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Money - June 30, 2012

Desperate E-Cat Detractors Spreading False Safety Concerns

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 28, 2012

More from Rossi on the High Temperature E-Cats

How Long Until The E-Cat Is The Norm?

Dave Gonigam: The Paper Clip Rally

Jeff Clark: Is the Table Set for a Mania in Precious Metals?

Bill Bonner: When Governments Spend Wealth Instead of Building It

Matt Insley: Central Banks Have Gone Wild! Here’s What To Do…

Jeffrey Tucker: Take Your Bureaucratic Hands Off My Microwave

Abe Cofnas: How to Book Fast Gains Off Big Market Moves

Douglas French: Finally, The Truth About Healthcare

David Galland: The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side

Toby Connor: The CRB Just Formed a Final Three Year Cycle Low

Art Cashin: Shorts Squeezed in Dear God Get Me Out Moment

Eric Sprott: We’re Being Lied To, Even The 1% Is Having Problems

Investors Need to Understand Basic Geology: Chris Wilson

Scott Wright: Junior Gold Exploration 2

Hubert Moolman: Silver Could Preserve More Value Than Gold

Gold to rise sharply in second half of 2012: Commerzbank

Why The Debt-Dependent Status Quo Is Doomed in One Chart

Lawrence Williams: Gold down to $700 - or up to $7,000? - Diametrically opposed viewpoints.

Lawrence Williams: A ‘Lehman moment' will ensure gold and silver will soar again

James Anderson: How to Buy Silver Online

Mark Hulbert: Has a major bear market in gold begun?

Ian Cooper: Chesapeake Energy Stock; Buy When this Happens

Money - June 29, 2012

Dave Gonigam: What the Supreme Court Can’t Touch

Joel Bowman: No Consent Required: How the State Exploits Ignorance and Complacency

Bill Bonner: A Valley in Peaks…and the Biggest Fraud in Economics

Mike Meyer: Currencies Wait for the EU Summit

Matt Insley: Fertilizer Plays Set To Profit: CF Industries and Terra Nitrogen

Douglas French: Finally, the Truth about Health Care

Greg Guenthner: 3 Reasons to Turn to Stocks Right Now

Chris Wood: The Coming Revolution in Wireless

Doug Casey: A Eurocrash Is Baked in the Cake

Peter Schiff: Europe, Gold & The Health Care Bill

John Hathaway: Confidence Severely Damaged, Chaos to Accelerate

Egon von Greyerz: Greatest Financial Collapse The World Has Ever Seen

17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012

Robert Wenzel: 15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing Disaster For America

Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.: Why Don't People Get It?

SGT: Watching the Clock: Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September-October?

Mac Slavo: Obamacare is now the Obama Tax

Lithium Demand Will Spike: Daniela Desormeaux

Six Lithium Companies Chris Berry Likes

How to Profit from Hidden Medical Device Gems: Caroline Corner

Bob Moriarty: Gold at $6 an ounce

Morris Hubbartt: All Gold Stock Hands On HUI Deck

Peter Krauth: While Banks Crumble, The Next Leg Up For Gold Prices Draws Near

Buy Range-bound Gold Now For Run To $1641 Or Higher, Silver Also Ripe

Fed’s Lockhart Discusses the Potential When and How of QE3

Julian D. W. Phillips: The Black Hole of Deflation and Gold and Silver - Part 2

Why silver is a better bet than gold

Rhonda Kay: Demand Rises for US Silver Coins, Led by Silver Eagle Products

Christian DeHaemer: The Great Shadow Bank Run Meets the Dark Void of Deflation

Money - June 28, 2012

Dave Gonigam: A $78 Billion Binge

Eric Fry: Sell Paper, Buy Bricks

Bill Bonner: Incompetent Economists

Chuck Butler: Gold Takes Two Steps Back

Chuck Butler: Gold Finally Finds a Bid

Greg Canavan: Why India is Buying Gold

Tim Staermose: Is the Silver Price Finally Bottoming Out?

Cash in Twice the Income From Natural Gas, With Utilities

Jeffrey Tucker: A Sacred Right

Greg Guenthner: How to Profit From a Price Squeeze

Wendy McElroy: Your Privacy Is Yours

Jeff Clark: Why Are We Certain that Gold Producers Will Soar?

Doug Casey on the Coming Eurocrash

Stephen Leeb: The Fate of the Global Financial System Hangs in the Balance

Rick Rule: The Big Money I’m Speaking With Is Frightened

Jean-Marie Eveillard: This Is All A Delusion, I Am Keeping My Gold

Follow the Majors to Find Investment Prospects: Brent Cook

Eric McWhinnie: Is Gold a Zero Risk Financial Asset?

Extending Twist Won't Help US Economy - 27 June 2012

Are You a True Free Market Thinker? - 27 June 2012

James West: Here Comes the Hyperinflationary Bailout Endgame

Jim Willie: Outline on Collapse End Game

Sumit Roy: Precious Metals Monitor: Buy Range-bound Gold Now For Run To $1641 Or Higher, Silver Also Ripe

Aziz: Fiat Money Kills Productivity

David Levenstein: Expect a lot more money printing

After the Sovereign Debt Crisis Comes the Deleveraging

America On Fire: Why Is The Number Of Wildfires In The United States Increasing?

John Mauldin: The Futility of European Elections

The Ready Store: How to Barter

Mac Slavo: Says It Ain’t So Joe: “IT’S A DEPRESSION” *Video Biden vs. Obama*

Simon Black: And you thought your government told big lies…

Tyler Durden: As The US CapEx Boom Ends, Is The Fed Now Truly Out Of Ammo?

Brian Hicks: The Only Stocks Going Up...Restaurants, Groceries and the Beach

Thought for the Day: The only thing(s) that will prevent a global depression is a development so profound that it will change the fundamentals of the global economy. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (Cold Fusion) could do that.

Money - June 27, 2012

Dave Gonigam: A “Safe Haven” for Tough Times

Severine Kirchner: Better Lucky Than Good

Bill Bonner: Income Inequality: The Silent Killer

Dan Denning: No Time For Real Thinking in a Radical Share Market

Matt Insley: Get Paid While You Wait, With These Dividend Paying Energy Companies…

Wendy McElroy: Your Identity Is Yours

Chris Mayer: How to Double Your Money When Small Banks Sell Out

Gary North: The Statist Propositions of Protectionism

Casey Research’s Clark: Why Eldorado Gold Is A Stock Even Your Mother Could Love

Marin Katusa: How Will North America Play Its Excellent Natural Gas Hand?

Chuck Butler: A Plan To Have A Plan?

Investments Worth Their Weight in Graphite: Glen Jones

Who Destroyed the Middle Class - Part 3

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Precious Metals: Keep it Simple

Kenneth J. Gerbino: Deflation Inflation Debate

P. Radomski: What Do Stocks and Bonds Tell Us About Gold’s Future Moves?

Scott Silva: Greed is Good

Charles Nenner: The S&P Will Sink To 1,235 By Next Week, Gold's Next Stop Is $2,500

Jeff Nielson: My Last Forecast On Silver and Gold Prices (GLD, SLV, IAU, AGQ, PHYS)

What Are The Most Popular Silver Bullion Coins?

Andrew Moran: Banks expect gold, silver bullion to drop then rise to new highs

Quite a Shift for US Silver Prices

John Embry & Chris Waltzek Interview: "Silver is more attractive than gold."

Where Does Money Come From? The Giant Federal Reserve Scam That Most Americans Do Not Understand

John Mauldin: What Will Germany Do?

Don Coxe: Get Ready, Banks to Collapse In Europe

John Embry: We’re On The Edge of Collapse, We’ve Run Out of Time

Tom Fitzpatrick: Major Markets to Resume Their Decline

Roger Nusbaum: Retirement: Doom With A Healthy Dose Of Despair

Tom Chatham: A Gun Ban Won’t Work Because…

Mac Slavo: Security Report: Massive Cyber Attack In Progress In the USA, Europe, Latin America: $2.5 Billion Siphoned From Financial Institutions So Far

Tim Staermose: Is silver finally bottoming out?

Christian DeHaemer: Oil Stock Outlook: 10 Reasons to Sell

Thought for the Day: Whether you call it crony capitalism, fascism or mercantilism, plutocracy by any other name impoverishes the rest of us just the same.

Money - June 26, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Waiting for the Collapse

Addison Wiggin: A Different Kind of High-Yield Investment

Bill Bonner: The American War Racket

Joel Bowman: A Tale of Two Markets

Dan Denning: Investment Theory on Human Action and Price Action

Byron King: Your Guide To Operation Twist, Oil Prices And More!

Jeffrey Tucker: How to Think Like a State

Jonas Elmerraji: How to Trade This Auto Stock

Jeff Clark: Top Seven Reasons Gold Producers Will Soar

Platinum Outlook Remains Volatile: Erica Rannestad

Matt Taibbi: Wall Street's Bid-Rigging Scandal

Richard Russell: This Terrifying Financial Collapse & Gold

James Turk: Capital Controls, Panic, The Great Depression & Gold

Michael Pento: EU & US Go Head To Head In Game Of Three-Card Monte

Ben Davies: Eurozone, Deleveraging & Gold to Break $6,000

Jeffrey Saut: Europe To Launch Massive Two Trillion Euro Bailout Package

Julian D. W. Phillips: The Black Hole of Deflation - Part 1

Julian D.W. Phillips: Gold & Silver Market Morning

Jeffrey Lewis: Rare Earth Silver

Ashna Ambre: Why you should invest in silver now

Mark O'Byrne: 80% of the Gold the World Owns Doesn't Exist

Vicky Kapur: Gold may fall to $1,100

Forty Million Houses in the US That No One Needs?

Too Much Debt: Our Biggest Economic Problem

Mac Slavo: What It Looks Like When a Nation Collapses

Simon Black: Surprise! An economy with a pulse!

Hank Mills: 600 Celsius - The Accelerating Evolution of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat

Brillouin: "Understanding How LENR Works Will Enable Us to Be First"

Brian Hicks: Why Owning Gold Is More Important Than Ever

Christian DeHaemer: Buffett Buys, Oil to Double, Gold to Fly, Bernanke Twists

Money - June 23, 2012

Hank Mills: Cold Fusion - The First Domino

Sterling D. Allan: Coming Soon: MAGEN Magnetic Energy Engine

Dave Gonigam: The Battery-Powered City

Douglas French: The View From Atop the Junk Bond Bubble

Greg Canavan: The G20 – A Big, Fat Bunch of Phonies

Chuck Butler: US Dollar Gets Rewarded for Bad Economic Data

Matt Insley: A North American Power House, From Norway…

Douglas French: Finally, a Film for 50 Somethings

Patrick Cox: A Huge Investment Opportunity in Drug-Making Technology

Chris Mayer: On The Trail Of The Housing Recovery

David Galland: Burn the Boats, Kill the Chickens

Jeffrey Saut: Europe To Launch Massive Two Trillion Euro Bailout Package

Nigel Farage: Europe is About to Impose Extreme Repression

Ian Gordon: Why Gold Stocks Outperformed Other Gold Investments

Who Destroyed the Middle Class - Part 2

Morris Hubbartt: Fibonacci: Gold Stocks Thermometer

Adam Hamilton: Gold-Stock Valuations 8

Michael Pento: Europe’s Solution isn’t More Inflation

Peter Schiff: Trickle Up Economics

Rick Mills: Six Percent Can Draw Gold From The Moon

Ben Traynor: Liquidation "Could Send Silver Down to $18", Euro Weakness "Contributing to Gold's Fall"

What the Fed does not want you to know about American net worth figures

As China's power within the IMF grows, could we see the mobilisation of gold?

China and Russia buying gold as protection against currency reset

Simon Black: Could this make Ben Bernanke a Soviet dictator?

Ian Cooper: Rare Earth Options China Warns: Be Prepared

Gold Set For Big Weekly Drop On Deflation Fear

Eric Peters: Recovering Our Rights: A Place to Start

Geoff Candy: Gold companies where management has 'skin in the game' outperform others - U.S. Global

Thought for the Day: Just before a star goes super nova, it collapses, shrinking and shrinking until it suddenly explodes with immense fury. Watching the price of gold and silver, I'm reminded of that.

Money - June 22, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Secret Treaty Threatens Your Wealth

Bill Bonner: The Chubby Checker Monetary Strategy

Greg Canavan: The US Deficit of Deceit

Chris Mayer: Investing In Mongolia: Diesel, Dust And Dreams

Douglas French: Death By Foreclosure

Greg Guenthner: How to Use Volume to Make Winning Trades

Detlev Schlichter: The Future of Money and the Death of Banks, Part II

Alex Daley: What Does Microsoft's New Tablet Mean for Investors?

Toby Connor: Oil and the CRB Approaching a Final Bottom

Investors Intelligence: Global Markets On The Move, What To Look For Next

Egon von Greyerz: We Are Headed For Panic As Global Markets Tumble

James Turk: Gold & Stocks Smashed, Expect Massive Spike In Fear

Who Destroyed the Middle Class - Part 1

Jen Alic: The Most Immediate Threats to Global Energy Security - Jellyfish Interview

Gold heads for yet another big weekly loss

Gold drops 2.5 percent after data stirs deflation fears

Sara Patterson: Global shifts spark opportunity for uranium juniors

Chris Vermeulen: Gold and Silver on the Verge of Something Huge! - Are You Ready?

Gold still at risk of a large downward move before the rally

With No Signs Of Easing, Silver Prices Fall

Data Mining: Big Corporations Are Gathering Every Shred Of Information About You That They Can And Selling It For Profit

Christopher Westley: A Crimson Tax Tide

David Nash: Here it is: An effective plan to convince your loved ones to prepare

James Miller: Propaganda, Lies, And War

Chuck Carnevale: The US Economy Sitting On The Threshold Of A New Golden Age: Part One

Chuck Carnevale: The US Economy Sitting on the Threshold of a New Golden Age: Part Two

Chuck Carnevale: 50 Potential Investment Opportunities to Participate in the New Golden Age: Part Three

Brian Hicks: Oil Prices to Double: China Buys Record Oil

Thought for the Day: To get the most political bang for the buck, the Fed has to wait until August or September to unleash the of monetary policy.

Money - June 21, 2012

Dave Gonigam: The Fed Can’t Alter This Trend

Joel Bowman: The Benefits of a Bountiful Oil Supply

Bill Bonner: Getting Ready for More QE

Byron King: Politicized Oil Prices

Byron King: Two Promising Metal Miners: NovaGold And NovaCopper

Jeffrey Tucker: The Silent Killer

Patrick Cox: How A Robotics Revolution Will Reignite American Manufacturing

Detlev Schlichter: The Death of Banks and the Future of Money

Doug Casey on Facebook and Beyond, Part 2

Dan Norcini: Wild Trading After Fed Release, What to Expect Next

Bill Fleckenstein: Fed Takes Half Step, Will Be Forced to Act Again

Caesar Bryan: This Is The Big Picture For Markets After The Fed Meeting

Major Mineral Opportunities Uncovered in an Unexpected Place, Mongolia: Eric Zurrin

Get More for Your Money with Fiber-Optic Fracking: James McIlree

Casey Research’s Clark: Gold’s Volatility Signals Big Move Ahead; Tuesday Best Day To Buy Gold & Silver

Ezra Klein: The scary take on Ben Bernanke’s remarks

David Levenstein: Politicians will prop up the fiat system no matter the cost

Lawrence Williams: Fed fudges and gold slips slightly as the seemingly inevitable is postponed again

Skyscraper Index Indicates Next Global Crash in 2013

Palm Oil Holds the Key to Feeding the Next Billion

Julie Crawshaw: Gartman: Interested in Gold? Buy Miners, Not the Metal

David Gordon: The Skeptical Politics of Herbert Butterfield

Simon Black: What’s next…

Jeff Snider: The "American Exceptionalism" Paradigm Is Broken

Jan Harvey: Gold Prices Ease On Caution Ahead Of Fed Statement

Christian DeHaemer: Buy the Next Dip in Gold

Tyler Durden: The Chart That Scares The "1%" The Most

Will Toledo, Ohio Be The First Major American City To Be Owned By China?

Money - June 20, 2012

Dave Gonigam: The Twisted “Logic” of the Street

Chris Mayer: On the Trail of the Housing Recovery

Bill Bonner: The Great Correction Continues Correcting

Matt Insley: Bakken Oil Boom: Shopping For Deals In America’s Oil Basket…

Gary Gibson : The Deadly Danger of Drones

Jeffrey Tucker: Capitalists Who Fear Change

Allen Sykora: Gold-Mining Shares Outperforming Gold Since Mid-May

Marin Katusa: An Icy Saga Is Emblematic of Oil Price's Inevitable Climb

Toby Connor: Major Bottoms in Stocks, Gold and Commodities Have Formed

Michael Pento: Fed Meeting, European Crisis & An Inflationary Death Spiral

Richard Russell: Don’t Believe This Rally & Prepare Yourself

Tom Fitzpatrick: Despite Rally, Crisis To Get Even Worse

John Mauldin: The Real End Game, We’re Coming To The End

The Only Five Rare Earth Elements that Matter: Jack Lifton

Egon von Greyerz: Ignore the Noise

Chris Waltzek - Silver Report #1: "The True Fireworks are Reserved for Silver"

The Mancession: 16 Signs That This Economic Decline Is Sucking The Life Out Of The American Male

Clive Maund: Silver Market Update

James E. Miller: The Washington 1 Percent

Laurence M. Vance: The Natural Right To Be Free

Rob Richards: Gov Criminalizes Self Reliance: Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities

Simon Black: Sentiment vs. Reality: Total disconnect

Tyler Durden: Your EBT Card Has Been Denied... At The Spearmint Rhino

James E. Miller: Public-Private Partnership - Another Phrase for Fascism

Jim Quinn: Who Destroyed The Middle Class? (Part 1)

Frank Tang: Gold Down Before Fed Meets, Euro Worries Support

Tyler Durden: In Case Of NEW QE, Gold To $1,900-$8,500 Says SocGen

Money - June 19, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Earth-Shaking News, Except When It’s Not

Jennifer Fry: The Lesson of the Cheesehead

Bill Bonner: Ideas on the US Empire

Byron King: Investing Tips For An Election year…

Jonas Elmerraji: A Look at the Big Picture for Stocks

Eric Peters: Good People

Jeffrey Tucker: The Wonderful World of Commerce

Doug Casey: How to Save Your Money And Your Life

Alena Mikhan and Jeff Clark: Does Gold Keep Up In Hyperinflation?

Stephen Leeb: The Greatest Bull Market, A Gold Standard & Silver Shortages

James Turk: Gold Will Shock Investors By Soaring This Summer

Prepare for the Pivot Point in the Gold Exploration Cycle: Quinton Hennigh

Pater Tenebrarum: The BoE Is Getting Ready to Pump Again

David Nichols: Monthly Gold Pattern Remains Bullish

Clive Maund: Heads A Deflationary Implosion - Tails A Hyperinflationary Depression...

Dr. Jeff Lewis: Silver Metal Now and a Golden Traveler's Check

Geoff Candy: Gold: Risk asset or safe haven?

Lawrence Williams: Gold:silver ratio path not necessarily bullish for silver investors

Peter Pham: Silver Wheaton: The Silver Miners' Investment Banker

Are You Kidding? SEC Now to Supervise US Ratings Agencies

Oh Crud! 19 Reasons Why It Is Time To Start Freaking Out About The Global Economy

Forget The Election Results - Greece Is Still Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe

John Mauldin: Flirtin’ with Disaster

Chris Bassil: The Secession Solution

James Rawles: 20 Reasons Why America’s Next Bank Holiday Will Be a Nightmare

Arthur Cutten: Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Band-Aids and Butterfly Kisses

Simon Black: The experiment has failed. Are you ready?

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: Double-Trauma Strikes Europe! U.S. Next?!

Thought for the Day: After watching the TruthNeverTold "Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield" series, you may wish to sell your gold and buy silver.

Money - June 18, 2012

Dave Gonigam: The Sector That’s Down, Not Out

Chris Mayer: Global Investing: The Next 40 Year

Bill Bonner: Committed to Phony Growth

Joel Bowman: The Long and Sordid History of Currency Debasement

Chris Mayer: A Massive Mining Boom In Mongolia

Greg Guenthner: How To Spot a Good Trade

Addison Wiggin: How the Health Care Industry Can Fleece You

Wendy McElroy: What is the State? What is Society?

Jeff Clark: Why Uncertainty Leads to Great Opportunities

Robert Ross: How Close Are We to Mining Asteroids?

Jan Skoyles: True gold fears no fire

Morris Hubbartt: Green Lights For Gold!

Adam Hamilton: Cheap Gold Stocks 3

Peter Cooper: Back to the fundamentals of investing in silver

James Turk: Fiat Currency in a Kondratieff Winter

Chris Isidore: U.S. bank downgrades loom

Michelle Smith: Silver Flirts with $29 Waiting for Headline Week

Matt Badiali: An Incredible Type of Gold Company

Przemyslaw Radomski: Is Silver Currently Riskier Than Gold?

John Mauldin: The Bang! Moment is Here

Michael Pento: Financial System Has Broken Down, The Fix & Where to Invest

Gerald Celente: Expect A Tidal Wave Entrance Into Gold

Richard Yamarone: Fed Impotent, Depression & China’s Crash Landing

Egon von Greyerz: Governments Stand Ready With Massive Package

Philipp Bagus: Passing the Bailout Buck

Norse Prepper: The Ultimate Preppers – They Were Preppers, But Didn’t Know It

Mac Slavo: Obama to Legalize Illegal Immigration by Decree; Will Add 800,000 Voters In November

Mark Grant: Greece — What Matters And What Does Not

Ian Cooper: Nuclear Bull Market

Greg McCoach: Preparing for Economic Collapse: Part 3

Money - June 15, 2012

Dave Gonigam: A Clever Trap… and a Way Out

Severine Kirchner: Tiny, the Mouse, Takes a Giant Step for Mankind

Bill Bonner: The Disconnect Between Household Wealth and GDP Growth

Matt Insley: The Most Important Gold Chart I’ve Seen

Byron King: A Template for a Strong Resource Buy

Greg Guenthner: 3 Ugly Microcap Charts

Wendy McElroy: In Praise of Parallel Institutions

Jeffrey Tucker: The Political Theater of President Ford

Doug Hornig: The Sudden Rise of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Commerce

Quality Oil and Gas Stocks Are On Sale: Joel Musante

Gary Dorsch: Dow Industrial Bulls, Gold Bugs, Wagering big Bets on QE-3

Michael Pento: Bank Bailout isn’t the Solution

Michelle Smith: Weak Gold Prices Time to Buy

Andy Hecht: Get Ready for the Silver Breakout

Another Black Monday coming for global financial markets?

Amine Bouchentouf: Europe Entering Dangerous Phase That Could Sink Gold Before Massive Rally

Sumit Roy: Buy Dips Of QE3-Reliant Gold Below $1550, Sell Rallies At $1640

Dan Norcini: European Crisis & Bullion Banks Capping Gold

John Hathaway: Gold, Mining Shares & QE: 2 Persistent Questions

Tom Fitzpatrick: We Will Now See Extreme Turbulence in Global Markets

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Gold Guru Says, "I've Shifted My Gold from GLD to This..."

A Conversation on Europe’s Political Economy with George Friedman and John Mauldin

Tom Chatham: The Three Stages of Crisis – Looking Through the Other Side of Disaster

Mac Slavo: U.S. Army Chief Says Military Will Be Used To Provide “Rapid Response Options” and Address “Challenges in the United States Itself”

Greg McCoach: Preparing for Economic Collapse: Part 1

Greg McCoach: Preparing for Economic Collapse: Part 2

Money - June 14, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Innovators Outrunning the Wealth Destroyers

Dave Gonigam: Ideal Timing for This Opportunity

Bill Bonner: When Your Credit Card Stops Working

Byron King: What’s the Deal With Oil Prices?

Bill Bonner: Learning from the Best: Inflation Lessons from Argentina

Jeffrey Tucker: Small Package, Tons of Truth

Byron King: Let’s Get Back To The Basics, With Silver!

Matt Insley: Gold Miners: Actionable Insight And More…

Wendy McElroy: In Praise of Parallel Institutions

Jeff Clark: How to Invest Your Mother's Money – And Keep Your Peace of Mind

Doug Casey on Facebook and Beyond, Part 1

Louis James: Financial Apocalypse May Be Coming

Louis James: Are You Brave Enough to Buy Low?

Ten-Point Model for Picking Mining Winners: Dr. Michael Berry

It's Time to 'Buy Low' on Rare Earth Stocks: Byron King

Euro Debt Crisis is Good for Gold and Silver: Sprott Money Manager Charles Oliver

Enzymes and Algae May Spur a Biofuel Boom: Ian Gilson

How to Find Small Companies with Big Prospects: Raghuram Selvaraju

Felix Zulauf's Market Prognosis - June 2012

Endless QE? $6 trillion and counting

Those Who See Will Survive the Coming Monetary System Collapse

Hubert Moolman: Silver Offers A Golden Opportunity To Convert Soon To Be Destroyed Value

Caesar Bryan: There Is Now Massive Pressure On The Fed & ECB To Print

John Hathaway: We Are Within Months of This Crisis Blowing Wide Open

Richard Russell: Financial Knockout, Gold & Zuckerberg

Stephen Leeb: This Is Exactly What Will Move Key Markets Going Forward

John Embry: Despite Rally, Global Financial Crisis II Is Imminent

Robert Fitzwilson: World Chaos Erupting as Governments & Institutions Collapse

The Economic Collapse Is Not A Single Event

Eric Peters: Going Deep: “It’s Entirely Possible That Nowhere in North America is a Safe Redoubt”

Mac Slavo: Vaporized: Americans’ Wealth Collapses 40% Over Last Three Years

Thought for the Day: Oppression provokes a backlash.

Money - June 12, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Down Payment for the Zombies

Dan Denning: Backlash Against Conformity

Bill Bonner: Government Spending: Food for Economic Zombies

Eric Fry: Nearing the End of the Eurozone?

Dan Amoss: Countdown To Euro Crisis…

Greg Guenthner: 2 Ways to End Your Stock Market Worries

Gary Gibson: Buy A House and Put Nickels In It

Jeff Clark: How to Invest Your Mother's Money – And Keep Your Peace of Mind

Louis James: Brave Enough to Buy Low

Peter Schiff on avoiding the brick wall

Peter Schiff: Damn the Torpedoes

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Producers for Growth, Juniors for Speculation

Hubert Moolman: Silver Could Preserve More Value Than Gold

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Where Silver Trumps Central Planning

David O. England: Gold vs. Silver — Who wins?

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: One Billion Silver Ounces and 100 Billion Owners

Did Jefferson Davis Work for Money Power? ... Was the Civil War a Gigantic False Flag?

The Economic Collapse Is Not A Single Event

The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

James Turk: Capital Controls, Bank Bailouts & Escalating Fear

Bill Fleckenstein: Stock Market Is A Farce, We’re At The End Game

Michael Pento: This is How the Spanish Bailout Will Impact Key Markets

Gary North: Socialism in Practice: The Lethal Laboratory

Why You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets and Reserve Cash

Tim Price: Gold: volatile or risky?

Tyler Durden: Credit Suisse Explains "The Real Issue", And Why There Is Two Months Tops Until France Is In The Bulls Eye

David Rosenberg On Austerity, Politics, And The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Eric L. Prentis: Everything You Know About Markets Is Wrong?

Money - June 10, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Hip to Gold Acquisition

Joel Bowman: “¡Qué Quilombo!”

Bill Bonner: Praying for Stimulus to Save the Economy

Abe Cofnas: Profit Opportunities Long Before the Crowd Catches On…

David Galland: Bernanke's Bluff

Shahien Nasiripour and Tom Braithwaite: US Banks Face $60 Billion Capital Shortfall

Egon von Greyerz: Worldwide Package Coming From Fed, ECB & IMF

Peter Schiff: World is Headed Off the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff

London Trader: Staggering 515 Tons of Gold Sold in 4 Hours

Dan Norcini: Global Markets In Extraordinarily Dangerous Situation

Byron King: Companies Must Pay Dividends to Make Top-10 Gold List

Jim Jubak: Tear up your paper money

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Tests The Floor

Eric Sprott: Silver would disappear in a nanosecond if people understood how little there is

Padma Nagappan: Uranium stock rerating ahead as supply/demand gap looms

Michelle Smith: With No Signs of Easing, Silver Prices Fall

Dorothy Kosich: S&P rates Allied Nevada and expects 'favorable pricing' ahead for gold and silver

Robert Prechter Makes a Huge Call on Treasury Bonds (Video)

The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

John Mauldin: A Dysfunctional Nation

Peter C. Earle: Of Krugman and Diocletian

Michael Snyder: 10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages And Preparation From The Economic Collapse In Greece

Simon Black: Presenting the CBO’s ‘Long-Term Outlook’ infographic

Tyler Durden: Spain IS Greece After All: Here Are The Main Outstanding Items Following The Spanish Bailout

Steve Keen: Why 2012 Is Shaping Up To Be A Particularly Ugly Year

Ian Cooper: Gold and Silver Bull Market; Investors are Forgetting One Thing

Nick Hodge: Half a Billion Needed

Silvia Antonioli: Gold Extends Losses After Fed Disappoints

Money - June 8, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Is Human Progress Slowing?

Chris Mayer: Three Investment Ideas to Avoid…or Sell Short

Bill Bonner: Where Does All the Money Go?

Chris Mayer: Commodity Crush: Should You Head For The Exits?

Matt Insley: “I’ll Have Another” Round Of Stimulus…

Chris Mayer: How to Get a Seat in “Gabelli’s Kitchen”

Jeffrey Tucker: Hayekian Moments in Life

A Major Uranium Supply Gap Is Looming: Ed Sterck

Chris Wood: The Most Sophisticated Cyberweapon Yet?

James Dines: Debt Liquidating Depression & Systemic Failure

Nigel Farage: Europe is Collapsing, Buy Gold & Expect QE

Michael Pento: Fed & ECB Petrified, This is Exactly What Will Trigger More QE

Nicole Foss: Crashing the Operating System - Liquidity Crunch In Practice

Michael Pento: QE III Game of Chicken

Axel Merk: What’s next for the U.S. Dollar? QE3?

Mike Krieger: China Will Blink and Gold Will Soar

Tyler Durden: The 'Big Reset' Is Coming: Here Is What To Do

P. Radomski: Does Any Clear Picture Emerge From Gold And Crude Oil Charts?

Chris Mullen: Gold and Silver Fall After Bernanke

Hubert Moolman: Silver Offers A Great Opportunity

The U.S. Economy By The Numbers: 70 Facts That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To See

Thorsten Polleit: The Fiasco of Fiat Money

Simon Black: Why you should be excited about national bankruptcy

Christian DeHaemer: Gold to Double in Value With Basel III

Eddy Elfenbein: Warren Buffett on “Owner’s Earnings”

Goldman Sachs: Global Economy in Contraction Phase

Todd R. Tresidder: A Ridiculously Simple Way To Build Wealth

Brett Eversole: The "Long-Dollar, Short-Everything-Else" Trade Ends Now

Money - June 7, 2012

Dave Gonigam: The 18-Cent Dollar

Eric Fry: On Jelly Donuts and Gold

Bill Bonner: Never Mind the Debt

Chuck Butler: What Manner of Quantitative Easing

Government Intervention and the Hidey-Hole of the Productive

Brandon Smith: Defiance: A Lost Virtue?

The End of Cheap Everything: Ron Hera

Reap Biotech Profits from Overlooked Spaces: Alan Carr

James Rickards: The US Is the Biggest Currency Manipulator

David Bond: This Ain't The Bottom (But you can see it from here)

Louise Yamada: Gold & Silver at Crucial Points in This Cycle

John Gray: This Is Where Major Markets Are Headed Right Now

Tom Fitzpatrick: Four Key Charts & What to Expect in Markets Going Forward

Mac Slavo: Despair As Collapse Accelerates: “My Shotgun is Full and Well Equipped. I Hope I Don’t Need to Use It.”

Tyler Durden: The US Labor Market Is In A Full-Blown Depression

Robert Wenzel: Signs of China Crashing

Companies with WORSE Valuations Than Facebook (FB)

Simon Black: Brainwashing starts with this two-letter word

Noam Chomsky: On the History of the U.S. Economy in Decline

Paul L. Atwood: American Empire and the Future

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - The Fear

Tom Essaye: Why gold miners could be one of today’s best values!

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: Countdown to the Next Megashock! How to Profit …

Money - June 6, 2012

Dave Gonigam: A Slowdown… and a Crackdown

Dave Gonigam: When the IRS Wants Your Travel Plans

Bill Bonner: Floating to Japan on a Sea of Bad Debt

Eric Fry: A Financial Crisis that Repels Private Capital

Ronan McMahon: Christmas in Killarney…80% Off!

Ronan McMahon: Sangria Sunrise…On the Cheap!

Chris Mayer: There Are No Forever Stocks, Here’s Why…

Dan Amoss: Coming Soon: A New Global Monetary System

Greg Kadajski: 3 Traits of a Pumped Stock

Jonas Elmerraji: How Low Can This Stock Go?

Detlev Schlichter: Is Gold In A Bubble?

Detlev Schlichter: Is Gold In A Bubble, Part II

Marin Katusa: Heads We Win, Tails We Win

Jeff Clark: The Table Is Set for a Mania

Bob Wolf: Beware of False Claims About Rare Earth Metals

Dave Kranzler: Golden Days Ahead

Amir Adnani: Nuclear Power Has a Bright Future

Paul Craig Roberts: Collapse At Hand

Kirsty Hogg: Silver, China and Graphite – New York Hard Assets Conference Review

Stewart Thomson: Gold Flag Flies At Half Mast

Greg hunter: Gold and Dow Flash the Same Warning Signal

Charles Hugh Smith: The Pernicious Dynamics of Debt, Deleveraging, and Deflation

Brian Hicks: Something is Happening in the Gold and Silver Mining Sector...

America In Decline: The Soul Crushing Despair Of Lowered Expectations

21 Signs That This Could Be A Long, Hot, Crazy Summer For The Global Financial System

John Mauldin: Macro-EU: The Solution Illusion

Caesar Bryan: Gold To Be Viewed As Risk Free Asset In This Chaos

Egon von Greyerz: We Are Moving Closer To Total Financial Collapse

Richard Russell: Gold & When the Bear Market in Stocks Will End

Stephen Leeb: Chinese Gold Imports Spike to Staggering Record Level

Prepared Pastor: The Government’s Boots on the Ground When It Hits the Fan May Be Your Neighbors

Simon Black: Wow. An amazing example of why this country is headed in the wrong direction.

Tyler Durden: From Negative 5Y5Y To $2200 Gold?

Joe Weisenthal: The Best Fed Source In The World Says QEIII Is Now On The Table

Bob Adams: When Will The Younger Generation Realize How Much We've Screwed Them?

Thought for the Day: Will the global recession be followed by a global government?

Money - June 4, 2012

Dave Gonigam: PrintRallyCrashPrintRally

Bill Bonner: Who’s Really Holding US Treasury Bonds?

Dan Amoss: Spain’s Housing Crisis Will Be Good for Gold

Byron King: You Can Buy This Junior Resource Player, Half Off…

Chris Mayer: The Stock Market is Rigged

Brandon Smith: The Realities of Choosing Your Survival Retreat Location

David Galland: End of the Nation-State

Robert Ross: Cashing In On Japan's Debt Conundrum?

Is the Market at a Historic Turning Point? Top Watchers Say...

The Ultimate Gold Bull Peter Grandich vs. The Muted Bear Steve Palmer

Toby Connor: Major Cycle Bottom in Gold and Commodities

Eric Sprott & David Baker: The Real Banking Crisis, Part II

Adam Brochert: A New Cyclical Gold Stock Bull Market Is Born

Jason Hommel: Silver Headed to $75-$125/oz. in 1-2 years

Clif Droke: Major improvement for gold’s interim outlook

Jeff Nielson:

Porter Stansberry: A new update to my "End of America" warnings

10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages And Preparation From The Economic Collapse In Greece

Gary North: What Happened to the Austrian School Economist that took a Job at the Fed?

John Mauldin: First Deflation, Then Inflation. But the Timing…?

Michael Pento: The Real Reason Why Global Markets Are Melting Down

Don Coxe: Emergency Fed Meeting & Gold Backed Bonds

Art Cashin: Precipice of a Broad, Dangerous Global Contagion

Rick Rule: Here is Why Gold is Soaring & Stocks are Tanking

Mac Slavo: Greek Power Regulator Calls Emergency Meeting to Avert Collapse of Power Grid and Natural Gas System

The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead

Simon Black: Another shoe to drop for the US dollar

Tyler Durden: Once Again, Here Is The Full Playbook

Grant Williams: Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Such As The Spread Between Gold And Gold Miners

Money - June 1, 2012

Bill Bonner: Were it Not for Dumb Money…

Patrick Cox: Biotech Ideas That Will Change the World

Dave Gonigam: Paper Airplane Time

Dan Amoss: The Z-Shaped Recovery

Chuck Butler: Brazil Cuts Rates and Signals for More Cuts!

Greg Canavan: When Capital Comes A Knocking

Greg Guenthner: Should You Buy These Risky Stocks?

Jeffrey Tucker: Conspiracies and How to Defeat Them

Terry Coxon: Myths and Realities of Returning to a Gold Standard

Alex Daley: Dad, What's a Mouse? The Generational Divide in Technology

Steve Hansen: Biggest Value for Agricultural Investors Revealed

Tyler Durden: "The End Game: 2012 And 2013 Will Usher In The End" - The Scariest Presentation Ever?

12-Year Old 'Viral Video' Money-Reformer Supports Hyperinflation?

18 Examples Of The Nanny State Gone Wild

Egon von Greyerz: Market Chaos & Incredibly Important 200 Year Chart

Mac Slavo: Illinois State Representative Erupts in Fury Over Legislative Tyranny

Christian DeHaemer: Silver, BAP and License Plates; Investment Ideas for a Deleveraging World

Brandon Smith: The Realities Of Choosing Your Survival Retreat Location

Oliver Tree: Why U.S. Manufacturers Don't Care About The Euro Crisis

Simon Johnson: Jamie Dimon and the Failure of the Nation

Rebecca Terrell: Wind Energy Subversion: Fact or Fiction?

China manufacturing slows sharply, data show

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?
I just finished reading a report that explained why Inflation, not Depression, will be America's foremost concern by the end of 2012. Here is a list of books that will help you prepare and even profit from it.

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

Karl Denninger on Price Dictates
Credit Illusions and Healthcare

John Williams of Interview
The Next Crash Will Be A Lot Worse!

Gerald Celente on Old-Man Europe
Romney & Sons, and a Golden Summer

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 1

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 2

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 3

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 4

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 5

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 6

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 7

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 8

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 9

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 10

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 11

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 12

The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield
Part 13

Robert Prechter on the Bullishness
of an EU Breakup and the coming
Global Deflation

Mike Maloney on Gold's Checkmate
Ben Bernanke's role as the Pawn!
Deflation Debate

The End Of The Inflation
Deflation Debate

Doug Casey - Chairman, Casey Research
@Cambridge House Live - June 2012

John Williams of Shadow Stats: "We're getting close to the can and near a cliff"

Everything Burns
Recommended Reading - Hover to See More
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Age of Deleveraging
Bailout Nation
Big Thirst
Building Wealth with Silver
Civilization: The West and the Rest
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Demise of the Dollar
Dice Have No Memory
Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout
Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
This Time Is Different
Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
Winner-Take-All Politics

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