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Thought for the day: The bad news is, the economy might collapse into a deflationary depression, which will drive the price of gold up. The good news is, the economy might take off in a technology and oil boom recovery, which will send inflation sky high and drive the price of gold...up.

Economy - January 31, 2012

Bill Bonner: Why Economic Growth Will Continue to Disappoint in 2012

Addison Wiggin: America’s New “Stress” Dynamic

Dan Denning: The Energy Empire of the Sun

Chris Mayer: To Make Money In Emerging Markets, You Must Love The Hunt…

Jonas Elmerraji: Why You Should Be Betting Against Financial Stocks

Jeffrey Tucker: The Transformation of Banking

Louis James: Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Matthew Zylstra: Underpriced Precious Metals Juniors Due to Move in 2012

The Five Stages of Collapse and the Coming Paradigm Shift in Silver

JR Nyquist: Economic Freedom and the Leftward Drift

Ron Paul: Failed Fed Policies Prolong the Agony

Rana Foroohar: Are Companies More Powerful Than Countries?

Gold Set for Biggest Daily Fall in a Month

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.: How to Make Money During the Greatest Economic Battle of a Lifetime

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.: The Most Lipstick on the Biggest Pigs Ever!

Drive-By Scanning: Officials Expand Use and Dose of Radiation for Security Screening

A Gold Standard Is Good?

Tibor Machan: The Lowdown on Obama-economics

If You Thought SOPA Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Meet ACTA

Making Money On Poverty: JP Morgan Makes Bigger Profits When The Number Of Americans On Food Stamps Goes Up

James Turk: Gold Ready to Smash Through $2,000, Exploding Higher

Egon von Greyerz: Gold Market Positioned for Massive Upside Move

The Coming Tech-led Boom

Mac Slavo: Constitutional Work Around: New Jersey Legislators Move to Ban Ammunition

Mac Slavo: Massive U.S. Military Buildup Reported Around Iran; Up to 100,000 Troops Ready By March

Simon Black: Kazakhstan adds to its gold reserves. Very nice!

Economy - January 30, 2012

Best Places in the World to Retire - Part I

Best Places in the World to Retire - Part II

Bill Bonner: The US Constitution Gone Wrong

Silver: Epic Reversal - Will the silver price edge up, and then plummet, before resuming its long climb?

Silver: Return To "Normalcy"?

Hubert Moolman: Gold Stocks To Rally Like During The Great Depression And Early 70s

Mike Scully: The Silver Singularity Is Near

Gold and Silver Finish Week at New 2012 Highs

Brian Hicks: Why the American Oil Boom is Here to Stay

Christian DeHaemer: Massive Rally in Platinum

Robert Shiller: A Housing Bottom? What Are They Thinking?

A Stunning Fact About The Current Streak Of Stronger Than Expected Economic Data

The Report That Will Blow Up The Eurozone

Accenture Spells Out Next Stage of Manipulated Globalism

Anthony Wile: Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists

Outrageous! The Government Is Giving Out Free Cell Phones And Free Cell Phone Minutes To Welfare Recipients

Toby Connor: Arging with the market

John Mauldin: The Transparency Trap

Michael Pento: Gold Shines as West Continues to Destabilize the World

Richard Russell: Gold Threatening Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status

Stimulus was Designed to Provide Pork and Payoffs, Not to Revive the Economy

Thought for the day: To fix crony capitalism get rid of the cronyism, not the capitalism.

Economy - January 28, 2012

Bill Bonner: Unattainable Government Goals

Joel Bowman: Tax Laws, Corruption and Other Reasons to Expatriate

Chuck Butler: Commodities Take Off!

Dave Gonigam: Can’t "Davos Man" Just Shut Up?

More Phony Good News About the US Economy

Byron King: Cutting Loose On American Energy…

Greg Guenthner: Don’t Get Trapped By Sideways Stocks

Jeffrey Tucker: The Death of File Sharing

Vedran Vuk: Is the Fed Cranking Up the Presses Again?

Shale Gas $100 Billion Savings to U.S. Exceed Tax Cuts

Richard Zimmerman: Central Gold Fundamentals

Is the United States in a Liquidity Trap?

Adam Hamilton: Gold ETF Mass Exodus

Gold rises for third day after soft U.S. GDP data

Philip Ker: Is It Time to Get into Gold Junior Mining Plays?

Daniela Desormeaux: Lithium Investment to Power Portfolios

Tyler Laundon: Why Silver Miners Are Hoarding Silver

Gold proves safest as Goldman forecasts record

Buy Silver Bullion and Profit in the New Year

Silver Price Surpasses $33 on Fed Statements

16 Statistics Which Show That The Number Of Americans Dependent On The Government Is At An All-Time High

Gerald Celente: War, Bank Runs, Riots & Gold Going Mainstream

Jim Rickards: Gold May Super Spike as We See the End of the Dollar

Michael Pento: Gold Spikes as the Fed Provides Target for Dollar Destruction

Tess Pennington: The 10 Rules For Your Emergency Food Pantry

Tim Staermose: Do as I say, not as I do

Tyler Durden: Endgame Begins - UK "Foreign Office Sources Say Merkel Now Thinks Greece Will Default"

Tyler Durden: Friday Tragedy: The US Debt Limit Explained

Thought for the day: If you adopt a "hope for the best but plan for the worst" investment philosophy, you should be covered regardless of whether the economy crashes into depression or takes off in a high-inflation recovery.

Economy - January 27, 2012

Bill Bonner: Obama’s Fairness Doctrine

Dave Gonigam: Government-Guaranteed Losses

How Ben Bernanke Rationalizes “Exceptionally Low” Interest Rates

Chuck Butler: Big Ben Discusses Another Round of Quantitative Easing

Greg Canavan: Currency Wars

Matt Insley: Horrible News For Savers, Good News For Resource Investors

Chris Mayer: 3 Easy Steps to an Unusual Investment “Guarantee”

Jeffrey Tucker: Zero Percent Uber Alles

Doug Hornig: Here's Looking at You, Kid

Hubert Moolman: I Stand By $140 Silver In 2012

Fed To Markets: Buy Gold And Silver

The Fed Is Worried -- And You Should Be Too

Megaupload's Planned Music Locker - Example of Private Justice?

If The Economy Is Improving….

Michael Pento: Gold Spikes as the Fed Provides Target for Dollar Destruction

Rick Rule: Monetary System is Based on Confidence, Fraud & Force

Stephen Leeb: Fed Game Changer Sparks 2nd Leg of Gold & Silver Bulls

Robert Wenzel: Now Greenspan: Capitalism Needs Adjustment

Mac Slavo: Still Crashing: 2011 Was Worst Year Ever for Real Estate Sales

Tyler Durden: Stephen Roach Explains How The Fed Is Pulling The Wool Over Our Eyes

Tyler Durden: Financials Have Worst Day Of Year As Fed Is Faded

Craig Ballantyne: How money can buy you happiness

Economy - January 26, 2012

Bill Bonner: Of Bankers and Ship Captains

Addison Wiggin: Opportunity Abounds

Bill Bonner: Demand Fears in a Consumer-Based Economy

Eric Fry: Gentlemen, Start Your Printing Presses!

Bill Bonner: Confusing Gradual Bankruptcy with Economic Recovery

Chuck Butler: Gold Temporarily Loses its Uncertainty Hedge

Matt Insley: An Energy Trend So Unstoppable, Politicians Are Taking Credit For It!

Gary Gibson: Hooray for the Rich Who Don’t Pay Taxes

Greg Guenthner: Today’s Market Movers: AAPL, BVSN, and the Great Pizza Rally

Jeffrey Tucker: The Fed’s Men Behind the Curtain

Doug Casey on the Collapse of the Euro and the EU

Marin Katusa: Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar?

International Man: The Political Party Illusion

John Williams: Accelerating Great Collapse & Hyperinflation

Jim Sinclair: Mainstream Entities Will Now Enter Gold Market

Eric Sprott: Aggressive Chinese Buying Will Spike Gold Price

John Embry: Gold is the Cure to Epic Monetary Debasement

Breaking Up the Western World

Simon Black: Action trumps hope

Fayyaz Alimohamed: 'Mania' in Junior Mining Stocks Predicted

Thought for the day: Newt demonstrated superior tactics at the South Carolina debates. If our goal is to conquer the world, then Newt is our man.

Economy - January 25, 2012

Bill Bonner: A Strange Appetite for US Debt

Bill Bonner: Tales from the Southern Hemisphere

Addison Wiggin: America: "Still the Place to Be"

Addison Wiggin: When Worlds Collide

Joel Bowman: Knowing Your Role as an Obedient Citizen

Matt Insley: The Gold Correction Is Over… Here’s Why

Patrick Cox: Invest In This Emerging Multibillion-Dollar Market

Jeffrey Tucker: It’s Treason to Disagree

Ryan Fletcher: Graphite Applications Expanding

The Demise of the Petrodollar

Andrey Dashkov: When Will Silver Reach a New High?

Governments Will Want Much, Much Higher Gold Prices Soon! Here's Why

In gold, inflation we trust - Sprott's Franklin argues

Christian DeHaemer: The Last Time This Happened, It Jumped 162%

George Soros Warns Of Financial Collapse, Class Warfare And The Rise Of Evil

Are George Soros, The IMF And The World Bank Purposely Trying To Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Us?

Notorious Market Timer Joe Granville Predicts A 50% Plunge

US Rebounds? Prosperity Around the Corner?

Ron Paul: Stop Internet Censorship

If The U.S. Government Keeps Spending Money Like This We Are Doomed And If The U.S. Government Stops Spending Money Like This We Are Doomed

America After Dark: Desperate Meth Heads, Rampant Human Trafficking And Millions Of Criminal Predators Searching For A New Victim

John Mauldin: Working Out of Debt

John Embry: Gold is the Cure to Epic Monetary Debasement

James Turk: Greek Default Imminent as Financial Crisis Propels Gold

Paul Brodsky: We’re Headed to a Point Where Gold Will Go Parabolic

Richard Russell: COMEX Gold & Silver Shorts in Do-or-Die Battle

Egon von Greyerz: Gold Breaking Out, Will Hit New All-Time Highs

Jean Marie Eveillar: We are Headed for Enormous Inflation & Higher Gold

Mac Slavo: The Fix Is In *Micro Documentary*

What the Constitution Says – Were Senator Paul’s Rights Violated When He Was Detained by TSA?

Simon Black: How to tell you’re living in the wrong country

Tyler Durden: Brevan Howard Made Money In 2011 Betting On Market Stupidity, Sees "Substantial Dislocation" In 2012

Tyler Durden: Full Text And Word Cloud Of Obama's State Of The Union

Thought for the day: I just read a report that clearly details why inflation, and not depression, will be will be America's foremost concern by the end of 2012. Before Spring is over, the nation will be abuzz with news of the great recovery. Extremely high inflation is almost certain to follow.

Economy - January 23, 2012

Bill Bonner: How a Deficit in Capitalism Helped Engender the Financial Crisis

Gerald Celente on Trend Forecasting and the Crisis of Western Civilization

Dave Gonigam: A Terrifying Precedent

Edward Sterck: Nuclear Energy Markets Tighten

Brian J. Trautman: Why the NDAA is Unconstitutional

Goldman's Jim O'Neill: Here Are 4 Reasons Why US Economic Forecasters Should Be Cheerier

Super Fracking Goes Deeper to Pump Up Natural Gas Production

New professionals bring boom to Bismarck

Fickle economy hard to predict Economists predict state's future

Leasing boom: Oil and gas speculation a growth industry in Montana

Oil to flow in pipeline near Belfield in February

North Dakota oil boom breeds unexpected consequences

Now is our chance to get America's energy future right

Gulf comeback bodes well for oil field services

Shale boom is already big business for some in the Valley

Dickinson Prepares for Oil Boom

Entrepreneurs Plot Their Way Around the Regime's Insane Keystone Pipeline Decision

Combined Crude Oil Production in the U.S. and Canada Poised to Grow More Than Three Million Barrels Per Day, or 36%, by 2016

5 Stocks Set To Benefit From The 'Fracking' Boom

Brian Hicks: Obama's Hydraulic Fracturing Pledge

Michael Pento: Money Supply to Hit $24 Trillion, More Bubbles & Higher Gold

Thought for the day: Previously I wrote that we should expect a faux recovery in 2012. As noted below by Robert Wenzel, the economy is improving. Higher inflation will follow, followed by higher interest rates, which will kill the recovery. Until then, use this temporary reprieve to pay off debt and to buy gold and silver.

Economy - January 21-22, 2012

A Message from the People at

Bill Bonner: How a Deficit in Capitalism Helped Engender the Financial Crisis

Jeffrey Tucker: Power vs. People in the Digital Age

Dave Gonigam: The Real Keystone Decision

Tim Price: The Final Countdown

Nickolai Hubble: What’s the Plan with War With Iran?

Greg Canavan: Why Low Interest Rates are Bad for the Economy

Matt Insley: Three Ways To Profit From Obama’s Botched Pipeline Decision

Greg Guenthner: How Investor Confidence Shapes A New Rally

Jeffrey Tucker: Power vs. People in the Digital Age

Kwong-Mun Achong Low: A Path to Gold and Copper Production

Shilling says new global recession is here

Silver Forecasts Mixed on Uncertain Economic Outlook

Marin Katusa: Don't Frack Me Up

David Galland: The Contrarian View of Argentina

Anthony Wile: Yes, The War for the Internet Has Begun

The Global Elite Are Hiding 18 Trillion Dollars In Offshore Banks

Robert Wenzel: Even California Economy Improving

John Mauldin: Staring into the Abyss

Ben Davies: Funds Will Pile into Gold after Missing the Rally

James Dines: This Will be a Dangerous Collapse & Endgame

John Williams: Gold, Silver, Economy & Inflation

Jim Sinclair: There Will Be a Run on Gold Stored in the US

Mac Slavo: Alaska Man Cited For Illegal Bartering: “I Need Some Firewood and I’m Willing to Trade Some Moose Meat”

Mac Slavo: The Shock Of a New Paradigm – How Will People Cope?

Charles Hugh Smith: You Can't Fool Mother Nature For Long: Profiting from Sickcare

Tyler Durden: Explaining Today's Silver Surge

Economy - January 20, 2012

Bill Bonner: Debunking the Myth of the Great Recession

Addison Wiggin: The Producers and the Parasites

Why Oil Prices Are About to Collapse

Jeffrey Tucker: Protesting Government Digitally

Jeff Clark: When Will Gold Reach a New High?

Marin Katusa on Investing in Energy in 2012

Kung Fu Girl Interviews Louis James of Casey Research

Matt Insley: Three Ways To Profit From Obama’s Botched Pipeline Decision

Patrick Cox: Inside the Consumer Electronics Show: The Hottest in 3D and OLED Technology

Rick Mills: Derisking Gold Juniors, Step by Step

Edward Sterck: Nuclear Energy Markets Tighten

Michael Pento: The Intrinsic Value of the Dollar and Gold

World Bank fears Europe's crisis could set off deeper global slump than Lehman collapse

Chinese Banks Promote Retail Gold Sales - Analysis

Frank Tang: Sprott Bearish on Base Metals, Positive on Gold, Oil

Technical Analysis - Gold/Silver Ratio - UTL breached, which bodes well for the bullion rally

Will Higher Taxes Dampen Demand For Gold?

Darryl R. Schoon: Silver, Gold and JFK the Last American Hero

Downward Social Mobility is Crushing the American Dream

Hubert Moolman: Silver’s 2011 Big Move – Was It The End Or The Beginning?

Brian Hicks: The Shale Boom is Giving Birth to Other Bull Markets

Ian Cooper: S&P 500 Sell-Off Imminent

China Failing, as Predicted?

BBC Admits Anglosphere Destabilized Libya

4 Hour Dollar Chart Reveals Imminent SP-500 Correction

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Trend Has FINALLY Turned in Real Estate - Chris Mayer expresses a similar opinion, and there is a very good case to be made for buying rental properties. The big IF, in my opinion, is that I believe we are in a false recovery as the Fed and federal government strain to pump up the economy in this election year. I expect this "recovery" to collapse sometime between mid-2013 and 2015. So property values may take another big hit before they finally bottom.

17 Facts About The Decline Of The U.S. Auto Industry That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

James Kwak: What Enactment of SOPA and PIPA Would Mean

Jim Sinclair: There Will Be a Run on Gold Stored in the US

Stephen Leeb: Why Gold & Silver are About to Soar

Thorsten Polleit: How Deflationary Forces Will Be Turned into Inflation

Mac Slavo: Market Meltdown Warning: Institutional Investors Are Offloading Stocks to Retail Buyers (That’s Us)

Simon Black: Destroying America, bill by bill

Tyler Durden: "A Longer-Term Perspective On Gold" And More, From Nomura

Thought for the day: Democrats in the House and Republicans in the Senate seem eager to pass laws that destroy the Bill of Rights. They have already destroyed our economy. We better replace them before they succeed at this, too.

Economy - January 18, 2012

Bill Bonner: The US Government’s Powers That Be

Bill Bonner: Unsolvable Insolvency

Addison Wiggin: Fire Sale of the Century

Chris Mayer: China’s Cinderella Story

Eric Fry: How “Adjusting for Slippage” Adds to Sovereign Debt Woes

Dan Denning: The War Against the Euro

Jonas Elmerraji: Why Stock Trading Could Get Easier This Year

Jeffrey Tucker: Blackout Wednesday: The Time Has Come

Marin Katusa: The Unbearable Stubbornness of Gas Subsidies

James Wesley Rawles: Mass Inflation Ahead – Save Your Nickels!

Jeff Clark: Platinum is An Even Better Deal than Gold

Stewart Thomson: Gold Corection Is Over, But Professionalism Is Not

Lawrence Lessig: America's Lost Ability to Govern, Legalized Corruption, our Broken Republic, and How to Approach Fixing It

Marcel Fuhrer: Rare Earth Metals that Fit the Trends

Industrial Demand: A Strong Support for Silver

Przemyslaw Radomski: A Short-lived Pause in the Silver Rally is More Than Likely

Gold Price in 1st Half 2012 to Average $1,640 - GFMS

Tax dollars backing some "risky" energy projects

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: An Extraordinary Situation in Precious Metals... It's NOT in What You Think

112 Questions To Ask Yourself In 2012

Robert Wenzel: What Happens if They Start Screening for Gold?

Toby Connor: Has Gold's D-Wave Bottomed?

John Mauldin: Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook

Rick Rule: $100 Floor in Oil Now, Gold Strong, Juniors to Soar

Von Greyerz: Silver Shortages & Gold to Accelerate Higher

London Trader: Staggering Gold Demand Creating Shortages

Jim Rickards: Currency Wars, Gold & Inflation Worse than 1970s

Cullen Roche: Where is inflation headed?

Mac Slavo: Enemy Expatriation Act; Would Strip Americans of Citizenship For “Hostilities Against the United States”

Max Slavo: Doctor Doom Warns: “World War III Will Occur In the Next Five Years”

Simon Black: Another reminder of how the US government destroys business

Tyler Durden: World Bank Cuts Economic Outlook, Says Europe Is In Recession, Warns Developing Economies To "Prepare For The Worst"

Economy - January 17, 2012

Heyes: New legislation would strip you of your citizenship

Bill Bonner: European Downgrades: Will There Really Be a Fallout?

The Growing Energy and Oil Alliance Between China and Saudi Arabia

Andrey Dashkov: When Will Silver Make a New High?

John Stephenson: Gold Stock Investors—Buy "Best of Breed"

Clive Maund: Silver Market Update - January 16th, 2012

Why ECB's Tricks Won't Solve the Crisis

James Turk: 2012 to See Much Deeper Banking & Currency Collapse

Louise Yamada: Gold Strong, Bear Market in Stocks to Last Until 2022

Gail Tverberg: The Faustian Bargain has Enabled an Unsustainable Economic System, but Not for Much Longer

The NDAA: Just one more link in the chain of tyranny

Miners See Gold Peaking around $2,000/oz in 2012

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: Why the Cascade of Downgrades Has Barely Begun

The UK could already be back in recession, say forecasters

Christian DeHaemer: Gold Coins and Freedom

Beijing and London – One World After All!

Robert Wenzel: Fleeing the Clutches of the U.S. Empire

Paul Tassi: So is SOPA Dead? Not Exactly

Tim Staermose: About those business opportunities…

Economy - January 16, 2012

Ahead: Inflation and a gold rally

Deadly Dow 36,000 & The Secret History Of A 70% Market Loss

Jim Willie: UniCredit Failure is on Tap, Will Result in a Dozen Western Bank Failures OVERNIGHT

Ex-Goldmanite Prins Fears Another Great Depression: Interview

Recent gold rally end seen as temporary - upward trajectory to resume

War on Iran: It’s Not A Matter of "If"

Mike Larson: Like clockwork, another year brings calls for another housing market "bottom"

Martin D. Weiss Ph.D.: The ONLY Way to Make Serious Money in 2012

SOPA Bill Dead? Obama Criticisms Deal Act a Crushing Blow

Gold Falls 1 pct on Euro Zone Downgrade Talk

The White House Has Been Bragging About Falling Wages In The US

Felix Zulauf On The Key To 2012 And The Coming Banking Bust

If You Are A Blue Collar Worker In America You Are An Endangered Species

Porter Stansberry: Why indexing is a fraud

Michael Pento: US to Default, Crushing Dollar & Creating Gold Explosion

Howard Richman: Growing Trade Deficit Quashing Recovery- Again!

David Hunkar: The Impact Of Inflation On Stock Returns

Mac Slavo: Dead On Arrival: SOPA Shelved Indefinitely, Obama Succumbs to Pressure, Issues Official Veto Threat

Tyler Durden: Iran Foreign Ministry Claims Nuclear Scientist Was Executed By CIA, As Nigeria Strike Talks Collapse

Economy - January 14-15, 2012

Max Borders: The Origins of Envy

Doug Casey: The US Government Is Bankrupt

Bill Bonner: Money Printing: The Ugly Truth Behind the "Good News"

Addison Wiggin: The Basic Problem With the Fed

Bill Bonner: Has Capitalism Failed Us?

Addison Wiggin: Now They Tell Us

Eric Fry: Pinstriped Psychopaths

Jessica Comitto: Inside the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show

Chris Martenson: Iran: Oh, No, Not Again

Pete Kofod: The Rise of the Praetorian Class

Bud Conrad: The End of the Euro As We Know It

John Bollinger: Putting Money Into Bonds Will Be Deeply Regretted

Sorcha Faal: Russian Move Against US Called 'First Shot' Of World War III

Christopher Welch: New Era of Stability in Some African Countries

John Mauldin: The End of Europe?

Mauldin: Endgame
Michael Maloney: Sustainable Population

Paul Chefurka: Population: The Elephant in the Room

Pearce: Coming Population Crash
Jim Rogers: US Govt to 'Juice Up' Economy in Election Year

Jim Rogers: US Falling Into 'Deeper Trouble,' Faces 2013 Depression

Gold Price Range Predictions: $1100 to $10,000-Pretty Helpful?

Adrian Ash: Gold and silver investors - temper your glee!

Julian D. W. Phillips: Old money buys gold to preserve wealth - not to make more money

Commodity trading patterns to become more complex in 2012

Dr. Jeff Lewis and Grant Williams: Outlook for 2012 and Keeping Your Emotions Away From Your Silver

Oversupply Concerns Could Weigh on Silver Wheaton and Silvercorp

Bond Auctions and Weak Dollar Help Silver Break $30/Ounce

Silver bears see ‘cloudy lining’ in metal’s prospects

Brian Hicks: Hibernating Gold Stocks Guarantee Springtime Gains

Brian Hicks: Morgan Stanley Predicts Gold to Hit $2,200 in 2012... Maybe as High as $2,464

David Alton Clark: Mark My Words, Gold Is About To Skyrocket

Anthony Wile: Truth About Middle East is Spreading

Frank Suess: Protect Yourself from the Greatest 'Wealth Transfer' of All Time

Illustrated: The Incompetence of the Fed

Bam! Bam! Bam! Huge Financial Bombs Just Got Dropped All Over Europe

Robert Wenzel: How China Can Turn the U.S. into a Third World Country Overnight

Keith Barron: Physical Gold & Silver to Crush Paper Markets

Warning From Europe: “Consequences of Failure Would Be Catastrophic”

Tim Staermose: It’s booming over here. What’s holding you back?

Tyler Durden: JPM Explains Why The US Economy Is About To Hit A Brick Wall

Thought for the day: The war with Iran has begun.

The Economy - January 13, 2012

Bill Bonner: Careful Steps to Avoid a "Dystopian Future"

Dave Gonigam: Within Striking Distance

Joel Bowman: Markets Seen and Unseen

Greg Canavan: The Next Bubble in China’s Economy

Greg Guenthner: 3 Potential Pharma Buyout Targets

Class war coming to America

‘Israel pushing US to attack Iran’

Goldrunner Called $1,920 Gold High Exactly; Now Expects $3,000 – $3,500 by Mid-Year

Hubert Moolman: Fractal Analysis Suggests Massive Gold Rally Is Coming

22 Signs That We Are On The Verge Of A Devastating Global Recession

Chris Wood: What SOPA and PIPA Could Mean for the Tech World

Jim Rickards: War With Iran has Begun, Gold to Break $2,000

Bill Haynes: Silver Eagle Sales Are Exploding, "Demand is Shocking"

Jim Sinclair: 5 Major US Banks Could Fail From Derivatives

John Embry: Silver to Break $100 in 12 to 24 Months

Mac Slavo: Skynet: One In Three U.S. Warplanes is a Robot; 7,494 Drones and Counting

Tyler Durden: Is The Fed's Balance Sheet Unwind About To Crash The Market, Again?

Lance Robert: Why QE3 Won't Help "Average Joe"

ric Sprott: "The Financial System Is A Farce"

The Economy - January 12, 2012

Bill Bonner: The Real Crisis in Capitalism

Addison Wiggin: “Dangerous” Ideas

Jeffrey Tucker: The Nearest Thing to a Permanent Thing

Jeffrey Tucker: Capitalism or Money in Crisis?

Joel Bowman: System D is for Free

Matt Insley: Technically Speaking: Gold Is Headed Higher

Mike Niehuser: Gold Volatility Breeds Equity Opportunities

Graphite… Set to go critical in 2012

Nicaragua goes back to gold

Doug Casey on The US's Most Consistently Wrong-Headed Journalist

Marin Katusa: India: Land of Energy Opportunity

The Danger of Paper Gold

Decoupling: Let's Get Real

Iran: Oh, No; Not Again

24 Statistics To Show To Anyone Who Believes That America Has A Bright Economic Future

The Decline of U.S. Oil Gluttony

Jim Sinclair: Hathaway Correct, Gold Shorts to get Squeezed

Investors Intelligence: Latest Sentiment Readings on Stocks

Gaius Marius: Is this a depression?

CoreLogic: Home prices continue to decline

Recession odds are plummeting

Consequences of Collapse: Access to Critical Medicines Is Disappearing in Greece

Simon Black: Another consequence of economic decline

Simon Black: Why 308,127,404 Americans are going to get hosed

Tyler Durden: Pimco Doubles Down On All In Bet Fed Will Monetize MBS

Tyler Durden: China Enters The Danger Zone, SocGen Presents The Four Critical Themes

The Economy - January 11, 2012

Addison Wiggin: Gold “Opportunity Gap” Closing

Byron King: A Crash Course On Graphite And Profitable Graphene

Gary Gibson: Why Federal Deficits May Not Be the Ones That Matter Most to You

Dr. Michael Berry and Chris Berry: Solving Critical Rare Earth Metal Shortages

Dr. Michael Berry and Chris Berry: Home-Brewed Copper

Watch For Small-Cap Graphite Stocks In 2012 … Your Starting Point

Hubert Moolman: Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse? Part 1

Hubert Moolman: Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse? Part 2

Silver Price Ready to Explode

Jeff Berwick: Who Really Owns Your Gold Stocks?

The Complete History Of US Real Estate Bubbles Since 1800

Green Energy – Too Many Subsidies, Too Little Performance

Destroying YouTube

Adrian Krieg: Emerging Totalitarianism

Not Flush: Dipping into Savings, Charging up a Storm

Contrary to Popular Wisdom?

Dear Americans, We Are Surrounded

How To Prepare For The Difficult Years Ahead

John Hathaway: Huge Rally in Gold & Silver, 2012 Outlook

John Hathaway: Short Squeeze in Gold to Crush Naked Shorts

Rick Rule: Gold Now Set for Dramatic 1970s Style Up-Moves

Brandon Smith: NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests

Tyler Durden: Charting The Price Of Gold... All The Way Back To 1265

Tyler Durden: In The First Few Days Of 2012, US Mint Sells More Silver Than In Most Months Of 2011

Tyler Durden: Fannie CEO Michael Williams To Quit After 2 Years, Pockets Millions After Receiving $60 Billion In Bail Out Cash

The Economy - January 10, 2012

Bill Bonner: World’s Biggest Zombies

Addison Wiggin: Gold’s Prime Movers

Dave Gonigam: The 48-Month Drag

Steve Belmont: Crude Oil: The Best Bet for 2012

Dan Amoss: This “Bond King” Just Telegraphed Gold’s Next Move

Jonas Elmerraji: Chart Smarts: How to Make 44% Gains on This Trade

Detlev Schlichter: When the Bond Buying Stops, the Game Is Over

Did The Silver Bubble Burst?

Eight Strategic Factors to Consider in 2012

Bill Buckler: How Obvious Does It Have To Get?

Jeff Clark: Gold Will Make a New High on This Date

Ron Paul: The Ultimate Consumer Protection

New Yorker's Scientific Illiteracy in Attacking Ron Paul

China loan growth quickens

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Top Piece of Advice from a 30-Year Precious Metals Veteran

How To Prepare For The Difficult Years Ahead

The Rebound in Private Sector Employment

John Mauldin: 2012 Investment Themes

Richard Russell: Gold Scaring Weak Hands, Hang on to Miners

Rob McEwen: Gold to hit $2,000 & Accelerate, Silver $150 - $300

James Turk: There is a War Going on in the Gold Market

Louise Yamada: Gold & Silver Bulls to Continue Stampede

Defending Kim Kardashian

Marc Gerstein: The Case For Investing In Gold

Mac Slavo: Santurom Is A Wolf in Sheeple Clothing: ‘People Have This Idea That They Should Be Left Alone’

Simon Black: What to do with your cash when the financial system is “broken”

Tyler Durden: China Is Proud To Announce It Is Reflating The Bubble - Will "Actively Push" Investors Into Stocks

Tyler Durden: IAEA Confirms Iran Has Started 20% Uranium Enrichment

The Economy - January 9, 2012

Reversal of Fortune: Soros Said to Buy Gold Again Late Last Year

Why Rising Debt Will Lead to $10,000 Gold

Whenever you see gold trading below its 200 Day Moving Average, consider it a buy signal!

Gold Stocks Complete First Major Bottom Since 2008

Jobs Report Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

For Many Americans, Jobs Crisis Will Last Many Years

Euro Seen Falling as Europe Faces Economic Recession

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt?

Why The Plunge In Apartment Vacancies Is A Really Big Deal

Stephen Colbert TEARS INTO Obama Over The NDAA Bill

Slow Growth And High Unemployment Is Pulling Europe Back Into That Dangerous Territory

SocGen: It Would Be 'Easy' For Iran To Shut Down The Strait Of Hormuz, And Oil Would Surge To $150-$200

Stock Market Danger Ahead: ExxonMobil is Ready to Fall

What Is "Austrian Economics"?

25% Of The World Economy Is Fake? Imagine The Alternative

Marginal revolutionaries: The crisis and the blogosphere have opened mainstream economics up to new attack

Our Generation Should Believe in Ron Paul

Is the Golden Age Ending? Bullion prices are off their highs, and ETFs may speed the decline

Gold likely to see a correction

Are gold prices dropping for good?

Gold Traders More Bullish After Bear Market Averted: Commodities

Silver Head and Shoulders Top Suggesting Price Crash

Silver prices expected to rebound ?

The Economy - January 8, 2012

All the World's Gold

Iran and Russia drop dollar for their own currencies in bilateral trade

Soros says EU break-up would be catastrophic: report

A Pennsylvania Village Is Without Water After Fracking Allegedly Destroyed Its Wells

John Mauldin: 2012: A Year of Choices

Set Culture Free

North Korean Invasion – Red Dawn Release Date Confirmed For 2012 *Watch Unofficial Trailer*

Tyler Durden: Is Ron Paul 2012's Black Swan?

Keith Weiner: Inflation: An Expansion of Counterfeit Credit

Tyler Durden: Presenting An Iran Attack Probability Timetable And A Complete Geopolitical Outlook For The Middle East

The Economy - January 7, 2012

Bill Bonner: Hopes, Fears and Preparations for 2012

Eric Fry: How Central Bankers Attempt to "Cure" Insolvency

Chuck Butler: Eurozone Data Continues to Print Weak

Nickolai Hubble: Central Banks Go Bonkers

Byron King: Strait Of Hormuz Close? Here’s What You Need To Know

Patrick Cox: Mass Marketing Regenerative Medicine: A Small-Cap Biotech Set for Explosive Gains

Jeffrey Tucker: The Monetary Metal That Won’t Die

Taylor MacDonald: Follow the Management Names

Nathan Lewis: The end of the Keynesian era

Morris Hubbartt: What's in store for gold in January?

Peter Schiff: Was 2011 The End of the Gold Rush?

Keith Weiner: March Silver in Backwardation

Who's Worse: The Nazis or the US Government?

David Galland: The Fear Factor

Alexander Jung: The Danger Debt Poses to the Western World

Look Out Below - The Nightmarish Decline Of The Euro Has Begun

Robert Wenzel: No Billionaire Oligarchs for Ron Paul

Robert Wenzel: Further Improvement in Unemployment Confuses Keynesians

Rick Santelli: 2012 Will See Funding Crisis for Many Countries

Nigel Farage: Gold to See Its Biggest Spike in 2012

Paul Brodsky: Gold, Silver, Lost Confidence & Systemic Failure

Mac Slavo: The Dictator Wants to Bypass Congress – The People Cheer

Tyler Durden: Commodity Convergence And Debt-Equity Divergence

Tyler Durden: Record Consecutive Treasury Dump From Fed's Custody Account

Simon Black: Three investments that you want to avoid

Simon Black: Is there a ‘best’ currency to hold right now?

The Economy - January 6, 2012

Bill Bonner: The Arithmetic of a Revolution

Addison Wiggin: What to Do When Gold Stalls Out

Chris Mayer: Volatility is Your Friend

Greg Canavan: Why a Wish for Credit Demand Won’t Make It So

Matt Insley: Now’s The Time To Invest In LNG

Ray Blanco: Now Is a Great Time to Invest in This Pharmaceutical Phenomenon

Jeffrey Tucker: Elections and the Illusions of Choice

Rick Ackerman: Trading Silver in the Dead of Night

Harvey Organ: The Can Is Reaching the End of the Alley

Jeff Clark: Why Has Gold Been Down?

Alex Daley and Doug Hornig: There Will Never Be a Cure for Cancer

Tibor Machan: Ayn Rand & Murray Rothbard: Diverse Champions of Liberty

Austrian Economics, Religion and Devils

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: Is That a Legitimate Shot at a 200% Gain? Or Just a Headache?

Look Out Below – The Nightmarish Decline Of The Euro Has Begun

Stephen Leeb: Sense of Desperation, But Gold Ready to Stampede

James Turk: Gold is Great, But Silver is the Next Apple

Plundering the American Dream: College Students Demonstrate the Idiocy Of Our Education System

Complete Cheatsheet For What To Buy Ahead Of QE3

The Economy - January 5, 2012

Bill Gross Warns Of Financial Market Implosion And The End Of Economic Life As We Know It

Doug Casey on North Korea's New Kim

Bill Bonner: When the Public Sector Debt Bubble Blows Up

Bill Bonner: China is the New Number One

Addison Wiggin: Five Forecasts for 2012

Chris Mayer: Welcome To 2012: Seven Forecasts For You To Watch Unfold

Greg Guenthner: 2012: What You Need to Look For Before Your Next Buy

Joel Bowman: Why the Spirit of Protest Seemed to Travel at the Speed of Light in 2011

Wendy McElroy: Giving the Taxman Hell

Gold and the Goldies: Shock & Awe??

John Cox: Draw Your Own Conclusions

David Baker: Go to Market, Not the Vault, for Gold Bargains

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Silver Industrial Demand - Steel May The Commodity to Watch

Steve St. Angelo: Silver Sales Up As Supply Slips

Tibor Machan: Cuba Awakes?

34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger

John Hathaway: Decline in Gold & the Shares Has Run its Course

Investors Intelligence: Latest Sentiment Readings on Stocks

Michael Pento: Expect $7 or $8 a Gallon Gasoline if Iran Closes Straits

Justified Self Defense: Mom Kills Armed Intruder with Shotgun; 9-1-1 Operator Gives Her the OK To Shoot

You’d Be Broke, Hungry and Living On The Street If You Did This

Simon Black: Three countries where you’ll want to have exposure

Tyler Durden: The Can Kicking Is Ending - Key Upcoming Dates For Europe's Patient Zero

Tyler Durden: On Risk Concerns And Over-Optimism

Charles Hugh Smith: President Obama, Demopublican

The Economy - January 4, 2012

Ron Paul: Debt Burden Threatens American Families

Bill Bonner: Is Gold Washed Up?

Bill Bonner: A Brief Retrospective of the Year Gone By

Addison Wiggin: Everything Not Mandatory Is Prohibited

Dan Denning: The Bear Dines Out

Jeffrey Tucker: The Genius of the Price System

Matt Insley: This Unprecedented Natural Gas Trend Means Profits For You

Chris Mayer: One Indicator That Will Help You Beat Volatile Markets

Michael Pento: Iran’s Desperate Gamble to Push Oil Up to $200

Jeffrey Tucker: There’s No Such Thing as a Stable State

Jeffrey Tucker: Nicaragua and the Cold War Political Theater

Jon Hykawy: New Rare Earth Metal Deposits in 2012

The Possibility of $1,000 Silver before Hyperinflation

Marin Katusa: Lessons from the Fukushima Disaster

Building a One-World Currency: China, India Suddenly 'Open' for Investment

When Times Get Tough, The Tough Get A Backbone

Richard Russell: Why Unemployment Will Rise Above 25%

John Embry: Gold Will Not Trade Below $1,500 Ever Again

Rick Rule: How to Make 50 to 100 Times Your Money in 2012

Mac Slavo: 2012: Predictions of a Mad Tin Foiler

Simon Black: Eight simple truths you need to know about 2012

Tyler Durden: On The World's Reserve Currency: What's Past Is Epilogue

The Economy - January 3, 2012

Paul Raven & Eric Drexler: Exploratory Engineering and Radical Abundance

Avatar Polymorph: Why the Ordinary Person Does Not Yet Believe in a Technological Singularity

Alena Bialevich and Jeff Clark: 2011: Dud or Springboard?

Foreclosure free ride: 3 years, no payments

Goldman's Latest Boiler-Room Stock: America

Criminals Determine Gold's Future

James Turk: Gold in 2012

James Turk's book
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It

Jeb Handwerger: Is A Powerful Rebound In Gold and Silver Prices About To Begin?

2012 Will Be More Difficult Than 2011

Charles Biderman: Buy Gold In Euros

Matt Badiali: The Single Most Important Factor in Natural Resource Investment

Michael Pento: Gold is The Last Reserve Shoot to Be Deployed

Simon Black: Predictions? Or near-certainties?

Tyler Durden: World's Biggest Hedge Fund Is Bearish For 2012 Through 2028, And Is Long Gold

Tyler Durden: Presenting 2011's Top 10 Most Corrupt American Politicians

Thought for 2012: Some fear and others hope the world will end in December 2012. They misunderstand. The end of an era draws nigh. A new cycle will begin.

The Economy - January 2, 2012

Catherine Austin Fitts on Wall Street's Corruption, the Austrian School and Who's 'Really' in Charge

Porter Stansberry: How to Make a Safe 24% Gain in a Monetary Crisis

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The Cheapest Way to Buy Silver - He's right. I'm doing this, too.

6 Reasons Why Buying A Home Is Like Throwing Away Money

Big Investors Betting We've Hit Bottom on Housing: WSJ

Frank Holmes: Is the Gold Super Cycle Still Intact?

John Daly: War Imminent in Straits of Hormuz? $200 a Barrel Oil?

Tyler Durden: The Main Question Of Early 2012

Tyler Durden: As The GOP Primary Race Goes Into Production, Here Are The Facts

The Economy - January 1, 2012

John Mauldin: Collateral Damage

John Mauldin: The Matterhorn Interview

Tyler Durden: Long Gold, Short EUR And Stop Praying For A Miracle

Ben Tanosborn: A Future View Of Post-Bubbledemic America

Doug Short: If You Think This Is A Bad Economy, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

Bob Chapman: Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: How the Federal Reserve Overshadows the European Banking System

Bob Chapman: Grim Economic Prospects for 2012: How the Federal Reserve Overshadows the European Banking System

Jim Rogers isn't too optimistic about stock markets in 2012, sees longer term systemic collapse

What’s Behind the Euro Crisis and How Will It End?

Gold Under Pressure but Could Peak to $2,400 in 18-24 Months

Is a Powerful Rebound in Gold and Silver Prices about To Begin?

Further Moves Lower in Gold Seem Unlikely

Books: Are you ready for Inflation?
I just finished reading a report that explained why Inflation, not Depression, will be America's foremost concern by the end of 2012. Here is a list of books that will help you prepare and even profit from it.

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Building Wealth with Silver
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Great Super Cycle: Profit from Inflation Tidal Wave
Paper Money Collapse: The Coming Monetary Breakdown
Protect Your Money from the Coming Hyperinflation
Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Survive the Great Inflation
True Gold Standard: A Monetary Reform Plan

Recommended Reading - Hover to See More
Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit
Age of Deleveraging
Bailout Nation
Big Thirst
Building Wealth with Silver
Civilization: The West and the Rest
Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit
Currency Wars: The Next Global Crisis
Demise of the Dollar
Dice Have No Memory
Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics
Financial Reckoning Day Fallout
Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
Great Crash Ahead: Strategies
Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper
Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver
Idea of America: What It Was and How It Was Lost
Idea of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States
Inside Job: The 2008 economic crisis
It Takes a Pillage
Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons
Lysander Spooner Reader
Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets
New Empire of Debt
Now Invest In Silver: Why It Makes Sense
Return of the Great Depression
This Time Is Different
Too Big to Fail
Ultimate Money Guide
Winner-Take-All Politics

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