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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Rod Van Mechelen: Paul Joseph Watson Slanders MGTOW
Paul Joseph Watson Slanders MGTOW

June 1, 2018

Corrine Barraclough: MGTOW Boys

John Davis: Sexual Harassment of Men

Howard Roark: In Sweden All Sex Is Rape

Jillian Berman: Indebted American Women

Bernard Chapin: False Accusation Survival Guide

Sex: Pro-Woman, Anti-Feminist
June 1, 2018

Kemberlee Kaye: #MeToo is ruining the dating scene

Nic White: Father-of-two, 53, spent 'torturous' EIGHT MONTHS in jail over false rape claims after police withheld vital phone messages

Howard Roark: New Law Declares All Sex As Rape By Default Unless Stated Otherwise In Sweden

Martin Robinson: Woman who walked free from court after making false rape claims against THREE men - including one who was on holiday at the time of 'attack' - is now jailed for four years on appeal

Deborah Coles: The Case For Ending Imprisonment Of Women

ABC News: Fayetteville woman accused of unwanted sexual advances on cable guy

Jillian Berman: American women’s $1 trillion burden

Toni Airaksinen: USC under federal investigation for anti-male discrimination

Augusto Zimmermann: The High Costs of Fatherlessness

Bernard Chapin: University Survival Guide for False Allegations

The College Fix: American University disputes it orders students to agree women can revoke consent after sex

Greg Piper: They were both drunk. He sexually touched her. The university suspended her for sexual assault.

Caleb Parke: Yale being probed by DOE, accused of 'toxic environment against men'

Rod Van Mechelen: Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainers Ignore the Male Experience

Paulina Dedaj: Body cam footage contradicts woman's claim trooper sexually assaulted her; lawyer apologizes

Pawl Bazile: Boy Scouts of America to Remove ‘Boy’ From Name

John Davis: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Judith Ohikuare: How A Civil Rights Law Could End Women-Only Events

Corrine Barraclough: First men, now boys are ‘Going Their Own Way’

Larry Kummer: An expert looks at the gender wars & sees wonders ahead!

Larry Kummer: Rebuild respect for men to end the gender wars

Larry Kummer: Red Pill knowledge is poison to marriage

John Q. Publius: The End of Feminism

Eric Norton: Cosby accuser’s family ‘despises black people’ & used Cosby for revenge on ‘all black people’

Ash Sharp: Intersectional Cannibalism And The Diversity Industry

Jordan Peterson: On the New York Times and “Enforced Monogamy”

Richard Marsden: Top musical student, 24, accused of raping a fellow undergraduate is cleared by jurors in less than three hours

Return of Kings: I Served My Country In Iraq To Return To A False Rape Accusation And Jail Time

Return of Kings: Social Justice Writer Angela Nagle Plagiarized Wikipedia To Attack The Manosphere

Return of Kings: 5 Reasons Why Sugar Daddy Websites Are The Future Of Online Dating

Return of Kings: 7 Types Of Dangerous Women You Should Avoid

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
January 19, 2018

Davis: Shocking study finds that penicillin changes childrens’ brains, causing them to grow up angry and violent

Fassa: Serrapeptase is an Inexepensive Natural Miracle Medication

Bill Sardi: When It Comes To Anti-Aging Pills, Oligarchs Play By Their Own Rules

Myers: Get Off the Weight Loss Roller Coaster

Jon Anthony: 4 Unconventional “Bio-Hacks” That Actually Work

Armstrong: This Flu Season Begins the Risk of a Pandemic 2018-2019

Mercola: What You Really Need to Know About Heart Disease and Its Treatment

Weissmueller & Manning: Psychedelic Drugs: The Future of Mental Health

Dobson: How a crease in your EAR LOBES could show whether you are more at risk of suffering a Stroke

Williams: How to extinguish the inflammation epidemic

Sardi: Making Up For A Genetic Flaw In Humans With Vitamin C

Group: Everything You Need to Know About Ketosis

Sardi: Female Workers Exposed To 8-Hour EMF Radiation From Computer Monitors Experience Thyroid Hormone Decline: Reversed By Zinc Supplementation

Group: Citric Acid for Your Skin, Liver, and Brain

ANH: Protect Compounded Reservatrol

ANH: Tell Congress, PCAC, and the FDA: Protect Bioidentical Hormones!

ANH: Protect Natural Estriol!

ANH: Customized Resveratrol Also to Be Banned

Brownstein: Birth Control Pills and IUDs Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Brownstein: Medical Milestone in Lowering Risk for Heart Disease?

Brownstein: CDC Whistleblower Case Three Years Later: Nothing Happening

Brownstein: Fake News About Iodine from The Failing New York Times

Brownstein: Ozone Dramatically Improves Arthritic Joint

Brownstein: Somali Measles Epidemic and The Brady Principle

Brownstein: Where is the Outrage? DPT Shots Associated with a 10-Fold Higher Mortality!

Hyman: This Year, Eat the Rainbow

Hyman: What Do Dementia and Autism Have in Common?

Hyman: Can You Reverse Cognitive Decline?

Hyman: Coconut Oil – Are You Coco-Nuts to Eat It?

Hyman: 5 Strategies to Prevent and Treat Cancer

Hyman: Getting to the Root Cause of MS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Micozzi: The life-saving kidney treatment you can brew up right at home

Micozzi: Combat joint pain with gifts from the Three Magi

Micozzi: Why don’t people in this small town get dementia?

Micozzi: Poor breast cancer survival without enough of this simple vitamin

Block: Chocolate Can Make You Smarter

Block: Carnitines—Better Than Testosterone for Impotence

More News in Archives!


Martin Armstrong – Rates are Going to Jump to 10% Instantaneously
Martin Armstrong: Rates Will Jump to 10%

June 1, 2018

JudgyBitch: Only men pay tax

John Mauldin: Credit-Driven Crash

Gary Savage: Good times follow hard times

Martin Armstrong: Ticking Big Bang Bomb

Bob Moriarty: Holy Grail of Investing

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
June 1, 2018

Cold Fusion: E-Cat SK Test

Cold Fusion: E-Cat Production Lines

Cold Fusion: Initial Production Goal for E-Cat QX: 100,000 1kW per Year

Cold Fusion: 50 Per Cent of the Way to Industrialization

Cold Fusion: COP of 1 kW E-Cat QX Unit Greater than 6

Cold Fusion: Rossi Ready to Start Accepting Orders For 1MW Plants

Martin Armstrong: The Big Bang is Here and Ticking

Tom Metcalf: The Wealthy Are Hoarding $10 Billion of Bitcoin in Bunkers

Martin Armstrong: What Really Causes Inflation & Deflation?

John Mauldin: Credit-Driven Train Crash, Part 1

Gary Savage: Recipe for Losses

Bob Moriarty: The Holy Grail of Investing

JudgyBitch: Only men pay tax

Leonard Hyman & William Tilles: The Coal Plant Of The Future

Gary Savage: Good times follow hard times

Bob Moriarty: Shovelnose Delivers Gold To Westhaven

Bob Moriarty: Viva Gold Steals Gold Project

Martin Armstrong: As long as Cryptocurrencies remain Assets – Then they will Survive a Monetary Crisis

Gary Savage: Dumb Money

Jeff Thomas: Investing in Collapse

Solution Conference 90 Minute DVD with Martin Armstrong is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's Solution conference, also available for $100. I paid full price to watch the conference live, and it was worth every penny. He explains how we can eliminate all federal taxes, convert the federal debt to equity, save Social Security and more. | Read More
CCN: No Blockchain Network is Remotely Close to Ethereum, Says Golem CEO

CCN: ‘We’re Deep at Work’ on Bitcoin: German Stock Exchange Deutsche Boerse

Gary Savage: Cup and Handle?

Gary Savage: Always Another Leg Down

Bob Moriarty: An Idiot's Guide to Investing in Junior Resource Stocks

Tom Kool: OPEC Sends Oil Prices Crashing

Bob Moriarty: Pacton is Pac-Man in the Pilbara

Jon LeSage: Wireless Charging Is The Future Of EVs

Bob Moriarty: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Michael Snyder: Why Is The Mainstream Media Suddenly Buzzing About “Another Global Financial Crisis”?

Zero Hedge: Ultrasonic Attacks Can Trigger Alexa & Siri With Hidden Commands, Raise Serious Security Risks

Zero Hedge: The "Devastating" Treasury Yield Eruption "So Many Have Feared Looks Likely To Come Soon"

Zero Hedge: SocGen Makes A Striking Discovery: Most Buybacks Were Used To Pay For Stock Options

Zero Hedge: The Key Danger Facing Investors For The Next 12 Months

Zero Hedge: This Is What The Slow-Motion LBO Of The Stock Market Looks Like

Health - Continued
January 19, 2018

Downey: Natural Approach to Guard Against Deep Vein Thrombosis

Whitman: Major Advance in Intestinal Health

Haven: How Vegetable Extracts Protect Against Cancer

Faloon: Greatest Threat to Longevity

Downey: Stop Heartburn Fast!

Downey: Winterize Your Immune Defenses

Cortez: Protect Eyes from Computer Blue Light

Downey: Combat the Silent Dangers of High Uric Acid

Faloon: Hidden Factor Behind Kidney Disease Epidemic

Downey: Ceramides Create Youthful Skin from Within

Faloon: Unsustainable Drug Prices!

Kreshin: Geroprotectors

Johnston: Nicotinamide Riboside Reprograms Aging Stem Cells

Brink: Resistance Exercise Reduces Cognitive Decline

Downey: Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome

Ramirez: A Natural Alternative to Coffee

Curtis: Surprising Dangers of Elevated Uric Acid

Smith: Sodium Bicarbonate as a Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease

Faloon: Vitamin K Reverses Arterial Stiffness

McGlothin: Live Younger with Healthy Glucose

Dessange: Break the Cycle of Chronic Pain

Whitman: AMPK Helps Reduce Abdominal Fat

Peizer: Are Carbs Causing Dementia?

Hooker: Your Genetics Load the Gun, but Your Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger

Sisson: Flight Crews, Radiation, and Cancer

Sisson: From Skinny Fat to Healthy Fab!

Sisson: What Collagen Does For Performance

Sisson: 10 Alternative Therapies for ADD & ADHD

Sisson: Instant Pot Garlic and Ginger Short Ribs with Sweet Potatoes

Sisson: Carbs and Serum Saturated Fat, Fat and Polyphenols, and Avocado Oil for Searing

Sisson: The Future of Healthcare Is Health Coaching

Sisson: Why Aren’t We Talking About the Cognitive Health Crisis?

Sisson: Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Sisson: Insulin Response of Whey and Cancer

Burhenne: Ancestral Sleep Breathing

Mercola: Try Apple Cider Vinegar and Black Cumin Oil as Your Go-To Salad Dressing

Mercola: Big Pharma Uses Misleading Advertising to Put Profits Over People

Mercola: Nourishing Beef Broth With Turmeric, Coconut Cream and Ginger

Mercola: The War on Supplements, Essential Oils and Homeopathy

Mercola: Canola Oil Proven to Destroy Your Body and Mind

Mercola: Psychedelics May Unlock Parts of the Mind That Are Normally Inaccessible

Mercola: How to Grow Artichokes

Mercola: How to Grow Moringa

Mercola: Will McDonald’s Transition to Regenerative Agriculture?

Mercola: The Many Benefits of NAC — One of the Most Important Supplements You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Mercola: Intense Workouts Preserve Your Memory Function

More News in Archives!


TruNews: Have We Entered a Maunder Minimum and Mini Ice Age?
TruNews: Mini Ice Age?

June 1, 2018

IBD: Record-Breaking Global Cooling

Martin Armstrong: How Ice Ages Happen

Aaron Brown: Two Years of Global Cooling

John W. Whitehead: Government Land Grabs

Matthew Continetti: Jordan Peterson Revolt

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
June 1, 2018

Dangerous: Clinton Foundation Hosts Glitzy $100k-a-Pop Fundraiser

Dangerous: Twitter is a Public Forum

Dangerous: Trump Blasts ‘Criminal Deep State,’ Comey Fires Back

Dangerous: 5,000 New Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the U.K., Zero Prosecutions

Dangerous: Rosie O’Donnell Caught Giving Illegal Campaign Donations

Breitbart: Why Hillary Really Lost: Obama Didn’t Send Spies to Help Her Campaign

Breitbart: Only 31% of Californians Want to Keep Paying for High-Speed Rail Project

Breitbart: Soros-Linked Group: Trump Is ‘Racist’ for Calling MS-13 Gang ‘Animals’

Breitbart: Trump Nominates ‘America First’ Ally to Oversee Refugee Resettlement

IBD: Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling

Martin Armstrong: How & Why Ice Ages Are Created

Martin Armstrong: A Volcano & the Last Little Ice Age

Canadian Press: Ontario beekeepers suffer ‘unsustainable losses’ over the winter

Breitbart: Aaron Brown: Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event Just Took Place?

Gregory R. Copley: The Real Reason Trump Killed The Iran Deal

Bob Hoye: Special Counsel Mueller: Star Chamber Laud

Mark Glennon: Chicago Fed Thinks It Knows How To Tax Illinoisans Fleeing Pension Liabilities

Julie Kelly: The Deep State Mob Targets Nunes

John W. Whitehead: We’re All Trespassers Now in the Face of the Government’s Land Grabs

Matthew Continetti: Kanye West, Jordan Peterson, and the revolt against political correctness

Martin Armstrong: Girls in Europe have 1000:1 Greater Likelihood Of Being Raped by a Refugee than Killed by a Terrorist

IBD: Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling

IBD: Here's One Global Warming Study Nobody Wants You To See

Judith Bergman: Sweden in Free Fall

Tom Chatham: Seven Acres And Independence

Rachel Blevins: If Any Other Country Was Shooting Civilians Like Israel, The US Would Be Calling For Invasion By Now

John W. Whitehead: The Age of Petty Tyrannies

JudgyBitch: The Left and the Right only disagree on one thing

Caitlin Johnstone: The Friendly Mask Of The Orwellian Oligarchy Is Slipping Off

Zero Hedge: Inside The "New" Starbucks: Blood-Spattered Walls, Workers Pricked By Needles And More

Zero Hedge: FBI Informant Stefan Halper Paid Over $1 Million By Obama Admin; Spied On Trump Aide After Election

Zero Hedge: Russia's Hypersonic Missile Ready For War By 2020

Zero Hedge: Attacker "Shouting Allahu Akbar" Killed In Paris Mass Stabbing; ISIS Claims Responsibility

Zero Hedge: Hawaii Braces For Explosive New Eruptions

Health - Continued
January 19, 2018

Mercola: Organic Leaders Take Fight for Authentic Organics to the Grocery Aisles

Mercola: Cloves Can Help Improve Your Oral Health and Immune Function

Mercola: Can a Cocoa Compound Delay Diabetes?

Mercola: Big Pharma Tries to Monopolize CBD Oil Market

Mercola: The Importance of Electromagnetic Field Remediation In the Treatment of Chronic Disease

Mercola: Government Falsifies Warning on Kratom to Protect Opioids

Rothfeld: Hypertension drug raises skin cancer risk

Rothfeld: Protect heart health by fighting cholesterol oxidation

Rothfeld: Food additive may fuel C. diff infections

Rothfeld: Quality of cholesterol more important than quantity

Rothfeld: Fragrances in cleaning products may contain toxins

Rothfeld: Esophageal cancer risk linked to mouth bacteria

Rothfeld: NAC starves cancer cells

Rothfeld: Strawberries improve knee osteoarthritis

Rothfeld: Antioxidant-rich mushrooms can protect your brain from toxins

Rothfeld: Vegetarian diet’s pitfalls outweigh the benefits

Rothfeld: Reishi mushrooms fight yeast infections

Natural News: No, Big Pharma’s drug market is not a free market; it’s a monopoly-enforced RACKET, protected by corrupt government

Natural News: Trump admin to let healthcare providers OPT OUT of abortions, transgender surgeries for religious reasons

Natural News: Supplements for heart health: Vitamin E found to have a synergistic effect when combined with the amino acid carnitine, protecting against heart attack

Natural News: Farming for conservation: Big Ag focuses on one crop while smaller farms integrate crops and livestock, which is healthier for the environment

Natural News: Another reason to go Mediterranean: Research shows the diet helps protect older adults from becoming frail, prolonging health and independence

Natural News: The chemical death of cancer cells creates inflammation, which feeds cancer growth: Yet another study links chemotherapy to the SPREAD of cancer

Natural News: Fast food makes your immune system hyperactive — and research shows the aggressive inflammatory response remains long term, promoting disease

Natural News: More reasons to eat pumpkins and other gourds: They contain a compound that prevents the growth of lung cancer cells

Natural News: Orangutans discovered to be herbal medicine geniuses who manufacture their own healing ointments using forest plants

Natural News: Despite vaccine mandates, California’s public health collapses due to the common cold… hospitals under siege from masses of sick people

Natural News: Alabama declares flu outbreak emergency as vaccine failure becomes obvious to everyone

Natural News: Why do we gain weight in winter? Breakthrough study reveals less time in the sun promotes fat storage, as well as making us deficient in vitamin D

Natural News: Chrysanthemum flowers found to have antitumor effects on prostate cancer

Natural News: The medical establishment is finally accepting it: Diabetes CAN be reversed, according to “groundbreaking study”

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