Bunch…

Greg Guenthner: 3 Strong Sectors for 2013

Matt Insley: The Case For $150 Oil… (In 2013)

Terry Coxon: Is There a Best Way to Return to a Gold Standard?

Marin Katusa: Could Japan Spark a New Asian War?

Michael Snyder: What In The World Are Barack Obama And John Boehner Thinking?

Matt Badiali: A Big Trend Change Is Coming in This Beaten-Down Commodity

John Mauldin: Central Bank Insurance

Richard Russell - The Ring Of Fire, QE Forever & Gold

James Turk: Anti-Gold Propaganda Won’t Stop Monetary Destruction

James Turk: Why Did They Send In The Queen Instead Of Auditors?

James Turk: The West Can’t Stop The Flow Of Gold Into India & China

SHTFplan: “The Global Food Crisis You Need To Prepare For Is Now Imminent”

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Deceptions: Large Surpluses & Low Production Cost

Peter Cooper: Investor interest still points to a big pop in the silver price

James Cox: Silver is money too

Darryl Robert Schoon: America Learns the Hard Way: Guns, Global Warming & Printing Money

The erosion of purchasing power via inflation – Federal Reserve and the permanent portfolio

Stewart Thomson: Gold And Japanese Reflation

Peter Schiff: No Way Out

Byron King: Time to Take Rare Earths Losses Ahead of Tax Code Changes?

The Rare Earth Sector Needs These Three Things to Prosper

ZeroHedge: Housing Starts, Permits Unimpressive, Saved By "South" Surge

ZeroHedge: Uncle Sam Books 50% Loss As Government Motors Buys Back 200MM Shares From Tim Geithner

ZeroHedge: Six Month + Delinquent Mortgages Amount To More Than Half Of Bank of America's Market Cap

ZeroHedge: Jeff Gundlach On The Fiscal Cliff Circus And Why Investors Should Hold Cash Through 2013

ZeroHedge: The Death Of America's Middle Class

Money - December 18, 2012

Cold Fusion: E-CAT Plant Sighting

Cold Fusion: Prometeon SRL Issues Press Release on Leonardo’s US Contract

Cold Fusion: Sharing the Philosophy [Updated]

Cold Fusion: Lower Energy Prices Key to Prosperity and Fighting Poverty

Cold Fusion: Debate Over Peer Review

Cold Fusion: Rossi’s Timeline Progressing

Energy: MSV Explorer amphibious vehicle powered by free energy technology poised to be first to general market

Addison Wiggin: America to Congress: Jump!

Dan Denning: Why Shale Gas is the Biggest Story in the Energy Markets

Dan Denning: The Stock Market Has Gone Barking Mad

Bill Bonner: Low Interest Rates and High Unemployment: Treading the Path to Poverty

Frank Holmes: How Gold Miners Can Leverage the Price of Gold

Josh Grasmick: Bag a Breakout, Zip up Profits

Bill Bonner: Promises Will be Broken

Louis James: The 12 Gold Bugs of Christmas

Dr Frank Shostak: Bernanke loosens further the monetary stance

Michael Snyder: 22 Stats That Prove That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Young Men In America

Andrew Moran: Washington tries to cash in on gold prices, balance budget by taxing mining operators

Brian Hunt: A "No Brainer" Idea for Global Stock Traders

Robert Fitzwilson: We Are Headed To A Historic Collapse Of The Financial System

James Turk: The Cartel Getting Desperate In The Gold & Silver War

John Embry - Chinese Demand For Silver Has Exploded

SHTFplan: U.S. Secret Service Bans Sale of Silver and Gold Liberty Dollars on Ebay

Greg Hunter: Global Growth Will Never Return to its Glory Days-Chris Martenson

Jack Chan: This past week in gold

Michael Zielinski: US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Until January 7, 2013

ZeroHedge: JP Morgan Admits That "QE Will Offset Almost All Of Next Year’s Government Deficit"

ZeroHedge: GE's Jeff Immelt: "We've Definitely Seen A Slowdown In The Fourth Quarter"

ZeroHedge: The Two Charts That Matter From Smith And Wesson's December Investor Presentation

ZeroHedge: Albert Edwards: “Something Bad Happened In November"

Thought for the Day: Expect government to grow until it collapses.

Money - December 16, 2012

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Action Moves to 2013

Cold Fusion: Leonardo Has Sold the E-Cat?

Cold Fusion: Toyota and Mitsubishi Collaborate on new LENR Research in Japan

Addison Wiggin: Orange Alert!

Nick Hubble: Why Would You Believe the Financial Media News?

Jonas Elmerraji: Know Your Trading Time Frame

Joel Bowman: The State is Doomed…and Other Reasons to be Optimistic

David Galland: The US Continues Along an Alarming Continuum

David Galland: What's Up with Gold?

Barry Ritholtz: Coincident to Lagging Economic Indicator

Justin Bennett : Another Fed Surprise… What Does It Mean For Commodities?

Robert Morris: Beware Of Chinese Solar Stocks

Peter Schiff: Federal Reserve to put dollar over currency cliff with QE4

Toby Connor: Natural Gas is the Trigger

S&A Research: The most direct housing play in the stock market

John Mauldin: Sorting Out the Decade

Egon von Greyerz: Two Important Charts For Gold & Silver Investors

Dan Norcini: Our Path To Collapse Will Impact Everyone Around The World

Nigel Farage On The Queen’s Tour of Britain’s Gold Vault

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: A Look at Junior Gold Producers

Morris Hubbartt: Ultimate Oscillator Gold Analysis

Adam Hamilton: Silver's Young Up-leg

How to Find Success with Latin American Miners: Heiko Ihle

Clif Droke: The Fed’s fantastic failure

Elliott Wave Forecast: Gold Triangle Pattern

Lee Quaintance & Paul Brodsky: It’s Time to Buy Gold

Alex Cowie: Why Silver Could Be the Best Investment in 2013

Dr. Marc Faber Explains & Predicts the Economy Inflatoin US Dollar Stocks Gold & Silver

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Harvesting Profits From Weak Hands in the Silver Market

ZeroHedge: What You Need To Know About The Fed's Latest Move

Money - December 14, 2012

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: World risks fresh credit bubble, Switzerland's BIS warns

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Action Moves to 2013

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- December 13, 2012

Addison Wiggin: Making the Empire Pay

Bill Bonner: The Outrageous Behaviour of the US Fed

Greg Canavan: The Trade Deficit Dilemma That’s Alive and Well

Matt Insley: The Best Time To Buy Gold, Is…

Josh Grasmick: The “Other Economy” You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Patrick Cox: “You Say You Want a Revolution…”

Chris Wood: Profiting from Novel Drug-Delivery Systems

Louis James: Fear vs. Fundamentals in the Platinum Market

Matt Badiali: The Facts About One of the Biggest Energy Trades of the Decade

We Are Witnessing The Death Of Small Business In America

Jeff Clark: How to Trade the Next Move in Natural Gas

Nick Laird: KWN Friday Gold Chart Mania

Michael Pento: Fed’s Balance Sheet To Hit A Shocking $6 Trillion

Rick Rule: Largest Capital In The World Now Entering Gold & Silver Space!

Tom Bulford: Should you be buying miners right now?

Matthew Partridge: The US property recovery is here to stay – here’s what to buy

Jan Skoyles: How Average Joe can save himself…and America

Richard Russell: Where's gold going?

Porter Stansberry: End the Ban on US Oil Exports

George S. Mack: Do You Have the Guts to Take On Cutting-Edge Biotech Like This VC?

Zacks Analyst Jason Napodano's Seven Biotech Picks Will Keep Your Profits on Solid Ground

David Goldman: Massive bank cyberattack planned

Lara May: Gold demand increases 15pc

ZeroHedge: old-to-Silver Ratio Soars By Most In 2012

ZeroHedge: The Rise And Fall Of Phantom Housing Collateral

ZeroHedge: The Queen Of England Asks Economists – ‘Why Did Nobody Notice?’

ZeroHedge: Grade The Recessiovery

Thought for the Day: If you have the money now is a great time to invest in rental real estate. But too many home "owners" are still in undeclared default for me to expect a recovery anytime soon.

Money - December 13, 2012

Cold Fusion: MFMP to Launch EU Test on 12/12/12

Cold Fusion: Demand for Alternative Methods of Electricity Generation Increasing

Dave Gonigam: Monopoly: No Game, Real Money

Dan Denning: The Fed’s Poppycock Monetary Policy Targets the Unemployment Rate

Bill Bonner: The Contagious Gold Bug

Bill Bonner: US Economy on Zombie Watch

Byron King: Here’s How The Global Oil Grab Affects You…

Greg Guenthner: Mailbag: Rise of the Machines?

Chris Mayer: Of Optimism and Pessimism

Painting by the Numbers

Doug Casey on Books – Doug's Ideal Library

Charles Hugh Smith: Essays in Fragility: Our One-Off Economy

Egon von Greyerz: Gold and Silver poised for major move

Porter Stansberry: Gold and Real Estate Are My Hedges for the Fiscal Cliff

55 Reasons Why California Is The Worst State In America

Matt Badiali: A Key Level for Small Gold Stocks

Stephen Leeb: Buy Gold - Fed To Print Over $1,000,000,000,000 Per Year

Keith Barron: All Of My Bags Were Searched & They Were Looking For Money

Chris Powell: “Holy Grail” Gold Evidence Panics Western Central Banks

Robert Fitzwilson: If One Has Wealth To Preserve, The Time For Action Is Now

John Stepek: The best way to profit from never-ending money-printing

Dominic Frisby: When will gold stocks take off?

Bengt Saelensminde: This has 'multi-bagger' written all over it

SHTFplan: The Charts That Prove The Global Economy Is In Serious Trouble

Dan Levy: Home Seizures Rise as Banks Adjust to Foreclosure Flow

America is Going to Crash Big Time-Paul Craig Roberts

Darryl Robert Schoon: The Gold Market: Seen Through a Glass Darkly

Mike Whitney: Crashing the Bond Market

Michael Krieger: Fed Statement is Laughable: The Precious Metals Consolidation is Over

Lindsey Williams Dollar Devaluation Formula EXPOSED!

Comex Silver climbs the most after the QE boost

Dave Kranzler: The Price Of Gold Is Headed Much Higher - Here's Why

Aziz: There’s a Problem With Kicking the Can Down the Road

ZeroHedge: Get It While You Can

ZeroHedge: Gold - It's Time

ZeroHedge: Are Equities A Good Inflation Hedge?

ZeroHedge: Gold Falls Despite Fed’s QE4 and Reckless Policies

Ron Paul: "Why does the use of religion to support a social gospel and preemptive wars, both of which requires authoritarians to use violence, or the threat of violence, go unchallenged?"

Money - December 12, 2012

Cold Fusion: Rossi on Swedish TV December 17th.

Cold Fusion: Update on White House’s Green Buttons Initiative

Dave Gonigam: The Perils of Doom and Gloom

Dan Denning: Recessions the World Over

Bill Bonner: The Cost of the US Presidency

Murray Dawes: The Price of Risk in the Stock Market

Dan Denning: Forecasting the Future: Global Trends and Alternative Worlds

Bill Bonner: Don’t Bet on Saudi America

Byron King: The Oil Production Plateau

Josh Grasmick: Get Rich, Or Buy Trying…

Bill Bonner: The Internet Is a Dud

Alex Daley: Breaking Down a Biotech Winner

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Why U.S. Unemployment Could Triple from Here

Sorry Protesters: Your Jobs Are Being Sent To China And They Aren't Coming Back

Jeff Clark: How to Trade Gold into the End of the Year

Richard Russell: Stage Now Set For Public To Enter Gold Market

Jeffrey Saut: Baby Boomers Unlike Any Generation The World Has Ever Seen

Bill Fleckenstein: Gold & Bond Markets Are Now At A Massive Inflection Point

SHTFplan: A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance and the Red Pill

Valentin Petkantchin: Renewed Interest in Gold as a Financial Asset

Frank Holmes: How Gold Miners Can Leverage the Price of Gold

Why the Pros Bet Contrarian: Sprott Execs Bambrough and Dimitriadis

A Critical Year in Review: What's Next?

Silver Rally Due - Seasonally Strong Mid December To End of April

Emma Dunkley: Silver tipped to soar 500% but can it beat bullion in 2013?

Shivom Seth: Silver sales set to outshine gold in India

Jack Farchy: Sales of American Eagle Gold Coins Soar

The Gold Market Seen Through a Glass Darkly

Gene Arensberg: Silver Breakout from Mother of All Mid Point Consolidations?

ZeroHedge: An Ungovernable Democracy

ZeroHedge: Have We Seen The Peak Of Employment?

ZeroHedge: Hong Kong Fed's Epiphany: Is Bernanke Wrong About Everything?

Money - December 11, 2012

Cold Fusion: Cyclone Steam Engines And LENR

Cold Fusion: Are Plasma Engines Anywhere In The LENR Future?

Cold Fusion: Third Party e-cat validation could be finished this Month

Dave Gonigam: A $551 Billion Hole

Bill Bonner: A Victory Over the Zombies!

Dan Denning: Boarding the Train of Opportunity

Frank Holmes: The Significant Impact of U.S. Oil Production

Greg Guenthner: 3 Strong Sectors for 2013

Greg Guenthner: 3 Market Predictions for 2013

Eric Fry: What If?

Bill Bonner: More Too Much of a Good Thing

Andrey Dashkov: Platinum: Fear vs. Fundamentals

15 Signs That The Economy Is Rapidly Getting Worse As We Head Into 2013

Brian Hunt: Why You Should Be Long Emerging Markets

John Mauldin: Peak Oil or Peak Energy? – A Happy Solution

James Turk: The Key Chart Every Silver Investor Needs To Watch

John Embry - This Is Why Silver Will Smash Through $100

SHTFplan: The Road To Recovery: Over One Million Americans Added to Poverty In Last Two Months

SHTFplan: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

Andrew Moran: Economic collapse turning indebted college students into strippers

Chris Puplava: Precious Metals Update – Intermediate Low at Hand

Ben Mountifield: Why gold is money

Peter Grandich: What a Turnaround in Junior Gold Mining Stocks Will Look Like

Lawrence Williams: Silver surplus – what silver surplus?

BullionStreet: Silver for short term and surely for long term

Tekoa Da Silva: Why A Weimar-Style Hyperinflation Will Never Occur In The West...

David Banister: An Emerging Low in Gold Stocks?

Briton Ryle: Is Goldman Sachs Lying About Gold? Why New Highs Are Coming for Gold

Brittany Stepniak: Secret Silver Stockpiles and Gold's Black Market

ZeroHedge: Elliott's Paul Singer Reveals The Thing That Scares Him Most

ZeroHedge: Are Equity Yields A Screaming Buy - Or Reversion To Reality?

ZeroHedge: A Few Thoughts On Gold, Part 1 – Gold As An Investment

ZeroHedge: Real Estate: Is the Bottom In, Or Is This A Head-Fake?

Money - December 10, 2012

Cold Fusion: Toyota Replicates Mitsubishi LENR Transmutation Experiment

Cold Fusion: Rossi Says Working with U.S. University(ies)

Cold Fusion: Major European Electronics Company has Duplicated Celani Cell

Cold Fusion: Delays In Third Party Reports

Dave Gonigam: Escape from Rumorville

Nick Hubble: The Nailhouse Shock Coming From China’s Collateral Crisis

Matt Insley: Natural Gas: To Export Or Not To Export

Patrick Cox: Treating Autoimmune Disorders with a Natural Supplement

Unemployment Is Not Going Down: The Employment Rate Has Been Under 59 Percent For 39 Months In A Row

Sean Goldsmith: China is about to become America's largest customer

John Hathaway: This Is What Is Going On Behind The Scenes In The Gold War

Michael Pento: What Is Really Happening Globally & Where Gold Is Headed

Tom Fitzpatrick: 9 Charts To Help Understand The Direction Of Global Markets

Egon von Greyerz: Here Is The Gold Market In One Fantastic Chart

Lance Roberts: Have We Seen the Peak of Employment?

SHTFplan: Preppers Who Make Surviving The Apocalypse Even Less Fun

SHTFplan: “Doomsday Prepper” Raided By Police, FBI After Criticizing Obama

Gerardo Coco: Where to from here?

Peter Schiff: Ditching Before the Fiscal Cliff

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Secondary Bottom Coming in Gold Stocks

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Stocks Have An Aroon Harpoon

Sprott's Michael Kosowan on Surviving Death by Paper Cut in Today's Mining Equity Market

George S. Mack: Weighing the Risks in International Oil Plays

Adam Hamilton: US Debt Crisis

Gold ‘Storm’ - Could Rise Sharply Next Week On Fed Say UBS and Nomura

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Investment — Time is Slipping Away

Myra P. Saefong: Silver gains favor as an investment asset

ZeroHedge: Complacency Everywhere You Look

ZeroHedge: "The Shape Of The Next Crisis" - A Preview By Elliott's Paul Singer

ZeroHedge: Preview Of The Key Events In The Coming Week

ZeroHedge: Foodstamps Soar By Most In 16 Months: Over 1 Million Americans Enter Poverty In Last Two Months

ZeroHedge: Consumer Debt - Still A Long Way To Go

Ron Paul: "Why are there not more individuals who seek to intellectually influence others to bring about positive changes than those who seek power to force others to obey their commands?"

Money - December 7, 2012

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- December 6, 2012

Addison Wiggin: Holiday Mirth, Economic Myth

Bill Bonner: Nothing Can Stop the US Going Over the Fiscal Edge

Bill Bonner: Will Energy Save the US Economy?

Byron King: A Trip To Texas: Gold & Black Gold!

Jonas Elmerraji: How to Find Bottoming Stocks

Eric Fry: The Egyptian Train

Alex Daley: Anatomy of Great Technology Investment

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Better than 2008... 658% Gains are Possible in Five Years

Dominic Frisby: These charts say it’s time to buy the mining giants

Show This To Anyone That Believes That Taxes Are Too Low

Jeff Clark: We're on the Verge of a Tremendous Buying Opportunity

Ben Davies - Gold Shorts Are Now Exposed To a Price Spike

Tom Fitzpatrick: Despite Choppiness, Gold To Have Massive Breakout In 2013

Richard Russell - God, Gold, The Shanghai Index & The Dollar

Hugo Salinas Price: Reflections on the effects of War as compared to the effects of Fiat Money

Bob Moriarty: Graphite into Production

Antal Fekete: The Incredible Collapse of Value of Silver

Mike Maloney In Singapore - Crisis To Opportunity

Steve Gelsi: Gold volatility seen fueling bullion sales

Adam English: Start Now: Planning for New Taxes on Investors

Charles Hugh Smith: Real Estate: Is the Bottom In, or Is This a Head-Fake?

Ross Silver on How to Find the Perfect Combo of Biotech Science and Market Savvy

Christian DeHaemer: Why Silver Has Legs; The Silver Lady's 2,477% Gain

James Hesketh: Junior miners should ‘stick their knitting and build what they’ve got’—Atna

Julian Phillips: Central Bank gold sale conundrum - why replace selling with buying

Porter Stansberry: If you can't answer this question, you could be in serious trouble

JC Parets: Mexican Stocks Leading to the Upside

ZeroHedge: Squatting On The Shoulders Of Midgets

ZeroHedge: Gun Sales Surge: Smith & Wesson Announces Sales +48%

ZeroHedge: The Federal Reserve For Dummies And Other Econ PhDs

ZeroHedge: Drones In America? They are Already Here...

Ron Paul: "Why is there so little concern for the Executive Order that gives the President authority to establish a "kill list," including American citizens, of those targeted for assassination?"

Money - December 6, 2012

Cold Fusion: Celani Announces 3rd Party Replication

Cold Fusion: Hot Cat To Deliver Electric Power Soon

Cold Fusion: Open-Source LENR Project Making Progress Posting Results

Addison Wiggin: A Relic of a Misguided Age

Dan Denning: Why the World Needs More Non-believers

Bill Bonner: US Debt: Why America May Need a Bail Out by the IMF

Joel Bowman: The Fiscal Distraction

Chris Mayer: Capitalist Dystopia

Josh Grasmick: Adventure-Investing In the Rising Billion, Part II

Greg Guenthner: Beating the Market With Imperfect Trades

Stephen Leeb: This Is Going To Require 30% - 50% Of Global Silver Production

Ron Rosen: Goldman Sachs Call Ridiculous, Gold Ready To Rocket

Louise Yamada - Here Are The Key Levels To Watch On Gold & Silver

Jeff Clark: Is a Global Gold Supply Crunch Forming?

Economic Collapse: From Good Jobs To Bad Jobs To No Jobs - The Tragic Downfall Of The American Worker

SHTFplan: Americans Are The Most Spied On People In World History

Tim Iacono: How Fed Policy Distorts Home Prices

Graham Summers: The Investment Classes That Will Most Benefit From Obama’s Second Term

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Europe and America will not allow deflation to take root

Bob Moriarty: Absurd market attitude toward Moneta Porcupine

Steve Saville: Chronically low gold price forecasts

Pent-Up Potential for Precious Metals in 2013: Jason Hamlin

Rob Varnon: Fool’s gold? CFTC says 12 firms sell phantom metals

Robert Wenzel: Small Physical Silver Bars Disappearing From Dealers in Tokyo!

Erik Swarts: Hi Ho Silver

Julian D. W. Phillips: Why did the Signatories of the Central Bank Gold Agreement Stop Selling Gold & Keep the Rest?

Christian DeHaemer: China Back to Growth

Adam English: China Manipulates Investors

ZeroHedge: Greece Is In Selective Default

ZeroHedge: Citi On Why QE Isn't Working

Money - December 5, 2012

Cold Fusion: Greek Newspaper Features Defkalion GT

Jeff Nesbit: New Burst of Energy Could Bring Cold Fusion to Front Burner

Dr. Stoyan Sarg: Cold Fusion and the Energy Crisis: to be or not to be?

James Burgess: What Happens IF Cold Fusion Does Become Reality?

Addison Wiggin: Three Feet to the Bottom

Bill Bonner: Another Debt Bubble is Bursting

Dan Denning: Why People Stop Believing What They Believe

Dan Denning: If Profits are Falling Why are Stocks Rising?

Matt Insley: Fiscal Protection Plan: Part II

Josh Grasmick: Tap the Power of the Rising Billion through Adventure-Investing

Marin Katusa: Why It Sucks to Be ConocoPhillips

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: The world's commodity supercycle is far from dead

Study: American Households Hit 43-Year Low In Net Worth

Gretchen Morgenson: In an F.H.A. Checkup, a Startling Number

The Coming Derivatives Panic That Will Destroy Global Financial Markets

Richard Yamarone - The Collapse Is Getting Even Worse

James Turk - Here Is Why They Are Pounding Gold & Silver Today

Robert Fitzwilson: Confiscation, Price Suppression & The True Gold & Silver Price

Stewart Thomson: The Gold Sandwich. Chew Carefully.

Peter Schiff: Doing Away With Ceiling Drama

Rick Mills' Secret to Making Money off China's Stealth Metal Demand

2013 Should Be the Turnaround Year for Uranium: David Talbot

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: What Can Happen with Gold If the Dollar Collapses?

David Zeiler: Why Gold Prices Will Soar After the Dec. 12 FOMC Meeting

Golden Truth: The Economy Is Weaker Than Government Reports Show

Dan Ferris: A Powerful, Wealth-Building Trend Right Here in America

John Browne: Central Banks Hedge Their Bets

ZeroHedge: Buy Cash At A Discount: These Companies Have Negative Enterprise Value

ZeroHedge: The Keynesian Revolution Has Failed: Now What?

ZeroHedge: Are Stocks Cheap?

Ron Paul: "Why do we allow the government and the Federal Reserve to disseminate false information dealing with both economic and foreign policy?"

Money - December 4, 2012

Cold Fusion: Energy Glut and LENR are Redefining Our Future

Dave Gonigam: First Guns… Now Gold

Bill Bonner: How Government Moves Energy From the Future to the Past

Dan Denning: The Frontier Way

Matt Insley: The Millionaire Oil Club

Greg Guenthner: How to Trade “Zombie Stocks”

Joel Bowman: The Fiscal Distraction

Alena Mikhan: Gold Supply Crunch Coming?

Toby Connor: Euphoria Stage

Brian Hunt: If You're Up On Our Tech Trade, Here's What to Do...

Michael Pento: Lucky Horseshoes & Empty Promises Won’t Halt This Decline

John Embry: Here Is What Will Break The Massive Silver Short Positions

Alasdair Macleod: The coming silver price eruption

Bob Moriarty: Deviation from the Mean

Alan Micik: The Goldies & Gold

Larry LaBorde: A Guide to Buying a Safe for Your Silver and Gold

Kyle Bass: We Believe War Is Inevitable

Rick Mills: Low-Cost Producers Trump Larger Mines in Costly Market

Ben Traynor: Gold "Remains in Long Run Uptrend", Euro Gains After Merkel Comments on Greece

Max Raskin: Dollar-Less Iranians Discover Virtual Currency

Clementine Wallop: China Moves Forward in Opening Gold Market

U.S. Eagle Gold Coins Strongest Since 1999 – HNWs Taking Possessio

Jim Rogers: Too Much Speculation In Gold, Would Rather Buy Silver

Chris Vermeulen: Gold, Silver and Miners in Stage 1 Accumulation Mode

Brittany Stepniak: Over the Cliff, Under the Table

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: Fiscal Cliff: Now it’s getting PERSONAL …

ZeroHedge: BOE's Andy Haldane Finds Impact Of Central Bank Policies As Bad As A "World War"

ZeroHedge: As Equity Window Dressing Ends, Treasury Reality Begins

ZeroHedge: Two Years Too Late SEC Wakes Up To Chinese Reverse Merger Fraud

ZeroHedge: Storm Front Approaching the Home Builders

Money - December 3, 2012

Eric Sprott: We Will Go Public If They Don’t Send Us Our Silver

Egon von Greyerz: Collapse Is What Is Really Taking Place Around The World

Eric Sprott: Shorts May Need To Deliver 40 Million Ounces Of Silver

Gerald Celente - Gold, Silver & The Top Trends For 2013

Eric Sprott - Gold To Rise 500% From Current Levels

Cold Fusion: Rossi: 3rd Party Testing Will Finish in 2 Weeks

Cold Fusion: MFMP Team Questions Some Celani Conclusions

Energy in the News: U.S. Power Grid Vulnerable to Just About Everything

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- November 29, 2012

Cold Fusion: Discover Magazine writes about Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion: Brillouin LENR Device will generate 355,000 times as much energy as Gasoline

Dave Gonigam: 15 Months Later, History Rhymes

Nickolai Hubble: Even Running Around in Circles Can Pay Dividends

Dave Gonigam: Sinking US Net Worth, Soaring US Debt

Byron King: Save The Planet, Invest In Drill Pipe…

Douglas French: 2008? That’s Ancient History, Right?

Jeffrey Tucker: Will Your Office Pool Get You Arrested?

Jonas Elmerraji: How to Find Bottoming Stocks

Greg Canavan: Credit and Credibility

Vedran Vuk: Tidbits Worth Attending to from the Passing Parade

Justin Bennett: Profit From The Worst Performing Commodity Of 2012?

Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family

Wake Up! 11 Facts That Show That Europe Is Heading Into An Economic Depression

Sean Goldsmith: More proof it's still the best time to buy a house

John Mauldin: Popular Delusions: The bull case for safe havens

SHTFplan: What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

Miners Downsizing Capital Expenses for Smart Growth: Ralph Aldis and Brian Hicks

Dan Norcini: Silver and the Risk Trade

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Precious Metals — As the Smart Money Exits Too Soon

Aziz: Ready For the Apocalypse?

ZeroHedge: Mark J. Grant: It's Me Baby, With Your Wake-Up Call

ZeroHedge: From Cautious Optimist To Skeptical Pessimist

ZeroHedge: Reality Has Consequences

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

Gerald Celente: Looking Into 2013
Government Making the Economy Worse

"There Was No Increase In The Standard
of Living Since 1997" - Lacy Hunt

Peter Schiff: Big Government Is Expensive
We're Just Finding This Out?

Gerald Celente Trends In The News
"Country Of Cowards!" - (12/21/12)

Gerald Celente - Breaking the Set
December 21, 2012

Lauren Lyster: Eric Fry and Joel Bowman
Catch the Train of Opportunity

John Williams: We're Going to be
in a New Recession in 2013

Peter Schiff: Fed Will Keep Printing
Money Until Economy Collapses - CNBC

SOLA 5.28 Global Economic Slavery

SOLA 5.27 Panic Now Beat The Rush

Lauren Lyster: Jim Rickards on Fed Racing to
Create Inflation Before US Economy Implodes!

SOLA 5.26 Economic Evaporation

SOLA 5.25 Return OF Capital - Note: Here he argues for holding no paper assets. It's extremely risky, I agree. This is why I only invest in penny stocks. High risk, but also the potential for very high short term rewards.

SOLA 5.24 Why The Rich Get Richer

James Turk: 'Everyone should have
a precious metals portfolio'

Eric Sprott: Silver to Outshine Gold

SOLA 5.23 Class Warfare

SOLA 5.22 The 4 Ways to Spend Money

SOLA 5.21 Spending Your Life

SOLA 5.20 Consumerism Cancer

SOLA 5.19 The Crack Up Boom

SOLA 5.18 In The End We Are ALL Dead

SOLA 5.16 Collectivism Kills

SOLA 5.15 Free Market Capitalism Rules

Marc Faber's forecasts
for the global economy

Lauren Lyster: Peter Schiff On Why
Hyperinflation May Not Happen

SOLA 5.14 The Banker's Guide
To Owning It All

Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver Full Version
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