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Purchase Silver With Goldmoney

Money - November 30, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Ignore These Charts at Your Peril

Chris Mayer: Why Myanmar is ‘The Best Unopened Market in the World’

Matt Insley: Is This The End Of Dividends?

Josh Grasmick: The Perfect Short-Term Play Against Facebook?

Chris Mayer: Why ADT is a “Buy”

Jeff Clark: How Do the Chinese View the Gold Market?

Doug Casey: The US Is Now the United (Police) State of America

Doug Hornig: Is the Latest World's Tallest Building a Boondoggle?

Dominic Frisby: What the new Bank of England boss means for your money

Corey Williams : Covered Calls: Shopping For Big Returns On Small Price Gains

34 Signs That America Is In Decline

Tom Fitzpatrick: Gold & Silver Base Near Completion, Expect Massive Breakouts

Caesar Bryan: What Japan Is Going To Do To Light The Gold Market On Fire

Dan Norcini: Fed To Commit To A Staggering $1 Trillion Of QE For 2013

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: Gold as Insurance. Why? How?

How to Pick Renewable Energy Stocks in Changing Markets: John McIlveen

Lessons from the Liver Meeting: Sagient's John Tucker Names Companies that Could Reignite the Hepatitis C Industry

Testing, Testing: Analyst Kevin DeGeeter on Five Good Bets in Cancer Diagnostics

Chris Gilbert Waltzek: Gibson's Paradox - Revisited

GE Christenson: Back to Basics: A Planned Crisis?

Larry LaBorde: A Guide to Buying a Safe for Your Silver and Gold

Gold Silver Worlds: Gold & Silver Price Approaching Major Breakout Points

Peter Krauth: 2013 Silver Price Forecast: Silver Will Perform Like Gold on Steroids

Dorothy Kosich: Silver price may test $50/oz in 2013—Phillip Klapwijk, Thomson Reuters GFMS

Christopher F. Davis: Rarer Than Gold And Silver, Why Platinum May Be The Better Investment

Tom Chatham: Prepare for the Great Wealth Destruction and Asset Extraction

John Butler: The curse of the reserve currency

ZeroHedge: Market Drops As GOP Rejects Obama's "Uncompromising" Fiscal Cliff Offer

ZeroHedge: Visualizing The World's Gold Mines And Deposits

ZeroHedge: Gold: The Solution To The Banking Crisis?

ZeroHedge: The Millionaire Man Exodus: What Obama Can Learn From The UK's "Tax The Rich" Plan

Money - November 29, 2012

Cold Fusion: Rossi on ‘Very Important’ Partner

Cold Fusion: Rossi Working on Three Different eCats, Peer Reviewed Third Party Testing Promised

Cold Fusion: How Would LENR affect Driving and Traffic?

Dave Gonigam: An “Escalating Face-Off”

Dave Gonigam: Sinking Net Worth, Soaring Debt

Greg Canavan: Credit and Credibility

Dan Denning: Bonds, Bullets and Booms

Bill Bonner: Secession Fever in the USA

Bill Bonner: Grover Norquist and the Pledge to Limit Taxes

Joel Bowman: Could Panama Be the Next Hong Kong?

Dan Denning: Human Evolution is About Using Your Brain

Jeffrey Tucker: Which E-book Reader Should You Buy?

Patrick Cox: Live Long and Prosper — Nutraceutically

Greg Guenthner: How to Trade “Zombie Stocks”

Jeff Clark: How to Play Your Gold Stocks Now

Doug Casey on Karma – Metaphysics for Life

All Of This Whining About The Fiscal Cliff Is Pathetic

The Giant Currency Superstorm That Is Coming To The Shores Of America When The Dollar Dies

Jeff Clark: Why I'm Not Buying Stocks Today

Stephen Leeb: Gold, Silver & Natural Gas Are Going To Soar

Richard Russell - Bursting Bubbles Will Make Things Far Worse

KWN Update - Here Is A Huge Key To The Markets

Ron Rosen: Key Targets For Gold, Silver, Miners & Common Stocks

James Turk: Current Financial System To Implode Within 24 Months

James Turk: Gold Shortage Forcing Drastic Steps By Central Planners

SHTFplan: Micro-Doc: The Madness Of a Lost Society: “One Last Fair Warning For Those With the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear.”

SHTFplan: The Giant Currency Superstorm That Is Coming To The Shores Of America When The Dollar Dies

David Levenstein: Diversify Some Of Your Fiat Money Into Gold Before It Is Too Late

Daniel R. Amerman, CFA: The Economic Deception At The Heart Of The Fiscal Cliff

Paul van Eeden on Why Gold is Overvalued

ZeroHedge: Gold Falls Just 1.3% Despite Massive, Odd 3.5 Million Ounce Sell Orders

ZeroHedge: Gold Falls Just 1.3% Despite Massive, Odd 3.5 Million Ounce Sell Orders

Money - November 27, 2012

Cold Fusion: Rossi: 3rd Party Report ‘Not Worse’ Than Pordenone

Cold Fusion: Thorium Cold Fusion Report and Video (in French)

Cold Fusion: Will There Still Be Home E-Cats?

Cold Fusion: Projected Weight Of The 1MW Hot Cat

Cold Fusion: The Domestic E-Cat And The Carnot Cycle

Dave Gonigam: When “More” Isn’t “Better”

Bill Bonner: How Government ‘Works’

Bill Bonner: How Government ‘Works’, Part II

Dan Denning: The Fall and Descent of Mrs Ples

Bill Bonner: The Thanksgiving Gift from the Feds

Dan Denning: Human Evolution is About Using Your Brain

Alex Daley: Could RNAi be the New Advance in Genetically Modified Food?

Byron King: China’s $3.8 Trillion Hemorrhage

Jeffrey Tucker: The Skill Set of the Young and Smart

Douglas French: Mellon vs. Geithner

Byron King: The Ongoing Energy Revolution

Jeff Clark: The Gold Market Through China's Eyes

Hungry For The Holidays: 20 Facts About Hunger In America That Will Blow Your Mind

Toby Connor: Big moves are coming in December, January & February

John Mauldin: Capital Formation and the Fiscal Cliff

SHTFplan: Be Careful Who You Sleep With

SHTFplan: Game Show Legend Chuck Woolery: “The Real Assault Weapon is the Liberal Media” *Video*

Stewart Thomson: Silver & The Fab Four

Jeb Handwerger: Prepare for a Possible Price Spike in Gold & Silver

Henry Wallen: Penny and Nickel Coins to be Phased Out in 2013

Fund Managers Face Off in the Quest for Mining Profits

Currency Wars: Trading the Driver$

Richard Russell - Attempts To Defeat Deflation As Money Dies

James Turk: The LBMA Is Moving To Cover Up Silver Manipulation

Caesar Bryan: The Japanese Are About To Enter The Gold Market In Size

John Embry: We Are About To Crush 15 Years Of Resistance In Gold & Silver

Robert Fitzwilson: Close To The Tipping Point For The Chaotic Phase To Begin

Ron Rosen: This Move In Gold & Silver Is Going To Shock People

Rick Rule: More Filings From Large & Influential Investors Buying Gold

ZeroHedge: Is This Recovery "Self-Sustaining" Or Merely A Mind Trick?

ZeroHedge: "The Cash On The Sidelines" Is The Smartest Money...


Thought for the Day: Cold fusion will upset the status quo. Those who are best served by the status quo will oppose it.

Money - November 23, 2012

Cold Fusion: Unintended Consequences

Cold Fusion: Steven Jones replica: Pons & Fleischmann XS Heat not from fusion

Cold Fusion: Pencil Erasers And Barrels of Gasoline

Cold Fusion: Calculating Depletion of Mass

Dave Gonigam: Who’s Afraid of a Fiscal Cliff?

Bill Bonner: The Nutella War Happening in the French Economy

Byron King: The $3 Million House in Vancouver…

Wendy McElroy: Should You Be Hoarding?

Jeffrey Tucker: Are We Oppressed By Technology?

Golden Hope Mines Extends Drill Campaign by 2800 Metres

Doug Casey on the America That Was – Now the United (Police) State of America

Marin Katusa: Is a Carbon Tax a Done Deal for the US?

Andrew Maguire: Price Suppression Mechanics of GLD and SLV

Newsmax Wires: Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why

Alan Bjerga: Give Thanks for Low Food Prices as They’ll Rise Next Year

Matt Badiali: These Small Pieces of Paper Can Make or Break Your Mining Trade

Ron Rosen: The Roadmap For $3,000+ Gold, $100+ Silver & 1,650 HUI

Tom Fitzpatrick: This Is What We Are Looking At Directly In Front Of Us

SHTFplan: Over 250 Gold Robberies in Stockton Since April: Police Taken By Surprise

SHTFplan: Life and Times of the Thanksgiving Turkey: He Never Saw It Coming

Sovereign Man: You won’t believe the opportunities in Chile

Darryl Robert Schoon: 2012: The Tipping Point - The Results are in - The Bankers Lost

Matt Taibbi: SEC Rocked By Lurid Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit

Dominic Frisby: How demand from China could send the gold price soaring

Gold Silver Worlds: Silver Demand: Industrial Outlook Till 2014

Rex Nutting: 10 people who led us to the ‘fiscal cliff’

Julian D. W. Phillips: A Change is Coming – 2013 & Onwards – Part II

Deepanshu Bagchee: Morgan Stanley’s Doom Scenario: Major Recession in 2013

Geoff Candy: Mining equities a gutsy move right now – Morgan

Michael Berry: When Picking Mineral Stocks, It's Management, Management, Management

ZeroHedge: Russell Napier's "Most Important Chart In The World"

ZeroHedge: Is This The Hope You're Looking For?

ZeroHedge: Statist Thugs And The Rocks They Crawl Out From Under

Ron Paul: "Why are Americans not allowed to use gold and silver as legal tender as mandated by the Constitution?"

Money - November 21, 2012

Bob Moriarty on Derivatives, Depression and Gold

Cold Fusion: Pirelli High School LENR Conference on Dec 4th

Cold Fusion: Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012 Exceeds Expectations

Cold Fusion: Pioneer says LENR is not Fusion

Cold Fusion: Charging the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: No Changes In Isotopic Distribution of E-Cats

Dave Gonigam: Santa Cracks Whip on Elves

Bill Bonner: The Hack Professor and His Government Plan for the USA

Dan Denning: The Pyramid of Real Wealth

Dan Denning: Facing Fiscal Reality: You Can’t Tax Your Way Out of a Spending Problem

Bill Bonner: Beware the Dumb US Deficit Deniers

Matt Insley: One Coal Company Worth A Look: Consol Energy

Douglas French: The House Is Still a Dump

Bill Bonner: The Rule of the Downside

Gold: An Independent Money

They Are Going To Make It Nearly Impossible To Pass On A Farm Or A Business To Your Children

55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America This Holiday Season

Jeff Clark: It's Time to Start Buying Stocks

Billionaire Wilbur Ross - This Will Revolutionize The World

Jeffrey Saut: What Fund Managers All Across Europe Are Thinking & Gold

Stephen Leeb: Investors Must Know This Lesson From The 70s Gold Bull

Don Coxe - Investors Don’t Understand The Risk In The System

SHTFplan: When Law and Order Break Down: “People Are Afraid Right Now. You Can See It In Their Faces.”

SHTFplan: Government Sets Its Sights on Private Retirement Accounts: “Giant Effort to Redistribute the Wealth of America’s Older Citizens”

Sovereign Man: More lies about your taxes…

Sovereign Man: Tell me again… which of these nations is communist?

Gareth Hatch: Supply Chain Economics Drive Rare Earths Stocks

What Every Investor Should Know About Income and Growth: Kenny Feng

Michael Berry Applies His 10 Discovery Investing Factors to Biotech

ZeroHedge: Kyle Bass On The End Of The Debt Super-Cycle

ZeroHedge: Jeremy Grantham Looks At The Future Of America: "On The Road To Zero Growth"

ZeroHedge: Is The Largest Weekly Inflow Into Bank Savings Accounts On Record, A Flashing Red Alarm?

Ron Paul: "Why have we allowed the federal government to regulate commodes in our homes?"

Money - November 20, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Unions, Gold, and a “Devastating” Event

Josh Grasmick: Gamer Gains Outperform Movie Moneys

Greg Guenthner: Can a Single Stock Pinpoint a Market Rally?

Chris Mayer: One Real Estate Indicator is Yelling, “Buy”

Jeffrey Tucker: I, Twinkie

Toby Connor: The odds are high the bottom is in

Cold Fusion: Celani LENR Device Successfully Duplicated in USA

Rossi has had to Radically Design the Ecat it now runs on Natural Gas

Bill Bonner: Cash In, Stocks Out

Bill Bonner: How China’s Economy is Following in Japan’s Zombie Footsteps

Dan Denning: Why Money For Nothing is Good for Gold

Satyajit Das: Jumping off Fiscal Cliffs and Climbing Debt Mountains

Matt Insley: What’s Black, Dusty…And Set To Profit?

Jeffrey Tucker: A Day in the Beast’s Belly

Joel Bowman: Hostess Shrugged

Chuck Butler: Convertibility For The Renminbi?

Fed's Fisher: Central Bank Can't Save US from ‘Fiscal Perdition’

Yves Lamoureux: A Precondition For Hyperinflation Is Upon Us

Sam Ro: Stocks Will Tank Another 8% In The Final Weeks Of The Year

Doug Noland: When Money Dies

The Twinkie That Broke The Economy's Back?

Jeff Clark: A Shocking Story About Greed and Taxes

Robert Fitzwilson: We Are Speeding Towards Economic & Social Devastation

Michael Pento: Risk Assets Are Ready To Get Red Hot & Soar

John Mauldin: Where Will the Jobs Come From?

James Turk: This Is The Chart That Every Investor Needs To See

John Embry: $67 Trillion Shadow Banking System & $10,000 Gold

The ABCs of Mining Catalysts: Jocelyn August

Three Points a Jurisdiction Must Meet Before You Invest: Charlie Brookes

Central Banks’ Gold Likely Gone-Eric Sprott

Gold Silver Worlds: Negative Real Interest Rates Continue To Drive The Gold Price

Steve St. Angelo: The Forces That Will Push Silver Over $100

Lance Roberts: We'll Never Reach The Fiscal Cliff

ZeroHedge: The Looters Are in Control

ZeroHedge: Top Economic Advisers Forecast World War

ZeroHedge: On Surviving The Monetary Meltdown

ZeroHedge: Charting The Demise Of The US Consumer

ZeroHedge: Commodities Gone Wild

Money - November 17, 2012

Dave Gonigam: What Do You Do After You Say Goodbye?

Bill Bonner: Inflation: The Downside of Debt

Nickolai Hubble: Why Outsourcing Your Retirement Pension is a Really Bad Idea

Douglas French: A Day in D.C.

Jonas Elmerraji: A Market Prediction for 2013

Jeffrey Tucker: Clothing for All: The Slow, but Relentless

Doug Hornig: Is There Wisdom in the Crowd?

Hard Assets Alliance: Profit from Post-Election Blues

Vedran Vuk: As the Election Results Sink In, Economic Realities Become Clearer

Dan Ferris: This Mistake Destroys More Value Than the Government Ever Could

Sovereign Man: Very few people understand this trend

Sovereign Man: Guess what they’re NOT cutting in the Fiscal Cliff…

Sean Brodrick: Platinum Is Gearing Up For A Major Bull Run

Ben Traynor: Eurozone enters recession, Worldwide Gold demand down in Q3

Sean Phipps: The invisible gold rush

John Matthey: Platinum deficit to hit 12.5 tons, China remains top market

Ben Davies - There Is A New Buyer Entering The Gold Market

Art Cashin - Get Ready For Currency Wars & Ground Wars

KWN - Special Friday Gold ‘Chart Mania’

John Mauldin's Roadmap to Surviving the Fiscal Cliff

GoldAlert: Fed Minutes Hint at QE3 Expansion, Precious Metals Hold Firm

GoldAlert: Is the “Policymaker-Fueled Bubble” About to Burst?

Peter Schiff: Dollar Collapse Before Obama’s Out

Kip Keen: Three reasons Black Iron is undervalued

Lawrence Williams: Silver's outperformance over gold to be staggering long term

Ben Traynor: Bullion 'Being Liquidated for Cash' as Stocks Fall

Michelle Smith: Silver Remains Constrained Amid Liquidation

Scott Pluschau: Silver is relatively strong in the world of risk these days

ZeroHedge: Gold & Silver Plunge Deja Deja Deja Vu

ZeroHedge: Fiscal Cliff Can About To Be Kicked Into 2013?

ZeroHedge: Chart Of The Day: The World's Scariest Divergence

Money - November 16, 2012

Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- November 15, 2012

Cold Fusion: The Oil vs. Alternative Solutions Dilemma In The U.S.

Dave Gonigam: The $3.8 Trillion Great Escape

Greg Canavan: A Fitting Farewell from Ron Paul

Bill Bonner: A Market Meltdown is Coming

Dan Denning: Lemmings in Wonderland

The Revival of American Manufacturing: An Update

Dan Amoss: The Future Economic Destruction

Josh Grasmick: Why You Should Thank General Petraeus

Adam J. Crawford: Big Tech Companies Are Still Innovating Like Crazy

Doug Hornig: A Big Blast-Off for Windows 8

The Worst Economic Numbers In More Than A Year

Frank Curzio: This Closed-Door Meeting Will Lead to Higher Stock Prices

Don Coxe - Nassim Taleb, Black Swans & Financial Collapse

Egon von Greyerz: Greyerz - There Is A Tide In The Affairs Of Men...

John P. Cochran: Can Central Banks Be Tamed?

SHTFplan: The Classified Report DHS Doesn’t Want You To See

SHTFplan: Flashback: Analyst Says Break-Up of USA Will Be Triggered By Economic and Moral Degradation

Bob Moriarty: Ho, Hum, another Major Bottom

Morris Hubbartt: A Little Gold Fright Is Alright

David Nichols: Gold: History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Does Rhyme

James West Sees Catalysts in the Energy Sector

Applying the Venture Capital Model to Public Companies: Hugh Cleland

Ronald D. Orol: Banks told by Fed to test for 12% unemployment

GoldCore: Silver To Climb 38% In 2013 - "Possibly Over $50/oz" Say GFMS

Sumit Roy: Gold Falls Ahead Of Obama 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks, Oil Rises As Israel-Hamas Fighting Rages On

ZeroHedge: Silver To Climb 38% In 2013 - "Possibly Over $50/oz" Say GFMS

ZeroHedge: Twinkies, Ding Dongs Maker Hostess Liquidates Following Failure To Resolve Labor Union Animosity

ZeroHedge: Fiscal Cliff Can About To Be Kicked Into 2013?

Thought for the Day: It appears that cold fusion really is going to make its debut in 2013. How much will energy stocks be worth, then? I've sold mine.

Money - November 15, 2012

Energy Picture Changing in the United States

Cold Fusion: How LENR Would Impact Transportation Policy?

Inquiries On GoldAddison Wiggin: Inquiries On Gold

Greg Canavan: Why Banks Won’t Buy Risk Free Gold

Nickolai Hubble: The Ills of Fractional Reserve Banking

Bill Bonner: Flesh Eating Zombies Will Feast on the US Economy

Matt Insley: The IEA’s Latest Report And The Real Story On America’s Energy Comeback…

Douglas French: What Bankers Do and Don’t Know

Robert Murphy: The Market for Squirrel Catchers

Greg Guenthner: These Two Words Could Send Gold Soaring: Fiscal Cliff

Dan Amoss: The Student Loan Time Bomb

Doug Casey on the Inconvenient Truths of US Foreign Policy

There Will Be War In The Middle East

Toby Connor: Major Buying Opportunity

Jeff Clark : One of the Best Short-Selling Opportunities of the Year

Nigel Farage - This Is My Single Greatest Fear

Dan Norcini: The World Is Balancing On A Razors Edge

Rick Rule: Turkey Pushes For Gold & Global Gold Production To Plummet

Bob Moriarty: Buying Dollars for Pennies

Chris Duane: The System Will Collapse, It Must Collapse

How to Speculate on Precious Metals Without Gambler's Ruin: Rodney Stevens

Fed hints at new bond-buying scheme

WealthCycles: End of Cash Compatible with Freedom of Choice?

Sumit Roy: Gold’s Bull Run Still Strong; Gain Of 10% This Year On Pace With 2011’s Return

Shivom Seth: High gold prices push many Indians to silver for Diwali

Dorothy Kosich: Lithium-ion batteries have greatest growth potential—U.S. Geological Survey

Adam English: Over the Edge in a Fiscal Cliff Free Fall

Briton Ryle: When Fiscal Sanity is Gone

Christian DeHaemer: China Kills the Dollar Peg

ZeroHedge: China's New Government; Europe's New Official Stagflationary Recession

Money - November 14, 2012

Cold Fusion: Rossi: No More Interviews Until 1 MW Plant Made Public

Cold Fusion: New Obama Energy Strategy Could Boost LENR

Addison Wiggin: Government-Guaranteed Contagion

Bill Bonner: Let’s Go Fiscal Cliff Diving

Bill Bonner: The Net Wealth Shock in the USA

Dan Denning: Molto Moderato

Murray Dawes: Avoid the Slaughter: Watch This Key Stock Market Pointer

Dan Denning: How to Prepare Yourself for a Stock Market Attack

Matt Insley: How To Play America’s Infrastructure Boom…

Douglas French: Currencies of the Future

Josh Grasmick: Marijuana: The New Cash Crop?

Greg Guenthner: Time Your Trades With Market Washouts

Joel Bowman: Lemmings in Wonderland

Marin Katusa: A Casey Explorers' League Honoree Does It Again

Will The Wealthy Race To Dump Stocks And Other Financial Assets Before The Fiscal Cliff Kicks In?

John Mauldin: Central Bank Insurance

Jeff Clark: Get Ready for a Six-Week Rally in Stocks

Keith Barron: Global Gold Production Is Poised To Fall Off A Cliff

Stephen Leeb: This Will Be The Most Frightening Period Of My Lifetime

Bill Fleckenstein: This Is A Moment In Time That’s Never Been Seen Before

Richard Russell - Multi-Trillion Dollar Question, Stocks & Gold

SHTFplan: The Anatomy of a Breakdown

SHTFplan: McGrath: There Is a Disaster Coming. Get Ready For It.

Sovereign Man: A city of 7 million you’ve probably never heard of…

Bob Moriarty: Graphite at Mach 3

Peter Schiff: Extend and Pretend

Why Copper Is a Critical Metal: Mickey Fulp

Oil and Gas Volatility Creates Winners and Losers: Robert Cooper

ZeroHedge: Guest Post: 1000% Inflation?

Ron Paul: "0% Chance Of 'Grand Bargain' Over Fiscal Cliff"

Thought for the Day: Some argue the oil boom and technology will save the economy, others that hyperinflation and depression are inevitable. What appears to be certain is that we are on the road to socialism and a totalitarian state.

Money - November 13, 2012

Cold Fusion: MFMP Celani Nov 12th Cell Live Run Thread

Cold Fusion: MFMP Loading Celani Wire

Cold Fusion: Is Commercial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) the Real Deal?

Cold Fusion: Everybody will benefit if LENR lowers Transportation Costs

Cold Fusion: Beta Testing for the Domestic E-Cat

Cold Fusion: One Half Million E-Cats On Order

Cold Fusion: Heard It Through The Grapevine

Cold Fusion: Italian Ecat Licensee Talks

Addison Wiggin: Looking Up at the Debt Overhang

Dan Denning: Accelerando Towards the Fiscal Cliff

Addison Wiggin: China Gold!

Matt Insley: Welcome to 1933: A Forecast For Infrastructure

Patrick Cox: Shorting Armageddon

Greg Guenthner: Time Your Trades With Market Washouts

Jeffrey Tucker: Are These the End Times?

Greg Guenthner: Gold’s Buyable Bounce

Casey Research: Another Layer of Bureaucracy for Oil and Gas Exploration in the US?

Louis James: Profit from Post-Election Blues

Rob Wile: Here's Why People Aren't Buying The Report About The US Achieving Oil Independence

Brian Hunt: A Tradable Bounce Is Coming for This Sector

James Turk: The Fed Is Playing An Extraordinarily Dangerous Game

John Embry: China To Import A Staggering 775 Tons of Gold In 2012

Robert Fitzwilson: The Die Is Cast And Only One Question Remains

Michael Pento: Falling Markets & Why Gold Shorts Are Getting Suckered

Sovereign Man: The smartest investment of the decade

Bob Moriarty: The CBM Asia/ExxonMobil Deal Explained

Myra P. Saefong: What Obama’s re-election means for gold

Alka Singh: Distinguish the Precious Metal 'Haves' from the 'Have-Nots' and the 'Wannabes'

Christopher Welch: Searching for a Perfect 10

US Shale Gas Won't Last Ten Years: Bill Powers

Shah Gilani: The Fiscal Cliff is a Mole Hill Compared to This

Susanne Posel: Could Bitcion Become the Globalist Digital Replacement For Fiat Currency?

Dean Baker: Elites Demanding Austerity Also Ignored Housing Bubble

ZeroHedge: U.S. Shale Goes Boom, Rest Of World Goes Bust

Money - November 10, 2012

Cold Fusion: Perhaps Still this Month

MFMP Update on Calibration Testing

Cold Fusion: Hot Ecat will go into operation in February 2013

Cold Fusion: Defkalion Finally Releases Data on LENR Device

Cold Fusion: Rossi's Investors Talk about the Progress of his E-Cat

Addison Wiggin: Sole Survivor

Addison Wiggin: Commie Gold!

Dan Denning: This Trifecta Means You Should Be Following the Gold Story

Bill Bonner: Zombies Win, Again

Bill Bonner: Why US Infrastructure Spending Won’t Help the Economy

Jonas Elmerraji, CMT: Like Gold? You’ll Love This Silver Company

Matt Insley: Does Obama’s Re-election Mean Another Big Run for Gold?

Greg Guenthner: How to Spot 3 Key Market Turning Points

Josh Grasmick: How The Next Generation of E-Devices Will Unfold

Jonas Elmerraji: Should You Buy Silver Now?

Dan Steinhart: Down the Debt Drain

Ron Paul: There’s Still a Case for Gold

Dan Steinhart: All Cashed Up

Louis James: Are You a High-Stakes Speculator?

Casey Research: Another Layer of Bureaucracy for Oil and Gas Exploration in the US?

Hard Assets Alliance: "New Gold" for the Next Phase

Vedran Vuk: Never Worry About Another Election Again

Egon von Greyerz: What’s Next For Gold As Governments Become More Desperate

Gerald Celente - Gold, Silver, Riots, Theft & Global Collapse

Rob Arnott: The Greatest Fear Of A $100 Billion Asset Mgr. Going Forward

Tom Fitzpatrick: ’87 Market Crash & Stocks Today, Apple, Gold, Silver & the VIX

Marc Chandler: Huge Moves Coming In Gold, Silver, US Dollar & The Euro

SHTFplan: Doom Economist’s Asset Protection Strategy: Buy A Machine Gun… and a Tank

Sovereign Man: “Renounce citizenship” is now one of the fastest growing search terms in Google

Morris Hubbartt: Silver Cleared For Take-Off

Adrian Ash: Hope, Change & Gold

Lawrence Williams: Fear pushing Investors back to gold

Commodity Trade Mantra: Resolving Debt Issues – Positive for Gold, Better for Silver

Commodity Trade Mantra: Gold Moves With Global Fiscal Worries

Peter Krauth: The Dumb Money Hates Silver; Why It's Time To Go Long The Metal

ZeroHedge: Gold And The Potential Dollar Endgame

Addison Wiggin: "To remain even tangentially relevant, the Republican Party will have to ditch its exclusive appeal to white males… and make the pitch for free markets and civil liberties to a broader audience."

Money - November 8, 2012

Cold Fusion: Waiting for the Report

Cold Fusion: Sven Kullander on the E-Cat

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- November 8, 2012

Forbes: Cold Fusion Gets a Little More Real

Addison Wiggin: And The Winner Is… Smith & Wesson!

Bill Bonner: Why Government Debt Blows Up

Joel Bowman: Mr Market’s Turn to Vote

Bill Bonner: Why US Infrastructure Spending Won’t Help the Economy

Dan Denning: Added Insights into the US Elections

Dan Denning: Using the Habit of Optimism to Find Great Investment Opportunities

Greg Canavan: Why the Stock Market Couldn’t Care Less About Obama’s Win

Greg Canavan: The Superannuation Gravy Train

Byron King: Ore Mining… From The Unlikeliest Of Places!

Chris Mayer: Buyer Beware In This “Growing” Trend…

Matt Insley: Pay Attention To This Important Oil Chart…

Doug Hill: Why You Should Remember the Fifth of November

Greg Guenthner: What Will a Housing Rebound Do for Stocks?

Greg Guenthner: How to Spot 3 Key Market Turning Points

Joel Bowman: Full Steam Ahead

Martin Sieff: Elections of Destiny: Reagan in 1980 and Gladstone in 1880

Byron King: Did You Vote For “Money and Energy?”

Chuck Butler: Where's The Gold?

Karl Denninger: Watch for Market Dislocations

There's a Dollar-Inspired Rally Heading Our Way

John Mauldin: Three Men Make a Tiger

Tom Fitzpatrick: This Is How Gold & Silver Will Fare If Stocks Are Crushed

Stephen Leeb: What You Need To Know About The Coming Gold & Silver Move

John Hathaway: Gold Setup To Super-Surge To New All-Time Highs

Richard Russell - I See Catastrophic Insane Bubbles Everywhere

SHTFplan: Fed Report: 100% Chance of Recession

SHTFplan: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips

Sovereign Man: One very simple piece of advice

Peter Schiff: When Infinite Inflation Isn't Enough

Perched on the Knife's Edge with Jay Taylor

Rob Langston: Silver to rise 500%, gold to hit $2,500 in 2015

Maria Kolesnikova: Gold Advances With Commodities as ETP Holdings Climb to Record

Money - November 7, 2012

Cold Fusion: Aldo Proia on Early E-Cat Sales

Cold Fusion: Kansas City Star Reports On Cold Fusion

Addison Wiggin: Advance Auction Day

Matt Insley: Gold’s Recent Drop Explained!

Jeffrey Tucker: This Way to the Slaughterhouse

Josh Grasmick: A Little-Known Way to Make Money on Nearly Anything

Robert Bauman: Land of the (Less) Free

Casey Research: Another Layer of Bureaucracy for Oil and Gas Exploration in the US?

Porter, Show Me the Money!

Jeff Clark: How I'm Preparing for the Next Disaster

Ron Rosen: Here Is Why A Monumental Move Is Coming In Gold & Silver

Egon von Greyerz: The Gold Train Is Picking Up A Head Of Steam

The Real Crash: America's Coming Bankruptcy---How to Save Yourself and Your Country [Hardcover]: You might be thinking everything’s okay: the stock market is on the rise, jobs are growing, the worst of it is over. You’d be wrong. | Read More
Dan Norcini: Massive Short Covering & Buy Stops Triggered In Gold & Silver

SHTFplan: Election 2012: How The Winner Will Destroy America

SHTFplan: Obama vs. Romney vs. Write-Ins

Sovereign Man: I apologize for what you’re about to read

Chris Berry: Who's Ahead in the Graphite Race?

Bob Moriarty: In the Shadow of a Headframe

Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA: The Bullish Case for Silver and Even More Bullish Case for Silver Stocks

JS Kim: Are Republicans or Democrats Better for Gold & Silver Performance?

Ben Traynor: US Monetary Policy "Unlikely to Change" Whoever Wins Election, Fiscal Cliff "Could Propel Gold Higher"

Sumit Roy: Obama Victory Positive For Gold; Prices Surge In Attempt To Salvage $1700 Support

Geoff Candy: Obama vs. Romney - the short term implications for gold

Brian Sylvester: Recent gold stock breakout just the beginning - Joe Foster

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Demand - Money Versus Commodity

A nation in the pangs of deleveraging – The long-term trend of a declining dollar and a collapsing middle class.

Lance Roberts: Recession Probability - 100%

Jeff Kearns: Fed’s Williams Says Bond Buying May Exceed $600 Billion

Michelle Smith: Royal Canadian Mint Buying 3 Million Ounces of Silver

ZeroHedge: Gold Gone Wild

Thought for the Day: Sometimes I post links to articles about investing in major stocks on the major exchanges. I'm reluctant to do that because with few exceptions I only invest in penny stocks.

Money - November 6, 2012

Cold Fusion: Photon Direct Conversion Research Underway at Leonardo

Cold Fusion: AP Reports on U of Missouri Cold Fusion Program

Addison Wiggin: Gold and That Election Thing

Matt Insley: Pay Attention To This Important Oil Chart…

Douglas French: Good Money Is Real Money

Greg Guenthner: Money Managers Agree Only on Uncertainty

Byron King: Money Is Technology!

Jonas Elmerraji: How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis on Your Next Trade

The US Presidential Election: The other race that stops the other nation…

Bill Bonner: Why Gold Hasn’t Risen

Louis James: Do You Have What It Takes To Be a High-Stakes Speculator?

Chuck Butler: Who Is The BLS Attempting To Fool?

Alex Daley: Investing to Minimize Risk and Beat Inflation

Hard Assets Alliance: The New Trend in Gold

Toby Connor: Time to Buy, Buy, Buy!

Brian Hunt: Why a Correction Is a Good Chance to Buy Stocks

John Mauldin: Three Men Make a Tiger

James Turk - Fed Allowing Lehman-Type Blowup To Occur

John Embry - What To Expect In 2013

Robert Fitzwilson: Our Financial System Is Mass Delusion On A Grand Scale

Bill Haynes: We’re Witnessing Shocking Surge Of Retail Gold & Silver Buying

Sean Boyd: This Is What Is Happening In Gold Right Now

Pierre Lassonde - Don’t Panic, This Is Normal Trading In Gold

SHTFplan: “We Are Surrounded By a Nation of People Who Will Not Step Out of Their Perceived Reality”

SHTFplan: Grid-Down Collapse: Hard Assets Soar In Value

Sovereign Man: Make an easy 25% on the dollar’s decline

Sovereign Man: I for Inevitable

Look to Midtier and Small-Cap Gold Equities for Growth: Joe Foster

Cosmos Chiu Finds Mining Opportunities Around the World

Bob Moriarty: Lithium is Sexy

Hugo Salinas Price: On the use of gold coins as money

Thought for the Day: The general election next Tuesday is not going to trigger a global panic. Obama and Romney aren't that different. Hope for the best and invest, prepare for the worst and buy silver and gold, stock up, and be prepared. Another year or two, it could go either way.

Money - November 2, 2012

Cold Fusion: More on the First Hot Cat

Cold Fusion: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- November 1, 2012

Cold Fusion: How LENR will Improve Life for the Average Family

Addison Wiggin: Pyrrhic Stimulus

Joel Bowman: Break Myths, Not Windows

Douglas French: The Currency War Heats Up

Bill Bonner: The Downside of Debt

Greg Canavan: A Deflationary Conclusion to China’s Bubble

Bill Bonner: The Cantillon Effect: Confessions of a One-Percenter

Jonas Elmerraji: The Trouble With Trend Following

Frank Curzio: It's Time to Take Profits in Natural Gas Stocks

Tom Fitzpatrick: Get Ready For Big Moves In Gold, The US Dollar & The Euro

Egon von Greyerz: Gold & The Incredible Financial Destruction We Face

Egon von Greyerz: One Of The Most Important Charts Ever

SHTFplan: A taste of things to come?

Sovereign Man: Has US housing bottomed?

Gold Silver Worlds: Unallocated Gold Storage Or Accounts: Avoid This Risk When Buying Gold

Bob Moriarty's Stock Tales from the Crypt

Dennis Dishes the Dirt on Fertilizer Stocks

A Capital-Efficient Prescription for New Drugs: Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju

Adrian Ash: Household Deleveraging: Are We There Yet?

Peter Cooper: Gold confiscation at $3,000 rumour is complete nonsense says ‘Mr. Gold’ Jim Sinclair

Ben Traynor: Gold "Now in Consolidation Phase", US Markets Prepare to Open Again

Nina Mehta: NYSE Open for Business Shows Wall Street Still Vulnerable

U.S. fiscal cliff looms large at Mexico G20 meet

Gold Plunges To 2-Month Low, Silver Sinks After Strong US Jobs Report, NatGas Falls

Kip Keen: Nuclear bearishness sinks claws into uranium price, demand forecasts

Marc Howe: Missing German bullion could be the gold market's black swan

ZeroHedge: Guest Post: Getting On The Train - The Rail Resurrection Gets Underway

ZeroHedge: Putting Today's Job Number In "Seasonally Adjusted" Context

Money - November 1, 2012

Cold Fusion: First Hot Cat Plant to Start Operations in Feb 2013

Cold Fusion: Prometeon SRL Launches Web Site, Offers E-Cat Products

Cold Fusion: More on the First Hot Cat

Cold Fusion: Scientific American Attacks Cold Fusion Research with Twenty Year Old Claims

Dave Gonigam: Back in Action

Dr. Marc Faber: Disaster Area

Frank Holmes: Don’t Fear a Normal Gold Correction

Jeffrey Tucker: Storm Economics in One Lesson

Byron King: Uncle Sam Wants YOU…to Pay Up!

Bill Bonner: Obama’s Meth Lab Approaches the Fiscal Cliff

Bill Bonner: Why Economists Are Jackasses

Chris Mayer: Food Production: Feed the World and Make Money From Agriculture

Dan Denning: Japan’s Economy: The Test Tube Baby for Monetary Policy

Greg Canavan: The Paradox of Wealth

Patrick Cox: “Channel Investing”: The Only Way To Beat The Efficient Market Hypothesis

Greg Guenthner: What Will a Housing Rebound Do for Stocks?

Gold price to rally regardless of who is elected President

Somebody Should Start The 'Stuff Costs Too Much' Party

Jeff Clark: This Is a Better Deal than Gold

Don Coxe - A Gold Bull, Bond Bear & Commodity Supercycle

Rick Rule - There Is Spectacular Demand For Gold Right Now

Louise Yamada: Here Are The Key Levels To Watch On Gold & Silver

Bill Haynes: Is This The Black Swan That Will Make Gold Skyrocket

Steve Saville: How to identify a major gold top

Tony Daltorio: Why Silver Prices in 2013 Will Continue to Perform

Mark Thomas: Silver Trading Range Ready To Change

Marc Howe: Bullion makers bounce back from 28-year low against gold

Maria Kolesnikova: Gold Heads for Longest Winning Streak Since August on PMI Data

Silver Prices Fall in October, US Bullion Silver Coins Solid

ZeroHedge: Real Economy Still Sliding As 'Eating Out' Continues to Go Down

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?
I just finished reading a report that explained why Inflation, not Depression, will be America's foremost concern by the end of 2012. Here is a list of books that will help you prepare and even profit from it.

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

SOLA 5.14 The Banker's Guide
To Owning It All

SOLA 5.13 Cutting Through
The Economic Matrix

SOLA 5.12 True Wealth

SOLA 5.11 The State vs The Free Market

SOLA 5.10 Ponzi Politics

SOLA 5.9 Inflation Trickery

SOLA 5.8 Inflation Deception

SOLA 5.7 Inflation Explained

SOLA 5.6 Usury and Religion

SOLA 5.5 Usury Is Worse Than Murder

SOLA 5.4 Infinte Money Finite World

The Road to WWIII - The Rise
and Fall of the Petro Dollar

SOLA 5.3 Fractional Reserve Theft

SOLA 5.2 How Money Works

SOLA 5.1 Economic Lies

SOLA 4.27 The Road To Serfdom

SOLA 4.26 Tribal Consumerism

SOLA 4.24 Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

SOLA 4.23 A Brave New 1984

SOLA 4.21 Democracy Fail

SOLA 4.19 My Revelation

SOLA 4.18 The Fixed Fight

There will be Panic into Gold: Doug Casey

Top 14 Reasons To Buy Silver Full Version
Recommended Reading - Hover to See More
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Age of Deleveraging
Bailout Nation
Big Thirst
Building Wealth with Silver
Civilization: The West and the Rest
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Demise of the Dollar
Dice Have No Memory
Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout
Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
This Time Is Different
Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
Winner-Take-All Politics

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