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[Most Recent Quotes from]
[Most Recent Quotes from]
Sandman: YouTube is Destroying MGTOW?
PJW: WOKE Establishment Hates Joker

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
October 18, 2019

Ethan Berman: Yale portrays its campus as hotbed of sexual assault. So why are punishments so light?

Suzanne Venker: Men Aren’t Defective Women. They’re Men.

Robert Stacy McCain: What Causes Misogyny?

Bryan Preston: The Boy Crisis: What Can a Book About Family Research Tell Us About Mass Shooters?

Andrea Bottner: I still stand with Brett Kavanaugh — and here's how we can fight back against smears and lies

Sandman: The Backlash!
Sandman: The Backlash!


Gary Savage: Stock market and gold update
Gary Savage: Stock market and gold update

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
October 18, 2019

Stephen McBride: The boom nobody believes in

Michael Snyder: Due To The Weather, Midwest Farmers Fear Widespread Crop Failures And A “Record-Low” Harvest In 2019

David Lashmet: How to Predict Which Biotech Stocks Could Soar 100% or More

Nikhilesh De: SEC Restarts Clock on Proposed ‘Bitcoin and T-Bills’ ETF

Bob Moriarty: Nevada Copper Prepares to Produce

Solution Conference 90 Minute DVD with Martin Armstrong is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's Solution conference, also available for $100. I paid full price to watch the conference live, and it was worth every penny. He explains how we can eliminate all federal taxes, convert the federal debt to equity, save Social Security and more. | Read More


Adapt2030: Global Grains Take Massive 14% Hit Where Will Our Food Come From
Adapt2030: Global Grains Massive 14% Hit

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
October 18, 2019

Matt Taibbi: We're in a permanent coup

Irina Slav: Solar Storms Can Devastate Entire Civilizations

Evan Gough: Power Grids and Satellites Are More at Risk from Extreme Solar Storms Than We Thought

George Avery: What ‘The Times’ Got Wrong About Slavery in America

Bob Moriarty: Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War Says the CMIC


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