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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

Sommers: Is masculine culture toxic for boys?

April 14, 2014

Andrew Moran: A Persistent Myth

Robert Wenzel: Real Feminism

UpperLowerClass: Women's Solidarity

JoeSmith: Filipina Girls

runsonmagic: Is Dating Dead?

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
April 10, 2014

Andrea Mitchell: Criticizing Dem Senator's Biased Report is Sexist

Shannon Rupp: Thank the Gender Wars! The Return of 'Oleanna'

Wendy McElroy: The Big Lie of a “Rape Culture”

Ashe Schow: The Left wants to start teaching feminism to children

Rowan Scarborough: Doubts on military’s sex assault stats as numbers far exceed those for the U.S.

Mark J. Perry And Andrew G. Biggs: The '77 Cents on the Dollar' Myth About Women's Pay

Paul D. Thacker: Feminists react with usual stupidity to FDA decision

Larry Cahill, Ph.D.: Equal ≠ The Same: Sex Differences in the Human Brain

Christina Parreira, M.A.: Being a Sex Worker in Academia Who Doesn’t Care About Empowerment

Elizabeth Nolan Brown: Feminist Author Katha Pollitt Advocates Banning Sex Work Because PATRIARCHY

Saleha Ali: The myth of ‘Everyday Sexism’

Kingsley R. Browne: Mind Which Gap? The Selective Concern Over Statistical Sex Disparities

Scott Shackford: Policing Language Gives Ammunition to the Trolls

Arnold Ahlert: Obama’s Wage Gap Myth

David Foster: The Everyday Sexism campaign risks making all sexual advances 'misogynist'

Laura Halferty: Why Do Feminists Love Don Draper?

Shredded Beast: This book revolves around the Shredded Beast training program and nutrition protocol. It provides an addictive, customizable approach to burning more fat, building more muscle, and lifting more weight. | Read More
Michelle Malkin: The Meltdown of the Obama Genderhawks

Cortney O'Brien: Kirsten Dunst Offends Feminists by Voicing Support for Traditional Gender Roles

Stella Morabito: How Same Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy

Lara Prendergast: Let women fight on the front line, but only if they pass the tests

Ashe Schow: Wooing women shouldn't involve victimizing and lying to them

IWF: Why the "Paycheck Fairness Act" Won't Advance Equal Pay for Women

Victoria Coley: A Guide to the Wage Gap

Sabrina Schaeffer: The Fictitious Holiday Based on a Faux Statistic

Carrie Lukas: Paycheck Fairness fraud

Charlotte Hays: More on the 77 Cents Myth...

Denis Slattery: Bronx Assistant District Attorney Fails to Tell Court that Rape Accuser Initially Told Cop Sex was Consensual

COTWA: Scorned woman falsely cries rape

Dr_Caveman: This Accidental Experiment Shows The Superiority Of Patriarchy

Spearhead: A Humble Suggestion for Conservative Opponents of Same Sex Marriage

Spearhead: Yale to Thin Young Woman: Fatten Up or Leave

Spearhead: How Men Lost the Political Gender War

Spearhead: Using the Fireteam as the Model for Political Activism

I have tits give me free stuff I have a penis blame me for everything!
Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
April 7, 2014

Michael Snyder: 10 Health Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real

The SSRI/Folate Connection: Why Big Pharma May Want to Monopolize the B Vitamin You Can’t Live Without

NPR (and Other Major Media) Spreads Serious Falsehoods About HPV Vaccine

FDA Needs a Lesson in Supplement Science

Brownstein: Statins More Than Double Breast Cancer Risk

Brownstein: Autism Rates Skyrocket Higher

Pearson & Shaw: Improved Galantamine Formulation at No Extra Cost

Block: Diabetes and H. Pylori Intensify Alzheimer’s

Block: What Makes Life Enhancement Different?

Pearson & Shaw: Reducing Damage Done by Evolving Heart Attack with Simple Inexpensive Method

Pearson & Shaw: Simple Test for Heart Function Is Powerful Predictor of Mortality

Pearson & Shaw: Blood Test Provides Highly Predictive Data on 10 Year All-Cause Mortality in Older Adults

Pearson & Shaw: Depressed? Having Pain? Turmeric Root to the Rescue!

Faloon: “Unsustainable” Cancer Drug Prices

Wright: Heartburn drugs are linked to serious heart risk

Wright: There’s no evidence that saturated fat intake harms your heart

More News in Archives!


Gregory Mannarino: Even More Gains Ahead

April 17, 2014

Richard Schodde: Enough New Mines?

Frederick Sheehan: Biotech Bloodbath

David Stockman: Crony Capitalist Brats

Gerald Celente: Gold & Global Ponzi Scheme

Rick Rule: Opportunity No One Is Looking At

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 17, 2014

Cold Fusion: If LENR Works What Happens to Solar Power?

Cold Fusion: The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion Update

David Stockman: How a Central Bank Really Shapes the Economy

John Rubino: High Frequency Trading: An Aid to Economic Collapse

Kate Incontrera: The Art of Central Banking

Simon Black: The richest man in Asia is selling everything in China

Will We Have Enough New Mines? -- Richard Schodde

Frederick Sheehan: The Biotech Bloodbath

Jeffrey P. Snider: The Q1 Home Mortgage Crash

David Stockman: Why Crony Capitalist Brats Make Me ILL

Dave Gonigam: Whatever Happens, Don’t Call it Fraud

Matthew Milner: 3 Reasons Money is Leaving the Market… and Where it’s Headed

Greg Guenthner: How to Avoid an IPO Nightmare

Dan Amoss: Let Chinese Taxpayers Pad Your Wallet

Doug Casey’s Coming Super-Bubble

Dan Steinhart: Margins, Multiples, and the Iron Law of Valuation

Jeff Deist: “The Entire Banking and Money System Is Broken”

Dr. David Eifrig: Use This Simple Idea Today for Safe, Steady Income

Peter Schiff vs. Paul Krake: A battle over gold, inflation and QE

John Mauldin: Dare to Be Great II

Gerald Celente - The Vampire Squid, Gold & The Global Ponzi Scheme

Rick Rule: Crisis, Gold & An Incredible Opportunity No One Is Looking At

Grant Williams - Remarkable Roadmap From $5,000 To $20,000 Gold

Paul Craig Roberts - Is Belgium Part Of A U.S. Scheme?

All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power Nomi Prins' groundbreaking narrative of how an elite group of men transformed the American economy and government, dictated foreign and domestic policy, and shaped world history. | Read More
Mitchell Clark: Why Economic Growth Doesn’t Guarantee Rising Share Prices

Michael Lombardi: Why My Coffee Is Costing So Much More This Year

Salman Partners' Raymond Goldie: Copper Is Pathological and Suffers from SAD, but It Has Value

Four Hidden Australian Life Sciences Growth Stocks Revealed: Scott Power

Oil Glut Shifts From Midwest To Gulf Coast, Inventories Highest Since 2001

Jim Willie: Glaring Q.E. Failure Spotted

Zero Hedge: Housing Starts, Permits Miss As Rental Euphoria Fizzles

Zero Hedge: The "Housing Recovery" Is Complete: Major US Banks' Mortgage Originations Tumble To Record Low

Zero Hedge: Is The Fed Fabricating Loan Creation Data?

Zero Hedge: About That "Strong" March Retail Sales "Bounce": Good Thing Summer's Coming!

Zero Hedge: GM Seeks Immunity From Lawsuits Due To Bankruptcy

Health - Continued
April 7, 2014

Wright: Spark your natural vitality back into action with this Siberian secret

Wright: Risk of one of the least fatal cancers could be lowered to almost zero

Wright: For colon cancer screening, don’t fall for the “virtual” gimmick

Wright: Colonoscopy is just the start for colon cancer prevention

Wright: No contest: sunshine beats breast cancer

Wright: Double trouble for stressed seniors

Wright: For bone health, call in the Fantastic Four

Wright: Unlock this middle-age weight loss secret

Wright: For prostate cancer, think outside the “surgery or radiation” box

Wright: FDA shocker! Alternative treatment for migraines approved for use

Wright: New evidence shows just how deadly added sugar can be

Smith: The Supplement Pyramid: How To Build Your Personalized Nutritional Regimen

Goldfaden & Goldfaden: Target Wrinkle Formation with Novel Peptides

Downey: Google Wants To Extend Your Life

Downey: Beyond Depression... SAMe Broad-Spectrum Protection Against Disorders Of Aging

Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers: The devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain, with a 30-day plan to achieve optimum health. Renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. | Read More
Stockton: Omega-7 Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome

Tompkins: CoQ10 Proven Benefits In Heart Failure Patients

Sisson: 11 Surprisingly Effective Exercises You Can Do Without Being “That Guy” in the Office

Sisson: Slow-Cooked Chicken Adobo with Coconut Aminos

Sisson: Cultivating Health During Crisis

Sisson: The Definitive Guide to Resistant Starch

Sisson: Why Squatting Is So Important (plus Tips on How to Do It Right)

Sisson: Homemade Beet and Berry Jello

Sisson: When All You Want to Do Is Sit on the Couch

Sisson: What Did Our Ancient Ancestors Actually Eat?

Sisson: Are Antioxidant Supplements Effective?

More News in Archives!


Philip K. Howard: Rule of Nobody

April 17, 2014

Ron Paul: Bundy standoff not over

Gary Johnson: Libertarians not to blame

Michael Lotfi: Michigan triggers Article V?

Fascism, Communism & Crony-Capitalism?

Ron Paul: America’s Phony Budget Debate

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
April 17, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts: Privatization Is A Ramp For Corruption and Insouciance Is a Ramp for War

Michael Krieger: Meet Rep. Mike Rogers: Crony Capitalist Knave, Warfare State Blowhard

David Stockman: When Common Sense Is Not Enough: EPA Issues 370-Page Rule To Define Waters of the US

Daily Bell: When Opinion Becomes Disinformation

Paul Craig Roberts: Is the US or the World Coming to an End?

Kit Daniels: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch

Michael Lotfi: Who actually “owns” America’s land? A deeper look at the Bundy Ranch crisis

Megyn Kelly: IRS Seizing Tax Refunds of Children, Grandchildren Over Parents' Decades-Old Debts

Kate Incontrera: Top Ten Tax Mistakes to Avoid, Part 2

Carolyn O'Hara: 7 Last-Minute Tax Filing Mistakes People Often Make

RT: Social Security, Treasury target Americans for their parents' old debts

Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Russ Baker: New Cover-up in Boston Bombing Saga—Blaming Moscow

SCG: Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

Bob Moriarty – Tue 15 Apr, 2014

Is Harry Reid Behind the Land Grab of Bundy Ranch? For Personal Gain?

The Rule of Nobody: Saving America from Dead Laws and Broken Government Rules have replaced leadership in America. Bureaucracy, regulation, and outmoded law tie our hands and confine policy choices. Nobody asks, “What’s the right thing to do here?” | Read More
Simon Black: This is how free Americans really are

Patrick J. Buchanan: The End of Ideology?

Ron Paul touts Rand as a presidential ‘frontrunner’

Ron Paul’s nonprofit refuses to disclose list of donors to the IRS

Ron Paul warns that Bundy ranch standoff isn’t over just yet

Ron Paul: America’s Phony Budget Debate

Rebecca Kaplan: Rand Paul calls for more “nuance” in foreign policy

Gary Johnson: Libertarians won't be to blame

J. Pepper Bryars: Libertarianism isn't an alternative to the Republican Party

Gary Johnson: Coming to a ballot near you

Daily Bell: Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream?

Michael Lotfi: Michigan triggers Article V Constitutional Convention?

Peter Suderman: Clinton Leads Potential GOP Contenders in Early 2016 Polling

A. Barton Hinkle: The Dumbest Federal Policy You'll Read About Today

Veronique de Rugy: Department of Cronyism

Jacob Sullum: Pot, Poker, and Prohibitionism

Charles Hugh-Smith: What's the Difference Between Fascism, Communism and Crony-Capitalism? Nothing

Zero Hedge: Obamacare Claims Its Latest Victim: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns As US Health Secretary

Zero Hedge: Russia's New Weapons: Passports And Pipelines

Zero Hedge: Fed Admits Policies Benefit Rich, Fears For "Nation's Democratic Heritage"

Vlad, buddy, we need to gin up a crisis so we can return to the good old days. Remember during the cold war our predecessors could run huge budgets, wage war, trample rights, destroy lives, wreak havoc and murder was actually considered sexy as long as it was the government doing it? Right! But now with our economies trembling on the precipice people are getting suspicious and resentful toward our oligarchs. So we have to do something. Now, I've been looking at Ukraine, and I see some exciting possibilities, there. What do you think? Uh-huh. Right! Right! If you go in and take Crimea,...
Obama & Putin Crimea Call - Click to Enlarge

Health - Continued
April 7, 2014

Louis: Texas farmers fear arrival of new Dust Bowl

Huff: Japanese physicians link spike in cancer to Fukushima radiation

Devon: Breakthrough technology removes arsenic from groundwater

Michelle: Salad eaters, rejoice! Study shows beneficial nutrients enter bloodstream

Cummins: Corporate Clout Chips away at Organic Standards

Chow: Zinc deficiency mistakes you might not realize you're making

Gutierrez: Chia seeds contain 7.5 times the omega-3 content of salmon, as well as the highest protein content of any edible seed

Adams: The three most dangerous poisons to never eat, drink or inject again

Antonia: Boost male fertility with the right foods

Gutierrez: Vitamin A derivative helps turn precancerous cells back into healthy ones

Chow: 10 quick tips to overcome insomnia and ensure you're sleeping well

Wright: Enjoy a cavity-free future by fortifying yourself with these foods

Heyes: Fort Hood shooter on Ambien, antidepressants and a 'cocktail' of mind-altering meds

Gutierrez: Radiation 'therapy' kills children with brain tumors who might otherwise survive just fine

Bedar: Fertility Secrets: How to create your get-pregnant plan unveiled by 20 holistic experts in new empowerment program

Miller: Why just treating symptoms will never result in true health

Ravensthorpe: Unhealthy food cravings are a sign of mineral deficiencies

Alexander: Cancer treatment found in a tree

Gutierrez: Tuna is the #3 cause of food poisoning in the United States, but not because of bacteria

Huff: Vaccines kill far more people than faulty Chevy Cobalt cars, but drug makers are granted total legal immunity

Huff: Chocolate generates anti-inflammatory nutrients in your gut

More News in Archives!

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