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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Sandman: She's Killing Me - MGTOW
Sandman: She's Killing Me - MGTOW

August 19, 2016

Bernard Chapin: Dear Men!

Janet Bloomfield: Only Men Pay Tax

Chris Mumford: Gender Pay Equality

Helen Smith: Women's Pets

Roland C Warren: BLM Ignores Men

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
August 19, 2016

William Nardi: Oregon State to force ‘social justice’ training on freshmen

Lucy Leeson: Man falsely accused of rape left naked in Hull police cell with broken kneecaps

Chuck Ross: Hillary’s Website Scrubbed Of Statement Saying Rape Victims Have A ‘Right To Be Believed’

One In Three: Please thank Minister Goward for providing services to male victims of family violence

Adam Lusher: Girl uses Fifty Shades of Grey as basis for false rape claims against her father

Chris Mumford: Gender Pay Equality

Abe Hawken: Driving instructor, 23, who was brutally stabbed by his jealous ex-girlfriend is demanding tougher sentences for violent women

In Man Going His Own Way, popular YouTube vlogger Bernard Chapin argues with wit and humor that being a free, proud man is an end in itself, and asks, why be a dilapidated drone when you can soar as a man? | Read More
Helen Smith: Will Women's Pets Now Have More Rights Than Men?

Caroline Gammell: Breasts not for looking but pecs are okay

Milo Yiannopoulos: Donald Trump Just Overtook The Democrats On Gay Rights

Katherine Timpf: Feminist Blog Suggests That Tickling Can Lead ‘Cis Men’ to Think Abusing Women Is Okay

Janet Bloomfield: Research find that as a group, only men pay tax

Janet Bloomfield: Want to bump the birth rate in the West? Pay men.

KC Johnson: Why Colleges Don’t Have Fair Hearings on Sexual Assault

Robert Stacy McCain: Attention @MGTOW: Survey Question

Robert Stacy McCain: More @MGTOW Issues

Jon Anthony: Why Men’s Lives Get Ruined From A False Rape Accusation

Ariana Bacle: Amy Schumer Responds to Comedian Kurt Metzger’s Comments On Sexual Assault

News Corp Australia Network: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Fan Admits Using Novel to Falsely Accuse Father of Rape

Liberty Laura: Gary Johnson on Family Courts Issue: “Fathers’ Rights Are Non-Existent”

Ramona Tausz: Destroy your emails before students accused of rape can sue you, lawyers advise colleges

San Francisco Examiner: Heather Amanda Butts, 40, Arrested on suspicion of lewd or lascivious acts involving a child

Hannah Richardson: Why do more women than men go to university?

Lisa Dowd: University Gender Gap Reaches Record High

Amanda Prestigiacomo: 101 Things Feminists Say Are Sexist

Jeremy Beaman: Princeton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man’

Wenn: Olympian Turned Rock Star Shaun White Vows to Fight ‘Bogus’ Sexual Harassment Claims From Fired Bandmate

Roland C Warren: How Black Lives Matter Brazenly Ignores Black Husbands and Fathers

BBC: Saatchi boss Kevin Roberts disciplined over gender comments

Tom Hodson: Christopher Anderson Leads MaleSurvivor to Assist Abused Males

Stephanie Linning: Doctor 'ripped her husband's scrotum with her fingernails during a drunken row after attacking him with an umbrella and threatening him with a knife'

Sarah Michael: Mother accused of poisoning her nine-year-old daughter by putting URINE in her intravenous drip after she was admitted to hospital with life-threatening condition

Meagan Flynn: The Houston Man Who Refused to Plead Guilty Does Not Want an Apology

Matt Forney: Why You Should Shun Girls Who Support Abortion

Bernard Chapin: Dear Men!

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
June 29, 2016

Gutierrez: The great cholesterol con finally unravels: Researchers find lowering cholesterol has NO EFFECT on risk of heart disease or death

Tara Paras: Avoid these 10 cancer-causing foods!

Sardi: To Tell The Truth: Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs

Walia: Want Stronger Bones? Why Calcium Supplements & Milk Are Not The Answer

Rappoport: A World Waking Up: Damage After Vaccination; It’s No Longer An “Anecdote”

ANH: Glyphosate in Breakfast Foods

Brownstein: Family Practice Exam: Drugs, Drugs, and More Drugs

Brownstein: Daily Statins For All? More Media Nonsense

Brownstein: Take a Statin for Six Years and You Will Live How Much Longer?

Brownstein: The U.S. FDA Needs To Go Away

Block: Hesperidin Combats Aluminum Brain Disorders

Block: Arginine Holds Your Heart Together

Block: The Wealth of Berberine

Block: Office of Nutrition Labeling and Dietary Supplements

The Economist: The theory that bacteria are involved in some cases of autism gets a boost

Caroline Winter: These Bro Scientists Want to Sell You Mind-Hacking Pills

ANH: Are Antibiotics Finished, With Millions of Casualties Coming?

ANH: Protecting Higher-Dose Supplements

ANH: Ignoring Consumer Protests, FDA Throttles Medical Foods

ANH: Another Anti-Supplement Sneak Attack from Blumenthal?

ANH: Acid Blockers Cause Brain Damage, Kidney Disease?

ANH: Gluten in Your Thyroid Drug?

Group: Body Cleanse: 6 Ways to Do a Body Detox

Faloon: How to Reverse Markers of Prostate Cancer

Ramirez: Oral Sunscreen Reduces Skin Cancer Risk

Rivington: Unique Magnesium Compound Reverses Brain Aging

Tewson: Solutions for Common Prostate Problems

Goldfaden: Topical Vitamin C for Skin Rejuvenation

Mueller: The Insulin/Cancer Connection

Mixon: Omega-3 for ADHD

More News in Archives!


Tekoa Da Silva: Exploration Leaders On Precious Metals Stocks: Remember That “Quality Is Important”
Tekoa Da Silva: Exploration Leaders

August 24, 2016

Aaron Tilley: Nvidia's New Processor

Gary Savage: Oil Update

Bob Moriarty: Zombie Financial System

Arthur Berman: The Permian Pitfall

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Financial Blasphemy

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
August 24, 2016

Cold Fusion: Thermal Analysis of the Production Plant Process in the 1MW test in Doral, Florida

Dave Gonigam: The Next $14 Billion Success Story

Dave Gonigam: The Calm Before the Stock Market Storm

Greg Guenthner: The Purge is Over: These Speculative Stocks are Ready to Soar!

Ray Blanco: Anti-Aging Technology is Here

Claire Bernish: Prison Stocks Crash As Justice Dept. Announces “Ends of Private Prisons”

Mac Slavo: Rothschild Warns “Biggest Financial Experiment in History” About to Unleash Consequences Unknown

Michael Covel: The Only Thing That Can Save Your Retirement

Dr. David Eifrig: The Closest Thing to 'Free Money' in the Stock Market

Michael Snyder: Detroit Has Gone From Being The Greatest Manufacturing City In The World To A Global Joke

Aaron Tilley: Nvidia Unveils New Processor For Its Self-Driving Car 'Supercomputer'

Matt Badiali: An Essential Toolkit for Resource Investors

Matt Badiali: How to Master the Booms and Busts of the Resource Sector

Solution Conference 90 Minute DVD with Martin Armstrong is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's Solution conference, also available for $100. I paid full price to watch the conference live, and it was worth every penny. He explains how we can eliminate all federal taxes, convert the federal debt to equity, save Social Security and more. | Read More
Tony Sagami: The Stressed-Out, Tapped-Out American Consumer

Arthur Berman: The Permian Pitfall: A Race To The Bottom For Tight Oil

Nick Cunningham: Boom, Balance Or Bust: What's Next For Oil?

Gary Savage: Oil Update

Chris Hamilton: The US Real Estate Big Picture...A Thesis in Moral Hazard

Frik Els: Venezuela ordered to pay Vancouver miner $1.6 billion

Cecilia Jamasmie: Microscopic gold ball could be Alzheimer’s long-sought remedy

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Precious Metals and Financial Blasphemy, Part 1

Dr. Jeffrey Lewis: Precious Metals and Financial Blasphemy, Part 2

Bob Moriarty: A Zombie Financial System, Black Swans and a Gold Share Correction

Sol Palha: Why is This Hated Stock market so resilient?

IRD: The Government’s New Home Sales Report Is Idiotic

IRD: I’ve Worked Thru 4 Housing Bubbles – They All End The Same

Luzi Ann Javier: Silver ETF returning 280% says party not over in yield-less era

Warren Dick: Harmony version 1.5 copper-gold company is being deployed

Travis Johnson: Timothy Lutts' ad for Cabot Small Cap Confidential says: "This Medical Devices Company is About to Double Again" -- what is it?

Zero Hedge: Top 25 Corporate Pension Plans Alone Are Underfunded By Over $225 Billion

Zero Hedge: Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be Needed To Offset An "Economic Shock"

Zero Hedge: Why Foreign Demand For US Treasuries Has Disappeared

Zero Hedge: US Manufacturing Flashes "Warning Light" As New Orders, Employment Tumble

Zero Hedge: Richmond Fed Manufacturing Survey Collapses By Most On Record

Zero Hedge: Stocks Spike To Record Highs, Close Not "Off The Lows"

Health - Continued
June 29, 2016

Sisson: Are Cell Phones and EMFs Really Harming Your Health?

Sisson: Crepinettes

Sisson: Top 8 Changes Coming to Nutrition Labels

Sisson: Bodyweight Calisthenics for Primal Strength

Sisson: Chicken Parmesan

Sisson: Why the Kind of Body Fat You Carry Matters

Sisson: Primal Korean Bibimbap

Mercola: Supplements Proven Beneficial for Your Mental Health

Mercola: Frankincense Oil: The 'King' of Oils

Mercola: Exercise Can Lower Your Risk of a Dozen Cancers by 20 Percent

Mercola: Great Britain’s Most Outspoken Cardiologist Sets the Record Straight on Saturated Fats

Mercola: A Must-Try Delicious Parmesan Broccoli Dip

Mercola: Research Demonstrates Superiority of Krill Oil Compared to Fish Oil

Mercola: What’s so Remarkable About Rosemary?

Mercola: What Massive Land Rehabilitation Project Teaches Us About Ecological Health, Poverty and Our Prospects for the Future

Mercola: Experts Admit Zika Threat Fraud

Mercola: How Your Couch Hurts Your Thyroid

Mercola: American Obesity Rate Continues to Climb — Is Surgery the Answer?

Mercola: Sunscreens: The Ugly Truth

Mercola: Low Salt Is Bad for Heart Health

Mercola: Alzheimer's Disease May Result From Past Brain Infections

Mercola: Citronella Oil: More Than Just a Bug Repellent

Mercola: High-Quality Whey Protein (in the Right Amounts) May Be Helpful for Weight Loss

Mercola: How Nutrition Influences Cancer

Mercola: Hydrogen Peroxide or Soap and Water to Clean Your Wound?

Mercola: Why Checking Your Iron Level Is so Crucial for Optimal Health

Mercola: Low-Carb Vegetables to Live By

Mercola: What Is Arrowroot Good For?

Mercola: Worst Fears Coming True as Drug Resistance Gene Confirmed in the U.S.

Mercola: Bees Are Full of Pesticides and so Are We

Mercola: What's Behind Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Mercola: The Three Pillars of Heavy Metal Detoxification

Mercola: Get Your Fix of Health Benefits With Ginger Oil

Rothfeld: Popular antacids linked to stomach bleeds

Rothfeld: Just 15 minutes of exercise could help you live longer

Rothfeld: Treating that rumble in your tummy could stop your heart

Rothfeld: Here’s a simple plan for healing pinched nerves

Rothfeld: Lyrica linked to birth defects

More News in Archives!


Backlash: Neocons for Hillary, Trump for America
Backlash: Neocons for Hillary

August 24, 2016

Roy Exum: The Conspiracy Theory

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos: Hillary Wants Syria

Martin Armstrong: Hillary & Death Taxes

Charles Hugh Smith: Abolish the DEA

Mish: Obamacare on Death Bed

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
August 24, 2016

Roy Exum: The Conspiracy Theory

Nomi Prins: Trump Wins (Even If He Loses)

Michael Krieger: Obamacare is Rapidly Becoming the Poster Child for American Inequality

Jeremiah Johnson: Obama Wants A Third Term And This Is How He Could Make It Happen

Naomi Schaefer Riley: Taking Down ‘Offensive’ Art Won’t Make Anybody’s Life Better

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos: Hillary’s War Cabinet In Waiting Plans Big Bang In Syria

Ed Bartholomew & Jeremy Gold: The $6 trillion public pension hole that we’re all going to have to pay for

Michael Snyder: Violence Erupts In America’s Heartland As Milwaukee Becomes The Latest U.S. City To Burn

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! Donald Trump isn't a politician -- he's a one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. We're about to see the deluxe version of the left's favorite theme: Vote for us or we'll call you stupid. It's the working class against the smirking class. Now Ann Coulter, with her unique insight, candor, and sense of humor, makes the definitive case for why we should all join his revolution. | Read More
Martin Armstrong: Hillary & Death Taxes

Miles Goslett: BBC Forced To Apologize Over Black Lives Matter Report

Charles Hugh Smith: It's Time to Abolish the DEA and America's "War on Drugs" Gulag

Mish: Obamacare on Death Bed as Enrollment is Half the Expected Rate (the Unprofitable Half); Mispriced Insurance and Unstable Economics to Blame

Michael Sebastian: 4 Types Of Losers Who Hate Donald Trump

Jeffrey A. Tucker: Obamacare Is the Welfare State’s Requiem

Alice Salles: U.S. Day of Reckoning?

Michel Chossudovsky: America's "Humanitarian War" Against the World

Mac Slavo: Survival Expert James Rawles Warns: “There’s Going To Be A Massive Run On Firearms… Bigger Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before” If Hillary Win Is Imminent

Christoforou: Leaked memo proves George Soros ruled Ukraine in 2014, minutes from “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt”

Allen Mendenhall: Socialism The World's Greatest Generator of Poverty

Karen Kwiatkowski: Can the Deep State be Cured?

Martin Armstrong: A Review of “Hillary’s America”

David Stockman: Hillary Clinton: Dictatress of the World

Michael Snyder: As Predicted, Obamacare Is Absolutely Killing The Middle Class

Michael Goodwin: American journalism is collapsing before our eyes

Martin Armstrong: The Collapse of American Free Press – It’s Just Over

Becky Akers: An Exercise in Progressive Arrogance

Anne Williamson: How George Soros Got His Mojo Working in Ukraine

Joe Bob Briggs: ‘New York Times’ Endorses Trump

Daisy Luther: Is Civil Unrest Coming to Suburbia? Rest Assured, the Media Will Lie About It

Ron Paul: What Should We Do About Crimea?

Neil Clark: Follow the Money Trail for Source of 'Russian Threat' Paranoia

John W. Whitehead: Children of the American Police State: Just Another Brick in the Wall

Robert Tracinski: If Libertarians Want To Be Relevant, Maybe They Should Focus On Promoting Liberty

Michael Snyder: Solid Evidence That The Media Is Biased Against Donald Trump

Zero Hedge: Obama Lied: New Details Confirm $400 Million Given To Iran Was Indeed "Hostage Ransom"

Zero Hedge: Liberal Left-Leaning States Are "Least Free" In Home Of The Brave

Zero Hedge: How Bloomberg Spun Its Own Poll Data To Make Hillary Clinton Seem Inevitable

Zero Hedge: Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis; Media Manipulation; Cash For "Social Justice"

Zero Hedge: Trump Hires Breitbart Chairman As Campaign CEO In Latest Shake Up To "Boost Sagging Polls"

Health - Continued
June 29, 2016

Rothfeld: Testosterone will protect your heart – not harm it

Rothfeld: Belly fat linked to aggressive prostate cancer risk

Rothfeld: Edible flowers pack power in their petals

Rothfeld: Migraines may increase risk of heart disease and stroke

Rothfeld: Starve tumors to death — and live longer — with Paleo

Rothfeld: Red wine and coffee are a good mix for your gut bacteria

Rothfeld: Daily beer habit cuts heart disease risk

Rothfeld: Potatoes could send your BP through the roof

Rothfeld: Get angina relief with testosterone

Rothfeld: Where’s the beef in your meat?

Rothfeld: New study supports the principles of Paleo, the “Caveman Diet”

Elkarmoudi: 8 Natural Herbs To Treat Mental Disorders: Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Andrew: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Rhubarb Herb

Nicholas: Poison Covered Chocolates for Children

Amanda: Four Best Superfoods to Eat This Summer

Heyes: FDA crushes patient access to nutritious medical foods that help prevent and reverse disease

Wells: BEWARE of the top 10 toxins in food and medicine that cause the majority of U.S. allergies, diseases and disorders

Adams: While you were distracted by BREXIT, Monsanto's puppets in the U.S. Senate announced a 'compromise' to outlaw GMO labeling laws nationwide

Devon: India's spice trade at risk, as pesticides and pathogens contaminate popular seasonings including turmeric, chili and pepper

Gutierrez: Scientists hoped to increase vaccine rates by publicizing side effects; instead people chose NOT to vaccinate

Benson: Honeybee protections sabotaged as chemical industry infiltrates Capitol Hill

Wells: Mad human disease and SSRIs - what they're not telling the public that's so alarming

Barker: Avoid eating these 11 types of fish to reduce your exposure to mercury

Wells: USA Today publishes hit piece on natural medicine by quoting discredited vaccine charlatan Paul Offit

Heyes: Organic blueberries improve brain function and sharpen memory, while lowering risk of dementia

Benson: World's longest living rats have 'extraordinary' resistance to cancer

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