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Money - July 31, 2012

Update from Brillouin Energy

Dave Gonigam: Contrarians and Confessions

Mike Meyer: European euphoria

Dan Amoss: The Most-Compelling Speculation From Vancouver…

Jeffrey Tucker: Own Guns, So that I Don’t Have To

Jonas Elmerraji: This is Your Most Important Trading Decision…

Gary North: The Monetization of Everything

Jeff Clark: Deflation? Don't Count On It…

Michael Pento: Going For The Gold As Governments Destroy Currencies

Stephen Leeb: Gold & Silver To Surge As Money Pours Into These Markets

John Embry: Gold To Explode, But Europe Is In Terminal Condition

John Hathaway: We Are About To See $100+ Up Days In Gold

Junior Miners Still Giving the Street Something to Talk About: Philip Ker

Play US Energy Independence with Income-Generating MLPs: Stephen Maresca

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Will a Bear Market in Stocks Hurt Gold Stocks?

Bob Moriarty: Gold in the Mojave-Sonora Megashear

Stephen Smith: For Silver, History is all likely to repeat itself

Gold heads for a strong finish this year: Philip Ker

Steve St. Angelo: Why Is The Future Silver Supply More at Risk than Gold?

Frank Holmes: Challenging the Paradigms of Investing

Paul Craig Roberts: Escape From Economics

Charles Hugh Smith: The Grand Cycle Top in Everything

Eric Sprott: US In a Recession, and Stimulus Policies Won't Help

Brian Sylvester: Ugly time in junior gold market means great time for value shopping

Jeffrey Lewis: Stock to Flow - Silver Supply in a Fiat Depression

11 Signs That Time Is Quickly Running Out For The Global Financial System

John Mauldin: Joan Sees Red

Tim Staermose: The world’s gold is moving from West to East

Briton Ryle: Is Apple the Greatest Company in History?

Zero Hedge: The Fed On Gold Price Manipulation

Money - July 29, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Legacies of Wealth

Greg Canavan: How China is Still Making Steel, But There’s No Real Demand

Matt Insley: Is It Time To Cut Your Losses On Senior Gold Shares?

Douglas French: Bernanke: Drug Pusher

Greg Guenthner: You Have 2 Important Reasons to Watch These Charts…

Detlev Schlichter: The Triumph of Politics

David Galland: What (Almost) Everyone Fails to Understand About Our Economy

John Mauldin: Gambling in the House?

Bill Haynes: An Absolutely Stunning Development In The Silver Market

Art Cashin: Current Liquidity In System Risks Hyperinflation

Egon von Greyerz: Expect Frightening Wealth Destruction As Gold Soars

KWN - Special Friday Gold & Silver ‘Chart Mania’

Harry Dent's Formula for Surviving the Great Bust Ahead

Pater Tenebrarum: Gold and Gold Stocks, A Technical Update

Adrian Ash: Little silver, big gold - the platinum price conundrum

Jeffrey Nichols: Remedies for ‘Stuck in mud' U.S. economy will drive gold much higher

Kip Keen: Some smaller gold and silver miners pay decent dividends too

Gary North: The Monetization of Everything

Bond Girl: Examining the Fed’s other policy options

Lisa Bedford: What’s in YOUR Faraday Cage? A Common Sense Guide to Preparing for an EMP

Mac Slavo: Video: USA! USA! USA!: “Take the Heavy Boot Off the Throat Of America’s Job Creators and Let Them Breathe”

Lisa Oake: Every Single Fiat Currency In History Has Collapsed

Robert P. Murphy: The Myth of Wartime Prosperity

WashingtonsBlog: Corrupt Government Officials Should Be In Jail … Alongside Corrupt Banksters

Frank Curzio: Insiders Are Rushing to Produce More Graphite

Café Américain: Big Banks Continue To Game the System With Public Money, Aided By the Fed

Sterling D. Allan: LENR-to-Market Weekly, July 26, 2012

Electricity From The Domestic E-Cat

Domestic E-cats And Size

Patenting the E-Cat

Thought for the Day: As the E-Cat drives down the cost of energy, and takes many other prices down with it, this would spur economic activity that could lead to a recovery and increase tax revenues. But central bank policies are still likely to guarantee high inflation.

Money - July 27, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Adapt or Die

Bill Bonner: How Ben Bernanke Can Prevent the End of Civilization

Byron King: A Revolution in Mining Technology

Greg Guenthner: How to Use Volume to Avoid Small Stock Disasters

Jeffrey Tucker: Business Begging for Life

Doug Hornig: Will HFT Burn a Hole in Your Portfolio?

Dan Norcini: If This Happens It Will Devastate The Gold Shorts

Peter Schiff: Gold Just Broke Out & Is Now Off To The Races

Immunotherapies Attack Cancers and Grow Portfolios: Mara Goldstein

Special Report Reveals Biotech Stock Drivers: Michael Hay

Patrick A. Heller: Huge Physical Gold Shortage Looms

Aden Forecast: Bubble Phase in Gold to Begin in 2013 and Possibly Reach $6,000

Jan Skoyles: The calm before the storm

17 Reasons Why Those Hoping For A Recession In 2012 Just Got Their Wish

Simon Black: One of the scarcest resources in the world

Vettore: The E-Cat Revolution

Thought for the Day: I will not invest in any energy plays until we see what shakes out with the E-Cat in September. If it's for real, it will disrupt the entire sector.

Money - July 26, 2012

With 1000C Heat, E-Cat Can Solve Energy Crisis

Dave Gonigam: The Rule of Lawyers

Dr. Marc Faber: The Recessionary Implications of a Chinese Slowdown

Bill Bonner: Deflation Now. Inflation Later.

Greg Canavan: Why India’s Tradition of Storing Gold is Savvy, not Silly

Matt Insley: A New Trend Stirring In Natural Gas…

Douglas French: Condo Crazy: Canadian Edition

Chris Mayer: You Can Bet on These Two Clear Trends

David Galland: Bypassing Government Roadblocks to Your Personal Prosperity

Gordon Chang: Big Trouble Ahead in China?

Jean-Marie Eveillard: Gold Shorts Getting Torched, Don’t Lose Your Position

John Hathaway: Hathaway Predicts Gold Will Now Move Substantially Higher

Gerald Celente: Gold & The Greatest Bank Robbery In Histor

How to Find the Next Tenbagger in Peru: Maria Belen Vega and Ricardo Carrion

Three Steps to Rare Earth Mining Success: Alex Knox

Chanyaporn Chanjaroen: Hong Kong’s Largest Bullion Vault Signals Rising Asia Wealth

Lance Roberts: Major Sell Signal Triggered

Jan Harvey: Platinum's discount to gold plunges to steepest in 7-1/2 months

Julian_DW_Phillips: Gold and Silver in Deflation

Keynesian Dialogue Symptom of Larger Monetary Upeaval

The Audit The Fed Bill Gets Passed By The House But Obama And The Democrats Are Going To Kill It

100 Million Poor People In America And 39 Other Facts About Poverty That Will Blow Your Mind

Zach Foster: Occupy Gotham?

Robert Higgs: Why Austrian?

Mac Slavo: Bar Stool Economics: A Simple Guide to the American System of Taxation and Distribution

Tim Price: Why do we need a central bank?

Zero Hedge: It's Impossible For Governments To Grow Their Way Back To Solvency

Zero Hedge: Deep Fried Black Swan Goes Global As Drought Spreads From US To Asia, And Now To Southern Europe

Thought for the Day: I wouldn't count on a sustained "fear trade" in gold and silver. Inflation, on the other hand,...

Money - July 25, 2012

Dave Gonigam: China’s Chess Move in Canada

Eric Fry: Lessons from the Irish Elk: Why the US Debt Burden May Facilitate Its Extinction

Bill Bonner: Turning Into PIIGS: Why France’s Debt Crisis Could Doom the EU

Matt Insley: Stay Wealthy With This “Frontier” Strategy…

Chris Mayer: Discovered: $2 Trillion In Gold, Copper, Nickel And More!

Jeffrey Tucker: Business Begging for Life

Greg Guenthner: How a Cellular Meltdown Could Fuel New Fortunes

Wendy McElroy: Two Attitudes Toward The State

Alex Daley: The New Economic Collapse Video: It makes uncomfortable but urgent viewing.

Marin Katusa: The Shift to a New Global Currency Alters International Relations

The Shift to a New Global Currency Alters International Relations

Rick Rule: The Return Of The Mega-Bullish “Fear Trade” In Gold

Stephen Leeb: It Is Absolutely Shocking How Much Gold China is Acquiring

Richard Russell: Bear Market to Last Another 15 Years to 2027

Three Steps to Rare Earth Mining Success: Alex Knox

Small-Cap Energy Stocks Have Hit Bottom: Steve Palmer

Short Q&A With Rossi — E-Cat Stable over 1000C

New E-Cat Demo Report

E-Cat Australia Issues First Advertisement

Axel Merk: Currencies: From Nullifying to Negative

Chris Puplava: Global QE Is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin!

Stewart Thomson: Gold Stocks Clash Of The Titans

Silver to significantly outperform Gold in few years

IMF: Worsening eurozone crisis a 'key risk' to China

Tom Fitzpatrick: What To Expect Next For The US Dollar, Euro, Stocks & Bonds

Simon Black: Nobel economist has no idea where economic growth comes from

Austrian Economics, Its Detractors and the Reality of Freedom

100 Million Poor People In America And 39 Other Facts About Poverty That Will Blow Your Mind

Zero Hedge: No Housing Recovery In These Three Charts

Thought for the Day: We approach a fork in the road. One leads to scarcity, the other to abundance. Which way the world will go remains to be seen. Prepare for both.

Money - July 24, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Crack Shacks, Mansions, and Household Wealth

Byron King: Money Is Technology!

Frank Holmes: How to Look Past Negativity to See Opportunity

Jeffrey Tucker: The Financial Fish Rots From the Top Down

Greg Guenthner: The One Simple Rule Used By Every Successful Trader

Eric Peters: Cypher’s Choice

Jeff Clark: Profiting from Europe's New Gold Rush

Louis James: China, Metals, and Your Money

John Embry: Expect Shortages Of Gold As Soon As Next Month

Don Coxe: The Global Situation Is Becoming Quite Desperate

Michael Pento: Why We Can All Kiss This Financial System Goodbye

John Mauldin: The Lion in the Grass

John Mauldin: Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook

12 Signs That Spain Is Shifting Gears From Recession To Depression

Summer Shopping Opportunities for Mining Equities Abound: Rick Mills

Rossi's E-Cat Hits 1000 Degrees Celsius

The End of Fiat Money: Stephanie Pomboy

Nadeem_Walayat: The Quantum of Quantitative Easing Inflation is Coming!

Alexander Higgins: Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money

Ben Traynor: Dollar danger threatens Gold

Kate Gerbich: New UK Legislation is Predicted to Favour Gold

Julian D. W. Phillips: Do Gold, Silver Prices Fall, in a Shrinking, Debt-distressed World?

Theodore Butler: The War on Silver

Clive Maund: Silver Market Update - July 22nd, 2012

Jesse: Gold Daily and Silver Coiling for an Imminent Move

Mac Slavo: “It’s Spreading”: US Census Reports Nearly 100 Million Poor in America; Worst Conditions in Fifty Years

Simon Black: You’ll love the new nickname they have for the dollar here…

Zero Hedge: Is Vegas Signaling The Consumer Is Folding?

Zero Hedge: David Rosenberg On A Modern Day Depression Vs Dow 20,000

Thought for the Day: But for "cold fusion," the future of uranium looks bright. If Rossi's E-Cat proves out, however, uranium stockpiles may prove worthless.

Money - July 22, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Innovate or Die

Dave Gonigam: The Return of Food Riots

Joel Bowman: Sticks in the Mud

Patrick Cox: Shorting Armageddon

Bill Bonner: About the New Book

Eric Fry: Market-Rigging and Price-Fixing

Greg Canavan: China’s Coming Assault on the Western Financial System

Matt Insley: Soybeans: The Next Crop To Be Affected By This Year’s Drought…

Byron King: Oil’s On The Rise, Here’s Why…

Wendy McElroy: Freedom Is Dead; Long Live Freedom.

Jonas Elmerraji: How to Pull 465% Gains Out of a Flat Market

Jonas Elmerraji: How Spotting This Simple Pattern Could Score You 44% Gains

Detlev Schlichter: Happy Interventionists: The Economist’s Attack on Your Property

Brandon Smith: Where Is the Line for Revolution?

Jeff Clark: Profiting from Europe's New Gold Rush

Adam J. Crawford: DNA's Trap for Investors: A Race to the Bottom

Alex Daley and Doug Hornig: "Why Your Health Care Is so Darn Expensive"…

Eric Sprott: The Frightening Black Swan Nobody Is Talking About

Egon von Greyerz: $1.5 Quadrillion Bubble & Gold Into The Stratosphere

London Trader: The LBMA Gold Price Fixing Scheme Is Over

Robert Fitzwilson: This Is Why Central Banks Continue To Scramble For Gold

Caesar Bryan: Slow Burning Financial Crisis To Force More Central Bank Action

Nigel Farage: If This Happens In Europe Frankly It’s Meltdown

How to Minimize Risk and Increase Returns on Juniors: Joe Mazumdar

Spot Uranium Sleeping Beauties Before the Market Wakes Up: Jeb Handwerger

The Price Of Corn Hits A Record High As A Global Food Crisis Looms

Adam Hamilton: Silver Undervalued

Jason Hamlin: Worldwide Debt Default is the Only Solution

Ben Traynor: 'Flat Momentum' Sees Bullion in 'Contracting Range'

Arie Goren: Time To Buy Silver? Part 1

Thought for the Day: When the big banks begin lending out their excess reserves, expect a pre-election bump in the economy, followed by a spike in price inflation starting sometime between Summer and Fall 2013.

Money - July 20, 2012

Sterling D. Allan: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- July 19, 2012

Jim Dunn: Jim Dunn's Report on LENR conference in Williamsburg

Dave Gonigam: You Didn’t Build That

Joel Bowman: The Illusion of Choice

Bill Bonner: A Crisis Veiled in Public Spectacle

Greg Canavan: Has Bernanke and the Fed Discovered a New Invention in Wealth Creation?

Chris Mayer: Opportunities Abound In U.S. Housing…

Douglas French: Obama Is Wrong about the Hoover Dam

Jonas Elmerraji: Are Stocks Undervalued Right Now?

Douglas French: Separating the Banking Wheat from the Chaff

Richard Russell: Get Rid Of Debt & Prepare For Tough Times

Peter Schiff: This Is My Single Greatest Fear

Jean-Marie Eveillard: We Are Near The End Of This Correction In Gold

Ed Marsh: How to Gain Business Savvy from a Crosswalk

David Stockman: Austerity Is Not Discretionary

Gold Producers in the Catbird Seat: Jay Taylor

Biotech 'Diamonds-in-the-Rough' Promise Huge Potential Returns: Rahul Jasuja

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: The Potential for Gold Stocks in 2013-2014

Brandon Smith: Bad Economic Signs 2012

20 Signs That All Point To The Exact Same Thing - Can You Guess What That Is?

Danny Esposito: China and Japan Now Lead in Silver Demand

John Mauldin: Stratfor Third Quarter Forecast

Brandon Smith: Bad Economic Signs 2012

Mac Slavo: NSA Insider: You Are the Target: “They’re Pulling Together All the Data About Virtually Every U.S. Citizen in the Country”

Simon Black: This major trend is an obvious business opportunity

Troy Bayer: Solid Investment Potential In Nevada's Modern-Day Gold Rush

Zero Hedge: This Is The Government: Your Legal Right To Redeem Your Money Market Account Has Been Denied - The Sequel

Zero Hedge: Will Social Unrest Surge As Corn Prices Soar?

Brian Hicks: A Perfect Storm for Biotech in 2012? These Stocks Are Up 40% for the Year

Christian DeHaemer: Platinum Cheaper Than Gold; The White Metal Hits a Tipping Point

Greg McCoach: Global Deflation; Prepare for More Printing with Gold

Tyler Durden: UBS Issues Hyperinflation Warning For US And UK, Calls It Purely "A Fiscal Phenomenon"

Thought for the Day: When the big banks begin lending out their excess reserves, expect a pre-election bump in the economy, followed by a spike in price inflation starting sometime between Summer and Fall 2013.

Money - July 18, 2012

Doug Casey: Becoming a “Permanent Tourist”

Dave Gonigam: They’re Coming For Your Silver

Joel Bowman: Obama: The Shaq of Spending

Dan Denning: Why You Should Watch Your Blind Spot For An Oil War

Matt Insley: The Wealth-Growing Power Of Oil: Updated!

Douglas French: Markets Tell the Truth

Jonas Elmerraji: Why Last Week Signals Gains for Your Portfolio

Jim Karger: Expat, Meet Obamacare

Marin Katusa: Two Sides of the Same Flag: How Israel's Natural Gas Will Change the World

John Hathaway: Gold Manipulation - Banks Are Agents Of The State

Jeffrey Saut: The World Is In Its 3rd Super Cycle In The Past 200 Years

Rick Rule: The Physical Silver Market Is Getting Dangerously Tight

Stephen Leeb: The Naked Shorts Will Be Destroyed In The Gold Market

Get Dirt-Cheap Critical Metals Exposure in Mongolia: James Passin

Buy 'Discount Darling' Oil Stocks This Summer: Ray Kwan

Jeb Handwerger: Gold and Silver Investors Rotating Into Undervalued Junior Explorers

John Mauldin: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Stewart Thomson: Dr Bernanke's Golden Conundrum

Why should Gold and Silver investors care about the price of oil?

America Heading Towards a Collapse Worse Than 2008 AND Europe! Says Peter Schiff

'Game Changer' For Gold In UK As New Regulation Favours Gold

Why I Still Fear Inflation

Jeff Nielson: U.S. Retail Collapse Accelerates

Ron Paul Bill to audit Fed coming up - U.S. gold reserve audit too?

Four Commodities to Buy Before Roubini's 'Perfect Storm'

Andrew Foy, MD: The Right to National Bankruptcy

Mac Slavo: Very Real Danger of Collapse: “Could Be So Severe I Don’t Think Our Civilization Could Survive It”

Tyler Durden: So Much For "Housing Has Bottomed" - Shadow Housing Inventory Resumes Upward Climb

Simon Black: Quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard an economist say

Simon Black: The coming American diaspora

Sterling D. Allan: Inteligentry says "We have everything we need to get into manufacturing"

Thought for the Day: If you don't believe you've been screwed, check out Nathan Lewis' report, Average US Incomes in Gold

Money - July 17, 2012

Byron King: When Money Fails, Look To Silver

Dave Gonigam: Fed-Sponsored Rallies

Joel Bowman: A Look at Government Spending Beyond the Numbers

Daily Reckoning Contributors: Expat Experiences

Bill Bonner: How the Feds Feed the Rich

Dan Denning: China’s GDP Figures… Lies… Damned Lies?

Greg Guenthner: How to Book Gains Using Trendlines

Gary North: Slipping the Noose: Americans Are Learning to Resist the Feds Quietly

Wendy McElroy: Two Attitudes toward the State

Alena Mikhan and Jeff Clark: The Positive Shift for Mining in Europe

Robert Ross: SpacEx, Orbital Sciences, and the Myth of the Private Space Program

James Turk: Summer Doldrums Over, Gold & Silver To Explode

John Embry: Economic Deterioration, Gold & Market Manipulation

Michael Pento: This Major Fed Move Is About To Create An Explosion In Gold

These 12 Hellholes Are Examples Of What The Rest Of America Will Look Like Soon

A Historic Window of Opportunity In Mongolia: James Passin

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: A Rare "Buy" Signal on Gold

Graham Summers: The US is Entering a Second Recession (in the Context of a Great Depression) In Its Worst State in the Post-WWII Era

Adam Brochert: Gold Stocks: Bottom, Re-Test, Launch?

Bill Fleckenstein: “The next rally in gold, when the Fed finally acts, is going to be huge”

Peter Cooper: Why you should save in gold and silver rather than US dollars or euros

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Pitfalls of Silver Price Technical Analysis

Mac Slavo: Let the Bombings Commence: Two Key Developments in Syria Suggest It’s Go Time

Tim Staermose: The coming American diaspora

John Aziz: Are Corporations People?

Tyler Durden: It's Different This Time: The Scariest Equity Market Chart Around

Christian DeHaemer: Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold; We Are at a Tipping Point

Home-Based E-cat Due For Market Release In 2013

Is The Andrea Rossi E-Cat A Nuclear Reactor?

Money - July 15, 2012

Why LENR will lead to Vast New Fortunes

Rossi: Certifier Requires E-Cat Fuel to be Changed by Contractors

LENR Could Extract Water From the Atmosphere Cheaply

Dave Gonigam: The Gold Window Opens

Joel Bowman: Why Ideas?

Bill Bonner: Another Faux Fix

Greg Canavan: The Biggest Load of China Bull

Byron King: The “New” Migration to Gold and Silver

Jeffrey Tucker: Most People are Clueless about Politics

Greg Guenthner: How to Start Making Double-Digit Trading Gains Today

Detlev Schlichter: Money Is Never Neutral

David Galland: Smooth Criminals & Bad Arguments

Jeff Clark: Does Central-Bank Gold-Buying Signal the Top Is Near?

Bill Haynes: An Absolutely Stunning Development In The Gold Market

Caesar Bryan: Gold & Stock Markets Rally, But Troubles Continue in Europe

Egon von Greyerz: Gold to Hit $3,500 - $5,000 in 12 to 18 Months

Robert Fitzwilson: A Clash Of Two Systems On A Global & Historic Scale

Mining Equity Bargains Abound, But Buy with Care: Ivan Lo

Charles Hugh Smith: Financialization and Crony Capitalism Have Gutted the Middle Class

Morris Hubbartt: USD & Gold Momentum Shift

P. Radomski: Betting On Mining Stocks’ Higher Prices May Not Be Such A Good Idea

Karl Denninger: A 20+ Year Oligopoly Teeters

Jim Sinclair: Western World Finance Is In Deep Trouble

Fed fiddles as America slides back into recession

Buy Dips in Gold

Have We Reached 'Peak Gold'?

Anthony Wile: Kerry Lutz on Money, Markets and the Growth of His Financial Survival Network

27 Things That Every American Should Know About The National Debt

Four Reasons To Be Even Less Optimistic About The Global Financial System Than You Were Last Month

How Authoritarianism Will Lead To The Rise Of The Data Smuggler

John Mauldin: The Beginning of the Endgame

Joshua M. Brown: Sizing Up the American Dream

President Obama: "If You've Got A Business - You Didn't Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen"

Sterling D. Allan: Keshe Foundation to release Magravs technology in September for world peace

Thought for the Day: By the end of the SBSS Series (34), Chris Duane makes a strong case for something that parallels a sentiment Bill Bonner has expressed in some of his articles: "Sell stocks on rallies. Buy gold on dips." But Duane makes a strong case for silver.

Money - July 13, 2012

Sterling D. Allan : LENR-to-Market Weekly -- July 12, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Three Gold Charts: Ignore Them At Your Risk

Eric Fry: Fight vs. Flight: Reckoners Weight-In on the Concept of Expatriation

Wendy McElroy: In Praise of Parallel Institutions

Bill Bonner: The Worldwide Debt Culture

Chuck Butler: Fed Disappoints, and Risk Assets Get Sold

Greg Canavan: Using Gold as Wealth Preservation, for Self Preservation

Matt Insley: $1,900 Gold By December, And The Best Way To Play It…

Joel Poindexter: They Wrecked Wiper Fluid Too

Greg Guenthner: How to Trade Beaten-Down Stocks

Jeffrey Tucker: The Day Your Life Fell Apart

Alex Daley and Doug Hornig: How Health Care Can Cost So Much, Despite Technology

Mainstream Media Lacks the Vocabulary to Explain What's Going On

Toby Connor: Too Close to Call

Bill Fleckenstein: Central Banks & The Fed Are Close To Panic

Tom Fitzpatrick: Stocks to Plunge Another 15% to 20%

Dan Norcini: Crucial Chart & What to Expect From US Dollar, Euro & Gold

Grade Is King: Andrew Richmond

Short Supply, High Demand for Platinum Group Metals: George Topping and Michael Scoon

Build Profits with Deep-Value Energy Stocks: Chen Lin

Profit from Canadian-Based Biotechs and Specialty Pharmas: Philippa Flint

Sumit Roy: Deutsche Bank’s Brebner: Gold Headed To $2,000/oz. In Early 2013 Amid Inflationary Bias By Central Banks

Peter Schiff: The Real Fiscal Cliff

Richard Russell: Inflate or Die

Jim Willie CB: Extreme Danger Signposts

Today Is Best Day to Buy Gold - Thackray’s 2012 Investor’s Guide

Thomas Pascoe: The price of gold has been manipulated. This is more scandalous than Libor

Gold to hit new high before year end - Eric Sprott

Simon Black: German tax authorities raiding homes of ‘suspected’ evaders

Money - July 12, 2012, 2012

Dave Gonigam: A Betrayal of Trust

Joel Bowman: Anarchy on the Metro

Douglas French: Democracy Reaches Its Limit

Bill Bonner: More Credit to “Contain the Depression”

Matt Insley: Investing Tips: How To Tell If News Matters…

Jeffrey Tucker: The Day Your Life Fell Apart

Doug Casey on "Atlas Shrugged"

Stephen Leeb: All Hell is Going to Break Loose on the Upside in Gold

Rick Rule: We Are Near An Epic Collapse in Confidence

John Mauldin: The Tragic Decline of Gibraltar’s Spanish Neighbor

Grade Is King: Andrew Richmond

Short Supply, High Demand for Platinum Group Metals: George Topping and Michael Scoon

Profit from Canadian-Based Biotechs and Specialty Pharmas: Philippa Flint

Adrian Ash: Unscary Reasons to Add Gold

Pater Tenebrarum: In Gold We Trust, 2012 Edition

Liezel Hill: Gold 22% Rally to Record Seen by Eric Sprott: Commodities

Are Gold And Silver Headed For A Summer Meltdown...Or Meltup?

Euro Back From the Brink Again? What a Surprise ...

Propping Up The Gold Price?

Chris Martenson: Our Money Is Dying

Kira Botkin: 9 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage and Drive Efficiently

Scenes Of Despair

Four Reasons To Be Even Less Optimistic About The Global Financial System Than You Were Last Month

Mac Slavo: Five Words For the United Nations: FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS

Mac Slavo: Must See Video: “I Don’t Need To Stop at a Checkpoint to Prove Who I Am Because This Is America”

Simon Black: Why we’re light years away from solving our problems

Tyler Durden: Biderman Demands New 'Non-Parasitic' Constitutional Convention

Tyler Durden: "The Use Of Temps Is Outpacing Outright New Hirings By A 10-To-1 Ratio"

Greg McCoach: Banking and Monetary System; They Own It All... and YOU

Money - July 11, 2012, 2012

Cold Fusion: Progress Report

LENR Theories Reaching Critical Mass?

Dave Gonigam: The Age of Envy, Updated

Doug Casey: Replaced by the “United State”

Joel Bowman: The Model Soldier

Eric Fry: Like a Lead Zeppelin

Chris Mayer: Gold Miners are Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!

Dan Denning: The Grapefruit Currency Hindering China’s Economic Growth

Byron King: A Clear Future For The U.S. — Got Electricity?

Jeffrey Tucker: In Politics, Expect the Unexpected

Chris Mayer: Asia’s Best-Kept Growth Secret

Eric Fry: Why More and More Americans Are Abandoning Their U.S. Citizenship

Marin Katusa: The Race for Energy Resources Just Got Hotter

Marin Katusa: Brazilian Oil Dreams Get Sobering Reality Check

Richard Russell: Gold, Stocks & Massive Fed Manipulation

Jeffrey Saut: The Systemic Problem, I’m Not Sure It Can Be Fixed

Jean-Marie Eveillard: Expect More Chaos As The Elites Are Now Totally Discredited

Tom Fitzpatrick: Euro Under Pressure, Ready to Collapse

REE Stocks Are Down but Not Out: Siddharth Rajeev

How to Play Utica Natural Gas Opportunities of a Lifetime: Neal Dingmann

John P. Hussman, Ph.D.: What if the Fed Throws a QE3 and Nobody Comes?

Gold Stocks Breakout Inches Closer

Jim Rogers: I'm Not Selling My Gold Bullion

Kip Keen: Gran Colombia Chairman's relentless stock buying

Chris Martenson: Our Money Is Dying: Don’t Let Your Wealth Die With It

Simon Black: Five things I’ve learned on the ground in Portugal

James E. Miller: Josh Barro’s and David Frum’s Pathetic Attack on Austrian Economics

Henry Hazlitt: The Road to Totalitarianism

Christian DeHaemer: Gold Stocks Crushed; Where to Go from Here

Thought for the Day: Cold fusion is coming, but it will take time to work its way into the existing infrastructure.

Money - July 10, 2012, 2012

Dave Gonigam: New Riches from Old Headlines

Dan Amoss: Seven Reasons to Sell Stocks Short

Bill Bonner: Channeling Kurt Richebacher…

Dan Denning: Leverage: Economics For the Gifted and Talented

Matt Insley: Higher Ethanol Prices, Set To Hit A Pump Near You

Douglas French: Report from an Underwater Wasteland

Jonas Elmerraji: How Low Interest Rates Could Ignite a Market Rally

Chris Mayer: How to Open a Bank Account that Pays 16%

Jeff Clark: Does Central-Bank Buying Signal the Top?

Michael Pento: $15 Trillion To Be Added To Money Supply & Gold To Ascend

John Embry: Hang On Because The Chaos is Going to Accelerate

Michael Pento: This Major Fed Move Is About To Cause Gold To Skyrocket

James West's Secrets for Finding Tenbaggers

Jeb Handwerger: Weak Jobs May Mean More Printing and Higher Precious Metals Prices

Bill_Fleckenstein: Deteriorating fundamentals make it hard to bet that stocks will move up, and money printing makes it tough to predict they'll fall

Julian D. W. Phillips: Can Gold, Silver Prices Rise in a Growing Global Economy?

Paul Brodsky: Central Banks are Nearing the 'Inflate or Die' Stage

Lawrence Williams: ‘Idiots' controlling the world's economies - gold in lockdown

Bill Murphy: It Won’t Be Too Long Before The Gold/Silver Market Manipulation Scandal Goes Mainstream … BIG TIME!

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: The Precious Metal Achilles’ Heel

Peter Cooper: Why do so few investors seem to understand the silver story?

The Corn Is Dying All Over America

25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out

Mac Slavo: Dr. Doom: “The 2013 Perfect Storm Scenario Is Unfolding”

Mac Slavo: Woman Fired For Refusing to Accept EBT Card as Payment for Cigarettes *Video Commentary*

Charles Hugh Smith: Election Year 2012: Two Landslides in the Making?

Brian Hicks: Central Banks Around the World Are Purchasing Gold

Money - July 8, 2012, 2012

Hank Mills: The Ultimate E-Cat Cold Fusion Transmutation

Hank Mills: The Rossi E-Cat Zooms Ahead of the Higgs Boson

Dave Gonigam: A Constitution-Free Zone

Bill Bonner: Imagining a Universe Without Central Banks

Joel Bowman: Taking Economic Forecasts at Face Value

Ray Blanco: The Race between Science and Politics

Matt Insley: Tight Oil Still Profitable In The U.S.

Jeffrey Tucker: Isabel Paterson Nailed It, In 1943!

Greg Guenthner: How to Use Supply and Demand to Trade Stocks

Aleksandr: Are They Reading Your Most Intimate Communication?

Louis James: How Is Dr. Copper Feeling?

Gerald Celente: The Biggest Story of the 21st Century

John Hathaway: The Lengthy 10 Month Correction In Gold Is Over

Nigel Farage: Europe Is Unraveling & Headed For Collapse

Caesar Bryan: Central Planners Are Making Desperate Maneuvers Right Now

Miners Are Unlocking China's Gold: Noel White

There Will Never Be Enough Jobs In America Again

The Gold Silver Ratio As An Early Warning Indicator

A Crash Warning Has Been Issued For The Economy; Buy Gold and Silver

Why Gordon Brown Sold England's Gold On the Cheap To Bail Out the Banks

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Momentum Leads Price Higher

Julian D. W. Phillips: The “Black Hole of Deflation” turns into runaway inflation. What of Gold & Silver - Part 3

Paul Brodsky: Central Banks are Nearing the 'Inflate or Die' Stage

Shamus Cooke: The Rising Tide of Unemployment in America

John Merline: Disability Ranks Outpace New Jobs In Obama Recovery

Ben Traynor: Gold "May Be Preparing for Further Falls", But Central Banks Easing Implies "Upward Trend" for Bullion

How Deflation Becomes Inflation

John Mauldin: Into the Matrix

Mac Slavo: Green Acres is the Place to Be: City Dwellers Increasingly Turn to Farming to Survive Economic Crisis

David SafeWater: What If Nothing Happens?

Money - July 6, 2012, 2012

Sterling D. Allan: LENR-to-Market Weekly -- July 5, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Your Money or Your Kid

Bill Bonner: Independence Day…and the Glories of a Strong Military…

Bill Bonner: The Misguided Focus of the US Military-Industrial Complex

Greg Canavan: China’s Economic Policy of Denial

Chris Mayer: Here’s Why the Oil Bull Market Is Over

Douglas French: Why Isabel Paterson Is Great

Jonas Elmerraji: Why Critics Are Wrong About This Electric Car

Jim Karger: American Medical Care Is Terminal

Doug Hornig: "Abundance": A Book Review

Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock You

The Biggest Financial Scandal In History?

Stephen Leeb: Smart Money Is Extremely Worried About What Lies Ahead

Egon von Greyerz: We’re Dealing With Government Lies & Misinformation

Louise Yamada: Gold & Silver at Critical Points in This Cycle

Follow Venture Capital to Big Gains in Biotech: Peter Johann

Gold Seen At USD 3,500, 6,000 and 10,000 Per Ounce

Hubert Moolman: Silver, Gold and The Coming Deflation

Jason Hamlin: Commercial Traders Reduce Silver Short Position to Lowest Level Since 2001!

David C. Harper: Bullion Coin Demand Drops Big

Andy Sutton: The Next Great Failure and My Two Cents

Joel F. Wade: Build a Growth Mindset

Brandon Smith: The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible

Tim Staermose: Guess who’s bailing out bankrupt western governments now…

Tyler Durden: The History Of The Federal Reserve System

Brian Hicks: Next to Energy, This is the Greatest Investment of the Century

Criteria for a Successful LENR Device

Licensing would be the Best Way to Commercialize LENR

Money - July 5, 2012, 2012

Hank Mills: Scorching Solid State E-Cat Temperatures Allow for Countless Applications

Dave Gonigam: A Drag on Your Portfolio

Suzan Haskins: I’ve Been Totally Wrong About Uruguay

Eric Fry: Why More and More Americans are Abandoning Their US Citizenship

Chuck Butler: US Manufacturing Plunges!

Callum Newman: The Question China Has To Answer Fast to Save it’s Economy

Dan Denning: How Investing in Commodities Can Prevent a Personal Financial Crisis

Matt Insley: Here’s What The U.S. Blackout Means For World Energy Demand…

Greg Guenthner: How to Spot an Early Buying Opportunity

Eric Peters: Now Nothing Is Off The Table

Jeffrey Tucker: The Birth of Sedition

Marin Katusa: Which Course Will North American Natural Gas Producers Choose?

Marin Katusa: How the Race for Resources Is Shaking Up Companies' and Countries' Strategies

Steve Forbes: Golden Rule for Prosperity

Michael Pento: Central Bank Fireworks Are Just Around The Corner

Tom Fitzpatrick: The Euro vs Dollar & Stocks

John Embry: Fixes From The 70s Won’t Stop This Disaster

Rick Rule: We Are Seeing Dislocations In Many Financial Markets

Richard Russell: Is Anything Safe In Our New World?

The US and EU Are Desperately Seeking Heavy Rare Earths: Jeb Handwerger

Gold to Silver price ratio and the surge in Silver jewellery buying

Falling Oil Prices Offer Great Stock Buying Opportunities: Byron King

The battle to stop gold has been lost, The Rig is up! - Jim Sinclair

Matt Tabbi: Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

Silver likely to outperform Gold, Copper in Q4 2012: TD Securities

Michael Snyder: 17 Signs of More Economic Turmoil 2012 and Beyond

Are You A Slave Of The System?

Tyler Durden: David Rosenberg Explains The Housing "Recovery"

Money - July 3, 2012, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Feeling Contraction

Dan Amoss: The Path to $10,000-an-Ounce Gold

Bill Bonner: How Government Spending Continues to Add Fuel to the Fire

Mike Meyer: Consumer Confidence Falls…Again

Jeffrey Tucker: Life Is Beta, an Experimental Leap into the Unknown

Jonas Elmerraji: How to Prepare for a July Rally

Ray Blanco: The Race Between Science and Politics

Louis James: How Is Dr. Copper?

Cambodia—Prospective, Stable and Ignored: Ken Booth

Equities the Way to Benefit from Gold's Strength: Henk Krasenberg

John Mauldin: Bull’s Eye Investing (Almost) Ten Years Later

Bill Haynes: This Will End In Inflation & Destruction of Paper Currencies

James Turk: Frightening Situation, The World Is On A Knife’s Edge

Robert Fitzwilson: Central Planners Are Destroying the Financial System

Michael Pento: Three Super Marios, The Debt Monetization Game & Gold

If One Storm Can Turn D.C. Dark For Several Days, What Would A Massive EMP Burst Do?

Kicking The Can Down The Road

17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012

Mike Reid: How Amazon Survives the State

Mac Slavo: Complete Disaster Non-Preparedness: DC Grocery Stores Out of Food, Gas Unavailable, Grid-Down As Summer Heat Rages

Dr. Joseph Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P.: Collapse Medic: When Help Is NOT On The Way, The Buck Stops With You

Simon Black: Go figure, the poorest place in Europe is run by Communists

Christian DeHaemer: Stocks that Go Up When Crops Fail

Tyler Durden: Key Events In The Holiday-Shortened Busy Week

The Silver Two Year Cycle Continues

Kip Keen: Is it time to start picking through the junior rubble?

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Why Deflation is the Biggest Catalyst for Precious Metals

Jan Skoyles: Gold, is the party over?

Interest Rate Models Call For Lower Dollar

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?
I just finished reading a report that explained why Inflation, not Depression, will be America's foremost concern by the end of 2012. Here is a list of books that will help you prepare and even profit from it.

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

Steve Keen on the Minsky Singularity
Debt Black Hole's Event Horizon!

Lauren Lyster: Doug Casey on Crisis Investing
Political Risk, and a Benign Anarchy!

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 14

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 15

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 16

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 17

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 18

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 19

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 20

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 21

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 22

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 23

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 24

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 25

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 26

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 27

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 28

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 29

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 30

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 31
Recommended Reading - Hover to See More
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Age of Deleveraging
Bailout Nation
Big Thirst
Building Wealth with Silver
Civilization: The West and the Rest
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Demise of the Dollar
Dice Have No Memory
Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout
Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
This Time Is Different
Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
Winner-Take-All Politics

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