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Economy - April 30, 2012

Bill Bonner: Risky Investments in a Market Full of Conmen

Chris Mayer: The Missing 13th Floor

Dave Gonigam: 2008 was Lehman. 2012 is…

Nickolai Hubble: The Fallback Investment Strategy Your Retirement Needs

Frank Holmes: Weighing the Evidence of Oil and Gold Stocks

Ray Blanco: Temporary Weakness Sets up Future Returns

Detlev Schlichter: The Separation of Money and State

Vedran Vuk: What If Europe Does Recover?

Chuck Butler: Japan Turns To QE Once Again!

Adrian Ash: The Superhero Powers of Central-Banking-Policy Man

Jan Skoyles: The new calculus of gold

Gordon G. Chang: The Best Reason in the World to Buy Gold

Charles Hugh Smith: What Happens When All the Money Vanishes Into Thin Air?

Jeff Nielson: Paper Money: The Barbarous Relic

Michelle Smith: Silver Acts Industrial in an Uncertain Market

Anthony Wile: Charles Johnson on his Many Publications, Libertarian Feminism and Anarchic Individualism

Anthony Wile: If Attacks on Libertarianism Get Problem Wrong, Can the Solution Be Correct?

Porter Stansberry: My best investment recommendation ever

John Mauldin: A Gold Standard?

Robert Fitzwilson: There Is No Solution, Only Catastrophic Outcomes

Michael Pento: Love Affair With Inflationary Policies To End in Disaster

John Williams: The “Recovery” Faked By Phony Gov. Numbers

Eric Sprott: Global Shocks Coming, Investors Need to Prepare

Mac Slavo: What is America’s Economic Breaking Point?

Mac Slavo: Economic Nostradamus: We Are Literally Witnessing a Collapse

Tyler Durden: Hugh Hendry Is Back - Full Eclectica Letter

Tyler Durden: Deflecting Attention From The Real Question

Ian Cooper: Gold: The Bargain of a Lifetime; The June 28th Gold Catalyst

Briton Ryle: What's Wrong with the U.S. Economy

Michael Krieger On The Rebirth Of Barter

Gold’s Value Today

Obama's Plan is a Stealth Middle Class Tax Hike. So Is Romney's.

Thought for the Day: What will happen to the US economy when the nascent domestic oil boom produces a glut that drives the US price of gasoline below $2 per gallon?

Economy - April 27, 2012

Bill Bonner: The Burgeoning Scam Market

Dave Gonigam: Five Years of The 5

Joel Bowman: Lest We Repeat

Eric Fry: Musings on the Work of Harry Browne

Matt Insley: How To Cash In On Texas Black Gold…

Greg Kadajski: Hidden Public Offerings

Jeff Berwick: Making A Living In A Foreign Country

Chris Wood: Is the Heyday of Carbon Nanotubes Just Around the Corner?

Hubert Moolman: Gold/Platinum Ratio And The Coming Depression

Stephan Bogner: The Silver Megathrust

Jason Hommel: What Good is it if you Can't Spend It?

Scott Pluschau: Bull Hammer in Silver

Curtis Hesler: Damn the Torpedoes: Buy Gold and Silver

The Family Farm Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

Stephen Leeb: Spain Flirts With Disaster As Europe Ready To Blow Apart

Investors Intelligence: Latest Sentiment Readings on Stocks

Egon von Greyerz: Bankrupt Nations Desperate to Save Financial System

John P. Cochran: Not Enough Inflation?

Albert Jay Nock: The Causes of the Revolution of 1776

Michael Snyder: 22 Red Flags That Indicate That Very Serious Doom Is Coming For Global Financial Markets

Tess Pennington: The Barter Value of Skills

Simon Black: Eight places where Americans can still bank offshore

Tyler Durden: Student Loan Debt Slaves In Perpetuity - A True Story Of "Bankruptcy Hell"

Facebook and Google Turned Into Government Spies? The Dangerous New Law Before Congress (CISPA)

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Gold to $10,000 oz. - Walkin' On the Sun

Redmond Weissenberger: Agenda 21 – It’s Your World, We Just Want To Own You. Part 1

Nick Hodge: Natural Gas Headed Lower; Shale Production Sparks Glut

Thought for the Day: What if the economy recovers? What if the engines of prosperity kick in, unemployment plunges, tax revenues soar and the national debt drops like a rock? But what if high inflation can't be avoided? And what if the government continues to ignore more and more of the Constitution?

Economy - April 26, 2012

Bill Bonner: How Employment and Economic Growth are Hindered by Politics

Bill Bonner: Austerity Around the World

Dave Gonigam: A Tale of Three Bubbles

Dave Gonigam: After Apple, Three More Sells

Charles Kadlec: Ben Bernanke’s Paper Dollar Embodies Systemic Risk

Jeffrey Tucker: The Secret History of the Club (Part 1)

Matt Insley: America’s Cheap Energy, About To Get Cheaper…

Byron King: The Next Metal Crisis: Copper

Greg Guenthner: 3 “Turning Point” Trading Tips

Chris Mayer: Three Ideas You Don’t Want to Own Right Now

Jeffrey Tucker: Wal-Mart, The Victim of Extortion

Detlev Schlichter: Why Gold Is Still My Favorite Asset

Doug Casey: Doug Casey on Argentina and Today's Evita

Marin Katusa: So Long, US Dollar

New IMF figures show at current rate central banks will buy almost 700 tonnes of gold this year

Steve Saville: Is gold still cheap?

Matt Badiali: Equities Will Catch Up to Higher Gold Price

John Kaiser: Rare Earth Juniors Have a Five-Year Window

Porter Stansberry: Get Natural Gas 'for Free' After Massive Selloffs

Toby Connor: Gold's B-Wave Bottom

Paul Mladjenovic: The Silver Reverse Bubble of 2012

Will Silver and Platinum Outperform Gold in the Near Future?

Robert Shiller: There's more downside in housing prices

5 New Lies That The Federal Reserve Is Telling The American People

22 Red Flags That Indicate That Very Serious Doom Is Coming For Global Financial Markets

Richard Yamarone: We Are Literally Witnessing a Collapse

Bill Fleckenstein: Fed Idiots Wrong, Big Problems in Europe & US

John Embry: Market Manipulation More Blatant & There’s More of It

Richard Russell: After the Calm Comes the Storm

Caesar Bryan: Asia To Deploy Stunning & Massive QE

Jim Sinclair: Shorts Now Trapped & Gold Could Gap Up to $3,000

Simon Black: Five places you could obtain citizenship

Simon Black: Man tries to relinquish US citizenship. Application Denied.

Fed Will Act Soon to Boost the Economy, Just Not Today

Thought for the Day: The government causes inflation, then taxes the false increase as income; what about that is not a crime?

Economy - April 24, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Tearing Up a Treaty?

Chris Mayer: A New Trend “Sneaking up on People”

Dan Denning: The Backlash Against Conformity – When The Financial Becomes Political

Chris Mayer: Your Introduction to Natural Resource-Rich Mongolia

Jonas Elmerraji: 3 More Rules That Guarantee Gains

Charles Goyette: I Love Oil Speculators

Rick Rule: Why I'm Excited About This Gold Market

John LaForge: Indicators Predict Gold Trend to Continue

Barry Allan: Navigating Gold Equities During the Weakest Quarter

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT: Gold and Silver Enter Period of Low Volatility and Disinterest

Bob Moriarty: Silver at $.11 an Ounce

Darren C. Pollock: Precious in All But Recent Perception

Historic Utah bill passes: Gold and Silver to be recognised as legal tender once again

Peter Cooper: How long until silver breaks out of its consolidation phase and heads higher?

John Mauldin: The Pain in Spain

Robert Fitzwilson: Sleight-of-Hand Won’t Save Global Financial System

Rick Rule: Scary Math & The Dow Fall Off a Cliff Here

Dan Norcini: If History is Any Guide, This is Going to End Badly

Tom Chatham: The One Investment Strategy You Need to Know to Protect Yourself Against the Coming Inflation Monster

Tim Price: Project “End up like Japan” continues to advance well in the West

Tyler Durden: Russia And Mexico Both Buy Nearly $1 Billion Worth of Gold in March

Peter Tchir: The Day Austerity Died

Christian DeHaemer: Natural Gas is Quickly Changing

Briton Ryle: Gasoline Prices to Jump 15% (at least) in May

Alex Newman: NSA Has Your E-Mails and More, Whistleblower Says

Thought for the Day: According to, the real unemployment rate is still over 20%.

Economy - April 23, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Something Rotten in the State of America

Bill Bonner: Over Their Dead Bodies

Eric Fry: Feral Drones…and Other Invasive Species

Patrick Cox: An Electrifying Biotechnology – A Shot at Shocking Profits

Jeffrey Tucker: They Wrecked Our Mowers

Doug Casey: How to Speculate Your Way to Success

David Galland: Après Moi, le Déluge

Sluggish recovery here to stay

Daniel R. Amerman, CFA: Inflation & Hidden Gold Taxation: 3 Historical Case Studies

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Stocks: Bearish Mirage

Jim Rogers On When To Buy Gold, Chinese Bubbles And Fake Good News

As investors lose faith in dollar gold will win out

Is Silver Positioning for Further Weakness?

Silver Seen Over $40/oz in 2012 – Store of Value Remains Undervalued

Gaia Vince: Silver: The harsh realities behind diminshing supplies

Jeb Handwerger: Bottom Forming In Precious Metals And Miners

GARY SHILLING: Here's Why The US Is About To Plunge Into A New Recession

Tyler Durden: "Your EBT Card Has Been Denied": 700,000 Are About To Lose Their Extended Jobless Claims Benefits

Azizonomics: The Truth About Excess Reserves

Click Here to Like (and Buy) Shares — on Facebook

Porter Stansberry: The Ideal Way to Make a Fortune in Natural Gas

53 Percent Of All Young College Graduates In America Are Either Unemployed Or Underemployed

Why Is It Necessary For The Federal Government To Turn The United States Into A Prison Camp?

Chimps Throwing Poop And 29 Other Mind Blowing Ways That The Government Is Wasting Your Money

John Mauldin: A Little Bull’s Eye Investing

John Hathaway: 8 Key Charts, Gold, Fed & The Big Picture

Michael Pento: Markets to Plunge This Summer & Eurozone Effect

Frank Shostak: Did Bernanke Prevent Another Depression?

Tim Hartnett: What Is the Conservative Movement?

Thought for the Day: China has purchased land in Idaho and is building a city, there.

Economy - April 21, 2012

The Chains That Bind You

Bill Bonner: Subprime State of Mind

Joel Bowman: A Caveman’s Account of “Civilized Society”

Frederick Sheehan: No Way Back

Ray Blanco: Roundtrip Rockets

Chuck Butler: Overnight Currency Rally Fades

Greg Canavan: The Tell-tale Signs of China’s Phony Growth Economy

Matt Insley: Natural Gas Storage, Filled Up By September…

Patrick Cox: Finding Your Best Opportunities Right Now

Anthony Gregory: We’re All Branch Davidians Now

Alex Daley: Facebook Snaps a $1-Billion Photo

Terry Coxon: How Far to the Wall?

Michael G. Hines: How to Obtain Residency in Asian Countries

Eric Nuttall: Get Your Natural Gas Shopping List Ready

Jason Mills: Deep Value Found in Small Medtech

Morris Hubbartt: Gold Stocks: Bearish Mirage

Gregor Macdonald: Get Ready for 'Hot' Inflation

Bob Moriarty: Cash Flow is King

Silver poised for breakout - but which way?

Patrick MontesDeOca: A Historical Buying Opportunity In Silver

Art Cashin: A Eurozone Breakup Would Be Cataclysmic

John Hathaway: Fed to Print More Money & Gold to Hit New Highs

James Turk: The Most Important & Extraordinary Chart for 2012

Jean-Marie Eveillard: We Are Looking At Catastrophe Going Forward

Stephen Leeb: QE3 Is Now 80% - 90% & I’m Going All-In Gold If It Dips

The Fallacy of Bugging Out – Are You Prepared to Be a Refugee?

Eric Peters: Surveillance Net: “Beyond Anything That Has Ever Existed Previously”

Mac Slavo: Expert Warns: 100% Certainty of Total Catastrophic Failure of the Entire Power Infrastructure Within 3 Years (Video)

Tim Staermose: Two sets of rules: one for the elite, one for everyone else

Tyler Durden: NSA Whistleblower Speaks Live: "The Government Is Lying To You"

Economy - April 19, 2012

Bill Bonner: Back to Reality

Dave Gonigam: Fading Faith in Fiat

Dave Gonigam: Extreme Tax Avoidance

Ray Blanco: Profiting From Apple…Without Investing in Apple

Eric Fry: “Net Sober”

Jeffrey Tucker: Despair and the State

Byron King: How To Fight Higher Oil Prices And Win!

Matt Insley: A Second Indicator That Gold Is Headed Higher: M2

Greg Guenthner: The Only Long-Term Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need

Ray Blanco: Superior Biotechnology Leads to Superior Drugs

Jeffrey Tucker: Despair and the State

Eric Peters: Services Rendered (But Not At Gunpoint)

Doug Casey on Pseudo-Intellectuals

Terry Coxon: How Far to the Wall?

Doug Casey: Sociopathy Is Running the US - Part Two

Richard Stanger: Cambodia, Once Secret, Is Now Open for Business

Simon Moores: Tap Profits in the Growing Graphite Market

Jeffery Green: WTO Suit Won't End China's Rare Earth Monopoly

Evan Calio: Domestic Oil Production Is Bullish for Americans

Bob Moriarty: Sprott Will Signal Silver Bottom

Hubert Moolman: Gold/Platinum Ratio suggests much higher gold prices are coming

Brett Eversole: These Two Commodities Have Crashed in Half... Is It Time to Buy?

There Is Not Going To Be A Solution To Our Economic Problems On The National Level

The Too Big To Fail Banks Are Now Much Bigger And Much More Powerful Than Ever

Robert Wenzel: Do Not Buy a Laptop Computer Now!!

Robert Fitzwilson: We Are Witnessing The Largest Financial Bubble In History

Nigel Farage: There Are Going to Be Serious Banking Collapses

Egon von Greyerz: Bank Failures, Disorder, Massive Panic & Gold

Rick Rule: I’m Too Old To Wish For Chaos, But It’s Coming

Peter Schiff: Gold Bears to Get Pummeled, No Crash in Stocks

Richard Russell: Wealthy Continue to Panic Into Hard Assets

Economy - April 17, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Bargains Abound

Chris Mayer: Thoughts While Sitting in Chilean Traffic

Your Guide To The Soon-To-Be Profitable Nuclear Sector…

Jonas Elmerraji: Tips That Guarantee Bigger Gains

Jeff Berwick: Time To Pay Your Taxes, Slaves

Rick Rule: Why I'm Excited About This Market

Doug Casey on the US Constitution

Robert Ross: Investment Implications of the US Presidential Election's Biggest Donors

Vishal Gupta: Gold, Silver and Copper Investing Strategies and M&A Ideas

Dr. Jeff Lewis: Silver Price Entrenched in Consolidation Pattern Below Key MA and Falling Trendline

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Stop Worrying! Asset Prices Will Soar. Here's Why...

25 Signs That Middle Class Families Have Been Targeted For Extinction

John Mauldin: Hoisington First-Quarter Review and Outlook

John Williams: Real Earnings Collapse, Nearly 50% Below 1973

John Embry: What’s Happening in China is Wildly Bullish for Gold

Gerald Celente: It’s Absolutely Terrifying Where Society Is Headed

Mac Slavo: Executive Order: Federal Government To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production; EPA Set To Move Within One Week

Simon Black: $7 Gasoline. Thanks Ben.

Tyler Durden: Ignorance Is BLS

Tyler Durden: Eurocalypse Now: I Love The Smell Of Repatriation In The Afternoon

Tyler Durden: The Implications Of A Failed Monetary System

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: What Happens If Central Banks FAIL in Their Giant Experiment?

Jack Crooks: Why This Dollar Bull Could Turn Bearish

Nick Hodge: Graphite Investing, The Next Bull Market Mineral

Thought for the Day: China has purchased land in Idaho and is building a city, there.

Economy - April 15, 2012

Debt Crisis Plotted to Deliver the Euro to the IMF?

J.C. Parets: Playing the Gold Market—Eyeing Inverse Head and Shoulders

MintChip: Is Canada Creating its own BitCoin?

Peter Schiff: Unprecedented Presidential Posturing

Price Inflation Tamed, "Green Lights" QE3

Alex Daley and Doug Hornig: Junior Resource and Biotech Investing Share Profit Potential

Frederick "Rick" Wise: Small-Cap Ideas with Double-Digit Growth Potential

George Zavoico: Looking for Innovative Small-Cap Biotech Companies

Dr. David Eifrig: The Sensible, Low-Stress Way to Own Gold and Silver

Porter Stansberry: Why Wall Street lies

Michael Pento: Inflationary Death Spiral & The Global Credit Card

Bill Buckler: "No Freedom - No Money - No Markets"

Jan Harvey: Gold Prices Fall Hard As Dollar Soars

Joseph Stiglitz: Is Mercantilism Doomed to Fail? And With It the US Dollar?

Brian Koenig: Rep. Duncan Hunter Wants BLS to Report Real Unemployment Rate

Brian Walker: SNPK, SEFE, GMPM – Pump And Dump Alerts – April 13, 2012

Gordon Lewis: Junior Gold Miners Are Ready To Take Off

Ian Cooper: The Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime

50 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Gold

Five Asset Classes that Will Get Killed by Inflation

Expect Another $17 Trillion of QE & War in Gold

Far East traders buying the dips in Gold

Early indications suggest to Zenyetta graphite deposit bigger

Economy - April 14, 2012

Dave Gonigam: Taking the Pulse of Gold Stocks

Addison Wiggin: Feeling the 2007 Twitch

Charles Kadlec: The Rising Price of a Falling Dollar

Jeffrey Tucker: It’s a New World, and America Is Not Leading It

Dan Amoss: The Unsolved Euro Crisis

Dan Denning: A Shout-Out to Myanmar!

Dave Gonigam: Could Gold Rise on One Country’s Meltdown?

Chuck Butler: Buying Gold on the Dips

Addison Wiggin: Shades of the ’08 Financial Crisis?

Byron King: As the Price of Energy Rises… You Can Get a Rolls-Royce at 60% Discount

Chris Mayer: The Easy Way To Own Real Estate

Ray Blanco: The Anatomy of a Supercomputer

Chris Mayer: The Skyscraper Index

Jeffrey Tucker: Regulators Take on the e-Book

Charles Hugh Smith: Healthcare Solution: Go Back to Cash

Jeffrey Tucker: The Good News on Health Care

Vedran Vuk: How to Describe the Economic Recovery?

Marin Katusa: Don't Believe Every Energy Dividend Story You Hear

Chuck Butler: Rates To Remain Near Zero Through 2014 …

Chris Marchese: Silver Miners Building for Breakout

Morris Hubbartt: Gold: Ready, Set, Go!

Adam Hamilton: Bullish Gold Technicals

John Mauldin: Complimentary Issue of The Pain in Spain Presentation

Caesar Bryan: Suspicious $1.5 Billion Gold Dump & Bank Runs

Jim Sinclair - Expect Another $17 Trillion of QE & War in Gold

John Mauldin: Europe is Destroying Their Currency

Rick Rule: The Most Spectacular Opportunity in Ten Years

Mac Slavo: 88 Million (That’s One In Three Americans) Are Invisible to Government Employment Statistics

27 Statistics About The European Economic Crisis That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

24 Outrageous Facts About Taxes In The United States That Will Blow Your Mind

Mac Slavo: Visibly Annoyed and Aloof Obama Gets Slammed by Brazilian President Over U.S. Monetary Policy

Simon Black: “Money is no object. I just can’t find the right person”

Tyler Durden: Americans Can't Wait For Their Tax Refunds... To Immediately File For Bankruptcy

Tyler Durden: Biggest Weekly Stock Plunge In 2012 As Financials FUBAR'd

Economy - April 12, 2012

Addison Wiggin: Opportunity Slipping Away

Joel Bowman: The Peaks and Valleys of a Changing World Economy

Chris Mayer: The Art of Selling Stocks

Matt Insley: This Indicator Says Gold $1,800 Is All But Certain…

Ray Blanco: How to Reboot an Aging Heart

Eric Peters: Anti-Authoritarianism Starts Within

Doug Casey on Tax Day

Chris Wood: Is Animal Testing about to become Obsolete?

International Man: An Interview with James Turk, Co-Founder of

Doug Groh: Gold Equities Gaining Credibility

Ted Butler: Silver Smoke Screen

John Mauldin: I’m Worried

Richard Russell: Crime, Chaos, Collapse & Skyrocketing Gold

John Gray: This is Dangerous, Here is What Big Money is Doing

Charles Goyette: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Mac Slavo: Danger Zones and Survival Resources When the SHTF

Tim Staermose: They’ll actually pay you to store your gold

Tyler Durden: IMF: Gold Is Scarce “Safe Asset” And “Growing Shortage of Safe Assets”

Economy - April 11, 2012

Addison Wiggin: Real-Time Fed Failure

Jeffrey Tucker: Should We Worry about the Class Divide?

Dan Denning: The Strategy to Use In A Bear Market

Greg Guenthner: 3 Reasons to Buy “Channeling” Stocks

Seth King: Many Austrians Are Wrong About Peak Oil Theory

Gary Gibson: The State Can’t Stop At Night Watchman

Marin Katusa: Don't Believe Every Dividend Story You Hear

Terry Coxon: Doing the Roth Arithmetic

Kevin Puil: Investing in Graphite's Growth

Richard Russell: The New Depression

Greg Hunter: Confiscation of Gold and Silver Coins Will Not Happen

Gold is up but silver falls

Simit Patel: Why The Current Bull Market In Gold Is Bigger Than The One In The 1970s

Frank Holmes: Buying The Dips In Gold Has Been The Right Move For A Decade

Christian Hudspeth: Silver Bullion: The Most Affordable Way To Protect Your Wealth

The Hard Working American vs. The Government Parasite

Dan Norcini: Take That Gold Shorts as Massive Bids Shock Market

James Turk: Gold Shorts in Retreat, Currency Destruction Guaranteed

Egon von Greyerz: Chinese Imports of Gold are Massive Right Now

Jessica Hooley: Cities – A Prepper’s Nightmare & Solutions

Military Drills: Is the Army Preparing for a Martial Law Scenario in the United States? (Latest Photos)

Simon Black: Safety vs. Insanity

Tyler Durden: Is The Treasury's Imminent Launch Of Floaters The Signal To Get Out Of Dodge?

Robert Owen: New Technology Will Make the Oilsands Cleaner and Richer

Gold – Bearish Bias Remains with Break Below Short-term Channel

Economy - April 10, 2012

Addison Wiggin: How Vietnam Won the West

Eric Fry: A Case of Cult Envy

Patrick Cox: The Generic Drug Boom

Chuck Butler: Calls for QE3 on Disappointing Jobs Data

Jeffrey Tucker: There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Liberty

Matt Insley: Profit From The Saudi Arabia Of Natural Gas…

Jonas Elmerraji: Why The Rally Isn’t Over… Yet

Gary North: When Government Safety Nets Break

Jeff Clark: Is the Correction Over?

Robert Ross: Test Scores Show "Dutch Disease" Now Infecting Young Minds in Resource-Rich Nations

George Ireland: Never Mistake Intelligence for a Bull Market

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Failed Bottom in Gold Stocks Initiates Start of Capitulation

Nu Yu Ph.D.: A Further Downside Run in Gold and Gold Stocks is Coming! Here’s Why

Toby Connor: Stocks have reached the euphoria stage

The Shocking Truth About Unemployment In America In One Chart

Michael Pento: Return to the Gold Standard & Real Estate to the Rescue

John Embry: The Powers That Be Would Love to See Gold Collapse

John Williams: Unemployment Rate at a Staggering 22.2%

Robert Fitzwilson: Fed Trapped in Its Own Matrix at an Enormous Cost

Mac Slavo: Shocking Hidden Video: America’s Voting System is a Complete Farce

Tom Chatham: If Technology Fails, Just How Long Are Your Long Range Plans?

Mac Slavo: McGrath: “The Control Grid is Being Put Into Place to Handle What They Know Is Coming.”

Simon Black: Seven reasons to seek medical care overseas (including one surprise)

Pierre Bertrand: Hydraulic Fracturing Linked To Earthquakes, Says USGS

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: Triple-Crisis on the Near Horizon

Bob Adelmann: Fed Is Buying 61 Percent of U.S. Government Debt

Netflix creates pro-SOPA super-PAC

Economy - April 7, 2012

Addison Wiggin: Eat the Rich

Addison Wiggin: Buy a House!

Joel Bowman: Misguided Faith in an Economic Recovery

Patrick Cox: The “Shadow Pharmaceutical” Sector

Nickolai Hubble: Fake Savings, Detached Investments and the Mining Boom

Matt Insley: By The Time The WSJ Picks Up This Nat Gas Story, The Easy Money Will Be Made

Byron King: Case Study: Chevron, Transocean And Brazilian Lawyers

Chris Mayer: The Fastest Growing Economy on the Planet

Gary Gibson: U.S. to Become Tax Debtors’ Prison

Jeffrey Tucker: Would You Like a Beer With That Haircut?

Jeff Clark: What Happens to Gold if We Enter a Recession or Depression?

David Galland: Moving Parts

Elite Meme: Anything Is Better Than Gold

Gold Collapse ... the Bubble Is Pricked?

19 Signs Of Very Serious Economic Trouble On The Horizon

Robert Wenzel: Austrian School Analyst: Short China

John Mauldin: It’s All About Jobs

Egon von Greyerz: Gold Bottom, $25 Trillion in Debt, ECB & Swiss Franc

John Embry: Gartman Inept, CNBC Wrong, Gold Demand off the Hook

Jean-Marie Eveillard: Mass of Government Debt Underpinning Gold Market

London Trader: Fed’s Global War Against Gold Escalating

Richard Russell: Europe Headed into Massive Collapse

Mac Slavo: “The Control Grid is Being Put Into Place to Handle What They Know Is Coming.”

Mac Slavo: Peak Civilization: MIT Research Team Predicts Global Economic Collapse and Precipitous Population Decline

Simon Black: Guess where the most internationally diverse city on the planet is…

Simon Black: You’d never expect this place would be so great

Tyler Durden: 51 Months After The Start Of The Recession, Here Is The Report Card

Brien Lundin: Gold Juniors Available at Bargain Prices

Anthony_David: Institutional Investors Continue Gold and Silver Buying Spree

On the Money - A Dime a Gallon [Video]

Economy - April 5, 2012

Toby Connor: The beginning of the end

Addison Wiggin: The “Tax Anything” Issue

Addison Wiggin: Symbolic Suicide: Will Anyone Notice?

Eric Fry: Successful Investing Strategies in a Government-Centric Market

Addison Wiggin: The Permanent Portfolio Revisited

Tex Norton: Warren Buffett: Hypocrite Extraordinaire

Jeffrey Tucker: Are We Oppressed by Technology?

Joel Bowman: How the Speed of Information Has Affected Human Progress

Dan Denning: Burma: Investing at the Future Crossroads of Prosperity

Byron King: The Best Advice You’ll Get On Offshore Oil…

Matt Insley: Hunger Games: China Corn Demand Set To Rally

Greg Guenthner: Apple is Doomed: What Analysts Aren’t Telling You

Ray Blanco: The Science Behind the “Fountain of Youth”

Jeffrey Tucker: Iran and the Recurring Bad Dream

Doug Casey on the US Constitution

Jeff Clark: Where (and When) to Place Your Investment Bets?

International Man: Demystifying Panama

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Junior Miners Building for a Rebound

Hugo Salinas Price: Silver, liquid and illiquid, the 'modified open mint' and gold & silver as parallel monetary systems

Scott Pluschau: Silver breaks out of Diamond pattern on a surge in volume

Advisors Still Can't – and Won't – Recommend Gold and Silver

VIDEO: Reason for Bullying Meme Revealed – To Censor Internet

Why Is The Heartland Of America Being Ripped To Shreds By Gigantic Tornadoes That Are Becoming More Frequent And More Powerful?

Louise Yamada: How to Score Big in Stocks, Gold, Silver & Oil

Bill Fleckenstein: The Fed is Trapped, Stock Market & Gold

Caesar Bryan: Gold & Silver Plunge, Europe in Continued Crisis

Peter Schiff: Reaction to Fed Minutes Wrong, QE3 is Coming

Michael Pent: Global Recession, Monetary Madness & Gold

Rick Rule: Gold & Silver Acceptance Growing as Distrust in US Increases

25 Must Know Skills For Surviving The Coming Nightmare

Tyler Durden: The Second Foreclosure Tsunami Is Coming, And Is About To Kill Any Hopes Of A "Housing Bottom"

Economy - April 3, 2012

Gary Gibson: Did Trayvon “Have It Coming”?

Addison Wiggin: Tax-Out Day

Marin Katusa: The Upside to a Natural Gas Downturn

Dan Denning: Why Saudi Arabia is Trying to Talk Down Oil Prices

Chris Mayer: Commodities Outlook: China’s Warning Flag

Jonas Elmerraji: What the Mega Millions Means for Stocks

Jeffrey Tucker: Andrew Wordes, American Hero

Richard Karn: Australian Gold Offers Good Protection

Alena Mikhan and Jeff Clark: The Critical Number for Gold

Charles Kadlec: Ben Bernanke's Paper Dollar Embodies Systemic Risk

Visible on the horizon: Inflation

Clive Maund: Silver is marking out a Head-and-Shoulders bottom

Tibor Machan: Ayn Rand's Case for Human Liberty

Drug Breakthrough for Colds

Tom McClellan: Lumber prices say this is a top for housing stocks

Read This First Before You Decide That Preppers Are Crazy

John Mauldin: It Can Be Done!

Rick Rule: Gold & Silver Acceptance Growing as Distrust in US Increases

Jim Sinclair: Central Banks Buying Gold As Part of the Cure

Ross Clark: Gold Bull Market Set Up for a Spectacular Move

Mac Slavo: The Noose Tightens: Arizona Law Criminalizes Internet Speech that Would “Terrify, Intimidate, Threaten, Harass, Annoy or Offend”

Daisy Luther and NinaO: The Radiation Warnings You Won’t Get from the Mainstream Propaganda Machine

Mac Slavo: Just In Time: When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop (With Immediate and Catastrophic Consequences)

Simon Black: Democracy looks great on paper, until…

Simon Black: And they say there’s no inflation…

Tyler Durden: America's Future, Interrupted

Tyler Durden: World's Largest Solar Plant, With Second Largest Ever Department of Energy Loan Guarantee, Files For Bankruptcy

Thought for the Day: In the modern world silver is more valuable than gold, and yet you can buy it for the fraction of the price. How long do you think that will last?

Economy - April 2, 2012

Why Buy Silver?

Dave Gonigam: Health Threats, Wealth Opportunities

Joel Bowman: Love in a TSA Line

Greg Kadajski: More BS from the BLS

Greg Canavan: Why BHP Should Be Bracing Itself For a China Slowdown

Matt Insley: The Real Reason Gold Won’t Go Out Of Style…

Eric Sprott & David Baker: The Important Role Of Gold And Silver

Patrick Cox: Groundbreaking Weight Loss Research Shows Extraordinary Results

Jeffrey Tucker: Elections Are Our Hunger Games

David Galland: Thinking Critically

Jeff Clark: Will India Stop Buying Gold?

Matt Badiali: A Resource Legend's "Radical" Trading Approach

Robert Reich: Whose Recovery?

Robert Wenzel: The Super Myth of Keynes as a Great Stock Market Investor

Mike "Mish" Shedlock: The Great Irony That Will Keep Unemployment High For A Decade

This Reporter Waded Into The Wreckage Of The Foreclosure Crisis And Found Out It Was Far From Over

Paul Harris: Gold Blossoming in Colombia

Mark O'Byrne: Precious Metals Up as Currency Devaluation Continues

J.S. Kim: The Hunger Games: How Gold and Silver Will Save You From Soaring Food Prices

Jason Hamlin: Mining Stocks Most Oversold Since Start of Bull Market

The 15 Trillion Dollar Party

John Mauldin: All Spain All the Time

Robert Fitzwilson: Central Banks Stockpiling Gold & Governments Hoarding Oil

John Williams: Consumers Crushed & Economy Collapsed

Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: World May Go Down in Flames

Richard Russell: Hang on to Gold, Massive Collapse Coming

Arnott & Buffett: Know When to be Greedy or Terrified

Tyler Durden: Times Three: That's How Much The BLS Upwardly Fudges Data During An Election Year

Brian Rogers: On Gold, A Cracked Dam, And The Fed's Small Thumb

James Burgess: The Limitless Potential of the E-Cat: An Interview with Andrea Rossi

Jack Crooks: Why the U.S. dollar may be in a sweet spot … a place it hasn’t been for a long time

Victor Davis Hanson: The Second Oil Revolution

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?
I just finished reading a report that explained why Inflation, not Depression, will be America's foremost concern by the end of 2012. Here is a list of books that will help you prepare and even profit from it.

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

The Big Silver Picture

Judge Napolitano: First Amendment Rescinded

Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?

SOPA has been renamed to CISPA

Chris Whalen: "The Fed let the real economy go to hell"

A Look at how Central Banks are Steering our Society off an Economic Cliff

Silver Manipulation Explained: 'High Frequency Shearing' - Mike Maloney

Global Collapse Explained

Ellis Martin Report with Jim Sinclair and the Nuclear Economic Trigger-Breaking News
Recommended Reading - Hover to See More
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Age of Deleveraging
Bailout Nation
Big Thirst
Building Wealth with Silver
Civilization: The West and the Rest
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Demise of the Dollar
Dice Have No Memory
Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout
Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
This Time Is Different
Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
Winner-Take-All Politics

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