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[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
CS MGTOW: Economy & Gynocentrism
CS MGTOW: Economy & Gynocentrism

April 22, 2016

Mark J. Perry: Equal Death Day

Jeff Gree & Wei Lu: Pay-Gap Lies

Barbara Kay: Flattening Feminism’s Myths

Counter-Feminist 2: Feminism On Trial

Andrew Biggs: Ban Stay-at-Home Moms

Sex: Pro-Equality, Anti-Feminist
April 22, 2016

Jeff Gree & Wei Lu: New Gender Pay-Gap Studies Are Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Ashe Schow: What's really causing the gender wage gap, and how to fix it

Ashe Schow: Students petition Senate to stop federal overreach on sexual harassment, sexual assault

Barbara Kay: ‘Believing women’ isn’t the same thing as proving guilt

Barbara Kay: Flattening feminism’s campus myths

COTWA: Convicting the Innocent: Death Row and America's Broken System of Justice

COTWA: America apparently isn't ready for a woman president

Counter-Feminist 2: Feminism is on trial

Robby Soave: Student Suspended for Rape Because He Didn't Stop Friends from Slapping Girl's Butt

Mark J. Perry: The 23% gender pay gap myth

Frank Furedi: Microaggression theory: an assault on everyday life

KC Johnson: Yale’s Case against Montague Looks Shaky

Ashley Csanady: Men’s issues group taking Ryerson University’s student union to court over club status

SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police Social Justice Warriors have plagued mankind for more than 150 years, but only in the last 30 years has their ideology become dominant in the West. Having invaded one institution of the cultural high ground after another, from corporations and churches to video games and government, there is nowhere that remains entirely free of their intolerant thought and speech policing. | Read More
John Locher: Defamation case settled over sex-misconduct accusations against lawyer Alan Dershowitz

RT: No Woman, No Crime. Israeli men legally harassed by women

Kavitha A. Davidson: Why Are Reporters in the Locker Room, Anyway?

Mark J. Perry: ‘Equal pay day’ this year is April 12; the next ‘equal occupational fatality day’ will be in the year 2027

Bernard Chapin: Psycho Gets Suspended Sentence

Janet Bloomfield: Men don’t understand what being attacked means? No, bitch, women don’t. Let’s fix that.

Janet Bloomfield: Man-hating feminist gets fired by her female boss

Carrie Lukas: Equal Pay Day’s Misleading Math

Masculist Man: Chivalry is dead

David Garrett Brown: The New Star Wars Movie Spinoff Reaffirms Disney’s Hatred Of White Males

Corey Savage: 10 Life Lessons That Should Be Taught To All Teenage Males

Nicole Russell: What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy

Kaeley Triller: A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms

Jaslina Paintal: White feminism is selfish

Danielle Campoamor: 7 Feminist Issues Less Famous Than The Wage Gap That Still Deserve Your Attention

Anne Kennedy: No, Sorry, I’m Still Not a Feminist

Brian Maass: CSU-Pueblo Student Sues After Suspension Over ‘Consensual Sex’

Fitbit Shows Woman Lied About Sexual Assault

David J Ley Ph.D.: Shaming Men Doesn't Build Healthy Sexuality

Cathy Young: Are you a man? You're probably sick of this crap

Bre Payton: Feminist Camille Paglia says Hillary Clinton Is ‘Soulless, Incompetent’

Bre McAdam: Saskatchewan mother gets 5 1/2 years in prison for slitting six-year-old son’s throat during custody fight

Andrew Biggs: Gender Pay Gap Solution: Ban Stay-at-Home Moms

Robby Soave: Female Student Said, 'I'm Fine and I Wasn't Raped.' University Investigated, Expelled Boyfriend Anyway.

Yanan Wang: ‘Pure evil’: Stepmother put 4-year-old in scalding water, which led to his death, prosecutors say

STSAdmin: Feminists are launching a database to identify everyone who disagrees with them

Rod Berne: 4 Reasons Why Women Make False Rape Accusations

Cathy Young: Romantic Comedies Produce Stalkers? That’s Laughable

Janet Bloomfield: Women are vain and men are to blame – @Bustle explains

Jon Anthony: 13 Common SJW “Arguments” And How to Dismantle Them

MGTOW The Backlash! Against Misandry
Why do I include links to crimes committed by women but not men? To counter the stereotype that all men are violent and all women are victims. The stereotype is a lie. Some men are violent. The reports about violent women prove that neither women nor men are better than the other. We are all just people.

Health: Defy Disease & Thrive
February 12, 2016

Wachtler: Courts quietly confirm MMR vaccine cause autism

Larsen Halleck: Why It’s Not That Hard To Eat Well In America

ANH: Diet Coke Healthier Than Water?

ANH: Massive Vaccine Cover-Up

ANH: Has PBS Become a Front for Big Pharma?

Brownstein: CDC Cover-Up of Autism and Vaccine Link Continues

Brownstein: CDC Cover-Up of Autism and Vaccine Link Continues (Part 2)

Brownstein: Big Pharma Hormone Conspiracy Exposed

Brownstein: The Truth About the Flu Vaccine

Brownstein: Salt Restriction Increases Heart Disease Deaths and Hospitalizations

Brownstein: The Great Vaccine Debate

Brownstein: Do We Need More Cholesterol-Lowering Medications?

Ungar: The 7 Best Hamstring Exercises To Get You Stronger

Block: Are You Getting Enough Choline?

Block: Fire Up Your Mind’s Tree of Life

Block: Biomedical Innovation in 2016

Block: FDA Nominee Likes Drugs, but Not Supplements

Block: Things to Come

Haven: Innovative Solution for Oral Health

Jacobs: Stop Accelerated Aging!

Dean: What Strikes Terror in the Citadels of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Faloon: Why Isn’t Everyone Supplementing with Vitamin D?

Downey: Innovative FIBER Improves Metabolic Health

Givens: Health Risks of Common Acid Reflux Medications

Faloon: When Immune Function “Falls Off a Cliff”

Ezreich: A Novel Probiotic To Reduce The Risk Of Strep Throat

Levy: Cancer Risks Of CT Scans

Rosick: Chlorophyllin Protects Against Environmental Toxins

Linton: AMPK and Aging

Downey: Boron Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

More News in Archives!


David Stockman: The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And Is Headed Into A Depression
David Stockman: Global Depression

April 20, 2016

Martin Armstrong: Gold Stocks?

Gary Savage: $55 - $60 Oil

Aftab Ali: College Graduates Earning Less

Michael Snyder: Recession Signals

Michael Noonan: Why Buy Gold/Silver?

Money: Opportunity & Prosperity
April 20, 2016

Cold Fusion: Next Big Future — E-Cat Test a “Failure”?

Cold Fusion: Rossi Provides Explanation about 1MW Plant Customer

Cold Fusion: Andrea Rossi Goes to Court: What Happens to the E-Cat Now?

Cold Fusion: Mats Lewan’s Take on the Rossi/IH Affair

Cold Fusion: Statement From Andrea Rossi on IH Patent Application

Cold Fusion: Rossi Says ‘Brake’ Now Removed, Production Will Be Accelerated

Sprott's Thoughts: Golden Consolidation

Solution Conference 90 Minute DVD with Martin Armstrong is a condensed version of Martin Armstrong's Solution conference, also available for $100. I paid full price to watch the conference live, and it was worth every penny. He explains how we can eliminate all federal taxes, convert the federal debt to equity, save Social Security and more. | Read More
Gary Savage: $55 - $60 Oil

Aftab Ali: Graduates earning less than those who did not go to university, research reveals

David Stockman: Bernanke’s New Helicopter Money Plan

David Stockman: The New Middle Kingdom Of Concrete And The Red Depression Ahead

Michael Snyder: U.S. Economy 2016: 3 Classic Recession Signals Are Flashing Red

Michael Snyder: Yellowstone Eruption In 2016? Shocking New Video Shows What Is Really Going On At Yellowstone

Kiril Nikolaev: Exclusive Gold Insight with John Ciampaglia

Michael Noonan: Reasons For Buying Gold/Silver

Bob Moriarty: The Chance of a Comex Default

Greg Guenthner: These 3 Critical Charts Are Flashing a Major Signal Right Now

Justin Spittler: Why Doug Casey Invested $1 Million in This Niche Gold Market

Justin Spittler: Silver Hasn’t Flashed This “Buy” Signal in Almost a Decade

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: The World's Most Important Number Just Hit a Record Low

David Stockman: Why Central Bankers Never See Bubbles

Patrice Fusillo: Looming Zinc Supply Shortage Good News for Producers and Explorers

Jack Chan: Gold Trading Model and COT Data Are in Conflict

Dallas Salazar: Unlocking Value into the Oil Bear

George S. Mack: Three Biotechs with Promise

Lance Roberts: The Great American Economic Growth Myth

Jon Marino: Wall Street banking revenue is in free fall, and here's why

Niraj Chokshi: Say goodbye to your neighborhood bank branch

Josie Clarke: Phones to replace cash in 9 years - the dangers of contactless payments

Martin Armstrong: Gold Stocks: 7-Month High?

Zero Hedge: China Launches Yuan Gold Fix To "Exert More Control Over Price Of Gold"

Zero Hedge: China's GDP Growth "Just Doesn't Add Up"

Zero Hedge: Here Is Deutsche Bank's Massive Historical Atlas Of Every Market Move Since 1900

Zero Hedge: Greenspan Admits The Fed's Plan Was Always To Push Stocks Higher

Zero Hedge: Fed Admits "Won't Stop The Music"

Zero Hedge: $14 Billion In Junk Bond Defaults Push April Total To Highest Since 2014

Zero Hedge: Deutsche Bank Admits It Also Rigged Gold Prices, Agrees To Expose Other Manipulators

Health - Continued
February 12, 2016

Robertson: The Link Between Vitamin C And Optimal Immunity

Sisson: Duck Carnitas Tacos

Sisson: Cashew Turmeric Chicken Salad (Plus a Contest)

Sisson: This Is Your Brain on Bugs: How Gut Bacteria Affect Mental Health

Sisson: Dulse “Bacon” and Eggs

Sisson: Roasted Bone-In Leg of Lamb

Sisson: Psychedelics: A New Medical Frontier?

Sisson: Could Gut Bacteria Be to Blame for Your Stubborn Belly Fat?

Sisson: Chicken Skin Chips

Sisson: Primal Salmon Spread with Nori Chips

Sisson: 8 Common Cold Cures That Actually Seem to Work

Mixon: Know Your Vitamin D Number

Mercola: Green Leafy Vegetables to Lower Glaucoma Risk

Mercola: Foods With Flavonoids May Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Mercola: How Roundup Damages Your Mitochondria and Makes You Sick

Mercola: Knowledge Is the Antidote for Vaccine Orthodoxy

Mercola: Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Implicated in Death of Popular Musician - How Natural Treatment Options May Help You Avoid the Same Fate

Mercola: Heartburn Pills Linked to Kidney Disease

Mercola: The Ultimate Upper Body and Back Workout

Mercola: Why Do Americans Refrigerate Eggs?

Mercola: Sustainable Meat Production Goes Hand in Hand with Renewable Land Management

Mercola: Beef and Bean Chili Recipe

Mercola: 18 Foods That Promote Longevity

Mercola: How Much Omega-3 Is Right for You and What Are the Best Sources?

Mercola: Health Conditions in Which Vitamin D Plays an Important Role

Mercola: Here's What Happens to Your Brain When You Get Drunk

Mercola: How Your Gut Microbiome Influences Your Mental and Physical Health

Mercola: Why Women Have More Problems Sleeping Than Men

Mercola: Helpful Strategies for Hip Osteoarthritis

Mercola: Fitness Is More Protective for Normal Weight People

Mercola: What Causes Hiccups?

Mercola: Understanding Your Brain Can Make You Calmer and Much More Productive

Mercola: What's So Great About Grape Seed?

Mercola: Eat Your Organic Orange Peels

Mercola: Exposing the Fraud of Grocery Store Organic Eggs

Mercola: Aspartame and Shame

Mercola: How Sugar Destroys Your Liver and Brain

Mercola: Is the 'No Shampoo' Trend Healthy or Harmful?

Mercola: Curried Halibut and Vegetables Recipe

Mercola: Black Coffee in the Morning and Green Tea in the Afternoon May Provide Valuable Health Benefits

Mercola: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee Fruit

Mercola: How Your Mitochondria Influence Your Health

Mercola: What Is This Tiny Black Seed and What Is It Good For?

More News in Archives!


Stefan Molyneux: Ted Cruz Controversy
Stefan Molyneux: Ted Cruz Controversy

April 13, 2016

Michael Sebastian: Will Hillary Destroy The US?

Nomi Prins: Panama Papers

David Stockman: Trump Unbound

Martin Armstrong: Obama Wants Worldwide Taxes

Paul Joseph Watson: Migrant Civil War

Politics: Freedom & Liberty
April 13, 2016

Andrew P. Napolitano: The Clinton Investigation Enters a Dangerous Phase

Michael Sebastian: Why A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Destroy The United States

Mish: What Happens in Wisconsin Stays in Wisconsin

Nomi Prins: Brazilian Politics, Panama Papers and Perpetual Motion

Michael Covel: Donald Trump’s Latest Controversy

Byon King: The New Crusade

David Stockman: Trump Unbound

Martin Armstrong: Obama Wants Worldwide Taxes

Mish: Trump Wins Nomination with 1,246 Delegates

Michael Snyder: Donald Trump Is Starting To Sound Just Like Us

Tim Mak: The Secret Movement to Draft General James Mattis for President

Todd Beamon: Rudy Giuliani Voting for Trump

RT: Obama admits he had no plan after Libya regime changes

Benjamin M. Wiegold: The Drug War Drives Users to More Dangerous Synthetic Drugs

Paul Joseph Watson: Civil War “Most Likely” Outcome of Migrant Crisis

The Clintons' War on Women This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women and others—sexually, physically, and psychologically—in their scramble for power and wealth. | Read More
Barry Donegan: With GOP, Democrats in Turmoil, Libertarian Party Makes Historic Gains

Megan Stiles: Campaign for Liberty Joins Coalition Opposing TTB Regulation

Norm Singleton: Foreign aid and Tyranny

Ron Paul: As Ukraine Collapses, Europeans Tire of US Interventions

Mike Flynn: Donald Trump Still Enjoying Majority Support in New York

Oliver JJ Lane: One Third Of ‘Asylum Seekers’ In Capital Are Criminals

Robert Parry: Bush-41’s October Surprise Denials

Joachim Hagopian: The Nagorno-Karabakh Story the US Does Not Want You to Know

Ed Vulliamy: How a US President and JP Morgan Made Panama: And Turned it Into a Tax Haven

Paul Rosenberg: The Hidden Payoff in the Brussels and Paris Attacks

Paul Rosenberg: Is There a Limit to the Government Abuse Americans Will Accept?

Andrew P. Napolitano: What if the Minimum Wage Increase Is a Fraud?

Jeff Thomas: The Nature of a Career Politician

Karen De Coster: The Libertarian Party is Even More Irrelevant Than Ever

Tate Fegley: How Property Rights — Properly Understood — Limit the Spread of WMDs

Michael Snyder: America 1956 vs. America 2016

Zero Hedge: Rothschild Humiliates Obama, Reveals That "America Is The Biggest Tax Haven In The World"

Zero Hedge: Obama Pushes Banks To Lower Home Loan Standards

Zero Hedge: Trump Reveals How Mexico Will Pay For "The Wall"

Zero Hedge: Here Are Some Of The Americans In The "Panama Papers"

Health - Continued
February 12, 2016

Mercola: New Gene Editing Technology Promises Most Monumental Advance of Humankind Into the Future

Mercola: Meds Killing Children - OTC Drug Kills, NAC Supplement Saves

Mercola: How Important Is It to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?

Rothfeld: Zinc boosts immune system in seniors

Rothfeld: Rhodiola rosea can help make anxiety disappear

Rothfeld: Chemo wipes out your immune system for good

Rothfeld: You don’t have to live in Flint to worry about your risk of lead poisoning

Rothfeld: Study proves coffee isn’t bad for your heart

Rothfeld: Leafy vegetables help fight glaucoma

Rothfeld: Overeating triggers colon cancer

Rothfeld: Peppermint can relieve stubborn IBS symptoms

Rothfeld: Dandelion supplements can help beat constipation

Rothfeld: Glucosamine helps relieve arthritis

Rothfeld: Potatoes could trigger diabetes

Rothfeld: Vitamin D can improve irritable bowel syndrome

Rothfeld: Omega-3 fatty acids help ward off rheumatoid arthritis

NaturalNews: Top 3 Supplements That Solve the Most Health Problems

NaturalNews: What is causing Alzheimer’s disease?

NaturalNews: 14 Foods that naturally remove toxin from body

NaturalNews: Is Turmeric Safe? 6 Side Effects of Turmeric You Should Know About

NaturalNews: Castor oil is great for thickening and regrowing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows

NaturalNews: 15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

NaturalNews: 10 Common Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

NaturalNews: Gotu Kola Makes Your Smarter

NaturalNews: Banana Stem: Fight Cancer, Reverse Intestinal Inflammation & Reduce Diabetes

NaturalNews: Golden milk: Cure Cold, Cough, Cancer

NaturalNews: 5 Alkaline Foods to Eat Every Day

NaturalNews: Top 9 Super Health Benefits in Just One Celery Stalk

NaturalNews: 8 Homemade Soups that Fight with cancer

NaturalNews: 5 Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

NaturalNews: Clean your Body’s Drains: How to Detoxify your Lymphatic System

ANH: HSA’s Should Cover Supplements!

ANH: Tell USDA to Uphold Grass-fed Meat Standards!

ANH: Tell the FDA We Won't Stand for Their Hijacking of Stem Cell Therapies!

ANH: Tell the FDA to Allow Alternative Remedies to Fight Antibiotic Resistance!

ANH: Tell the FDA They Have No Legal Authority to Regulate Medical Tests!

Griffith: Fourteen metabolism boosting behaviors that will help you keep your weight loss resolution

Griffith: Ginger is 10,000 times more effective than popular cancer drug, taxol!

Griffith: Black seed oil rapidly destroys pancreatic tumors with an 80 percent success rate!

Griffith: Seven spices that could save your life!

Griffith: Thyme oil is proven to kill 97 percent of breast cancer cells!

Griffith: Parsley destroys 86 percent of lung cancer cells and is effective in killing breast, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate and colon cancers!

More News in Archives!

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